Duke Digital Marketing Certificate Review

Obtaining an education in Digital Marketing has never been easier in 2019.

One of the most popular choices in this day and age is to obtain a certificate in Digital Marketing.

Thanks to the internet and digital learning platforms, you can obtain these certificates with minimal investment in both time and money.

And make no mistake, an education in Digital Marketing is one of the most useful educations you’ll receive in 2019.

Yes, the principles of marketing remain the same whether you’re active in the physical or the digital world.

But everyone knows that the future is on the internet…

And the future of selling is going to be massively dependent upon the online world.

Why is an education in digital marketing so important?

Because it’s always changing.

New technology, social media platforms, and online selling techniques continuously shift.

Some go out of style, while others pop up out of nowhere.

If you can keep up to date on all the changes in the digital marketing world, you have a massive advantage over every other seller.

But if you can do more than just keep up with the trends, you could rise to another level entirely.

If you can actually educate yourself extensively on how to make use of these trends, you’ll be in a very lucrative position.

Educate yourself about how to use new Digital Marketing trends, and you’ll have so many options available to you.

If you’re already an online seller, you’ll be able to boost your sales massively.

If you’re already an employee in the marketing world, you’ll be able to quickly climb the corporate ladder, rising yourself all the way to the top.

Bonuses, promotions and many more opportunities are waiting.

For me, the corporate world wasn’t my gig – in fact, I left the corporate world when I first learned about internet marketing.

It took close to a year to build up enough income in my side hustle with lessons from this local lead gen coaching program, but a passive income of $10k per month was all I needed to replace my $35k per year salary.

While other courses may teach some fundamentals of digital marketing, a lot of them aren’t as results-driven as the coaching program I had stumbled upon…

It taught how Free Traffic is key to making a genuinely passive income online – and how you can do it for yourself instead of working for a company.

Launching my entrepreneurial endeavor online in 2014, I knew I was going somewhere!

After all, I was going to be working for myself and seeing profitable returns on my investment (ROI) with this coaching program.

The business was simple: set up lead gen sites to produce cash flow after they’re ranked on search results.

That means I wouldn’t have to attend to working on my assets daily; they could spit off cash flow regularly, even when I decide that I’m not going to work that day.

A large number of my lead gen sites are doing just that, as a matter of fact.

If you’re curious as to what one of these might look like, stay tuned because I’m about to show you what’s possible with our coaching program right now.

If you’ve ever heard of Grand Rapids, Michigan, then you’re in luck because I was able to position a tree service lead gen site right at the top of the marketplace, and it’s continuously feeding me a couple grand each month (see it for yourself below):


It’s a remarkable bit of virtual real estate, especially in the sense that I have a renter who exclusively receives the results of that product – and they continue to grow their bottom line by getting an influx of customers from the marketplace! 

It’s really quite exciting, actually! 

It was all taught in our lead gen coaching program – which doesn’t give any sort of certification; but we don’t need one when we’re bringing value to the marketplace in exchange for nearly 100 percent in profitable revenue.

If you like what is cooking, CLICK ON THESE WORDS to check out more of what this coaching program can introduce you to.

If you’re just now leading yourself into the world of Digital Marketing for the first time, getting a certificate is a great option.

You could be a young student or someone who just wants to take on an entirely new career.

You just can’t go wrong with a certificate under your belt.

Why Get a Certificate?

But why should you be considering a certificate ahead of other options?

Well, what are the other options, anyway?

You could always get a degree.

This is the most traditional form of education, and there are definitely some benefits.

Apparently, a degree carries with it certain clout on your resume.

And yes, a degree will probably leave you with a more “complete” education.

But there are downsides to getting a degree as well. First and foremost, it’s expensive.

Tuition rates are higher than ever before, and this poses a problem for a lot of us.

But even if money isn’t an issue, it’ll still take you a lot of time to get your degree.

If you’re already a working professional with a busy schedule and plenty of responsibilities, going back to school for a degree just isn’t an option.

There’s also an option to find free sources of education on the internet.

This is becoming more and more popular in 2019.

Sure, there are plenty of videos on YouTube and blogs to read over.

But nowadays free education is actually becoming pretty organized.

There are now massive online courses filled with thousands of students, all learning together and piecing together what they need to learn.

The benefits of this system are obvious – it’s free and it’s easy to get into.

But again, there are drawbacks.

A free course won’t look great on your resume, no matter how famous or popular the site or system is; there’s just no certification…

And if you’re taking a free course, you need to be incredibly self-driven and disciplined.

With a free course, there’s probably not even going to be an explicit curriculum.

There are no requirements for graduation.

There’s not even a clear schedule put in place.

You have to organize all of this yourself, and it takes a very special kind of person to pull it off.

The final option we’re left with is a Certificate in Digital Marketing.

So why choose this option over the alternatives?

There are a number of reasons to consider.

First of all, Certificates don’t take that long to complete.

Usually, it’s a matter of months, not years.

These programs are actually specifically designed to fit in with the schedule of a busy working professional.

You’ll probably only need to devote a few hours every week to the course.

But then again, these courses are usually self-driven.

What this could mean is that you can put more or fewer hours into the course, depending on what you’re able to fit in.

The second big benefit of a Certificate course is that it’s very affordable.

These courses aren’t going to cost nearly as much as a degree.

For someone who’s taking a risk by switching careers, this is a big deal.

It’s also great for young students who want to try Digital Marketing out for the first time.

It’s no wonder why Digital Marketing Certificates are so popular these days.

Online universities like Duke are scrambling to keep up with the demand, and people seem to really like the structure of these courses.

By day’s end, you probably already know why you want to get a Digital Marketing Certificate.

Various people might want to obtain it for different reasons.

But in 2019, it’s clear that a lot of students are benefitting from these courses.

As we previously mentioned, a Certificate program is great for all kinds of different people.

These include working professionals, online sellers, people who want to switch careers, or young students entering the workforce for the first time.

Sure, a Certificate might not look as good as a degree on your resume.

But rest assured, a Certificate from an institution like Duke is well-respected by employers.

It might also be your winning ticket to a promotion or bonus within a company.

Employers love it when people take it upon themselves to improve their worth to the company.

But if you’re already an established seller online, then you don’t really care about employers or resumes.

Since you’re taking this course, it may be assumed that you want to improve your knowledge.

And believe us, you’ll learn all you need to take your business to the next level.

Why Should You Choose Duke’s Digital Marketing and Media Certificate?

As far as Certificate programs go, Duke’s Digital Marketing and Media program are pretty standard in terms of its structure and overall system.

It’s self-paced, and accessible online at any time.

Like many other programs of this nature, it’s geared towards working professionals with busy schedules.

It’s also priced similarly to Digital Marketing Certificates offered by other universities.

You’ll have 12 months to complete the course, and it should take you about 350 hours in total to complete all of the modules.

This equates to about 8 hours per week, which is totally manageable.

So what will you actually learn when you take this course?

The course includes a series of modules, and all of them are crucial to the Digital Marketing world.

Some of these modules are more basic than others, and you’ll have to fully complete some of the more basic modules before moving on to the more complex ones.

The modules are focused on things like…

•    SEO,

•    Social Media,

•    Mobile Marketing,

•    Pay-per-click,

•    Email marketing, and much more.

You can feel confident that all of the major Digital Marketing pillars are covered in this program.

But how will you learn about all of these things?

First of all, the course includes a series of labs.

These labs include programs such as Mimic Pro and Mimic Social.

These programs focus on data analyzation and social media strategies.

You’ll also get hands-on training in the use of tons of useful tools.

These include things like Google AdWords and Analytics, YouTube Marketing, and how to market using a variety of different social media platforms.

The course also includes a variety of “Short Courses.”

Think of them as crash courses in a variety of useful areas, such as Pinterest Marketing, Twitter Marketing, and even advertising in challenging Asian markets.

Like many online courses, you’ll get access to a variety of video lessons and lectures taught by a number of the top industry leaders in the Digital Marketing world.

There are also downloadable PDFs and study guides for most modules.

As an added bonus, you’ll also be able to access Simplitalk, a forum for Duke students.

You’ll be able to interact with similar peers and ask them questions about anything you might be having trouble with.

What Do I Need to Do to Qualify for this Course?

One of the biggest benefits of taking a Certificate Program in general is that there are virtually no prerequisites or requirements.

That’s the same with Duke’s Digital Marketing Certificate.

The only particular restriction is that you have to be 18 years old.

You also need to have a pretty solid grasp on the English language.

On the technical side of things, all you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader…

A simple search online for it should look something like this:

Further, a reliable internet connection, an email server, and a fairly recent computer or operating system should do the trick.

What Do I Need To Do In Order To Get My Certificate?

In order to actually obtain your certificate, you need to do a few different things.

First of all, certificates will only be issued to those who graduate with at least an 80% score on the final assessment test of each module.

Secondly, students will need to complete 6 of the advanced modules in the course.

The first module is mandatory.

This initial module is the Digital Marketing Certified Associate, or the DMCA module.

Keep in mind that you’re not limited to just completing six of the advanced modules. You can complete all eight, if time allows.

And you won’t be charged extra for it either.

How Much Does This Course Cost?

This course costs a total of $3,195.

For this fee, you’ll get access to the course for 12 months.

There are no refunds, but you can take the course for a “test drive” before paying a single cent.

What Sets Duke’s Certificate Program Apart from the Crowd?

Let’s be honest – there are tons of options out there for a good Digital Marketing Certificate Program.

Duke definitely has some competition.

So what sets one of these apart from the crowd?

First of all, this is definitely one of the most detailed, extensive and most comprehensive courses out there today.

It covers all bases involved and leaves no stone uncovered.

Even though 8 hours a week might not sound like a lot, it’s actually more demanding than some of the other Digital Marketing Certificate programs we’ve seen.

The norm actually seems to be about 3-5 hours per week.

This definitely gives you an idea of just how much information is packed into the course.

But here’s where Duke’s Certification program really stands out: The OCMP Certification option.

If you identify as having met these requirements, you can apply to take the OCMP Certification test.

This is definitely going to look great on your resume, and it gives that certificate that extra little bit of respectability that’s needed to stand out.

It’s something you won’t find in many similar certificate programs, and it’s one of the reasons Duke’s Digital Marketing certificate program is so popular.

What Are Some Downsides of the Program?

Every course has its downsides, and Duke is no different.

Some students have commented that Duke’s certificate program seems a little too extensive at certain times.

Sometimes, this course seems to go into a lot of detail on certain subjects.

That’s fine, but some of these subjects are actually really easy to learn about online, for free.

In case you’re wondering, here is what they proclaim to educate students on:

Some students have also complained that the course can feel a little outdated at times.

While this might be true, it’s important to note that Duke actually updates their course with totally new information and resources every 6 to 8 months.

It could probably be a good idea to take the course immediately after it’s been freshly updated, if at all possible.

Other students have complained that there weren’t that many opportunities to interact with instructors and other students.

But this is a limitation of all online certificate programs, not just Duke’s.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of options out there if you’re looking for a Digital Marketing Certificate.

But you really can’t go wrong with Duke University.

It’s one of the most extensive courses out there, and you’ll learn everything you would ever want to know about the industry.

It’s competitively priced, and it’s perfect for working professionals with busy schedules.

That being said, it’s great for all people who want to learn more about this topic.

There are some minimal drawbacks, but all of the benefits completely overshadow any negative aspects of this course.

What makes this course worth it is the sheer weight of the information offered, coupled with the option of an OCMP certification.

What Local Lead Generation Brings for to Your Bank Account in 2019

It’s no surprise that the digital era yields a wealth of options when it comes to finding a way to produce an additional income online in 2019.

While corporate entities are struggling to find a way to demystify the internet presence and leverage it to their advantage – meaning to make more money –

There is a lead gen coaching program that is already helping individuals to do that very thing…

In fact, we’re teaching the same concepts that those large firms should be using but in such a simple way that you could turn around and implement your education for the sake of making money in your spare time (for yourself). 

Instead of trying to demystify the complex world of digital marketing, why not just learn from someone who has already done that and has profited massively from the very business model that they’re willing to share with you (for a barrier of entry, of course). 

If you’re looking for someone to guide you to the promised land, then look no future.

No, I’m not trying to pitch you here, and it would make sense that I don’t want to…

Even though I’m one of a handful of people that Dan – the mentor and coach of the same lead gen coaching program I learned from in order to now bring in $45k+ per month in genuinely passive income online – hand-picked to introduce others to this course…

The information has treated me well, but we want to bring in people who will seriously take action to make things work for them.

That means we’re looking for fast-action, quick decision-making people that are hungry enough to want something better than they currently have it in life.

We don’t want just anyone – if that were the case, then we wouldn’t be able to give the generous, liberal, and well-deserved attention to each of the flooding newbies into our coaching program so they can see massive profits and success for themselves (with proper guidance, of course). 

Why is this such a big deal?

For the very reason that we have the simplest, most profitable and time-opening business model and we want to guard the information from reaching just anyone – it’s reserved for the elite that wants to work hard and make a living while bringing true value to the marketplace.

To show you what we’re doing, take a quick look at these search results for a limo lead gen site that I’ve made over 5 years ago; it took me less than a business day to throw together and pays me upwards of almost a grand each month (see below):


This was made possible by the coaching program that I was introduced to while I was living in a run-down apartment in a downtown complex in Detroit, Michigan – and not that many moons ago.

The only reason that I’m doing so well is that I didn’t waste any time taking action on the information that I was able to acquire from my mentor and coach. 

Now, in addition to the comfort that comes from not having a corporate job – but, instead, having replaced it with absolute financial freedom – my needs are met, and I have the time to write a blog article (like this) about the things that interest me most…

Finding what the best solution is for a new and up-and-coming internet-based entrepreneur; someone that’s looking for a side hustle that can honestly turn a profit online. 

That’s not all…

Check out all of the other amenities that come along with the results that you can generate from our lead gen coaching program

•    Absolute Autonomy: no need to call in sick or ask for permission for time off because you want to stay home, take care of a loved one, or go to a ball game.  If you are looking to extend a vacation you find yourself attending; you get to choose to do that because you could be working for yourself.

•    Improve Your Situation: move into a better place, obtain a reliable source of transportation – or a nicer one, buy clothes that don’t have holes in them, shoes that keep your feet dry, and more.

•    Build Wealth: generate profitable, virtual real estate that you can rent to local businesses… the same people who set aside funds for marketing each and every month; you could be on that list of investments the company makes each month, and your identity to them can be “the bill that pays all of their bills.” 

•    HUGE PROFIT MARGIN: You get to enjoy minimal overhead and start-up fees while delivering results for your clients – the small business owners that local service citizens of a community or region – that help them to build their company’s bottom-line! 

•    Minimal Competition: Instead of competing globally in digital marketing – especially against international corporations – you can jump into a local market and dominate for a specific industry, thereby siphoning all of the consumers asking for help and funneling their information to a local company so they can have more opportunities to pitch their services and land deals. 

•    Wanna work wherever and whenever you want?  When you have several of these lead gen sites built and profitably positioned, you can live life on your terms.

•    Wanna quit your job?  With our coaching program, you can just about do it!

I’m not saying that you should up and quit your job whenever you invest in something like this.

However, when true Passive Income is an option for a business model that is staring you in the face, it’s probably worth checking out to see if it’s a good fit and something that you can run within your spare time…

After all, who wouldn’t want more income without having a second job in their day?

By the way, that limo lead gen site is still producing income for me to this day, and I hardly do anything to maintain it!  Take a look at it for yourself (see below):


If you’re ready to make this kind of money – without adding a second job to your day – then…

CLICK HERE and let’s chat about what you’re trying to accomplish; serious inquiries only, please.  We’re making this available to those of us that are ready to grind! 

Looking forward to hearing from you…

References: switchup.org, knowledgeenthusiast.com, learnmore.duke.edu

Harvard Digital Marketing Certificate Review

Getting a certificate in Digital Marketing is certainly a very popular option in 2019.

The real question is simple:

Which school should you choose?

There are tons of different institutions out there which offer certificates in Digital Marketing.

For me, the choice was clear back in 2014 of where I should invest my time and savings to turn a profit on the internet…

Stumbling upon a Local Lead Generation Coaching Program, I found a way to garner results from Free Traffic through the algorithm of search results in order to build digital properties – things I choose to call virtual real estate – that send me cash on AutoPilot.

Sound too good to be true? 

Yeah, I’ve heard that before, and my response to asking that if it’s so much fluff then how do you figure that I’m living proof that this works?

In fact, this blog is sheer evidence that the information is good and lead gen for local small businesses is a very legit method to building a profitable income online – with the option to have it so passive that you can continue to make money for years if you never touch those rented out lead gen sites ever again.

While certifications seem to make sense, I don’t have a single one from the internet, and I’m rockin’ and rollin’ – without a corporate $35k annual income gig anymore. 

Oh and by the way, because of the work I did in my first year, I was able to generate around $10k in monthly revenue – all in my spare time (after work, weekends, etc.) to be able to walk away from my full-time job.

Why would someone do something like that?

The answer is actually really simple when you think about it…

When your side hustle begins to produce more than your annual salary in just a handful of months out of the year, your choices broaden, and you get to be more selective in how you spend your time. 

This was the case with the lessons I had learned in our coaching program for lead gen.

For me, my rapid success level and probably (which I’m legally obligated to say isn’t typical or guaranteed) allowed me to choose to pick off each of these things I’ve wanted to change one-by-one. 

Let me know if you can find it possible to relate to any of the following things that you’ve wanted to end…

•    Waking up before the sun and leaving the office building after the sun has gone down in any given business day

•    Winter commutes – on foot – in deep snow, wearing a thin business suit (since that’s all my salary could afford) and no hope of getting a car because I always got passed over for raises and bonuses

•    Quarterly and annual reviews where I was simply told that I wasn’t getting any increase in my income when compared to my peers

•    My self-worth getting questioned by a supervisor that actually did less work than I

•    Living in a place that the landlord – who I officially label as a slum lord – would charge some of the lowest rent in Detroit’s downtown area but refused to turn up the heat; my guess is making tenants comfortable – or healthy – cut into her profits

•    Not even having enough money to go out on weekends to be with friends

When I got started with this lead gen coaching program, which I now am one of a hand-selected few privileged (and trusted) by Dan – my mentor – to share this business opportunity with the world…

I took control of my life and ran with the opportunity to change things for the better. 

Instead of working for 30 years and probably never getting to see more than $40,000 per year, I wanted more out of life and believed that I was better than the quarterly reviews claimed.

I’m very happy to have chosen the path that I have, because this lead gen site in Grand Rapids, MI is still providing a healthy and handsome monthly profit of $2,000. 

Check it out for yourself (yes, I’m sharing with you one of the assets that I had personally built back less than half of a decade ago):

tree service

Prior to getting started with this coaching program, I never imagined something like this being possible…

Also, I had the notion that the only way out of my pickle was to take a pay cut and go back to school – and I really didn’t have the money, nor the means or family support to make this happen. 

Now, I own well over 45 lead gen sites across North America that each compensates me for their own respective amount; to give you an idea, they range in monthly revenue from $750 to nearly $3,000. 

If this is something that appeals to you, then you can do this same thing without a certification. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about how I did it – and how you can learn to do the same thing.

For those of you that are still hungry to learn more about Harvard’s digital certification program, please read on…

I say that because, as you might expect, not all digital marketing certifications are created equal…

I also have a personal reservation from the wealth of internet marketing credentialing programs that I’ve explored because most of them teach you how to be an employee instead of how to take the information and build your own business and revenue streams with the information that they teach.

If those are your needs and you wish to pursue something like this, then I highly support and encourage you to go after your dreams – assuming that’s what you really want.

Just keep in mind that…

•    some digital marketing courses are more expensive than others…

•    some take longer to complete the training program (when compared to most others), and…

•    others might be more extensive, as they could be addressing (or covering) more subject matter than their counterparts and/or competitors.

If you haven’t heard of Harvard, then I seriously don’t know where you’ve been because they carry a prestigious name. 

That said, keep in mind that some universities are just more prestigious than others and a lot of them are getting on the bandwagon of teaching a digital marketing course.

Such is the case with Harvard.

Why Getting a Certificate Matters

But does a certificate even mean much on your resume?

Let’s be honest; it’ll never be as respectable as a degree.

A degree takes more time, money, and a higher commitment level.

It shows that you’ve put tons of time and energy into your education.

But a certificate is still respected. While it might not be as extensive or as recognized as a degree, it’s definitely better than nothing.

In fact, it’s a lot better than nothing.

Today, some of the most well-respected universities are putting tons of effort into creating world-class certification programs.

Employers and brands are taking notice, and they know that these certificates are the real deal.

It’s not just about reputation.

The most important thing about getting a certificate is not what it does for your resume. It’s all about the education that it provides you with.

You don’t need to get the attention of an employer to put that knowledge to good use.

A certificate in Digital Marketing can give you all the tools you need to make it on your own.

That being said, you might be worried about what a certificate really “means.”

Will anyone care?

Is a certificate something that people just dismiss when they see it?

Is it considered a “real” education?

If you’re worried about these things, then you should probably think about getting your Digital Marketing Certificate from Harvard.

As soon as an employer (or anyone else) sees the word “Harvard” on your resume, a little light bulb goes off in their heads.

Yes, it’s “just” a certificate.

But it’s a certificate from Harvard, which makes it more reputable than pretty much any other certificate out there.

Is Harvard’s Digital Marketing Certificate Worth It?

Reputation aside, is this certificate actually worth it?

It might look good on your resume, but that doesn’t really matter if you don’t learn anything useful.

Let’s break down what this course is all about.

First of all, it’s important to note that this course takes place over the course of just five days.

That’s definitely a big departure from most universities which offer similar certificates. The standard, normal certification program is usually a course that takes a few months.

Harvard’s program is five days long because this is actually a physical course that you attend in person.

It’s not an online self-guided program like so many others out there.

This program will demand many hours of work and study each day.

Self-guided programs usually demand just 3-5 hours per week.

The benefits of such a system are pretty obvious.

You’ll get it over with pretty quickly.

It’ll be easy to take 5 days off work, especially if you’re getting an education that’ll serve your company or career in the long run.

In this way, the program is still great for working professionals, even though it’s essentially an intensive 5-day course.

It’s just a different system when compared to other universities offering similar certificates.

From the course description, it’s clear that one big focus of the program is to keep working professionals up-to-date on the newest developments in the industry.

Because of this, you can expect to see some very new and modern ideas and systems being discussed.

Even though it’s only a five-day course, the program still strives to equip you with all the basics you need to develop a Digital Marketing Strategy.

The tactics you’ll learn focus mostly on collecting and analyzing customer data, as well as fostering customer loyalty and market share.

One of the biggest benefits of this course is the fact that you’ll actually be able to interact with the people around you, whether they’re teachers, guest speakers, or other students.

This is huge.

With an online course, you just don’t get that ability to ask questions and receive an immediate response.

If you’re someone who learns best through discussion and communication, then you might get a lot more out of a course like this.

This course involves a wide range of learning tools.

Over the five days, you’ll learn from a number of video and in-person lectures. You’ll also analyze case studies and articles as a class.

Team activities are also a big focus in this course.

By the end of those five days, you’ll have crafted a digital marketing strategy to fit your unique business goals.

You’ll have the opportunity to examine successful companies and figure out why their digital marketing strategies work so well.

Another huge benefit of learning in a classroom setting is the ability to network with other like-minded students.

You never know where this will lead you, and it’s a massive opportunity that can’t be understated.

That’s just an overview of the topics that this course focuses on, and the subjects mostly revolve around the basics of Digital Marketing.

The core curriculum is actually divided into four sections.

The first is Social Media.

In this module, you’ll learn about paid social, building digital communities, social media policy, and much more.

The second section is Storytelling.

In this module, you’ll learn all about content management, brand stories, and much more.

The third section is SEO.

You’ll learn all about this crucial aspect of digital marketing, including paid search, analytics, SEM, and much more.

The final section is Influencer Marketing.

Learn about content creators, influencers, and the benefits and drawbacks of these marketing systems.

Who This Course Is Aimed At

Right off the bat, it’s clear that this course is aimed at a very specific group of people.

While other courses might seem more accessible to a wide range of potential students, Harvard’s Certificate program seems geared mostly towards working professionals.

Yes, the actual content of the course is pretty basic, covering the “foundations” of Digital Marketing.

But at the end of the day, the short duration and the subject matter of this course make it attractive to only a few different types of people.

The course description admits that the program is designed specifically for Executives, business owners, and professionals.

If you’re a young student or someone looking to switch careers, this course is probably not for you.

Although, I am concerned with the target audience of these academic universities and research institutions of higher learning…

A vast number of them appear to struggle with making courses available for the working professional and allowing for accessibility to these certification programs after business hours. 

As young, full-time college students seem to traditionally attend classes during the working hours of the day, the field of digital marketing is growing but just happens to be so new that colleges and universities are trying to catch up with the craze. 

That’s probably because there are coaching programs – like the one I’ve learned lead gen for small businesses with, and had major success in – who seem to accelerate the timeline of acquiring such knowledge with the goal of getting their students into successful, testimonial-worthy positions. 

It sounds like an elite class of people that you could be ranked among if you can commit to – and complete – certification programs in digital marketing, such as what Harvard offers (as an example) but what will you do once you have that piece of paper?

If you’re not already being compensated by your current employer with the promise that you’ll be given a promotion or additional, compensated duties associated with marketing, you’ll most likely be among the other graduates competing for a marketing position with an already well-established company. 

Then the panic sets in that experience seems to be the most key ingredient to being considered for digital marketing positions. 

Needless to say, students in our coaching program learn – by taking action, following along, and implementing – by taking action as they follow along with the lessons…

Then they can repeat the simple process – which I’ll share with you right now:

1.    Build your lead gen empire by starting with one lead gen site and ranking it online

2.    Get Free Web Traffic generating and connect them with the ideal service provider

3.    Get Paid

4.    Repeat

It’s really that simple; so simple, in fact, that a vast number of our students have already quit jobs similar to mine to pursue this business model full-time.

That said, a lot of us still indulge in our free time because of how “hands-on” that local lead generation really isn’t. 

If I can get paid monthly for a project that I haven’t done any maintenance to for nearly 5 years, imagine how many other lead gen sites are delivering those same results – again, with little to no maintenance.

Now that you’ve heard a little more about our coaching program in relation to certification for digital marketing let’s get you started on learning more about how you can be in profit mode relatively faster than the many weeks required to obtain an academic credential by CLICKING HERE NOW!


This course will cost you $5,995.

What Will I Get from This Course?

After completing this course, you will receive a “Certificate Of Completion” from The Harvard University Division Of Continuing Education.

You’ll also get the opportunity to learn from Nicole Ames, who is the instructor for this course.

She’s a known expert in the digital marketing world, and she has worked with big brands such as Ikea and Keurig.

The Bottom Line

So is this course really worth your time?

First of all, we need to consider the value of the course.

Money might not be an issue for you, but it’s still important to figure out what you’re actually getting for your money.

It’s a five-day intensive course.

This means that realistically speaking, you’re probably only getting about 40 hours of education in total.

This equates to 8 hours per day.

Compare this with similar courses, such as the one offered by Duke.

This is a self-driven, online course which takes 350 hours to complete over the course of a year.

This equates to about 8 hours per week.

You’re obviously getting a much more extensive education… and for basically half the price, too.

But there’s definitely value in learning from a classroom setting.

Sometimes, you can learn in ways that just aren’t possible with an online course.

For people who learn more effectively in a classroom setting, the extra cost and the shorter duration might actually be worth it.

But what really makes this course worth your time is the esteemed reputation of Harvard itself.

And it’s clear that Harvard knows this.

This is probably why the price is so high compared to other similar programs offered by other universities.

They know that their reputation is valuable, and the price of the course reflects that.

If you want to get a certification that looks great on your resume, you can’t really do much better than Harvard.

It’s as simple as that.

Does it justify the high cost?


Just the experience of getting to attend Harvard is something you have to take into account.

As part of the course, they’ll even throw in a free tour of the legendary campus.

You will get a rock-solid education, and you will leave with a very respectable certification under your belt.

For some people, this might be exactly what they’re looking for.

Local Lead Generation is the Most Profitable Education and Business Model in 2019

While not an academic institution, I still take in $45,000.00+ each and every month – whether I’m building more lead gen sites or relaxing and sleeping.

I get to have lazy days now because I’m getting paid for the hard work I had put into building a lead gen site 5 years ago. 

By hard work, I mean that I put these digital assets in place for a limo lead gen site in under 6 hours of dedicated, focused effort – and it’s still sending me upwards of $750 every month. 

Look at it for yourself, it’s still in existence in the capital city of Michigan (it’s called Lansing) – see it below:


The reason that this is such a big deal – and why I’m so excited to share this – is not only because it’s been a good business model to me…

A large number of my readership seem to stumble upon my blog because…

•    they are already successful and want to add another stream of income to their currently profitable entrepreneurship portfolio

•    they are newbies and wanting to step into the world of entrepreneurship but don’t quite have enough information to make a decision about where they should go and what they should spend their minimal life savings on

That last point isn’t a poke or prod on your financial circumstance; remember, I was there too before I found our lead gen coaching program.

The reason that it changed my life for the better is that I took the information seriously and took instant action to make things better for myself. 

The mentoring and coaching aren’t cheap, so we’re extremely selective on who we bring in to learn the step-by-step methods that I had personally used to make $10k per month within my first year, and – fast forward to 2019 – nearly $50k in Passive Income.

We like to speak with people before they join, so if this is something that appeals to you, then CLICK HERE to connect with me and we can go over whether you’re ready to make a change and whether this might be a great fit for you!

For those that are still skeptical, I want you to know that I can relate – I was the same way when I first met Dan (who is the founder of our coaching program and was profitably making a living in this space before piecing together a way to help others do exactly what he was doing).

Now for the glaring question: 

If this is such a profitable business model, why would someone make a coaching program if there’s a possibility that competition from other students will minimize the ability to make more money in lead gen?

One of the many benefits about this business model is that you can build this business by helping any business owner in just about any industry – and thanks to search engines, you can operate this business model in essentially any city that meets the parameters that we introduce to you in the coaching program; it’s all drawn out!

Additional luxuries that students – like myself – are enjoying when they achieve success include (though are certainly not limited to)…

•    Gain financial independence and entrepreneurial confidence out of the realization that local small businesses and the world wide web probably aren’t going away (or anywhere else) any time soon, thereby allowing us to run this Free Traffic

•    Appreciate the simplicity of the business model: duplicating what Airbnb, Uber, and other businesses have done before – simply generate buyer leads and send them to local service providers who already have a marketing budget and should be very happy to retain your services for months and years to come

•    Establishing a reputation of doing something worthwhile in the communities you serve: local business owners aren’t clear on what local lead generation really is and/or they simply don’t have the ability to learn the content that we teach in our coaching program; therefore, you have the chance to profit massively by being your market’s expert in generating revenue for the companies you service

•    Looking to achieve the coveted dream of simply working from home, whenever you want – even in your pajamas, if you so wish – you truly can select what hours you are desiring to work because you’re finally in charge of your compensation and work schedule

This is just a brief snapshot of all the plentiful, profitable joys that can come from joining our coaching program and linking arms with us while you learn the ropes of a business strategy that can generate revenue to last you a lifetime!

If you’re ready for a change…

If you’re ready to make these kinds of things for yourself…


Now that you know what’s possible in generating revenue online…

CLICK HERE to learn more about how our lead gen coaching program can assist you in progressing forward.

References: extension.harvard.edu

Phoenix SEO Expert Coaching – Learn to rank your business

If you own a business in the Phoenix area, you know it can be a daily struggle to make your business successful. You are in a competitive market, and you are most likely facing constant challenges to find new clients and increase your market share.

To learn more about how to use SEO to dominate your market click here

The truth is to be in business today you need a high-quality website to bring in new customers, but even more important than that you need your website to be seen by the people in Phoenix that are searching for your service.

That means you need SEO (also known as search engine optimization) Now if you have had the same experience that most business owners to the world over have had you might have gotten a slightly sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when I mentioned SEO.

That is natural, more than likely since you opened your doors you have been dealing with SEO companies trying to pitch you expensive packages that will help “grow” your business (whatever that means)

If this has happened to you, there is a good reason why you don’t like the idea of SEO. More than likely their pitch went something like this.

  • You are required to sign a 12-month contract
  • They expect you to pay a very high monthly fee (because they told you it is the only way they can achieve results)
  • They can’t promise results but take a look at their website and see all their satisfied customers!

Now if you are wondering how I knew that it’s because I have heard the pitch a hundred times myself.

Here is what they are not telling you!

  • The reason they require a 12-month contract is they want to make as much profit off you as possible.
  • No SEO company can legally promise results because they don’t control search engines like Google and Bing so they can’t make these companies give you the results you want.
  • They can’t offer guaranteed results, but they expect guaranteed money from you no matter what!
  • The truly successful SEO companies are not focused on doing the SEO work they outsource that, they are focused on getting new clients for their business, not yours!
  • They will never put as much effort into your business, or achieve the results you would achieve if you took control of your own SEO process.

There is a better way.

You might feel trapped between a rock and a hard place, you have to either pay the SEO companies huge monthly fees and hope they can deliver what they promise or risk no one finding your website when they are searching for your service in Phoenix.

There is a third option. You could take control of your businesses future and learn to handle your SEO yourself!

Right now you might be thinking “I don’t even know where to start” Don’t worry just like you at one point or another every single person who learned SEO didn’t know where to start.

In 2014 Several local SEO experts saw this problem and decided to come up with a way to teach local SEO skills to their students.

Over the coming years over 3000 students have learned the skills needed to build and rank local websites in almost any niche.

Our students have grown into a community of local SEO experts. These experts help businesses just like yours every day.

They have helped businesses get ranked in markets big and small all over the US Canada and Europe just to name a few. Some of these markets are even more competitive than Phoenix!

At a certain point, the team that created this training realized a simple fact.

No matter how busy our students were, they would never be able to help all the local business owners in every market. There are just too many!

That is why they made a very exciting decision recently.

The training’s creators knew that there was a huge need for business owners who were tired of being trapped between not having their site ranked and paying SEO companies to try to rank their site.

That is why we are opening the doors to our local lead generation and SEO training program to local business owners like you.

If you are still hesitating when it comes to taking control of your business’s future by learning SEO, I understand. You have a lot on your plate right now, and this will only add to it.

After all, as a business owner, your average day is more likely 12 to 14 hours, the last thing you want to do is add more work! But take a moment to think about what you would be gaining.

What Learning SEO can do for your business and your future!

Before you decide you don’t have time to take control of your business’s future, let’s think about what you would be gaining if you were to take this training.

  • You would never again have to pay an overpriced SEO company.
  • You would know exactly the steps you need to take to get your website (or any website) ranked.
  • You would never again have to worry about your website and why it isn’t ranking.
  • You can guarantee your site will get seen by the people in your area that are looking for your service and who are willing to pay for that service!
  • With a little extra effort, you can drastically increase the number of people who will find your business (I will explain how in a few moments)
  • If you take over the SEO of your business, you have the potential to save thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars that you won’t have to pay out to SEO companies!

I barely know how to turn my computer on!

Don’t worry, we have taught people that were not only not tech savvy, but a few of them were also actually afraid of their computers! We will train you to step by easy step, and before you know it you will be an SEO and local lead generation expert!

In fact you can start right now click here to learn more

I already have an SEO company I love.

Even if you are one hundred percent satisfied with the results, your current SEO company is getting you. You most likely still have concerns. After all, there is a good chance you found this page when you Googled Phoenix SEO.

There are still a lot of benefits that you will get if you know the “ins and outs” of local SEO

  1. You and your SEO company can speak the same “language” when they do work for you they can quickly explain what they did in ways you will understand.
  2. You can “spot check” their work, and I am not saying they are untrustworthy it’s just good if you know how to confirm they are doing what they told you they are doing.
  3. You can drastically speed up the process of you getting your site ranked. If you like the SEO work your SEO company is doing, you can add to it or augment it on your schedule. This is basically like having two SEO companies working on getting your site ranked instead of one. 

But why limit yourself to one website?

Having your website ranked is good, but even better is if you have multiple websites that are ranked and all of them sending leads to your business.

How do you do that? Simple really, if you are like most businesses in the Phoenix area you don’t just provide services to the city of Phoenix, you also cover the surrounding cities and towns.

In our training course, we will teach you how quickly and effetely build sites and get ranked in each one of those cities and towns.

You could have an SEO company do that for you, but the costs would be astronomical.

Using the techniques and strategies that we have taught local business owners like you. They have managed to increase their business by adding addition websites in surrounding areas.

Some of our business owner students have doubled even tripled their business in a short amount of time with minimal costs!

What kind of results can I expect to see?

The answer to that question is simple if you are willing to learn and put in the work the sky is the limit!

We can’t guarantee your results but we can show you the results some of our other students who are local business owners have gotten and we can tell you they don’t know anything that we won’t teach you by the end of this course.

After learning what we have to teach you, you will be in a position to get results like this.

Not only should you expect to get #1 ranking in Google and Bing like this


But you can use the skills we will teach you to build other lead generation sites in other local areas and use those sites to drive even more leads to your business! Just think of these other sites as Digital Billboards, the more you have out there, the more leads they will be generating for your business every month.

The skills we will teach you will allow you to scale your business up faster than you ever imagined!

Why stop at just your business?

Here is a secret that no SEO company will ever tell you, local SEO is a lot less competitive than national SEO. The websites that get ranked are usually not great they are just the only option Google has. When someone requests info about a business in a local area Google has to tell them something even if the sites are terrible.

This puts you in a very powerful position. With this training, we will teach you not only how to get your website ranked locally, but we will teach you our “rank and rent” method we use to build monthly passive income.

Once Google ranks a local website to the top of the search engine, it tends to stay there for a long time.

My Limo site

How long? To give you an idea. This is a website I built in 2014. It is a site for a limo company, Now the critical thing to know is that I don’t own a limo company, I just found a company in the area, and I sent them leads. They were happy to receive the leads and paid for them.

How happy were they? They have paid me 750 dollars a month every month since 2014, and I haven’t touched the site since 2014!


Imagine what you could do with just a few of these sites earning passive income for you!

This is more than just a skill set you can use to grow your business it is a chance to be free of all the financial concerns you face.

  • Growing your business
  • Having regular income
  • Not getting robbed on your marketing.
  • Building passive income for the future.

You can take care of all of those issues by just taking control of your business. You can start today.

Click this link to learn more

Best 7 Social Media Marketing Training Courses — Unbiased Review

Social Media Marketing is huge right now.

It’s one of those skills you’ll find really useful in the current era, and millions of people are rushing to learn all about it.

Technically, it falls under the umbrella of Digital Marketing, but you can achieve a lot by focusing specifically on Social Media Marketing and not worrying about all the other skills that come with the broad world of “Digital Marketing.”

Marketing on Social Media is an extremely valuable in today’s market.

If you’re an entrepreneur, then knowing the popular platforms that the masses interact on are pretty much mandatory and a “need to know” in order to sell your products and market your brand.

For those without a company or brand of their own, their swift education and well-versed usage of the primary Social Media platforms can further make them an asset to any brand or company that they could get hired into.

Selling your social media marketing knowledge to the highest bidder can further help you to notice just how lucrative managing another’s social media accounts can truly become.

Your choices for employing these skills in a profitable manner can range from actively pitching prospective clients as a freelancer to developing a permanent employee for a huge brand.

Of course, before you do any of this, you’ll need to actually learn about Social Media Marketing.

You can’t just “wing it.”

Before I began dabbling in the social media aspects with a serious tone for their business and employment capabilities, I was already successful with a local lead generation for small businesses agency that I had started up back in 2014.

Basically, this type of business model has allowed me to leave a 9 to 5 (who probably laughed every time they wrote me a check for any portion of my $35,000 in compensation) because this side hustle was making more in 3 months than my entire salary – and it was coming in from part-time efforts. 

Basically, the lead gen sites pay me anywhere from $750 to well over $2k each month, and they look a lot of this tree care site from Grand Rapids, MI – that has been dishing out the goods for the last handful of years (check it out for yourself in the image below):


For me, I see it being an extremely profitable method because…

  • People go on search engines to find something they know they need right away
  • Social media is a place for people to hang out – not to look for products or services
  • Lead gen sites operate on free traffic, which means no one has to pay for an ad online

There are many other benefits to it, but the gist of it is that I learned from our coaching program – and if you’re a solo entrepreneur or looking for a career change, this could be your opportunity. 

CLICK HERE to check it out, and let’s engage in some meaningful conversation over what it is you’re looking to accomplish if you were to build 45 lead gen sites (like I did) paying you nearly $1k to $2k+ in near 100 percent profit margins – this is the best business model for 2019, no doubt about it. 

Although there are some paid strategies with using social media to get in front of your target audience, the truth is that – unlike local lead generation for small businesses – you’ll have a long-term play here in trying to gain traction and attention for a good reputation that has people of your target market tossing your name around like you’re the hot shots of the community.

Luckily, there are a ton of resources on the internet that make learning about social media both quick and affordable.

Whether you’re looking for a free course or a recognized certification from an institution of higher learning, there’s a course out there that can be a great fit for someone hungry to understand what the best way to engage with your target audience might be.

We’ve narrowed down the options to 7 of the most respected and popular courses in 2019.

Every single one of these courses will equip you with all of the tools you’ll need to succeed in the world of Social Media Marketing.

Up First: Social Media Marketing by Wharton Online

Spend 6 weeks on this course, and then, prepare to take on the world with some serious Social Media Marketing skills under your belt.

Wharton Online is actually a digital learning platform which was set up by the University of Pennsylvania.

There are some similarities with this curriculum and others on the market – in the sense that Wharton Online focuses their content around the working professional, as in someone who is already gainfully employed and/or could have a strong expectation from management to be ready to handle the company’s social media presence upon completion of the curriculum.

Upon registration, your following six (6) weeks will require a minimum time investment of only 2 to 3 hours of weekly study sessions.

That’s a grand total of 12 to 18 hours to cover all the bases that you needed in order to effectively navigate the primary bases of social media and please the leadership in your corporate chain.   

Despite even the most hectic of schedules, this seems to be one schedule that nearly anyone can accommodate to learn a new – and potentially profitable – skillset. 

If you think this course isn’t ideal for some companies, there are other uses for social media than simply branding and trying to get some attention. 

That means that Wharton Online can better advise it’s students (which could be you some day, potentially) on some beneficial topics, including (though is certainly not limited to):

  • Social Media Marketing skills,
  • eCommerce tactics, and…
  • Digital Marketing (and helping to envision the bigger picture of how all the pieces fit together into a strategy that your company – or client – could benefit from).

More specifically, you’ll learn about…

  • digital tools,
  • advertising,
  • social targeting and advertising (which is a different form of engagement altogether)
  • mobile marketing, and…
  • influencer marketing.

If you want to learn the basics of Digital Marketing – with a focus on Social Media – then this course is definitely for you.

However, the deep divers and enthusiasts of Social Media Marketing (specifically) might not learn enough information within the confines of this particular course.

At only $585.00 USD, the University-based Social Media education has an unbeatably low barrier to entry that just about any working professional could appreciate.

Up Next: Social Media Marketing Mastery 2019 by Udemy

As the title suggests, this Udemy course focuses specifically on Social Media Marketing.

If you want to skip all of the “filler” Digital Marketing foundations and basic usage skills, then this course can be a great fit for you.

Running past the fundamentals, you can leap straight into specific aspects and techniques of the overarching concept (that this course was intended for anyway) in the implementation of Social Media Marketing for a brand and/or business to benefit from. 

You’ll learn all about marketing strategies with all the big platforms, including:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • Pinterest,
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram,
  • SnapChat,
  • Tumblr,
  • WhatsApp, and…
  • many more that you may not have heard of (but would benefit greatly to know about).

Having served over 15,000 students since its inception, the Social Media Marketing Mastery (SMMM) curriculum has developed a syndicated vote of popularity globally.

Normally, you can happen to find a course like this promoted on special holiday deals at the extremely affordable sale price of nearly $10 bucks! 

A great example of an opportune time to try and snatch something like this up might be a Cyber Monday sale – which, depending on the time of year, might actually be a similar price to what you could find it for right now. 

The price isn’t guaranteed, of course, and I don’t own the training or the platform so please don’t quote me on this price. 

That said, I’ve seen it a few times in passing (especially over the past year or so) and I’ve noticed that the cost of this precious education has still remained relatively affordable.   

You can purchase your way toward over eight (8) hours of extensive, professional-grade training for extremely reasonable pricing.

You can’t go wrong with such great value; the education you’ll receive is all you’ll need to market successfully with social media.

That said, social media is truly a beast all of its own and the results that you could get from your efforts on this platform could be incredibly difficult to track. 

Unlike the methods that my company uses through local lead generatio – like a tracking line that records calls and counts how many actually come through, so we can know whether a campaign is actually successful and/or profitable. 

There are little tricks of the trade that are learned from a lead gen coaching program – with a method of capitalizing off free traffic from search results (which are also free) – that I used to break free of the 9 to 5.

This map listing is what the results of my efforts from the advice given in this coaching program for local lead generation look like – it’s a little, fun thing I like to call: Total Market Domination!  (See the image below.)

Actually having the financial freedom and spare time to investigate business courses (like these social media courses), and getting to write out a thorough blog post that helps you find what might be a better fit for you, is what I’ve been wanting to do with my time for a number of years now.

Thanks to this local lead generation coaching program, I can afford to help my readership by providing valuable information that I hope gives you what you need to make the best, informed decision that you possibly can.    

It’s cool; I’m happy to help!

Our Third Platform on the List: Social Media Marketing by the University of Illinois

I couldn’t resist mentioning this outstanding course that is brought to the masses by a reputable institution of higher learning: the University of Illinois supporters and avid fans of Chief Illiniwek (which was the mascot until it’s recent retirement by the school’s board of education – which still carries some long-standing collegiate controversy to the Midwest; yeah, these are the things you hear about when you spend time on social media). 

Respected globally as one of the most mandatory certifications for professionals in our day and age, this higher education course provides genuine quality information that is sure to edify even the most seasoned of social media and branding professionals currently working in the space.  

Since graduates have left the program with a positive reputation (as acknowledged by the extensive volume of high-marked reviews), you can be confident that your investment in the training will be worth every penny. 

Garnering a thorough understanding of Social Media Marketing (in parts, and in whole), the University of Illinois seems to have really pulled out the stops and crafted this course full of essentials – delivered in a comprehensive, yet digestible training schedule that you can work through in a sensible approach.    

The fun doesn’t end there, however. 

You’ll find yourself picking up some additional gems and knowledge bombs that broad stroke the Digital Marketing umbrella of theory and concepts, including the ever-famous buzzword: Digital Marketing Channels…

Are you not clear on what that word is referring to?

It’s cool; by the end of this course, you’ll be walking around your office with a confident chip on your shoulder like you know what it means to engage a variety of digital marketing channels to accomplish a goal (and which ones should – and shouldn’t – be considered for a particular digital advertising campaign). 

Analytics is another buzzword that is brought out time and again. 

One of my bigger concerns in addressing this includes the stigma that floats around by business owners and boards of directors that claim the numbers need to add up in order to make a sound decision. 

Let’s be clear, however.  The digital marketing numbers were made up by software, and those were designed by human beings; therefore, the expensive data platforms that companies tend to pay for really end up borderline lying to the people that claim they need a source for the information they’re receiving and can’t move forward without the numbers being crunched. 

That said, the right types of analytical tools for anything – from search results and leveraging free traffic to assessing web traffic and better grasping the current state of social media accounts – can make for a better understanding of how things are moving in the marketplace and guide the decision makers through trends and averages of what these tools can yield for the decision makers. 

Learning this will only serve to better your company and facilitate the reason that social media employees are compensated. 

Analytics are a big focus of this course and such skills can help in ongoing development of social media marketing strategies.   

One of the more exciting aspects of this curriculum is the opportunity that each student has to develop their very own capstone project.

This is something you can actually use in your own business endeavors – especially if you run a business for yourself or you wish to get a head start on a project that you were looking to push into social media anyway.

The catch to the varying costs of this program is that you’ll need to access the University of Illinois digital education platform and online system; since tuition and other factors influence the pricing of something like this, it would be a disservice to you to post a price when it could change in a few days or weeks from the time you read this.  

The Fourth Course: Digital Marketing Masterclass 2019 by Udemy

Sometimes, who is teaching the course is more important than where you’ll learn it.

Sure, this Udemy program isn’t taught at a University.

Keeping that in mind, what it does have includes two of the world’s leading and well-respected course instructors for social media education: Phil Ebiner and Diego Davila.

If you’ve been researching the world of Digital Marketing, you’ve probably heard about these names before, and the pricing can be competitively low – which is great for you – because it’s available on the same platform as some of our courses on this list (through Udemy). 

If you don’t remember – or haven’t read about the courses listed above – Udemy often has sales going on at various times of the year, and you might be able to pick up your very own copy of this curriculum for the awesome price of nearly $10. 

In fact, I’d strongly urge you to take a gander and quickly see if it’s still at that low price right now. 

Feel free to drop me a message and let me know if you’re finding something higher or lower than that – and whether you think this would be a good investment for you to make money from home with.   (If it’s not, you’re welcome to explore our lead gen coaching program.)

At rock bottom pricing, you’ll gain access to well over thirty (30) hours of sound education on tons of Digital Marketing concepts.

It’ll cover all the basics of Social Media Marketing that you would expect from a course like this, with the inclusion of primary platforms, such as…

  • Facebook,
  • Snapchat,
  • Twitter,
  • Instagram (and even Pinterest).

Want an awesome bonus?  You’re in luck because I know that the Digital Marketing Masterclass 2019 can better prepare you for other forms of digital marketing – that aren’t often thought about in the same field of social media but work very well in tandem:

  • Email Marketing, and…
  • Quora.

These are useful subjects that you definitely won’t find in every single Social Media Marketing course on today’s market.

Let’s tally up the value points in what you’re getting through this digital training:

  • several hours of education,
  • a low, low price, and…
  • top-notch instruction. 

You really can’t go wrong with the Digital Marketing Masterclass of 2019 (found only on Udemy).

Fifth on our List: Free Social Media Marketing Courses by Skillshare

What’s even better than a course which costs almost nothing?

How about a course that costs literally nothing?

That’s right, this course won’t cost you a dime, and you can find it on Skillshare.

Technically, Skillshare is only accessible by paying a monthly fee but remember to take full advantage of their free two-month trial.

They’re actually open to giving you more than sufficient time to complete the curriculum in this course for under the length of time they’re making a trial available… so be sure to do your homework and get through the content quickly. 

That should give you plenty of time to complete this course.

Actually, there isn’t one particular course on Skillshare that we’re pointing out for you to attend and specifically explore.

In general, there are simply multitudes of courses on Skillshare; in fact, some of them specifically address varying topics that hone in on Social Media Marketing overall.

Amidst the 15,000+ Skillshare courses you could look into, you’re bound to find information about social media marketing within your two-month trial (at no cost).

Further, you have the opportunity to expand your horizons by getting your hands on some follow-on courses that could better help you to understand the digital marketing landscape and how other platforms are used to bring in more customers to a business, for a product, or to have the masses appreciate a service provider in a particular industry, including:

  • SEO,
  • Adwords,
  • Email Marketing…

I’m always amazed at the wealth of information someone can find on Skillshare; the way I see the platform is that they’ve got it if you know how to name the general idea of what you’re looking to learn more about.   

For those of you that end up giving Skillshare a solid try and find out that it’s simply not for you, please remember that you can end your free trial to the platform promptly.

Our Sixth Place Educational Platform is: Social Media Training Bootcamp by CreateLive

When I was going to college, one of the things that I had always appreciated includes having a professor present (and in real-time) so questions can be asked when content just didn’t seem to click right away. 

I wasn’t a nerd or anything, but I really enjoyed having an instructor present for when I enjoyed the content and wanted to really grasp a concept that I could use later in life. 

However, one of the biggest issues of online courses is that they tend to gloss over some pretty important points; in the social media spectrum of online courses, one of those topics could be as significant as how to actually implement the strategies they’re supposedly “teaching you” and lecturing about.

It’s all fine and dandy to further acknowledge why Social Media Marketing is so important. 

Where the curriculum (across the board) could improve might be to pick up the slack with some students that…

  • Have never tried these strategies before.
  • Aren’t familiar with social media… period!
  • Are really hungry to serve more customers in their target market but just don’t know how to get the necessary attention in order to bring more customers to request appointments or quotes for services. 

What good is a course that advocates it can teach you how to perform a certain task if you don’t actually know how to make it work?

One course that doesn’t suffer from this glaring problem is the CreateLive Social Media Training Bootcamp.

You’ll learn how to actually pull off what some of the proven social media expert techniques are, and you’ll be guided by the experts themselves.

A total of 9 experts will be your instructors for this extremely hands-on course.

Topics include the primary platforms and some less than commonly spoken of (but, all the while, valuable) audience-engaging social media, such as…

  • Facebook,
  • Blogger,
  • LinkedIn,
  • YouTube,
  • Pinterest,
  • Instagram, and…
  • Tons more to help you with.

Keep in mind that this is actually a physical event that you would have to attend in-person.

For the low, low price of only $199, you’ll be able to attend 13 classes that are packed (to the maximum capacity) into a brief, and extremely busy, 5-day learning schedule.

Just in case you end up becoming one of their countless students that carry a forgetful nature about them through this course content, you’ll actually be able to download all of the course materials and lectures so you can follow along in the best learning modes that fit your personal needs.

Yes, indeed; these courses will be just a click away for the rest of your life; no ongoing monthly maintenance costs are involved just to continue having access to the information here.

You know what that means? 

Don’t let it go to waste; you’ve picked it up and now it’s time to dig in and get to work. 

Our Last Course for the List: the Complete Digital Marketing Course by Udemy

Yes, we have a third-party platform of recorded trainings on here – including…

  • Skillshare
  • Udemy
  • And others.

Sometimes, the affordable levels really make all the difference and carry some of the best information on the marketplace.

When you’re looking at a higher-ticket entry for a curriculum, it would benefit us to ask ourselves whether they’re really asking for a higher price because they want to improve the perception that their course is bringing the heat (when, in fact, they very could be lacking some things). 

I’d like to follow that thought up with the belief that this might just be the best all-around option on our list.

The Complete Digital Marketing Course (by Udemy) couldn’t be more insanely popular than it already is.

With over 70,000 students having sat through the course content so far, the program continues to grow, update, and provide more value as time progresses. 

Many people consider it to be perfect…

Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to find some unbiased aspects of this course online – to include a sincere struggle to explore any adverse or negative reviews about the company or the curriculum. 

I believe that one of the reasons for it being sincerely difficult to actually pinpoint any negative aspects of the Complete Digital Marketing Course is because the stellar reviews are all coming from graduates of the program. 

I’m not saying anything bad about the company – or Udemy, for that matter – but I’m seriously wondering as to whether or not the course content can stand alone if only graduates can have the ability to provide publicized feedback. 

As with previous statements about Udemy, you can continue to look for courses similar to this and attempt to uncover huge savings around holiday seasons or other times of the year – when dramatic price cuts are common and Cyber Monday-styled deals exist…

A good example of that would be an expensive course like this being made available for less than the typical price of a romantic dinner for couples.   

For this price, you’ll get almost twenty (20) hours of top tier education from some well-respected instructors in the industry.

What you’ll find here is a very thorough course that seeks to truly be a one-stop shop for all things social media marketing-related.  This course covers all the basics, for starters, including…

  • Facebook,
  • SnapChat,
  • Twitter,
  • Instagram,
  • Pinterest,
  • YouTube, and so on.

The Complete Digital Marketing Course doesn’t stop there, however. 

You’ll be able to stumble upon other topics not readily found in other social media training platforms, such as…

  • Email Marketing,
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – what is used to rank properties on Google search results,
  • WordPress (which is a website building platform—for those not currently familiar with it), and…
  • Copious amounts of other topics that can be sure to have exposure to, and training on how to manipulate to your advantage in the marketplace.   

The extra level of education is a nice bonus, as it’s actually relevant to the Social Media Marketing world but in different ways.

If you really want to learn as much as you can about Social Media Marketing in 2019, we can’t really think of a better option.

How Local Lead Generation is the Best Digital Marketing Training in 2019

It’s no secret that social media is popular and potential customers are on there each and every day. 

From hangouts to private messaging, and from some public and private Facebook Groups to liking and following silly posts and engaging videos, the various social media platforms can be loud places to try and advertise a product or service. 

Then again, if you can do it both strategically and successful, then there could be an opportunity to make some serious cash – either as a social media service provider, an employee that works on the social media platforms for a business, or even if you are a business owner. 

It’s hard, sometimes, to make a decision on where to turn to for your social media education. 

It’s hard to make a choice on where you can get the best bang for your buck – especially if you don’t know anything about the topic or what you should be looking for in a quality social media course from the start. 

What makes one social media training course superior to another, anyway?

Is it a finance-based decision?

Do you need one that is convenient and accessible through your already busy schedule?

There are plenty of courses on the market – some of which have affordable pricing – that you can jump into immediately and get your feet wet on what it really takes to make some magic happen in the world of E-Commerce and business in our digital era. 

That said, I still believe that Local Lead Generation for small business – which runs off of the Free Traffic from search results in the world wide web – is the #1 choice for training and providing value for any employee or business owner. 

If you’re looking to use the internet to turn a profit, then you can’t go wrong with…

  • Building web properties
  • Ranking them online
  • Profiting from the free traffic
  • Repeating the aforementioned process to expand your profits.

That’s the essential curriculum of what is taught in our lead gen coaching program; it’s a simple business model – one that Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, and many others enjoy working daily. 

If they can do it, then why can’t you? 

They had to have started some day and at some point in time; just like I had to start in the lead gen industry approximately 5 years ago. 

Fast forward to today, I have…

  • No corporate 9 to 5 anymore.
  • A luxury of money in the bank.
  • Bought my time freedom back.
  • Own a home (instead of a low-rent, smelly apartment that always got infested with bugs).
  • Have a reliable car (in case I want to drive anywhere since – you know – I don’t have an obligation to walk in the snow to a corporate gig anymore).

And I accomplished all of this by owning 45 lead gen sites that each produce about $750 to a few grand in monthly, passive income.

Where did I learn all this?

I’m telling you — it’s from the #1 top business model in 2019, and it’s taught the best in our lead gen coaching program.

This organic ranking image (see below) is a snapshot of something that I had pieced together well over 4 years ago and is still paying me some cold hard cash every month for the leads it is sending to the top limo service in Lansing, Michigan (the capital of the state):


All of this came from having stumbled upon a lead gen coaching program, where the mentor (a guy named Dan) showed me what it takes to make my first $10k per month that let me quit my job within 1 year of starting the course. 

That’s not necessarily an indication that anyone can jump in and make $10k that fast – there are simply no guarantees in business, and that’s it how things go. 

That disclaimer aside, members within our coaching program are achieving milestones like this each and every month; they aren’t all marketers from previous professions or paid actors, either. 

They’re real people that had a real profession once upon a time, and they made a decision to have something more in their life. 

Since they’ve decided to invest in our coaching program that teaches them how to build lead gen sites and profit from them through free search traffic, they also enjoy the following…

  • No Corporate Job Anymore: Work from home or anywhere in the world that their laptop and internet happen to be (and, it goes without saying, but a little electricity couldn’t hurt either).
  • When you’re the boss, you don’t have to arrive at work at a certain time anymore; that means you could sleep in as late as you want, give yourself time off, or even take a dream vacation; since this business is on AutoPilot (meaning, you’re not checking Facebook Ads or anything daily), you can just keep an eye on things from your laptop in less than an hour a day – if that – and enjoy your time off… like I do every day!
  • Real, Passive Income on AutoPilot – in the event that some of you are reading this and believe that there’s really no such thing as autopilot income, I can assure you that the majority of my 45 lead gen sites (which pay me monthly to this day) I haven’t touched in years but the checks keep coming in.  I’ll let that sink in for the naysayers.
  • The competition for this type of business is ridiculously easy – tons of industries and cities in which to find a small business that you can help by bringing them more customers.  That means that you’re truly making a lasting, positive difference as you make your living – and I think that’s something to be very proud of with local lead generation.
  • Ever dreamed of having that multiple 6 figure income but never imagined being able to be a doctor or a lawyer?  Now you can have the opportunity to build up your annual income through setting up multiple lead gen properties – and let them act as your virtual real estate so you can rent them out for monthly income.  Want more money?  With this business model, just make more offers to partner with small businesses who take the results of your digital real estate and cut you in on the back end of the deal each and every month! 

I know that it may be difficult for some readers to believe that such an income is plausible when they haven’t met a single person in their life that has an income of over $10,000 in a monthly basis – in gross revenue or net income – that also has the time freedom in their day to spend their waking hours as they so choose. 

Thanks to this lead gen coaching program, I was able to make that in part-time, monthly, passive income in less than a year — which gave me the freedom to fire my boss and live my life on my terms!

I’m happy to share with you the lead gen site that goes with the search results proof (see above) where you were privileged to notice the map pack and organic rankings – which are properties that I personally own – and I’m still getting over $750 each and every month for a project that took me less than 10 hours to piece together and rank for real results (see the lead gen site below):


If you’re ready for these kinds of results, and to start building your 6 figure (or multiple 6 figures) annual income from your part-time efforts – which could turn into 7 figures someday – CLICK HERE to learn more about whether our lead gen coaching program is for you. 

Operators are standing by; I’m just kidding, I’m a real person and it’s just me. 

My time is limited – and so are the spots that are available in our coaching program, so this is for serious people who want to make a real change in their life and they’re ready to invest in a positive change for their future! 

CLICK HERE and we’ll chat it up very soon! 

Cornell University Digital Marketing Certificate – Unbiased Review

In the digital marketing era, people are talking more and more about how you can be at the top of Google. 

Business owners find their phone lines inundated with empty promises that for any amount of money per month they can get that specific entity found at the top of search results. 

In the grander scheme of things, there are very few people who honestly know exactly what it takes to build a web presence and deliver on the notion that they can truly place any web property online as the first result in search engine queries for keywords. 

After all, free traffic (or more affordable client acquisition strategies) is ranked among the best of ways to cut marketing costs and increase sales. 

For those thinking of starting a business online – or simply wanting to learn more about what it takes to get closer to that coveted “top spot of Google” – perhaps a certification course could be the answer. 

Unfortunately, not all certifications are created equal. 

Stop and think for a moment: who certified the first entity or person that gave a certification credential to someone else? 

I’m not going to answer that question here, but at the end of the day – they’re nothing more than opinions and third-parties saying that they think this person has met the requirements to be given a piece of paper for successfully navigating a sequence of prerequisites to earn this certificate. 

What is the best measurement of a certification?

Easy; can the certified individual accomplish the intended result independently?

In other words – can a Digital Marketer (certified or not) get customers through the door?

This is the very predicate behind my entire online business that has allowed me to generate passive income to such a high level that I can spare my days and hours working on this blog to inform you about what you’re looking for – instead of slaving away for a corporate gig. 

When I was chillin’ on a cold couch in the dead of winter in 2014, my Detroit, Michigan apartment was downtown and in such a low-rent complex that I often wondered if the heat in the winter was extra and no one told me about it. 

Even if I would have paid more to have the landlord turn the heat on more often, I am convinced that it wouldn’t have made much difference.

It was time for me to begin looking for an alternative revenue stream through the internet. 

Digital marketing had crossed my mind, but I never took it seriously until I ran into a gentleman who put together a local lead generation coaching program – which was designed around getting free traffic for the purpose of generating more referrals and opportunities for local business owners and service providers to close more deals and expand their bottom line…

To this day, that guy is my mentor and has introduced me to the very warpath that led to my raking in $10k per month – part-time – and the following accomplishments over the last 5 years…

  • Quit my corporate 9 to 5 “career”
  • Left the $35,000 annual salary
  • Moved into a bigger apartment – WITH HEAT FOR THE WINTER!
  • Actually got a car (so I don’t have to walk everywhere in below freezing temps)
  • Get to do what I love – learn more about business ventures, digital marketing aspects of generating money online, and what would be the best fit for a newbie to have the information about in order to make a decision about their entrepreneurial passions

If you want to launch your own business or simply want to make some side cash in your spare time, then this would be a great opportunity for you to keep reading. 

This entire blog (and others I’ve written) were intended to accomplish one thing:

I wanted to help someone who was in my shoes (from only a few short years ago) to have the information they need to decide if a business venture or online method to making money from home is really for them. 

I mean, I’ve been able to do things like you see in the image below:


What you see here is the result of the things my mentor – his name is Dan – taught me these concepts long before I had even considered that making money with my laptop was a very real possibility. 

What I’ve done with his information in this lead gen coaching program, and with these lead gen sites that I have now built and own – which take less than 7 hours (in total) to position on the world wide web so they can continue to spit out cash flow regularly – is…

I have optimized these assets, what I like to call virtual real estate (like what you see above), so they can continue to present passive income to me in the range from $750 to $3,000 per month… just like this tree care site from Grand Rapids, MI — $2k per month and still working like a charm!


They’ve been paying me for years and I’m sitting quite comfortably now that my side hustle has paid off, and it will continue paying off for years as long as small businesses and the internet stick around… and I don’t think they’re going anywhere at any time in the near future

That means the lead generation business model is here to stay!

How’s that for some financial security? 

The lead generation for small business with free traffic lifestyle from a laptop is real, and I wake up every day to wonder how I’m going to spend my time that day –

This is mostly because I get to enjoy not having a full-time job to wake up early and walk 3 miles through the snow unto

If you’re curious about this and want to learn more, we only have a few spots left so I would CLICK HERE to learn more, or keep reading and discover what else is available for you in the coaching program at the bottom of this article. 

If you’re still here and reading, then you must have a deep interest in acquiring a digital marketing certification of your own. 

Not to worry, that’s what this blog post is about. 

Naturally, authority tends to play a huge factor in considering where one is going to learn their skills from; and colleges and universities seem to be the go-to authorities for all things education-related. 

I get questions all the time, now, about the Digital Marketing Certificate from this, that, and the other entity. 

Some have even asked me where I get my information and expertise from – and the truth is, I invested in a mentor that taught me everything I know…

And it’s been a very profitable ride, I must say. 

Educational institutions or third-parties who claim to specialize in certifying students of their own tend to be more trusted than other for-profit businesses that charge ridiculously high prices and sell “perceived value” instead of “the authentic training of a high-income skill!” 

The top institution of higher learning’s digital marketing credential(s) that I get asked the most about includes Cornell University…

So we’re going to have a quick chat about what good ol Cornell is hoping to deliver today.

From an ivy-league reputation to one of historical significance, it’s no surprise that there is a lot of “buzz-feed” going around about Cornell University and their digital marketing certificate. 

More popular than I had actually imagined, I’m confident that it carries sufficient potential for prospective students such as yourself. 

Despite the branding of the institution, everyone seems to be asking whether this is a credential worth investing their time and hard-earned money into…

Said another way, is it really worth it?

What makes Cornell stand out when compared to the other options?

I’m happy to provide my perspective on this educational program, to include whether or not you should be considering it in 2019.

The reason people read this blog avidly is that we venture into the unknown and ask the hard questions to leave no stone unturned.

Why Get a Certificate?

Let’s kick this party off right and ask the legitimate question that anyone is asking in this day and age – when we have self-proclaimed “gurus” charging up the tailpipe for a similar education but they then deliver it outside of the walls of credentialed educational institutions of higher learning – as to whether it’s a good idea for you to get a certificate in the first place…

Are there intrinsic benefits to having that third-party piece of paper that announces to the world that someone else believes I’m smart enough to be hired?

Seriously, what benefits come of getting that credential?

To begin, I’d like to first point out that certifications are much cheaper than full-blown degrees granted by higher learning institutions (meaning, those above the high-school level of education):

  • No need to sacrifice arms or legs to fund the certification
  • For the price, certification carries weight in today’s era
  • You can side-step the tuition inflation of our society and streamline your learning process to get straight to the qualification phase of being seriously considered for employment.
  • Timeline to certification completion is much shorter than a degree with credits

That last point is key: people in our days are speaking more about time fleeing them and they wish they had more of it to do the things they want and love. 

Time is a valuable resource, and many would argue that value supersedes that of money.  

That said, if you’re a workaholic or a working parent (maybe even a single parent), perhaps a certification is a better fit so you can dodge the overarching degree requirements not specific to your field of study at the university level. 

In that case, who might be a good fit for a digital marketing certificate?

  • Professionals
  • IT Personnel
  • Marketing students or interns
  • Owners and C-Suite Executives who want to better understand how their marketing dollars are being spent on the internet through their “hired experts” 
  • Working parents (especially single parents)
  • And many, many more.

If you cannot afford to spend your vacation hours or leave of absence investing in bettering yourself through a degree-granting institution, then certification in digital marketing may allow you the opportunity to improve yourself and your skillset.   

Adding a certificate in Digital Marketing to a resume is never a bad idea.

When we’re in the era of the internet and everyone seems to be obsessed with wanting to know how they can use it to bring in more customers, this may also be an excellent choice for someone who wants to switch their career up…

If the aforementioned details illustrate you in any level of resemblance, then you probably don’t have the time or financial means to return to college (for some, to start going to college) for a full-fledged degree.

There may be some of those reading this that are in a different position and can, in fact, afford to handle both the financial and time commitments. 

However, does anyone really have the desire to face that level of rigor and intense education after so many years in the workforce? 

A friend of mine recently completed one of the seemingly easiest degrees on the market today – communication studies. 

In reality, he seemed to have worked harder than any of my science or engineering buddies with his research and homework requirements week after week. 

In any of the aforementioned cases, a certification program can supply you with the skills necessary to tackle a totally new career endeavor – especially one in digital marketing.

Of course, these are just guidelines.

If you’re not (and most of my readers typically are) a working professional, I’m confident that you could still qualify to acquire your very own certificate in Digital Marketing.

Some of my followers are young students with absolutely no life experience or college education.

Guess what!? 

You can do it, too! 

For those that are concerned about whether this can be a good fit in your golden years, rest assured that it’s never too late to return for a full degree (that is to say — if such a qualification has ever been a goal or genuinely appeals to you). 

For my Ivy Leaguers out there with your heart set on a Digital Marketing Certificate or degree, then it’s time to consider the career-building notion of reputable options like Cornell.

All About Cornell University

Are you familiar with the classroom setting and having to carry books across streets and sidewalks just to arrive at a smelly classroom from the students of the previous class that barreled out of the room as if the building were on fire?

You might not be in for a situation like that with Cornell’s educational endeavor to reach more prospective students from a wider cadre of qualifications and backgrounds. 

The Institution that actually offers this Digital Marketing Certificate is called ECornell. 

Never heard of it? 

Not to worry…

This is an online learning platform that was founded, developed and launched entirely by Cornell University.

Establishing this option in the early 2000s (approximately 20 years ago), they have expanded to now offer their digital-based students approximately 40 different qualifying curricula and certifications that challenge even the most rigorous of MBA-level required Master Degree courses.

Technically, ECornell is not classified as a separate entity or “Online University” in the same way as other, similarly perceived, or for-profit schools.

Instead, Ecornell is known as a “Professional Development Company.”

While not an Online University, the certification programs you’ll be taking here are taught by faculty members directly from Cornell University.

What about Admission Requirements?

Ready for some exciting news? 

You too can have a look inside of Cornell without actually attending (it’s digital, of course, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a view like this if you went to college for your Digital Marketing Certification):

In common fashion with certification programs – especially in the field of Digital Marketing education – you may not have the typical university prerequisites or admission demands to contend with in order to enroll in the Digital Marketing courses here.

Another great attraction is ECornell’s scheduling flexibility – allowing for working professionals to cooperate with Cornell University to achieve their Digital Marketing Certification on their time.

Do you need to connect with your peers to…

  • discuss topics?
  • ask questions about complicated lecture points?
  • prepare for exams?
  • complete group projects?

No problem! 

Under the ECornell learning platform, you can easily reach out and acquire the assistance you need the most. 

In each Certification Program, you’ll find…

  • video lectures
  • case studies
  • references
  • tons of other online tools

While the reputation that precedes Cornell is attached to the platform here, rest assured that it’s not so old and broken that dust and weeds are going to grow out of your computer when you log on. 

If you’re looking to connect with that reputation – or even say that you acquired your education from ECornell – then you may have just come to the right place for your future digital marketing career.

It’s natural to begrudgingly identify how a certificate is not, wasn’t, and never will be a degree of any sort…

A Certificate from Cornell University, however, seems to carry a nice ring to your audience’s ears in casual conversation – or interviews.

All About the Digital Marketing Certificate

The Faculty Author of the Digital Marketing Certificate within ECornell is Mr. Clarence Lee (see image below), one of the reputable assistant professors on-campus at the Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Under meticulous scrutiny and design – like all of Cornell’s Marketing programs were at the Johnson Graduate School of Management – you can be confident that you’re getting your money’s worth…

You’ll receive the same high-caliber of instruction and highly valued education from the same instructors that teach students enrolled on-campus at Cornell and are subject to higher tuition rates.  

While high class instruction is great, it’s still important to recognize that the purpose of digital marketing is to bring in more customers.

I know that I have been able to generate wealth through the help of this local lead gen coaching program where I could leverage free traffic to bring more local customers into a business — and they were ready to buy, too!

Just remember this as you go forward: will what you’re learning in any digital marketing training program help you to produce their desired result for your clientele?

The platforms and intricate technology utilized in today’s Digital Marketing arena is are the sole focus of this certification program. 

Therefore, you’ll receive guidance on how to properly strategically set-up, implement, and improve your reach (through systematic approaches) to garner more prospective customers through…

  • digital resources
  • mobile devices
  • social media
  • video and audio assets

As these popular and current methods of connecting with buyers continue to develop, the originators of the Digital Marketing Certificate curriculum at ECornell – Cornell University’s online platform for education delivery at a distance – the goal appears to be that their certification course will continue to evolve and update accordingly. 

Every single lesson in this course is designed and applied (with methodical approach) to guide and encourage the student – which could be you – to develop your own marketing plan of action upon the completion of this course. 

To accomplish that – and still teach effectively – they have divided the course into 4 main topics (or sections, if you will):

  • Digital Marketing Basics and Customer Funnels
  • Paid Digital Media
  • Owned Digital Media
  • Creating Your Own Digital Marketing Plan

Statistics of the Certificate Program

You’re probably wondering about what may be involved in and what is expected of you to enroll in, and complete, this Digital Marketing Certificate program.

Additional questions seem to creep up along the way too, including how long this might take, what’s the weekly commitment, and more.

To answer these and other questions, let’s briefly look at the following points of information that we can gather with our trusty, free Google searches (yes, I just said that):

  • Everything is accessible online (no in-person or live lectures are required)
  • The average weekly time investment of most students seems to be 3 to 5 hours
  • The guide on your journey will be a conveniently reachable instructor at every step

Including the aforementioned points and only a few menial, insignificant considerations, the average completion rate seems to sit at approximately two (2) weeks…

That is to say, this is time regards from the very first day of lecturing to the last assignment that the students will submit.

Is that not going to work for your schedule? 

That’s okay! 

You can enroll and take as long as 2 months if you wish (that’s not a gift from me, that’s really how long the course is).

You’re getting a lot for only $3,600 (which can be broken down into $950 per month as a monthly installment plan) from an Ivy League, Tier-1 Rated institution of higher learning, and very reasonable when compared to other certifications!  

What Will You Actually Learn?

All of this sounds pretty epic, right? 

After all, you’re here to learn but want to make absolutely certain that you’re going to get every bit of bang for your buck – I know I would if I were enrolling after reading through this article…

What does one stand to gain by actually enduring such an educational certification endeavor like this?

Let’s hit these enabling learning objectives (ELOs) one-by-one:

  • Be able to identify the types of “big name” companies in the field of digital marketing

Looking to get a great job after completing this course? 

It’s good to know the names of the companies that are working hard and branded for their quality of delivery on internet marketing results. 

Looking to start your own business with the skills taught in this certification course? 

These name brand companies do the majority of advertising and marketing on digital platforms, so they could be your competition if you’re stepping up to the plate here.

  • Be able to genuinely assess your consumer’s needs

There’s a reason that the United States employs intelligence assets across the globe…

Information is powerful and you can leverage it to help your clients get to where they’re going. 

Whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur in this space, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the needs of those you serve are paramount – and they’re the reason you’re getting paid to be present and work. 

What better way than to simply ask someone: “Hey, excuse me, but what are your needs with digital marketing? 

After you have gathered your own form of an intelligence collection, we move on to the third objective of this curriculum…

  • Be able to design a marketing strategy that can pinpoint your target audience

You’ll learn about all…

  • the opportunities you should be taking advantage of in the digital world
  • whether they’re websites or other, more fluid digital platforms
  • how to incorporate paid advertising opportunities

It’s important to know which marketing strategies and opportunities you should be implementing for your client, including why.

You’ll also come out of this course with your very own marketing plan.

This plan will take into account your unique needs, and your customers’…

  • interests
  • spending habits
  • social patterns

If you want an ideal way to reach your exact buyer in the world wide web, nothing beats the power of digital marketing – when you can get certified in if you enroll in this course.

What Certification(s) Will You Earn?

When you complete the curriculum from ECornell, you’ll have a Digital Marketing Certificate with your name on it.

This will be issued directly from the official and reputable Cornell SC Johnson College of Business.

But wait… there’s more! 

You’ll also be entitled to 32 Professional Development Hours (Otherwise known as PDHs) just for completing the course – not bad for a 2-week trek toward personal development!

Is This Course the Right Fit for You?

This specific certification program is actually aimed at a wide range of individuals.

That being said, some people might find it a better fit than others.

Cornell makes it clear that the program is aimed at three main groups of people:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Product Managers
  • Marketing Directors and Supervisors

Concerned that your professional title might not measure up to the target market? 

Not to worry! 

Cornell University is happy to illustrate how the Digital Marketing Certificate course can work for…

  • anyone looking to test their hand at the Digital Marketing career field
  • people interested in gaining a better understanding of the Digital Marketing world
  • those seeking to better communicate with those directly responsible for Digital Marketing

Am I suggesting that the course can be an okay fit for just about everyone?

Pretty much, yes!

Whatever your skill level is, there could be a gem or a little something for everyone to learn at ECornell. 


Overall, Cornell’s Digital Marketing Certificate Review seems like a pretty solid option.

With a plethora of options on where to go to get your certification in digital marketing – encompassing price, rigor, and other factors – the faculty at Cornell University has definitely gone out of their way to help you look good on your resume with the digital marketing certificate they offer.

In addition, you get the benefit of being instructed by a respected professor (or several, if you’re lucky in your course session to get more than one person advising you as you progress through the material).

Despite the level of prestige stereotyped on the brand of Cornell, the competent instructors are along the walk with you and will be available every step of the way. 

You can expect to have access to these notorious professors for…

  • a guiding hand when you’re stuck
  • working diligently to grasp even the simplest of concepts
  • stepping up your game and diving deep into one of the topics of the course

Are you ready for the best part of ECornell? 

The Digital Marketing Certificate from Cornell University is available for just about anyone, including…

  • established entrepreneurs
  • employees of a big brand
  • even the fresh-faced newbie on campus

You’ll have plenty to consider and talk about with the knowledge gathered when you leave this course.  

Local Lead Generation: The Ultimate Business Solution in 2019

While the wave of the future is at most of our fingertips with digital applications and devices that we can put in our pockets now…

Digital Marketing is more than branding a company. 

There are things that I like to call vanity metrics that business owners choose to believe will bring them more customers – and they might, but they’re really difficult to track the success level of. 

Such vanity metrics like…

  • Facebook Page Likes
  • Instagram Followers
  • LinkedIn Connections
  • YouTube Subscribers and Video Comments
  • Google Business Reviews

These things can give a business owner some warm and fuzzy feelings, but how do these things seriously bring in customers? 

Instead of answering that, let’s go a different direction…

Let’s focus on something that is proven to work in digital marketing:

Local Lead Generation for Small Business using Free Traffic from search results. 

What this is encompasses a three-pronged answer:

  1. Establish a lead gen site (from scratch) and quickly make it rank to the top of search results
  2. Rake in “dat’ money”
  3. Repeat

Sounds simple? 

I hate to break it to ya, but that’s the exact strategy I used to build an empire of over 45 lead gen sites that are all acting as my virtual real estate…

Every single one of those lead gen sites is currently rented out to small businesses who are getting more and more customers every single month – and they’ve been paying me every month ever since I started with them.

I still have tons of clients that I began a partnership when I started the lead gen business model back in 2014 – and they’re paying me my passive income each and every month, like clockwork! 

It’s a liberating lifestyle, to be honest with you. 

By the way, here’s what the work of lead generation looks like:


It’s a pretty straight forward process to get your lead gen properties pasted up top – much like what you see in the photo above – to have it bring in the big bucks for ya. 

Did I mention it’s passive?

I really don’t work that hard anymore for the $45k+ monthly income…

When I was working a corporate gig in Detroit, Michigan, I was only getting $35k in an annual salary – and the only bonus I had to look forward to was a condescending manager that would tell me all of the reasons why “Suzy What’s Her Name” was getting the $0.25 cents salary raise for the year and I wasn’t. 

Thanks to the lead gen coaching program that I had found in 2014, I was able to quit that job after raking in $10k in passive monthly income from my side hustle of lead gen for small businesses. 

Is this to say that you’re going to duplicate my earnings? 

Back to the legal nonsense where I have to disclaim and say that nothing is guaranteed, and blah blah blah…

The truth is that a lot of people have duplicated my results inside of our coaching program – but they earned every bit of that high, monthly income. 

In addition, here’s what else people in my shoes have achieved beyond the financial compensation for bringing high value to marketplaces across this great nation (and some have even reached as far as building their business in local markets across the world):

  • LITERALLY work anywhere you want!  If you’ve got a laptop and good internet access, you never have to be in an office building again if you don’t want to be. 
  • Wanna quit your job?  You could do it here – like so many others have before you with this lead gen coaching program – and build up a passive income to fire your boss after it replaces (or even surpasses) your full-time gig. 
  • Looking for a side hustle that makes a positive impact in your community?  We bring more customers to businesses to help them thrive – what’s not to love about that!?
  • Considered you’ll be stepping on someone’s toes?  Most small business owners don’t even know where to learn about these things, and if they do then they don’t have the time.  That’s why they want to hire someone like you who can bring them hungry buyers – cash-in-hand – and they will gladly pay a premium to keep you around long-term if you can do that for them! 
  • Not sure you want to work in your local area anymore?  You can build lead gen sites and place them in any city and just about any industry that could benefit from more customers
  • The Business Model Is Simple: Connect Buyers to Business / Service Provider – and get paid to keep doing it!!!
  • High-Profit Margins: Passive income from free traffic, just get your lead gen site to rank and take your profit to the bank

Today, meaning right now, I have multiple sources and revenue streams coming into my bank account predictably… yes, that means AutoPilot and Mailbox Money (I don’t have a job anymore, so it must be real)! 

Those lead gen sites of mine collect anywhere from $750 to $3k per month; this is what one of the $750 ones look like – and it’s live and online today as a limo lead gen site up in Lansing, MI (that’s the state’s capital, by the way) – see it for yourself below:


The results are real.

My story is real.

The coaching program is legitimate.

The internet and small local business service providers aren’t going away anytime soon (that we know of) which means you can rely on job security and healthy revenue coming your way if you are ready to hustle. 

Local Lead Generation is here to stay!

If you’re ready for a passive income of your own, with high-profit margins, and the opportunity to make a side hustle beat out your current monthly income, CLICK HERE and let’s chat it up about your future goals.  Serious hustlers only need apply; we only have enough room for people that want to change their lives like I did when I moved out of my low-rent apartment so many moons ago. 

Are you still reading???  Hit me up already by CLICKING HERE for More Information on our Lead Gen Coaching Program that got me free of the 9 to 5 less than 5 years ago! 

References: highya.com, valuecolleges.com, quora.com, reddit.com, eduinreview.com, ecornell.com

Chicago SEO Expert Coaching – Learn to Rank your Business

As a business owner in the Chicago, you face a lot of challenges. You have the opportunity to serve over two and a half million customers. However, with that opportunity comes a lot of competition. For your business to be successful, you need every advantage possible.

Cloud Gate sculpture aka “The bean”, Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois

Having good SEO that gets your website to the top of search engines like Google and Bing is the biggest advantage you could get! When it comes to getting other customers, you can use a lot of different paid tools like Google and Facebook ads, but while they can produce fast results, these methods are not sustainable long term. The organic traffic you get from being at the top of Google is.

If you want to learn how to rank your website we can help. Click here to learn more.

Business owners love/hate SEO

When it comes to SEO most business owners, know that they have to deal with SEO, but at the same time they are not happy about it. 

There are several reasons for this factor, but one of the main reasons business owners have with SEO is SEO companies. When it comes to SEO companies, most business owners are not that excited to deal with them.

This is natural SEO companies, and so-called SEO “experts” can leave a lot to be desired. 

Why is this? It has a lot to do with the way SEO companies usually work. If you have been in business for any length of time, you know what we are talking about. When you talk to SEO companies, they usually come at you the same way every time.

When an SEO company is trying to get your business, they usually come at you with a one, two punch.

  1. First comes the “selling phase” this is where they will do anything they can think of to get you as a customer and more importantly get you to sign a contract. 
  2. The next step is when they apply their “proven process” to get your website ranked, and they treat you and your business like every other site they have ever tried to get ranked.

Let’s take a look at each phase one by one and we you will see why you should be considering other options when it comes to your SEO needs. 

The SEO company and the “selling phase.”

While each SEO company you talk to is different, they all are trying to “close you” in the beginning. This is when they tell you how they can get your site to the top of Google and other search engines.  

They will tell you your site has all these issues, and they can help you fix them and then they will tell you that you need them and that you need to sign a contract.

Usually, the contract will look something like this

  1. You are locked in for 12 months
  2. You have to pay every month no matter what 
  3. They will do their best to get your site ranked, but they can’t guarantee that it will work.

If you think that this doesn’t sound like a very good deal, you are right!

Remember the contract isn’t for your benefit it’s for them! 

Once they get you to sign the contract, then you are no longer a potential client you are just client number 243. Then they start trying to apply their proven process and hope they can get you ranked.

Their SEO proven process. 

After the SEO company gets you to sign a contract, they will start applying the same process on your website that they use on every other website they have ever worked on. 

Why do they do this? 

Several reasons 

  1. The techniques they use do work, eventually, usually. After all, if they didn’t work, they wouldn’t use them!
  2. It’s a lot faster than figuring out what the problem with your website is. Each website has its issues that are preventing them from ranking, But taking the time to figure out what the issues with your site would be time-consuming.  
  3. Using the same thing over and over allows them to focus on what they are focused on — getting new clients!

By now you have most likely realized that hiring an SEO company is not the answer to your SEO problem. So the question you must ask is what the solution is?  

It’s time for you to learn SEO on your own. 

You must have realized that you need to take over your SEO on your own. You might have thought about this in the past, but you didn’t think you could do it.

You most likely have had several reasons why you think this won’t work. 

We have trained over 3000 people just like you on how to do SEO, and many of them thought they couldn’t do SEO either. They all had reasons why they couldn’t learn SEO. They were all wrong!

Here are some of the most common reasons why they think SEO won’t work. 

  1. I don’t have time to learn SEO right now
  2. I have an SEO company already 
  3. I don’t know anything about SEO

I don’t have time to learn SEO right now.

This is one of the most common comments we get, we understand. You own a Chicago business, and you don’t have a ton of free time. Adding learning SEO to your already busy schedule is not something you want to do.

However, when you look at all the advantages you will gain by learning SEO I think you will agree it is worth the short term investment of your time. 

After you learn SEO, you will never have to

  1. Spend money on SEO fees. 
  2. Waste time worrying about your website going down in ranking
  3. You will know how to grow your business faster than you ever thought possible. 

When you look at how much time you will save learning SEO, I think you will agree that learning SEO is worth the investment.

There is another fact your SEO company never wants you to know. 

Ready to learn SEO? Click here to learn more

Here is the SEO secret your SEO company hopes you will never learn

If you are like most business owners in the area, you think that SEO is a full-time job. It’s not. The simple reality is when it comes to getting a website to the top of Google it takes time, at first. You will need to invest some time in the first few months to try and get your website to the top of Google, but once it is there, that is where it will usually stay.  

The simple reality is when it comes to getting a site ranked an SEO company will spend the first few months trying to get to the top of page one. But once it is there, they collect a check!

So basically business owners are still paying SEO companies for work they did months ago!

I have an SEO company already.

If you have an SEO company and they are doing a good job you don’t need to fire them. However, there are still advantages you can gain by taking this SEO training.

  1. You can get your site to the top of Google even faster! – working together you and your SEO company can get your website to the top of the rankings twice as fast! 
  2. You can speak SEO – when your SEO company is trying to explain what they are going to do for you, you will know what they are talking about! 
  3. You can keep an eye on your SEO company – It is always better to make sure that your SEO company is doing their job the right way. With this training, you will know they are.

I don’t know anything about SEO

Don’t worry we will teach you! The simple reality is when you comment that you don’t know anything about SEO you are worried that you will have to learn programming. Don’t worry you will never need to learn programming! If you can do a basic google search, you have all the skills you will need to start learning SEO. 

While learning SEO may seem scary, there are two benefits this training has that no SEO company could ever offer. 

Your no longer limited to Chicago.

As a Chicago business owner, you have a lot of customers that come from the Chicago, that is natural. However, if you are like most business owners you have a service area that includes other cities and towns in the area, this is good business.

However, because Google prefers to show it’s users local businesses you are going to have trouble getting ranked in other cities and towns. 

With our training, you can turn this obstacle to a benefit. You can easily build websites in each of these surrounding cities and towns. Think of them as digital build boards driving customers to your business.

With a little work on your part in a few months, your service area could look like this.

Use your SEO skills to build passive income. 

This program was created to teach people how to build a passive income by building websites, getting them ranked and renting them out to local businesses.

You could do the same. You could build websites in any niche you want and then get those websites rented out to other companies who will pay you every month for the leads. 

How do I know this will work? I have done it for the last four years!


This is a website I built for the limo industry. I got the site ranked and got calls coming in. I then found a local limo company to take the leads, they were so thrilled with the new business they paid me $750 a month, and they have been doing that for the last four years!

If you want to grow your business, it is time to take control of your SEO. Click here to learn more.

Tampa SEO Expert Coaching – learn to Rank your Business

When it comes our business and the city of Tampa we are sure you know how important it is to take every advantage you can, the city of Tampa has over three hundred and eighty-five thousand people living in it. That is a huge opportunity to grow your business. The problem is that it will attract competition. 

Downtown Tampa, Florida along the Hillsborough River.

You need to gain every advantage possible when it comes to growing your business. When it comes to getting new customers, you will never have a more significant advantage than ranking at the top of Google and Bing!

If you would like to learn how we can help you get your site ranked click here. 

There are other tools you can use to find new customers, like running Facebook ads and Google ads but the simple reality is while these tricks are fast they are not nearly as effective and sustainable long term as the organic traffic you will get from SEO. 

Why do business owners dislike SEO?  

If you ask a business owner about SEO most of them are not happy with the idea of SEO. There is a good reason for this. The simple truth is most SEO companies feel like a major headache

More than likely from the minute you opened your doors you have been dealing with SEO companies trying to reach out to you trying to get your business. 

Most SEO companies hit you with a “one-two punch” and it goes something like this. 

First, they try to get you to sign a contract. This usually happens when they are “trying to close you”

Once they get you to sign the contract, they will use their “proven process” to try and get your website ranked.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at this process.

The SEO Company trying to get you to sign on the dotted line

During this phase the SEO company will tell you anything you want to hear, they will tell you they can get your site ranked, and they will brag all about their “proven process” once you finally sign the contract that’s when they start the second part of the SEO relationship. 

An SEO company wants you to sign a contract like this. 

  1. You are locked in for 12 months 
  2. no matter what payment is due every month. 
  3. They can’t guarantee results, with their “proven process.”

After you sign the contract, you will notice a drop off of the “personal” interaction. That’s because they have moved on to phase two they are using their “proven Process.”  

The same SEO tactics over and over. 

The most common complaint we get from business owners that work with an SEO company is that the company treated them like “just another number” That’s because that is what you are to them. 

SEO companies will brag about their “proven process” what they are really saying is they are using the same SEO tactics every time and hoping for the best. 

Why do they do this? 

  1. These techniques will usually work pretty well. They can help your site rise up the ranks, eventually. 
  2. It saves them time! The truth is each website has different issues but taking time to figure out what is wrong with your website is time-consuming. It’s easier to say you have a proven process and do the same thing over and over.  
  3. So they can focus on their primary job, remember their main job isn’t getting websites ranked it’ finding new clients! 

If you are like most business owners, you are looking for a solution to your SEO issues. Now you must know your SEO issues are easy to solve once and for all. Learn to do it yourself!

You have most likely thought about doing your SEO yourself before. 

Most likely you know that no one will ever care for your business like you will. However, you came up with several reasons why you can’t do your own SEO.

We have trained over three thousand students just like you in how to do SEO the right way. Many of them had the same excuses you had, and they were still able to learn SEO.

Let’s take a look at some of the excuses that are most common. 

  1. I don’t know about SEO, and I don’t know computers
  2. I’m too busy too learn SEO
  3. I am already working with and SEO team

While each one of these excuses may seem valid when you see the advantages you will get you will realize it’s worth it. 

Click here to learn more about our training

Let’s take a look at each reason step by step. 

I Don’t know about SEO, and I’m not tech Savvy Enough.

You don’t have to know anything about SEO we will teach you! Just like we have trained over three thousand other students! All too often when people use this excuse what they are really talking about is they don’t want to learn to code, who would!  

The way we teach SEO, you don’t have to worry about learning Coding. If you can use the internet, we can teach you SEO.

I’m too busy to learn SEO.

This answer is the one most people give, and it makes a lot of sense, As the boss, everything is your responsibility! You have a lot of things you need to deal with, and you don’t really feel like adding another issue.  

However, when you look at the benefits you would get with learning SEO you will start to realize that the time is well spent! 

Here are just a few of the time advantages you will get from learning SEO for your business. 

  1. You won’t have to pay for SEO anymore
  2. You will be able to grow your business as quickly as you want! 
  3. You can rank your site faster than you thought possible. 

There is also something about SEO that SEO companies won’t tell you. 

The insider secret your SEO company is keeping from you.

SEO doesn’t take nearly as much time as you think! 

Most business owners think that getting a website to rank is a full-time job. 

This is not true. Usually getting a website to get ranked does take some time, in the beginning, this is true. However, once it is at the top of Google, it usually stays there.

That is one of the reasons your SEO company wants you to sign a contract. They will spend the first couple of months getting the site ranked, but after that, they are just collecting checks!

Don’t you think that money belongs in your bank account, not their pocket?

I am already working with an SEO team to get my site ranked.  

No one is telling you that you have to fire your SEO company if they are doing a good job that is fine.

However, there are still significant advantages you can gain from taking this training. 

  1. Together you can get your website to rank a lot faster – if both you and the SEO company are working on your website you can move it up the ranking a whole lot more quickly.
  2. You can confirm their work – we are not saying the SEO company you hired isn’t doing the work. We are simply saying now you will know they are doing the work. 
  3. You now will speak SEO – when you are talking to the SEO team members things will go easier it if you understand what they are trying to explain to you.

While SEO companies do have their uses, they are limited when it compares to our training. Here are two areas SEO companies fall short. 

  1. You’re not limited to Tampa
  2. You can build passive income helping other businesses. 

You’re no longer limited to SEO in just Tampa

Even though your business is based in the Tampa area, most likely your service area is a lot wider than that. Most likely there are a lot of other cities and neighborhoods you provide services to. 

But as far as Google is concerned you are only a Tampa based business, and this means your website will have a tough time getting ranked outside the city of Tampa!

Many business owners view this as a major issue, after you take our training, you will view it as a significant opportunity!  

With the skills we will teach you, you will have the opportunity to build and rank multiple sites in every city or town in the area you serve. 

Use them as “digital billboards” The more of them you create, the faster you can grow your business. 

With our training in a few short months, your service area will look like this!

Use your SEO skills to build passive income.

This training was originally built around the idea or building websites and renting them out to local businesses for a monthly payment. 

You could do the same thing and grow your passive income.

With some effort on your part, you could build a 100% passive income that could last you for years.

How can I be sure? 

I have done it myself! 


This Limo site is the first site I ever built. I built it, spent a few months working on getting it ranked, part-time and once is was generating leads I found a limo company to team up with.

They were thrilled to take the leads and pay me for them. They started paying me more than 700 dollars a month, and they have been paying me ever since that was four years ago!

How much could you change your financial situation with two or three of these rental sites producing passive income for you every month? 

If you are ready to learn SEO and take control of your business, we are here to help.

Click here to learn about our SEO training program. 

Best 7 Digital Marketing Courses Review


In 2018, a solid foundation of knowledge in Digital Marketing is key.

If you’re trying to sell anything in this day and age, you need to make use of the digital world.

The internet represents a massive opportunity for marketers, and it can make you insane amounts of money – if you play your cards right.

But if you don’t know how to make use of these digital channels, then the internet could swallow you up into obscurity.

No one is going to buy your products if they aren’t aware of what you have available – or how they could solve any of their problems.  

And that’s why digital marketing is so important.

At the end of the day, it’s all up to you.

You can either make use of the internet’s incredible selling power or struggle to promote your products for the rest of your life.

But what if you have no idea how to succeed in the world of digital marketing?

Well, if that’s the case, then there are plenty of online courses that you can take.

These courses vary in length, price and difficulty level.

Not many of them actually teach local lead generation, per se, but the underlying pin beneath these digital marketing courses is the notion that you could use these strategies (taught in the course) to help a company to make more money.

If asked, I’m sure even Mr. Warren Buffet (himself) would pause to think about how digital marketing should mean getting more customers today.

Unfortunately, branding and digital marketing for the purpose of lead generation through free traffic have different ways of performing — and they can often lead a business toward different results, some more predictable than others.

Some will push your knowledge to the absolute limits, while others will give you a pretty basic rundown on Digital Marketing concepts.

There are some digital marketing courses that you should probably steer clear of.

Sometimes, identifying which ones you should avoid can be a real pickle – especially if you’re as innocent as the next person who is simply on the ground level and getting your feet wet in what you hear is the next big thing to put money in your pockets with.

These courses might not be the real deal, and they could end up being a massive waste of time.

In addition, there are plenty of tidbits of misinformation just floating around the world wide web; if we’re not careful, we could be smitten by some and it can cost our checkbooks dearly.

The internet is full of so-called “gurus” who claim to have all the answers.

So how do you find courses which are “the real deal?”

Well, you can count your lucky stars because we’ve compiled a list of our top picks.

These digital marketing courses have tons of great reviews and helped a variety of students over the years.

At least one of these courses might appeal to you.

If you’re struggling in the world of Digital Marketing, these seven online, “accessible anywhere an internet connection is had” courses can provide any number of answers you might be looking for.

Take these courses and you’ll be confident in your newfound skills.

For me, however, I wanted a little more than just confidence in my ability to know what it took to climb the search engines – I wanted a way out of:

  • a $35k job with a crummy apartment
  • no reliable transportation
  • no warm clothes
  • the corporate 9 to 5 that was sucking the life out of me with bitter-freezing commutes in the dead of the Detroit, Michigan urbanized winters and cold drafts that feel like wind tunnels between large, spacious buildings

It wasn’t until a dark, cold evening in 2014 that I stumbled across this coaching program that would change my life forever.

Sounds extraordinary, I know – but it’s actually true.

I found Dan – my mentor, and now friend who has single-handedly picked me to be one of 3 people that advertise his coaching program alongside him – who was running local lead generation with free traffic for several years before we met. 

In only a year after starting to learn how Search Engine Optimization can be applied to the internet to help me make passive income through virtual real estate that I owned and could improve the value of – I could walk away from my full-time job.


When you’re making nine months-worth of your salary in one month’s worth of your part-time income, options begin to open up in your mind and choices get to be made.

So I chose to leave the life suck of a corporate 9 to 5 in Detroit, and I’ve never looked back!

Thanks to him, I’m able to put up lead gen sites like this and have them pay me monthly:


If you were to focus more of your efforts as I had on this coaching program than digital marketing classes, you’ll have what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

And after it’s all said and done, you’ll realize that it was a smart investment of your time and money.

In 7th Place: Digital Marketing Masterclass 2018

This option is actually 23 courses in one awesome package.

Take the plunge – 20,000 students have done the same, and few regretted it.

Phil Ebiner and Diego Davila teach this impressive course which stretches over 32 hours.

In addition, you’ll receive 21 articles and 28 supplemental learning resources.

This course leaves no stone turned right-side up.

You’ll learn things like how to market using email, YouTube, Facebook, blogs, and much more.

Learn all about complicated systems like Google Analytics and Advertising, Facebook Retargeting, and others.

This course is constantly being updated, and the newest lessons involve things like Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and much more.

It’s hard to find a more detailed course out there today.

In 6th Place: Free Digital Marketing Course – LinkedIn Learning

This is one of the best free courses out there.

The Free Digital Marketing Course by LinkedIn Learning leaves you thoroughly educated.

You’ll have a strong grasp of the basic concepts, and even some of the more advanced concepts.

LinkedIn Learning is a great place to go for all kinds of educations resources, and it has an amazing reputation.

Take this course, and you’ll understand why.

You’ll be amazed by the variety of courses available to you.

From SEO to Google Analytics, you can find everything you’re looking for here.

Just do some digging in their course database, and your questions will be answered.

There’s about 18 hours-worth of tutorials here.

Although you can try them out for free over a short period, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee if you want to access all of them.

In our opinion, it’s well worth it.

In 5th Place: University of Illinois – Digital Marketing Training Certification

Although this course is offered in connection with the University of Illinois, you won’t actually have to enroll to take advantage of it.

This course is listed on Coursera, and it’s available to the public.

Qualified Professors at the University of Illinois still teach this course though, and you’ll enjoy a very thorough education.

The course is broken down into seven sections.

Topics covered include:

  • analytics
  • different digital channels
  • and much more.

It’ll take you over three months to complete this course, so you’ll have to invest a significant amount of time into this extensive course.

Tons of amazing Professors teach this course, and it’s even offered in a wide range of different languages as well.

In 4th Place: Digital Marketing Masterclass – Get Your First 1,000 Customers

Udemy is filled with all kinds of digital marketing courses, but this one really stands out.

As you might have guessed, the course focuses on getting you toward signing your first 1,000 customers.

It’s a great goal to strive towards, and the course definitely knows how to get you there.

How do you get your first 1,000 customers?

Well, according to this course, you should focus on Social Media and Video Marketing.

Facebook and Instagram are huge focuses here, as well as some crucial SEO concepts.

This course doesn’t just tell you what to do, it tells you how it’s done, in great detail.

It consistently gets great reviews, and 32,000 digital marketers took this course with amazing results.

The course has even been featured in publications like:

  • Forbes
  • BusinessInsider
  • and many others.

In 3rd Place: The Complete Digital Marketing Course

Another great option on Udemy is actually 12 courses in one amazing package.

There’s a reason why they call this one the “Complete” Digital Marketing course….

It contains virtually everything you need to know about this complicated industry.

Created by Rob Percival and Daragh Walsh, this course focuses on a huge range of different digital marketing concepts.

From Google AdWords and Analytics to SEO and Facebook Advertising, this course has it all…

There’s almost too much in this course to list here.

If you’re still on the fence, just know that over 150,000 people have taken this course, and it still has amazing reviews to this day.

You’ll enjoy over 20 hours of courses, with 8 lengthy articles to absorb.

There’s tons of bonus lectures here as well, and information on:

  • YouTube Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • The important aspect of SEO (to top it all off)

Overall, this is definitely a great course for anyone who wants to learn it all.

In 2nd Place: Skillshare’s Free Digital Marketing Training

Here’s another free course that should really be on your radar.

Skillshare has tons of resources on their website, and it’s all free for the taking.

This includes lessons on:

  • growth hacking
  • social media
  • blogging
  • google analytics
  • amazon marketing
  • and other aspects of in-depth digital concepts

Here’s the thing: You have two months-worth of a free, all-access pass to the conveniently accessible training.

So, if you can learn quickly and absorb all of this information within the time limit, then it won’t cost you a dime.

For those who are serious about Digital Marketing, learning all that you can within these time constraints shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

But if you can’t squeeze it all in, it’s no big deal.

Just pay the subscription fee for continued access.


As you can see, there are tons of options for you out there on the web.

Some are more expensive than others, and some might be a bit more challenging for newbies.

But there’s at least one course here that’ll feel right for you…

Digital Marketing is an extremely useful skill to learn.

Some would even say that it’s mandatory in this day and age.

One thing’s for sure…

If you’re going to invest in learning a business skill in 2018, it might as well be digital marketing.

Education is always a great investment, but obtaining an education in Digital Marketing might be the most profitable form of education you can invest in.

2019’s #1 Most Profitable Digital Marketing Education: Local Lead Generation

Digital Marketing education can be a very powerful thing.

Self-evidently, there is a mass of courses that suggest they know what’s best for you and advocate a variety of things from course to course.

There are strong fundamentals in the digital marketing game everyone needs to know! 

It’s no wonder that 6 of the Best 7 Digital Marketing Courses seem to tarry around similar ideas.

However, there’s one program that actually spends their time teaching a high-income skill that is quite unique way of implementing digital marketing strategy for the sake of improving more than the position of a company that one is working for…

Imagine, if you will, a world where you can produce leads for local small business and have them pay you beyond handsomely – upwards of $750 to $3,000 each and every month – for years to come.

That’s exactly what I’m doing with local lead generation; I generate free traffic online and deliver them to clients who will willingly pay me monthly for delivering them quality referrals. 

This has been going on ever since 2014 – with my first lead gen site practically dominating the marketplace…

See the results of it for yourself when you pull it off (see image below):


Now you can see why I refer to this as the #1 option for starting your own online business – and how the digital marketing aspect of it can truly pay you for years to come! 

$750 may not be that inspirational of a number.

I can imagine the multitude of people that glaze over such a number – and that’s fine.

When I’ve built over 45 of these virtual real estate properties – that are getting rented out monthly – to the tune of approximately $50,000 in annual revenue, that tends to turn heads more! 

The kick of it is: I’m doing all of this on a part-time basis, the same way I had begun this entrepreneurial endeavor. 

So yeah, I think that I’m actually doing well for myself – and mostly because it’s a huge improvement from that dark, cold, wintery, wet, and miserable dungeon of an apartment…

Not that many moons ago, I wasn’t living so hot.

This coaching program changed that for me.

Here’s what else local lead generation has done for me…

  • I can work anywhere in the world and not be tied to an office or physical location
  • I can afford to travel, go on vacation, and take my laptop with me so I’m never too far from “the office” (it’s so much fun to be able to say that)
  • I am now raking in a higher income than doctors and lawyers – and it’s continuing to build with PASSIVE INCOME
  • Start Part-Time and Stay Part-Time moving from a spare time gig with a corporate job to an optional full-time gig that pays better than one but allows you to enjoy your time and not be a slave to a 9 to 5 any longer
  • Simple Digital Marketing Model: generate leads through free traffic strategies and give them to business owners for a massive profit
  • Fire Your Boss (If you want to)

Some people enjoy their full-time career immensely and would never leave it for any amount of money in the world.

That said, it’s always nice to have a side hustle that generates a steady stream of income and helps you to enjoy the spare time that you can indulge in your family and loved ones with. 

Even the single folks still enjoy living life large with the fruits of this coaching program.

Speaking of which…

Here is the lead gen site that keeps hooking me up with a steady flow of cash month after month on AutoPilot (see the image below):


Now that you’ve seen the differences between what is and what could be, let’s talk more about the future and how our coaching program can teach you exactly what it’s taught me to live the laptop lifestyle with a multiple 6 figures in annual income. 

I’m a great conversationalist; Click Here Now!

Best 6 SEO Courses Review

Search Engine Optimization (or more commonly referenced as “SEO”) is something that everyone’s talking about these days.

Most people know that it’s important, but they don’t really know why. And most of us definitely don’t know the first thing about Search Engine Optimization.

The truth is, you can’t hope to succeed online without SEO, especially if you’re relying on large amounts of online traffic for your site.

SEO is a relatively new concept, and that means not many people can truly call themselves experts.

These experts are so few in number that they’re in huge demand right now.

Businesses are scrambling to find someone who can help them with their SEO issues.

Are you beginning to see the opportunity here?

When I was looking for an opportunity to profit from doing work online, I was explicitly trying to figure out how I can use a method of SEO to expand my income without having a second job.

Search Engine Optimization has a caliber of skill that — if leveraged right — can increase the amount of business a company brings in.

When I was working a 9 to 5 corporate gig in downtown Detroit, I knew that I didn’t want to keep walking to work in the breezy, cold winter mornings just to make a lousy $35k every single year…

The least the company could have done was buy me a car — even a beater — so I didn’t have to deal with the wind gusts blowing through my thin business suit with a red-striped tie and making my legs so cold, stiff, and numb that it hurt to sit at my desk all day long.

Luckily, I was surfing the internet after work on my small apartment’s couch and found this coaching program that taught local lead generation with free traffic — and used the same principles as Search Engine Optimization!

If you simply devote a little bit of time towards learning about SEO, you can make heaps of cash.

The concept is simple: When you know how to do something that no one else can, people will pay you extremely well.

But how do you become an SEO expert?

Luckily, there are tons of courses out there that’ll take you from being a complete newbie to an SEO guru.

Most of the time, it won’t even take you that long to learn the ropes.

Better yet, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

These courses take less time to complete than a university degree, and they’re much cheaper.

Most of the time, they actually end up being more useful. What’s not to love?

But hey, not all SEO courses are created equal.

There are some you should probably stay away from, no matter how good they might seem.

Others are reputable, useful courses taught by the pros. We’re about to reveal the best ones out there right now.

Most of these courses are for beginners. Don’t feel too hesitant, even if you’re the least technical person on Earth.

These SEO courses will teach you everything you need to know, right from the extremely basic concepts.

When you’re finished, you’ll feel confident about your new skills.

And you’ll have an extremely lucrative level of expertise under your belt!

Oh, and speaking of lucrative…

Thanks to the help of a mentor thru that coaching program, I was able to quit my job in one year’s time and rake in a hefty $10k per month.

After discussing more about these SEO programs, I’ll tell you how you can learn to do the same thing…

Let’s get started with our countdown of Search Engine Optimization training programs on the market these days…

Number 6: Clickminded

If you’re looking for a self-guided course that’s perfect for beginners, look no further than Clickminded.

This course will cost you $487 dollars, and that includes over 66 lectures and five hours of educational content.

This course has some of the best reviews out there.

Almost 3,000 students are currently enrolled, and most of them only have good things to say about Clickminded.

It’s taught by the same guy who managed SEO for AirBnB, which is a massive company.

You’ll get a certification of completion at the end, and the course is compatible with all devices that allow for access to the internet.

Number 5: Market Motive’s Advanced SEO Certification Program

This advanced SEO course is just what you need to excel in your industry. At the cost of $299 per month, you’ll get access to tons of features.

It’s self-paced, but it usually only takes 25-35 hours to complete.

Participate in streaming video lessons, download workbooks and exercises, and take online quizzes.

There’s also weekly webinars to learn from, as well as a very active forum.

To top it all off, the course is taught by one of the top names in the business, Todd Malicoat.

Number 4: Search Engine College

The Search Engine Marketing Course by Search Engine College is a great option if you just want to dive straight in.

With a subscription fee of only $99, it’s one of the cheapest options out there.

Although you can learn a lot by just paying the subscription fee, you need to pay $295 to actually become officially certified.

You can access your course materials forever, as long as you keep paying the monthly fee.

And if you’re really having trouble, Search Engine College will provide you with tutors.

However, these tutors are rather different than hiring a coach or mentor in the digital marketing space.

I remember my time in college where tutors were paid to wait and take a lot of time to answer simple questions —

I’m sure they’re good, but it wasn’t until I found Dan — the founder of this lead gen coaching program that taught how to use free traffic to build an empire of passive income

It’s still based on SEO principles, but it takes people out of the hourly or salary mindset and everyday people like you and me into the driver seat of our own destiny by guiding us into entrepreneurship and being our own form of a business owner!

What better way to learn SEO than how to leverage the skill to become rich with financial and time freedom; my vote is for a coaching program!

Number 3: SEO Training Course By Moz

If you want to test the waters of SEO before jumping in, Moz has a great SEO course.

There are no requirements for joining this course, and they’ll train you from the ground up.

After you’ve completed this course, you’ll truly understand the basics of SEO.

And the best part? It’s free.

That means that this course can be your stepping stone into the world wide web and a new high-income skill talent of manipulating search results through Search Engine Optimization online.

Over 35,000 students are currently taking advantage of this free course, and you should too.

And the students who graduate give this course incredibly good reviews.

It’s accessible on all devices, and you’ll even get a certificate of completion when you’re finished.

This one really is a no-brainer.

Number 2: SEO Marketing Institute’s SEO Certification Program

With this course, you can choose either to buy it outright for $859 or pay a monthly fee of $67.

After you enroll, you can take up to 6 months to learn the course content and prepare for your certification.

You’ll enjoy up to 11 classes, which can last up to an hour.

After you complete the course, you have the opportunity to take the SEO Certification Exam and get certified the SEO professional that you’ve been training to become.

This course is actually quite advanced in its later stages, so it’s a good option if you want to build on pre-existing SEO knowledge.


As you can see, there are tons of options out there for anyone who wants to become an SEO expert.

The main thing to remember is that it’s not as hard as it sounds. But you’ll find that out soon enough after you take any of the courses we’ve mentioned here!

Some of these courses are more advanced than others, and some are more expensive.

But at the end of the day, at least one of these courses should appeal to you. One of the courses we mentioned is even free!

That means you have no excuses.

If SEO is something you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to jump right in.

You won’t regret it.

#1 Way to Earn 6 Figures Online in 2019: Local Lead Generation

SEO can be a good money maker, but these days I prefer doing local lead generation instead which allows for more long-term, passive income.

Why is this so important though?

For one, I’m no longer making $35k a year from a corporate gig in a crummy, smelly, dark neighborhood in a downtown environment — where the morning and evening commute usually looks the same:

Dark, dreary, and clearly without sunshine to brighten the commute (even temporarily)...

When I found this coaching program, my whole world changed for the better!

I finally had options when I was expanding my online presence and was able to enjoy the opportunities that came into my life from now being able to afford nice clothes, a reliable car, and a better apartment — even in an expensive metropolis like Detroit, Michigan.

The business model is simple:

  1. Toss a lead gen site together and place the build online
  2. Slap that sucker to the top of search results
  3. Profit ridiculously well
  4. Repeat as often as you’d like to make more money

SEO is a very powerful skill — especially when you own the web properties that you’re improving the ranking on…

In fact, when you position yourself to profit, it looks a lot like this…


It’s a cool little thing that I like to call MARKET DOMINATION!

It’s the cool thing to do in 2019 to maximize your profits from a satisfied business owner you’ve partnered with so they can make more money and build their reputation in the community with all the goodwill they’re providing to local customers…

Local customers that you, yourself, brought to them through the implementation of SEO into a high-income skill our coaching program teaches.

That means that they’re your very own digital real estate that you can rent out to people — like business owners, who have a budget to pay you with — in exchange for leveraging free web traffic to bring them more buyers!

As no one seems to really care where their web properties are on Google —

However, when they learn about the kind of real, cold-hard cash that they could rake in from these virtual real estate-like assets, they definitely begin to care!

When they know that more money can come from being at the top (where all the customers in the market really are), then it becomes a precious, high-income skill — SEO! That’s what local lead generation is all about.

What other good can possibly come from taking search engine optimization and translating it into a skill that can develop passive income?

Don’t take my word for it, listen to some of the reasons the students in our coaching program had to say about this —

  • One quit their job to do this full-time because their part-time income was beginning to surpass their corporate job (just like I did)
  • Another was happy to reach out across North America to find small businesses that were hungry for more customers (and in our current era of technology, they could afford to do this)
  • Most brag about being able to wear what they want when they go to their laptop and open it to say “I’m at the office now.”
  • Others indulge in the fact that they can take their laptop and internet provider with them on a getaway vacation and live up the fact that they can spend just a little bit of time each day building their fortune
  • Some are enjoying the results that come from the same business model of Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, and others: using free traffic to generate leads, then charging a premium to deliver them to service providers
  • A few are now surpassing the annual income of high-end medical physicians and specialized attorneys at law

These sound extraordinary, but all of these testimonials are from people who’ve started doing the same thing I did when I found this coaching program back in 2014.

As a matter of fact, my first lead gen site is still up from 2014 and paying me $750 every single month from Lansing, MI — the business is thriving and happy (see it below):


If you’re ready for these kinds of successes in your own life, CLICK HERE to let me know what you like best about this business model… yes, the best one in 2019 to begin building your financial stability to 6 and 7 figures a year!

Hacking Shopify Dropshipping by Hayden Bowles – Unbiased Review

Of all the business ventures in the world, and especially with regards to the internet, none seem to be more advocated and lucrative than the proposition of leveraging the power of the laptop to generate massive and passive profits in a business model. 

If you’re anything like I was back in 2014 – cold in a dark apartment, at the dead of winter, and wishing I had more money so I could buy a car to stop walking my morning commute where I can blissfully attend a less than pleasant atmosphere where the corporate monsters only compensate me $35k in gross pay.

They wouldn’t even give me a holiday bonus so I can get off my feet and not have to shiver every time I think about stepping out of my apartment in the outskirts of Detroit to get myself all the way downtown!

Metropolis or not, I was cold, broke, and miserable with no way out. 

So – much like how some people are finding this article online, I was looking for something that can get me out of the slump that I had found myself in only a short few years ago. 

I looked at everything, including the popularly referenced business model of E-Commerce. 

If you’re not clear on what that is, by the way, it’s nothing more than selling physical products online. 

It’s a very common thing and there are numerous places to try and find a good that you’re looking for – in fact, tons of people constantly search online with the hope of finding the best bang for their buck…

If they can get the exact same deal in a cheaper fashion somewhere else, then the time invested in their online research for the product they want was well worth it… for some. 

For others, they can’t wait awhile in order to get what they’re looking for and they can’t afford to expend any more time online looking for a good deal; they need something right away and are willing to pay whatever they must in order to acquire what they’ve been searching for right away. 

So, a gentleman by the name of Hayden Bowles stepped up to the plate after his time and experience of being successful in the E-Commerce discipline and made a concise, clear-cut course on how you can start your very own business online in selling physical products – even if you have nothing to sell yet. 

The intent behind Mr. Bowles short course that he posted online at Teachables – a hosting platform for short courses like what Hayden pieced together for an intended audience of, well, us – is that you can get started through the brief course that he created advising you on theoretical options and specific steps to take. 

The drawback that I’m seeing already in this blog post is that this guy must have been one of a baker’s dozen to proclaim themselves as a Shopify online store coach with his mentoring program launching on Teachables in only months recent. 

Add to that the fact that there are already tons of people online that are attempting to push their own marketing training platform that each claim to have the secret techniques and/or special recommendations that can get you to where you want the fastest – they always prey on the emotional insecurity to try and get you to buy instantly. 

As a side note: it’s best to avoid having your emotion drive your business decisions; that’s how bad things happen to a company’s bottom line – we’ve got to be smart and play for the long-term. 

Anyway, dozens upon dozens of self-proclaimed proficient people in the E-Commerce game are interested in telling you how you can achieve all of these wonderful things – but who is the real deal?

Who can we really trust with money, time, and patience in the brighter hope that we, too, can accomplish great things by leveraging their training to make our first few dollars online? 

We can already acknowledge a few things about business – especially anything in retail or physical products, let alone on digital platforms:

  • No profits are guaranteed
  • Selling products can be tough, and the added barrier of not being face-to-face with the customer can seem to be a greater hindrance than a facilitator of the sales process
  • There are investments that must be made long after you purchase a training course

That last point is key and often overlooked by newly-beginning entrepreneurs; yes, business opportunities require a start-up kitty.  Unfortunately, that seems to drift out of our minds – along with other essential aspects of business ownership – when we’re listening to the pitching of course founders that do everything they can to let you know that this course is for you… for the right price, if you can hack it. 

So, how would we filter through all of these coaching courses and select the most ideal fit?

Is Mr. Hayden Bowles really the most ideal person to take your cues from in step-by-step fashion to turn your own deals into profits through nothing more than a laptop and a little know-how?

What about the dropshipping business online, in general? 

Would it be something that any of us are interested in?

Can it be possible to use this as a vehicle to really change our situation in life with just a little effort?

Will I have to work a second job to pay for this? 

Will this turn into another job that takes my time away from what’s important to me? 

These are all excellent questions and many of them I have heard lately –

I’ve thought them as well, even when I was surfing the net in a cold apartment and trying to find my way to the same thing that most who end up reading this blog post will share in a concern:

Where can I turn to that has the right guidance to get me situated to make money online? 

I can honestly say that I’ve tried this course and made my dent in the dropshipping industry online.

I’ve even turned a little bit of a profit from the work that I’ve done in this space. 

Therefore, I can personally tell you that I know there is money to be had.

However, I went at this a little differently than some probably hope to when they’re looking at this.

I’ve had entrepreneurs of all backgrounds read my content so my audience is rather diverse with my blog:

  • You could be having a thriving business and are simply interested in adding experience working in drop shipping to your portfolio of monthly income so you can expand your net worth even more
  • You could have a job like I did in the corporate life, waking up 9 to 5 and not really having any direction except to be going to the same $35k job for the rest of my 30 years – hoping only to have enough at the end to be able to retire; but what about the immediate lifestyle, I don’t have money to go on dates or turn the heat on in my apartment
  • Then there are those that swing by here who are really okay with where they are, but they really are open to considering their options online and wouldn’t mind supplementing their already profitable salary from a career that they honestly don’t mind indulging in regularly

Whether you’re fitting one of the descriptions above or have a unique story all your own, this blog is for you. 

I’m writing it after experiencing each of the programs on here – yes, I’ve invested the purchase price and also put up whatever capital was required in order to make each mentoring program work for me. 

How could I afford to spend the time doing this, let alone the pocket cash?

See, back in 2014, I found a coaching program online that taught how to use free traffic in local lead generation – which was great, because I couldn’t afford to buy any web traffic to get affiliate offers seen or products noticed right away. 

Within a year, I was happy to tell my corporate job to stick it and I walked off my 9 to 5; one of the best days of my life. 

What I did was make a lead gen site (like you see in the image below), ranked it online, and it’s now kickin’ back a lot of money each month — that’s true passive income!

I left a $35k annual salary for the lead gen business model that was paying me a passive income of $10k each and every month; the most important thing that I can share with you about that accomplishment was…

I built that passive income over 1-years-time, and I did it in my spare time –

I’m still working this same give several years later, in my spare time (still), and tuning out the corporate life and woes I once lived to the tune of $50,000.00 in profitable income every single month – whether I work on the business or not.  If you’re interested in learning how I did it —

You can copy and paste the same strategy I used with this coaching program over here that I learned from to build my local lead generation business.

So, I can afford to try these programs now, and spend my time checking them out so you can read my blog posts and see for yourself whether the program is a good fit for you. 

I’m not affiliated with the programs – or, I don’t choose to be – so you can rest assured that these reviews are unbiased because you could still purchase the program after reading my article and I won’t make a dime off of your choice to buy in. 

So what have you got to lose other than some solid research time invested in finding out more from someone who has actually lived the experience of the coaching and mentoring program that you’re exploring right now: The Hacking Shopify Dropshipping Course from Hayden Bowles.

So I have my fair reasons for choosing to let go of the dropshipping method to attempting to make money with my laptop –

It’s not because I was doing so well in my lead gen business – although, it is nice to have the reliable, passive income coming in so I didn’t have to stress over whether or not this coaching program worked.

Instead, I invested what spare cash I had into the methodologies introduced in this coaching program to see if there were any tips of actual value that can help make money online for anyone exploring Hayden’s course. 

One thing I always enjoy looking for is whether or not this mentoring training would have worked for me as a brand new entrepreneur, down and out on my luck in this miserably cold apartment way back when. 

That way, if you’re in that same position and looking to make a change, you can get an honest evaluation from someone who has experienced the program and hopefully can collect enough data to make a decision for yourself on whether this is a great fit for you.

With that said, let’s get this adventure rolling and learn more about what this guy Mr. Bowles is intending to teach us about the E-Commerce world of marketing products online…

A Brief Look Over the Hacking Shopify Dropshipping Course

Leave it to us entrepreneurs to want to not only cut corners but find the quickest path to getting what we want. 

Why would this blog article be any different, Am-I-right?

So, let’s take a quick look at what you’re going to be going through when/if the time comes that you take the leap into Hayden’s course from Teachables on getting started with your dropshipping business venture from home:

  • Introduction: Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
  • Basics

This guy really digs in and delivers a stellar overview on several aspects of what you’re going to need to be aware of in order to accomplish this major feat of starting a physical products selling type of business from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere that you would like to work our magic with your laptop and in keeping a little bit of internet access handy. 

-Bare-bones of what you need to know

-Finding those winning selections of physical products in the best industry (or “niche”)

-Evaluating and connecting with your future supplier(s) that are currently serving up products on a website called AliExpress

  • Establishing your digital presence online

These are the meat and potatoes that everyone wonders about when they’re starting the dropshipping gig.

They actually encompass just about everything that can be traditionally found in other dropshipping courses because nearly everyone in the game goes through completing these exact steps…

I’ve done my fair share of dropshipping over the last few years, and I’ve put a large amount of time and effort into the process of getting assets in place to be ready to market.

The following points are actually essential to your being ready to have someone buy a product from your online store.

This is the magical part where readers ask me how it’s possible for people to buy from them when they don’t have a store set-up online already.

I’m happy to be available for everyone here because the answer to that reaction is you need to get started with your Shopify store, and this is the module to teach that very concept and theory behind why it’s used and why you need it for your business.

Now, the assets and advice here may not be in the same order or to the same depth that other courses introduce, but they are still very good bits of instruction that you can bet are setting you up for success. 

-The Shopify Store: Breaking your business ground to get positioned for success

-Figuring out what your pricing should be – and what it’s really going to be

-Social signals: why your social media pages are key ingredients to not only getting yourself started but persisting in momentum with your sales process

I liked this module because it really brings into focus the nuts and bolts of the hardware that you need to get squared away with. 

Skipping this module can actually hinder your success, in large part because potential customers won’t be able to buy from you since they won’t have anywhere to go. 

As you can see, this course is already attempting to give valuable content with any student that’s actively participating and following along.

  • Implementing Instagram

Part of being solo in your entrepreneurial endeavor means that you have the freedom to choose who you wish to partner with – and you don’t have to ask permission or seek agreement from someone else; not a boss, not a co-worker, and not a co-owner. 

It’s your show; so it’s your call on how you want to operate your side hustle (if this can actually be called one). 

As such, you can reach out to other people on social media and see what you can do to acquire assistance in marketing your products. 

Options can range from buying the product for the person to asking for a testimonial, and many other strategies packed inside of this module that is certain to get you motivated to run your business online. 

In the thick of it all, you’ll learn what an Instagram influencer is and how they can actually be leveraged for the better; instead of just using them, you can build a relationship with this person and consistently ask for them help as you progress with your store and business continues to expand your bottom line. 

Also, there aren’t any quotas to fill or restrictions on how many selling or distribution points you can have with internet marketing.

If you want to have more than one Instagram influencer helping you to pedal your products through cyberspace, you can. 

I won’t sugar coat it for you – there are tons of steps to making this happen and you’re going to earn those partnerships, let me tell you!

Once you have these arrangements, however, you’ll be ready to cook and grind all the way to the bank.

  • Filling Up Your Facebook Account with Opportunities for More Sales

This portion is a little bit tricky. 

Most people are familiar with some free access to social media, like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many other platforms.

They don’t charge you upfront to be a participant in their network and host a social profile that’s your very own. 

When you start approaching social media with a different mindset, however – like when you’re trying to acquire sales through digital assets online – you’re going to want to position yourself to where you can actually begin pushing your message out to the masses in the social world. 

In addition to the notional concepts of branding – which, let’s be real here, brandbuilding doesn’t always correlate to building a business or generating more customers – it’s a very good idea to understand the paid advertising strategies associated with each social media account. 

For this module in Hayden Bowles’ Hacking Shopify Dropshipping Course, you get a first-hand introduction to Facebook Ads and a broad-painting overview of the Facebook Advertising platform – in-part and as a whole. 

Some people tend to shy away from getting started with a module like this because of the perception that one needs to be technologically savvy in order to operate Facebook Ads…

Others hesitate to get started because they realize that it costs money to push out a Facebook Ad and they don’t want to lose money without the possibility of seriously landing a sale.

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that you’re getting ushered into the world of Facebook Ads – where testing is the name of the game.

You’ll need to design, establish, orchestrate, and market with a variety of ad sets and ads within each marketing campaign that you launch. 


You’re at the mercy of Facebook and the pre-arranged profiles that they’ve collected into groups – so you can target your ideal markets and prospective clients based on the information that Facebook has collected about these people over the years that they’ve been using Facebook and/or other platforms that Facebook can gather information from about those people.

Like this course you’re considering investing in, data is key in a platform like this – because Facebook can now charge a premium for marketers like us to go in and request permission to use their aggregated resources. 

The result is an online auction system where you can try and put your message in front of people that you hope will not only like what you’re talking about but engage with your ad to buy your product. 

Some paid ads simply don’t move people enough to go from merely seeing the ad as they scroll through Facebook to jumping in and becoming your customer. 

I once ran a campaign for wrinkle-free cream that was intended to be a solution for a targeted audience. 

Here’s a sample of one of the ads that was designed: 

As you can see, it’s not all that stellar, but we’ve made multiple ads just like this and pushed them all out into the marketplace in order to see which ones performed the best.

This is exactly what you need to know before you buy a course like this.

If you’re not open to spending money in order to make money, then this probably isn’t the marketing option for you to turn into a home-based business.

When someone leverages the Facebook Ads platform, it’s usually because they want to get immediate results…

  • People immediately see the ad
  • People instantly decide what they’re going to do after seeing it (click thru or keep scrolling)
  • Let the market decide how to respond to your ad…

In order to let them react, however, you’ve got to put things out there and that’s where the complexity of dropshipping comes in – I think this is where the bulk of the time in dropshipping is spent and is why tons of people end up getting burnt out with the work involved in making money through this business model. 

That said, this module will provide you with some solid information on the fundamentals that you need in order to get started, including…

  • The differences between a Facebook Ads Manager account and your Business Manager Advertising Platform
  • What you must do to get your first Facebook Ad launched (not just “get started”)
  • Enabling you to know what to look for as key indicators of good performance versus poor results in your Facebook Ad – and what steps you should take in response to what you see
  • Want more money?  Want to reach larger audiences faster so you can have more at-bats to get your product(s) actually purchased?  This section also has a training aspect on what you can to do what the industry popularly refers to as “scaling up” or expanding your reach to hit a larger audience with your offer in a shorter span of time

When you’re ready to get started in the Shopify store space of E-Commerce, then Hayden holds nothing back in getting you situated to have the opportunity to become successful. 

What’s Missing in the Hacking Shopify Dropshipping Course

By this point, we’ve been able to address a lot of things about dropshipping – in general, and through this mentoring and advising course – and in E-Commerce. 

However, each course could be either holding something back or not delivering the value that I think it should be.

Now, I’m not knocking the guy that founded something that he intended to present to the market so newbies can have a resource worth tapping into and at an affordable price…

Some of the courses I’ve explored have a higher ticket for admission – some of which can range in the thousands of dollars. 

Coaching is big business, but not every single one of those people who bring the heat in terms of value that you can directly benefit from by investing in what they’re attempting to push your way. 

For Mr. Bowles, however, there are just a few things that I’ve noticed other programs having that you’re not exactly going to realize from investing in Hayden’s course that you’ll benefit massively from knowing:

  • Facebook Advertising that you can do in 2019 that include Video and Facebook Messenger

Facebook has done a lot of revamping of their Facebook Ads platform, and they’re going to just continue changing things because that’s how Facebook rolls. 

Instead of trying to fight the possibility of losing money to the competition, learning how to tap into these resources and leverage them for your gain is something that I hope you can use to further your experience in making dropshipping work for you. 

That’s not something that I’ve found to be touched on – or available – with this course people purchase from Teachables.

  • Implementing Clickfunnels software for convenient operational structure

If you haven’t heard by now, Clickfunnels is a company – and a website software – that Mr. Russel Brunson brought to the market in hopes of helping digital marketers to more easily create funnels. 

Intended to be a quick, down, and dirty solution for those implementing paid advertising strategies, the more expensive website builders charged a lot of money to host each individual website – even if it were only 2 pages that you might need from the hosting account:

  • Landing page
  • Thank you page

The simplicity of Clickfunnels is perhaps brought up in other coaching and mentoring programs because you can leverage it for one product at a time and find out whether the marketplace will find it worthwhile. 

There are numerous steps to setting up your Shopify Store online, including the steps necessary to just have a 1 product not only viewable but clickable for more information and easy to purchase by a visitor. 

There’s no sense in building out your Shopify store with several products that no one in your target market (that you set up with the ad set in the Facebook Advertising platform) will see value in purchasing your advertised product. 

I think it’s an excellent approach to testing the selling potential of physical products online! 

I’ve also used Clickfunnels before and I think you would benefit from this strategy, but I just don’t see it in Hayden Bowles viewpoint of making dropshipping work for you. 

  • Copywriting Tips for Killer Email Follow-up Sequencing

Sometimes information can be more valuable than an upfront sale.

Here is where you’ll be advised on what you can do to with collecting emails and putting them into a database where you can later selling them other items, or maybe even recommend an additional product based on the one they purchased; the possibilities are endless. 

  • An Advanced Strategy of Retaining Bulk Orders in a Local Warehouse to where most of your customers are and how to reduce shipping time to save on the cost of products and overseas delivery of goods

There are definitely some hot items and knowledge bombs in this course – even without the aforementioned points that I would personally classify as exclusions from Hayden’s training. 

It may not be intentional; he may or may not know them, or he might have an upsell to his course that includes advanced concepts like the ones I had listed up above here.

If you’re looking for something that is beginner-friendly in regards to the vast world of E-Commerce, you can sell in confidence with the information delivered in this package. 

The Shopify Drospshipping Industry: Is It a Sound or Poor Investment?

Let’s look at the platform that you’re considering getting involved in for an online business in 2019. 

Should you get involved with E-Commerce and selling physical products, or should you herd along with those that shy away from the challenging world of digital marketing in this fashion?

Let’s discuss… PRO/CON TIME!

First, the awesome stuff…

  • You can get started from the comfort of your own home
  • Low barrier to entry – just launch a few digital assets and land a partnership with a seller
  • The vast world of products awaits your selection of them to be sold online
  • If you can land a product that sells faster than hotcakes (that’s a weird expression to use in describing this industry), then Facebook would be willing to back your play and let you expand your reach to get more buyer attention
  • You can refine your target audience down to only the most ideal people on Facebook that you would hope become sellers – meaning you don’t have to cast that wide of a net if your product is catered to one specific kind of audience
  • If you’re looking to cash-in after some time in your E-Commerce venture – and I mean “BIG TIME” – you now have the potential to expand your company name to a household reach that larger entities will be throwing money at you and begging for you to sell your company to them

That last point, by the way, is what the industry identifies as an “exit.” 

When you own a company and have an exit strategy in place, that means that you are getting a lump sum cash payment for the reputation and clout of your company being handed over – and with the ownership of that company – to another business entity or person. 

The payoff can be extraordinary if you’ve done your homework and did really well with this here! 

Now for the not-so-awesome stuff…

  • You don’t have exclusivity to the product you’re pushing out into the marketplace.  Others can see what you’re doing, and if it’s going well then they can try and steal your strategy to profit off the same things you’re advertising – including product, ad copy, etc.
  • Your commissions are a joke!  You’ll be lucky if you see 10 percent or more in cash coming your way – then, you still have to negotiate with the payment processors online to ensure you’re getting a good rate in handling money from the deals you’re landing

Tangent here: Are you starting to see why there are tons of E-Commerce courses that target newbies now? 

I’m under the impression that some coaches just want more money than to actually do what they’re suggesting you can “retire with,” or some nonsense like that. 

I’m not saying that this can’t work for you, but I’m not a fan of the 10-20% “profits” being sent your way – I’ll even have the guts to call them peanuts that you’re compensated with for your efforts in digital marketing with this business model. 

Back to the lack of awesomeness in dropshipping (as a business model)…

  • The complexities with physical product selling can consume tons of time and frustrate owners

Think about all the things that you have to balance in this business model…

-consumer complaints

-foreign manufacturers doing things on their schedule or missing a shipment

-product returns (which cut into your profits and now you don’t know what to do with the product)

-what if the product ordered is out of stock – how will you fill it now, especially if the manufacturer or supplier didn’t keep you informed of the issue ahead of time so you could take the product out of your store and not waste your advertising dollars in Facebook Ads…

It’s as if you’ll always be in defensivemode just to keep your business alive and thriving; is putting out fires really an exciting way to run a business? 

To me, that sounds more like corporate life – something I left a long, long time ago! 

  • Spending on Facebook Ads cuts into your profits

It’s a harsh reality in this business and a rather common complaint that I hear far too often than I care to admit. 

Your profit margin is extremely low to begin with…

You’re pushing the product that someone else made and ships on your behalf so you can have a satisfied customer that you’ve done the work to sell the product to. 

Add to that the reality of your needing to find a way to get reimbursed for all of that ad spend that is dinging your credit card – how great is this business model looking so far, now?

You’ll eventually have to change products while you’re doing this business model. 


In addition to a concept called paid ad fatigue – it looks like this…

This occurs where the Facebook Ad reduces in its performance and effectiveness, an occurrence that is usually met with a rising cost in ad spend online – you will also run out of an audience volume that has yet to see your ad. 

While it’s good that you have an audience see your product and make a decision of buying (or not) from you as fast as possible, there’s always going to be a cost attached to that when you’re buying the attention for your product through a medium like Facebook’s Advertising platform. 

  • Your competition can get fierce

What if someone else is running the same product before you did – and moments ago?

You’re now attempting to market a replica of that same product to the same target audience… and you’ll never know that this happened – but you will notice that you haven’t sold a single product and scratch your head in wondering what it could have been that caused you to lose so much Facebook Ad expenditure but never arrive at a single sale.

Further, if someone is attempting to match your ad copy and product delivery advertisement, even though you came up with it all by yourself, we need to keep something in mind since we’re using someone else’s platform to run paid ads through…

If you’re not careful, or not successfully getting sales or attention through social media fast enough, Facebook can suspend your account…

This means you’re done with trying to advertise on Facebook. There are ways to get around this, but if you’ve been banned or suspended from advertising once with this type of business, who’s to say that you wouldn’t be stuck again for trying to do the same thing in a new ad account?

Facebook Ads is an auction system. 

That means that someone else could be running something similar to what you are, and Facebook Advertising will have to decide which ad gets more credit and will get shown more to that desired audience. 

With the competing ads and want for attention from the same audience, we run the risk of the advertising costs going higher and higher until the cost in any given day is meaningless because it’ll either be too high or not reach enough of the audience in time for us to actually land a sale before our ad budget runs out? 

The drawback I see in self-proclaimed coaches attempting to advertise the successfulness of their training course is that they’ll take one incredible success story and exploit that to imply (but never directly say) you can do this too – just pay this amount of money to me to learn how. 

The catch to this situation is that those coaches might be showing the incorrect numbers on the video or social media post.

Instead of actually having landed those types of large successes in E-Commerce, I have a hunch that those people are exploiting their own profits from another income stream – maybe their own coaching commissions from their course being sold – and you’ll never know what the difference is because you’ll never have a way to validate or verify what their claims are. 

What would be a more reasonable request would be to ask those mentors with a coaching program on E-commerce how much they had actually spend to put that advertising into the marketplace that resulted in that kind of revenue. 

Was it enough to at least cover the ad spend?

Could those people simply be breaking even with their advertising – especially if they actually have a large amount of premium, paid-in-full students into their coaching program?

We need to keep in mind that the profit margins in this space are 20 percent – and that’s on the high-end… meaning a maximum income margin per unit of product sold (but it’ll almost always be lower). 

When you have a bigger picture to look at, you can better evaluate what’s really happening – including the struggles that go into running a physical products’ selling business model. 

What about all the disasters that could arise – and you’ll be expected to handle the customer inquiries and be expected to come with a solution (especially if you want to keep your commission), such as:

  • Consumers demanding returns and refunds
  • Manufacturers expanding their operation but allowing your customers (and your business) to suffer in the process
  • Products breaking during shipment – or shortly after arrival
  • More, ongoing product issues that we don’t have time to list here
  • Want to hire someone to address the nonsensical calls you have to face from your buyers?  The demand for a solution will still come to you and that’s a headache in and of itself

When you’re down to a measly 10% in commissions for selling a product, is that really a business model for success or is that your business venture shifting into a full-time, corporate-style of a career?

When one fire goes out, there’s a very good chance that another one is going to float in out of nowhere! 

If that profit margin for physical products marketing were higher, maybe there wouldn’t be so many digital marketing coaches in the E-commerce space; maybe they’d stick to their guns and try to keep the money for themselves instead of inviting more students to learn the process and become their competition in selling products online.

When a coach markets a course, all they really need to do is keep in touch with the student and deliver a password. 

Some coaches may argue that there’s more to the process than that.

At the core of your obligation, as a coach, you are receiving something of value (money) in exchange for something delivered to the buyer (the information that they are agreeing to purchase from you). 

That means that they have little to handle and manage, very little overhead, and nearly 100 percent in profit from the sale they have just made with someone like you (the student – if you were to purchase the E-Commerce course, that is). 

Unlike the higher education world of the American economy, there seems to be more profitability in teaching someone how to run an online business than there is to actually own one and run it oneself. 

Ask yourself this reasonable question about the E-Commerce world:

If coaches know how to make tons of cash in selling products through digital advertising…

Why, then, are the E-Commerce coaches shifting from doing this (which they claim to be an expert at) to coaching and mentoring in the first place?

Can it be that value can be collected from running a business model online through Shopify if this so-called expert left the industry to pursue a teaching gig with recorded videos online – where he makes YouTube videos promoting that he knows how to sell online and can teach you, vice actually doing the selling of those physical profits for his own gain? 

I’m not saying that he does or doesn’t, but the thought makes reason stare… wouldn’t you think?


If you’ve been following this blog of mine for any amount of time longer than a few blog posts…

  2. I’ve ventured into a ton of different business models to try my hand at them – this includes the dropshipping industry with a Shopify store

The reasons that I had experienced burn out from this business model (dropshipping, that is) is for the same reasons that were discussed up above…

  • Difficulties in the selling of physical products and all the associated headaches in keeping the business afloat
  • The laughably tiny margins of profit
  • The dip into those tiny profits with Facebook Advertising – at least, since that’s what’s taught in some courses like Hayden’s

In the spirit of complete honesty, I was generating an okay profit on a monthly basis – the nature of which some coaches pitch and claim is possible in their mastermind. 

Perhaps burn out from the hard work and stress of E-Commerce are why people have shifted to instructing and selling their E-commerce business courses online instead. 

At a price point of $497, Bowles’ E-Commerce overview course just might be something sensible for a newbie to get oriented in the selling of physical products online. 

Local Lead Generation vs. Hacking Shopify Dropshipping Course

What is local lead generation

It’s simply using free traffic – yes, free organic traffic from search results – to generate local leads that small businesses are happy to pay a premium for.

Why would I prefer Local Lead Generation over Dropshipping?

  • No tangible products that have to be handled
  • Nothing that needs to be shipped
  • No risk of products breaking prior to arrival
  • No need to purchase web traffic from Facebook Ads (or anywhere else)
  • Higher Profit Margins
  • More Opportunities to Serve
  • Easier Access to Prospective Clients
  • Customers Can Benefit from Service: We’re Bringing Them More Customers!

Why I Love Local Lead Generation in 2019

When I got out of my job in 2015, I was able to collect a respectable $10k per month in passive revenue. 

Today, that income has reached an excess of $45k every single month. 

When you’re making lead gen sites to post online and have them spit off cash flow while you sleep, you’ve found a method of virtual real estate properties that you can now rent out for a premium. 

You can begin stacking these resources and expanding your bottom line by simply making more of these virtual web properties in your spare time. 

That’s how I was able to get out of a corporate job that under-compensated and overworked me to the bone: 

I built up my side hustle in my spare time until my side hustle was bringing me more in a few months than my annual salary. 

Some people like their job and only want some additional income on the side; there’s nothing wrong with that.

To make real money online, however, that’s what got me excited to join this lead gen coaching program

As a result, I’m able to generate massive profits for less than 6 hours of work anytime I want more cash. 

A good example is this limo site that I ranked to the top of search engines – this is what it looks like online (see the image below):

Now, this is what it looks like and why it pays me so well: $750 every month to bring more customers to the company that rents this from me! 

Since I’ve built my business in local lead generation from free traffic to a steady level of tens of thousands of dollars a month – and yes, that’s real (or I wouldn’t be able to afford to write these review articles about these coaching programs in my spare time from my hefty salary that has allowed me to quit my full-time job) –

I’m now permitted to promote our coaching program above and beyond my business venture. 

Even if I weren’t promoting it, I’d still say that lead generation is – hands down – the best business model online for 2019. 

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION on starting your very own business online and learning the same things my coach and I both did in our spare time to change our lives (and that of our families) forever. 

Cut the reading and hit me up so we can talk about what you’re looking to do for your side hustle now!