Jeff and Jessica Samis’ Profit League – Pyramid Scheme or Legit Course?

This husband and wife “dynamic duo” – life partners in business and pleasure – established both a course and a community that guides their students in the field of helping small business owners leverage the power of FacebookTM Ads to profit from lead generation. 

The Profit League by Jessica Samis, and her husband, Jeff Samis, will be reviewed today for pros, cons, whether it’s still applicable in 2019 as a viable home-based business model, and perhaps even a few other things.

At the end of the day, you want a profitable, lucrative method of generating revenue in a coveted “side-hustle” manner; ya know, where you end up working only part-time while building a full-time, passive and predictable monthly income without adding the stresses of a second job.

However, with any program, you’re going to need to invest a lot of time, energy, and effort to produce a worthwhile result — and that’s with anything!

Lastly, I’ll share with you how this program – the profit league – can differ from what I do, which involves leveraging 100% Free, Organic Traffic methods in what a way that produces leads for local business owners – it’s called Local Lead Generation and doesn’t require paying for the ad spend (unlike Profit League). 

What is Involved in The Profit League Course?

Pyramid schemes are illegal and exist exclusively when a company recruits marketing associates directly for compensation (and are not compensated exclusively when a product or service is bought and sold). 

Since the Profit League is more of a coaching program, I can safely say that they aren’t a pyramid scheme.

Sometimes they might illustrate a notional “pyramid scheme” as the network marketing model of running a home-based business and that this could be one of those “things.”  The truth is that not one of the students in the program are being incentivized to bring three friends on-board for a special bonus. 

This could raise some questions, so here’s what is really taught in the Profit League with Jeff and Jessica Simas – and it’s good information, really.

From the very beginning, there are tons of new internet marketing words and phrases that the students are tossed into, including software requirements, layout designs and concepts with web properties, and more.

For example, ad copy is what someone writes in a FacebookTMAd (nothing more than text/words in the ad) that, when combined with a photographic image, is intended to encourage viewers (meaning the target audience) to click on the ad and progress through the FacebookTM funnel (to another website… the landing page).

The software recommended for this landing page is called ClickfunnelsTM which has a base cost of $97.00 in a monthly recurring membership, even just for a landing page for the small business you’re working on helping get referrals for…

So, you have a FacebookTM Ad that you’re running and attempting to get web traffic (meaning “visitors”) to click through the FacebookTMAd and hit the landing page…

This is called a Clickthrough…

And if this Clickthrough Rate (meaning visitors who decide to go to your landing page by clicking on your FacebookTM Ad) just isn’t at a high enough volume of people taking action on your FacebookTM Ad, this could mean a lot of money spent for nothing – remember, you’re typically paying for each of those clickthroughs on that FacebookTM Ad.

Unless you’ve got some extra spending cash just sitting around as a brand new entrepreneur, trying to launch your home-based business, it’s probably best to acquire a paying customer – a local business owner – prior to launching these FacebookTM Ad campaigns.

What Attracts Entrepreneurs to The Profit League?

Well, for one, you get to find buyers where they’re already at – in the lands of Social Media.

Next, it’s not a pyramid scheme at all. Unlike the network marketing model where they have a product/service and recruit marketing team members like an insurance or real estate agency, the focus is in building a business… not recruiting people into your Facebook Ads agency to trade Ad Spend for leads.

Additionally, provided your customer/client/business owner has provided their ad spend resource in the form of a credit card of some kind, you don’t need to come out of pocket for the ad spend and could have traffic to this marketing funnel set-up and generating leads maybe even within the calendar day. 

Some pros to joining The Profit League

  • Semi-weekly calls where you can receive coaching
  • Scores of examples of FacebookTM Ads that you can simply copy and implement
  • The words you’d need to say to connect with and close a deal with a business owner as your newest clientele
  • How to set-up e-mail automation software to nurture leads that are brought in
  • Guidance on leveraging ClickfunnelsTM to organize your landing pages and/or website(s)
  • Instruction on getting your FacebookTMAd seen by real people and having real visitors check out what you’re posting in the ad

So what could be the reason that not everyone is massively benefitting from being a student of The Profit League if all of this is provided???

At the end of the day, you’re gonna need to be an awesome salesperson.  The gift of gab and ability to get the attention of, converse with, educate, inspire, pitch, close, gather payment information, and nurture the relationship of business owners (with yourself) long after the initial transaction has taken place means you’ll need to be out and about in the marketplace. 

Speaking with business owners is only half the battle; you’ve gotta on-board these same business owners with a trusting chance to run FacebookTM Ads for them (and their company). 

That’s why I prefer local lead generation and slapping billboards to the top of Google for a home-based business model.  We set something up real fast, have it bring in leads, and we send them off to the business owner in exchange for a chunk of change.  No “selling” is really necessary when you’re handing over results in advance.

Your ability to sell the business owner / board of directors / business partners on your being privileged to partner with them and run a marketing campaign on their behalf just may take some convincing, hence the “X-Factor” of being able to perform in the skill of sales.


Freedom is a precious gift that only few in the world are able to testify to the sweet taste of.

I’m talking about time freedom, financial freedom, and getting to wake up at any time I want to have the day to myself and do whatever I want, because of a thriving business I’ve orchestrated.

To turn a profit from leveraging the internet, instead of working the typical 8-hour, daily shifts, can truly feel like a life-changing privilege…even a whole new world of possibilities one might step into. 

The enormous value brought to the world by Jeff and Jessica Samis is far from any sort of scam or pyramid scheme. Instead, they are truly showing people a whole new way of life.  I think they’re fantastic people for introducing this luxurious lifestyle to people that either never knew this existed nor thought this were even possible. 

Since I’ve also ran tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars on the FacebookTM Ads platform, I would like to chime in here with my opinion…

Generating FREE TRAFFIC in my online business of Local Lead Generation in 2019 is where I’m not only going to place my focus going forward…

I’m looking to re-dedicate my energy to figuring out a way to run this gig on Auto-Pilot!

For me, it’s no longer about how much money I am making in net profits with Local Lead Generation, but more of how I am “makin’ dat money.”

Whether by this blog, or through any combination of literally 100s of local lead generation sites I have as assets working for me and spitting off cash flow regularly…

Acquire Free Traffic Online with Simple, Profitable Websites

Free traffic can be a lot less of a headache and a more enjoyable business model because it can be a lot less burdensome and give more time freedom to enjoy the profits you make from posting these easy-to-build billboards online.

Some of the challenges with Profit League Facebook Ads include…

  • Figure out the components to FacebookTMAds and their Ads platform as a whole
  • Check the landing pages of my websites
  • Monitor Ad Spend (and avoid risking going over budget)
  • Ensure the email follow-up system is functioning as expected
  • Verify that the ad is converting readers into website visitors – and website visitors into referrals / leads for the business owner
  • That the business owner is taking the leads and working them to make a profit so s/he can keep paying for the – what should hopefully be – a wildly profitable service being provided

Occasionally, I would need to take a step back and decide if this is profitable for myself at key stages in the process, as well as whether it’s worth my time/financial investments as an individual, as well as a business owner; remember — I’m working from home now… 🙂

Some of the struggles with Facebook Advertising involve:

  • The ad performance fluctuating from day-to-day
  • Whether enough people are being reached daily to get some action on the ad
  • If the Clickthrough rate plummets and I need to create a new ad on-the-fly
  • The company I’m working with feels the need to pause the ad – or maybe it’s not performing well so I need to pause the ad,stop the ad spend, and spend some time troubleshooting

At the end of the day, great months can be had on FacebookTM.  However, reacting appropriately when exhausting a FacebookTM Ad to a target audience can mean the difference between raking in consistent profits and having a challenging time of convincing the business owner you’re still competent in your skillset. 

In fact, the Profit League coaching program is presumably doing very well, even up through today maybe, those seeking a home-based business opportunity – even an online, mobile-friendly one – is undoubtedly a very large pool of potential applicants that seek to learn this exact business model.

In my opinion, that’s just far too much work in the off-chance that the FacebookTM Ad simply stops performing the way I had hoped it would – and how the business owner that hired me had also hoped for.

How the Local Lead Generation Business is a Better Choice in 2019

I prefer the FREE TRAFFIC Lead Generation methodology when it comes to serving clients in 2019. 

I can appreciate how the primary set-up of all the resources and components needed are necessary, but with only minimal maintenance upon ranking those digital billboards to the top of Google, their performance of 100%passive income can be rather steady from that point forward!

The Local Lead Generation method of Free Traffic is perfect because…

  • Making your own hours is Flat Out Awesome!!!
  • Numerous business owners are actively seeking Online Marketing assistance.
  • I quit my Job over 3 years ago, thanks to this business model.
  • Profit margins are the biggest beyond any industry since there’s no need to pay for Ad Spend, and definitely no physical products requiring expense from the cost of goods sold (this is all digital).
  • Work anywhere in the world!  Just grab your laptop and head over to the nearest internet connection.

WITHOUT SPENDING CASH ON FACEBOOKTM ADS or even fiddling with that platform, my Lead Generation business garnered free traffic for a profitable $44,000.00+ in just this past month. That means I get to enjoy time freedom, without having to monitor social media…

And I’ll make the same amount in this coming month – and maybe more in future months since those websites are still spitting off cash flow without a daily, financial investment (meaning, no ad spend required). 

Bottom line: It’s free traffic and zilch in ad spend, so you really can make substantially more money with comparably less clients of your own.

Get the same Hands-Free System to generate Free Traffic online, and avoid ad spend altogether, by checking out this coaching program here.