Harlan Kilstein’s Magic Pages Review

Harlan Kilstein has recently created a course called Magic Pages. Your web pages don’t make any money but get boat loads of views?

Feel defeated whenever you see the words “SEO” or “ad retargeting?”

If any of these sounds like you then you should probably keep reading because this course could be exactly what you need.

Who Is Harlan?

Known for his Reverse SEO Method, Harlan Kilstein has produced more than $100 million in sales over the course of 20 years.

With his mentorship, plenty of others have produced 7 to 9 figure businesses.

Additionally, he’s written a popular book “Completely Keto Cookbook,” as well as being the owner of the Completely Keto website.

He’s well known for sharing tons of keto recipes on FB to his audience of over 600k.

Magic Pages Overview

I’ll start off by listing some key features that I was able to take from the training:

  • instead of spending all your time driving more traffic to a site, “self-select” an group that will have high interest in everything you’re selling them
  • every audience has a need, so sell them what they’re in need of
  • don’t start too big. Start with a single audience and eventually scale to the point where you’re happy with the revenue
  • don’t be afraid to change things up. Rotate selling high-ticket and low-ticket items. Even aim for the clicks some times
  • build your three Magic Pages
    • Special Report Page
    • Special Report Page for Selling Right Away
    • Super Targeting Method Page
  • put effort into building an email list

My biggest compliment to Harlan is his ability to keep things simple yet effective. He does a fantastic job of keeping his teachings understandable for the everyone.

Probably because of his background as an education. He obtained a masters degree in education.

His training is interesting because it goes against what the online marketing world has thought to be true for so long.

Web traffic doesn’t matter?! That went against everything I’d ever heard.

But when you really think about it, he’s right. If you’re bringing thousands of people to your site and they have no interest in the topic of your site, of course those visitors won’t buy anything.

I’d rather have 3,000 people visiting my site that are interested in my products than 30,000 people visiting who aren’t.

And that’s exactly what Harlan emphasizes. He spends so much time getting you to understand the importance of developing a devoted audience.

And here’s another thing. This one really opened my eyes as well.

Stop beating yourself up thinking about SEO!

What! Why? Again, it goes against everything I’ve ever heard.

It’s because the web traffic just doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right audience to present to.

In addition to his captivating teachings, he’s a really entertaining guy. He’s got one of the best personalities of all the online mentors I’ve seen or learned from over the years.

His stories about his ascent are truly entertaining and quite funny and I think you’d enjoy those as much as I did.

How I’ve Built A 6 Figure Income Online

I’ve got nothing but respect for Harlan as he’s does an incredible job with what he does.

But I’m still a huge believer in the need for multiple sources of income to build massive financial success.

That’s why I’ve been building a lead generation business for so long with so much success. And my income still continues to rise.

It’s a great long-term model because there will always be small businesses in the world and the internet (which is only growing). This coaching program has taught me a skill that brings a tremendous amount of skill to the marketplace.

Check out this pool site that I built and ranked myself. I’ve been getting $650/mo for over 2 years and it’s running on auto-pilot.

Not only have I changed my life but I continue to change the lives of business owners and their families which is amazing.

This skill allowed me to leave my 9 to 5 in only a few months and I make more money now than I ever thought I could.

If this sounds like something you’d like to check out then click here. The program will teach you about leveraging free traffic to generate leads and send them to business owners for compensation.

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