Instagram Mastery by Josue Pena – Unbiased Review

There’s been a significant amount of attention given to the social media platforms lately. 

It’s been said that social proof is essential in selling online in this day and age – or for any business to have an elevated web presence. 

From likes to comments, shares and Facebook page fans, the evolution of social media seems to be drawing more attention and consideration from business owners who might not actually understand what those metrics mean when it comes to actually their bottom line expansion through seeking more revenue.

All they seem to really understand — from their time in conversation with local fellow business owners’ dialogue at parties and conventions — about how they hire and fire social media guys and gals because the business owner was under the impression that these things would really bring in more customers. 

Depending on the industry, it may be a valid belief that social media is a waste of their time; for others, they can’t get enough social presence in order to garner more attention and trust in the local commerce climate. 

As Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social media get established, grow, and become more mainstream in today’s open communication with digital platforms, the notion that a picture really can be worth thousands of words can hit the nail right on the head when it comes to trying to garner attention and move products or sell services. 

For those that are crafty with prose and hope to bring content that carries a sense of value to the marketplace, Facebook and Twitter are the better places to leverage their use of typing words on a computer screen to serve and engage an audience from as far as your message could reach in cyberspace. 

When Facebook Ads require adjusting, it’s no longer a secret that the image of the paid ads campaign strategy could be one of the contributing factors for the desired result simply not being achieved –

This, of course, is assuming that all other aspects of the Facebook Ad are professionally sound, locked on solid, and ready to roll with what you’re trying to accomplish as your end goal. 

Still, the image can be implored to a brand’s credit or detriment (more than anything) on the ever popular – and rapidly growing – social media smartphone app called Instagram.

For those that are less savvy to the native tongue of English or would rather handle pictures instead of make the effort to type out what they’re hoping to say – not only would blogging be a poor fit, but your key forward would definitely be found in Instagram (which is often casually referred to as Insta).

Like all business owners, I once found myself in a funk and seeking a way to simply acquire more customers so I could grow my bottom line and my credibility in serving more customers at the highest level in my industry. 

For those who haven’t been following my blog thus far – thank you, first and foremost, for checking out this article. 

I really hope that it helps you to find what you’re looking for and made more sound decisions when it comes to exploring what coaching program or business venture you’d want to start and the mentor that you would most prefer to invest in to guide you to your dreams and goals. 

I actually have been running a very profitable local lead generation business ever since I was looking for a side hustle of my own while working a corporate job in the heart of the urban terrain of Detroit, Michigan. 

It was 2014, I was sitting on my couch during a wintery blizzard of an evening, and I was searching online for a way to make some money from my laptop so I could find a way out of my financial rut that had me in this joke of a low-rent apartment complex where any gust of wind that evening was chilling me to the bone. 

Shivering under a pile of blankets and miserable at my time sitting “at home” in the discomfort of my parka that I never took off since leaving work, I came across a coaching program by a guy named Dan – he seemed really cool and was willing to offer me a chance to learn what he has been doing for years. 

After some people that he was friends with asked him to teach how he was making boat-loads of cash online in his spare time, he decided that it was best to make this lead gen coaching program and reach out to the world to give people like you and me a chance to have something better with a reliable, honest, and credible system that is proven to work if you put the time and effort into it. 

Fast forward a year later, I’m raking in $10k in passive income each and every month, firing my boss at the 9 to 5 that I couldn’t stand, and all I really left in the downtown Detroit region was my $35,000 annual salary from a corporate career that wasn’t going to give me any more cash so I didn’t have to walk in the cold mornings to work. 

It’s all thanks to this lead gen coaching program that I learned this from that I was able to put up lead gen properties online — like virtual real estate — and have businesses rent them from me for $750 to $3000, and they pay me monthly… as this tree service does in Grand Rapids, MI!

(See the actual lead gen site for tree service below)

Now I’m making $50k every month and have the time freedom to write something like this article each and every morning for you to gain some leverage in your life and be armed with unbiased reviews of coaching programs so you can gain some better insight about where you think you should be going with your entrepreneurial-minded goals of having more cash to change your life for the better. 

With this passive income, I’m able to invest in coaching programs that require a ton of time in order to really get the most out of the training and be in the best position to see if it can make money for you online. 

Today, I’m reporting on what I’ve experienced with Instagram Mastery, which was founded by someone named Josue Pena. 

I had tinkered with Instagram here and there, maybe had a couple of followers and was willing to engage with some content on occasion; I was just never into the hype until I discovered that there were people raking in tons of business through just their online presence with this platform alone. 

When I heard that, I chose to up my game on Instagram and find a coach. 

Although, if my memory serves me correctly, I may have explored other coaching programs that suggested they would mentor me in growing my Instagram account just the same.

This is an ongoing problem – borderline pandemic, actually – as the internet is littered with tons of coaching programs and self-proclaimed experts that suggest they can mentor you to your desired financial goals if you would only pay them a hefty lump sum. 

While that can be shady, some people actually find value in the coaching programs and the testimonials that some of these things have is rather incredible – even to the point of believability. 

I’ve never actually seen someone have success online with Instagram turning into a passive side hustle and generating the kind of cash that I dreamed about when I was shivering on that cold evening’s dirty couch in the apartment downtown.  

As the winds raged, the cold sank deeper into my blankets and clothing, I decided that I needed to try something. 

Years later, I crossed this Instagram program again and could afford to invest in it – so this blog article is my effort to deliver an unbiased review of whether Josue Pena delivers on his Instagram Mastery program and open claims for helping his followers and students to achieve something better. 

Unclear of what I was getting myself involved in, I chose to take the leap and give this program a try. 

If it failed, I still have my passive income from the lead gen business spitting cash flow to keep me afloat. 

I know that there are people that might be reading this who aren’t in such a position to give something like this a try – or maybe the reader is fiscally stable but also pays a much bigger price in never having the spare time to get something like this done. 

For everyone that reaches this blog, I want to deliver to you the most unbiased review of this platform that you could possibly find. 

Let’s learn more about the Instagram Mastery by Josue Pena and figure out if this is where the action is at in the laptop lifestyle – or mobile phone lifestyle – in 2019. 

What’s Up with Josue Pena, Anyway?

This can be a really cool part of the blog, by the way. 

Even though I can get excited to learn about the person behind the founding of a coaching program, this guy really takes the cake with his life story. 

A fit, young man with strong ties to faith and an unwavering commitment to achieving his dreams, this guy – native to the Dominican Republic – was ready for more than life had delivered to him. 

Multilingual and driven to succeed from his younger years, this dedicated entrepreneur learned and honed his craft with commitment, finding a financial solution to his woes – and so he learned about digital marketing and making success in business a priority in his life.

Beyond his marketing competencies, Mr. Pena is the CEO and Founder of a fitness brand called Elation Athletics. 

A renaissance man, to say the least, Josue is constantly exploring ways to elevate his net worth; as such, he has now earned a variety of professional skills and trade-specific, insider knowledge in the disciplines of:

  • Videography and Photography
  • Personal Fitness Training
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Social Media Marketing

I anticipate that it’s his wide skillset and intense loyalty to achieving more that Josue Pena was ready to take on the world and make something out of what little he had in the early days. 

If you’re attempting to operate a business through an online presence, one of the stronger points you can position yourself within our digital era is by having what is known as influence thru social media. 

To earn that clout, however, Mr. Josue Pena valiantly pursues his social media following with massive and regular activity in:

  • His Instagram Account
  • A large subscriber base to his YouTube channel
  • Syndicating content across his social media as liberally as is conveniently available for him to do

While it’s vital to have unique content posted in order to get individual credit from free traffic that can come from your content being found within search engine results, it’s a safe bet that Josue has his process down solid. 

In tandem with Mr. Josh Forti, these two launched the Instagram Mastery – and a second venture called the Digital CEOs – with the primary focus of advising entrepreneurs – targeting those that are brand new to the digital marketing side of our global economy – on how they can get started right, and well, in leveraging social media for their (hopefully) long-term success. 

Monetizing Social Media: More about the Instagram Mastery Course

As we speak, this information is deliberately revolutionizing my Instagram presence in ways that I had never thought possible before. 

Fun fact: did you know that the total amount of businesses (in our days of the most advanced resources in technology and digital communication) – who are even attempting to promote their solutions, products, or services via Instagram – are rated to the statistic of a whopping 33 percent or less? 

I’ll be honest – the pitching that this guy did was on-point: I’m a successful entrepreneur with no real or desperate need for more profits, yet I was hooked from hearing their message about Instagram Mastery. 

In addition to the volume of businesses that are actually trying Instagram out – their sampling and toe-dipping efforts are leaving tons of potential return on investment (ROI) on the table; the efficiency in their efforts are minimal, at best. 

We live in an era where tons of information is available at our fingertips and the Instagram platform – at least to start with – is absolutely free! 

How could businesses not be taking advantage of this? 

It’s madness, I say!  I’ll shake my fist to say it again: Madness, I say! 

The Instagram Mastery course by Josue Pena and his fellow co-founder (Josh Forti) seem to be an excellent fit for what I’m trying to accomplish online – especially on Instagram. 

The accessibility to this content is supremely flexible and available for just about anyone who has any sort of business or scheduling conflicts in their daily regimen:

  • Since the course has complete online availability, I was able to tap into it on lunch breaks or whenever I had a spare few minutes
  • If I were going to take a bus somewhere or sit and wait for hours to get my car registered (and we all know how boring that can be), I was able to do something productive and learn something new as my turn comes to get something done in this governmental office
  • A wealth of video training modules to keep you focused and interested in the possibilities that are available on Instagram – and to be completely forthcoming, I haven’t even had the chance to watch all of the content; yeah, it’s that in-depth of a mentoring and coaching program

I won’t keep going on the point that there’s a lot to be taken in with this coaching program once you become a member and invest in the knowledge that’s available here. 

There were some specific points that I found especially helpful in the Instagram Mastery training:

  • Account Security

It’s incredible how many people really don’t pause and consider the value of their brand on a social media platform like Instagram. 

Spoofing is a real thing on social media, and it’s important that you do what you can to protect your image and reduce the chances of spoofing happening to you. 

  • Fundamentals in Branding

Yeah, I thought that I knew everything there was to know about Instagram and how to effectively use it. 

The truth is that these guys taught me some things that I didn’t know where possible – and I had been using it (albeit, passively) for years. 

  • Options and Approaches to Funneling Traffic

There are actually ways that you can take web traffic and visitors on Instagram and motivate them to take your desired result – that ultimately redirects them elsewhere so you can get more content and pitching seen by your viewing audience and following. 

I had no idea this was really possible – or how to do it! 

  • Recommendations and Advice on Market Research

Okay, I get it; there are tons of repositories that claim they can provide market research, but how do numbers that I have to look up actually help me to turn a profit online? 

With the Instagram Mastery by Josue Pena, you can rest assured that the things you’re looking into are very well worth your time and effort to explore. 

  • Essentials in Networking

I hate that word in business: Networking. 

There’s this theory that you can determine someone’s net worth by evaluating the size and value of their network. 

On the same token, your network – especially in conversations of a business sense these days – are less about the relationships that you build and more about what you can get out of these so-called networks. 

Especially with the dawn of the internet, one major concern is that these networks you’re trying to build become so impersonal that the value of them – which was once perceived to be a great thing – is now a community of contacts that know of you but wouldn’t loyally move a finger if you were in need of medical attention, let alone if you reached out to them to ask for information, advice, or ideas. 

The level of value and responsiveness in your network always begins with you and in what you bring to the table that others can benefit from. 

When they see that you’re not out to simply game the system and be in it to win it just for yourself, then there’s a higher chance that you can build the type of connections that have been talked about for years – the connections that can establish you as someone that others like, trust and know, so much so that they are willing to respond whenever you reach out. 

That’s a different kind of networking. 

Which type will you be in this era of communicating through digital-based audience engagement?

Instagram Mastery: Additional Thoughts

It was a frustrating thing to get through what content I did, see the results I had achieved, and wonder why I didn’t get involved with Instagram Mastery earlier.  

I guess I didn’t have someone putting content about it on a blog post for me to gain insight from (see what I did there). 

From epic growth hacks and follow on tips that for building a loyal following, my results were:

  • My initial volume of an Instagram following (when starting this program) doubled in sizing and loyalty within 4 days of starting to implement the tactics and procedures outlined by Josue.
  • 4 weeks later: BOOM!  The size of that new following from only a few days into the mastermind had doubled again!

I’m kicking myself for not having done something with the Instagram Mastery when I had first heard about it. 

At this point, I am still not completely through the mastermind training; there really are tons of tidbits and expert wisdom contained in this series of online training modules. 

Think about this though, especially when it comes to the use of pictures in social media:

  • Are you a photographer (or willing to take pictures of various things to share on Instagram)?
  • Are you seeking a digital-based method for driving greater return on your marketing investment dollars (ROI) – to include time and money – so that more business opportunities come your way?

If I were in your shoes, then, I would pounce on this right away and begin demonstrating your expertise to a vast array of audience that could potentially end up leading you to someone that will ultimately hire you and throw their hard-earned dollars your way since the value you’re bringing is perceived as beyond incredible! 

Your 2019 Top Choice for Landing 6 Figures with an Online Business

The cool thing about most of the social media platforms is that accessing and using them are free. 

While there are resources online to try and help you to manage the variety of social media platforms that you could be juggling in a given day – and let me tell you, it can get out-of-hand sometimes – it doesn’t change the fact that these free access points to getting your message in front of potential customers can be worth the squeeze. 

That said, your ability to scale and expand your social media presence comes at a cost. 

When you’re spending time doing this, you’re not spending your efforts landing more opportunities to close business. 

You can build up a loyal following over time, but to do it right – and that’s the best way to do it from the beginning – you’re going to need to pace your effort and spend your spare time working on your social following clout. 

That means that you – if you were anything like me in 2014 – are probably in a position where you need to turn something into cash immediately. 

Maybe you’re not in need of that but you still want to invest in a coaching program that can do more than just teach you theories and wish you the best of luck. 

Still, what better way to build your business than with methods that are completely free?

My recommendation, then, is to use free traffic in search to build my #1 pick in an internet-based, digital business for 2019:

Local Lead Generation

Think about how real estate people own properties and rent out some of them instead of sell outright. 

Your lead gen sites can operate in the same way…

You can generate leads to send to small businesses who rent out your own virtual real estate from you, so you can get paid month after month. 

If you were looking for a genuinely passive income option, I think you’ve found it with Local Lead Gen. 

Want to know how I used this online business approach to walk away from a $35k corporate 9 to 5 gig within a year of launching my lead gen business? 

Here are the steps, and these are the same steps I use to this day to keep building my bottom line past $45K+ in annual revenue in 2019:

  1. Figure out where you want to place your virtual real estate online
  2. Build the lead gen site and rank it on Google search results
  3. Rinse and Repeat

There really aren’t too many more steps to this – not that I’m leaving anything out, but I can’t give the whole coaching program away in a blog post. 

Needless to say, you land a partnership with a local small business who services the leads you send them, and they will gladly cut you in on part of their marketing budget.  

Why would a business owner do that? 

You’re hooking them up with more customers! 

How could you not be valuable to them when you’re giving them more opportunities to do good in their community?

To better illustrate what I’m trying to get across here, take a look at this lead gen site that I had pasted to the top of Google – I used the industrial strength adhesive equivalent in digital Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques from this coaching program so it keeps paying me — and has since 2014!

(Take a look at how it’s dominating the local market in the image below):

Now, I know that this placement doesn’t mean much to anyone that isn’t familiar with the tasks or steps involved with search engine optimization (SEO) – FYI, for those that don’t know, that’s the popular acronym given to the way that websites climb to the top of search results to be seen first by customers. 

For me, it means that I’m getting paid $750 every single month – and have been for years. 

Why is local lead generation so awesome of a business model for 2019, besides the passive income?

  • Passive income means more time to do what you want – even sleep in or not walk to a job in the cold mornings, which I had done for years
  • If you really don’t want to work a full-time job, this business model can give you the long-term solution to walk away from it if you really want to (but make sure that you have your lead gen sites in place and spitting off cash flow before you make any rash decisions here, please)
  • These lead gen sites work off of free traffic, which means they’re virtual real estate that can keep making you money while you sleep, go on vacation, or indulge in a hot date on the weekend
  • This passive income can build up over time, enabling you to generate more profits annually than the typical salary of specialized attorneys or resident fellowship medical practitioners
  • Work from home in your pajamas, or go somewhere that lets you access the internet with your laptop
  • Leverage the exact same business strategy big companies use (like Uber or Airbnb) to make their business work for them in 2019 through the internet: generate leads and refer them to people who gladly pay you a premium for the work
  • Make a living out of helping people that are seriously looking for more customers; I remember meeting a business owner that had tears in his eyes after our conversation because his business was past the point of no return and wished he had only found me sooner to help him with more customers – lead gen can make a difference in the local market by benefitting all involved!

There are tons more benefits, but I’m going to shut up now and let you reach out to me to learn more about how you learn the same steps and strategies I used to quit my job in under a year with this coaching program.

Here’s proof of the actual lead gen site that paid me a whopping $750 each and every month from the 6 hours of work it took me to get it where it is staying today (have a look for yourself below here):

Yeah, yeah… the whole results aren’t typical disclaimer and stuff bores me, but it’s necessary to say. 

My question to you is whether or not you’re going to venture into starting your life on the path to raking in 6 figures (or even 7 figures someday) online by learning how to use free traffic in lead generation in 2019…

Stop reading now and check it out for yourself