50 Books Per Year? MentorBox Review

Founded by Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr, MentorBox is designed to serve you books monthly that will have you reading like a CEO.

Plenty of CEOs and other high-achievers claim to read at least a couple of books per week.

Many of those are capable of skimming pages and only retaining information that they find important.

According to Tai himself, it’s more important to learn one or two things from each book and have 365 lessons than to read only 20 books and have 20 lessons for the years.

MentorBox puts this theory into action by only giving their subscribers notes, worksheets and videos so that you can speed through a book in only an hour or two.

With this simple concept you could consume 50-60 books yearly, as opposed to 3 or 4 books yearly which is as many as most beginning entrepreneurs are consuming.

Sounds like a fantastic concept right?

But will consuming this concise knowledge really lead to income levels like Tai himself?

At this point, we’ve reached the big problem for most up and coming entrepreneurs.

Yes, mindset is incredibly important. I wouldn’t be where I am today without changing my mindset and attitude.

But things like personal development and knowledge acquisition is only a single piece of the pie.

The piece that I believe most entrepreneurs miss is having a high-income skill set.

Yes mindset it important but if you don’t bring value to the marketplace with the skills you possess then you’ll spend a lot of time treading water.

There are too many people out there that get caught up in personal development. It becomes an addiction.

I can speak from experience. Several years ago that was me.

I was reading books and consuming so much knowledge on the internet and I ended up with nothing to show for it.

That was the case until I finally acquired and honed a skill set in late 2015. I went from struggling to make $30k/year to making $10,000/mo which was my first real milestone.

I went from a 9 to 5 that I absolutely hated waking up for every day to working from my laptop and making my own schedule. I can run this business from anywhere in the world.

More on that later though.

You need to be honing your high-income skill and business acumen. And then when you take knowledge from successful people it only launches you further.

We’re going to dig into MentorBox and see if it’s worth the monthly investment.

Pricing & What Comes With MentorBox

Your subscription will get you continuous education material that utilizes four different methods of learning:

Reading. Kinesthetic. Auditory. Visual.

You can choose to receive your material either digitally or physically and those come with two different pricing plans.

The digital subscription is $7/mo and the physical subscription is $89/mo.

You get the following features when you become a member:

  • over 500 hours of video lessons
  • access to the online learning section that you can use to look up books and essential lessons
  • audio recordings of a ton of books
  • workbooks you can download
  • cheat sheets that you can use to speed read and for memory retention
  • mastermind community for MentorBox subscribers
  • many other study materials
  • option to upgrade from digital to physical at any time

When you choose to upgrade you get the following features:

  • two or three books (physical copy)
  • video summary (usb drive)
  • workbooks for each
  • cheat sheet for each
  • study material
  • bookmark
  • magnet

I’ve always wanted to be able to read faster and retain information in doing so. For people like me this is a really good option.

There are CEO’s out there that have their assistants read books for them and relay the information so they can take all the knowledge from it quicker.

If you use all of the materials they give you to the fullest extent, there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll find great value in the subscription.

Yes, it saves a lot of time. I believe the most important thing to realize is the increased rate of book consumption. That can’t be denied.

MentorBox: Good’s and Bad’s

The Good’s:

  • you’ll read books you might’ve never found
  • gain more knowledge from a higher quantity books than if you read them cover to cover
  • field experts share lessons beyond the reading of the material
  • read well-known, popular books
  • consume the material anywhere with the digital subscription
  • tons of extra material (workbooks, cheat sheets, videos) that increases comprehension
  • establish consuming knowledge as a habit

The Bad’s:

  • for some audio books are a much more efficient way of learning
  • many upsells included
  • the sales page claims aggressive results
  • you can’t select which books you want

Mastering Continuous Learning

When I first started my journey as an entrepreneur back in late 2012, I consumed as much personal development as I could.

Books or videos, you name it and I did it.

I learned about a range of concepts. Positive thinking, law of attraction, psychology and even understanding the subconscious mind.

It really was a rabbit hole that I shouldn’t have gone down. I spent way too much time consuming knowledge and not enough time spent on taking action and honing my skills.

I absolutely retained a lot of that information and it still helps me to this day but I began focusing more on my level of action as well as the high-income skill that’s gotten me to the point I’m at today.

I went from struggling to earn $30k/year to $10k/mo owning an online business.

Everything changed for me when I started to master high-income skills.

I began learning the necessary skills when I joined a coaching program. I learned how to generate leads for small local businesses by utilizing free traffic.

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. Meaning it brings extreme value to the marketplace. Meaning it’s a high-income skill.

This is when my life changed because I already developed the necessary mindset years earlier and when I coupled it with the skills I learned, it took off.

Your skill set is what’s going to determine your income.

The majority of personal development books have great messages, but they’re too broad in topic.

The name “MentorBox” can be very tricky IMO. The knowledge you gain from MentorBox’s service is far different from having a mentor.

I have a great mentor and he’s a huge reason why I’m here today. He’s been a much larger reason I’m where I am now than any book I’ve ever read.

An actual mentor will show you the in’s and out’s of a process so you can achieve certain results.

They will also be there to push you to hit much higher goals.

A good mentor will teach you what’s gotten them to where they are and how to replicate the success using the exact same skills.

High-income skills are different than skills.

These are skills that will produce at least $100,000-$120,000/year or at least $10k/mo.

There are a ton of different skills out there that can produce these results but few result in the ability to scale a business.

That was local lead gen for me. The skill of lead generation using free traffic for local businesses.

I love this model because it’s very easy to get started with and scale as a beginner compared to other models out there.

After you begin seeing traffic to your site, it doesn’t just stop. You can consistently grow the traffic and raise your income.

This thing has the ability to run on auto-pilot. I don’t work for a couple of days and I still wake up with money in my account.

You must have the ability to to do other things and still make money. Then you can become rich.

MentorBox can absolutely help you establish a mindset but it’s really just an enhanced way to consume a book.

Go out and ask any successful business owner, they launched their businesses to another level when brought on mentors.

Take it from Dan Lok, “All those things help. Books, audio programs, seminars but I know for me I’m where I’m at today because of mentors.”

Get yourself a mentor if you aren’t at the point of making $10,000/mo yet.

With a mentor you can learn the necessary skill set to product a high income.

Particularly a skill that will lead to you bringing a tremendous amount of value to the market.

I’ll say this time and time and time again… the local lead gen biz is one of the best skills and one of the most scalable business models out there today.

It’s absolutely easier to scale than SMM, eCommerce or affiliate type marketing.

Using free traffic to generate leads gives you incredible power in the marketplace.

Click here if you’d like to get yourself a mentor and learn more about our coaching program.

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