Jacksonville SEO Expert Digital Marketing Coaching Learning to Rank

If you have started a Jacksonville based business, you have most likely had many things on your mind.

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Jacksonville, Florida, USA city skyline on St. Johns River.

Being a Jacksonville business owner, you know what a huge opportunity you have. After all Jacksonville is a great place to start a business.

  • Strong local economy
  • Plenty of opportunity for growth
  • And over eight hundred and fifty thousand would be customers.

While all of these factors are a great recipe for success, there are also many challenges that make owning a business in Jacksonville difficult to achieve success.

There are several things you will need to master when it comes to owning a successful business.

  1. You must have a business that delivers an excellent service.
  2. You have to stay up on all the laws involved with your business.
  3. Most importantly if you want your business to survive and grow you always need to be constantly attracting new customers. 

As far as finding new customers there is some good news then some bad news

good news – having the internet & search engines it’s never been this easy to let your customers know that you offer the service they need.

Bad news – Every single one of your competitors wants to let your customers know about their business to.


Where there are potential customers, there is competition.

That means that if you want to attract new customers, it is optional having a good website. You must have a wonderful site if you want to grow your business. You need your website being first when a customer does a search.

That means have to have a website that is ranked on top page of Google and other local search engines. How important is it to get your website ranked?

A recent study by Google says that more than 73% of people looking for services they need start by clicking on search engines. It has been reported that half of all searches never click past the first page!

So that means if your website isn’t on the first page of Google you are at a huge disadvantage.

So now that we have gone through what we are sure you already know, which is if you’re not on the first page on Google you’re in real trouble, you are most likely asking yourself.

How do I get on page one of Google?

The answer to this question is simple. It has been the same since Google started.

SEO – also called Search Engine Optimization

Most likely you knew the answer to the question because this is an SEO page. But we wanted to start by covering the basics.

All too often business owners have a very negative view of SEO, there is a good reason for that, More than likely since you first started your business you have had to deal with calls, email marketing, and Ads from “Expert SEO companies.” 

You may have even had some experience with other SEO companies, At least enough experience to not be thrilled at the idea of going down that road again.

All too often when business owners work with SEO companies, they have a very similar experience.

The SEO company pitches their services.

During this phase, they tell you that your current website has all these issues and they will fix it. Then they tell you all these things they are going to do for you.

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They will make lots of vague promises, the one thing they won’t promise though? They won’t promise you results. Because they can’t. No one can (unless they owned Google)

During this Hard Sell phase, they try to get you to agree to a contract. You will be amazed at how much technical jargon they will throw at you, but they gloss over the results.

A SEO company pitch usually breaks down like this.

  • Your required to agree to a twelve-month contract.
  • They will never promise results, but you have to guarantee that you will pay every month.
  • Their fee is VERY high!

Now if you don’t remember this pitch it’s because we took all the smooth sales talk out of it. That is usually how it breaks down to.

The reason for the 12-month contract is simple. They don’t want you to stop paying after a couple months of nothing happening.

The thing to understand is if you know what you are doing you can get a website ranked in a couple of months. So why can’t they?

Because remember you are not their only client. And even more importantly they aren’t just doing SEO. The truly successful SEO teams focus on getting clients business.

Feeling like you can’t win

you might feel like you can not win no matter what you do., You can’t just ignore SEO – it will cost you business but you are now realizing hiring a professional SEO company isn’t the answer.

the question becomes what to do?

Simple, learn SEO yourself! Maybe your worried of all the reasons you can’ learn SEO, here are just a few possible reasons.

  1. I’m not very “tech-savvy.”
  2. We don’t have any time for this.
  3. I already hired a SEO team.

Let’s look at all the reasons why you think you can’t learn SEO.

I’m not “tech-savvy.”

You don’t need to be, we can train you everything you will need to learn. The skill set of SEO while you will need to learn some things involving computers and the internet (don’t worry we will teach you) Your not going to have to learn code, or programming (not the way we teach it)

In fact, we have taught over 3000 people how to do SEO, and very few of them know how to code.

This is a skill that you can learn just like everyone else.

I don’t have time for any of this.

This may seem like a legit argument after all most business owners in Jacksonville will tell you being in business in Jacksonville is a twenty-four hour a day 7 day a week proposition. You don’t feel you have time for anything else.  However, you might not have thought about all the freedom you’ll gain by getting up to speed on SEO.

Gaining Freedom

  • Paying large SEO monthly fees.
  • Fear that your site isn’t ranking fast enough
  • Being limited on how fast you can build your business

I think you would agree having these freedoms is worth it.

I already hired a SEO group.

If you’re happy with the SEO team you hired great, however, there also big advantages to getting up to speed on SEO.

  1. You and an SEO company will speak the same “language” now – when you SEO company talks to you about what they are doing to improve your ranking, you’ll understand the process. 
  2. You can confirm their work – We aren’t saying they are cheating you, but you can confirm things are moving ahead as they should.
  3. You can greatly increase your ranking process – the only situation better than having a good SEO expert working on a site is having two!

While all you’re your objections might make sense when you look at the benefits, you’ll see how it is worth the sacrifice!

Why stop at just getting your website ranked?

Jacksonville has a total population of just over eight hundred and fifty thousand people. That’s a huge pool of potential customers.

However, likely you, same as most business owners we work with you don’t just serve Jacksonville you also most likely serve the surrounding area. That is smart business. However, Google thinks you serve Jacksonville. Remember Google wants to show “local websites” to its users.

Don’t look at this as a problem think of it as an opportunity!

In this course, you’ll learn there is nothing stopping you from building and ranking websites in every area you serve.

They are “Digital Billboards” if you create more you have, faster your company grows.

Using this method you can scale your operation up!

Can you Guarantee I’ll have similar results?

No, if anyone tells you they will guarantee your success when it comes to SEO either…

  1. They own Google
  2. You are being lied to.

We can train you in the strategies you’ll need for success But you must work at it.

If you use these techniques you will get the results.

Results just like this…


Imagine you will be able to rank and you can create as many sites as you need. You can dominate the market!

Think about this, having the skills to create endless Digital Billboards to scale your business up huge.

You don’t have to stop at one business!

Why stop with your business? our training originally, was meant to teach people to create passive income using the “rank to rent” method. So why not join them?

You could create a website in any niche and find local businesses they could pay you a monthly rental fee for many years. How can I be sure?

I’ve done this!


Here is a limousine site I created in 2014. I worked a month or so on it. working part-time to get it built and on page 1. Once the site was ranking.  I rented this website to a local business. They were so happy with the results and new business. They started giving me 750 dollars a month. I haven’t done with the site since 2014.

I am still getting that payment every month from that website. That is over four years producing passive income.

Imagine what you could so with just a few of these sites giving you passive income!

Learning SEO will let you

  • Scale up your company faster
  • Creating passive income
  • Stop paying overpriced. SEO costs.

All you need to get these great benefits and more is just take control of your company. Start right now

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Austin SEO Expert Digital Marketing Coaching Learn to Rank

Owning a successful business in Austin is a gold mine with a population of over nine hundred thousand people that are over nine hundred thousand potential customers.

The problem is where the is a lot of potential customers there is a lot of competition going after your potential customers.

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Beautiful Austin skyline reflection at twilight, Texas

Being a business owner is not an easy job. You need to make sure the product or service you deliver is high quality, you need to make sure you follow all the local, state and federal laws.

Most importantly in order, for your business survive and thrive you always have to be getting new customers!

There is good news and bad news when it comes to getting new customers. The good news is in today’s world of the internet people know precisely where to look to find the services they need. The bad news is the competition on the internet for their attention is fierce! 

In today’s business world a website is no longer optional. People who are interested in your business expect you to have a website for them to look at. It is the modern day yellow pages ad.

But having a great website isn’t enough if you want to grow your business. You have to make sure that when your potential customer is looking for the service you offer yours is the first website they find.

This means you need to be at the top of search results in Google and Bing. How valuable is being ranked at the top in Google and Bing?

Over 73% of your potential customers start looking for a local type of business by going to a search engine! And Most of that 73 % never go past one!

So if you are not on page one you are not going to go your business.

How do you get to the top Spot in Google and other Search Engines?

With everyone wanting to be on the top spot in Google and Bing the question becomes how do I get on the front page?

The Answer is simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization!)

This most likely has not come as a shock to you as you most likely found this page by searching Austin SEO. But I wanted to lay out the basic facts first.

When it comes to SEO if you are like most business owners you don’t have a positive view of it. After all, most likely since the minute you first opened the doors to your company you have been flooded with SEO companies trying to sell you their SEO services.

Maybe you have worked with SEO companies in the past, companies that promised you the moon and charged a high monthly fee only to disappoint you.

Maybe the SEO company you hired is working out, but you want to know more about the process. Whatever the reasons you are looking for a solution, you want to rank at the top for, and you want it now.

We can help!

When it comes to SEO companies one of the most significant issues is how they pitch new clients for their services. We call it…

The SEO “Hard Sell”

When it comes to most SEO companies that are trying to get your business the process seems to break down into two phases. In Phase one they are trying to sell you their services, and they push hard! They make all kinds of promises, they tell you that you need them, and usually the pitch is “A whole lot of sizzle and no steak.”

Over the years we have heard hundred of SEO company pitches and they typically break down like this. 

  • You are required to sign a 12-month contract
  • You have to pay a monthly fee no matter what
  • They can’t guarantee your ranking will increase, but they will do their best.

Now if that is not the pitch you hear, we removed the “salesy” pretty language, but that is the basic gist of it.

They require you to sign a twelve-month contract because they know it will take their process quite a while to get results. That is the important thing to remember, because they have a lot of clients they don’t create an individual process for each client they apply a process that has gotten results in the past and they hope for the best.

This may seem off to you, but there is something you have to understand.

Successful SEO companies are not in the SEO business they are in the getting new client business!

Just like you an SEO company needs new business to grow. That is where they focus their efforts. If you work with one of the bigger SEO companies you are not their most important client, you are just client number 137.

That is not the way to the type of success you want.

Right now you might be feeling a little like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If you don’t do SEO, you will never grow your business, but if you hire an SEO company, you are locked into a long-term contract and not sure you will get the results you want. So what do you do?

Like so many other things in life…

If you want it done right, you got to do it yourself!

If you want your Austin business to get ranked at the top of the search engines, you might have realized now that you need to take control yourself and handle your own SEO.

Right now as you read this, you might be thinking of all of these reasons why you can’t handle your own SEO. 

  1. I don’t know anything about SEO
  2. I don’t have time to learn SEO
  3. I already have an SEO company I like.

All of these may seem like valid reasons to keep you from handling your SEO on your own but let’s take a look at each reason one by one.

I don’t know anything about SEO

That’s ok, at one you didn’t know anything about owning a business either. SEO is a skill, and just like any other skill, it can be learned.

How do we know that? Because we have successfully taught over three thousand people this skill in the last four years and we can teach you!

In 2014 a group of the best SEO players got together, and they decided that they needed to change things. They realized that they needed to teach SEO the right way. Why? Because they knew that

  1. There were just too many businesses to help on their own
  2. SEO was getting a bad reputation because people didn’t know how to do it the right way.

So they decided to create a course to teach people who knew nothing about SEO the skills they needed to get any website ranked.

Since 2014 the three thousand people they have trained have gone on to become successful SEO experts in their own right.

If they can learn this valuable skill so can you!

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I don’t have time to learn SEO

We get this a lot, and it makes sense, on the surface. Owning an Austin business isn’t a forty hour a week job it is twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

You have to make sure every single thing is working the right way. You often feel overwhelmed, the last thing you want to do is add more work!

While this may seem like a reasonable decision, ask your self this. How much of your time would you be willing to sacrifice (temporality) to gain long-term freedom? 

Freedom from

  • Paying huge monthly SEO fees
  • Wondering why your website isn’t ranked
  • Missing out on the opportunities to grow your business.

Isn’t long-term freedom like this worth a short-term investment of time now?

I have an SEO company that is doing a good job

That is great! If they are getting you the results, you want that is wonderful. There are still benefits from you undertaking this training.

  • You and your SEO company can speak the same “language” you will understand what they are doing, and they will know you get SEO
  • You will be able to keep an eye on their work – We are not saying they aren’t doing a good job. We simply know it is better to independently verify that they are doing the job the right way.
  • You can drastically speed up the process – working together, you and your SEO company can get your website ranked faster.

While all of your objections make sense on the surface, if you take a more in-depth look you see the benefits in taking this training….

Now, this is where this training blows away hiring an SEO company!

Using the Skills in this training, you can scale your business faster than ever.

The city of Austin has a population just under a million people, while it is the biggest city in the area it is not the only city in the area.

If you are like most business owners we work with you are not limited to Austin, you provide services to cities and towns in a radius around Austin.

This is smart, the problem is as far as Google is concerned you are an Austin based business Google would much instead send potential customers in these other cities and towns to a “local business.”

With the skills we will teach you, there is no reason you can’t have websites rank in these smaller cities and towns, and send calls to your business. Think of them as “Digital Billboards.” The more you have, the more leads you will get! 

Now you could use an SEO company for these “digital billboard” sites as well, but the cost would be astronomical!

Think of the advantage your Austin based business would have with these digital billboard sites covering the entire area.

You could scale your business to the max!

How do I know I will be able to get sites ranked?

No one can answer that question for you. What I can tell you is that the techniques we teach work, they have worked for three thousand other students and they will work for you.

If you put in the work, you will be amazed at the results.

Results like this…


But you will have the ability to create as many lead generation websites as you want. You can blanket your service area with these “digital Billboards” and dominate your market! The more of these sites you have, the more leads and calls your business will receive every month.

Think about what this means, you having the ability to build unlimited Digital Billboards you can scale your business as fast and as big as you would like.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one business!

This program was originally created to teach people how to build residual passive income using a “rank and rent” method. Nothing is stopping you from doing the same.

You could build lead generation websites in almost any niche and then find a local business to partner with, you could charge then a monthly rental fee for years to come. How do I know that?

I have done it!


This is a limo site I built in 2014. I spent a month or so working on it part time to get it built and ranked. Once the website was ranked I rented the site out to a local Limo business. They were thrilled for the new business. They started paying me 750 dollars a month. I haven’t touched this site since 2014, and I am still getting that 750 dollars a month from that site. That is four years of passive income.

Imagine what you could so with just a few of these sites earning you passive income!

Learning SEO is more than a valuable skill it is the opportunity to

  • Scaling up your business to the max
  • Having regular passive income
  • Not getting robbed on your SEO costs.

You can take care of all of these issues and more by just taking control of your business. You can start today.

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San Jose SEO Expert Digital Marketing Coaching Learning to Rent

As a business owner in San Jose, you know how competitive it can be to get clients. Over a million people call San Jose home and with over a million potential customers no matter what type of business you own you are going to have plenty of competition!

Being a business owner is not an easy task. Your company needs to be wonderful at what they do so they can keep customers happy. You must stay on top of the regulations and laws regarding your business, so you don’t get in trouble and most importantly you need to find new customers for the business to continue to grow!

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The key for you to keep getting new customers is simple. You need to know that when your potential customers are looking for the service, that you offer they come to you and not your competition!

In today’s world, a website is no longer optional. People expect a site for them to check out.

You also need to make sure your new customers see your website first before your competition’s. This means you need to be at the very top of Google and the other search engine.

How important is this? When someone is looking for something, 73% of them start with a search of the business type they are looking for and the city they are located in!

Over 73% of your potential customers are looking for you in search engines.

Do you want them to find you or your competition first?

When it comes to searches over 50% of people, pick a company on the first page of the search engine they use. This means if you are not on the first page you are not in business!

The key to get a website ranked is through SEO this is not a big surprise as you most likely found this article by searching San Jose SEO but I wanted to lay the basics out first.

When you think about SEO you most likely got an annoyed feeling,

That’s normal, most likely you have been flooded with offers and pitches for SEO companies.

Maybe you have worked with SEO companies before who promised you the moon and who has not delivered the results you want.

You might be working with some SEO company right now, and your business is not growing the way you want it to.

No matter what the reason. You are looking for answers. Maybe you are looking for a solution.

This makes a lot of sense. A lot of business owners view SEO companies as a necessary evil. There are several things that an SEO company will try to sell you on.

The SEO Pitch or the “hard sell” business owners call it.

When it comes to SEO companies trying to get you as a client we have noticed usually they are broken up into two “phases” in phase one they try to sell on their services. They make a lot of promises, and they tell you how much you need them, but they are usually pretty lite on details.

We’ve heard hundreds of SEO company pitches, and they usually sound something like this.

  • You have to sign a 12-month contract.
  • You have to pay their high monthly fees every month no matter what
  • They have no real control over your rankings all they can do what they can.

Now if that doesn’t sound like the pitch, most companies have given you it’s because it is the truth. SEO Companies can promise the world, but they can only do as much as they are willing to do.

The final part of the SEO company pitch you will never here.

Not only are you not their most important client, they are not really in the SEO business at all!

Now right now you might be wondering what I am talking about. The Simple truth is successful SEO companies have hundreds of clients, so you are not their most important client you are just another client!

The other sad reality is Successful SEO companies are not in the SEO business they are in the client acquisitions business. That is where they focus most of their efforts on getting new clients.

As you read this, you might feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. You can’t ignore SEO because no one will find your business but you don’t think an SEO company is a good idea either because of all the reasons we just looked at.

So what do we do?

There is a better way to have success in San Jose Handle your SEO yourself!

most likely You are thinking that you can not take over your SEO yourself there is just no way! If you ask I yourself why any number of reasons might come up.

  1. I don’t understand anything about SEO
  2. I have zero time for learning about SEO
  3. I already have an SEO company.

We get it these are all valid reasons to consider not learning SEO, but they don’t have to stop you. So let’s take a look at each reason one at a time.

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The San Jose Museum of Art is an art museum in Downtown San Jose, California, USA.

I don’t understand anything about SEO

At some point in your life you didn’t know how to read or write or tie your shoes, and yet you do them now without thinking. SEO is skill, and just like any skill, it can be learned. We can teach you. How do we know we can teach you?

We have taught over 3000 people just like you how to do local SEO!

In 2014 several experts in SEO got together and decided they wanted to teach people how to do what they do. Why? Because they knew they could never help all the businesses that needed SEO help on their own.

They created a course and over the last four years that course has produced over 3000 successful SEO experts, people just like you who at one point didn’t know anything about SEO.

I have zero time for learning about SEO

We get that running a business in the San Jose area is a twenty-four hour a day seven day a week job.

But if you learn this skill set in the long run, you’ll be buying freedom for you and your business.

Freedom from

  • The SEO groups charging you huge fees
  • stressing about not knowing if your website won’t rank
  • Wondering could your business grow faster.

Isn’t long-term freedom like that worth the investment of time now?

I have an SEO company

reat! If they are doing an excellent job for you that is amazing. But there are still benefits from undertaking this training.

  • You will have the ability to speak the SEO companies “language” you will understand what they’re working on.
  • You will be able to “spot check” their work We’re not saying they aren’t doing a good job you will just sure.
  • You can increase the process – if you and they are both working on the site, you will be able to deliver faster results.

While all of your objections make sense if you take a look at the benefits you might agree it’s still worth pursuing.

And we haven’t even gotten to the best part!

With this training, you can scale your business even larger than you thought possible!

The City of San Jose has a population of over a million people this is true, but it’s likely there are a lot of towns and smaller cities in your service area.

But not according to Google! to them you are in San Jose and San Jose only. They will send customers in those other locations to other local businesses near them.

With the skills we are going to teach you, you’ll be able to change all that. If you are willing to put in the work, you could build a site in each one of these other cities all driving customers to your business!

Think of them as “digital billboards”

Think of having all of these digital billboards covering your entire service area! You could scale up your business fast!

How do I know I can get these kinds of results?

I can’t answer that question for you, What I can tell you is the techniques we teach work, and they work well! If you are willing to work at it, you’ll be amazed by the results that you can achieve.

Results like here…


You could build “digital Billboards” everywhere and take it over. The more of these sites you have, the more leads and calls your business will receive every month.

You don’t need to hold yourself back to one business!

Our methods were made to teach someone how to create income using the “rank & rent” method. why not do the same?

By building lead generation properties in any niche you could create monthly income for yourself.


here’s a website I built around 2014. after I spent a month on it I found a renter for the site They loved all the new business. They pay me every month. I’ve not done anything with this website since I built it, and I’m still getting paid every month! That’s years of income that I am getting.

Imagine just some of these websites earning you income!

  • Scaling a company out
  • passive income
  • Avoiding SEO costs.

start right now

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Dallas SEO Expert Digital Marketing Coaching Learn to Rank

If you own a business in the Dallas area, you know how competitive the Dallas market is. As a business owner you have a lot on your plate, you have to provide a great product or service, you are required to stay up to date on all local and national regulations for your industry and most important of all you have got to always be finding new customers to grow your business.

Dallas SEO

In the modern world, there are many different things you can do to market your business, but the one thing you have to do is have an amazing website that tells potential customers about your Dallas based company.

The problem is, having a great website is only half the battle you also need your customers to see that website when they search for it.

To learn about SEO? Click here to learn more

That means you have to be at the top of the search engines and that means you need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Now don’t worry this is not an article trying to sell you on hiring us a your SEO company.

If you are tired of being “sold” on SEO services I get that if you are like most Dallas based businesses you have been flooded with pitches and marketing material from SEO companies both big and small since you opened your doors. Every one of these SEO companies say a lot, but if you have seen as many SEO company pitches as I have, you will notice a pattern. They all seem to go something like this. 

  • They want you to sign a 12 month contract
  • Their monthly fees are astronomical! (but that is the only way to get the results you need)
  • They, of course, can’t promise results but take a look at their website for testimonials from all their satisfied customers! So they must be good.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so it’s because we have heard pitches like these a hundred times ourselves! While they are not “lying” to you, there are a few things they are leaving out.

Here is what they forgot to tell you

  • The real reason they require a 12-month contract is simply the fact that most of these SEO companies aren’t going to give your website the total attention it needs to get fast results.
  • No SEO company should ever promise results because they don’t control Google, all they can do is try to do what they think will help you rank.
  • They may not promise results but the contract you sign will sure guarantee them a payment every month!
  • A truly SEO company isn’t focused on SEO they usually outsource that, What a truly successful SEO company does is focusing on is getting new clients! They are 100% focused on their business, not yours! 
  • They will never put as much effort into your business as you will.

Right now you might feel trapped between two bad choices. You have to either pay an SEO company and hope they can deliver on all the promises they made to you during the “hard sell,” or you have to hope your ideal customer somehow finds your website that is stuck on page 6. This is not an ideal choice! 

You have a better third option!

Just because it feels like you only have two bad choices doesn’t mean that it true. You have a third better option, you could do your SEO yourself!

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Right now we understand that you are thinking about all the reasons this won’t work, reasons like

  • I don’t know about SEO
  • I am too busy
  • I am already working with an SEO company

I am sure there are many reasons you are coming up with but for a moment set those objections to the side and let’s look at the huge potential advantages you would get out of taking control of your business’s future by doing the SEO yourself. 

If you took control of the SEO process, it would be a game changer for you and your business!

  • You would no longer be forced to overpay an SEO company every month.
  • You would no longer feel lost when it comes to your website’s ranking not knowing why your website went up or down in ranking.
  • You could develop a step by step plan that you could follow to get your website rank to go up every month.
  • You could guarantee your site will get seen by the people in your area that are looking for your service and who are willing to pay for that service
  • With a little extra effort, you could scale up your business to a level you never thought possible!
  • Saving yourself tens of thousands of dollars in SEO fees over the course of your business.

I don’t know about you, but those advantages sound like they would be worth the effort to take over your SEO!

So let’s take a look at those objections one by one.

I don’t know about SEO

No one is ever born an expert in SEO, or in anything for that matter. They either worked it out for themselves by trial and error, or they took a shortcut and had someone teach them!

In 2014 a team of SEO experts formed a partnership, and they wanted to create a training program to teach SEO to people. Why?

  1. Because low-quality SEO was giving their industry a bad reputation and they wanted that to stop
  2. They knew there were way too many businesses out there that needed help than they could fit into their business.

Over the coming four years, they taught the tools and techniques to more than 3000 students, students just like you who didn’t know anything about SEO! Today these students are helping local businesses like you dominate the top of Google.

Every one of these students at one point didn’t know anything about SEO. If they can do it then so can you!

I’m too busy

We understand this. If you are a business owner in Dallas, you don’t have a full-time job you have a 24 hours a day and seven day a week job, and you are constantly dealing with some issue or another.

However learning SEO would not take years, with the training program we offer you will be amazed at how fast you pick up the information once you learn it you will have it forever! 

I am already working with a good SEO company

If you are working with a good SEO company and you are happy with the arrangement and the results they are getting for you congratulations you found one of the good ones. But there are several advantages learning SEO when it comes to working with a good SEO company.

  1. You now know the seo “language” when you are talking to your SEO company you will understand the processes they are using, and they will know, that you know what they are talking about
  2. You can “spot check” your SEO company. I am not saying they are not working not doing their job, I am simply saying that nothing guarantees honest better than oversite. You will feel better if you know that they are getting things right, that they are finishing the work they are charging you for.
  3. You can drastically speed up the SEO process! The only thing better than a great SEO expert getting your site ranked is two SEO experts getting your site ranked for the price of one! With your SEO company and you both working on the SEO, your website will rank much faster!

Multiple websites to scale your business

One of the great things about the methods we teach in our training is you are not limited when it comes to the number of websites you get ranked. Now if you are like a lot of business owners in Dallas you are not limited to just Dallas you more than likely provide services to the surrounding areas and towns.

But that is not how Google sees things. According to them, you work in Dallas and Dallas only. Google doesn’t want to rank you outside of the Dallas area. Those leads with go to someone else.

But it doesn’t have to go that way! With a little work on your part, you could easily build sites all over the towns and areas near Dallas that are in your service area. Think of these sites as “Digital Bill-Boards”  The more you have, the more leads you will get coming in! 

In our training, we will teach you  the skills you need to quickly get these sites built and ranked and driving leads to your business.

No SEO company can do that for you! Not without the costs being astronomical!

Using this one strategy to it’s fullest potential local business owners like you have doubled even tripled their business.

Can I really get any site I want ranked?

The answer to that question is Yes…But. Just like anything in life it depends. You will need to learn the skills we teach and then apply them but if you do you will be amazed at the results you can get!

Check out these results


Not only can you expect to get ranked in Google and Bing in Dallas if you build other “digital billboards” there is no reason you couldn’t rank for every one of these cities and towns as well!

You don’t need to stop at just your business!

The dirty little secret of local SEO that no SEO company will ever tell you is the simple fact that it is much easier to rank for local SEO than it is to rank for general keywords.

This means when you get a website ranked in a local market, it has a tendency to stay there for years to come. Google usually ranks local websites not because they are great websites but because it doesn’t have a choice it is the best of the bad options available!

This puts you in a position to really profit! With this training, you can build local lead generation websites take steps to rank them and then sell those leads to local businesses. We will teach you this “rent and rank” method because we know it works!

Just to give you an example of what we are talking about.

Lead Generation

This limo site was built in 2014. There are two things you should know about this site

  1. This is the first website I ever created I didn’t know anything about SEO 3 months before building this site!
  2. I don’t own a limo company!

I built the site, got it ranked, and I found a local limousine company to team up with I sent them leads every month and they were happy to pay me for them. How happy? They are paying me 750 dollars every month, going on four years!

I haven’t touched this site in four years. Every month like clockwork I get a check in the mail!

Imagine what you could do with just 3 sites earning you monthly income!

Learning Local SEO is not just a skill set it is an opportunity.

  • It is a chance to scale your business up to a level you never thought possible
  • It is an opportunity to dominate not only the Dallas market but all of the surrounding markets and expand your business at a low cost
  • With these skills, you could build a passive monthly income that you would receive for years to come.

The choice is yours. You have the power to control your businesses future right now by taking charge of your marketing SEO and building a future for you and your family.

To learn to rank click here to learn more

San Diego SEO Expert Digital Marketing Coaching Learn to Rank

Are you a San Diego, business owner? Are you tired of paying huge SEO fees? We can help. Click here to learn more

The City of San Diego

Owning a business is a challenge, owning a business in the San Diego area can huge problem! Not only do you need to be great at what you do, but you also need always to be getting new customers.

Not only are you working against your competition you are working against people not knowing you exist. Adding to this is the fact that the prize is huge! San Diego has a population of 1.42 million people, that’s over a million customers every day!

Getting these potential customers to choose to hire you starts with them knowing about you. That means marketing. In today’s world, your marketing starts with your website. You need a killer website but just as important you need a website that people find when they are searching for your service.

That means your website has to rank on search engines like Google and Bing! How important is ranking in today’s internet age?

        According to a recent study over 73% of people’sThe first step is to search for company type and location Then make their choice based on the choices on the first page!

You want to make sure that your websites is one of the first things your potential customer sees when they google “your business type and San Diego.”

SEO is no longer optional

When you read that headline, I am sure part of you groaned, because all too often when business owners think about SEO they think of SEO companies and if you are like most business owners we have worked with you don’t have the highest opinion of SEO companies.

This makes sense most business owners view business owners as a necessary evil and if you are like most San Diego business owners the minute you opened your doors you have been hassled by SEO companies trying to pitch you their services.

After a while, their pitches all start to sound the same

  • They require a 12-month contract
  • They can’t guarantee results, but you have to pay every month
  • A lot of what they do is behind the scenes, so it isn’t noticeable.

All too often once they sign you to  contract they try to upsell you

  • You need a better website
  • You need their newest package

Etc. Etc.

All too often you feel like you are caught between a rock and a hard place and you know there is a better way. That is why you are on this page, you more than likely did a search for SEO San Diego because you are searching for a solution to your problem. 

I have good news there is a simple solution to your problem…

Take over your SEO efforts yourself!

And right now I can hear your objections, and I understand that they are valid concerns, but let me put you at ease. More than likely you had several concerns about taking care of the SEO yourself so let’s look at some of these concerns and let me show you why you don’t have to worry about them.

  1. I don’t know anything about SEO
  2. I don’t have the time
  3. I already have an SEO company I like!

All of these are valid concerns so let’s take them one by one.

I don’t know anything about SEO

There has been a time in every expert’s life where they didn’t know anything about the subject they are an expert in. In every case, they did one of two things. One they figured it out on their own using trial and error which is effective but very time-consuming.

Or two they went the smart route, and they found someone who as already an expert and had them teach them.

We can teach you SEO, how do we know we can? Because we have done it successful 3000 times already!

Click here to learn more

Let me explain. Back in 2014, a group of several experts in local SEO got together, and they decided they needed a way to teach the skills needed to get any site ranked in any local market. Why were they so concerned about teaching people the right way to do local lead generation and SEO?

  1. They know they could never help all the local businesses in the world, there were just too many.
  2. They also knew SEO was getting a bad name, which was affecting their business and that had to stop.
  3. They were tired of seeing businesses struggle when they knew how to help them.

SO they put their heads together, and they created a comprehensive training program to teach people who knew nothing about SEO how to get any local website ranked fast! 

Over the course of 4 years since first coming up with the idea of a training program, they have trained over 3000 students!

These students have gone on to tons of success, they have ranked local sites all over the world. Often in much tougher markets than San Diego. Places like New York, Boston, and Los Angeles to name a few! 

If these 3000 students who didn’t know SEO could do it so can you!

I don’t have the time

This is understandable. The reality is owning a local business in the San Diego area is not a 40 hour a week commitment. It is a twenty-four hour a day seven day a week commitment, and it requires a ton of energy and work. But think about what you would be gaining if you spent some time learning Local SEO. 

You would be freeing your self from having to deal with

  • High-cost SEO companies that don’t deliver on the promises they made.
  • Having to worry about your website going down in rank
  • Not knowing why your phone isn’t ringing.

With the skills we will teach you, you will not only know how to deal with SEO issues you will also be able to make a plan to get your site to rank and grow your business.

I already have an SEO company I like

That is great, and if they do a great job congrats, you got lucky finding a quality company.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t advantages to having this information at your disposal.

  1. You now can “speak the same language” as our SEO company, this will make your life easier.
  2. You can “spot check” their work, we are not saying that they are not doing a good job, but now you can confirm they are doing everything they say they are doing and that comes with peace of mind for you!
  3. Speeding up the process, what is better than having an SEO expert working on getting your site ranked? Having 2 SEO experts working on getting your site ranked! Working together you can speed up the process and get more results.

With this training, you will be able to scale up your business much faster

Why have one website sending your business leads when you can have a lot more?

If you are like most business owners in the San Diego area you don’t just serve the “San Diego” market you have a service area that encompasses many suburbs and towns around San Diego.

The problem is as far as Google is concerned you are strictly a San Diego business, after all, it says so right on your website!

But if you were to build small sites in these surrounding towns and communities, you could drive them to your business!

Think of them as “digital billboards” expanding your business reach and helping you scale your business!

Don’t worry we will train you how to build these “feeder sites” and how to get them ranked in the surrounding communities.

All this sounds great but what kind of results will I get?

As in so many things in life, this comes down to you. If you put in the work, you can expect results like this.

Not just #1 Rankings like these…


But you will have the ability to create as many “digital billboards” as you like, you will be able to dominate your market and scale your business to its max.

The best part? You aren’t limited to your business!

Using this program, you can help other businesses get more leads and in the process earn yourself a passive, residual monthly income.

How? Our program was originally meant for people to build “rent to own” websites in different local industries and niches. Our students would build sites, get them ranked and find local business to partner with and sell them the leads. This system has been working since 2014.

Want proof?


This is a limo site (in fact it was the first site I ever built) I spent a month or so working on it part-time for about a month. I found a local limo company and sold them the leads for a monthly fee. They were thrilled to get the leads too! How happy were they? They have been paying me 750 dollars a month every month for the last four years! I haven’t touched the site in 4 years! That’s 750 dollars a month every month for work I did four years ago!

Imagine what you could do with just a few of these “rental sites” earning you passive income along with having your own sites driving traffic to your business!

Learning SEO is more than a valuable skill it is the opportunity to

  • Scaling up your business to the max
  • Having regular passive income
  • Not getting robbed on your SEO costs.

You can take care of all of these issues and more by just taking control of your business. You can start today.

Click this link

San Antonio SEO Expert Digital Marketing Coaching Learn to Rank

If you own a business in the San Antonio area we don’t need to tell you owning a business is a huge challenge. You need to be great at what you do, you need to know all the laws and regulations that apply to your business and you need to make sure you always have new customers coming to make sure your business keeps growing.

San Antonio City

With a market like San Antonio the competition is fierce, after all the city has a population of over 1.5 million people! That is over a million and a half people that are potential customers for your business. The problem is they are also potential customers for your competitors business.

It is a high stakes game, winner take all! The key to your businesses future is to make sure those people when they need the service you offer they call you.

In today’s business environment the best chance you have to get your customers to call you is to have a killer website. It is the modern version of a yellow pages ad.

If you want to learn how to get your build your business click here

Just as important as having a great website is having a website that is ranked at the top of the local search engine results. According to a study conducted by Google over 73% of people’s first step when looking for a business is to search for company type and location. You want to make sure when your customer does a search you are the name they find at the top of the list.

Your best chance to get your website ranked at the top of search engines like Google and Bing is through SEO (Short for Search Engine Optimization) A lot of people out in the business world believe that needed SEO means hiring an SEO company.

There is a good chance that when you read SEO company some part of you wanted to close this page because you hate the idea talking about a SEO company.

We understand there are a lot of search Engine Optimization companies that have given SEO companies a bad name!

In fact if you are like most San Antonio Business owners from the day you opened your doors you have been flooded with marketing materials and cold calls from SEO companies.

You might even have hired an SEO company in the past and have had some bad experiences with them.

The simple fact is contrary to what every SEO “expert” you have ever heard from you don’t need to hire an SEO company, there is a much better way to do it, why not do the work yourself and save yourself the headache and cost?

But I don’t Know anything about SEO

We have heard that over 3000 times and it has never been a problem! Let me explain. In 2014 some experts in local SEO came together and decided they needed to teach people how to do local SEO the right way. Why were they so concerned about teaching people?

  1. They knew they could never help all the local business in the world. There were too many of them.
  2. They were tired of potential customers having bad feelings about SEO because other SEO Companies had taken their money without producing results.

So they decided they needed to do something. They put their heads together and they created a training program to teach people who knew nothing about Local SEO how to get local websites ranked the right way.

These 3000 students have gone on to ranks business sites in some of the toughest markets in the US, Markets like New York City, Los Angeles and right in your home city of San Antonio, just to name a few!

They have helped their clients drastically increase their businesses, all starting from knowing nothing about SEO.

If you want to learn about SEO click here

However recently the team behind this training realized something significant. They realized that even with over 3000 active students applying the skills they taught them there were too many businesses that were failing because of poor SEO and Marketing. They realized that there were just too many businesses that needed help.

So they decided to open this training program to local business owners just like you.

Why you should take control of your own SEO and with that your business future.

If you have read this far than you most likely agree with two facts.

  1. You need a website that your potential client will see when they search for the service you offer. That means SEO
  2. It is time for you to take control of your SEO and take control of your future.

There are several reasons you would be in a much better place if you took care of your SEO on your own.

  • By doing the work yourself you avoid signing the long term contract SEO companies require you to sign
  • You will save on the large SEO fees that most SEO companies charge.
  • You will put 100% effort into getting you website ranked, An SEO company has many clients they focus on.

I don’t have time to learn SEO

We understand, being a San Antonio business owner is not a forty hour a week job, it is a twenty four, seven job and the last thing you need right now is to add more things to your already over full schedule.

The reality is if you take the time now to learn the skills you need to get your website ranked and grow your business you will not be adding things to your plate you will be getting freedom.

Freedom from

  • SEO Companies and their empty promises
  • Their huge monthly fees
  • The stress of not knowing why your website isn’t ranking
  • Wondering if your business could grow faster.

With the skills you will learn in this training not only will you be able to make sure you website is ranked. But with a little extra effort you can really scale up your business.

How you might ask?

By creating other sites in the towns and areas surrounding

 San Antonio that you also provide services to.

If you are like 99% of the businesses we have worked with over the years you have a service area that is not limited to the San Antonio area. You more than likely have a range and other cites and towns fall into that range The problem is as far as Google is concerned you are only set up for San Antonio SEO so that limits your opportunities. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In our training we will show you how to get websites ranked in every city and town you provide services to. Imagine how many more leads you would have coming into your business.

You could double maybe even triple your leads. You have the potential to scale your business at a very fast rate. All by learning local lead generation and local SEO.

I already hired an SEO company and they are doing a good job.

That’s great! No one is saying you should fire your SEO company. There are several advantages that come with learning SEO and local lead generation even when you are working with an SEO company.

  • If you know SEO when you talk to your SEO company you will be speaking the same language. This will make your meetings with your SEO company more fruitful and better.
  • You will be able to “spot check” your SEO companies work, I am not saying they are not doing their job but now you can keep an eye on them.
  • Two heads are better than one, the only thing better than an SEO expert working on getting your website ranked is two SEO experts working on your site, you and your SEO company working together will get much faster results!
  • “feeder sites” built at a cost effective price. If you tried to hire an SEO Company to build you 10 to 12 sites to get more calls coming in from all over your service area. They would charge you tens of thousands of dollars a month! You can do it at a fraction of the cost!

Sounds good, but what kind of results can I expect?

This comes down to what kind of person are you? If you are willing to put in the work and learn and put in some consistent effort you will be Amazed what kind of results you will achieve!

What kind of results?

Here is a typical result our methods have achieved.

Not just #1 Rankings like these…


But you will have the ability to create as many lead generation websites as you want. You can blanket your service area with these “digital Billboards” and dominate your market! The more of these sites you have the more leads and calls your business will receive every month.

This about what this means you having the ability to build unlimited Digital Billboards you have the ability to scale your business as fast and as big as you would like.

Why stop with your business?

This program was originally created designed for people you use to build a residual, passive income, and build it fast, you could do the same!

Our Model allows our students to create lead generation sites on a part time basis with still working full time. When these sites get ranked they can produce passive income for years to come.

Want proof?


This is a limo site I built in 2014. I spent a month or so working on it part time to get it built and ranked. Once the site was ranked I rented the site out to a local Limo business. They were happy to take the calls, how happy? They started paying me 750 dollars a month. I haven’t touched this site since 2014 and I am still getting that $750 dollars a month from that site. That is 4 years of passive income.

Imagine what you could so with just a few of these sites earning you passive income!

Learning SEO is more than a valuable skill it is the opportunity to

  • Scaling up your business to the max
  • Having regular passive income
  • Not getting robbed on your SEO costs.

You can take care of all of these issues and more by just taking control of your business. You can start today.

If you are ready to grow your business click here

Philadelphia SEO expert digital marketing coaching learn to rank

If you are a business owner in the Philadelphia area, we know that you are often worried about your business. Being in a hyper-competitive area business wise and your business costs in the Philadelphia area are prohibitive.

If you want to change the game for the better click here

However, these difficulties also present a huge opportunity. If you can capitalize on the opportunities in the Philadelphia market your business would explode! After all, Philadelphia has over 1.5 million people living in it, That is over 1.5 million potential customers!

The Philadelphia skyline and Schuylkill River at night, seen from the South Street Bridge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

All you need is to find a way to get your business in front of these customers when they are ready to look for the product or service you offer!

In the year 2018 and going into the future that means only one thing. You need to have an amazing website, But an amazing website is not enough! You need a whole lot more than that. You need to be at the top of search engines when your future customer goes looking for your business

Studies have shown that over 73% of people who call a business for services find them through a search of Google or some other local search engine.

So what does that mean for you?

You are in need of SEO (Search Engine Optimzation)

After being in business for any length of time, you probably have a slightly annoyed feeling when you saw the headline describing SEO this is normal.

At some point some company, if not several companies have tried to sell you a “full service” SEO package. Usually, these SEO packages come with a lot of hype and almost no details. 

Usually, their pitch looks like this

  • You will have to sign a 12 month contract – They will tell you that 12 months is industry standard
  • SEO companies charge a very big monthly fee, that is not small! – It is required to get your site ranked and achieved any type of results
  • They won’t promise results – they will make their best “efforts,” Plus they show you all kinds of testimonials of other “business owners” as proof.

I’m not trying to insult SEO companies, but I have heard this pitch from every SEO company I have ever spoken to. Now I am not saying they are being dishonest, but there are a few things that they have not told you that you should be aware of.

  • They demand you sign for 12-months is because they don’t want you leaving after three months when they haven’t gotten results because they are not putting in 100% effort. 
  • The reason they are not putting in a 100% effort is because your business is not their number one focus. For an SEO Company to be successful, they need to focus on getting more clients.
  •  Now they will provide service to you, but they are truly focused looking for more clients. They will never get the results that you could because they are not putting in all the effort you would.

Right now as a business owner you could feel like your stuck in a no-win situation. You need your website to rank so your potential Philadelphia customers can find you. So that means you can’t ignore SEO completely, but you also don’t want to pay an SEO company that will charge huge fees and won’t make your business a priority.

You can have the best of Both Worlds

Why not do it yourself? Right now you are most likely coming up with a thousand reasons why you can’t do the SEO work yourself.

  • I don’t know anything about SEO
  • I don’t have the time
  • What if I mess something up?
  • I like my SEO company.

So let’s take a look at each one of these reasons one at a time.

I don’t know anything about SEO

Don’t worry, every SEO Expert at one time or another didn’t know anything about SEO, they had to learn. They just needed someone to teach them. It just needed to be someone who knew what they were talking about. Don’t worry we got you covered! (more on that in a moment)

I Don’t have the time

I understand, owning a Philadelphia business is not just a 40 hour a week job, it is a 24 hours a day seven days a week job. You have plenty to do right now the last thing you have time for is to deal with your SEO. But here is the question, can you see your self-spending the next ten, fifteen even twenty years paying someone every month to do your SEO? Think of the tens of thousands of dollars you will save by doing the work yourself! 

What if I mess something up?

Fear of making a mistake is natural. But once you take charge of your SEO and start learning how SEO works you will be amazed that you were ever worried at all.  Trust us everyone starts at a place of fear of the unknown. We will make sure you learn what to do and what not to do.

I like my SEO company

That’s ok if you like the SEO Company you are currently working with you won’t have to fire them. However, there are several big advantages that come from knowing SEO when it comes to working with an SEO company. We will discuss those advantages in a moment.

If this blog post as answered your questions and you are ready to learn more click here.

The team that changed it all.

In 2014, a group of local SEO practitioners. realized that they needed a to teach the skills they had developed to others, and build a community where they can share the things they will learn moving forward.  

They developed a local lead generation and SEO course that taught every trick, technique, and strategy they had developed when it came to local SEO.

Over the next four years, this training that the team built would be used to train over 3000 different students in the skill of building and ranking local websites.

These 3000 students have helped local businesses, just like your business rank in cities all across the US, Europe and Canada. Many of these cites are a even harder to rank in than Philadelphia. If the techniques worked there, you know your Philadelphia based business can succeed.

Recently the team behind the program, this program that has taught over 3000 students in how to dominate the local search results, they realized something they knew that they and their 3000 students no matter how hard they worked their would never be enough of them to rank all the local businesses that need SEO help.

There are way too many businesses and too many cities.  So recently they changed everything in the world of local SEO training. They opened the training program to business owners like you.

If you’re hesitating over the idea of taking charge of your businesses future and learning SEO for yourself, I understand. 

But let’s take a look at the objections before in a little greater detail.

I don’t know anything about SEO

You don’t need to know anything about SEO at the beginning of this training we are going to teach you, just like we have taught thousands of other students just like you.

We will start with the basic steps in SEO, and we will teach you everything you need to learn to become successful at SEO in any business niche and in any location. All you need to do is study the techniques we will teach you, and in a short period of time, you will have everything you need to know.

I don’t have the time

This is a comment I get a lot, and on the surface, I understand you are a business owner, 40 hours a week is not even close. You are usually doing 60 to 70 hours a week, and you just don’t have the time to do anything else.

But let’s talk about everything you’re giving up by not taking this opportunity.

  • You are going to miss out on the opportunity to solve your most pressing problems. You will always be wondering, is your website going the way it is supposed to be going? Is your site ranking? Will your site continue to rank?
  • You will be forcing yourself to spend several thousand dollars every year for SEO to keep your site ranked. Think about how much money you will be giving up over the next twenty years!
  • You will never know if your SEO company is doing everything they said they would do for you. 

If you take some time now to learn this valuable skill, you will be buying yourself years of freedom in the future.

I like my SEO company

That is fine, I am not telling you that you have to fire your SEO company if you decide to take our program. You can continue to use your SEO company, and you have a couple of big advantages to learning SEO and working with an SEO company.

  • You will speak the SEO language – Now when they are explaining what they are going to do to get your business ranked you will know exactly what they are talking about.
  • You can “spot check” their work. We don’t think that your SEO company isn’t fulfilling their part of the contract, but by taking our course, you will now have the skills to make sure they do.
  • By learning SEO yourself you can get ranked faster., what is better than an SEO company working to get your website ranked? Two SEO groups working to get your digital property ranked! If you and they are both working on your site’s SEO will go much faster!

Why stop at getting one website ranked?

One of the truly amazing things you will get when you take this course is not just the ability to rank your website but the potential to ranks dozens of other sites in your area to drive business to you! Most likely as a local business in the Philadelphia area, your business provides services to several surrounding communities.

After taking this course, you could easily build a site in every one of these communities to increase the lead generation potential of marketing your business. Think of them as “digital billboards” the more you have, the more your business grows.

With some effort on your part this is what your service area could look like!

Will you guarantee I will succeed?

No, whether or not if you succeed or not depends mostly on you. If you learn the skills, we teach and apply these skills you will be amazed at the results.

After learning these skills you will have the ability to move the ranking of any website. There is no reason you couldn’t get results like this.


Now is the time to learn the skills you can use to scale up your business and start earning double or even triple what you are currently doing for business!

Get started right now

These skills are more than just a skill a way to rank websites. This is an huge opportunity, using these skills…

  • You can grow your business.
  • You can have ongoing income
  • You won’t face digital marketing costs.
  • You can build passive income that will last for years to come.

You can change your life by taking this first step.

Click this link to learn more LINK

Marketing Ideas for Chiropractic Clinics in 2019

You’ve got your chiropractic clinic set up.

You’ve got your degree.

You’ve got the skills to heal people’s discomfort and pain.

Now only one thing remains:

Getting patients!!!

In the business sense, that means that you need paying customers to stay in practice!

Unfortunately, marketing is something that you don’t really learn about while you’re acquiring your chiropractic skills.

But the truth is pretty simple:

If you can’t market yourself as a chiropractor, you’re not going to get very far.

The good news is that you’re actually selling a service that helps people.

You’re not some snake oil salesman.

You actually know your stuff, and you have the power to heal people’s spines.

This can virtually change their entire lives.

However, they won’t know about the wonderful service you can provide them with unless you market yourself properly.

This is where local lead generation comes in because you can position your practice to generate local customers from the internet using Free Traffic in digital formats…

The trick is to get your organization online and in front of those ideal customers.

I guess that’s the magic question: how does one actually go about doing that?

We can all respect the accomplishments that chiropractors have achieved to get their credentials and enter a noble profession of making a living while helping people. 

As a business owner, I can confirm that I have seen chiropractors actually have to close up shop simply because of having encountered the misfortune in our technological era that can be summed up in one label:


When any business – and yes, your practice is providing a service in exchange for money, so you are running a business – is not well-known, they’ll have trouble staying afloat.

I hate to break it to you, but your field of healthcare is genuinely no different. 

While you’re still working hard to make people’s lives – and livelihood – experience significant improvements, the only way to continue doing this is to book your calendar with customers that are simply throwing money at you and asking for your help.

Unless that’s currently happening – and you’re booked solid for literally months out, with steady show up rates and significantly low numbers in no-shows – then local lead generation is something that you need!

Our lead gen coaching program can help you to experience massive growth by positioning yourself in front of high-intent buyers who are searching for exactly what you’re offering…

To illustrate, this tree care site – which is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan (over on the western side of the state) – is actually a lead gen site that’s positioned for prime attention on search results…


While we teach a unique approach to leveraging Free Traffic (which means not having to buy web visitors to see digital properties that you own) on the world wide web, these same principles could also work for your own company web site.

For example, I’m noticing approximately $2,000 in monthly revenue from that tree service site above – just imagine how much business you could be bringing in if you were to do something like that for people searching for chiropractors online.

If this is something, you’re seriously interested in accomplishing – positioning digital properties online to generate results and profits on AutoPilot through the use of Free Online Traffic opportunities – then CLICK HERE to get more details about our coaching program. 

In fact, there are business owners and entrepreneurs – some of which are actual chiropractors – who learn the techniques in our coaching program and implement them to not only get more business but to DOMINATE THE MARKETPLACE!

If you want to help more people and/or generate more profits, look at our coaching program right now.

This article will share some amazing marketing ideas for chiropractors out there who are trying their best to find new clients.

It might bring greater ease than you think, so listen up.

Who knows, one (or two) of these ideas could radically change your business.

You could end up being the most successful healthcare provider in town.

One: It’s All About Branding

Branding is everything.

If your chiropractic practice doesn’t stand out from the crowd, then why would patients come to you?

If your whole image and brand seem like every other chiropractor out there, then don’t expect to get too many clients.

On the other hand, you’d be amazed at how a simple brand makeover can drastically change your market appeal.

A good brand says a lot about your company and practice.

People see it, and they think, “This guy is the real deal.”

Or “This place seems super professional.”

When you get people thinking like that, patients will be lining up outside of your door.

The first thing you might want to begin considering is your logo.

Every good company needs a stellar logo, and a chiropractic practice is no different.

Logos are easy to design with many different online services.

But whatever logo you choose, it should say something about your unique personality and service.

There’s simply no need to be afraid to stand out from the crowd!

The most important thing about choosing a logo is putting it everywhere.

We’re talking towels, doors, pens, shirts…

Anything you can think of.

The logo has to be a persistent thing that is constantly in the patient’s face.

Once people begin to recognize your logo, they begin to trust you.

It’s a great way to build a positive connection in your local neighborhood.

Two: Get Your Website Firing On All Cylinders

Creating a website is easy.

Creating a good website is a real challenge.

When it comes to running a chiropractic practice, a good website is definitely essential.

In this day and age, most of your patients are going to research you online before ever stepping foot in your practice.

With a good website, you can make sure that they have a positive feeling about you and your service – before you even meet them for the first time.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds.

A good website needs to be updated at least every 5 years.

So make sure that your site doesn’t look outdated and out of style.

Remember, people usually search online for a Chiropractor nearby.

With some SEO optimization, you can make sure that your website is at the top of the search results when you do this.

But what about when your patients actually view your website?

What should they be seeing?

Your website should show how different you are from other chiropractors, first and foremost.

Make sure you mention any specializations and experience dealing with specific issues.

This might just land you the perfect patient who genuinely needs your help.

Always, always make sure that your website is compatible on mobile devices.

It’s 2019, after all.

Behind the scenes and between the lines, your website should be convincing people to actually show up at your practice.

This can seem like quite an undertaking or overwhelming challenge.

Consider hiring someone who can write professionally.

Remember, content is king.

Are your photos high resolution?

Or do they appear as if they were taken with an outdated smartphone camera?

Every little detail counts.

Last but not least, your site should have some kind of system in place to directly book an appointment.

If signing up for the first appointment is just a few clicks away, patients are much more likely to make that first jump.

You can add forms and contact submissions to get in contact with potential new clients right away.

Or, you could simply make your contact information and address very easy to find on the site.

Three: Reviews Are So Important

How do people tell whether a chiropractor is worth the money and time?

That’s right, they go online and search for reviews of that chiropractor.

Be honest – you would do exactly the same thing in their shoes, right?

It’s just the smart decision.

When you read other people’s reviews, you get real, genuine information about the service they received.

Reviews can either be your worst enemy or your best-selling tool.

But honestly, the worst thing is not having any reviews.

A few negative reviews here and there aren’t a huge deal. If anything, they show that you’re not trying to hide anything.

On the other hand, people get a little freaked out if they can’t find a single review of your services anywhere on the internet.

You can easily change that by setting up a profile with Yelp and other review sites.

And definitely encourage your existing patients to write a review.

If you do have a negative review, you can actually reply to it directly.

This shows that you actually care about the customer, and you want to change their experience into a positive one.

Other patients will see this, and they’ll be impressed.

It’s definitely better than just trying to ignore a negative review.

Four: Social Media Is Mandatory

We don’t care how un-trendy you are.

You need to be on social media.

At the end of your day, it’s just free marketing.

And you’d be crazy not to take advantage of that.

On social media, you’re instantly visible to an entire crowd of people who would otherwise be completely hidden from you.

It also makes available to you the opportunity to interact with your patients, and get them interested in whatever you’re doing.

Post some educational content about chiropractic information.

Show off your funny side.

Tell everyone about the results you’ve been achieving for your clients.

Every little bit of exposure helps.

Just like your website, high-quality images are very important here.

You can link to your website on social media, which is a great way to drive more traffic towards the site.

It might even give you a boost with Google’s ranking algorithm.

Five: Blog It Up

That’s right, another crucial part of this jigsaw puzzle is to create a blog.

Just like social media, there’s really no downside to creating a blog.

A blog is a prime piece of internet real estate that has the potential to deliver insane amounts of new patients.

You might even find that your blog gets way more visitors than your actual site.

This is because Google’s Algorithm is geared towards blogs – or at least sites which are regularly updated with new articles and posts.

You’re in a fine position to start an interesting blog as a Chiropractor.

People are very interested in self-help and improving their health.

There are numerous amounts of people out there who would love to hear all about your opinions.

You might even feel the need to create blog posts which specifically answer patients’ questions.

You might hear these questions all the time, and feel the need to clear up certain things.

Who knows, your blog might end up going viral.

At this point, it won’t be hard to get new clients.

In fact, you might need to turn some people away!

Six: Be An Awesome Member Of Your Community


People feel really good about supporting professionals they know.

It’s like helping out a friend.

Communities naturally come together and do business with each other, rather than spending their money elsewhere on random people.

So in order to win the trust and the friendship of your community, you need to get out there and actually participate.

When people get to know you and recognize your face, they’re much more likely to try out your practice for the first time.

Become involved in a local charity.

Sponsor a kids’ soccer team.

Do whatever you can to show people that you actually care.

You can even add a section to your website that details all the special events that you’re involved with.

If you’re just starting out, a great idea is to host an open house.

Patients can come by, get interested in your services, and perhaps enjoy a free snack or two!

In fact, one of the strongest ways that you can turn your entity – and your own name – into a contributing member of the community is simply to help more people.

What better way than to dominate the search results in your local area and be found at the top of the marketplace…

If perception is the reality, then you could experience massive growth in your local area if you were to begin local lead gen for your own small business.

Some believe that something like this would be an expensive project, but if you’re thinking like a business owner and take the idea of investing in your business seriously, then just envision the potential rewards that could be found by simply taking a leap of faith:

  • More local citizens come to you for help first.
  • Satisfied customers deliver a quality review from the outstanding service.
  • Your digital footprint grows.
  • More customers get referred over to you, and your phone then begins ringing off the hook.
  • The next thing that is realized by you and your office is how your calendar is booked solid for stretches of weeks at any given time…
  • You could hire more help and becoming a distant partner to the practice, which could, in turn, help you to generate passive income when you’re taking more vacations because you’ve put the work in up front to set up virtual real estate that now feeds stacks of cash by the fire hose into your clinic!

If it were possible for you to get credentialed to practice in this field, then could it also be a realistic possibility that you could turn your practice into a thriving, reputable business operation that continues to grow?

…of course it is!!!

I’ve witnessed tons of healthcare providers in very similar positions to what you’re currently experiencing and can attest that getting a strong web presence can make a positive impact on your bottom line.

If you’re serious about growing and making a larger, longer lasting impact in both your community and your presence in the marketplace, then our coaching program needs to be your next and final stop for all things lead generation.

Make a choice today to begin getting more and more appointments on the books now!

Seven: Try Out A Few Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are like online reviews in many ways.

For someone who is considering booking an appointment with you, it’s really helpful to actually hear what current patients have to say.

A simple testimonial video answers a lot of questions people might have about your practice.

Your patients might explain the incredible results they’ve experienced, thanks to you.

The exciting thing about these videos is that they don’t have to be high budget.

In fact, it often looks more genuine if they’re filmed on a smartphone.

These shouldn’t be rehearsed, and they should look as natural as possible.

Just ask your clients to give their honest opinions, and you can’t go wrong.

Eight: Think About Your Office Procedure

Sometimes, a lack of patients isn’t caused by a bad marketing campaign.

Instead, the reason for slow business might be right under your nose.

Think about your office for a second.

Who’s working there?

Are these people good at converting new customers?

Are they warm, inviting and positive?

Or could they actually be driving potential customers away?

It’s a lot to think about. But it’s definitely an important thing to consider.

Sometimes, office staff simply don’t have a “customer first” mindset.

This can be corrected with the right analysis and refined approach.

Instruct your staff to be polite and extremely positive on the phone and in person.

Never put customers on hold – unless it’s really necessary.

Treat everyone with respect.

Simple things like that could end up going a very long way.

Nine: Email Marketing Is Key

Ask any marketing veteran, and they’ll tell you that the most useful tool under your belt is an email list.

It’s nothing fancy, but it converts like nothing else.

Once you’ve established a pretty solid email list, you have an audience which you can constantly sell services to.

Do it right, and you’re guaranteed to book more appointments with more patients.

Developing your email list is a great way to communicate with your patients, first and foremost.

You shouldn’t be constantly trying to sell them things with spammy emails.

Simply keeping in touch is a great selling tool.

Educate them about chiropractic issues. Wish them a happy new year or a Merry Christmas.

And once in a while, you can remind them of specific services, or tell them about deals.

A monthly newsletter is always a safe bet.

If you can nail down the art of an email list, then you can expect great results.

Not only will your existing patients be more active with you, but you’ll also enjoy many more referrals.

Ten: Online Advertising Might Be A Great Option

The internet is always a great place to advertise.

And for a pretty reasonable price, you can take full advantage of Google’s AdWords system.

This is known as PPC, or Pay Per Click.

You’ll pay a fee every time someone clicks on your advertisement.

This system can even target people in your specific geographic area.

It can also focus on people who are searching on Google for chiropractic services.

It really is a solid tactic for anyone who needs more customers.

If you’ve just started a website for the first time, then dabbling in PPC might be a great plan.

The best part about PPC is that it improves traffic to your website.

This has a handsome side effect of boosting your ranking on Google.

There are tons of reasons to try PPC internet advertising.

But it’s easy to spend way more than you need to (without getting any results).

That’s why it’s always a good plan to hire a professional.

Your money will go further.

Final Thoughts

Running a chiropractic practice is the same as any other business when you really boil it down.

Every business needs customers, and it’s one of the biggest challenges business owners face.

With these simple tactics, you can expect new patients to knock on your door pretty soon.

It’s definitely a lot better than sitting around waiting for people to come to you!

And don’t be satisfied with just one of these tactics.

Why not try all ten?

Remember, the success of your chiropractic practice will be a direct result of how much effort you put into it!

So go wild!

Methods of Local Lead Generation Deliver Massive Expansion to Chiropractic Clinics in 2019

So we’ve established that you’re a healthcare provider, of sorts…

You have a practice and/or are getting into practice.

Some of my readers are simply entrepreneurs and don’t own any sort of chiropractor credential whatsoever…

In all of these cases, the one thing that we can agree on is the pivotal need to generate attention online.

Especially in our day and age of the internet, your ability to get seen by the hungriest of buyers (for the services that you offer) is the key ingredient to making or breaking your business. 

If you’re in digital marketing and looking to help your chiropractor – who is your client – to get more attention online, then why not do the responsible thing and look into this coaching program…

It guides on the exact steps that one would need to take in order to generate referrals through free traffic methods online.

If people are searching for a chiropractor in a particular city – and there most likely are searches in any given month for that specific query – then it makes sense that you’d want to leverage the free traffic from showing up where buyers are already looking for… what could be you…

That’s the whole premise of local lead generation for small businesses.

When you can capitalize on the opportunity to make more money from attracting more buyers with minimal time or resources taken out of your own pocket – aside from the actual hard costs associated with getting into position to profit massively…

Wouldn’t you call that a huge win for your practice?

After all, it’s your clinic that you’d rather have revered as the top service provider in your area.

The larger the area that you service – which, I realize, some entities in larger, more rural environments need to cover a larger market – the more important it is to be seen first among the competition.

I get that you’re looking to help people and some chiropractors may simply not be interested in competing with anything other than the discomfort of their fellow human beings.

If you want to stay afloat and eat every day, you’re going to need to get competitive in your local area, and that’s where our coaching program comes in!

When you can set your digital properties online to be seen at the top of the marketplace, much like this limo lead gen site has been able to, you can slowly begin to see how results can abound for your bottom line as your schedule fills up with requests for help:


See, limo rentals are probably more entertainment driven than healthcare related ideas, but the bottom line is the same here…

People are looking for services and are willing to make themselves become a lead in order to have the top service provider give them the help that they’ve been looking for. 

If they find you and contact you first, then there’s a great opportunity to leverage our principles in our lead gen coaching program to help your company grow as well.

For me, working in the lead gen for small businesses has allowed me to focus less on going into an office every day to earn a paycheck…

In other words, these strategies I’m recommending to you – to get seen at the top of search results – have led to my ability to Automate my income and sleep soundly with predictable revenue coming in whether I work or not.  

Imagine if you were helping a customer with a chiropractic-related need at your clinic – an adjustment, for example – and they continued to pay you month after month for the thing you’ve done one time…

That’s essentially what I’ve been doing since 2014, but not in a clinic – it’s all based around the virtual real estate that I’ve developed to help local companies to service the needs of their communities. 

Envision yourself taking a day off of work – call it…

  • a personal day…
  • a sick day, or…
  • any other reason that you feel the need (or want) to not go into work that day…

If you’re serious about expanding your bottom line to get started down this path – toward financial and time freedom, then our coaching program can advise you accordingly.

I was only able to walk away from my full-time job after a year of this lead gen thing because I took massive action under the instruction provided in our training course.

Still, think setting up digital assets to spit off results – meaning more clients and more cash flow – is still a waste of your time?

Don’t take my word for it, because I’m not the only one who has experienced plenty of positive results from our lead gen coaching program; hear what others experience from taking action and jumping into profit mode immediately…

•    Extra profits to invest into your favorite charity or children’s not-for-profit

•    Help other local businesses to get into the practice of leveraging the internet to make more money online

•    Develop the financial base to decide if you’d rather keep working in your job – in this case, as a chiropractor – or if you’d rather be a managing partner that is so completely hands-off that you can just call in to “check on things” while you’re on semi-permanent vacation to warmer, sunnier climates

•    Stay home to run your marketing in your pajamas instead of going “into the office”

•    Wanna sleep in some days?  When you’re generating passive income each and every month, you’ll get to pretty much do whatever it is that you want

Look, you can take the information in our coaching program and use it to expand your clinic’s presence online – with the intent of bringing in more customers so you can help more people…

There’s nothing wrong with that!

If, however, you’d also like to add another revenue stream to your already successful practice, then I’d like to invite you further to explore the results of entering into the space of local lead generation on your spare time.

I worked a corporate 9 to 5 and was still able to reach $10k within my first year of starting with this local lead gen.

That means even the busiest of the busy, hard-working professionals can do this, too. 

To give you an idea of what kind of profits are available through our instructions…

•    Positioning key lead gen sites in strategic positions online

•    Capitalizing off free traffic from search results

•    Sending them to [your office or another service provider’s for a sliver to deliver]

That limo lead gen site has been going for 5 years strong, paying upwards to $750.00 in passive, automated income for every month that the local company is partnering with me and taking the call requests…

See it for yourself:


It’s not too late to get started and learn how I was able to generate massive results for my local business owners that I’ve partnered with…

You can start heading toward the same thing by CLICKING HERE NOW to learn how our coaching program in lead gen can make a difference for your local business operation.

Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses in 2019

We all know that starting a small business can be extremely challenging.

It seems like every little detail is a major struggle, and each one demands your full attention.

Although, one of the most important parts of starting a small business is marketing.

The reasons for this are simple.

The biggest problem you’ll face as a small business owner is finding customers.

Without customers, you won’t make a single cent.

Pretty simple, right?

Well, the solution to that problem is marketing.

But this is where it gets a little tricky.

Because you’re starting a small business, you’re probably not going to have the budget to start massive marketing campaigns that cost six figures or more.

So what are your options?

The truth is that there are plenty of ways to market your business on a budget.

Some of these methods are actually pretty genius, and they can even be more effective than big budget marketing campaigns.

When it comes to generating financial profits online, one of the best things that you can do is obtain some guidance – usually in the form of mentorship and/or coaching – to get you started right.

For me, that guidance came through what is currently our coaching program in local lead generation.

See, in 2014, I wasn’t in the best of circumstances due to a laughable salary of $35k coming out of the dead-end corporate job that I was laboring through. 

It wasn’t helping that I was barely scraping by to pay for a lame apartment that might as well be condemned since the landlord refused to turn the heat on or repair anything on work orders.

I don’t know if any readers of this blog can relate to any of this, but I was seriously behaving like an internet scavenger – hungry for anything that could provide just a little extra income online. 

You see, this coaching program had taught me what I could do in my after work, spare time in order to start building a passive income that can build into a monthly salary…

What I didn’t seem to realize in the beginning was how successful I could become.

For example, I was able to…

•    Build and rank lead gen sites immediately to position myself for massive profits

•    Establish a passive $10,000.00 per month in income (within a year’s time)

•    Quit my 9 to 5 (who wasn’t going to give me a raise anyway)

•    Stop walking one way in freezing temperatures, and thick snow on work commutes in downtown Detroit’s winter seasons

•    Eventually, establish multiple lead gen sites that now deliver over $45,000 per month

That’s right; since 2015, I have been successful in my ability to dodge ever having an employer to answer to. 

This didn’t happen overnight, but I can assure it’s because of lead generation for local businesses.

That first year in business taught me a lot of things about operating at a profitable margin online.

To illustrate, here’s a sample of one of my lead gen sites which consistently, and predictably, rakes in a couple grand — $2k per month, to be exact – and it’s been doing that for over half of a decade now:


What you’ve just seen is a lead gen site that gets noticed in its local market – being Grand Rapids, MI, USA – above all other competitors in the marketplace, thereby funneling the vast majority of customers to one service provider.

If you learned how to do that, do you think you could also stand to take a portion of a local company’s marketing budget each month, especially when you’re continuing to make them more money thru bringing them more buyers?

That’s the ultimate power of lead generation, leveraging FREE TRAFFIC online.

Since it operates on AutoPilot, such a concept also delivers on time freedom as well as the financial side of operating an internet-based business.

CLICK HERE if you think this is something exciting, and you’d like to get a step-by-step walk-through on what I personally did to build this business and how you can do the same.

When it comes to overall content marketing, it’s all about using your imagination.

But hey, we get it.

Sometimes you need a little inspiration.

That’s why we’ve come up with 20 Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses.

At least one of these ideas is sure to be effective for your unique needs.

And who knows, they might spark your imagination, and give you an idea of something even better!

First: Go Crazy With Those Hashtags

Every teenager these days know this as basic knowledge.

When it comes to social media, it’s all about those hashtags.

If you don’t have the luxury of hiring a social media specialist, then it’s up to you to maximize your use of hashtags.

Simply put, you need to use as many hashtags as possible when posting to your business social media.

Now, we’re not saying that you should simply put as many random hashtags as possible on your posts.

Instead, you should load up your posts with as many relevant hashtags as possible.

For example, if you’re selling kitchen utensils, you could use #vegan, #kitchen, #gadgets, #chef… the list goes on.

The more you can think of, the better.

Again, this is seriously basic stuff.

But some people might not be social media savvy.

You can even use hashtags which aren’t product specific, but more relevant to your business situation.

For example, #entrepreneur, #startup, #smallbusiness.

You’ll never know what kinds of connections you’ll make through the simple use of hashtags.

You might meet tons of new customers, but you could also network with other people who can help you with your business.

Second: Start A Blog

It’s always a decent start to establish a blog.

But when you’re running a small business, starting a blog becomes pretty much mandatory.

The thing about blogs is that they’re very good at getting lots of traffic.

When you succeed in getting lots of traffic, you can then redirect that traffic to your online store, or your actual business website.

And once you’ve started to get lots of traffic, you can start looking at all of that traffic as potential customers…

Because that’s exactly what it is.

Blogging is a real art, and it’s easy to make mistakes.

But do it right, and you could boost your marketing to levels which are on par with major brands.

And the best part?

Starting a blog costs barely anything.

But what should you actually blog about?

Well, that’s easy – your business!

Hopefully, you’re pretty passionate about your small business, so writing about it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

Give your audience insight into what it’s like to run a small business.

Let them know each and every challenge you face, along with every hurdle.

It might seem like you’re talking to literally no one at times, and it might not feel like it’s worth the effort.

But stick with it, and you’ll realize just how useful a blog can be – especially to a small business.

Third: Social Media Contests

Hashtags are one thing, but if you really want to kill it in the social media game, you’ll run some contests on your page.

It goes without saying that people love contests.

It’s fun even if you don’t win, and you can get the attention of many new customers through a simple contest.

You might think that it makes no sense to simply give away your products for free.

But trust us, it’s more than worth it to lose a little bit of money.


Because you’re gaining potentially thousands of customers.

All you might really do is post a prize on Instagram or another form of social media.

To enter, have your followers tag their friend (and follow the page if they’re not already).

It’s even better if you allow people to enter more than once, depending on how many friends they tag.

The benefits of this are obvious.

As more and more people are tagged, more people learn about your product and your business.

And when someone wins, they’re likely to become a lifelong customer.

There are no real limit to how often you can do this.

Many small businesses do social media giveaways every week.

The prize can be relatively cheap as well, like a hat or a t-shirt.

People love this form of marketing!

Fourth: Boost Your Social Media Presence

This one is pretty vague, but it might just be the most important part of your marketing campaign in 2019.

So how do you “boost” your social media presence?

One of the biggest steps you can take is to simply choose the right networks.

Pinterest is a great choice if your products look amazing, and are visually pleasing.

But LinkedIn is a way better choice if your product is more business-oriented, such as a consulting business.

Finer choices like these make a big difference.

And remember, you should always have a clear direction for your social media presence.

Don’t just wing it.

It’s a key aspect to this game to have a clear idea in your mind about what you want your social media presence to look and feel like.

You might want to use certain colors or a particular art style, for example.

You also need to develop a strategic, tactical mindset when it comes to developing your social media presence.

Think about your target audience, what kind of content you want to create, and so on.

Another way to boost your social media presence is to use automation.

This is cheaper than you might expect.

Here’s one tactic that TONS of people use: interact with your audience!

Comment on relevant posts, answer questions your audience might have.

Don’t be afraid to simply step up and speak up with a simple thank you for the praise you might be getting!

On that note, it’s better to use social media to interact with your audience, rather than to promote your products.

In the end, this tactic will have a better effect.

Obviously, you want to post as often as possible.

Going several weeks without posting content isn’t acceptable.

It also doesn’t cost any money to keep an eye on the metrics and data related to your social media page.

This can give you incredible insight, and you can adapt accordingly.

Those are just a few ways you can boost your social media presence.

Fifth: Get Your Email Game Up

Anybody who knows anything about digital marketing can identify with the belief that an email list is one of the more valuable tools at your disposal.

And luckily for you, it’s also one of the easiest marketing strategies to set up.

Starting your own email newsletter helps keep you connected to your customers, and it it’s one of the best ways to make sales.

But it’s not a total walk in the park.

In order to get the most out of your email list, you need to keep a few things in mind.

First of all, your emails should be heavily customized and targeted to your specific audience.

Customers don’t like it when they feel like they’re getting a mass email.

It feels like spam.

Instead, you should strive to make your email newsletters personal and intimate – as if you’re talking to your friends.

We could write an entire article about email lists and newsletters.

But the most important thing to focus on is the subject line.

The subject of your emails should always be catchy, imaginative, and compelling.

The tricky thing about emails – for me – is that spam filters and the struggle to come across as important to target audiences requires a long-term game to get past the noise and into the hearts — and minds — of your ideal customers.

That means that you’ll have to see things through for several months, or years, to spin a result.

How do I know?  I’ve done it!

In order to afford to test such a concept, however, I was operating a successful local lead generation business online; the same one that I had launched back in 2014.

I had help, of course, as I was able to acquire attention thru a coaching program to learn exactly what it took to get this business model generating profits on the closest thing to AutoPilot that can be found online in our technological era…

What is essentially taught are the procedures and methods required to…

•    Build and launch a local lead gen site on the search engines

•    Leverage the free traffic that derives from the methods that we recommend (meaning you’ll never have to utilize paid ads if you really don’t want to)

•    Let the internet operate on your behalf, performing the heavy lifting for you while you collect your monthly check

I hate to be the bearer of an oversimplified truth, but that’s about all there is to the process of lead gen for local businesses.

When something is this simple, and the profit margins are nearly 100 percent, something just has to be mentioned here.

If this intrigues you – and I knew it might because the passive income certain caught my attention less than a handful of years ago – CLICK HERE for more information

Sixth: Video Marketing

These days, a huge percentage of marketing is done through videos.

You can see this on social media, YouTube, and many other places.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why these methods are so effective.

Videos are more interesting, more revealing, and more immersive than pictures or texts.

We know what you’re thinking:

“I don’t have that much time, or the money, to get a professional video done for my products!”

Well, you’d be surprised what you can achieve on a limited budget.

Low budget videos can still go viral, as long as they have the right features.

Think of a funny way to market your product.

Film something that gives your viewers a look behind the scenes.

The possibilities are truly endless with video marketing, and you don’t need a huge budget.

The most important thing with this form of marketing is a great imagination.

Remember, always remind the viewer of your website, online store or products.

You can slide this in during the last few seconds of the video.

Seventh: Industry Events

If you’re attempting to market your business, then you should definitely consider trade shows and other industry events.

In fact, these events are pretty much tailor-made for people just like you.

It’s all about getting your name out there, networking, and getting people excited about your product.

Trade shows allow you to do this better than most other tactics.

At trade shows and other industry events, you might not succeed in gaining thousands of new customers.

But you will succeed in meeting other businesses, connecting with like-minded individuals, and forming valuable business partnerships that will help you market your product down the line.

And to top it all off, you can even attend seminars and talks that can educate you on how to boost your small business in all areas – not just in marketing.

Eighth: Visual Marketing

They say a picture can be worth at least one thousand words.

Well, play your cards right, and it could be worth thousands of new customers.

You’d be surprised how effective an interesting image can be once you post it on Instagram or Pinterest.

Visually pleasing images can easily become part of your marketing campaign, and they don’t require a lot of money to create.

In fact, it’s mostly free.

You might even consider creating a visual instructional image, explaining how to use your product, or how your business works.

Make sure to create an interesting image with great color and design elements.

And if you’re terrible at graphic design and art in general, you can use all kinds of easy online tools to create awesome visual marketing images.

Ninth: Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard this casual phrase spoken before: “Content is king.”

And when it comes to promoting a small business, that phrase has never been more valid.

Creating the right content drives traffic and attention to your business.

This is the ideal mindset you should have with your marketing plan.

Don’t try to ram your product down people’s throats.

Instead, concentrate on creating interesting content that people will actually enjoy.

When people like your content, they’ll share it, and your traffic will grow.

Once you’ve got tons of traffic, it’ll be easier than ever to sell your products.

Thinking up, creating, and developing good content can be as simple as writing a really awesome “About Us” page, or an interesting story detailing how your business got started.

Tenth: Cross Promote On Social Media

Cross-Promotion on social media is a seriously easy concept, although it might sound a little complicated.

This goes back to getting the most out of social media.

All that “cross-promoting” means is marketing your products on multiple social media accounts.

But you can get pretty deep with this tactic.

One thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that you need to tailor and customize social media posts to the specific platform you’re posting on.

Don’t just copy and paste your messages to different social media platforms.

You can also cross-promote by adding social tabs to your Facebook page.

Try adding links to social media on your email newsletters as well.

You might even link up with a big brand or figure, and promote your products on their social media.

There are tons of possibilities with cross-promoting.

Eleventh: Start-Up Some Industry Partnerships

Speaking of linking up with other brands, why not form an industry partnership?

The benefits of this tactic should be pretty obvious.

When you form an industry partnership with another brand or company, a lot of your problems disappear immediately.

Although, just what kind of problems are we talking about?

How about your low budget?

Or access to expensive marketing tools?

Or maybe access to a way bigger audience?

There’s really no downside to this approach.

You might even learn new things about marketing from a much bigger company.

Their experience is sure to rub off, and it can result in some awesome lessons.

Obviously, one of the hardest parts about forming industry partnerships is actually meeting people, networking, and getting the deal done.

This can definitely take a lot of effort on your part.

But it still won’t actually cost you anything.

Twelfth: Explore Social Media Engagements

Previously, we mentioned the benefits of actually engaging with your audience on social media.

But this crucial factor really deserves its own entry.

And it’s not just about commenting and replying to posts, either.

There are plenty of optional ways to interact with your audience on social media.

The sky really is the limit, and your imagination can lead you in some interesting directions.

How about putting out a poll?

Or offering coupons to people who follow your social media accounts?

Those are only a few ideas, but the general idea is to engage directly with your audience as much as possible.

Make friends with your customers!

Thirteenth: Tag Your Social Media Posts

Just like hashtags, tagging your social media posts is hugely important.

Tags bring your products to the attention of specific brands, audiences, and individuals.

Because of this, they function in almost the same way as hashtags… it’s just another tool at your disposal.

And you definitely need to be using every tool possible on social media.

You don’t need to be a social media expert to become a pro at tagging your posts in the best ways.

Fourteenth: Host A Class or Special Event

One of the best forms of marketing might surprise you.

Educating your customers is one of the most effective ways to get people interested.

Tons of people are using the internet to learn how to do simple tasks.

Let’s say you’re selling women’s nail gloss.

Why not create a few videos detailing the best way to apply nail gloss?

Of course, you’ll be using your product in the video, and you can slip in a few words about why you think your specific nail gloss is the best option out there.

You can also host an in-person event or class.

You might show slideshows, hand out prizes, or simply have fun with your audience!

People are always looking for cool events to go to.

You could attract tons of new customers in this way.

Just remember that it’s more about educating and entertaining your customers, rather than trying too hard to sell people your products.

Fifteenth: Start Up a Webinar

If you want to get super professional with your online lessons, then you could definitely try a webinar.

These are online lessons meant to give the audience some pretty deep education.

The most professional webinars out there are hosted on sophisticated conferencing platforms.

These include:

•    Webex,

•    GoToMeeting, and…

•    many more.

These platforms seem to make it easy for you to set up a webinar, and get broadcasting in just seconds.

You can also promote your webinars on social media, or through your email newsletter, for example.

It’s just another solid way to promote your business with no real costs.

Sixteenth: Connect with The Best Influencers

Influencer marketing is huge right now, and for good reason.

It’s actually one of the best ways to market your products.

This holds true whether you’re a big brand or a small business.

There are always influencers out there who are open to promoting your products, and most of the time it’s a great decision.

But how does it actually work?

Well, first of all, you’ll need to realize that some bloggers and social media influencers have a bigger reach than a lot of advertising agencies.

Because of this, you might find that it’s a match made in heaven.

Influencers are always looking for ways to cash in on their reach.

And small businesses need exposure.

At the end of the day, both parties win.

Obviously, you won’t be able to afford huge YouTube celebrities.

But there might be some influencer out there who has a pretty respectable reach.

If you form a relationship early on, it could be very profitable as this YouTuber grows in popularity.

The same logic goes for bloggers.

You can even make this work without spending a single dollar.

Simply attend blogging and YouTube meetups and events, form connections, and get people to try your products for free.

It’s that simple.

Seventeenth: Collect Business Cards and Do a Giveaway

Here’s another way you can easily set up a cool giveaway:

Instead of doing an online contest on social media, take a different approach.

Collect people’s business cards, and draw a lucky winner.

When you collect business cards, you get a lot of insight into your customers. Where do they work?

What industries are they involved in?

All of this valuable information and more is usually right on a business card.

If you have a physical store, it’s easy to set up bowls where customers can drop their cards, in order to enter the draw.

Eighteenth: Create an Awesome Customer Referral Program

When it comes to marketing, there’s nothing like a good referral program.

With this form of marketing, you’re essentially getting your customers to do the work for you.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Your customers will work extra hard to spread the word if there’s something in it for them.

Giving them a free product, a discount, or a coupon is a great way to reward those who are bringing new customers to your business.

You might even offer a reward to both the old customer and the new customer.

This is essentially word-of-mouth marketing…

Except for the fact that you’re paying to make it happen.

You’d be surprised at how effective a simple referral program can be.

Pretty soon, you might be up to your knees in new customers.

Nineteenth: Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla Marketing is a very interesting concept, and it’s a completely different approach.

It’s a great option for small businesses because the budget isn’t the main concern here.

Guerilla Marketing is all about spreading the word with methods that people might overlook.

In short, it’s all about getting creative.

Most of Guerilla Marketing happens in the real world, and it doesn’t involve anything on the web.

Examples would be using chalk to write a huge company logo on the ground.

Or, you could hire a graffiti artist to paint something amazing that links to your company (in a legal spot of course).

Slap stickers all over town.

The list goes on.

Get creative, and make sure that people actually like whatever you’re putting out there.

Guerilla Marketing has the potential to be even more effective than many other “mainstream” methods of marketing.

It’s a truly interesting area that you can do tons of research into.

Twentieth: Word of Mouth

Last but not least, we have word of mouth.

This is arguably the most effective form of marketing out there.

And it’s also a type of marketing that doesn’t cost a single dollar.

People are more likely to listen to their close friends and family when they recommend a product, rather than some random commercial or image.

But how do you actually control word of mouth advertising?

That’s where it gets a little complicated.

The first people you need to talk to is those that you trust – your employees.

Encourage your employees to talk to their friends and family about the product, and you might just find that word of mouth spreads a little faster.

You might even host family events that include your employees and their entire families. It definitely won’t hurt to become a brand that your employees love.

At the end of a day, word of mouth advertising isn’t really something you can control very easily.

But you can nudge it in the proper direction, and it can definitely be one of the best forms of marketing, period.

As you can see, there are just tons of options available to you as a small business owner.

So get out there, be creative, and start marketing!

Local Lead Generation Credited as Most Reliable Digital Marketing in 2019

I get it; my mentor gets it, and my digital marketing employees get it – the internet is never a 100 percent sure thing…

Content marketing comes in a variety of forms simply because there are different strokes required to get the job done.

Whether you’re swimming a certain stroke in a lane-marked pool race or trying to produce an income online, there are different things that could be a better fit for your product or service than other suggestions for generating attention thru the internet.

It can be a difficult game, often trying the patience and metal of business owners and newly committed entrepreneurs – daily, there seem to be more and more solo entrepreneurs – and they are interested in a return on their investments (ROI) quickly!

If you’re looking for an overnight success opportunity, I won’t tell you to keep looking like I’ve seen most articles do, because I’m going to save you the trouble and tell you the honest truth…

There simply are no “get rich quick” opportunities online.

That said, students in our lead gen coaching program seem to be having massive success in a matter of weeks and months from starting to learn this Free Traffic-capitalizing, high-income skill set. 

What we’re able to do is get in front of buyers online – especially in local markets, where the competition is laughable to conquer – and earn our way into the opportunity of a lifetime…

When you know how to funnel buyers into the local service provider of your choosing – meaning, those who value and get excited about wanting more customers – you become the most powerful and most important person in the room. 

Even if a company doesn’t know it yet, what you do know is that every business that has ever existed has a marketing budget set aside for the purpose of generating leads.

Each business needs more customers with each passing day; wouldn’t it make sense to hire someone like you if they knew you could help them to expand their bottom line?

Now, what’s not being said here is that you need to pitch the sale and close the deals; unless you’re in an official capacity of sales for a local company, that’s not your job.

What our coaching program teaches is how you can get your own virtual real estate in front of Free Traffic on the internet that you can then leverage to power up your lead gen sites and get passive, positive cash flow coming into your bank account!

One of the top ways to do that is to position your lead gen site at the top of search results; here’s a lead gen site that you can see as my example for what I’m talking about…

It’s a limo rental site – lead gen-based – that is certain to generate multiple referrals per month for a local service provider; they, in turn, cut me a check each month for helping them to not only stay in business but to increase their bottom line on an ongoing basis.

Check it out right here:


What’s great about getting your digital assets positioned like this includes…

•    Being able to conquer the competition relatively quickly, using our mentorship and methods.

•    Generate results for local companies to get attention with – and assist – fairly quickly.

•    Select a business or service company that’s local to the area and is credible, reputable, and can perform consistently as they close sales and fulfill orders.

•    Rake in the mailbox money like the passive income you’ve always wanted it to be.

Now, that’s a great start to illustrating the process of what you’ll find in our lead gen coaching program.

The best is yet to come, however…

In addition to the money, profit margins, and time freedom, there are other things that those in our coaching program get to enjoy once they’ve reached their desired measure of success:

•    Making a living while making a lasting, positive difference in local markets – local businesses definitely want more customers, but they don’t always know who to trust in this world of digital marketing; by being their go-to asset for all things lead generation, you stand to profit massively by being the person they can refer their friends in business to so, collectively, all can help the community to grow and improve.

•    More time to do what you want – I’m building this blog because I’ve always wanted to create a source of information that can be useful to both successful entrepreneurs looking for additional streams of revenue “and” new up-and-coming entrepreneurs that are ready to make a change in their life but simply aren’t sure of where to go.

•    More financial freedom – instead of always checking your bank account before making a large purchase, you can pay each one of your bills and have some left over to live in a little more comfort; I’m not saying go out and spend all of your profits immediately, but it would be nice to eat a little better or fix a car up to make it more reliable.

•    Low competition – not many are actually attempting to do what you are trying to do; in fact, local businesses are experts at their tradecraft, but not many have the time to venture into the world of local lead generation, so this is your opportunity to step up and do this for any marketplace (selecting both a city and an industry that can benefit from more local customers).

•    Enjoy the flexibility of entrepreneurship – you’ll get to give yourself time off, travel with your work-in-hand as your laptop can be a carry-on with flights, and you can even sip champagne on an exotic beach so long as you’ve got electricity in your laptop and access to the internet.

These ideas all sound grand and wonderful, but are people really doing this?


What about the students in our coaching program?

Also, yes! 

This limo lead gen site is exactly what you could be doing in other markets and industries in order to generate profits online for yourself.


That $750 is very real, and that amount has been delivered to my bank account regularly for over 5 years! 

If you’re ready for results such as these for yourself, then take a closer look at our lead gen coaching program so you can generate profits on AutoPilot thru Free Traffic.

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10 Best Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates

An education in digital marketing is something that will always be profitable.

Some say that the world of marketing has changed a lot in the past few decades.

They’re right, of course.

The birth of the internet and the digital era have both seriously changed how we market our products.

But in many ways, the core principles of marketing have remained the same.

Understand these principles, and you can easily succeed not only within or among the physical world, but in the digital environmental atmosphere as well.

And there’s one thing that will never change about marketing:

It’s incredibly important.

This is a skill that will lead to…

•    more sales,

•    higher profits, and…

•    generally greater success.

If you’re embarking on a major business venture, then earning, possessing, and perfecting your outstanding marketing skills are pretty much mandatory.

You can either hire someone else to handle this, or you can try to step up your game and confidently venture into the unknown to learn the skills yourself.

On the flip side, however, you don’t need to sell any sort of products or services that you own or possess personally in order to put your digital marketing education to good use.

Instead, you could simply sell your talents to the highest bidder and work for the larger, more well-known, and bigger brands which could ultimately land you in a career position to generate a greater and more sizeable salary.

If you do decide to learn more about internet marketing, then it would probably be a great idea to get yourself a solid and well-rounded education.

Be sure that you make no mistake about it: digital marketing is what you want to study.

Although all marketing principles are useful to learn, the digital world of advertising and acquiring attention for a brand, product, or company’s service is the wave of the future.

And this skillset is only going to get more and more popular as we continue to progress our global society and interconnect with one another so buyers can come from more and more countries around the world.

Every day, more products are sold online, and people need to be able to market those products.

Sure, you can remain ignorant about digital marketing…

And yes, you could just hire someone else to do it…

But we all know that this line of thinking isn’t the most profitable…

And it doesn’t give you much control over your final marketing strategy.

Why not become certified in the art of Digital Marketing?

It’s always a great choice.

But where’s the best place to go for this kind of education?

It’s a great question to ask yourself.

You most definitely want to get the best education that you can possibly find… and I think that goes without saying.

So what are the options?

What I would personally recommend – beyond paying for a certification-natured education – is to pick up a coach or mentor and hire them to teach you the ropes so you can focus on what’s more important than a third-party credential and that is the ability to produce a desired result.

For most businesses, they simply want more customers and to do more good in the community through having more people buy their time and resources so they can continue to serve for years to come.

Our local lead generation coaching program makes it possible for a local company to be seen through Free Traffic so they can get more customers – and the person who set up the lead gen site to help that local company to get more customers can stand to be compensated rather handsomely for the gesture of funneling consumers their way.

In the end, it’s a rather smart business model because you’ll use the same digital marketing skills that are often taught with variations and nuances in each of these certification programs, with the added bonuses of tracking results to prove your worth.

Then, you can use some of your first clients as case studies to prove that you’re successful and can deliver results, ultimately allowing prospective and future clients to see the kind of value that you can deliver and desire to have you work for them as well. 

All it takes is a little steam and elbow grease to follow our simple business model…

1.    Rank a lead gen site that you’ve thrown together with our training and mentoring

2.    Connect with a local company who will gladly rent out the site – because that means more customers for their company

3.    You collect payment each and every month

4.    Repeat the system to maximize your profits to as high of a salary as you want.

When I first started this lead gen coaching program, I was the newbie corporate nerd that showed up in a thin, black, 3-button business suit every morning after walking in the wintery snow – up to my knees – where I’d have wet feet and be shivering the air-conditioned office for most of the workday…

What I stumbled upon with the coaching program was the ability to set up these lead gen sites to operate on free traffic and produce passive income around the clock – and I was able to get this launched in my spare time! 

Nearly a year later, I had enough lead gen sites posted – much like this tree service site out of Grand Rapids, Michigan – to amass $10k in monthly revenue and fire my boss; this is what that tree service lead gen site continues to look like to this day… (see it for yourself now):


This lead gen site was set up according to the specifications of our coaching program (which are still consistent since I began this business model in 2014) and it continues to pay me regularly – and has been for the last 5 years.

If $2,000.00 per month in passive income is something that interests you, then you’d probably rather spend your time doing than reaching for a certificate as proof that you’ve worked hard and spent a lot of money, thereby allowing the wisdom of this coaching program to produce results fast and getting paid quickly with the knowledge from our lead gen coaching program…

CLICK HERE to get the full scoop and connect with us right away!

We’ve actually narrowed it down to our ten top picks.

These institutions offer digital marketing programs that will provide you with certificates once you’ve completed the course.

Not only will you receive a sound and high-quality education, but you’ll also have something to show for it at the end.

Benefits of Getting a Digital Marketing Certificate

But why even become certified?

What’s the point?

Does that fancy piece of paper actually mean anything?

Is it worth the money?

What does a certificate actually provide you with?

First and foremost, certification courses are highly efficient.

They provide you with a quick yet extensive path to expertise.

These are professional tier courses that are finely tuned to maximize learning.

Second of all, these courses are actually quite affordable.

We live in a world where college tuition fees have skyrocketed out of control.

It makes sense to factor in the cost of the course.

But for the most part, you’ll be happily surprised at just how reasonably priced the courses can be.

Certification courses won’t leave you with a degree.

But they’re a great alternative to a more traditional degree-based program.

A certificate can give you the ability to jump right into a totally new career.

Or if you’re an existing marketing professional, it might provide you with tons of new and useful skills.

But we still haven’t answered that initial question:

What does a certificate actually give you?

The best courses available are ones that tackle all the major topics.

These include:

•    Email Strategies

•    Content Creation

•    Pay Per Click (PPC) Systems

•    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

•    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

•    Mobile Device Marketing

•    Social Media Marketing

•    Data Analysis

What’s The Difference Between a Degree and a Certification?

There’s definitely a big difference between a Digital Marketing certificate and a degree.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each learning path.

Which one you choose depends totally on your unique needs, limitations, and ambitions.

Degrees are obviously harder to obtain.

This isn’t just because they require you to study for a longer period of time.

A Digital Marketing Degree almost always demands that you have certain prerequisites going in.

To get a Digital Marketing Degree, you usually have to have another degree under your belt before you can even begin the course.

Obviously, this will be limited to some.

You might not have time to go back to school all over again. Or maybe you just don’t want to.

All of these prerequisites and admission requirements have their benefits though.

In principle, they’re supposed to “weed out” the people who aren’t really serious about Digital Marketing.

When you have a degree on your resume, it gives you a level of prestige that you can’t quite get with a certificate.

Some employers might actually demand that you have a certain degree before hiring you.

If you’re young and already in college, a degree might be a better option.

After all, you have the time to actually go through the long process of obtaining the degree.

And if you’re not even in the job market yet, you need all the help (and experience) you can get.

But if you’re someone who wants to switch careers quickly, then a certificate might be just the ticket. It won’t take much time, and it won’t cost you too much money.

A certificate might also be useful if you’re already in the marketing world, and you want to educate yourself about the constantly evolving world of digital marketing.

Technology is changing fast.

It pays to keep up with the latest developments.

But hey, those are just basic guidelines.

It’s never too early to return to college and earn your reputable degree.

On the flip side, a young student might want to head straight for the “fast lane” of getting a certificate rather than a degree.

There’s nothing wrong with either of these decisions.

Certifications Vs. Free Courses

Of course, there’s yet another option available to you.

Yes, we’re talking about free courses.

Believe it or not, it’s not too hard to find free Digital Marketing Courses on the internet, and some of them are actually pretty solid.

You might have heard of Massively Open Online Courses, or “MOOCs.”

These are becoming more and more popular in 2019, and thousands of students are getting together and pursuing an impressive education over the internet.

These students piece together various shreds of knowledge, learning more and more about digital marketing every day.

By the end of their education, there’s not a huge difference between these students and those who have paid for degrees and certificates.

And believe us, students who take free online courses still get hired by big companies.

By the end of the day, it’s important to review all of the skills that you can bring to the table.

How you actually learned those skills isn’t really all that important.

But of course, there’s plenty of disadvantages you’ll face when taking a free course.

And the first downside is that it requires insane amounts of discipline and work ethic.

If you can’t motivate yourself to actually get work done, then you’re not going to learn anything by taking an online course.

With many free online courses, there’s a lot of responsibility placed on you.

You’re the one who actually has to organize your lessons and curriculum. You have to schedule time each day to study.

You set your own deadlines.

There’s no teacher babysitting you.

Yes, there might be a few instructors who can help you with your online courses.

But most of the time, these teachers take ages to respond to any questions.

They’re certainly not reliable.

The biggest problem associated with free courses is probably the most obvious.

It’s a lot harder to get hired with a free course on your resume.

Whether it’s justified or not, free courses just don’t get the same respect as degrees or certifications.

You can’t get a recommendation from your professor, and employers can’t look at your GPA.

All you really have is the skills learned from these online courses.

You don’t have any of the prestige or respect that comes from a more traditional learning program.

Still, a free course comes with benefits.

First and foremost, you won’t be saddled with insane amounts of debt.

Even if it requires more time to climb the ladder of the digital world, you still won’t have to worry about paying off debt.

This is huge in 2019.

And if you’re already an established seller who wants to learn some digital marketing skills to increase profits, then why not go for the free option?

As long as you’re disciplined enough, you’re bound to learn a lot of useful skills.

In the end, it’s up to you.

Whether you’re a marketing professional or a student looking to learn valuable skills, these ten digital marketing courses are solid choices.

Just for the record, free courses or paid, these digital marketing instruction sessions will help you to know more about the world wide web and what you can do to move a brand’s presence forward.

The reason I prefer to hire someone like Dan (my mentor and the founder of this coaching program) is that he has been successful at local lead generation for small businesses by using Free Traffic to generate massive income long before he had founded this coaching program. 

I’m glad he did, too. 

I was seriously considering an academic-based education about something along the lines of this when I found his mentorship and jumped at the opportunity have him show me what he knows.

When you find someone successful, and you want to be successful as well, then it might be best to try and link arms with the person who has arrived at where you’d like to be so you can learn from them and receive guidance along your path toward maximum profitability in the least time possible. 

If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to make a grand total of over $10,000 in monthly, passive, online income within my first year – nor would I have been able to fire my boss and quit my job in 2015! 

The opportunity is real, and you can CLICK HERE to see just what is possible with our exclusive local lead generation coaching program, where we educate, mentor, and keep up to date with changes and best practices within the industry. 

For those still looking for an academic curriculum to show them the ropes of how to make things happen online, there are courses that we’ve seen value in and listed in a top ten fashion for your benefit – and a whole lot of other, boring, but appropriate reasons…

But for the most part, we picked these Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates because they offer great value for the price and include a resume-building bit of evidence that you can show anytime someone asks for validation of your credentials.

These courses will provide you with a great education, without breaking the bank:

First: The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is an old University with a lot of history.

It’s ranked within the top 100 universities in the entire world.

Believe it or not, you can even get a degree in digital marketing from this school.

The excellent news is that there are only 3 courses and a couple of electives, and you have 2 whole years to complete the course.

There’s a huge amount of freedom and flexibility here.

You actually get to choose 3 courses from a massive list, including:

•    Digital Content Strategy

•    Digital Analytics Strategy

•    Digital Marketing Basics

•    Paid Media

Through observation, you can see that there are tons of options available to you.

If you’re a beginner, you might choose to take “Foundations for Digital Marketing.”

But if you’ve already got a good grasp on the basics, then you might choose to take more advanced and specialized courses.

And on top of that, you get to choose from a huge list of over a dozen electives.

This really is a good option if you want to tailor your learning experience to fit your own ambitions and career goals.

It’ll cost you a total of $4,344, and the course should be able to cover all the topics you find yourself interested in.

Second: The Rutgers University

This esteemed University can trace its beginnings all the way back to the days before the American Revolution.

This University has only been offering online courses since 2015, but it now seems to be fully focused on delivering quality long-distance courses.

11 of these online courses are even degree programs at the graduate and undergraduate level.

Rutgers offers something called a “Mini-MBA In Digital Marketing.”

This course must be completed within 12 weeks, but other than that it’s completely self-paced.

There are 12 modules, a final exam, and then a capstone project to finish things off.

The course materials are accessible for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can even interact with your peers via online chat rooms and discussion boards.

You’ll love this course is you already have a pretty solid understanding of the marketing world.

A lot of key Digital Marketing subjects are skipped over, but these are pretty basic subjects that you might already know.

It will cost you $3,495.

Third: The University of La Verne

Located just outside of Los Angeles, the University of La Verne is another old institution steeped in tradition.

Even though the University itself is traditionally religious and maintains many religious aspects today, you won’t deal with any of that when you take their online courses.

That being said, you can obtain their Certificate of Digital Marketing online or physically through real classes on campus.

Or you could do a little bit of both. It’s up to you.

If you want, you can even complete this course in just four days.

That’s great news if you’re a working professional, and you want to get some Digital Marketing skills as soon as possible.

But it might not be such fantastic news for beginners who are looking for an introduction to the subject.

It’s pretty clear who this course is marketed towards, and it’s not people starting from scratch.

If you actually do the math, this course is the most expensive per hour.

But you know what they say – Time is money.

Sometimes, spending months on a course will cost you more than the actual tuition fee.

Busy professionals can’t afford to take too much time off.

And because of that, the $2,499 price tag might be justified.

But keep in mind, this course skips over a lot of Digital Subjects.

Fourth: The University of Washington

The University of Washington is an esteemed educational institution in America.

Famous for its medical school, this university has a great research budget and is a recognized member among some of the prestigious organizations.

Don’t be fooled by the name of this course.

Their Certification of Digital Marketing is very similar to the other programs on this list.

It covers some core subjects of Digital Marketing; they just choose to define this as telling a story to the customer.

And yes, that’s essentially what marketing is.

You don’t need too much time per week with this course, as it’s split into three segments.

One segment is taught each quarter.

The three segments are:

•    Content Creation

•    Content Strategy

•    Content Science

If you want to specialize in content creation, then this course is right up your alley. It’ll cost you $3225.

While it skips over some Digital Marketing subjects, the focus on content creation is pretty amazing.

Fifth: Oregon State University

Oregon State University is another very old, well-established educational institution with over 200 programs in total.

This university gets millions of dollars in funding for various research programs.

It’s a very well-respected institution.

Their Digital Marketing program is called the “Digital Brand Management Certificate.”

In order to get your certificate, you’ll have to complete four separate courses placed throughout the year.

These are the four courses:

•    Digital Content Strategy

•   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

•    Social Media Marketing and Mobile Accessibility and Responsive Design Marketing

•    Digital Brand Strategies

As the name of the course might suggest, there’s a big focus on brands here.

Professional Marketing veterans teach this course, and they focus on brands like Nike and Adidas as examples of success.

You’ll even get the opportunity to build connections with these large brands.

The course costs $1,950.

It’s important to remember that this course doesn’t focus on Digital Marketing as a whole, but rather a few specific areas.

It doesn’t cover all the bases.

Sixth: The University of California Irvine

The University of California Irvine is another so-called “Public Ivy.”

This public school offers an insane amount of undergraduate and graduate degrees, and they’re all supposedly on par with the best Ivy League schools out there.

This university is famous for its intense research and development, and it spends hundreds of millions of dollars on pushing the boundaries of science and logic every year.

Their Digital Marketing Certificate program is pretty straightforward.

It’s online, and it covers all the big topics in the industry…

These include:

•    Social Media

•    Mobile Marketing

•    Analytics

•    SEO

•    Customer Retention, Acquisition, and Conversion

You get 6 standard courses, plus 4 electives of your choosing.

This system allows you to cover the basics while still specializing in a few key subjects.

You actually have about 5 years in which to complete this course, but it shouldn’t take you that long.

If you’re fast, you can get your certificate in 160 hours.

You’ll have to pay a hefty sum of $3,765 for this course.

But on the bright side, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Digital Marketing.

If you don’t want to leave a single stone unturned in your education, then this is the course for you.

Seventh: The University of San Diego

The University of San Diego is actually one of the newer institutions we’re going to mention.

It originally opened in the 1950s, and its focus was on women back then.

Today, it accepts all students, although it’s still proud of its Roman Catholic roots.

The University of San Diego gets tons of praise for having small classes, which is definitely a plus.

Smaller classes also mean that you get more time to interact with your instructors and ask them questions.

This institution is also famous for having some pretty amazing courses, which are mentioned quite regularly in publications such as Forbes.

Make no mistake; you can rip through this course at a pretty rapid pace.

It’ll only take you 8 months to complete – and that’s if you’re studying for only 3 hours per week.

That’s equivalent to one class per week, in case you were wondering.

You’ll notice that this course seems geared to those that are already pretty well-established in the industry.

Small to Medium-sized businesses will benefit from the lessons here.

Seasoned pros will also learn a lot of new and exciting skills.

For $3077, you’ll learn almost everything there is to know about Digital Marketing.

Eighth: The DePaul University

DePaul University is a Catholic University with some really interesting roots.

It was founded way back in 1898.

This school has won tons of praise by giving special attention to students from impoverished backgrounds.

DePaul University’s Integrated Marketing Communications Certification Program is pretty unique.

It’s interesting because it allows you to actually specialize in a specific area.

You’ll get five standard courses, but you’ll also get to choose one elective.

There are 12 different courses you can choose from for your elective.

Another interesting note is that you can actually choose to complete the course in person if you like.

But if you don’t want to spend any time on campus, you can easily learn online as well.

At $1,495, it’s definitely the most affordable option on the list.

That might make it pretty tempting for you.

But keep in mind, it doesn’t cover all the bases.

Even with the choice of electives, there are some Digital Marketing subjects that aren’t going to be covered.

Still, you can’t beat the value of this course.

Ninth: The Famous Duke University

Duke is an extremely old university with a lot of history and even more money.

This educational institution is worth billions of dollars, and that’s down to a few very intelligent financial moves.

One of their most notable decisions was to pursue more long-distance and certification learning programs.

And as you might have guessed, their Digital Marketing course falls under this category.

You’ll find this course under the umbrella of Duke’s Office of Continuing Studies and Summer Sessions.

It’ll probably take you about 350 hours to complete, and you’ll probably want to put 5 to 10 hours of work into the course each week.

Basically, you have a year to complete the program.

Those are your only limitations.

If you want to complete it much quicker, you can. If you want to take the entire year to do it, then that’s completely okay as well.

The marvelous thing about this course is that you can even take a free demo, just to see what awaits you if you decide to actually pay the fee.

The curriculum was crafted by some of the most respected names in the industry.

These include authors, speakers, working professionals, and many more Digital Marketing pros.

Take your course on vacation with you.

Learn while you’re waiting for a flight. With 24/7 access to the course, you can learn at any time, and in any place.

As a pretty neat bonus, you might even qualify for the Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) or the Online Marketing Certified Associate (OMCA) exam(s) at the end of the course.

The bottom line of this is your cost for this course can run upwards of $2,995.

It’ll educate you on pretty much everything that you might need to know about Digital Marketing.

Tenth: The University of Vermont

When you take a course with the University of Vermont, you can take pleasure in knowing that you’re learning from one of the oldest educational institutes in the United States.

Considered a “Public Ivy,” this school was intended to provide an education comparable to Harvard and Yale – while still remaining publically funded and accessible to the masses.

You can complete their Digital Marketing Certificate program in just 12 weeks.

Even better, you’ll only have to devote about 8-10 hours per week to this program.

But what will you actually learn?

You’ll actually focus on a different subject each week, and each topic is taught by a proven Digital Marketing pro.

Whether you’re seeking a career switch or start your journey with zero prior experience, you’ll get a seriously high-quality education at the University of Vermont.

Not only does this course cover every little detail when it comes to Digital Marketing, but it’s also very reasonably priced.

For $1,695, you’ll learn virtually everything there is to know about the subject.

Seriously – you’ll leave this course with an extremely extensive education in Digital Marketing.

Because of these factors, this might just be your best option for a Digital Marketing Course with a Certification.

In Conclusion

The knowledge and skill of digital marketing is a coveted item by businesses virtually worldwide! 

If you have the know-how to help a company increase their web presence online, then you – yourself – are in high-demand; depending on who you’re looking to get hired with, sometimes you can even write your own paycheck.

Other times, however, you’ll have tons of applicants fighting for the same position and submitting your information could render you as simply one number among the many.

Sorry to pop your new idea bubble here, but that’s the honest truth, and we give truths in this here blog, or so I reckon. 

The skill can range from search engine optimization (SEO) to social media expansion, and from various forms of digital paid advertising to orchestrating marketing and public relations campaigns that suit the company’s needs.

Unfortunately, not every single method of digital advertising would be most ideal for each company’s branding, product, and/or service.

For example, someone in need of a plumber right this minute – especially for an emergency leak that could be damaging the foundation of a home –

That homeowner and/or landlord probably wouldn’t turn to their Facebook feed and hope that they see a brief advertisement that offers a discount on plumbing services (although, such a thing might be awfully convenient if the situation, the offer, and the need for the prospective client all lined up perfectly).

Instead, they would probably perform quick research on a local search engine to find someone that is able to fulfill their need right away; this high-intent buyer would probably be willing to pay whatever amount is necessary to get the job done since the sense of urgency is a modest pain that they’re looking to solve nearly immediately. 

The same could be said for someone that is socially engaging with friends, family, and/or neighbors on digital media devices and happen to see a brief Facebook Ad for something that they don’t have a sense of urgency to check off their day’s list of things to do but would be nice to have. 

Being able to find those kinds of buyers in social media would probably be the most ideal kind of a sales opportunity –

Unfortunately, not many business owners or salespeople really view digital marketing that way…

That’s why they need a specialist – and you could be that expert that they connect with and pay handsomely for assistance with.

Local Lead Generation Leads Implementation of Digital Marketing Knowledge to Bring 6 Figures to Entrepreneurs in 2019

It’s no secret that digital advertising is the wave of the future.

Think about this logically…

•    Local service companies have been around for as far back as nearly any of us could remember…

•    The wave of the internet has essentially caught most of society’s attention – at least, the members who have access to the internet…

•    Neither of the above items seems to be on the verge of going away any time soon

As more and more small businesses open up across the United States and several parts of the world each and every year, it’s imperative that those kinds of businesses be given the fair shake they deserve in order to see success and profits in their future.

That’s what local lead generation is all about for small businesses…

Our coaching program teaches how digital marketing principles, primarily addressing skills in search engine optimization (SEO), can be leveraged and utilized for the sake of bringing those service companies for local citizens more attention and more buyers.

When you venture into this kind of endeavor, you’re essentially bringing greater value to a business owner than just about any other bill that they might have had to pay thus far.

When you can satisfactorily expand a business owner’s bottom line, they’ll want to keep you around for a length of time so you can continue to feed them business.

In fact, several companies have stopped marketing their own company in any form just to partner with me – their exclusive and sole provider of local referrals and exclusive sales leads. 

I didn’t always know how to do this, though. 

I was actually working for a corporation that refused to pay me more than around $35,000 per year just to do some office work that they supposedly needed done…

I don’t know if you can relate, but I was…

•    Overworked

•    Underpaid

•    Never moving fast enough

•    Failed to be recognized by management

•    Passed over for raises – for years

•    Quarterly reviews weren’t convincing of my performance, despite working my tail off for “the man.”

•    Hardly saw the sun come out

•    Often times, I wouldn’t see the sun at all with the times I would wake up or leave work

•    Walk to work in the snow – since they wouldn’t give me so much as a bonus for a car

That’s why I ventured into the world wide web and anxiously sought for a side hustle I could launch right away – but I also wanted an opportunity that wouldn’t require my need to obtain additional taxation on my schedule. 

In other words, I wanted more money without having a second job.

When I had heard about the same coaching program that I’m now privileged to share with the world, I began to count my blessings because I had found something that would give me what I had been looking for – on my laptop while sitting on my freezing couch one winter’s weekend – for quite some time now.

This is one of the finer projects that I was able to put together with the information from the lead gen coaching program – where this guy named Dan was doing the exact same thing for years before teaching me how to use Free Traffic to make myself more money passively – and these assets for limo rentals work like a charm!  (See them below):


The above positioned virtual real estate is rented out, on a per month basis, for about $750.00…

And the kicker is that the same process in this lead gen coaching program is used in a repeat fashion to build out more lead gen sites like what you’ve just seen. 

Currently, I have 45 more of these cash money machines rolled out all across North America, and they’re compensating my bank account anywhere between the amount above and $3,000.00 – per month – in passive income.

That means that I could set up a lead gen site for very little in capital and under a corporate work day’s worth of hours…

And I could have my very own lead gen site ready to start making me more of what I’ve needed for quite some time: more money. 

I still think it’s a very true thing to believe that money isn’t everything…

However, I can tell you that the extra cash that I’m raking in now – especially to the tune of over $45k in monthly income – has solved a lot of problems that I was experiencing while working for that so-called great corporate job that I had landed right out of school. 

Beyond the privileges and blessings that the passive income had provided, this coaching program has also been able to deliver…

•    Work from home, in pajamas if I feel like it, and I enjoy making my own work hours.

•    Since passive income is what this business model generates, I don’t even have to work that hard – and, some days, I don’t have to work at all if I don’t want to.

•    The Passive Income is reliably delivered every month – thanks to the abundance of Free Traffic online that comes to the lead gen site after it’s ranked near the top of search results.

•    The competition in this space is ridiculously laughable!  Added to how relatively quickly a lead gen site can be seen near the top of search results, you can have your pick of countless cities and an abundance of industries that you could provide these local lead generation services to. 

•    Since your virtual real estate is owned online and rented out in a digital, passive fashion, you could actually work anywhere you could take your laptop – but as a side note, remember to keep it where electrical outlets and affordable access to the internet exists; that’s just in case you want to “check” on things that are still paying you each and every month. 

•    Remember – this is a long-term business model that you can reap the rewards of for years to come (after setting something up one time)

That last point really hits home for me with our lead gen coaching program.

Remember that limo lead gen site we had just discussed a few paragraphs above…

I have to confess that I had only worked on that project for so little time (less than a full calendar day; that’s for sure), that I was amazed to see $750 in monthly, passive income delivered into my bank account regularly –

•    It’s still live online

•    It’s still positioned at the top of search results

•    It’s still generating passive income after all these years (since 2014)

This is ridiculously exciting to me because that means I can have my needs paid for and work less on earning that income…

That allows me to be able to do just about anything with my days…

And yet, I’m writing a blog for you because I really enjoy learning more about what is being pitched to digital marketers and online – especially new and starting – entrepreneurs. 

More importantly, I like seeing what can really be recommended to people just starting out online –

So, I’ve invested a lot of my time and other resources to try coaching programs and other business models so that I could speak intelligently about them…

I wish there were assets like this when I was just getting started back in 2014 so I could find out if people saw the value in what I was about to jump into.

Needless to say, the lead gen coaching program has delivered on its promises, and I’ve worked hard with the knowledge it’s given me to make a living while making a difference in the lives of the business owners that I’ve partnered with all across North America.

For those of you that are curious, here’s what the limo lead gen site looks like (see the image below)…


You could make virtual real estate and rent it out for high-dollar amounts just like this when you get started with our coaching program and learn the ropes.

If you’re a hungry entrepreneur…

Whether you’re curious or interested in what digital marketing can offer you…

Those hungriest for a change in their livelihood and lifestyle…

CLICK HERE to get more details and other information about our lead gen coaching program and how you can learn the exact steps that I’ve taken to launch my business to almost $50,000.00 per month in profitable, net, and passive income! 

Serious inquiries only need apply.

…Are you still reading?  Then read all the way to the end here, and then, CLICK HERE for more information!

Resource Cited: https://www.bestmarketingdegrees.org/top-online-digital-marketing-certification-programs/