Jordan Belfort’s Sales Coaching Program – Straight Line Persuasion – Unbiased Review

A talented salesman made famous by the box office hit, feature film, Wolf of Wall Street, Mr. Jordan Belfort (in the movie, played by Leonardo DiCaprio) actually holds a natural, unparalleled skill in motivating sales agents and coaching entrepreneurs.

Prior to his firm launching to the reputation of the greatest WallStreet brokerage, Stratton Oakmont was stifled by Mr. Belfort’s limited understanding on how to connect with his sales team in helping them to close more deals on the telephone.

At the time, the only two people working at the firm that were successfully landing deals regularly were The Wolf himself, Jordan Belfort, and his best friend Donnie Azoff (who was represented in the feature film by the famous Jonah Hill).

Regarded as a natural born sales and deals closer, he was once quoted with shouting the phrase to his team in a fit of extreme frustration, “Every Sale Is The Same!” 

Right then, the idea of Straight Line Persuasion was found.  With that, Mr. Belfort went to work on developing every sales transaction into a duplicate-able, trainable model for all of his staff to learn from.  His claim: Every sale is the straight line.

Jordan coins his years of quick-rising success to this Straight LinePersuasion system since, virtually overnight, his team was now able to land more and more deals just like Donnie and Jordan. 

After countless life lessons learned, and his brokerage firm reaching record-shattering numbers in no time, he now has this system that he markets to train sales teams but limits who gains access to what he advises; they must agree to use the information with highly ethical restraint and take massive action after learning the sales strategies that he developed from literally scratch and personal experience.

When I personally shifted from working as someone’s employee for a laughable $35,000.00 in annual income to developing a successful side hustle of an online marketing agency that refers customers to small businesses, I was extremely hungry to learn how closing more business over the telephone actually worked. 

I tapped into Jordan’s coaching course, entitled Straight Line Persuasion, as if it was the golden goose that led me to the promised land.  Following the training religiously, I was able to steadily improve with my sales skill – and I had never sold a thing in my life before 2015. Dedicated and committed, I reviewed the videos and kept the mp3 audio recordings conveniently accessible for easy listening any time I had a moment to get some “training” in. 

Fast Forward to Now – my internet based, work from home business is collecting a steady $50,000.00 monthly, AND we’re now making our coaching program accessible for people like yourself to learn how to duplicate my success in the same business of local lead generation.  Click Here to Learn More Now!

You could say I’m a huge fan of Belfort since he was one of my founding sales mentors…

And since learning from the guy, I’ve definitely explored other training material on learning and improving the art of selling; there are tons of mentors to choose from, actually.

So, I’d like to deliver on some common questions I’ve heard around the marketplaces on Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Persuasion coaching program.

Is Straight Light Persuasion (SLP) by Jordan Belfort really a good coaching program?

What separates this from other sales curricula?

Are there downfalls to this education platform?

Is the investment worth the supposed reward available from learning Jordan’s strategies?

How’s this measuring up against famous high ticket trainers like Dan Lok, Grant Cardone, and others?

Let’s get started here, and I’ll even throw in my own experience so you can evaluate whether this is a good fit for you as well.

Outline, Key Takeaways, and Summary of The Straight Line Persuasion (SLP) System

  1. Module: The Straight Line Persuasion Tenets
  2. Module: The Science, and Art, to Prospecting
  3. Module: Tonality: It’s an Art; Master It
  4. Module: Stepping into a Leader’s Vision
  5. Module: The Inside Game of Making a Sale
  6. Module: Straight Line Persuasion’s Five (5) Key Elements
  7. Module: Qualifying the Prospective Buyer – It’s an Art and a Science
  8. Module: Close Anyone That Could Buy with This Kind of Presentation
  9. Module: Looping: The Methods to Turning Buyer Objections During the Close
  10. Module: Making a Customer for Life and Gaining Tons of Referrals

One of my biggest takeaways from this program was the lesson on tonality being important and this being a key ingredient to working a deal out when you’re on the phone.

To illustrate, you could…

  • Fabricate a Sense of Scarcity by Lowering your Voice’s Tone
  • Inspire Emotional Enthusiasm by Finishing your Sentences with an Up Beat

In order to get to those opportunities, however, Jordan Belfort explains that 3 things need to be perceived by the buyer immediately with your tonality in the phone:

  1. YOU are the Expert
  2. YOU are the Sharpest Tool in the Shed
  3. YOU are Beyond Enthusiastic about what you’re offering

With Mr. Belfort’s guidance, I am now very aware of my tonality when speaking with prospective buyers, and I can confidently say that lessons from The Wolf have made a HUGE, Positive Difference in my bottom line!

Next, he trains on why being a visionary is monumental to entrepreneurship.

Simply put: People Invest in the Vision that you Share with Them.

The award-winning director of the film Avatar, James Cameron, was in a position where he needed to convince numerous people that his film would be worth their investment.  With his huge vision and tenacity to achieve his vision, he was able to communicate that enthusiasm for what the end result might look like and raise the capital necessary to launch the film project.

When you’re going into the business world, do your best to illustrate things for your prospective clients where they can see few downsides to buying, along with HUGE upsides for getting started with you Today!

Also, this guy is amazing when it comes to inspiring others to get motivated; his inner game training is off the chain!!!

Here’s one of his quotes that are my favorite; in fact, I read it daily to get jacked in my motivation for the grind being worth the effort, then move into action immediately every day!

Jordan Belfort said, “You’re not your past, you’re the resources and capabilities you gleam from it.” 

One of the things he does that helps with this is conditioning others on being absolutely certain about things – and goes further to identify this state (meaning, the state of being absolutely certain) as a prerequisite to selling and a non-negotiable feature to winning in your sales game.

Basically, when you’re so confident about your service or product that others resonate with what you’re so certain about, your body language, tone, and other non-verbal messages can translate to the buyer and get them to buy in long before you ask for the sale. 

In the end, it’s not always about what you say, but the magic can be more in how you deliver your message – with a state of certainty, and this could make all the difference for your future business model.

But what exactly is this notion of the Straight Line?

Designed with the goal in mind of you having complete control over your sales conversations, your prospective buyer may derail the conversation from the topic you’re discussing – perhaps even to a deviation that no longer relates to what you’re trying to share with the buyer.  The Wolf makes this next statement extremely clear…

Your Job, especially as a sales representative, is to help the buyer get what they need to solve a problem (which is your product) and that involves your talent to gently, but competently, steer the conversation – and the client’s mindset – back to what you are talking about. 

After this, your next responsibility is conquering the objections (well, as many as you can) to land the close when you ask for the sale.

The Art of Looping: Squashing Objections

If you don’t know what your prospect has in mind to object to your asking for the sale when it comes time – and I’m willing to believe you, like most salespersons, can’t read your prospect’s mind – then it’s your responsibility to surface these objections in the conversation(s) you have. 

One of the more popular phrases I hear with business owners is: “I think I’ll need to get back with you after I speak to my wife about this.” 

The misfortune here is that when the buyer dishes out something like this to resist buying from you, they just don’t want to share with you what’s truly at the core of their not choosing to buy from you.

  • Your price might be too high
  • They just might not believe that the service or product presented can be a good fit for them
  • They might not trust you
  • They may have heard bad stories about the industry and object vicariously, which is translating into their not buying from you – and it could have had nothing to do with anything that was said in your conversations thus far

The aforementioned are quite common claims made so prospective clients simply don’t need to make a buying decision – which, depending on what’s going on in their business or their life, could simply be an uncomfortable thing for them to do at the time you’re asking them to.

Your role here is to directly inquire about them; just call the soon-to-be-buyer on the carpet with what they’ve just told you…

“Mr./Ms. (about to be our) newest satisfied long-term client of our firm, is your wife really someone you need to run this choice by, or do you simply not believe that this product or service can work for you?”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few years of no longer having a 9 to 5, raking in $50k every month with a local lead generation business to help business owners around the United States from nothing more than a laptop and internet access, it’s that the response above is probably the worst way you could handle that objection. 

Remember, the magic is in how you say what you’re wanting to communicate.  So, instead, here’s a suggested adjustment to what you’re hoping to share with the buyer…

“Okay, I hear what you’re saying – you need to speak to your wife about this – but I need to share with you that we’ve helped several clients who were in your position with our service or product, and we’ve gotta ask what’s the worst that can happen here? 

If you can allow us the opportunity to deliver even half of the results that I am confident we can, there’s no doubt you’ll be very impressed.”

Ask yourself what’s really taking place with this language in statements like “what’s the worst that could happen”… what you’re doing is surfacing the objection the client might have to your price.  What’s going on with this conversation at this point is that the options are:

  • The deal ends up not working out and the business owner’s company loses money
  • If the deal brings massive results, however, problems get resolved and the client gets in a position of massive profits. 

This is what Jordan refers to as the Art of Looping to Handle Objections.

In essence, when you ask for the sale and the buyer tosses an objection in between them and the deal happening, bring it back to a positive aspect of helping the deal go forward. 

What this does is address the reason they’re finding to prevent them from doing business with you and/or your company, so you keep circling back to positive values of going forward until all objections are ironed out and asking for the sale is a sinch.

Here’s one I really like implementing with the people I’m sharing the opportunity to do business with me:

“Tell me something… do you like the idea of this product or service?”

ALWAYS be certain that they’re on-board with what you’re presenting; usually, I hear them respond with something like “Oh yes, it sounds fantastic.”

By getting them into a pattern of affirmative responses like saying yes habitually, then get them to another yes in the pattern with a follow up like:

“Okay, great.  Now let me ask you another question… if you believe this service or product can work for you, then is it worth the price tag?”

Think through what’s happening here – you’re confirming whether the irresistance to making a deal happen with you today is due to the price or some other issue, such as whether they truly believe in the product or service delivering as was presented or perceived originally. 

The above are just a couple of the many rebuttals and awesome followups with your soon-to-be buyers in the Straight Line Persuasion (SLP) coaching program, available exclusively to the students he lets in.

What you read above is a small sample of what I use all the time when attempting to close a deal.

Straight Line Persuasion Complaints – the Common Ones

There’s been some mainstream claims that the content in Straight Line Persuasion is actually outdated.

My response to that claim is this…

With a primary focus on the tactics of a successful sales call or sales presentation / meeting, Jordan Belfort places a big emphasis on clear and direct communication – this is what can lead you to having a new customer that you can serve at the highest level your company is able to.

Devised in the 1990s, the SLP system to leveraging tonality and handling objections magnify your credibility – and this style of closing business has been tried numerous times, and continues to be effective to this day. 

As of 2019, we can all agree the landscape for making deals as adjusted thanks to the implementation of sales funnels and computers, so the internet allows people to do more in the way of positioning someone as the go-to marketplace expert for what you have to offer; often times, this positioning (thanks to the internet, websites, and social media) can perform most of the sales cycle for you. 

A high ticket closing sales technician and instructor, Dan Lok, teaches something like this in what he calls Attraction Marketing – it’s pull-through marketing with a fancy name, because when buyers seek you out instead of you coming to them, who really has the power in the marketplace then?

It’s because of Jordan’s coaching course that I’ve significantly improved my closing rate and landed a lot more deals than I would have without his guidance. 

Through comprehending the value of positioning yourself in the marketplace, you, too, can skyrocket your bottom line and ability to close more deals. 


Jordan Belfort earned his reputation through hard work and a desire to succeed, so he knows sales really well and has developed an awesome system to train others in the skill, too. 

Against some of the big names in the industry like Grant Cardone, DanKennedy, Dan Lok and Gary Vaynerchuk, Mr. Belfort’s sales and marketing coaching program definitely ranks up there with the popular names. 

Thanks to his willingness to package lessons learned and wisdom for his sales team into an education platform, I’ve garnered a lot from The Wolf of Wall Street and experienced an ROI in my own business efforts. 

The big takeaways for me were:

  • Addressing objections through the idea of looping
  • Remaining conscious of your tonality when attempting to bring a prospective client to a buying decision. 

It’s easy to tell that Tony Robbins had an influence on Jordan Belfort’s mindset, but the inner game of motivation is a unique brand that is all Mr. Belfort’s own… and that’s nothing shy of being a BAD@$$ when it comes to getting motivated!

His capacity to influence others, as a motivational speaker and a good motivator, explains how this guy is a great educator in sales and, indeed, a natural closer. 

From selling door-to-door meat products to breaking records at Wall Street, some probably criticize his past far too much to give him credit in the things that he’s capable of doing at a very high level; just listening to him for a few minutes can give you the inkling that he some natural gifts in the art of communication. 

You might even be a stellar closer already, but I can assure you that Jordan has some content you can still gain some valuable thoughts from.  He had a huge impact on me from the get and his tactics are now a part of my sales game forever and henceforth. 

I don’t think the feature films did this guy justice!  It’s a lot better in motivation, coaching, and sales training than theatrics give Mr. Belfort credit for.

Why Local Lead Generation is the Top Sales Opportunity of 2019 

So, no doubt, I highly recommend learning your ability to sell through The Wolf’s coaching program, since it’s worked wonders for my local lead generation side hustle.  Under this coaching program, I’ve been able to skyrocket my closing skills with people I’ve never met nor talked to before.  The results are surreal!

I’ve enhanced my abilities to…

  • Control the topic of conversation
  • Handle the prospective buyer’s objections
  • Close the deal on the same day

NOW… I’m running a multi-six figure income business with 45 clients all across North America, with my only office comprising of a single laptop and the high-income skill of being able to sell to people that can benefit from what I have to offer.

In addition to sales, digital marketing online was the missing component to generate my own bottom line of Profitable, Predictable Income on AutoPilot. 

In fact, my $50,000 in profits on a monthly basis developed from learning this local lead generation for small business skill through a coaching program we now offer to people that wanna duplicate these results for themselves. 

It’s a real simple business model too…  Here’s all I do…

  1. Set up a simple website and Paste it to the Top of Google search results
  2. Let buyers come to me
  3. Profit Ridiculously well in sending those buyers to local small businesses

The cost of setting up these web properties to be profitable, virtual real estate is the most laughably affordable investment I have ever seen in the online business opportunity industry EVER!!!

Imagine value you can bring to business owners with buyers that they can get on the phone with and close a deal with – and you helped them expand their bottom line month after month, year after year… it’s amazing how handsomely they’ll pay you for years to come! 

With such a simple business model, look at what you can get from such a small investment:

  • Little to no competition: You’re able to work in many industries with countless cities to choose from
  • Small business owners are experts at their business product or service – they need your help with the online marketing and lead generation
  • HUGE PROFIT MARGINS since you don’t have to pay for ads
  • You make your earnings from Free, Organic web traffic visitors that are ready to pay someone to take care of their problem
  • Work from anywhere in the world that you can take your laptop and have internet access
  • Make more money than Lawyers and Doctors on aPart-Time Side Hustle

Imagine the value you’re bringing to your marketplace; and, you can determine the size of your paycheck by the size of the problems you can solve. 

Sales and Marketing = an unstoppable skillset to bring you all of those benefits and more in an online business venture with such a low start-up investment. 

Straight Line Persuasion is perfect for learning to sell.

Our Coaching Program on local lead generation is the final piece of the puzzle to send buyers to small businesses anywhere there are local search results on the internet. You’ll be happy you scoped it out, trust me!