Jesse Elder – 360 Mentor Academy, Wealth Frequency, Product Review

Jesse Elder has a huge following of people that are really into personal development along with spirituality and mindset.

Essentially it’s the idea that most people aren’t in a mental position to attract wealth so they continue to struggle with their finances.

Maybe you’ve heard about the law of attraction.

IMO there’s absolutely an element of truth that our mindset can in fact keep us from hitting our potential. You may see it happen with self-sabotaging or self-limiting beliefs.

It happens often with students that are new to our local lead gen program. Some come in and hit the ground running while others have to retool their minds.

However, there is another element in play other than simply having the right mindset.

You won’t fall into riches immediately after you acquire the necessary mindset.

You have to combine that mindset with the necessary skills to become rich and acquire wealth.

Jesse nails it with his mindset teachings and products IMO.

For me it wasn’t the mindset that changed my life at an early age. In my case is was due to desperation.

I left college because I knew it wasn’t for me. I was working a job for almost 4 years struggling to make $30k/year.

Anyone who does it understands the struggle of living your best life with that kind of income.

Fast forward to today and I’m doing over $50k/mo with my local lead gen biz.

The goal of this post will be sharing my own path to creating financial freedom and accomplishing things I didn’t know were possible.

Exactly how mindset played into my accomplishments so far.

We’ll also look into Jesse’s products and how you can utilize them to make a difference in online business and live your best life.

Jesse Elder’s Products

Prime Light Meditation ($697) – Mindset

The Upgraded Life 4.0 ($397) – Mindset

The 12 Rituals ($1,197) – Mindset

Journaling Secrets ($697) – Mindset

Wealth Frequency Upgrade ($997) – Mindset

Pocket Video Mastery ($197) – Skill

The Upgraded Entrepreneur ($1,997) – Strategy & Skills

360 Mentor Academy ($2,497) – Creating a $30k/mo coaching program

Ethical Cult Building ($2,497) – Course to help online coaching biz

Total Cost of Products ($8,676)

Majority of these products are geared to change the mindset so the emphasis on the mind is very obvious.

There are just a few courses that offer you real skills to use: Ethical Cult Building, The Upgraded Entrepreneur and the 360 Mentor Academy.

Like I said before, mindset is very important but it’s only half the battle. At some point you need to have high-income skills to bring value to the marketplace.

Only then will you get paid.

My Personal Experience Using Mindset Products

I’m not a believer that you simply change your mindset and begin attracting riches and wealth into your life.

Keep in mind that my opinions are based on my personal experiences.

Back in late 2012 I first began my adventure with personal development and mindset principles. I was completely crazy about it and I was consuming as much material as I possibly could.

I was obsessed. I thought I found the secret that my parents and family never discovered.

I was pretending like I had what I wanted when my bank account stayed the same as it always was. I was absolutely talking the talk and never quite walked the walk.

My confidence in the matter slowly started to decline when I realized that my constant practice of it wasn’t resulting in a different life.

Years later I realized that I spent way too much time on my mindset and not enough time on developing the skills necessary to produce the income that I desired.

I Needed The Skills To See The Results

Once I realized I’d been failing to see any real results using frequency and mind over matter teachings, I left college in 2014 and got a full-time 9 to 5.

I worked the same job for almost 4 years and I realized that I was never going to live the life I wanted to live. I wanted financial freedom.

I always wanted to own my own business and be free so I started doing a ton of research online about internet based business models.

Eventually I came across a local lead gen coaching program and it made too much sense to me.

So I hopped in.

It did take some faith for me to make the investment in the program but for the first time I was learning a valuable skill.

I learned how to do lead generation for small businesses on the local level. I was fueling the life blood of any business.

New customers and clients.

It took me a little time to realize that the skill is what I was missing all along. I developed a mindset years prior so when I jumped into the program full force it didn’t take me too long to see results.

I found a great mentor that showed me how to be successful in the business, scale the business and ultimately a very powerful skill.

After only a few months I had a monthly income greater than my 9 to 5 and I quit and pursued the business full-time.

There was a situation at work that I wasn’t too happy about and for the first time I had the ability to walk into my boss’ office and say enough is enough.

I put in my 2 week notice and I’ll never forget the weight that was lifted off my shoulders that day.

That day has changed my life forever.

Fast forward to today, I have a multiple six figure income and I’m an online entrepreneur.

The vacations I take are incredible and I can do it whenever I want.

My mind is on a completely different level now. And I’m not talking about mindset work.

There’s a mental change you have when you realize that you possess powerful skills and you can bring serious value to the world.

It has to do with something called financial confidence.

I know I have the skills and ability to go out and change my income tomorrow.

Entrepreneurship is very similar to that top-level athlete that has skills that very few have, it then carries over into other areas of their life.

Always remember that your level of income is in direct correlation with the value that you present to the market.

That value is absolutely determined by the skills you possess.

Why High-Income Skills Are So Important If You Want To Be Rich

Way too many people worry more about themselves than anything else.

“This business sounds good but I don’t have the passion for it.”

“I need to find what I love in life before I can start a business.”

Yeah I get it because in the past I thought the exact same way.

Then my mentor came along and broke that thought process. It holds so many people back from reaching their full potential.

Once you start focusing on things that you can to do help others it will change that very quickly.

Figure out which skills you can acquire to bring value to others.

Model after success, follow it and duplicate it.

If your main goal is financial success then you need to model what you do after people who have achieved it already.

You can just take Jesse as an example. He’s not hanging out and meditating all day, he’s using his skills to teach people about various mindset principles.

Think about all of the skills he possesses:

  • Facebook ads
  • Copy writing
  • Public speaking
  • Influencing people with a video to get them to buy his products
  • Designing courses based off his previous experience
  • Website builds
  • Branding
  • Digital marketing – webinars, funnels and email marketing

Marketing is the most important skill that any digital entrepreneur can possess and if you look at successful people in the industry, they all have top notch skills in that area.

In Conclusion

The Mentor Academy will provide you with the necessary skills and blueprint of how Jesse was able to establish his $30,000/mo coaching program.

However, not every person out there is capable of becoming a coach.

Mindset principles are definitely important and Jesse’s programs will absolutely help you if you view money in a negative light.

Everyone has money issues to some degree. No matter where you’re at financially. Everyone has barriers to knock down.

But by now you should know my feelings on mindset as the lone necessity to reach your full potential. It’s foolish to think that changing your mindset will lead to financial success without the necessary skills required.

I was in that same place until I began pursuing the skill sets that could lead to the money I desired. I had to obtain the high-income skills, I cannot stress the importance enough.

If I had the ability to rewind to late 2012, I would’ve spent much more time on finding a mentor that could teach me the skills I needed. I know that if I had I’d be even further ahead than where I’m at today.

Jesse’s course on building a coaching program is very valuable but not everybody has skills that are valuable enough to sell.

IMO you have to be someone that has multiple years of experience mastering the field you’re in before you can coach other people to do the same thing.

People shouldn’t be trying to coach others if they themselves are struggling to make money online.

That’s the same reason that I always recommend jump into the local lead gen program so they can acquire one of those high-income skill sets.

Just like me, you can use the skills to build a multiple six figure income and create financial freedom.

Yup, you can definitely quit that J.O.B.

I’ve chosen to use the extra time to scale my business even further but you could do whatever you want with the extra time.

Travel if that’s something you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t focus your energy on finding a passion that can make money for you, reverse engineer that thought.

Learn that skill, build that income stream and use your money to further pursue your passion.

That’s what I do and it’s opened the door on so many experiences.

This lead gen coaching program completely changed my life. I’ve learned skills that have given me complete financial confidence and the ability to scale a real business.

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