Cardone University – Is This Sales Training Worth the Price?

Cardone University has been Grant’s most well-known product/course for some time now. It’s intended to take anyone, regardless of experience level, to the level of a rock star salesperson.

It is Grant’s most expensive product but is it worth it?

I love Grant and I’ve been following him for about 7 years now, around the time that he released the world renowned book The 10X Rule.

I love me some Uncle G but I must say that he isn’t my only mentor when it comes to sales.

When did I first learn of Grant Cardone?

It was back in 2012 when I was a part of a network marketing company. At this time I was all about personal development and I came across a fiery, energetic personality. It was Grant.

Grant’s book, The 10X Rule, has been instrumental in the success I’ve seen in my own business. He’s a big reason that I was able to achieve my first goal of $10,000/mo with my lead generation biz.

I would listen to the 10X audiobook on a regular basis. I had it on a loop when I was at the gym and in my car. I have him to thank for keeping me motivated and instilling a willingness to hustle all the time.

I have a fascination with mentors who are blunt. I want people to tell me that it’s going to be hard, but it’s what sets you apart from others. I don’t want it sugarcoated. Tell me how hard I have to work to achieve what I want. I respect that.

The thing that sets Uncle G apart in the personal development world is while all these other mentors are pushing mindset and visualization, Grant pushes the need for massive action.

If you take more action than others, you’ll see more results than others. Period.

We can all relate to this because no matter what industry you’re in or what experience level you have, you can take it all out of the equation. Nothing trumps hard work and massive action according to Grant.

I got into the lead gen biz and immediately began to apply Grant’s teachings and I was able to quit my full time job only 3 months in. Why? I did take massive action.

I knew that I didn’t have the experience of others but I also knew that no one was going to outwork me.

I also knew that I needed to get better at sales. It led me to investing in multiple courses like Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Persuasion, Grant’s Cardone University and Dan Lok’s sales training’s.

In this review we will discuss if the cost of the course is worth it.

How the course compares to his books.

And how the course compares to his free content like his Youtube videos.

Cardone University Overview

Cardone University is the high ticket item that his company offers. It’s the product that they want you to purchase in the end. Cardone’s mission is to sell this sales training to individuals or entire sales teams.

Grant is known for saying he want to be synonymous with sales and this is the training that he claims to be the best in the world.

Honestly, this course is packed with value. It covers everything from goal setting, motivation, handling objections and much much more.

On top of that Grant does a fantastic job of adding new content consistently to keep things fresh.

IMO it’s very cool that he basically hands over a library of information that covers many topics and makes it available to you whenever you need it. It allows you the ability to revisit the information at any time.

There’s a stat out there that says you only retain 10% of what you read.

For that reason, a book should be read 6-10 times before it becomes a part of you.

In addition, a lot of people learn better in audio or video format (myself included), and the fact that Grant gives you the ability to do this inside his training is a huge plus.

It gives you the feeling that you’re working more closely with him than you really are.

If you’ve followed Uncle G at all then you know how crucial it is to be good at sales. He beats it into your head and for good reason.

If you’ve just come across Grant then I would really recommend you check out his book, The 10X Rule. It’s value packed and has information you can implement in your life immediately.

I particularly enjoy the audio version because Grant reads it to you and you can feel his energy.

Even inside of Cardone University he does a really good job of teaching you about things that can be implemented immediately, no matter what you’re selling.

Once you’ve read The 10X Rule you’ll begin to understand how hard Grant works and the basic principles that got him to where he is today.

Even if you implement the core values from the book and do them consistently you’ll see pretty quick results.

When you’re consciously pushing yourself 10X everyday, you’ll begin to notice how much more you can get done.

Cost of Cardone University

As I’m writing this in 2019, Grant recently came out with a monthly membership of $100 for individual use. It’s more than that if you own a business and are purchasing it for a sales team.

This is a limited time offer and according to Grant it will be going away in the future. That’s to be seen.

For some time now the price has been $9,995 per year.

If you use his material consistently and absorb as much as you can then there is no reason you can’t make up for the large price tag.

This is contingent on the fact that you’re doing high ticket sales.

IMO you should be involved in a business that allows you to do over $10,000/mo.

Are There Any Holes In Grant’s Training?

Listen, I love me some Uncle G. I really do. But I can’t give him sole credit for my sales ability and overall success in entrepreneurship.

I want to list a handful of things that I’ve learned from other mentors along the way:

  • Jordan Belfort taught me that vocal tonality is crucial in sales
  • the importance of positioning from Dan Lok
  • how rock solid copywriting gets people to take action – Dan Lok and others

Cardone University is a more broad training. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It covers many more topics than these other courses.

It’s built for anybody that prospects and sells a product or service. It deals with face to face and phone sales.

Enter, my co-favorite mentor, Gary V. Like Gary says, in today’s age of the internet, every business on the planet needs to take control of their online marketing. Build a brand that sells itself.

It’s important to remember that the sales process sometimes starts before you talk to a prospect. The moment they visit your website or see your content on social media, the sales cycle starts.

For that reason, personal branding and ranking website have been crucial to me when building and scaling my business by closing deals.

IMO Dan Lok does a tremendous job of combining great traditional sales tactics with some more modern internet age strategies that are being used by great online marketers.

There’s no doubt that you can still get amazing results by using traditional sales processes. I still do it sometimes today. But everyone needs to be thinking about building a personal brand and the use of attraction marketing.

If I could recommend one change to Cardone University, it would be to add a lot of content that revolves around sales in the digital space.

In Conclusion

Overall, I have to say that Cardone University is a very extensive sales training. I think it’s awesome that Grant gives out certifications when you complete different segments and course modules.

These certifications can be used to show off to your existing or future employers. Grant’s program is very well known so this as the potential to go a long way.

Grant’s main objective is clear. He wants to turn you into a lion that hunts sheep and not the other way around.

Grant has a fiery personality and that often leads people to believe that he’s a big high-pressure sales type of guy but that isn’t the truth. He’s all about listening to the customer more than talking to the customer.

It’s absolutely important to know how and when to apply pressure in a sales call. It’s needed but Grant goes over how and when to do it.

The whole reason you apply pressure in a sales call is to assist people in overcoming those limiting beliefs. You’re helping people make better decisions.

Understand this, if you ethically believe that you’re product or service can solve a problem for them then not closing the deal would be doing more harm than closing it.

It’s important to be confident and also ethically sound in sales so you can be comfortable selling your product or service daily.

If I could thank Grant for anything, it would be for helping me to love sales.

Many people are afraid to sell because it’s uncomfortable but that’s only because they’re unprepared.

Selling your product or service to a business owner that needs what you have has the potential to change someone’s life in ways they can’t see.

Sales drives the world. Period. Great sales people deserve every single dollar they make because they bring incredible value to the world.

I love sales because it challenges me consistently. You never want to get comfortable and sales doesn’t allow you to. Sure I fail a lot but that’s okay because I’m always growing from it.

Entrepreneurship is all about great communication and problem solving and that’s what sales is.

I’m a firm believer in consistently investing in skills that can make you money. Not only does it have the potential to grow your bank account but it also grows the confidence level you have in yourself.

“Seek financial confidence, not financial freedom.” – Dan Lok

Financial confidence is an incredible thing. Have you ever heard of someone rich and wealthy losing all their money only to make it back again? Yeah, that’s not a coincidence.

It’s called financial confidence. Those people have skills that they have complete faith in. Skills that not many others possess that make them money consistently. They can take your money, but they can’t take your skills or your knowledge.

Plenty of people fail in business ventures because they haven’t developed what I call a high income skill. This is defined by a skill that can make you at least 10k/mo.

Continuing to learn these skills are crucial as an entrepreneur because business always as highs and lows but if you’re always developing and mastering new skill sets then you income trajectory continues to rise.

IMO passive income is a myth. It doesn’t exist. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

Same with your income.

When’s the last time you heard the wealthiest people in the world use that term?

The Warren Buffet’s and Mark Zuckerberg’s of the world could’ve shut it down a long time ago but nope they’re still working hard every single day.

People like this continue to challenge themselves daily and grow to heights they’ve never been before.

Let’s think about it on a human level. Some of the best times of our lives are when we’re accomplishing goals. It makes us feel happy and worthy. There’s an adrenaline rush that comes along with accomplishing things you’ve never done.

That’s not accomplished by being passive.

Massive action and momentum baby.

You cannot sustain success passively because the competition in your field or industry is continuing to grow.

IMO the real secret to getting rich is the constant hunt for growth and overcoming challenges.

Closing sales at a high level is absolutely a high income skill. That becomes even more true when you’re an entrepreneur.

Honing my sales skills has played a critical role in my ability to grow my local lead generation business that’s now bring in several tens of thousands of dollars for me every month.

It all started back in 2014 for me when I came across my mentor. I learned one of these high income skills and for me it was generating leads by utilizing free traffic.

The use of this skill allowed me to quit my job and I accomplished one of my goals in becoming an online entrepreneur.

My lifestyle has taken a crazy turn over the last few years.

I went from making 30k a year to 50k a month.

I’m my own boss. I make my own hours. I take vacations where I want and when I want.

Bought a new car. New house.

Complete 180 in my lifestyle.

My friends and family don’t get it. They don’t know how I’m doing it.

The truth is that I found a skill that allows me to make a ton of money and I still work hard every single day. I bring value to the marketplace. Period.

You get paid what you’re worth to the market.

I went from dreading Monday mornings to loving them because every day I have the ability to increase my income. Every year I get the opportunity to do things that I never thought were possible.

Then I set new targets and I smash them again.

One of the things I love to do is helping people achieve their goals and dreams just like I have with the same business model that got me here. Local lead generation.

I invite you to click here and learn how to scale your own online business just like me.

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