Kevin King’s Freedom Ticket Course Review

Kevin King has built a detailed and in-depth Amazon FBA training that he has titled Freedom Ticket.

The name means what you think it means. Kevin’s giving you a way to the life that you know you deserve.

The question is, is this course really the ticket?

A few years back I quit my 9 to 5 and went from struggling to make $30k/year to now doing multiple six figures with my local lead gen biz.

Since I’ve gotten my own ticket to freedom, life has been completely amazing. Not that I didn’t love my life before but life has been so much better as I now get to wake up everyday with the ability to increase my income.

Now, I love to work. I don’t dread waking up every single day because now I get paid what I’m worth to the marketplace.

The fact that I love waking up every day is without a doubt the biggest blessing of them all.

Plus, I’m my own boss and let’s face it. That’s pretty freakin’ sweet.

I can work my own hours around my family’s schedule, wake up late if I choose to and make money doing something I enjoy.

When I run into an aspect of my business that I don’t like to do then I just hire someone else to do it. No problem.

IMO it’s not really about how much money you’re making but rather how you feel when you’re making it.

After I established the success of my local lead gen biz, I began to explore eCommerce, selling on Shopify or Amazon.

And Kevin is a dude that I learned a lot from and followed early on in this portion of my journey in online business.

If you are intrigued by selling physical products on the Amazon platform then please continue reading because I’m about to do a brief course review.

Things we’ll cover:

  • challenges of an Amazon business
  • Kevin King’s tips
  • how does it compare to the lead gen biz

Overview – Freedom Ticket

Kevin’s training will show you all you to need know to launch a successful Amazon business.

A brief bulleted overview would look like this:

  • product research and niche selection
  • sourcing product – finding suppliers, samples, etc.
  • ordering bulk
  • optimizing your listing
  • inventory management and handling customer feedback
  • waiting until the listing gets to page 1

He offers about 21 hours worth of training in the course and adds additional bonuses as well. And these bonuses are rather substantial.

The beauty of his course (at least to me) is how direct the course is. He doesn’t have any “filler” material in the training. It’s all very detail-oriented and relevant information.

For that reason, I really like Kevin’s style.

Tips From Kevin Himself

Kevin suggests that the beginner invest in tips that will go a long way in assisting product research.

A couple of these tools include ASINspector and Jungle Scount.

According to him, researching the product is the most vital aspect of the whole business.

Not to say that the system is fail-safe, but he does share a variety of metrics that he likes to follow for product selection.

Unfortunately, this is the point that paralysis by analysis comes in. A lot of people get stuck at this stage of the game because they’re fearful of making the wrong decision.

Just don’t do that. Don’t be that person.

It’s inevitable that you’ll make the wrong selection at some point. I’m sure if you asked Kevin himself he would tell you he still selects products that don’t perform as well as expected.

If you choose a bad product it won’t be the end of the world. You’ll learn from it and you move on.

If you choose a product that is at least in demand, you’ll have a way out. You could just move the price point down and liquify the inventory that you have.

Kevin’s second tip is all about vetting the suppliers you’re considering.

After the initial stage of product selection make sure you acquire samples from multiple suppliers.

This should be done to ensure that you’re going with the highest quality product. Even if it isn’t the cheapest, you’ll avoid poor reviews and customer returns which will be a real pain.

Amazon’s Future

Every year Amazon is adding to and making improvements to it’s delivery system.

Most of us have heard about their plans to implement drone delivery methods.

There are multiple cities out there that now have one hour delivery options.

Check out these stats:

  • increased net sales by 31% from 2016 to 2017 ($136 billion to $177.9 billion)
  • 70% of of Americans making $160k/year or more have registered Amazon Prime accounts

I think we all know it’s a safe assumption that Amazon isn’t going anywhere for quite a long time.

Challenges You’ll Encounter in the Amazon Business

Competition continues to rise for all products as more and more people enter the Amazon FBA game.

You really need to reach page 1 of the search results before you can expect to make any money.

Only 30% make it to page 2! That’s a study that’s been done.

There’s only room for about 10-15 on the first page.

It was a lot easier to make it to page 1 a few years ago. These days not only is it harder to get there but it takes significantly longer than it did then.

Couple less competition with the ability to create false reviews and it becomes clear how much harder it’s gotten.

Amazon has since expanded it’s efforts to seek out and remove fake reviews.

You now need to be able to convert your listing and have a high quality product which will then lead to great reviews.

A lot of people in Amazon FBA are searching for suppliers in the same places which means it’s more difficult to find a product that stands above the pack.

There are times when you’ll find a top notch supplier but when there are other sellers selling the same product it still results in high competition.

You can combat that with better optimization and great branding.

There’s also an element of unpredictability with the model. Amazon has the right to make any changes they deem necessary on Amazon FBA sellers so you could be in a constant battle keeping up with the platform.

Look back just a couple years ago when they took away false reviews. People freaked out.

It’s important to understand that changes will come. It’s a world that’s always changing.

You have to accept that and be prepared to accept the challenge.

Local Lead Gen vs. Amazon FBA

Picking a great product is becoming a lot more difficult as more people move into becoming Amazon FBA sellers.

Just a short bit ago I launched a couple products myself and they both returned nothing.

The more people that move into this business, the more similar the products being sold are. There are only so many suppliers out there and people are turning to branding instead of finding better products.

Bottom line – it’s tough to stick out from the crowd with so much competition.

I have had positive experiences selling on Amazon and had some decent ROIs but my bread and butter is still my local lead gen business.

Here are just a few of the many perks of the local lead gen biz…

Lower level of competition leads to quicker results.

Ability to work on several projects simultaneously.

You offer a digital service which means much less hassle on the back end.

The business is fantastic for people that are new to online business. It’s easier due to competition level and you’ll see results sooner.

I don’t want to disrespect the Amazon FBA business because like I said I’ve made money there but you have to be prepared to push through a lot of crap especially at the beginning.

I won’t sit here and tell you that you will 100% succeed in the local lead gen model, but I can tell you that the success rate is significantly higher.

You’ll have the ability to get multiple projects set up quicker.

In Conclusion

Kevin King has done a phenomenal job with the Freedom Ticket course. I’ve seen and been through other Amazon FBA courses and his is as good as they come.

You’ll find everything you need to succeed in this course and he is incredibly direct and detail-oriented.

Be prepared to treat this business the same way you would any other. Like a real business.

It will take a lot of work to get it to the point where it changes your financial life and it’ll have to be among your top priorities for quite a while.

Do every single thing that Kevin teaches and soak in as much information as possible. Take action on all of the things in this course.

Be prepared to dust yourself off if your first product is a flop. You’ll have those but you need to move onto the next.

Making money on the internet is all about the level of action you take. Those who take action, win.

IMO it’s all about the mindset you have and how it affects your level of action.

I didn’t start making money online until I got my mindset right. I changed my attitude, took more action and things started happening for me.

You need to be prepared to take massive action over the long-term. Anyone who tells you that you’ll get rich in a week or a month is lying to you.

You need to understand that patience and persistence are of the utmost importance.

Take this blog for instance. When I first started this I was hardly getting any readers.

I would still spend a few hours a day just to churn out one blog post. You will inevitably have doubts especially early on in your internet career.

But if you have a process that works, you learn the skill and you’re persistent, you will find success.

Search for the high income skills that bring value to society and you’ll be compensated accordingly.

Continue to work on the skill, other people do it so why can’t you?

The difference between the winners and the losers online?

The winners never gave up, even when they had doubts. They continued to learn and master their skill.

The money will follow.

Finding success with Amazon FBA is a skill.

Doing lead generation for local small businesses by ranking a website on Google is a skill.

Ranking a blog is a skill.

If you master a high income skill, a high level income will follow.

This pool site below is a site that I built around the time I left my 9 to 5. It’s been paying me $650/mo on auto-pilot and this is only one of the many clients that I now have.

This business has completely changed my life.

I’m my own boss. Make my own schedule.

I take vacations when I want, where I want.

If you’d like to check out how this business works then feel free to click here for more so you can get a better feel for it.

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