Real Estate Investing Blueprint by Kris Krohn – Unbiased Review

A proficient gentleman and businessperson in the world of real estate investing, Mr. Kris Krohn owns and runs a highly successful YouTube channel where his video content is as powerful as it is influential. 

Think it’s not possible? 

I’d say more than 200,000 active, commenting, liking and sharing YouTube Channel subscribers to Limitless TV is a resounding vote that he just might know what he’s talking about (in addition to maybe having a little entertainment value). 

As an experienced entrepreneur myself, having leveraged the internet to generate leads for small business owners and turn a hefty 6 figure income that has allowed me to walk away from my own 9 to 5 only a few years ago with local lead generation

I can attest to there being a lot of work that comes to amassing any amount of subscribers to someone’s YouTube channel. This also goes for other channels and publishing platforms for video content…

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • DailyMotion
  • …and others

It takes a hot moment and tons of time to put together this volume of content, and make it so good that others will not only enjoy it but want to share it with others. That’s how you get a subscriber base like Kris Krohn’s…

Work hard to put out valuable, entertaining, helpful content and consistently do that over time with strategic information underneath the video that tells others what the content is all about… so they might have their interest piqued and check out what you’ve got.

Kris’ content on YouTube is unique, however, and catered to one specific kind of audience — people seeking to invest in real estate.

His content comes with a promise too – as he vows to pave a way for his exclusive students to learn what it takes to invest in real estate with little to no credit and little to no out of pocket costs. 

How can someone do that, we ask? 

Although it seems counterintuitive that someone with this kind of success and insider knowledge would be willing to share such insight publicly, he refers to Home Equity Loans as his bread and butter for people to further explore and capitalize on.

How does this work? 

It’s really basic, once you actually get your mind wrapped around the real estate jargon. 

  • Buy a home with Kris Krohn’s secret tips and tricks for very little money given as a down payment for the investment
  • Use the ownership of that first home as proof of what we call home equity, then a banking lender can provide a larger home loan
  • Continue the pattern so you can acquire another home and build a portfolio
  • Rent Properties for Passive Income in Real Estate, on the long-term net profits style
  • Repeat for as often as you’d like until you’ve accumulated all that you’d like to own, manage, and rake in some bu-ku bucks for

Of course, as anyone would have us believe, there’s more than plenty of money to go around in the real estate game – and our current economy is no different. 

Even in the worst of times, people were still buying, selling, and renting home properties… whether they were real estate agents, brokers, investors, or just someone who had properties conveniently handy.

Look, there’s nothing bad, faulty, or misleading about what this real estate investing expert advises.  His teachings are very clear-cut and, if executed right, can yield new students success. 

My personal opinion on the matter is that real estate is a complex game.  In it, rules and laws exist to protect buyers and sellers from certain inconvenient situations that might arise (and in fact, probably have risen since laws about the situation are now in-place). 

Add to that, the property and home values are tied to economic and market trends in the home industry, it’s just too high of a risk for me to want to dabble in. 

If someone were to introduce me to this business model approximately 4 or 5 years ago (from the writing of this blog – when I was starting to look for a side hustle, part-time income option online that I could begin as a solo-venturing internet business entrepreneur), I would have passed because I wasn’t making that much money in the beginning.

What if I had ended up in a pickle where I couldn’t afford to pay back one of these loans if something had gone wrong or I simply couldn’t find a renter, or a natural disaster it, or… and my list of questions didn’t end…

How about purchasing a home for a certain market value, just to have the economy tank and you’re stuck with an overly-priced home loan that your renters can’t even give you enough money to cover your payments to stay afloat with these now multiple loans that you’ve ventured into taking out.

If someone were to ask me, I would call this grand theft of the most legal sense.

The mortgages you planned to do well with didn’t actually go according to plan – and such is often the case in business ventures; things just don’t always go according to plan. 

Do you have back up plans or alternatives to when your plans fail?

It’s just too high of dollar values for me to want to play with – there’s no sense in investing that much if it means going bankrupt because of one slight miscalculation. 

The end game, which is my ultimate concern, is getting stuck with mortgages you simply can’t pay back, and they end up stealing your hard earned income from you vice the reason you chose to invest in this venture to begin with: to have your money work for you – in a positive way.

Come 2019, I thoroughly know the complexities involves with online lead generation; it’s fundamentally the same concept as real estate but in a digital nature. 

You get to build your own virtual real estate, then rent the results that they generate from free traffic online to local small businesses. 

It’s really a more intelligent, and affordable, business model.  It’s like your own billboards in virtual reality, but still, it brings in the profits with little to hardly any work. 

I have small business owners as clients now, and they make boat-loads of cash due to my lead gen websites; how?  Easy! 

My lead gen properties make the company’s phones ring off the hook with buyers ready to throw cash into their pocket for some common, every single day service requests.  With all the new clients they’re closing deals with, I get a piece of the action of what I bring them each month.

Cool stuff, huh?

Since this method of generating business online is completely virtual, there’s little to no capital required (depending on how you would decide to get started), and these lead gen properties are on a set and forget system. 

How do I know? 

I used to be working at a dead-end, 9 to 5 that paid me only a whopping $35k per year! 

Thanks to this side hustle, I’m now chillin’ around the house every day to the tune of $50,000 a month – that’s right, every month, whether I work or not. 

And the lead gen sites that have been paying me since 2014? 

I don’t even look at them – because I know the business owner keeps cutting checks for me regularly. 

Interested in a less expensive, more affordable means of launching an online business? 

And with less effort than the full-blown real estate market that you hardly have control over? 

We’ve got a coaching program that can teach you how I was able to generate this kind of income so you can duplicate that opportunity for success. 

Just Click Here to get more information on getting started.

No doubt many people want to explore real estate.  Who could blame them, too???

For years, the homeowners and real estate investors have been talking nonstop about how well they’ve done for themselves, how good it has been of a run for themselves, and how comfortable the profits are making them over the years. 

Add to that the notion of passive income, and who doesn’t wanna have more money for doing less work, am-eye-rite?

So, let’s dig a little deeper here and further understand what Kris is bringing to the marketplace with the real estate blueprint that he talks so much about…

Learning About Kris Krohn

Learning from a real estate mentor at the ripe young age of 22 years old, Mr. Krohn endeavored to reach the coveted dream of being financially independent and free to do what he wished with his money, instead of being a slave to those he could have owed debts to. 

So what of this blueprint though? 

Where did he learn it and what is it all about?

Even under the age of 25, Kris figured out how to purchase a home under the idea of what is called equity.  As good example is to illustrate home equity like this…

  • Find the home with a market price of $150,000.00, even-steven
  • Attempt to acquire it for $110,000 (at least upfront)
  • Acquire some renting tenants that are open to paying a monthly fee to reside in your home, especially with the monthly rent covering the mortgage you have taken out PLUS a little chunk of change for you to enjoy in your pocket

Kris was only able to get by on a $40,000 annual salary – at first.  He was lucky to be taught some business principles that he could utilize later on. 

What I mean is that in 1 year’s time, he could visit a banking institution and request a home loan that is based on the equity of the home he owns (and rents out) for about half of his salary – let’s say, $20k, out the door. 

This is just for illustrative purposes here so be patient and stick with me here.

  • Kris finds another deal and sets himself up to get another home loan
  • Acquires that new home with the $20k he got in home equity
  • Finds a new renter for that property he just acquired
  • This lay-up of a score has now got Mr. Krohn financially ahead by as much as $600 in renewal income every month

$600 per month, in an entire year, means that’s $7,000 per year that he’s getting ahead in. 

If he were to get a handful more of properties, that’s a handsome annual salary that he just got a raise with – and he did it all with nothing more than equity in the various homes that he acquired from equity in the beginning.

Kris repeats this process of purchasing homes and buying more on equity from the home he just purchased, thereby upping his individual net worth and opportunities for expanded credibility for more, higher-valued home loans due to his equity volume also expanding. 

Four years after learning this process and implementing it over and over, this now 26-year-old hungry business real estate entrepreneur scored himself approximately 25 homes and each of those individual properties where they are now returning a handsome profit to Mr. Krohn of no less than $12k in monthly, passive income. 

At $12,000 per month, that’s close to $150,000 in annual profits from his real estate venture.  I’d say that’s go ahead and retire levels of money right there. 

So What Exactly is Kris Krohn Making Available?

Kris Krohn has established his own training program online that guides you through the exact method – what he calls his Real Estate Blueprint – he used to generate passive income.  To recap…

  • Get homes with loan for little to not much put down
  • Buy a home and get that rented out
  • Wait a bit, then get a loan from that home
  • Use that new loan to get another home and ensure some renting tenants are paying monthly rent in this new property (in addition to the renters in the first property)
  • Repeat Until You’re Filthy Rich and Have Options With Your New Found Wealth

Okay okay, that last bullet point was mine, but it’s kind of exciting to think about the powers of passive income; something that renews month after month, for years, when you had only put together a deal one time. 

Add to those profits is your option to also sell the homes that you’ve come to own through this process; and if you did this process correctly as Kris himself lies out strategically, you, too, could sell your homes for a very good profit! 

Not sure that you wanna go all in on your first few deals? 

Kris gets that this is a new thing for some people to consider, and newbies just aren’t always sure of themselves because they really don’t want to end up making costly mistakes on their first few deals and spend the rest of their lives paying for a mistake that could have been avoided if they’d just had a helping hand. 

So, Mr. Krohn is making a sweet offer and opening up his team of expert real estate folks that are comfortable with the investment strategies taught in the course. 

He’s offering you the opportunity to have a 50 percent profit margin split with the team to help you out here, as long as you take all the risk in bringing the capital to the deal and handling the credit side of the deal.

What will his team do for you?

  • Research where to acquire the ideal home
  • Find tenants and rent the place for you
  • When you’re ready to call it a day with that property, they’ll help you get it sold

Think your 401k retirement goals are the best thing since sliced bread?  Maybe with your deal that you have, it just might be. 

However, wouldn’t an investment approach like this – at nearly $150,000 in annual returns – set you up to save a lot more in a savings account than a retirement plan that you’ve been marginalized on what you can put in for an entire career’s worth of peanuts in weekly paychecks?

My Thoughts on Kris Krohn’s Blueprint for Real Estate Investing

If you want to go into real estate, there’s nothing stopping you.  It’s a free country, and I’ll be happy for you – especially if you turn a handsome profit, come back and say look what I did. 

In fact, I thoroughly concur that there are plenty of opportunities to turn your investments into profits with physical real estate and the marketplace is going to change but people are always going to need to have a place to live and you can help make that a reality for people. 

I, however, was able to reach the level of $10,000 in monthly revenue online quicker than Kris Krohn…

And I did so with a heck of a lot less risk, credit, capital, and stress than dealing with homes and properties…

I earned my way to a handsome return with something called Virtual Real Estate! 

It’s what I like to call it when I’m establishing virtual billboards that generate customers – sales leads, what is also referred to as local lead generation – that are then referred over to a local business so they can help the customer out, turn a profit, and pay me a sliver to deliver the goods.

It doesn’t take much to rank these sites to the top of search enters for keyword phrases like “party bus rental near me”, at which point the value of my web property skyrockets and I can get paid a premium for “renting” out the digital real estate to the small business – and they’re happy to pay since they’re getting more clientele out of the deal.

Here’s a prime example of one such lead gen site established for the limo business in Lansing, Michigan.  With a simple investment of $600 and less than 6 hours of actual work, the digital real estate was ranking and banking! 

I really haven’t even touched the website since establishing it several years ago, but it continues to generate some handsome kickbacks in the form of profitable cash month after month, to this very day.

So, you could stay with homes and residential real estate options by:

  • Buying homes on credit
  • $20,000 out of pocket
  • Find a home worth the value
  • Find a reliable renter that consistently pays
  • Finally, end up with a monthly payment in your pocket of $600

While you’re at it… you’ll also enjoy…

  • Serving as a landlord and getting calls at all hours of the day and night
  • Serving your renters with repairs and maintenance needs
  • Possibly kiss several months of your profits goodbye because you are legally bound to help them

How about when the renter moves out?  What if they had a big family or wild parties?

If you want to rent that home out to another person, it’s gotta be showroom-ready, meaning:

  • Potentially enormous costs in home repairs

Thinking about local lead generation, and how well it’s served me over the years, it’s really all digital; and virtual real estate means no plumbing, electrical, drywall, or other kinds of maintenance as a landlord. 

What’s cool about my lead gen sites is that I can put a phone number on it to track exactly how much call volume is coming thru to the small business, so we can see the actual value that I’m delivering to the company in terms of opportunities they have to close deals and turn profits all the time. 

Naturally, it’s self-evident how much I’m bringing to the company so they’ll get to pay me monthly to keep this awesomeness going. 

Ever heard of Grant Cardone? 

He’s not only an outstanding author and carries a highly-respected reputation in sales training, but he’s a real estate guru in his own right; self-taught and has one of the biggest real estate portfolios that I have honestly ever heard of. 

Have a listen to what he has to say about the local lead gen business:

What’s sweet about our industry is that, for less than a several hundred dollars, you can be up and running with your first property and expand this portfolio of yours at a faster pace than the real estate folks that are handling large homes and higher values.

I was once broke – and I mean broke all the time… as in NOT scraping by, as I had no more money at the end of the month and nothing to scrape for. 

I stepped up my game and got started so I could end my lifestyle of being broker than a Christmas even jokester. 

We now have our own coaching program that can guide you in the virtual real estate experience that we call local lead generation. 

You could be up and running very quickly, and we can show the same way that I had achieved this level of success – of leaving my 9 to 5 and having more time on my hands with more money to spend ever so casually.

By my 1-year anniversary of starting this business model, I was raking in about $10,000 on a monthly basis.

Come nearly 4 years later, I was moving on up in the world with a pretty penny of almost $50k a month!


Kris Krohn has a sensible model of investing in homes, gaining equity and good credit, leveraging that to get more homes, and expanding a portfolio of home-ownership that you rent out to generate passive income. 

It makes sense; it’s plausible, and it’s okay for those that seek to engage in having real estate as a source of income. 

In fact, it was probably the go-to business venture whe almost 10 to 20 years ago we didn’t have all the technological advances like internet opportunities (such as local lead generation).

While I still take my hat off to the people that want to play with this high dollar values on the table of risk and gamble with the marketplace influences that can drastically affect whether they can pay off their debts on the homes they want to rent out…

I never got into it because I really thought there were smarter, better, more strategic, less costly, and more profitable ways to achieve the dreams and aspirations I had when I first started looking for a side hustle – and I didn’t think that deeper debts meant financial freedom (with the way I looked at this). 

Mr. Grant Cardone, real estate mogul and serial entrepreneur, openly states how owning a home – and carrying 2 mortgages with the hope of renting properties until the mortgage is paid off – probably doesn’t send the message that one is the smartest tool in the shed. 

See, if a tenant moves out, and you don’t have any control over that or getting a new tenant in within a reasonable amount of time to cover your mortgage expenses – so you’re right back to where you started, but with greater risk and potentially defaulting on the loans that you’ve so confidently taken out way back when. 

Mr. Cardone is whole-heartedly against the purchasing of a home, advising anyone who will listen to his expertise and advice to explore apartment buildings and/or multi-family units so that 1 tenant’s departure won’t spell disaster for you financially.  

As this example illustrates, multiple families that are paying rent to reside where you own [the place] can allow you some wiggle room to address your needs while finding someone to fill that vacant space in your building(s). 

Unfortunately, to play the apartment building game would set you back nearly a quarter of million dollars – meaning $250,000 large, if you were looking for a number to better illustrate this – as the investment is large-scale and not for the faint of heart.

Why Local Lead Generation Works Best in 2019 Online Business Ventures

When I entered this coaching program that illustrated local lead generation in easy to follow steps,  Dan (my mentor) introduced me to a more sound, reliable, and epic business model that I’d never seen before – and it helped me to leverage the internet to establish a passive income. 

How does that work?

Create new, virtual real estate from scratch, post it on the internet, and let them rake in profits.

Small business owners are happy to pay you more and more as you expand your portfolio and build more of these virtual web properties that keep bringing these small business owners more and more cash from the clients that are keeping their phone lies tied up all day, every day. 

What else can this business model do for you? 

The same things it’s done for me, a living and breathing success story of this business model:

  • I can work anywhere I want, whenever I want, and no one can fire me because I’m the boss
  • I get to write off business trips as taxes when [and where] I meet and mastermind with mentors, business partners, and prospective or current clients meet me
  • Hardly any competition in the marketplace; we make it easy for you to rank and bank here
  • Turn profits from a virtual real estate project, similar to companies like Airbnb and Lyft, and what they have been doing with their own assets for years
  • Make a living by helping business owners, their customers, their staff, and their families to have a better lifestyle from the profits you’re bringing them
  • Expand as rapidly as you like since the web properties are low cost. 
  • Rinse and Repeat business model

I should know, as I no longer have to commute in the dreaded wintery, blizzard-like, below freezing temperatures of Detroit, Michigan. 

Instead, I get to live and travel wherever the road takes me and spend my time relaxing or going through spurts of time where I rapidly expand my bottom line by building more virtual real estate – just because I can, now.

This… THIS business model of local lead generation

This is what allows me to have the lifestyle that comes from generating a multiple 6 figures annually with nothing more than a side hustle on the internet and a self-employment career. 

Even if I were to work in this business full-time, I don’t think there’s enough to do to occupy my time all day – especially since I hire out a lot of the work so I can kick back and enjoy my time on my own. 

If I want more income… I simply repeat the process that we’ll teach you in our coaching program here

Doing nothing more than the same concept as Uber and other companies that rent things out, our methods of leveraging technology to orient buyers to service providers allow every day, ordinary people like you and I to catch a small percentage of the action taking place from each business transaction we bring to the local small business. 

…and business is booming! 🙂