Jungle Scout Review: Using Chrome Extension & Niche Hunter App

Jungle Scout is a popular tool among sellers on Amazon FBA. It’s used to do initial product research to see if the product has the potential to sell well.

In a nutshell, it allows the user the ability to research significantly faster than if they were to do it the old-fashion way.

The core principle: money loves speed.

I’d like to offer an unbiased review on Jungle Scout since I’ve used it and have experience building a couple Amazon businesses that have been successful.

Even though those of you who have followed me know that I’m a local lead generation expert. My lead gen biz has allowed me to build passive income north of $50k/mo.

I think it’s important to point out that I have no affiliate with Jungle Scout. My goal here is to offer the experience I’ve had with the tool so you can use it if you find it useful for your business.

The goal is to touch on the following…

My experience using the chrome extension.

My use of the niche hunter and web app for researching products.

Are all of the tools worth purchasing?

The tool that I found most useful and why.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

There are two different tools within Jungle Scout. There’s the web app and the chrome extension.

With the chrome extension you will be charged a one time fee of $250 and have life time access to it.

It basically allows you to see product data for each listing while surfing Amazon.com.

It will show you rough estimates of the product’s sales/mo as well as the sales revenue. Yes they’re estimates but if you listen to other Amazon FBA sellers, it’s quite precise.

If you then go to the listing of the product you can select to see even more advanced info. These include:

  • sales rank
  • monthly revenue
  • price
  • listing quality score
  • reviews
  • if it’s prime or not

Another cool feature is the ability to do research on an entire niche. So let’s say you wanted to look up “portable bluetooth speaker.”

You’d simply type it into the search bar and then you’ll be shown the total amount of reviews and total sales of every product sold in that niche.

This makes it a lot easier to identify how competitive a niche will be.

Total reviews on products and estimated monthly sales are two crucial elements of determining which products you should sell on Amazon.

Web App and Niche Hunter

These tools are purchased on a subscription plan. There are three tiers of membership.

Startup ($29/mo), Standard ($49/mo) and Business ($69/mo).

The purpose of the web app is to use many filters to quickly sift through Jungle Scout’s database for information.

Let’s use a price filter as an example. In this case let’s say you want to set a minimum and maximum cost of a product and you also want to see which of those products make between $6k-$40k/mo.

It allows you to quickly find products that meet your specs and show potential to be good sellers.

Niche Hunter is more of a broad tool in the sense that you can sift through niche info by category to find those that have profitable potential.

It allows you to easily set some parameters and choose some categories.

After that it will display some niches with specific keyword opportunities. Then you can even dive deeper through those!

You will be shown things like related keywords, top sellers, sales and number of reviews in the given niche.

It’s a convenience and time-saving tool.

You can sort through so many different niche and product opportunities in a short time and efficiently find products that have a high potential to sell well.

If you find a niche that piques your interest, then you circle back to the Amazon site and use the chrome extension to do even further research.

The web app can be very beneficial but many Amazon FBA sellers say it isn’t a necessity to succeed.

There’s another way to do effective research on any product just by using the chrome extension and Amazon’s best seller list.

Great Research Technique Using Jungle Scout

The only thing you have to get is the chrome extension. After that head over to the “Amazon best seller’s list” with a simple Google search.

Amazon updates this page consistently with new top sellers.

You can choose any category you’d like.

While this method does require more time to dig deep, it’s free and still effective.

Pick a product that you’re interested in and look at the monthly revenue and reviews with the chrome extension.

Check out the competitors and other recommended products and keep going through as many related products as you can.

Once you come across a product that’s doing $20k-$30k/mo in sales and has at least 100 reviews or so, make a note and be sure to research it further.

If you listen to advice from top Amazon sellers, they’ll tell you it’s better to spend time this way using the chrome extension versus the lists given from the web app.

You can get a better feel for the products when you’re actually able to see the product and read the real reviews as opposed to staring at a generated list.

You can also find products that maybe you’ve never thought of or noticed before.


The chrome extension is a tool that has extreme value if you’re serious about running an Amazon FBA business. The $250 price tag is more than worth it IMO.

Before I wrap up my review on Jungle Scout, I’d like to share with you what made me move away from running an Amazon FBA business.

Why I Do Local Lead Generation Now

Any of you who have followed my blog for some time now know that I have plenty of experience with the Amazon FBA business.

However, I didn’t even start in the business until I’d already build a multiple six figure lead gen biz.

All it was for me was a way to diversify the way I made money online. Also, I love dabbling in more than one business models online.

I’m passionate about it.

I spent a couple years running a couple different Amazon FBA business, launching multiple products and I did make money in the space.

But at the end of the day I knew I had to go back to local lead gen and double down. Here’s my reasons why:

  • running an Amazon FBA business has gotten significantly harder in recent time. This is because of an influx of sellers on the platform. Let’s face it, coaches and courses seem to be crawling out of the woodwork on the daily
  • there’s a massive time investment when it comes to Amazon FBA. You have to find the right supplier, product creation and shipment from overseas. Also the money you’ll need to fund your first bulk order. Even after all the time spent there’s still no promises that your product will be sold successfully.
  • poor profit margins compared to other online models. Since you’ll be selling physical products, a good chunk of your profits will go to cost of goods sold and obtaining another order. Your sale price is greatly determined by the price of your competitor’s products. This is driving down the profit margins as more and more sellers get into business.

I don’t have to worry about any of those in the lead gen biz. I realized how good I have it and I knew I should scale that business further.

I’m able to completely dominate any niche that I choose to get into.

My $50k/mo income is no mistake or stroke of luck.

I’ve spent a ton of time honing and mastering my skill set to the point that I have a distinct advantage over my competition.

At this point my success is very systematized and predictable. I know where I can and will win.

I’ve had complete confidence that each of the lead gen sites I’ve built will make me money sooner than later. They all pay me anywhere between $750-&2500/mo without me doing much of anything.

I don’t really make guesses as to which one’s I’ll find success with. It’s not necessary like you sometimes have to do in the Amazon FBA business.

This lead gen biz is by far the most stable online business I’ve ever built and that’s why it’s my bread and butter.

The most important thing I’ve acquired from this business is financial confidence.

What does that mean?

It means that if something happened to all my properties today, I’d be fully capable of using my skills to go out and produce that income again.

This model is beautiful because small business is the backbone of America and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. More importantly, neither is the internet which is in it’s infancy stage.

That’s why I think it’s so important to educate people on this amazing business opportunity. The local lead gen business has completely changed my life.

Quit my 9 to 5.

My own boss.

Take vacations when I want, where I want.

If any of it interests you, feel free to check out the coaching program that got me started!

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