Store Formula 3 by Jon Mac – Unbiased Review

First off, I’m happy to be establishing the blog for you so I can share with you some personal insights and information about coaching programs on the market that – while insightful – may or may not be a good fit for you. 

I’m not saying anything bad about the coaches or their programs, but anyone who works in sales and marketing knows that not everyone is going to buy the product or service.

In fact, everyone who is in the online marketing industry started at some point; everyone here, at some point, simply started – from ground zero and day #1 – with their highest level of excitement but also a lowest leveling point of knowledge. 

I, for one, started looking for a way to generate a side income online only a short few years ago. 

The selling of physical products in the online world seemed to be quite the misnomer to me.  I had no idea what it was about, what I might be doing if I ever got started in it, or if I could be successful in such an entrepreneurial endeavor.

What I did know, however, was that I was serious about starting up a side project that could deliver some profits on the side so I can put myself at an advantage with my current circumstances. 

I was working a 9 to 5 and well… $35,000.00 per year in an urban city was less than status quo, I’m sorry to say.  I wasn’t satisfied and I wanted more.

With that, I began investing my spare time browsing the internet for information, reviews, and positive recommendations on what courses out there could get me streamlined toward the very nature of success that I was looking for.   

Imagine my surprise, then, when I began reviewing options in the eCommerce industry. 

Yes, I wanted to turn a profit and it seemed like the right thing to do since I’ve seen tons of other postings online about actual products you might get when you used to walk into a store. 

Instead, it’s easily purchased with no more than a few clicks of buttons and the delivery trucks will be on their way. 

That’s the era we live in – and it sounds both awesome and rather convenient. 

Unfortunately, my perception of the eCommerce industry was that I may have arrived too little too late to the party.  In fact… A LOT LATE!

I honestly doubt that there are any other industries on this planet that might be as oversaturated with sellers as this very idea; it’s a simple process…

You just post an ad, have people see it, they buy, you profit, bah-dah boom and bing!  That’s not quite how it happens though…

As I was scouring the world wide web for options on how to get ahead of the game – since I was serious about turning a profit, a fellow business owner mentioned Jon Mac’s coaching course on the e-Commerce home-based business option, called Store Formula 3. 

Since I knew that I needed an edge, I was willing to have a go –

I will say, for starters, that I was not convinced about this being a good investment. 

See, by the time I was turned to Store Formula 3 by Jon Mac, I had already developed a successful business online in the local lead generation space.  And what’s local lead generation? 

I’m glad you decided to wonder about what it could be since I’m happy to share that with you real quick here…

It’s a method of using free traffic from search engines to generate leads that you then refer over to local small businesses, who are happy to pay you a sliver for you to keep delivering. 

It’s awesome because I’m generating nearly $50,000.00 per month, predictably, on AutoPilot and I have plenty of time to try new things now. 

I get that not many people who might read this are going to be in as mutual of a financially comfortable position as I when I gave this a go – but I did explore Jon Mac’s coaching program Store Formula 3 and I am happy to deliver.

Hopefully, my insight can help you evaluate whether the coaching program fits your needs for yourself. 

I just think this blog post can carry more weight as an impartial and fair evaluation if I disclose that I had the disposable income available to try this program with… that’s all…

By the way, if you would like more information or are interested in getting started with the local lead gen business model, then we have a coaching program that can guide you through launching one.

In all fairness to Mr. Mac and his Store Formula program, though, my initial thought from a first-person, first-glance impression was that inspecting this from a fellow entrepreneur standpoint gave me a unique perspective. 

I really wanted to see if this would work for more than just me…

Could anyone do it?

Could it help me make money?

Could it prove to be a good side hustle without turning into a second job?

Can I do this from home and really be successful?

Well, that’s the purpose of this blog post… 

Let’s see if it measured up for online business venture options in 2019…

Getting to Know The Founder of Store Formula 3, Jon Mac

Originating from Vancouver, Jon seems to be nothing more than the average joe (so to speak).  A regular, decent human being like you and I, he simply one day decided to establish and own his very own company, ultimately becoming the CEO of it. 

Some non-business folks might be reading this so just so we’re clear on the natural evolution of business activity here – if someone solely opens a firm or company, it’s almost always going to turn up that they ended up in the position of being the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of that which they’ve established single-handedly. 

Moving on…

It’s not entirely clear who drew up the website that belongs to Jon Mac, but his site seems to illustrate the successful businessman as the “millionaire maker” – and a lurking question seems to abound from reading something like this…

When you end up raking in millions of bucks on the regular, is it really in your best interested to go around babbling out the secrets that led you to new heights in your industry? 

As the story unfolds, I’ve slowly learned that some people with increasing wealth believe that a higher net worth and more than sufficient income to reside on leads people to believe that money isn’t as pivotal as the opportunity to provide a product or service that makes a truly lasting difference.

A legacy seeking mindset, if you will; the value for someone in this position seems to be more intriguing to take action that leaves others in a position that’s better off than if your product or service (in this case, a training program) weren’t made available to these people. 

I think that’s actually really cool – don’t you?

Keeping these things in mind, let’s explore the whacky, awesome world of Store Formula 3 and see what’s in store for a new student. 

How Does Store Formula 3 Work – Tell Me More

Look, we’ve gotta start somewhere here. 

Of all the things I could tell you Store Formula 3, the first thing I’d like to give rise to the reality check that it’s really not something just anyone can wake up one day and start doing. 

This is just my opinion here…

Like with any business venture that you endeavor to launch, you need to establish a unique level of commitment that is as unwavering as it is consistently tended to – and I mean on the daily! 

There are lessons layered out in a strategic manner for you that requires work and the need for you to really dig in, take good notes, and study up with. 

One of the things I appreciate about Mr. Mac is that he makes this point very clear; not much of the how-to’s in this world are really going to do any good for you if you’re not about stepping up your game…

What he means is that you will need to invest both effort and time into what you’ve just paid a ton of cash for, like a coach or mentor, to lead you to the promised land (with their record training program online, or something).

Store Formula 3 opens with some core training, which renders about 4 modules to help you get started.

These modules provide exclusive student access to:

  • Exercises
  • Tips
  • Strategies

…all centered around what you’re going to be doing [anyway] for this business model to help your newly established online venture thrive toward the ambitions you’ve dreamt of achieving when you started.

In doing my best to avoid giving away any of the industry secrets or explicit details about this coaching program, but I will openly claim what I had learned the hard way in my previous business endeavor(s) – when combined with the outstanding lessons introduced to me in Store Formula 3 training modules – were what led me to the promised land and actually seeing some revenue from taking action online.

There’s a reason that I also mentioned the need to invest time – and I mean, really, budgeting your time to invest some quality effort into your investment of coaching and training. 

While it makes sense to get something that you believe will shorten the time and testing of the marketplace that it takes to arrive at the metaphorical promised land…

There are loads of new content delivered constantly, and this in addition to the already present information that you have from purchasing the course. 

Now, some have claimed that they don’t need all of the content or side tidbits of information in the program; and I agree.  I really think that’s a fair evaluation of what you’ll have on-hand. 

However, it’s always good to have “something” and not be in need of “that thing” than to be found in a pickle where you wished it was available in the program and it ends up not being accessible when you need it most. 

I remember when I was able to walk away from my 9 to 5 with my local lead gen business online, I was in need of some coaching on what to do when I went full-time in this business.

Having just fired my boss, which was a great feeling, I couldn’t sink in the business, I had to learn to swim!

Great coaching can be hard to come by, but if you have the resources at your fingertips, then when you get more time to your day and the ability to review what content might help you, it’s a great asset to have in your corner and easily reached with a few keystrokes and your fingertips!

What’s stupendous about the unique design of Store Formula 3 is exactly that: you can cherry pick the valuable items in the training program that you believe would be a good fit for your unique circumstances – and you can simply disregard the things that you don’t need…  

And, you can disregard them either forever, or just until you have time to go back and find out what else is conveniently at your fingertips that could help you expand your business venture further. 

Above all, don’t worry about your business; it can be a lot of fun traveling the road to success, and my biggest recommendation is to enjoy the learning process on your way to generating income online. 

Of what I’ve been able to gather as sound takeaways of the coaching program, here’s what I think will benefit you most –

  • Increase your game of emailing to generate revenue.  If it wasn’t for this coaching program, I’m not sure where my abilities in email strategies might be today – but certainly not where they are now, I can admit that much right off the bat! 
  • Mastering Instagram and Optimizing It to Generate Profits.  Let’s get real here – is a mobile app that everyone posts photographs on, and usually in a digital format altogether.  Did you know that this very platform can generate revenue?  Thanks to Jon Mac’s insight within Store Formula 3, I know that now! 
  • Do you own a Shopify store?  Do you know anyone who might?  The intricate, yet simple principles in Mr. Mac’s training here can help you develop major results thru Shopify.  It’s an eCommerce platform if you’re not familiar with what it is by now.  The language can be slightly rough, but such is the nature of this.
  • Did you know that there can be profits made in following and capitalizing on trends?  Sounds like a straightforward business principle at first glance, but what if you knew where to look and the actions to take on the assumption of what might be taking off?  With the module of Trend Mentor, you can begin to see opportunities all around you of where the money is at.
  • Getting Started Fast 30-Day Plan For Your Agency: everything you need to launch your business right and ensure you’re fast-tracking your endeavors toward becoming one of many success stories. 

What’s The Catch to Store Formula 3?

It’s a fair question to ask, really! 

Often times, some people say that the best things in life are the items that you find for free. 

In business, that may or may not be the case.  Some people publish free content and then premium content that you’d have to purchase in either a one-off cost or a recurring, monthly membership for access to it. 

I won’t reveal the deliberate amount of the program, but I’ll simply point out that this is some epic content Jon has thrown into one basket…

It’s so good that Mr. Mac has priced Store Formula 3 way under what it’s value is actually worth. 

Concerned about the price still? 

Re-read a couple of points up above, then think of the value that you’ll be gaining by making this investment that has been known to revolutionize the lives of the people who’ve turned this information into their new successful lifestyle. 

In the end, what precious items really are free?  In business, there isn’t much and you really do end up exploring more and more the reality of getting what’s honestly paid for. 

If the value is brought and a discount is provided, there may be something to it with this type of coaching. 


It’s a tough call for me to say whether Store Formula 3 is going to be a great fit for me – but that’s me; you might have a different experience with it. 

I do have a concern about future students exploring this because I’d rather they not have all of their eggs in the one entrepreneurial basket if they can help it. 

If you’re looking to generate 6 figures or more online, then be sure to look forward to having multiple lines of income in the water that spit off cash flow routinely. 

The key to wealth, I’d say, isn’t saving, but expanding!

The Best Business Model in 2019 is Local Lead Generation

Yeah, I’ve personally done eCommerce and I’ve definitely had some luck with it; turned a little profit, but paid a bigger price in working the business constantly to see what my paid ad strategies were costing me and the follow-up processes with customer orders were just not working out for me.

What I did before I tried eCommerce, and continue to this day, is Local Lead Generation.  It’s nothing more than using free traffic on the internet to generate your income; and, the lead gen sites are extremely inexpensive, yet continue to generate anywhere from $750 to a few grand monthly.

Here’s why I would recommend this to absolutely everyone searching for a side hustle online:

  • Gain your own independence financially, earn your financial freedom, and enjoy the confidence of knowing that you can turn a profit online with a few easy steps
  • Leave it in your own hands to choose where and when you decide to work, not someone else’s
  • Work anywhere across the globe – provided your internet access through your laptop is good to go
  • It’s an extremely simple business model: provide leads and get compensated
  • Passive Income thru the free traffic from those affordable lead gen sites business assets
  • Since the internet and local businesses most likely aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, I’d say financial security is in your favor here

If you believe there’s a way to turn a profit online, then you’ve come to the right place!  We’ve got a coaching program that shows you how you can take advantage of this trend for yourself. 

I really want to drop a sincere vote of thanks for reading all the way through this.  It demonstrates that you’re proving your willingness to exercise some due diligence and further explore what opportunities are out there.

If you’ve made it this far, then there’s no doubt you were about as skeptical as I was about believing that there were ways to make an honest, genuine income on the internet…

Especially without the need of adding a second job to your already busy lifestyle.

I was there once too, and it wasn’t that long ago either. 

Remember from the topics discussed earlier that I was residing in the urban terrains of the United States of America, with a misfortune of income – is probably the best way to describe it. 

The cold winter months of commuting to and from a place that compensated me in what might as well have been chopped up peanuts! They were served in bite-size pieces at a time and gathered into a paycheck that cost me more to drive to cash than what was actually provided to me to live off of. 

I’m not trying to run circles around ya here, I’m being honest that my 9 to 5 was working me to the bone and I really wanted more than what they were going to continue offering me.

I was sick of someone breathing down my neck all the time, just to follow up all that time of walking past my cubicle with quarterly and annual reviews to remind me of the reasons why I wasn’t getting a raise but all of my peers were. 

Sound familiar?  Of course, it does – at least to those who aren’t already successful with an online side hustle.

So when this guy I met introduced me to the fascinating world of lead generation, you’d better believed I pounced on it without hesitation. 

In addition to introducing me to business principles that I didn’t even know existed, he showed me the possibilities of leveraging free traffic from search engines to generate business that I can send to a local small business and get a handsome commission check every single month.

The beautiful thing of all of this was that I didn’t have to keep maintaining the web property daily, weekly, or heck, even monthly.  Just one time…

ONE TIME – was all it took to superglue that lead gen puppy to the top of Google and let it do the heavy lifting for me 24/7/365! 

Whether I was sleeping, at the gym, chowing down, seeing family around holiday times, or even not able to work due to sick or a severe, long-term ailment, I had those web properties siphoning free traffic for me so I could turn a profit…

That’s what I like to call REAL, GENUINE passive income – and that side hustle, which I still work on a part-time basis exclusively now, is raking me over $50,000.00 every single month. 

The awesome thing about it is that I don’t have to buy web traffic to get these things working for me, and the costs to keep these assets are so low that the profit margins make Superman look like a scrawny teen visiting the middle school gym for the very first time. 

If you’re ready to launch your online business venture with your tenacious capacity for success, then this is the coaching program for you.  We’ll pull back the curtain on everything that I did to land $50,000.00 in passive, monthly income, and how you too can access free traffic with your own lead gen business to make your first dollars online as well. 

I’ve been job-free for over a few years now, and I can testify that this is a rather comfortable gig.  See, THIS is the type of investments people like us should have been making when the internet first came out. 

Although, this opportunity isn’t for everyone.  If you’re hoping for a magic potion, lotion, pill, or button to have a so-called “turn-key” solution to having your wildest of dreams become a reality, then you’re still living in a fantasy and you’ll have to continue your expensive Google searches for that epic, non-existent solution to what might never be.

If, however, you’re ready to get your hands dirty and grind your way to success, click here now to get in on the coaching program that has made people like me become success stories in relatively brief time frames, and if you work at it unusually hard, you might be one too.