Instagram Mastery by Josue Pena – Unbiased Review

There’s been a significant amount of attention given to the social media platforms lately. 

It’s been said that social proof is essential in selling online in this day and age – or for any business to have an elevated web presence. 

From likes to comments, shares and Facebook page fans, the evolution of social media seems to be drawing more attention and consideration from business owners who might not actually understand what those metrics mean when it comes to actually their bottom line expansion through seeking more revenue.

All they seem to really understand — from their time in conversation with local fellow business owners’ dialogue at parties and conventions — about how they hire and fire social media guys and gals because the business owner was under the impression that these things would really bring in more customers. 

Depending on the industry, it may be a valid belief that social media is a waste of their time; for others, they can’t get enough social presence in order to garner more attention and trust in the local commerce climate. 

As Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social media get established, grow, and become more mainstream in today’s open communication with digital platforms, the notion that a picture really can be worth thousands of words can hit the nail right on the head when it comes to trying to garner attention and move products or sell services. 

For those that are crafty with prose and hope to bring content that carries a sense of value to the marketplace, Facebook and Twitter are the better places to leverage their use of typing words on a computer screen to serve and engage an audience from as far as your message could reach in cyberspace. 

When Facebook Ads require adjusting, it’s no longer a secret that the image of the paid ads campaign strategy could be one of the contributing factors for the desired result simply not being achieved –

This, of course, is assuming that all other aspects of the Facebook Ad are professionally sound, locked on solid, and ready to roll with what you’re trying to accomplish as your end goal. 

Still, the image can be implored to a brand’s credit or detriment (more than anything) on the ever popular – and rapidly growing – social media smartphone app called Instagram.

For those that are less savvy to the native tongue of English or would rather handle pictures instead of make the effort to type out what they’re hoping to say – not only would blogging be a poor fit, but your key forward would definitely be found in Instagram (which is often casually referred to as Insta).

Like all business owners, I once found myself in a funk and seeking a way to simply acquire more customers so I could grow my bottom line and my credibility in serving more customers at the highest level in my industry. 

For those who haven’t been following my blog thus far – thank you, first and foremost, for checking out this article. 

I really hope that it helps you to find what you’re looking for and made more sound decisions when it comes to exploring what coaching program or business venture you’d want to start and the mentor that you would most prefer to invest in to guide you to your dreams and goals. 

I actually have been running a very profitable local lead generation business ever since I was looking for a side hustle of my own while working a corporate job in the heart of the urban terrain of Detroit, Michigan. 

It was 2014, I was sitting on my couch during a wintery blizzard of an evening, and I was searching online for a way to make some money from my laptop so I could find a way out of my financial rut that had me in this joke of a low-rent apartment complex where any gust of wind that evening was chilling me to the bone. 

Shivering under a pile of blankets and miserable at my time sitting “at home” in the discomfort of my parka that I never took off since leaving work, I came across a coaching program by a guy named Dan – he seemed really cool and was willing to offer me a chance to learn what he has been doing for years. 

After some people that he was friends with asked him to teach how he was making boat-loads of cash online in his spare time, he decided that it was best to make this lead gen coaching program and reach out to the world to give people like you and me a chance to have something better with a reliable, honest, and credible system that is proven to work if you put the time and effort into it. 

Fast forward a year later, I’m raking in $10k in passive income each and every month, firing my boss at the 9 to 5 that I couldn’t stand, and all I really left in the downtown Detroit region was my $35,000 annual salary from a corporate career that wasn’t going to give me any more cash so I didn’t have to walk in the cold mornings to work. 

It’s all thanks to this lead gen coaching program that I learned this from that I was able to put up lead gen properties online — like virtual real estate — and have businesses rent them from me for $750 to $3000, and they pay me monthly… as this tree service does in Grand Rapids, MI!

(See the actual lead gen site for tree service below)

Now I’m making $50k every month and have the time freedom to write something like this article each and every morning for you to gain some leverage in your life and be armed with unbiased reviews of coaching programs so you can gain some better insight about where you think you should be going with your entrepreneurial-minded goals of having more cash to change your life for the better. 

With this passive income, I’m able to invest in coaching programs that require a ton of time in order to really get the most out of the training and be in the best position to see if it can make money for you online. 

Today, I’m reporting on what I’ve experienced with Instagram Mastery, which was founded by someone named Josue Pena. 

I had tinkered with Instagram here and there, maybe had a couple of followers and was willing to engage with some content on occasion; I was just never into the hype until I discovered that there were people raking in tons of business through just their online presence with this platform alone. 

When I heard that, I chose to up my game on Instagram and find a coach. 

Although, if my memory serves me correctly, I may have explored other coaching programs that suggested they would mentor me in growing my Instagram account just the same.

This is an ongoing problem – borderline pandemic, actually – as the internet is littered with tons of coaching programs and self-proclaimed experts that suggest they can mentor you to your desired financial goals if you would only pay them a hefty lump sum. 

While that can be shady, some people actually find value in the coaching programs and the testimonials that some of these things have is rather incredible – even to the point of believability. 

I’ve never actually seen someone have success online with Instagram turning into a passive side hustle and generating the kind of cash that I dreamed about when I was shivering on that cold evening’s dirty couch in the apartment downtown.  

As the winds raged, the cold sank deeper into my blankets and clothing, I decided that I needed to try something. 

Years later, I crossed this Instagram program again and could afford to invest in it – so this blog article is my effort to deliver an unbiased review of whether Josue Pena delivers on his Instagram Mastery program and open claims for helping his followers and students to achieve something better. 

Unclear of what I was getting myself involved in, I chose to take the leap and give this program a try. 

If it failed, I still have my passive income from the lead gen business spitting cash flow to keep me afloat. 

I know that there are people that might be reading this who aren’t in such a position to give something like this a try – or maybe the reader is fiscally stable but also pays a much bigger price in never having the spare time to get something like this done. 

For everyone that reaches this blog, I want to deliver to you the most unbiased review of this platform that you could possibly find. 

Let’s learn more about the Instagram Mastery by Josue Pena and figure out if this is where the action is at in the laptop lifestyle – or mobile phone lifestyle – in 2019. 

What’s Up with Josue Pena, Anyway?

This can be a really cool part of the blog, by the way. 

Even though I can get excited to learn about the person behind the founding of a coaching program, this guy really takes the cake with his life story. 

A fit, young man with strong ties to faith and an unwavering commitment to achieving his dreams, this guy – native to the Dominican Republic – was ready for more than life had delivered to him. 

Multilingual and driven to succeed from his younger years, this dedicated entrepreneur learned and honed his craft with commitment, finding a financial solution to his woes – and so he learned about digital marketing and making success in business a priority in his life.

Beyond his marketing competencies, Mr. Pena is the CEO and Founder of a fitness brand called Elation Athletics. 

A renaissance man, to say the least, Josue is constantly exploring ways to elevate his net worth; as such, he has now earned a variety of professional skills and trade-specific, insider knowledge in the disciplines of:

  • Videography and Photography
  • Personal Fitness Training
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Social Media Marketing

I anticipate that it’s his wide skillset and intense loyalty to achieving more that Josue Pena was ready to take on the world and make something out of what little he had in the early days. 

If you’re attempting to operate a business through an online presence, one of the stronger points you can position yourself within our digital era is by having what is known as influence thru social media. 

To earn that clout, however, Mr. Josue Pena valiantly pursues his social media following with massive and regular activity in:

  • His Instagram Account
  • A large subscriber base to his YouTube channel
  • Syndicating content across his social media as liberally as is conveniently available for him to do

While it’s vital to have unique content posted in order to get individual credit from free traffic that can come from your content being found within search engine results, it’s a safe bet that Josue has his process down solid. 

In tandem with Mr. Josh Forti, these two launched the Instagram Mastery – and a second venture called the Digital CEOs – with the primary focus of advising entrepreneurs – targeting those that are brand new to the digital marketing side of our global economy – on how they can get started right, and well, in leveraging social media for their (hopefully) long-term success. 

Monetizing Social Media: More about the Instagram Mastery Course

As we speak, this information is deliberately revolutionizing my Instagram presence in ways that I had never thought possible before. 

Fun fact: did you know that the total amount of businesses (in our days of the most advanced resources in technology and digital communication) – who are even attempting to promote their solutions, products, or services via Instagram – are rated to the statistic of a whopping 33 percent or less? 

I’ll be honest – the pitching that this guy did was on-point: I’m a successful entrepreneur with no real or desperate need for more profits, yet I was hooked from hearing their message about Instagram Mastery. 

In addition to the volume of businesses that are actually trying Instagram out – their sampling and toe-dipping efforts are leaving tons of potential return on investment (ROI) on the table; the efficiency in their efforts are minimal, at best. 

We live in an era where tons of information is available at our fingertips and the Instagram platform – at least to start with – is absolutely free! 

How could businesses not be taking advantage of this? 

It’s madness, I say!  I’ll shake my fist to say it again: Madness, I say! 

The Instagram Mastery course by Josue Pena and his fellow co-founder (Josh Forti) seem to be an excellent fit for what I’m trying to accomplish online – especially on Instagram. 

The accessibility to this content is supremely flexible and available for just about anyone who has any sort of business or scheduling conflicts in their daily regimen:

  • Since the course has complete online availability, I was able to tap into it on lunch breaks or whenever I had a spare few minutes
  • If I were going to take a bus somewhere or sit and wait for hours to get my car registered (and we all know how boring that can be), I was able to do something productive and learn something new as my turn comes to get something done in this governmental office
  • A wealth of video training modules to keep you focused and interested in the possibilities that are available on Instagram – and to be completely forthcoming, I haven’t even had the chance to watch all of the content; yeah, it’s that in-depth of a mentoring and coaching program

I won’t keep going on the point that there’s a lot to be taken in with this coaching program once you become a member and invest in the knowledge that’s available here. 

There were some specific points that I found especially helpful in the Instagram Mastery training:

  • Account Security

It’s incredible how many people really don’t pause and consider the value of their brand on a social media platform like Instagram. 

Spoofing is a real thing on social media, and it’s important that you do what you can to protect your image and reduce the chances of spoofing happening to you. 

  • Fundamentals in Branding

Yeah, I thought that I knew everything there was to know about Instagram and how to effectively use it. 

The truth is that these guys taught me some things that I didn’t know where possible – and I had been using it (albeit, passively) for years. 

  • Options and Approaches to Funneling Traffic

There are actually ways that you can take web traffic and visitors on Instagram and motivate them to take your desired result – that ultimately redirects them elsewhere so you can get more content and pitching seen by your viewing audience and following. 

I had no idea this was really possible – or how to do it! 

  • Recommendations and Advice on Market Research

Okay, I get it; there are tons of repositories that claim they can provide market research, but how do numbers that I have to look up actually help me to turn a profit online? 

With the Instagram Mastery by Josue Pena, you can rest assured that the things you’re looking into are very well worth your time and effort to explore. 

  • Essentials in Networking

I hate that word in business: Networking. 

There’s this theory that you can determine someone’s net worth by evaluating the size and value of their network. 

On the same token, your network – especially in conversations of a business sense these days – are less about the relationships that you build and more about what you can get out of these so-called networks. 

Especially with the dawn of the internet, one major concern is that these networks you’re trying to build become so impersonal that the value of them – which was once perceived to be a great thing – is now a community of contacts that know of you but wouldn’t loyally move a finger if you were in need of medical attention, let alone if you reached out to them to ask for information, advice, or ideas. 

The level of value and responsiveness in your network always begins with you and in what you bring to the table that others can benefit from. 

When they see that you’re not out to simply game the system and be in it to win it just for yourself, then there’s a higher chance that you can build the type of connections that have been talked about for years – the connections that can establish you as someone that others like, trust and know, so much so that they are willing to respond whenever you reach out. 

That’s a different kind of networking. 

Which type will you be in this era of communicating through digital-based audience engagement?

Instagram Mastery: Additional Thoughts

It was a frustrating thing to get through what content I did, see the results I had achieved, and wonder why I didn’t get involved with Instagram Mastery earlier.  

I guess I didn’t have someone putting content about it on a blog post for me to gain insight from (see what I did there). 

From epic growth hacks and follow on tips that for building a loyal following, my results were:

  • My initial volume of an Instagram following (when starting this program) doubled in sizing and loyalty within 4 days of starting to implement the tactics and procedures outlined by Josue.
  • 4 weeks later: BOOM!  The size of that new following from only a few days into the mastermind had doubled again!

I’m kicking myself for not having done something with the Instagram Mastery when I had first heard about it. 

At this point, I am still not completely through the mastermind training; there really are tons of tidbits and expert wisdom contained in this series of online training modules. 

Think about this though, especially when it comes to the use of pictures in social media:

  • Are you a photographer (or willing to take pictures of various things to share on Instagram)?
  • Are you seeking a digital-based method for driving greater return on your marketing investment dollars (ROI) – to include time and money – so that more business opportunities come your way?

If I were in your shoes, then, I would pounce on this right away and begin demonstrating your expertise to a vast array of audience that could potentially end up leading you to someone that will ultimately hire you and throw their hard-earned dollars your way since the value you’re bringing is perceived as beyond incredible! 

Your 2019 Top Choice for Landing 6 Figures with an Online Business

The cool thing about most of the social media platforms is that accessing and using them are free. 

While there are resources online to try and help you to manage the variety of social media platforms that you could be juggling in a given day – and let me tell you, it can get out-of-hand sometimes – it doesn’t change the fact that these free access points to getting your message in front of potential customers can be worth the squeeze. 

That said, your ability to scale and expand your social media presence comes at a cost. 

When you’re spending time doing this, you’re not spending your efforts landing more opportunities to close business. 

You can build up a loyal following over time, but to do it right – and that’s the best way to do it from the beginning – you’re going to need to pace your effort and spend your spare time working on your social following clout. 

That means that you – if you were anything like me in 2014 – are probably in a position where you need to turn something into cash immediately. 

Maybe you’re not in need of that but you still want to invest in a coaching program that can do more than just teach you theories and wish you the best of luck. 

Still, what better way to build your business than with methods that are completely free?

My recommendation, then, is to use free traffic in search to build my #1 pick in an internet-based, digital business for 2019:

Local Lead Generation

Think about how real estate people own properties and rent out some of them instead of sell outright. 

Your lead gen sites can operate in the same way…

You can generate leads to send to small businesses who rent out your own virtual real estate from you, so you can get paid month after month. 

If you were looking for a genuinely passive income option, I think you’ve found it with Local Lead Gen. 

Want to know how I used this online business approach to walk away from a $35k corporate 9 to 5 gig within a year of launching my lead gen business? 

Here are the steps, and these are the same steps I use to this day to keep building my bottom line past $45K+ in annual revenue in 2019:

  1. Figure out where you want to place your virtual real estate online
  2. Build the lead gen site and rank it on Google search results
  3. Rinse and Repeat

There really aren’t too many more steps to this – not that I’m leaving anything out, but I can’t give the whole coaching program away in a blog post. 

Needless to say, you land a partnership with a local small business who services the leads you send them, and they will gladly cut you in on part of their marketing budget.  

Why would a business owner do that? 

You’re hooking them up with more customers! 

How could you not be valuable to them when you’re giving them more opportunities to do good in their community?

To better illustrate what I’m trying to get across here, take a look at this lead gen site that I had pasted to the top of Google – I used the industrial strength adhesive equivalent in digital Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques from this coaching program so it keeps paying me — and has since 2014!

(Take a look at how it’s dominating the local market in the image below):

Now, I know that this placement doesn’t mean much to anyone that isn’t familiar with the tasks or steps involved with search engine optimization (SEO) – FYI, for those that don’t know, that’s the popular acronym given to the way that websites climb to the top of search results to be seen first by customers. 

For me, it means that I’m getting paid $750 every single month – and have been for years. 

Why is local lead generation so awesome of a business model for 2019, besides the passive income?

  • Passive income means more time to do what you want – even sleep in or not walk to a job in the cold mornings, which I had done for years
  • If you really don’t want to work a full-time job, this business model can give you the long-term solution to walk away from it if you really want to (but make sure that you have your lead gen sites in place and spitting off cash flow before you make any rash decisions here, please)
  • These lead gen sites work off of free traffic, which means they’re virtual real estate that can keep making you money while you sleep, go on vacation, or indulge in a hot date on the weekend
  • This passive income can build up over time, enabling you to generate more profits annually than the typical salary of specialized attorneys or resident fellowship medical practitioners
  • Work from home in your pajamas, or go somewhere that lets you access the internet with your laptop
  • Leverage the exact same business strategy big companies use (like Uber or Airbnb) to make their business work for them in 2019 through the internet: generate leads and refer them to people who gladly pay you a premium for the work
  • Make a living out of helping people that are seriously looking for more customers; I remember meeting a business owner that had tears in his eyes after our conversation because his business was past the point of no return and wished he had only found me sooner to help him with more customers – lead gen can make a difference in the local market by benefitting all involved!

There are tons more benefits, but I’m going to shut up now and let you reach out to me to learn more about how you learn the same steps and strategies I used to quit my job in under a year with this coaching program.

Here’s proof of the actual lead gen site that paid me a whopping $750 each and every month from the 6 hours of work it took me to get it where it is staying today (have a look for yourself below here):

Yeah, yeah… the whole results aren’t typical disclaimer and stuff bores me, but it’s necessary to say. 

My question to you is whether or not you’re going to venture into starting your life on the path to raking in 6 figures (or even 7 figures someday) online by learning how to use free traffic in lead generation in 2019…

Stop reading now and check it out for yourself

Facebook Ads that Convert by Cat Howell – Unbiased Review (FATC Academy)

Of all the digital advertising courses on the market today, none seems to be more popular than the ones that advertise the ability to help train you in the swift art of getting results immediately through a medium of paid traffic. 

Currently, the two big places to acquire that type of traffic are the top beasts that own probably all the web traffic on the internet; they’re very popular and you have heard of them:

  1. Google (the search engine)
  2. Facebook (the top social media platform in use today)

Why are these two so good of an option for you to acquire immediate results from? 

Let’s face it – you can launch an instant marketing campaign that can be live and getting attention online within minutes, quite literally. 

It’s absolutely incredible the way that digital assets have revolutionized how marketing is done – especially with the internet in 2019. 

Facebook hosts a social media-based advertising platform that allows you to reach an audience on both Instagram and the Facebook profiles (at least).  Facebook has grown rapidly in the short few years that it’s been around and progressing in business over the years. 

At the near founding of the internet, Google was formed as a search engine that could help anyone who wanted to host a web property to be found online with nothing more than a few clicks and button-pushing actions by their ideal audiences. 

It wasn’t until a lot later, however, that Google came out with something that was formerly known as AdWords – it’s now currently just named Google Ads. 

This is their own version of acquiring paid traffic through the search engines; it still works the same was as free traffic but instead of the advertiser just paying to host a property…

They’ll pay a premium to Google for each and every click (PPC, or Pay Per Click) that their audience takes in response to the ad that shows up on search results in desired positions based on the rate that the buyer of the ad is willing to pay. 

Well, before we go any further I think it’s important to identify that paid traffic strategies through digital advertising can be an ideal start to a marketing campaign – especially due to the possibility that, assuming the marketing campaign is so on-point that it produces desired results instantly –

You’re still dipping into one’s profits in order to attempt to acquire results in the game of producing online traffic. 

That’s largely why I decided that another coaching program that taught free traffic methods to generate passive income online – all from a laptop – really fit what I was looking for; the business method was called Local Lead Generation for small business

It’s treated me so well that I’ve been able to rake in large incomes online from working on a project for (usually) no more than 6 hours (over the course of a month) and it produce results that pay me for months and years long after I’ve finished messing with it – like this tree service lead gen site that generates profits for me over in Grand Rapids, MI; check it out for yourself (see below):

While paid traffic strategies can be ideal for a beginner in entrepreneurship, I personally have a bias against it.

It’s a very simple explanation as to why, as well.

Since the free traffic from search results have helped me to make over $10k per month in my first year, walk away from my corporate job, and get a better place to live than the crummy, downtown Detroit apartment I used to live in – the cracks would let the below zero winds in to chill my bones at night. 

Fast forward to today, I now collect a hefty $50k in revenue that is passive income for me, all from the local lead generation business model that I learned in this coaching program. 

Now, I get to write blog posts like this for your benefit – and I don’t mind it. 

That said, I have used Facebook Ads and other paid forms of buying attention and ad traffic online. 

I’m very familiar with it actually. 

So in this article, we’ll explore this gal named Ms. Cat Howell, and the coaching program that he had pieced together called Facebook Ads that Convert; it even has its own famous acronym “FATC Academy.” 

After all, there’s nothing more exciting to someone who dreamed much to the effect that I had back in 2014 in that old, rusty apartment, about nothing being more exciting than actually having some additional income arriving into my bank account. 

There had to be away, so I just kept searching. 

So today, I’m able to afford to invest in the programs of others because I love continuing to learn about the virtual business possibilities online these days – it’s just fascinating to me how so many people have found ways to generate a side income online and I’m ready to learn more and blog more about it. 

Stick with my blog as I progress through my journey of evaluating business coaching programs and report back what my experience has been. 

I’ve spent a lot of time doing this and I don’t mind delivering my results and perspective on it in an unbiased manner.  Yes, that’s right… I’m not trying to push you into an affiliate offer with the coaching or mentoring platform that I am reviewing. 

Even if you decide that the thing I’m reviewing is for you and seek it out to join up, I won’t get a commission. 

With that concern for credibility out of the way, let’s make a concerted effort to get to:

  • know our mentor of the day, Ms. Cat Howell,
  • deliver our unbiased review of her coaching program,
  • what value Facebook can bring (or not bring, as the case might arise), and…
  • where my preference in new entrepreneurs beginning an online business venture really is.

Behind the FATC Academy: Learning about Cat Howell

Proficient in the Facebook Advertising platform and possessing a deeper knowledge than most claim to of what it takes to turn a social media paid traffic ad in Facebook from questionable to profitable, Cat Howell has been named as a co-worker and assistant for some of the larger, household name brands that we’ve grown up with over the years, including (though not limited to): 

  • Coca-Cola Bottling Company
  • Fuji Film (the photography company)
  • And many, many more that she has been privileged to learn from during her time with each of them

Does she have a secret? 

Is there a reason that her course’s value is only $297 per month (or should it be higher)? 

Perhaps it’s just her radiant confidence that permits her to step up here game and charger higher pricing than most of her supposed competitors in the Facebook Advertising space. 

Facebook Ads that Convert (FATC Academy) Quick Review

Okay, so you’re here and reading this blog because you’re looking for a way to get started online with a side hustle that really could turn you some magical business tricks for quick cash. 

If only business were that magically simple; well, sometimes it is, if you’ve got a lot of things lined up that you need in order to work smart and efficiently (wasting little in the way of funds, time, etc.). 

When you want to get up to speed in a hurry with Facebook Ads and are genuinely interested in knowing how you, too, can deliver results – Cat’s program of the FATC Academy may give you what you’re looking for. 

When you get a Facebook Ad up, you’re voluntarily entering into an auction system where you are competing for the same audience with others. 

As luck might have it, the more similar your ad it to someone else (which, as far as I am aware of, you’ll never know about it unless you know about it and see it outside of the ads platform), the higher you’re agreeing to be charged for the same traffic that your competition is trying to get – and that’s simply how their auction system works. 

That said, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, the cost of your ads can shoot through the roof if you’re not careful and give the proper or necessary attention to the results and performance metrics of our ad campaigns – paying sufficient attention while they’re running so that you know if/when you might actually have to:

  • Replace the ads
  • Change your targeting
  • Switch up the ad spend
  • (dare I say it) maybe even need to turn your ad off that you’ve been running for some time now, regardless of the amount of ad spend, length of time, or bits of data that you have to work with (after the first trial or successful campaign)

The awesome thing about Ms. Howell’s leadership in her training program – Facebook Ads that Convert Academy – is that you can figure out how to correctly approach your marketing on Facebook with the insight that she provides…

Then, you can confirm what you’re learning by actually going out into your own Facebook Ads account and trying things out as proof that you know what she’s talking about – and those little wins of yours will help you to gain greater confidence and enthusiasm as you progress in your knowledge and skill here. 

When you’re just starting out in the business world, the last thing you want to do is spend all this money trying the platform out – there’s so much to test that I was worried at how I might go broke if it weren’t for the training platform that she provides. 

An asset in its own right, I was grateful for this because I’ve personal spend a projected amount of $200k+ on the Facebook Advertising side of the social media company – and I’ve got a rude awakening for you:

It didn’t produce the results that I was hoping for – which really means that I didn’t see any sort of return on investment (ROI) that put me into profit mode with my attempts to market on Facebook. 

Yeah – I know what you’re thinking…

How did this guy (meaning, me) get qualified to write a blog post about the FATC Academy if he couldn’t get a quarter of a million to convert enough to gain a profit? 

The Game of Paid Social Media: Things Everyone Should Know about Facebook Ads

I guess that just goes to show you that the Facebook Ads platform isn’t perfect.

Also, your efforts to do everything right can still result in things that you hadn’t wished nor hoped for (like no web traffic and/or no sales that day).

Such is the reality of paid traffic online – and something we all have to grin and bear. 

I would hope that you don’t end up like the stereotype that everyone thinks of but no one wants to be:

  • Testing on the Facebook Ads strategies that you think you know, or casually learned might work on a YouTube video or do-it-yourself article
  • You’re grinding away and seeing revenue come in from your marketing efforts
  • Web traffic is blowing through your ad spend and flying in to see your offer by the swarms
  • Then, you barely break clear of the debt you’ve just incurred from your Facebook Ad comes to the end of the month – you find out that all of this wasn’t what it was cracked up to be and get frustrated that you now have a debt that you didn’t have before you started trying this “online business venture

Why go through all of that and hesitate to experience this kind of – potentially – avoidable issue? 

I acknowledge upfront that no sort of results can be guaranteed – and anyone who might in the digital world is lying to you. 

Yes, this blog is about telling the truth and keeping you well-informed.  Refreshing, isn’t it? 

So what’s the secret that one has up your sleeve to be profitable in Facebook Ads instead?

I wish I could tell that there’s a secret, but the answer is a rather obvious and mind-blowingly simple concept that people seem to get angry with me for sharing. 

Experience is usually the best teacher, but even Ms. Howell admits that she’s not really any more or less special than you when it comes to the possibility of an ad campaign succeeding or failing in its objective for web traffic.

What all boils down to is: you must be willing to apply lots of ads to your experimental process and test them – even split-test them, if you really need/want to. 

What It Takes to Get Good at Paid Social Media Marketing (Facebook Ads)

Look, you want to get good at a skill. 

We also agree that Facebook Ads hold the potential to return a high payout for anyone and on anything. 

That’s the risk we take, and the price we pay, for seeking the use of Facebook Ads in our business model; you pay upfront and hope for the results – test away and try to get your desired result, adjusting along the way. 

This means you have to be extremely willing to make trips to your laptop several times a day to analyze your:

  • Ad and Campaign (to make sure it hasn’t been removed, banned, or turned off by Facebook Advertising staff
  • Watch your cost-per-click, relevancy score, and tons of other detailed points to gauge how your Facebook Ad is actually doing since you’ve launched it (or, since your last revision)
  • Find which ad sets and ads are performing the best – because you’ve divided the aspects of your campaign up so tremendously that you can see specifically which kind of audience is performing better with your targeting structure
  • Still make time to adjust and change things as key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics suggest

This is what it takes – in large part – to win at the game of Facebook Ads; it’s like gambling against the house, really, because whether you acquire attention or not…

Facebook will still gladly spend your money if you leave your ad campaigns running. 

Other Things to Know about Facebook Ads Implementation

Depending on what you’re doing with Facebook Ads, especially if you’re running campaigns involving affiliate products, you’d better be prepared with some contingency plans for your business model because getting your ads shut off and your campaign banned are simply part of the game. 

If you’re not willing to get to this point, then maybe Facebook Ads strategies aren’t going to be a good business venture fit; you have just got to be willing to take adventurous guesses and risk if you want to find a creative Facebook ad copy that wins in your market and with your target audiences that you’re attempting to appeal to. 

Case in point:

2 Ads that are ridiculously similar will be performing completely different – and that’s just how the industry works. 

Take this first wrinkle cream ad (see below):

Now imagine this with a younger woman but still applying the cream on.

What sense is made of this?

For some, not much. 

The creative side of the paid traffic strategy suggests that 2 similar ads can perform differently for a variety of factors. 

None of the reasons for this could end up ever being clear for you. 

The ambiguity is something that must be okay with and learn to go with the flow while allowing the analytical side of your brain to do its magic as well. 

What I’m Disliking about Facebook Ads and Paid Traffic

Here’s one of the primary things that actually pushed me away from the practice of Facebook Ads. 

There seems to be far too much organization in the Facebook Ads platform; some people like that while others don’t. 

At the end of the day, it’s up to Facebook how they want to handle their ads and all we can do is try our best at letting the third-party software of an ads platform work in our favor at random. 

We can increase the odds of that randomness working in our favor, but it goes without saying at this point: testing is required and ad spend has to be something that you’re really okay with in order to collect sufficient market data and decide what your next steps with your campaign are going to be. 

This one detail really gets under my skin and I’m still kind of upset about this realization of this:

All Facebook Ads fall under 5 categories in terms of automated quality-checking in the most random of ways (and, unless someone from the Facebook headquarters can manually do something to help you along, there’s absolutely nothing that you can do to influence the decision-making that this software exhibits on your published ad). 

The Categories are as follows: 

5. Horrible

4. Not Good

3. Reasonable

2. Decent

1. Prime

I can already hear the groans coming from the peanut gallery, and I’ll be sincere in saying that I absolutely agree with the people that disapprove of this conduct as well. 

Your luck could be in favor of you for the publishing of your new ad – or not. 

You might get decent performance on your Facebook Ad in nearly all metrics, except for the one that you’ve been counting on this whole time:

  • conversions
  • sales
  • money in your pockets

Think back to the discussion about using the same ad with a different audience – or only slight variations to the same ad and running that to the same target markets: 

  • One will generate your desired result and one won’t
  • Both will perform well
  • None will perform well

That’s essentially your options – especially since Facebook is pushing your ads out to the markets you’ve designated (at least, as best as you told it what to do). 

Even with all of that work, you’ll still run the risk of not seeing a profit; that’s the bottom line truth here.

Maybe one of your Facebook Ads published hits a home-run (metaphorically speaking) and gets ran around to all of the higher-level, more relevant audiences and that brings in more revenue for you. 

This is why fabricating ad sets and a variety of ads for each of the attempts that you put into Facebook Ads are pivotal to your success on this platform? 

Sounds like work to me, which is why I still venture into the whacky and adventurous world of free traffic with local lead generation

Unlike Facebook Ads, your lead gen sites can feed you free traffic from search results (that you don’t have to pay per-visitor, per-click, per-conversion – meaning action, which could often-times be a sale if you’ve set that up correctly – or per impression). 

That means that not paying per visitor reduces your volume of monthly costs for your virtual real estate – which you can now rent out to small businesses who can give you a cut of the sales you bring them each and every month. 

It’s not a pay-per-lead model in terms of trying to pay for attention for another business, or for a crummy product that can only deliver a laughable 10%-15% of profit from every sale that comes through your Facebook funnel. 

Instead, you’re sending more business over to someone who could use it and they give you a sliver to deliver; that’s what I call genuinely passive since you don’t have to maintain the web property – unlike a Facebook Ad that requires tons of attention and more than once a day. 


If you’re seeing more and more people test the Facebook Ads training that is on the market for themselves, I think you’d be spot on in regards to the trend that these coaching programs are bringing. 

It is an extremely hot commodity to have this skill – you can command clients out of thin air for businesses you might partner with, or for the affiliate products or otherwise physical products you could intend to sell through dropshipping marketing approaches taught elsewhere online

Just like business owners who question me when I approach them with referrals from my lead gen sites, I often question the self-proclaimed experts that coach these online programs – I want to know what makes them a credible and reliable source for the information they’re trying to share with me in exchange for my hard-earned money. 

Not only am I a successful entrepreneur – which, I think, gives me a little different outlook than I might have had if I were still sitting on my apartment’s living room couch, freezing my tail off in the dead of winter, looking for a way to make more money online from home – I’m also interested in finding a coaching program that anyone can start and see a really passive income develop. 

Unfortunately, we just don’t know who to trust these days. 

I can assure that I trust Ms. Cat Howell and her abilities to demonstrate – as her credentials support – her expertise in running social media’s advertising campaigns for big brands and may have a thing or two to show you about what to do with your next Facebook ad. 

Howell has been known to cut through the noise and deliver very clear, no-nonsense training series that you can follow along with as she attacks each topic head-on – which is an approach I can sincerely appreciate. 

There’s something to be said about investing in the program of a quality mentor like Cat Howell:

  • They’re genuine and believable when they teach and advise
  • They know what they’re doing from personal experience and having done what they’re advising
  • They know that getting good at something requires an upfront investment
  • Mastery is a process (in anything)
  • And leveraging momentum to go fast and acquire a high-income skill rapidly is what separates the okay Facebook Ads marketing people from the outstanding performers of Facebook Ads

All of the above leads to helping a student understand what’s going on and confidently have their methodology in order as they personally venture into the unknown land of Facebook Ads for the very first time. 

I’ve seen a positive return on investment (ROI) after investing in Facebook Ads that Convert (FATC) Academy, so I can attest to the validity of this coaching program. 

Without a mentor in the Facebook Ads game, you’re liable to miss one extraordinary detail that was a tip in someone’s Facebook Ads training that could have kept you from losing out on tens of thousands of dollars in ad spend that you could have otherwise avoided. 

If you’re still serious about leveraging Facebook Ads and using it for the purpose of getting money online for yourself, then feel free to establish your confidence and knowledge base with Facebook Ads that Convert by Cat Howell (FATC Academy). 

How Local Lead Generation is Taking Over in 2019 as the Best Online Business Model

One thought that crossed my mind included the potential crossover of skills that you could have by combining the training of Facebook Ads with the high-income, passive income generating skill of local lead generation with free traffic

Why am I still harping on the need to seriously consider lead generation? 

Doing so doesn’t eat away at the minimal profit margins that newest entrepreneurs tend to experience – and there’s no more room in the beginner stages to be cutting corners, so I don’t know why you would find it to be a great idea to spend more money online with Facebook Ads than you’d just as soon invest in our coaching program where free traffic is taught and leveraged for profits.

If you were to produce the same amount of leads from free traffic that passes through your lead gen site on Google search results, your profit margin would be bordering 100 percent upon the site hitting the top of search results. 

That also means no maintenance to keep the lead gen site superglued to the top of the results for the key terms that are bringing in more and more customers for the small business owner to reward you within monthly, passive income of a large and enjoyable nature. 

If you’ve been looking for a lifestyle that stems from financial and time freedom, then consider local lead generation – the same thing that helped me to get started in business in 2014 and quit my full-time job within 1 calendar year of launching my own online digital lead generation business – straight from my laptop. 

Why am I bringing up the issue of profit margin? 

With lead gen, you don’t have to pay for each and every lead that you are able to send over to your client; if you were to try and do the same thing with Facebook Ads, you’d end up still going into the whole – and potentially financially deep because of the fact that you can increase your ad spend and burn through a target audience quickly (and fast doesn’t always mean profitable). 

Therefore, more money can go into your pockets with the local lead generation business model. 

Also, you can generate more profits with fewer clients; fewer businesses that you have to arrange your time around means that you have more time in your days to enjoy doing whatever it is you wanted to do when you started getting involved in businesses way back when. 

I know that the “way back when” is like present time for you –

You are reading this, after all, and possibly deciding which program to explore further: Local Lead Generation or Facebook Ads. 

While fewer headaches can come from attempting to manage fewer clients that are all compensating you and your business model, think about how much time it must take to manage the campaign of one client. 

Especially if you’re brand new and still trying to figure things out, it could take you several chunks of time to figure out what each component is, does, and how or why you would want to select the things in your Facebook Ad to make it run different ways (including the way you want it to). 

As for the reviewing of your target marketing, the nature of your Facebook Ad copy (in and of itself), and other things; it’s not the most scalable business model – the more you get Facebook Ads clients to work with, you’re going to be stuck to your computer for that much longer in trying to figure things out. 

Lastly, there’s also the issue of what we’ve been talking about a lot here – not having a second job to your daily grind. 

With the lead gen business, I was able to establish one of my first websites in Lansing, Michigan, that is still paying me $750 to this day – and this is all I did with it on search results (see below):

You can’t really step away from a laptop for an entire weekend with Facebook Ads; you’d go broke in a heartbeat. 

Okay, that might have been somewhat of a stretch, but it’s not too far from the truth. 

If you’re not carefully attending to the Facebook Ads that you’ve set up brand new, you could be losing clients or owing money back for failing to deliver your services at the highest of quality for those who’ve trusted you to deliver on what you were going to do. 

So, I’ve been organically ranking lead gen sites and getting leads through free traffic, for years! 

I identify it as a stable and long-term solution to businesses getting more customers because they don’t have to take the time to watch a Facebook Ad’s performance metrics, and you don’t have to go back to maintain the lead gen property once it’s positioned right where it needs to be to get the phone ringing with cash ready to be sent over. 

Beyond passive income and high-profit margins, here’s what else you can anticipate with lead gen

  • The ability to stack your income to the point that you’re making more than your local physician and an attorney in your local neighborhood
  • Use a straightforward business model that can yield high-income and long-term returns: make more leads thru the internet and send them over to businesses so you can get paid well!
  • Have that good, warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from helping business owners actually get what they’ve already been looking for – more customers
  • Maximum control of the marketing process – Facebook isn’t telling you where you can and can’t be seen with your lead gen site, and they’re not charging you to send you to the sandbox where you don’t really get seen by anyone in your target market (and yes, it’s happened)
  • Leverage the passive income of stacking your lead gen sites (and their profits) each and every month so you can walk away from a full-time job or just wake up late and stay in your pajamas to work on your business (if you really want)
  • A joke of competition here: you’re not competing with affiliate marketers across the entire world for the opportunity get seen first in search results; instead, you’re getting the chance to hit a huge victory in a short amount of time with your lead gen site by beating out only 10 to 30 different local businesses for the chance to be the dominating force and take all the buyers in the market that you can now redirect to your partner in that city, and for that service
  • While I’m advocating to join a coaching program that talks all about the world of lead generation for small businesses, the truth of the matter is that there are far too many businesses and plenty of business to go around that we could continue to grow our mastermind and mentorship here and it wouldn’t affect us very much
  • Get to know the true meaning of financial freedom as we build up our assets that spit of cash flow so we don’t have to be a slave to our 9 to 5 any longer
  • We can do this anywhere that there’s a city with Google and internet access, and we already know that there are several local service industries in just about any urban and metropolitan region of a major city so there are tons of industries that this business model can work for – if you can find a business owner that wants more customers, then we can show you how to make some money (and we show you how to find business owners too – so you’re not really alone here)

Oh yeah, and that lead gen site I was telling you about, that’s making me $750 — that’s real, too; see it for yourself here (see below):

If you’re interested in the business model that helps me make a multiple 6 figures every year on autopilot, granting genuine time and financial freedom, with digital assets that you own – and not having to pay a third party, like Facebook Advertising platform, to get seen by more targeted, free traffic that are using search results with high-buyer intent search terms, money in-hand and ready to buy to anyone that’ll solve their problem –

Then CLICK HERE and learn how our coaching program on how local lead generation can move you forward in your aspirations and get free traffic to help you do it. 

Client Acquisition & Inner Circle by Frank Kern – Unbiased Review

If you’re looking for a mentor that is beyond talented with his internet marketing skills, then you should be like Mr. Frank Kern when you grow up.

Hey, we have to have a little fun when we’re blogging, right?

I’ve been looking online for mentors for quite some time in order to find strategies and methods in which to increase my game in the digital marketing sphere. 

Since there are so many coaches out there claiming that they know how to make it happen for you and all you have to do is pay them tons of money to make it happen, what they don’t tell you is that they’re selling you information in exchange for the boat-load of cash that they’re trying to get out of you. 

That’s not all of the mentors and coaches out there, to say the least.

There are some really good ones.

When I quit my job in 2015, it was because a mentor named Dan was able to help me learn the high-income skill of local lead generation with free traffic to be able to make $10k in passive, monthly income within a year of starting the coaching program

I did it from the same lead gen site that’s still paying me $750 to this day, and it’s real passive income that’s still on the internet using free traffic (see below):

To this day, I’m still using that information to rake in a habitual $45k+ each and every month. 

Why am I putting this out there?

For a few reasons, actually:

  1. To let you know that making money on the internet is real, and it doesn’t have to be as hard as others make it out to be
  2. That said, you still need to invest some diligent effort, time, and resources in order to get good at something that can help you bring value to the marketplace and get paid for giving of yourself
  3. I’m speaking from experience on this blog, and to remind you that you can do this too!

Part of being successful online means being able to have access to the eyes and ears of someone who has paved the way before you. 

For some, they need to learn a high-income skill in addition to learning how to run a business from a laptop by someone who has done that very thing.

For others, especially those that are already successful in their respective entrepreneurial endeavor, they are just looking for someone that can advise and help take their efforts to the next level. 

What does the next level mean?

It can mean anything the individual wants it to mean.

You got into business to be independent and live life on your terms.

Now that you’re here, you get to create the life of your dreams with the vehicle of business taking you to your destination – provided you commit to doing everything you need to do in order get the vehicle in motion. 

Mr. Frank Kern has been known by many as a resource to guide people toward getting their vehicle going when they don’t know how to start or progress at a certain hurdle in their business.

If you’re brand new, then getting started could be your biggest hiccup.

If you’re a seasoned businessperson, there are obviously different hurdles that you’re facing right now and could still use an experienced third-party’s vantage point on what you’re doing in order to progress.

Am I saying that any of this is a requirement? 


As stated before, it’s your business and your life to do with as you please. 

What I am saying is that it’s probably a good idea to get moving forward with a little bit of assistance. 

Since the majority of people get involved with the laptop lifestyle bit of hope for a brighter future that stems from some form of marketing online, what better person for a mentor than the man that has committed to helping you progress in your internet marketing career.

Let’s take a closer look at whether this guy can be a great fit for what you’re needing in your business venture right now. 

Inner Circle by Frank Kern – Review

For a while, Mr. Kern has helped numerous people in digital marketing to figure out a way to achieve what they’ve been hoping to accomplish for quite some time.

And, in that quite some time, he’s actually produced a number of programs with one purpose in mind – to help the marketplace of entrepreneurs. 

It’s not every day that you find someone as genuinely good-hearted as Frank to see problems and find a solution to the problem. 

There’s nothing wrong with charging for the solution – after all, he needs to eat, too. 

However, if that solution can help get someone unstuck in their business and moving in the direction of generating revenue, then their investment in Frank’s solution can actually possess a numerical value that can be best described as a return on investment (ROI). 

In fact, Mr. Kern provides sales principles (among other forms of counseling and advising in marketing online) that may seem old school when you hear about them, but you’ll quickly learn that he’s able to craft them into a sensible and real-life application for our current era. 

I’d like to propose the following key points for your consideration regarding the Inner Circle by Frank Kern:

  1. Close-Stacking

If you have an offer, chances are that it could use a little more kick when you’re pitching it to a prospective buyer. 

If you’re an avid follower of Mr. Frank Kern, you might recognize what this actually is that he is referring to. 

In essence, his revelation at the end of the conversation about important points that stir up emotion in the recipient can actually turn the sales conversation from a casual pitch to one that spins the offer into something that the prospective client simply cannot resist but to buy and get involved in what you’re sharing with them.  The Formula for the Ultimate Offer

2. This is definitely a higher level concept.  

In fact, it’s often used or referenced in programs or companies that are trying to close higher-ticket priced deals. 

Another name for this sequence of events is the Pitch Anything – to Anyone. 

While pitching can have a negative connotation to it, let’s take a step back and better understand what role salespeople play in the world of business.

Mr. Brian Carruthers, a person who has been in the Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) distribution plan of compensation structures for as long as I’ve known him, has consistently pointed out to his marketing team (or any audiences that he’s been invited to speak in front of, for that matter) that when you’re in the world of working for a business – which is everyone, since businesses employ people –

You’re either working to make a sale, or you’re in support of someone who is out there every single day and trying to land a sale. 

They are the gatekeepers of cash flow and the people that keep a business thriving.

As digital marketers, you’re not necessarily the salesperson for a business that you’re partnering with, but you are definitely an instrumental role of responsibility in getting those conversations occurring. 

In order to make more money, you have to prove that you are more valuable than the wage that someone else thinks you are worth. 

By learning to pitch, you are increasing your personal skills to produce more income – for both yourself and the business that you could be lined up to help expand and grow. 

3. Going Big: How to Grow with the Internet’s Help in 6 Easy Steps (what
Frank likes to refer to as the magic steps of business development)

4. Positioning Yourself with Authority

This is something that I don’t think enough people really take the time to think about or realize. 

When you carry…

  • Public trust
  • Community credibility
  • Industry mainstream branding
  • The title of published author, or better – bestseller

…there’s a very good chance that the audience you’re targeting will begin to pay a little more attention to you – and may even help to make landing sales appointments even easier (if you do them). 

Those four keys (mentioned above) are what you can acquire within the Inner Circle by Frank Kern.

That’s just one of many things that this guy can offer you to help you improve your business and work ethic. 

In bonus content to the Inner Circle, I think I remember seeing something about mindset training; if you’re new to business it’s very important to get your mind right. 

I think it was the P90X program published by Beach Body that had a fitness trainer named Tony Horton that would always advocate that, during challenging and lengthy fitness training regimens, you really need to take a moment to “get your mind right.” 

In order to persevere in the world of entrepreneurship, nothing could be more spot on than this very claim. 

Even though the information is generally the same, I’m confident that there are several reason for Mr. Frank Kern delivering his Inner Circle Program for a few different barriers of entry:

  • $1,000 every month for the biggest package and maximum access to resources you would need
  • $750 for the middle-class entrepreneur that is either launched or could use some help but just doesn’t quite have the financing to get the greater package
  • $500 in monthly membership fees which caters to those that are seeking just the bare bones of information to get started and move quickly into profit mode

That’s not to say that everyone should only get the $500.00 level membership and call it a day.

Remember, this guy has been around awhile and witnessed a lot of changes in how business operates. 

If anything, we should be knocking on the guy’s door and handing him our bank accounts so we can learn what he did to hit it big – and how he’s helped so many others that are trying to do what we’re doing so we can see the patterns and follow the path of least resistance. 

Okay, so the bank account statement might have been a little overkill, but it’s not too far off from the metaphorical truth to the value that Kern tries to bring to people that are seeking advice and need that extra nudge to move forward. 

When quality is of utmost importance in your efforts to get things going in business, you really can do right by investing in the resources made available through Frank. 

Where was a gentleman named Karl who hosted an interview with Frank Kern; he was actually one of Frank’s clients that was able to move his business from only four or five figures a month (on the left side of the decimal, for anyone who is reading this and thinking of criticizing the conversation here) to well over $5 million in gross revenue for the coaching industry that Karl was serving. 

How did Karl do this?

Simple; he invested in the wisdom and knowledge that Mr. Kern made available in the Inner Circle mentor and mastermind program. 

I’m convinced that Mr. Kern really knows what he’s talking about, demonstrating, and encouraging others in the internet marketing community (which is an all-encompassing umbrella that spans a large volume of sectors in the digital marketing community). 

Those involved in his programs, or have even been exposed to the email messages or marketing videos that Frank has published online, can also attest to the wisdom this gentleman has.

Why would I say that?

Frank has taken his digital resources and web properties from start-up and brand new pieces of virtual real estate – and turned them into the massively influential points of magnetic attraction for his brand that we’ve come to know today, and many of his followers only hope to one-day duplicate. 

Frank claims that it really isn’t that hard, but work is involved and it has to well thought-out, strategic efforts that encompass the 4 keys we discussed just above. 

Here are a few mastery aspects that Frank has utilized:

  • Incorporating a pre-recorded webinar in a marketing funnel so he can simply be looked at by the targeted traffic as an authority with significant credible for what he does
  • Mastering copywriting on the internet in order to craft an appealing, irresistible message that inspires people to take action on his paid traffic strategies

A student of what the digital marketing animal truly is, he tries to find unique approaches to achieve different and unheard of angles for psychological weapons that pierce through resistance or objections to land deals – over and over again. 

In case you’re wondering about whether Frank’s ideologies can work for you and in your specific industry, I can assure that they are very applicable to a wide variety of digital marketing industries and even the most obscure of sales needs. 

There are other sales mentors across the nation, and Frank just so happened to be ranked among the best. 

In no particular order, even though I’m writing a blog, here’s who I try to take pointers from:

  • Jordan Belfort
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Jordan Knight
  • Grant Cardone
  • Frank Kern

Those are some notorious names in the internet marketing and sales world, and Frank deserves every bit of street credibility because he’s been in the trenches and earned his stripes just like every other name on that short list here. 

He may play the old-school card upon initial approach, but this clever son-of-a-gun has got the goods on appropriating old information to work to anyone’s advantage if they take action on the advice given. 

What else does he offer?

There’s a lot, but I’ll share with you a few more things:

  • Email Marketing Recommendations
  • Modern Day Sales Funnels
  • Sales Strategy, Techniques and Standard Procedures that Frank Personally Uses (to this day)

When you’re looking to be in the know with digital marketing’s top dogs, people pay attention when Frank talks (notice I’ve often referred to him as Mr. Kern) and people respect him as the marketing giant that he is. 

Just like everyone in business though, he didn’t start out that way; he earned his way. 

Frank Kern’s Client Acquisition System in Review

I had to include another course that Frank offers because it’s just that good.

We’ve discussed that Mr. Kern has multiple courses out, countless resources for you to look into, learn from, and improve yourself upon, but nothing beats the ability to keep a business endeavor alive like learning exactly what it takes to rake more customers by the bushel. 

Here’s a brief look into what you could receive when you join the Client Acquisition System by Frank Kern:

  • Backwards Planning – what some call Reverse Engineering

We’re not all engineers that get involved in the world of network marketing. 

From science to art, blue collar to white collar, and everything in between, the digital marketing world is filled with people who are mutually related on one simple thing: they want things better than they currently have it. 

Part of being able to get from point a to point b in the game of life and business is that you need to be able to have a clear understanding of where you want to arrive: business schools call that a vision. 

In a business communication class, I learned how this actually lines up: companies declare their values and mission because they support and drive their business operation to achieve the vision that they wish to see in this world. 

While businesses piece these things together from the early days of launching the company, we need to be able to establish a vision (at the very least) so that we can have a clear and direct line of sight of where to go. 

Once we have that vision in our sights, we need to now recognize where we currently are and begin to map out the exact steps required in order for us to arrive at our destination.

I get it, this is business and not a family road trip. 

However, there’s going to be a lot of deviation and distraction opportunities along your path; by reverse engineering your steps to get to where you want to be (which is also known as “backward planning” your road to success), you can then steer yourself back on to course with achieving your goal when something in the way of life events or unexpected turmoil knocks you off the beaten path. 

It’s more than just a singular achievement, however.

Most of us got into entrepreneurship and business because we wanted a better lifestyle in addition to simply building a business to have more money.  

I remember hearing Mr. Grant Cardone talk about how money shouldn’t be the end result, but what it can enable you to achieve once you have that resource – that’s what should drive our endeavors daily.

  • Figure out what your prices are – and set them
  • Locate your high-income skill and put it to work to bring in revenue so you can call yourself an entrepreneur with predictable cash flow. 

When I got started in local lead generation, I didn’t make it to $10k and quit my 9 to 5 with a nice passive monthly income at that size by writing down the mission, vision, and values of a company or even registering a company, to begin with. 

If you want to say that you have a business, then you need to have cash flow from customers that you’re providing value for. 

Once you have customers, then every other piece of the puzzle can fall into place because you’re now funding your business with cash flow from clients that you’ve acquired and continue to serve in an ongoing manner. 

What’s cool about my lead gen business model is that I only had to set up a lead gen site one time – like this tree service site in Grand Rapids, MI.  I only worked on that thing for a grand total of 6 hours and it’s been paying me $2,000 every single month since 2014. 

See it for yourself (see below):

The high-level skill that I put to work each and every day is bringing more customers to small businesses so they can pay me for life. 

If you don’t have a high-income skill yet, I’d like to highly encourage that you figure out what you love to do, or you can check out our coaching program where you can see the exact steps I took to not only quit my job inside of a year’s time…

You’ll get to see the same things that I did in that 1 year that I still do (to this day) to maintain my $50,000 per month side hustle – which gives me the time freedom to write a blog post like this for you each and every day. 

  • Become the Most Valuable Business Person (MVP) in your marketplace with your high-income skill and you can be sure that you’ll always have people that need what you have to offer – and can afford to pay you handsomely for serving them
  • Identify ways that you can connect – and have a conversation – with the people that can afford to buy from you in the method that causes the least amount of resistance for you two to get some quality conversation time and learn more about each other
  • Figuring out what it takes – and then actually committing – to shift everyone that is in the marketplace that could buy from you out of the obscure space of not knowing about you or never having heard of you into becoming genuinely interested in your offer, product, or service
  • Closing methods to land deals more consistently and some collaborate strategies that have never been seen before

The Client Acquisition System definitely has some meat and potatoes to what it’s dishing out. 

The good things about the Client Acquisition System

When there are good and bad things about everything, it’s worth taking the time to analyze whether the program is actually going to be a good fit for you. 

  • With the interview-takeaway approach that you can learn more about in the Client Acquisition System, I really like that and a few other tips to close deals through the telephone (which means fewer problems in actually getting in-person face time – imagine making money from a distance)
  • Sound coaching that is rather applicable to most industries – including that of service providers for local markets
  • Sometimes it takes a while to work on warming up the people that either won’t be ready to buy from you or just acknowledge that things aren’t a good fit – at first.  Learn the tips and tricks that Frank – himself – uses to get people into a buying mood, slowly but steadily.  

What I didn’t like about the Frank Kern’s Client Acquisition System

  • I like the grind as much as the next hustling businessperson.  However, the content seems rather broad to where I’m not sure where to start in trying to take the information and make it applicable to an industry that I would want to use the information for. 
  • Maybe a plethora of case studies and more specificity in the illustrations of how this information can work would be a better asset to position this program as the end all, be all of the business development efforts
  • Just like Mr. Grant Cardone talks about, the notion of omnipresence – being seen everywhere – is a stellar idea and I hope that most businesses can achieve becoming a name that someone else you didn’t know personally would utter on their blog (see what I did there). 

Since this is an internet marketing course, however, I just think that the ideal clients of this program would be better served if they were given higher-level techniques that they could learn and use immediately.

This included the idea of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and other things that aren’t just theory but can be used for the long-term when they’re done learning from Frank’s lessons and prepared to implement things into their own business

  • Prospecting and lead generation skills could be further expounded upon.

Remember, I was running my own, successful digital marketing company when I stumbled upon Frank Kern’s program and decided to scope it out so I could learn from him and write a blog about the programs that he offers. 

At a base of $50,000 in profits every single month from free traffic in local lead generation for small businesses, you can be certain that I’ve got the time and resources to give Frank Kern’s programs a solid test. 

I just wanted to find out if the content with the course was going to be worth the squeeze and let you know if I would recommend to you to get started with your membership to his mindset mentoring platforms.    

It’s important to me, from a business owner standpoint, to know more than one method to generate traffic online and test them all out for myself. 

I can’t really do that if I were exclusively taking Frank Kern’s advice through his mindset training programs. 

That’s not to insult the guy; he’s done great things and really knows what he’s doing when it comes to working the industry’s techniques to his company’s and coaching program’s needs. 

As for the instructional side of what he provides for his following, I wish there were more. 

It’s that simple. 

You, as a business owner – especially a brand new entrepreneur in the online community, trying to start something from home with only a laptop, an internet connection, and an ambition for something better in your future – need to know what to try in order to get more attention for your business venture on the internet. 

That means being able to learn search engine optimization (SEO), paid traffic advertising in the digital arena (like Facebook Ads, Google Ads – formerly Google AdWords and known to many as PPC or Pay Per Click)…

That way, you can do what it takes to try and get more people into the spectrum of being a lead – or someone that leads to a potential sale for services or products through you and your business.

If you can’t fill up your pipeline, that means you’re not landing meetings or sales appointments; that’s step one for opening a business – you’ve got to be able to make a deal, land a sale, and serve someone to the highest level. 

In that way, you can now develop testimonials and leverage those success stories in order to acquire more customers because you’re not building trust and a good, solid reputation in the community. 

It all begins with one – and that one customer is acquired through digital advertising strategies online, which I wish were taught more in-depth in the Client Acquisition System by Frank Kern. 

Why Local Lead Generation Helps New Entrepreneurs Profit Quickly in 2019

I won’t take anything away from the guy; Frank Kern is a force to be reckoned with and noticed in the world of internet marketing. 

There are tons of things that he publishes and provides to those on the internet – especially in the internet marketing community – that can merit tons of positive value out of the coaching made available from him through digital recordings and online training access to in-person masterminds and other forms of coaching sessions with Frank. 

That said, the majority of his following already has a product or service that they can give value to the local community with – and they have thriving businesses that help to afford the expensive opportunities that Frank Kern makes available to anyone that can afford them – let’s recognize it for what it is; it’s a business. 

If you’re among the people reading this blog that actually don’t have a business quite yet, or you’re sitting on a couch reading this on your laptop and considering options to start a business, then Mr. Kern’s programs may not be the most awesome fit for you.

You’re going to do what you want, and I welcome you to make your own choices in life. 

From an experienced business owner that started from nothing, living in downtown Detroit, Michigan and working a corporate 9 to 5 that expected me to walk in deep snow during blistering cold, heavily laden snowy, northern winter months –

There was a time that I wanted my day job to pay me just a little bit more or advance me some cash so I could drive to work instead… Frank Kern’s programs can wait.

After being told no and being challenged to keep my mouth shut or I can kiss the measly $35k annual salary goodbye for talking out of turn to the owner of the company (all I wanted was to have a better, warmer commute twice a day)…

I wanted something better and started looking online for a way to make more money in a side hustle that wouldn’t interfere with what I already had going on in my work day. 

If you can relate to anything that I’ve just described, and you either want to quit your job, have more money coming into the household, or simply want more time freedom and less stress from how you’re going to afford to turn the heat on during the winter or put food in your cupboards…

Then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere than a program that only seems to work on mindset. 

If you don’t have a skill that you can bring to the marketplace, then you’re probably not going to go very far in the internet marketing world nor generating an income online from home on a part-time basis. 

If you want to learn a high-income skill that you can use to make money from home and try to do what I did – quit my full-time 9 to 5 corporate gig within the time span of a year since starting this lead gen coaching program, then click on those highlighted words and let’s talk about what you’re looking to accomplish. 

What I did to quit my job with this business model was ridiculously simple:

  • Found a city and industry that could benefit from having more buyers
  • Fixed up a lead gen site really quick and ranked it on search results
  • Got free traffic on the web to help me make a ton of passive income
  • Rinse and Repeat

This map listing is the byproduct of this method — this is what pays me the passive income I love living with so much, and you could do it to (see below):

This is my #1 online work from home pick to launch your side hustle business on the internet. 

When you’re dominating search results, as you could be (like in the picture above), you can essentially be paid handsomely because you’re doing what business owners already want to do with the internet: use it to bring in more customers!

That’s not just because the business model has been good to me, but because I’ve seen it work wonders for other people just like me – the average, everyday person that simply wanted something more. 

You’ll get to learn from the same guy that taught me everything I needed to know to now be job free and collect over $45k+ every month. 

Money isn’t everything, though.  Here’s what else this business model can give you that masterminds and mindset training – although good content that I wouldn’t shy away from –

It won’t help a brand new business owner to enjoy massive profits and the following added benefits to lead gen for small business:

  • A rapidly expandable business model that you can continue to serve more and more clients in any city and any local business industry
  • Follow a proven business model to make profits online since it’s exactly what Airbnb and Uber do: use the free traffic from search results (never paid traffic through digital ads) to consistently bring more buyers to local business owners – who pay loads of money and good tidings as their way of begging you to keep bringing them more customers
  • PASSIVE INCOME and HIGH-PROFIT MARGINS so you can work less, make more money, and have the time freedom to enjoy the financial freedom (yes, this business model really can do that if you work on it the way we train in the coaching program)
  • Mastermind with people who’ve been doing this business model for years with our Private Facebook Group so you’re in business for yourself but luckily never by yourself
  • Work in Jammies and skip working for that day if you don’t want to – you’re in charge now
  • Work while on vacation or let the passive income go to work in getting you more money while you’re on vacation; with free traffic, you can sleep while you get paid from the internet now
  • Rake in more money than physicians or specialized, high-end attorneys in a year’s time – you’ll build up to it like I did if you want, but the juice is worth the squeeze – I’m telling you!

If you want to fire your boss or quit your 9 to 5 job (as I had), Frank’s course may not be the immediate fix to your situation or give you the strategies that you’re looking to put to work for you to make instant cash from the internet.

I’m not saying that the local lead gen business model is going to help you print money from opening your laptop – there’s work involved and the training is rigorous – but it’s still the easiest thing on the internet, and my blog posts have reviewed a lot of mentoring and coaching programs online thus far. 

You can read them if you want, or you can have a conversation with me about what you’re wanting out of your business ventures in the future – and how ranking something like this on Google can help you make more passive income than you’ve been able to in your whole life up to this point (see below)

That was proof of what this coaching program for lead generation has taught me to be able to accomplish.  While no one really cares where something is ranked on Google…

The business who is paying me $750 for limo rental service requests in Lansing, Michigan cares because they’re getting buying customers from that every month out of the year – and that’s why they pay me for my lead gen site that looks like this (see below):

Frank Kern really knows what it takes to break down marketing concepts and theories into digestible bits of information that we can appreciate and gain confidence in business with.  He’s a well-spoken gentleman and with outstanding demeanor, a wealth of knowledge, and guy that I think anyone would be lucky to have as a coach – when they’re successful in reach a good $20,000 in monthly revenue first.

If you’re looking to start a business online in tandem with his training, I think it could be a great compliment to a future entrepreneur; however, if you’ve only got the start-up capital to launch one business model from scratch, my advice is to go with lead gen sites for passive income that you can build upon every single month to expand your passive income on a part-time basis. 

With his tactics, you could probably land yourself some $20k in a monthly deal at some point in your career, but you’ve got to begin somewhere – and that’s what I did only a handful of years ago that helped me to quit the full-time, corporate 9 to 5: I got started with the local lead generation coaching program. 

We’re looking for someone who wants to get started with making money online.  If that’s you, contact me here and let’s chat it up. 

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses – Unbiased Review

Thank you for checking out my blog. 

For those of you that are new here, I have made a top priority to get involved in coaching, mentor programs, and business opportunities through the internet to bring you the most comprehensive resource and silo of information. 

This has been a great asset for many entrepreneur-spirited people that are seriously considering launching a business or side hustle from their laptop in a very part-time, spare time basis without adding to their already demanding schedule the stress that typically comes from applying for a second job. 

It’s in this particular blog post that I’m going to deliver to you my 3 picks for the best affiliate marketing courses of 2019.

I have personally experienced each of these programs so I will be speaking to you from a source of genuine experience. 

What you’ll get in this episode of my blog articles includes:

  • Why I think each program was worth their investment price
  • My personal results (including the amount of money I have profited from using the individual programs’ methods exclusively)
  • The bottom line for myself with these courses

Yeah, I like to not hold anything back in my blog entries, and anyone who has followed my regular postings is well aware of my style and character when it comes to delivering the goods on each program that I’ve spent my money and time investigating and trying. 

Why would I do this?

Well, for one, it’s nice to give something of value to the marketplace.

What better way to give than to experiment with online business start-up oriented programs that advertise claims of being able to help you to rake in your own sizeable income without much work from your home office – if only you get started with “them.” 

That’s a difficult thing for someone to chew on if they’re brand new to the entrepreneurial world or haven’t even made a buck off the internet.

How do you know that this can actually be possible?

Have these people (who are constantly pitching you) made money with the things that they’re trying to convince you that they can teach you how to do?

More importantly, how come these coaches have decided to open their minds and hearts to teach me a high-income skill? 

Why aren’t they just keeping this information to themselves and going about their day with the possibility of making more and more profits each day? 

Since they aren’t necessarily obligated to become a coach, I know that I couldn’t help but wonder what these people were up to; these were the questions that I had when I first began exploring the use of the internet to try and make some profits online only a handful of years ago. 

If you’ve also found this by simply opening your laptop or desktop computer and you’ve also begun searching the internet for a reliable, credible way to make more money at home, then you’re in good company. 

Here’s some brief insight into who I am and what’s up with me here – it’s always nice to know who you’re having a conversation with and I’m happy to share.

I’m actually no stranger to the world of affiliate marketing, but I once had to start in this industry in order to get to a point where I could competently have a conversation about this industry – to include being able to afford these high-ticket coaching programs that brag they could deliver the goods on what it took to make a responsible income from home. 

It wasn’t until the year 2017 that I had actually begun considering affiliate marketing so seriously that I decided to figure it out and find a way to turn a profit online. 

Now, in order for me to be able to afford the costs associated with this business model AND invest the time necessary to scope out 3 whole coaching programs – all suggesting that they knew what was up and what the right steps were in order to take affiliate marketing to the bank – I needed to have another source of reliable income. 

I haven’t worked for 2 years by this point in 2017 because I had amassed a reliable $30,000.00 in monthly, passive income with the local lead generation business with free traffic; a strategy I had learned from a mentor I hired back in 2014 –

I went through his coaching program where I had learned how to use free traffic to make money online; he’s a guy named Dan and he actually made a lot of money from this business model before ever thinking that this kind of information could have been packaged into a training course to teach others – like you and me – about how to do what he was doing. 

This business has been able to let me generate a passive income of $750 to $3k per lead gen site that I’ve put online to leverage free traffic and pay me monthly, for years, just like this tree service site from Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Check it out (see below):

While local lead generation for small business is my top choice for working from home, I know you came here to learn more about affiliate marketing, so we’ll get there…

I just wanted to let you know that I’m able to afford the investment of these programs out-of-pocket and experimenting with the possibility of turning a profit while passive income streams continued to pay me as I spent my time learning affiliate marketing from each of these 3 mentors (that we’re going to talk about today). 

Why knowing about the local lead generation business is important is because there’s a huge departure in experiences when you’re generating profits on the internet with the use of paid traffic (in affiliate marketing) and free traffic from search results (like most people do in lead gen). 

It was important to me that I was able to see proof of success in affiliate marketing so I could write a blog about this and identify what has actually worked online. 

However, all that this business model – affiliate marketing – actually proved to me was that I now have a personal preference in not having to pay money in order to get my offer online seen by others, whether they’re going to buy from me or not. 

I get it, everyone’s usually thinking that there’s going to be good and bad aspects to each of these business models; I’d be lying if I ever said there aren’t drawbacks to each. 

However, as a business-minded person in 2019, it’s also vital to ask yourself how each of these online methods for making money can really be sustainable for the long-term. 

My opinion is that free traffic is the optimal choice for a business model for the long run. 


It’s not to belittle affiliate marketing; in fact, I have met some people who do the affiliate marketing strategy very well – and I’m sure that I have talked about a couple of them in some other blog posts on this website. 

Unfortunately, by the end of this trial experiment with three different affiliate marketing training platforms, I have to admit that I still wasn’t sold on the process of marketing other people’s products for a fraction of the commission. 

When you’re finally operating your business 24/7 on free traffic and letting the internet go to work for you (instead of having to do your work on the internet), your lifestyle and mindset begin to shift; you start to see the world a little differently. 

  • A business that you can run from anywhere in the world (affiliate marketing kind of has that)
  • Your assets bring you money all the time (affiliate marketing might have this)
  • Lead gen is a set and forget-type of a business (affiliate marketing isn’t quite that high-speed)
  • Since the internet never sleeps, I’m getting money while I sleep (good luck letting affiliate marketing do that for you with its paid traffic strategies on an ongoing basis)

I’ve heard before – you can set up a paid traffic campaign and let it run while you sleep. 

In fact, some people even run paid ads and test things for a few days so they can gather more data about the marketplace; then, they’ll adjust campaigns accordingly. 

In other words, this is what you’d be looking at nearly every day if you tried paid traffic in affiliate marketing strategies — lots of blue-colored web browsers for several hours daily (see below):

Accounts getting suspended is just a part of the affiliate marketing experience when pitching your offers with Facebook Ads — if it’s a secret, then it’s not anymore. I’d rather you know this upfront.

I can assure that you that I’ve heard just about all the arguments to the contrary. 

It makes sense to get started with driving traffic to your affiliate offer with paid traffic strategy…

You get to have instant results through immediate traffic seeing your offer.

There’s no need to wait around and hope that people are going to cross your offer someday, eventually…

What’s something you have to do with the paid traffic of affiliate marketing that you don’t need to do in lead gen with free traffic?

Constantly review, monitor, and tweak your paid ads platforms for optimal performance. 

I’ve done both kinds of traffic personally; I’ve been there and done it! 

I’m just not that interested in spending my days worrying about my paid ads campaigns for the affiliate offers I’m running that I can’t wait to get home, open up my laptop, and begin looking at things just to make sure that they’re all okay and running according to plan. 

We can touch more on this in a little bit. 

The aforementioned reasons are why I’m beyond sold with the use of free traffic in the local lead generation business model.

It’s seriously why I make my top pick for 2019 that business model over affiliate marketing in general – regardless of what coaching course someone might decide to invest in. 

Some people have turned to me and suggested that affiliate offers can still reach a point of success with free traffic.

I agree – it’s very possible, and I’ve even accomplished that very thing with free traffic to an affiliate offer that I was able to put together an affiliate review of and rank online to make some okay cash every month. 

The drawback is that it’s become increasingly difficult to do online now. 

How come?

2 reasons:

  1. The saturation of competitors who are constantly entering the industry is growing in more density as we progress in time – that’s my complicated way of saying that more sellers are jumping in and attempting to market similar products under the same strategies.
  2. As Google – our fluffy and loveable 800-pound Gorilla – has updated their search results programming with the 2016 Panda update, the game has officially changed for affiliate marketers. 

With that, let’s get into my picks for the affiliate marketing courses that have landed the top 3 in my book – and if you’re quick, there still may be room in each of these programs for you to have your go at the training platform today. 

In Third Place, We Have Gerry Cramer’s Traffic Master Academy

Gerry Cramer is notorious for leveraging the paid side of things, especially with Facebook Ads, to get more and more attention to the affiliate offers that he’s looking to promote often and regularly. 

A serial entrepreneur in his own right, Gerry has actually established multiple training courses to help entrepreneurs – both experienced and young – to get their big start online. 

The three coaching courses that I’ve seen out of Mr. Cramer include:

  • MentorMe
  • Rise Academy
  • (His Latest Installment in Coaching Platforms) Traffic Master Academy

In the MentorMe package of learning from Gerry, 1-on1 coaching is key to the success of the individual student. 

I know because I’ve seen one of his student’s success level and it was phenomenal; that same success student I’m talking about was the guy who trained me, named Nick Torson.

What I liked was that I was able to learn some key ingredients to the affiliate strategies that I had already known – and I really enjoyed learning from Mr. Cramer as the program went forward.

What threw me back was – even though I had made some money with MentorMe – my Facebook Ad account that I had opened and ran an ad for one of my affiliate offers with had been banned by Facebook. 

When I first saw it, I thought that this guy was a crook and I want my money back. 

It wasn’t cool or fair that I could pay all this and spend all this time just to get shut down on my very first ad account that I’d opened and ran an ad for under this so-called “guru’s” advice. 

The heat in me began to fizzle away when I discovered that Facebook and affiliate offers seem to be mortal enemies that don’t like working with each other in order to turn profits.

While, yes, Facebook is the owner of the Advertising Platform, it would stand to reason that more people can market affiliate offers because that simply means more people are running ads and paying Facebook for of their ads platform revenue for the year. 

The truth is that it’s a part of the affiliate marketing game in this strategy; your Facebook Ad accounts are going to get banned and that’s all there is to it. 

If you’re serious about working under the MentorMe program, then I’d recommend learning how to acquire more ad accounts, open them, and try your luck again in the affiliate marketing game because it’s just going to occur no matter what you do here with this approach taught by Gerry Cramer. 

To my amazement, and now that I think back on it, the method of opening more Facebook Ad accounts didn’t actually occur to me until it was taught in one of the other affiliate marketing courses that I had picked up along the way.  In other words, Gerry doesn’t even teach this method (at least when I went through his program, “MentorMe,” it didn’t it). 

I would be an ignorant goofball if I didn’t recognize the opportunity before us in affiliate marketing – there’s definitely room to grow and win some cash with marketing online, especially when it comes to paid traffic. 

If you’re looking for the fast money, then this just might be where it’s at for you. 

The catch that I see here – and have personally experienced through this training program – is that you’re entirely, and completely, dependent on generating traffic through the paid methods of the internet. 

In addition to the lack of ease in paying for your traffic (so your affiliate offer can get seen), because without traffic you don’t get a sale with this business model, you also have to appreciate the big risk you’re taking in leveraging the paid platforms; you’re at the mercy of them and when they change something or don’t permit your affiliate offer then it’s time to find another way to get attention online. 

Not to try and add an insult to the injury of what we’ve just been able to uncover with the affiliate marketing business model and the industry as a whole, we have to take into account that the paid traffic that we’re buying is going to cut into our profit margins – and there seem to be no two ways to look at this fact. 

It is a fact; when you spend money on a traffic ad, you are losing your margin for profit because paid ad spend reimbursement expenses are going to come from the profits that you’re generating. 

That’s just a smart way to do business – pay expenses first – but in the affiliate marketing model, your margins are far too low from the start, and they’re only going to get lower as…

  • Time progresses
  • More competition enters the space
  • Prices get driven down in the products you’re marketing due to inflation and competition trying to get the edge over you
  • Perhaps a company that you’re working with or for – especially in an affiliate manner – might change their commission structure and never notify you about it until you turn a profit, see your check, and have a problem with why you weren’t paid as much as you had anticipated receiving for all the hard work you did in helping the company to expand the brand awareness in the marketplace
  • A quick word of caution: I’ve never heard of an affiliate program paying any sort of reimbursement to the affiliate marketers that associate with the product and push the brand out into the marketplace. 

To me, that last point means that the business really doesn’t care about you and that you’re a number to them. 

If you’re going to come out of pocket for personal expenses to drive somewhere and then be a marketer for a software company as a leader in a sales and marketing industry…

Why wouldn’t an affiliate company do the same thing to help you and demonstrate a sign of good faith or a vote of gratitude for believing in their company and their product so much that you’ve put your own name to their product and publicly went to bat to say that other people should buy this product as well. 

However, that’s not an option in this day and age – and while I hope that changes, I’m not going to hold my breath. 

What was cool about my mentor, Nick, was that he had a direct connection to Gerry and both of them were rather experienced in the industry of affiliate marketing at first.

After a little bit of discussion and demonstrating my willingness to work, I asked if they would come in with me on a side project that I was working on.

As a result, we’ve crafted an ad together – that’s me and two industry-leading experts: take a look at the sample ad for yourself (below):

One of the biggest takeaways that I was able to gather from working with two experts was:

In Facebook Ads, the image is the bread and the butter combined with a handsome piece of meat for an awesome ad sandwich. 

Here’s how we did it. 

First, we chose to pattern our image in the sense of Vector Art – which means segmenting the available space into separate divisions so we had more room to work with and could put more images on the ad. 

Since this is rather uncommon in the industry, this type of style becomes what the marketing industry would hope to coin as a “pattern interrupt.” 

The reason something like that is a key ingredient to Facebook Ad strategy – and the affiliate marketing platform of digital advertising overall – is because when people potential buyers pause to make sense of the unusual thing that they had just seen (even if it’s in a perceived and notional safe space like the social media account that they own), the trend more toward actually taking your desired action for them. 

That means that the clickthrough rates (CTRs) for our specific Facebook Ad expanded increasingly well. 

If you liked that little trick, I’d like to recommend that you give it a go for yourself in your next ad campaign. 

Another big takeaway that I had gained from two stellar experts in the field of affiliate marketing was:

The wisdom behind leveraging vector art for the sake of communicating with the intended audience of the ad. 

As humans, we tend to read in a pattern and attempt to understand what we’re seeing in a similar fashion – that is to say, left-to-right and top-to-bottom. 

What cool about this layout though is that when a person perceives this set of images arranged in this way – provided you’re intelligent with your vector art image choices –

It can be inferred that the person seeing the ad will either:

  • spend time on it and attempting to reason what’s really taking place in the flow of the pictures (like a story might be told or a secret message lies within), or…
  • they’ll simply click on the ad to hopefully find an answer behind the mysterious design of the Facebook Ad.  

That effort – to try and figure something out – stems from something that you’ve caused which is a psychological concept, known as loop opening for the audience. 

The event of causing dissonance within a person that’s reviewing your marketing might feel unresolved with the situation and take the action of least resistance with the hope of feeling resolved and whole – or simply no longer uncomfortable with what they’ve just experienced. 

In the word of digital advertising, simple strategies can be more effective.

In other words, instead of giving multiple directions in written form that direct the audience receiving the marketing ad to read, understand, and then put work into following the directions that were given, wouldn’t it simply be easier to inspire them to have something that makes partial sense, but it can be simpl to attempt to interpret, and then…

  • Present something that will cause a slight bit of discomfort
  • Arouse curiosity in the unusual thing they’re seeing
  • Press their mobile phone screen or click a button on their computer to hopefully see and/or hear the thing that will resolve their confusion and help them feel good about something that momentarily just didn’t make sense for them

Whether or not the web traffic you’re purchasing buys from you after clicking on through your Facebook Ad, the exciting news is that you’ll know that your marketing strategy is working with its front end component. 

Now it’s important to understand the entire funnel aspect and to be able to compose a completely effective package of a marketing strategy that can effectively land a sale through paid traffic.

As you can see, Mr. Cramer has a solid idea of what he’s trying to accomplish with Facebook Ads and his affiliate marketing approach. 

That said, I am here to also report that I’m simply not running affiliate Facebook Ads campaigns or any form of paid traffic to affiliate marketing anymore. 

However, the tips and tricks that I’ve explored with Gerry and Nick have led me to try and understand what is possible with Facebook Ads in producing referrals for other kinds of business needs – such as:

generating leads for local businesses (like local lead generation but with paid traffic instead of free traffic) or in promoting the lead gen coaching program that I had learned from only a handful of years ago. 

  • generating leads for local businesses (like local lead generation but with paid traffic instead of free traffic), or…
  • in promoting the lead gen coaching program that I had learned from only a handful of years ago. 

In my own experiments with these types of advertising outside of affiliate marketing paid traffic, I’ve noticed a better success rate for small businesses and coaching programs. 

Why would I say that?

Let’s have a look at a couple of points that I’ve noticed in my campaigns ran long after discontinuing affiliate marketing paid traffic campaigns:

  • If you own service company or the product that you’re attempting to pitch for and/or on behalf of, I’ve noticed a significantly higher return on investment (ROI) because the profit margins are simply bigger than affiliate program bits and pieces that you’re facing in the industry
  • Bigger profit margins mean that you can continue testing more paid ad traffic campaigns because you’re making larger profits that can additionally cover the ad spend without breaking your professional version of a metaphorical piggy bank. 

Above all of that, just remember that it’s not really fun being compensated in peanuts marketing someone else’s stuff when you could be seeing an even greater return by going across the street (again, a metaphor) for your higher profits at a local service provider’s place of business –

Although, I would go over there just to shake hands; I wouldn’t work in their office when I can do my thing on my own terms out of my laptop anywhere in the world. 

Coming in Second was Stefan James of Project Life Mastery to deliver Affiliate Marketing Mastery

When you can learn a new skill but still be yourself while doing it, I’d say that’s an epic business model worth learning more about. 

With Stefan James, you get to do exactly that; you don’t have to become someone else in order to duplicate the processes that this expert affiliate marketing and digital expert is proficient in both doing and teaching. 

Further, if you’re still interested in — or passionate about — certain kinds of products and still want to make a pretty penny promoting what’s meaningful to you in your affiliate marketing approach to generating profits online, I think that Mr. James’ Affiliate Marketing Mastery is going to be an okay option for the future affiliate marketer inside of you. 

After all, there’s only one kind of you in this world so why not let the you within shine through in your marketing choices; especially if more than 10,000 people market the same product or affiliate offer, the market can still know your style and approach to helping them get the service or offer that they can benefit from. 

What does that really say about the marketing industry online, though?

To me, it means that your personal narrative is a story that others may be able to connect with – and that connection could help you to produce sales through the internet. 

Sometimes your target audience will still exhibit some resemblance of humanity with exploring products online – and therefore, you might stand a higher chance in those prospective future customers of yours buying from someone the trust, like or know, more than they’re going to cater to the other factors that marketing experts in college and high school teach:

  • Good product reviews
  • Lowest price
  • Biggest bang for their buck
  • Bonuses, discounts, promotions
  • And so many more things that we could talk about, but won’t (at least, not on this blog post)

When you’ve got a personal story – especially a powerful one that can…

  1. Uplift
  2. Move
  3. Inspire

You might be on to something that you can then leverage in order to turn a profit through selling with a deeper connection to people that might not have otherwise heard of you or about you. 

Imagine having that close of a connection with a recorded version of your story that lands you several thousand dollars in commissions – for something that you recorded one-time, long ago.  

I’m more than confident that this must have happened at some time in the past history of the idea of marketing. 

What’s rather epic about Mr. Stefan James’ training is that he actually does what he’s advising his students on – and I’m under the impression that this is a larger rarity these days than I want to believe. 

You can see it in his character and in his marketing; he’s authentic to the core with his affiliate product selling strategies…

It’s actually refreshing to see someone put their business and their own story out there to make sales; it seems less scuzzy and less about the profits and more about soiling goodwill and positivity in the marketplace – especially the positivity portion which is something that I don’t think we see enough of these days anyway.  

It’s pretty clear as to why Stefan has leveled up to close to the top ranks of the elite affiliate marketers – he’s a success because he doesn’t try to do it like anyone else except himself. 

Think of the following accolades and then ask yourself if you seriously wonder how he’s accomplished all of these things –

  • Loyal and active following on YouTube, with subscribers numbering in the half of millions (just in one of the brands, Project Life Master)
  • Multiple 6 figures – with a business built in his own way
  • Playing the long-term game, his blog (which he’s been consistently building since the year 2012) is focused on personal development and can be found online for some common phrases in the self-help business industry with extremely high rankings; feel free to look it up:

This guy steps out of his comfort zone regularly, which is why I believe he’s going places even after all of his current successes right now. 

In his program, he also advises on some nitty-gritty tips in the tactical methods employed with his online marketing choices, like:

  • Collecting emails through a WordPress website
  • Effective ways to organize your website to capture emails
  • Founding a YouTube channel and consistently adding to it
  • Leveraging email marketing to increase your regular reach and consistently pitch to a following that knows, trusts, and likes you, and is therefore primed to buy from you when you might ask them (not all of them will buy, but there’s no reason to think why some of them won’t – provided you’re pitching something that’s relevant, of interest, and beneficial or useful for them)

Normally, anyone would want to openly claim the desire to build their own business in an authentic way.

With the digital era, however, there seem to be a ton of shortcuts that business owners, marketing agencies, and the like are all attempting to accomplish and circumvent the journey to building a big company name. 

You don’t get that with Mr. Stefan James. 

A loyal following is a challenging thing to build – and most businesses want to build that but may not be willing to endure the work that typically is associated with such a thing… and it takes plenty of work! 

There are things that you need to do to build that following consistently, regularly, and authentically – and some people just don’t find those things too comfortable to do, so that’s why Stefan James has a loyal following but not a lot of students in his coaching program…

ublic speaking and sharing a personal side of yourself simply isn’t a thing that many people are willing to do these days. 

What does that mean for Stefan, though?

It means that his ability to sell just got a whole lot easier now that he’s put in nearly a decade’s worth of work in building his online reputation, building that following and the responsive email list, and connecting with people that he probably hasn’t ever heard of or met. 

Thus, his customer base could be composed of a vast number of people that he doesn’t know – and that’s okay in business because your reach can often bring about a positive impact to assist people that you may not initially know but could learn about as time progresses. 

When Mr. James aligned his business with what he believed to be his life purpose, money seemed to flow from the offers he made online – and the impact, along with the money, is probably why he’s doing so well online and enjoying the process as he indulges in his journey toward his entrepreneurial goals and endeavors. 

As I’m building this blog, I shift my focus toward some greater appreciation for his tenacity and dedication to building his online presence over time. 

7 years (to this day) is a long time to be writing his blog – and he’s no doubt got more in him to say and share with the world. 

I’ve heard that it’s far more important to have something to say than to follow the prompting or internal notion of needing to say something.

I don’t see that in Stefan James, the founder of Affiliate Marketing Mastery (and Project Life Mastery). 

Instead, I envision someone committed to a journey with a flexible, but clear, destination. 

With this blog – and public thanks to this guy – I’ve become interested, and maybe even a little curious, to find out if my writing and my blog will end up enriching, inspiring, or moving others for the better with entrepreneurship. 

I’ve said it before that part of the reason for this blog is to edify and educate others that are interested in starting an online business so they can get the full story of various programs from one such entrepreneur who had actually bought and tried their program. 

Perhaps my writing will have helped someone to evaluate their life choices and entrepreneurial options to lean toward making a choice that comes with a direction that fits their situation at the time – and hopefully, their future is also evaluated in that decision as well. 

What’s cool about Stefan James is that his approach and mindset in his affiliate marketing training course, Affiliate Marketing Mastery, teaches more than just how to establish a business and turn profits through the internet…

Instead, your laptop lifestyle becomes an enjoyable journey that inspires you, helps you to wake up each day and look forward to the adventure that awaits, and facilitates your ability to own a legacy that can last for a long, long time.

First Choice for Affiliate Marketing Training Online: John Crestani’s Internet Jetset and Super Affiliate

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing approach to learning how to generate web traffic with affiliate marketing, then you’re in luck because there is such an expert that goes after every style of web traffic.

I know… for a while there, I didn’t think there were any coaches that attacked affiliate marketing through more than one avenue of approach either. 

Delivering a more comprehensive coaching program in the affiliate marketing spectrum of training, Mr. John Crestani steps up the game in the industry with specific and clear training steps for acquiring traffic on the internet and getting those hard-to-reach buyers to see your offer from:

  • Native Ad Strategies
  • Paid Facebook Advertising
  • Organic Ranking in Google Search Results / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


At less than $50.00 to sign up and begin learning the particulars in his individual strategies, the starting roots of affiliate marketing is best learned through the Internet Jetset coaching course.

However, if you’re looking to get started fast and dish out the goods on your affiliate offer for a maximum return of profits, you’ll need to be seasoned somewhat to know what’s going on in the…


Super Affiliate System. 

Yeah, I really wouldn’t touch this unless – and until – you’ve been around the block a couple of times, and landed success online (meaning sold some things) with Crestani’s Internet Jetset training course or another coaching program that taught you the ropes first. 

A down-to-earth person, he is actually familiar with the gentleman that I hired 2 years ago to sit with me side-by-side and educate me on everything he knows to promote affiliate offers with Facebook Ads.

In case you think that this isn’t legit, I’ll report that I paid this friend of his, Mr. Carlos Cruz (pictured on the right-hand side of the photo you see up above here) about 5 figures for his time – meaning, five figures in pure profit on the left side of the decimal. 

Does he deserve that kind of attention and price for such a lofty request?

Well, after working with him, the proof was there and he knew the game better than any mentor I had learned from up to that point in my affiliate marketing career.

It was at this point that my affiliate marketing success through online traffic methods of generating attention to my offers starting to consistently bring in profitable revenue. 

It was actually quite exciting, to say the least.

Take a look at an ad that was quite similar to what we had run when working together (see below):

While money was rolling in with this offer – probably to the tune of $3k to $4k of monthly revenue – it was only anti-wrinkle cream that was getting promoted. 

What effort did this entail on my part?

  • A few hours a day – and I’m talking the bare minimum that you could work if you were serious about making money in a strategy like this; I missed one day of staying on top of this and it was practically like starting all over
  • Constant monitoring of my ad account, which took up tons of time in my day simply because I was always thinking about it
  • Making adjustments regularly in each of the ad accounts that I had set-up through Facebook

Most people who read this have the initial reaction that so little time daily had rendered such a huge, monthly return – wow! 

From my perspective, I didn’t really need the money, per se. 

Instead, I was just running an experiment and learn what the results might turn out to be. 

Frankly, I would have regarded the volume of dedicated work that I had invested in those few hours daily as a full-time job and I just wasn’t about that anymore. 

Try seeing this from my perspective:

  • Running a successful lead gen business
  • Producing multiple 6 figures annually in passive income (meaning I don’t need a full-time job to survive now)
  • One or two lead gen sites – done well – can provide that amount of income, recurring each and every month for the equivalent of less than a full days-worth of a time investment
  • No more ongoing concerns about whether my lead gen site is doing its job to make me more money in a passive manner

Truth be told – affiliate marketing requires a person to dedicate a portion of their time – every single day – in order to maintain that steady, monthly income that they desire and earn through their patient and persistent efforts day after day. 

I really think it’s a job, and I have trouble seeing it as a passive side-hustle (even though others do it and speak highly of it all the time).

To keep the level of digital sales that you’re raking in, you can’t simply go off and take a vacation; that time away will be interrupted by your need to keep the money coming in by tending to your affiliate marketing approaches at last once a day – and for every asset that you have put online.

Whereas the lead gen business allows me to step away from my business as I please! 

The passive income allows me to do one project in one month, and then another project in the next month, and I could slowly, gradually, and easily expand my business if I were doing this gig on my own. 

Even though I’ve hired some help already, and they’re doing the habitual, daily tasks that I would normally be doing here, the reality is that lead gen lets me begin stacking my efforts and get results that I can build into a handsome monthly income month after month, year after year. 

In other words, I don’t have to keep working on the same projects day after day to keep that money coming in. 

If you’ve been looking for a true business that you can knock out a task once and get paid for years (for that one task), then feel free to check out our coaching program where we teach you how to do exactly what I’ve done over the last few years to not only escape my 9 to 5 but also develop a nest egg of over $45k per month. 

That wasn’t a dawning epiphany that I achieved on the first day of trying affiliate marketing, however. 

I didn’t know what the whole game was about – and I wasn’t going to until I had put all of this time, effort, and resources into the process to witness what returns were really possible with someone that started out not knowing a single thing about the online business method. 

It took me several different investments into different affiliate marketing training courses to finally realize that this is how much work affiliate marketing took, and it’s a job that I don’t want to have to do every single day. 

Eventually, I was able to see affiliate marketing for what it was and let go of the dream that this could somehow work on autopilot and I really could step away from the daily demands of the industry. 

In retrospect, I paid an expert approximately $10,000.00 for someone 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring to help me reach this conclusion. 

Carlos was great at what he does, and he knew I was serious if I was willing to shell out so much cash in order to get his attention and time on affiliate marketing. 

If you’re starting out in the online business world, most people won’t have a lucrative base of $10,000 that they can just shell out to someone and say “please help me.” 

Adding more to this notion of this not being for beginners is the fact that you really ought to know more about the industry before jumping into your first project and risking money that you probably couldn’t afford to lose in the business venture – since it simply doesn’t guarantee that anyone online will find your product listing and/or actually make a buying decision from what you’re putting out there. 

Why, then, am I still opening up and suggesting that John’s course is the go-to option for all of your affiliate marketing needs in knowledge, training, and strategy for success?

People still make money with this business model; if they weren’t, then a coach like this – an authentic one – may not actually exist or stay in the mentoring business online for much longer. 

Mr. Crestani’s courses are…

  • Clear and comprehensive
  • Affordable
  • Informative on every way that you can – and should – be generating web traffic to your affiliate offers in your marketing approach

I have no doubt that some people are still going to end up giving the affiliate marketing world a try – long after I’ve written this blog and given my two cents worth.

While I’m not promoting the aforementioned programs – which means I doubt I’ll see a dime of the money you spend in any sort of commission when you get started with one of my recommendations above –

I still want you to have the most information of anywhere on the world wide web so you can step up your business decision-making skills with my reconnaissance efforts – and maybe save you money or heartache (or both) in the process. 

Additional Affiliate Marketing Trainings I’ve Explored

I wasn’t kidding when I told you that I’ve been around the block with this gig. 

Of the several courses that I’ve tried, here’s just a short list of the ones I’ve delved into (I won’t name them all – that’s not the purpose of the blog post)…

Here’s the list to simply build some credibility and show you that I know of the other coaches that are floating around out there and attempting to pitch their recommended strategy to future, interested digital entrepreneurs of affiliate marketing:

  • Mike Vestil’s Internet Lifestyle Academy
  • ODi Productions’ Affiliate Marketing Champ
  • Sean Bagheri’s Aversity Gold Masterclass
  • Luca De Stefani’s Affiliate Marketing Revolution

In the grander scheme of things, each of these courses provide a large number of the basics in affiliate mrketing that you must know to get started with your business venture from home. 

If that’s all you’re looking for, then I’d still go with my #1 pick for affiliate marketing training because it’s the most affordable, the easiest for people to make a buying decision with, and you can spend as much time as you’d like on it without (hopefully) breaking the bank before you see what’s involved in affiliate marketing and whether you’d want to try your hand at it. 

Even though I’ve disclosed a few more of the courses that I’ve invested lots of time and money into testing on my own, none of these on the short list here quite measure up to the value provided in the 3 courses I’ve listed up above in affiliate marketing courses that were explored. 

What’s Good, and What I Wish Were Different, In Affiliate Marketing

So I will admit that I’m human and can make the mistake of throwing some personal bias in some of these blogs unintentionally. 

Rest assured, I’m doing everything I know how to do to avoid skewing the results here and attempting to sway you in one way or the other on which affiliate marketing training program you’d best go into. 

One of the great things about entrepreneurship is that choices are entirely up to you to make and no one can tell you what’s right or wrong when it’s your show. 

That said, it’s important to get a better idea of what an experienced affiliate marketer sees as good and poor aspects of the affiliate marketing industry.

If you’re still considering participating in affiliate marketing, then be sure to read this section and get some rationale under your belt as to whether or not these are aspects you’re okay with handling prior to shelling out your hard-earned money in the business venture as a whole. 

Affiliate Marketing Pros

  • With how everything in affiliate marketing can be set-up for order fulfillment requests by customers, you can focus all your efforts on one thing: getting targeted traffic to your affiliate link and published offer online. 

This means that your business has nearly all hassles that other business owners experience removed from the equation. 

Instead of assessing inventory, hiring and firing employees, dealing with overhead costs, etc., you can work more on the one thing that’s going to be bringing you cash and you would have focused on anyway when you got into business: getting more consumers buying from you and putting more cash into your, soon to be, fat bank account!

  • Countless opportunities to find products to market with/for

When you can type in the words “affiliate program” for just about any sort of physical product out there – and some services even make something like this available for you – the possibilities and opportunities are virtually limitless. 

You are welcomed to try it in a Google search (free to you, just for reading my blog).

  • Simple business model but challenging to become an expert within

Skill, experience, and some industry wisdom are what’s going to separate the great from the good here. 

Provided you have some guidance and effective training; you can set yourself up for the best possible bit of success that a newbie in affiliate marketing can see. 

Again, there are no guarantees, but it’s nice to know that you can still empower yourself by attempting to do all of the right things from the beginning. 

  • Learn High-Income Skills

If you’re concerned about spending all of your time and catering your resources to one industry and lose your ability to become employable elsewhere, you can rest easy that what you’re learning as you train with affiliate marketing can be as applicable – if not more so – in other aspects of owning a business

In addition to work ethic and solid business acumen, you can also learn the affiliate marketing trade subskills of:

  • Sales funnel building
  • Digital mediums of marketing (like emailing)
  • Paid traffic strategies (Facebook Advertising & Google Ads Platforms)
  • Attempting to reach free traffic through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices

If you’re open to expanding the skills that you currently have, that can make you more effective to help and recommend solutions to business owners (especially since you’re going to become a peer among those people now that you’re starting a business of your own – even though it’s online). 

That also means that the value that you can bring to the marketplace skyrockets and you can charge great money for what you know and do for others – or just use these skills to expand your own bottom line. 

If they weren’t working, then affiliate marketers wouldn’t be in the game and the offers would be available. 

Cons to the Affiliate Marketing Style of Entrepreneurship

  • The level of competition is astronomical

If you thought other forms of business were cut-throat and difficult, then you can intensify that by infinity to measure up to what all you’re going to face as an affiliate marketer. 

This is a hard truth for new entrepreneurs to grasp – and I’m not entirely sure why. 

My guess is that they believe the internet is so vast and plentiful that there are enough transactions with money going on that they can get a piece of the action from. 

Unfortunately, that line of thinking isn’t enough to actually acquire money online. 

However, you’d better be prepared for the reality check that your marketplace entails the entire world – an international level –

This means that your competition for sales can be affiliate marketers from Russia, India, Australia, and so many other countries that also have internet access and resources similar to the training that you’re thinking of investing in. 

The information is out there and you can take the time to find it, stash it away in an accessible place, and reach in to pull out some more information to learn from as you have the time and see fit. 

The coaching programs out there are nothing more than a compilation of the information and what the mentors believe are in your best interest to know going into the affiliate marketing space – albeit, they’re different because what worked for one person may not have worked for another. 

If you’re not prepared for the harsh reality of the level of competitiveness with affiliate marketing, then you’re in for a rude wake-up call when your first few marketing campaigns and digital advertising efforts may not go your way. 

  • The products and services you market may not be the best thing on the market

Think that the product you’re marketing is the hottest thing simply because it’s available for you to market and turn a profit with? 

Sometimes, the things that you’re pushing into the marketplace you probably haven’t tried on your own. 

Unlike the typical drop-shipping business model, where you can sell physical products online (like with a Shopify store, Amazon FBA, etc.), there are some suggestions made on occasion that you could request samples of what you’re actually marketing. 

With affiliate marketing, you’re either a customer or an affiliate – and nothing is for free in this industry. 

When you’re selecting a product, often times the advice you’re given is to find what’s selling really well and do your best to get on that marketing trend before it goes away. 

Also, some of the habits that I’ve seen marketers use can make a newbie feel really scuzzy about what they’re actually doing with their marketing approaches.

If you’re praying on the insecurities of people, is that really ethical or is that simply good business? 

Having someone question their self-image isn’t the reputation that I want in the marketplace when I’m trying to push a product through to buyers.

Some people might read this and think that the bottom line is what matters; making more money is what business is all about, and if you’re getting people to buy then you’re growing and life is good. 

Some people may not think or feel the same one that others do when it comes to this kind of marketing approach. 

If you’re not sold on the product yourself, why would want to tell others about it?

Would you really go after an overpriced product that has never had evidence show to prove that it delivers the results that its parent company claims to? 

I know that I’ve given this a solid try – affiliate marketing, that is – and I think that I would prefer to do something that doesn’t make me sick at night thinking that I told someone to buy something that I didn’t think would serve them at the highest level. 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Affiliate Marketing is Harder than Ever

If you’re convinced that you’re the next expert in ranking websites to the top of Google search results and you’ll end up getting all of the business – and that customers looking to buy are going to see you first, resulting in your pockets overflowing with cash… think again! 

I don’t mind rocking your boat and raining on your parade here because this blog is about bringing out the truth and delivering an honest review. 

Google launched an update in or around the year 2016 and it severely affected all the affiliate marketers that were trying to game the system and have a secret, strategic advantage in the marketplace. 

While it can still be a valid claim that content is king, the reputation of your website that you’re trying to rank – through backlinks, that act as votes for credibility and trust online –

That is the most key ingredient to being found as the most relevant option for the search term you’re attempting to be found for. 

The less authoritative and credible your brand new affiliate marketing review site is – and brand new websites often are – the less of a chance you’re going to have at being competitive and really getting the chance to see how many sales can come in from being at the top of Google.

I say that because you simply aren’t going to be at the top of Google when other heavy hitters have built their site better (for longer). 

  • High difficulty in running Facebook Ads to affiliate marketing offers

Facebook already loathes affiliate offers, so you’ve got an uphill battle ahead of you if you’re still looking at going into this industry and thinking that you’re going to buy your way to the 6 figure income that the newest online entrepreneurs dreamed of prior to getting started. 

In addition, your low margin of profits that you’re already operating on will sink even lower with your choice to spend money on digital advertising. 

Further, this is an expense that you need to factor into your annual taxes, and I don’t know of anyone that seriously wants to factor in more steps between them and being done with the government in any given year of being in business. 

How Affiliate Marketing Measures Up to Lead Generation and Free Traffic

If you had been around in 2014 and learned about these things, then you might have found it more appealing. 

In reality, you could have slapped together a quick site that you could get seen really fast with a little bit of idealized content. 

From that moment on, it was easy to depend on the income coming in from being found at the top of Google…

All that mattered was your ability to get there quickly and become the most authoritative-looking site. 

Welcome to 2019; you’re in the affiliate marketing house of difficulty now. 

You can’t just be found for the long search terms and expect to rake in a handsome helping of profits anymore. 

Google made sure of that with their 2016 Panda update. 

If you’ve got some authority and credibility to you now, there’s a different level of appreciation that’s going to come from the master of search engines (also known as Google). 

In the old days, you could get away with bringing up your credibility by using phrases that were found to infer a reference to the same thing.

Just to illustrate:

  • Inexpensive dog collar


  • Affordable dog collar

When you would write high-quality, authoritative web content identifying each of these phrases – especially in two separate articles – you ran a higher chance in the pre-2016 free traffic through search results era with both of those articles that aimed to be found for those two search terms above. 

When it came down to the bare bones of what mattered in those days, people would expand their websites out to add multiple pages, several hundred on occasion, and have each of those pages all talking about that specific subject or topic. 

It worked, too! 

The more relevant search terms you were found for that connected to each of those two ideas listed above, the more credibility your website got – and, as a result, you were found in the top spots online to get all the free traffic that Google could bring you. 

Quality may have lacked in this content writing back then, but quantity seemed to be the name of the game and the person with the most ended up winning. 

This resulted in low-quality search results online and Google wanted to clean up the search results; hence, the Google Panda update of 2016. 

In 2019, you can now take one well-written piece of content and get found for multiple search results with search term phrases that are very closely connected to what the topic of the page is about. 

More importantly, your authority of the website that you’re posting plays a significant role in whether you’re getting seen first (or not). 

When people in the affiliate marketing industry wised up to what’s taking place, their content quality and backlink strategies were things that they went to work on. 

Your ability to get an affiliate review site to the top of Google for any of these highly competitive search terms can require tons of time, resources, and patience as it takes me approximately 12 to 24 months to actually get something no one has ever seen before to the top of my targeted search key terms.  

It’s no wonder, then, that paid traffic for affiliate marketing (or any marketing efforts in 2019) has become so appealing. 

Your results can be instant, and you can immediately begin evaluating what you need to tweak and adjust in order to make more money (or at least keep your profits steady, in some cases). 

Why is this still not a good idea? 

  • Your ad, landing page, and several other factors of your process need to be so locked on and dialed in that it’s going to take you some diligent research and time to find a good way to actually pitch your referral link to the market of targeted buyers
  • Even then, you’ll not see stellar metrics in the beginning – and there’s no guarantee that any form of your advertising is going to improve
  • Every action taken by your desired audience renders your ad an expense that you have to front

No matter what happens – up to, and including, not making any money from your ad spend – you still have to pay Facebook for your privilege of testing your ad on their platform with their compiled audiences. 

Facebook will eat up your ad spend no matter what, so even if you break even or at a loss, your profit margin (had you ended up in the positive for making sales) will continue to be so low in the long-term – with no predictability of your profits increasing (or actually realizing a profit) that burn out will often ensue with newbies in the affiliate marketing space. 

If it were me, I’d stick with free traffic so I can…

  • Step away from operating my business for spare time (Facebook ads won’t let you)
  • Allow my business to run on autopilot (Paid traffic requires constant attention)
  • I can know that traffic will still come into my lead gen sites often (and I don’t have to pay for each and every visitor that comes through the free traffic from search results)

I’d like to invite you to seriously consider the same – and take it from someone who has been there and tried that. 

Top Choice for Business in 2019: Free Traffic with Local Lead Generation

If you want a business model where you can work on something one time and leave it alone to keep paying you over and over, then maybe lead generation is more of a business model that’d appeal to you. 

Yes, it’s true that I’ve been associating myself and spending some of my spare time dabbling in affiliate marketing – and I’ve even seen a little bit of a profitable return on the labor I’ve put into it – the majority of my time for the last 5 years have been invested into local lead generation. 

When you have a lead gen site up on the internet…

  • There’s less competition (only 10 to 30 companies – as opposed to a world of affiliate marketers)
  • Profit margins are nearly 100 percent of what is paid to you
  • Passive income can become a reality

How do I know? 

That’s how I quit my job in the first year of exploring this coaching program on lead generation for small businesses by amassing a whopping $10k in monthly income without having a second job to stress me out every day. 

In case you haven’t seen the value in this opportunity yet – meaning, with local lead generation – take it from one of our coaching program members that are working hard on a part-time basis – and they’re young for the level of success they’re achieving in the online business world (see below):

How easy is this business really?

I’ll give you the rigorous involvement of my daily regimen for the entire first year of this business model.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Found a market and industry I wanted to serve
  2. Ranked a lead gen site
  3. Banked the profits that came in from free traffic
  4. Rinse and Repeat

Said another way, there are minimal competition and tons of money in local; the masses simply haven’t caught on to the trend that’s taking off today. 

How simple is this?  Well…

The limo lean gen site that I posted in Lansing, Michigan is getting free traffic to pay me monthly, and it’s been doing that ever since I started my online business with this model in 2014. 

Here’s how the results look when it’s a finished product and working for you (see below):

There aren’t that many digital information resources that people seem to rely on to tell them whether a marketplace or a local service industry is going to be a good idea to enter into business with; the tools are just not credible, but can often be found to carry accurate documentation. 

Often times, people want information that comes from data aggregators online, but the truth is that software is designed by humans – therefore, they’re subject to errors just like we are. 

As a result, some assumptions are made on the numbers that software like this illustrates and claims are made that this isn’t a good industry or market to go into. 

Trust me; if there are a wide variety of local businesses serving that one industry in a market, then there’s a reason that they’re doing well: there’s plenty of business to go around. 

We point out what it takes to find these kinds of these in our lead gen coaching program which we’ve temporarily opened up to share the exciting business opportunity with people like you – serious about starting a side-hustle from your laptop at home.  

How did I guess that?

Well, you’ve read this far, so why not come a little further and get the full scoop for yourself…

In addition to quitting my 9 to 5, amassing a hearty $50,000 in monthly, passive, reliable income, here are just a few more reasons to see the value in what tons of our coaching program members appreciate and get to wake up to every day now:

  • A business model that you can expand any time you want – no marketing trends or volume of competition can stop you from doing what you want to do
  • Duplicate the Airbnb and Uber model of business: generate leads and pass them off to service providers for a chunk of change that can go right into your pockets
  • Help business owners with a real service that can benefit their bottom line and change the life of their family for the long-term
  • You can feel good knowing that you’re helping your local community service-based businesses with what they’re already looking for: more customers
  • Since most business owners don’t have time to investigate the online world of what it takes to bring in more customers, you can leverage the marketplace for them and profit off the service
  • Small businesses always have a marketing budget – and you could be added to that payroll every month, which means your target audience for clients in your business model can almost always afford to hire and pay you for the life of your relationship in bringing them more buyers
  • HUGE PROFIT MARGINS from simply bringing more value to a business than what they were making before you entered the picture and partnered with them
  • Don’t want to work at 8:00 AM?  Stay in your jammies and wake up when you want.  You’re the boss now, and it’s up to you what you want to do and when you want to do it

There are new students entering our coaching program all the time and landing deals quickly – either because they already know someone who owns a business that they can help or they get to work and get results coming immediately by leveraging the skills we teach them…

By the way, that limo site still pays me like clockwork every month, and has for years, at a rate of $750. 

This is what it looks like (see below):

And it’s the skills that you have that can pay the bills for the long-haul; after all, you can now tell a client that you are the bill that helps them to pay all of their other bills. 

My #1 recommendation for an online business in 2019 is local lead generation and you can check out to begin building a sustainable, long-term, reliable 6 -figures in annual salary from the comfort of your home and the privacy of your own laptop. 

Let’s talk about your goals already: CLICK HERE!

Product List Genie by Giancarlo Barraza – Unbiased Review

The process of generating income online is something that has always captured my attention.

If you’re reading this blog post, then I’m under the impression that you’ve also thought about building a side hustle of your own with marketing something online.

In the world of selling physical products through digital means (meaning an online store, for example), one such technique is called drop shipping.

A popular and widely used strategy on the internet these days, dropshipping has been known to be an excellent method for generating some cash with…

  • very little setup
  • minimal overhead costs
  • an actual return on your investment with customers really buying from your product listing online

If it’s so great, then how come others aren’t actually indulging in the process today? 

There are many competitors in the drop shipping industry, believe it or not. 

The competition level is actually more fierce than most might anticipate when they’re brand new to the online marketing world and seek to be an entrepreneur from a laptop. 

I know that I was looking for a way to make a side income back in 2014 (not that long ago) and came across local lead generation for small business – and it absolutely changed my life for the better! 

  • Minimal competition
  • Enormous profit margins (near 100% – really!)
  • Extremely mobile – I could do this anywhere

Within a year’s time, I was producing a bigger quarterly income with my side hustle than I was on my full-time, corporate job of $35,000 in downtown Detroit. 

Fast forward to only a handful of years after quitting my job (2019), I’m raking in $50,000 per month with passive income giving me the opportunity to investigate products like Product List Genie and deliver my honest review on it for your edification. 

While you may or may not readily see dropshipping marketers their products online – especially unless you know what you’re looking for to point them out –

I can assure that there are more than a fair share of some that think they know what they’re doing and trying their hardest to be the top competitor in their respective marketplace for a product that they either believe in or think can bring loads of profitable income their way. 

That being said, there are some intrinsic challenges with the model of dropshipping:

  • Can you find a product that the market actually wants and will buy from you?
  • How can you plan to get the word out that you have a product that you think people need?
  • Will your marketing efforts place your listing in front of your ideal customer who is primed and ready to buy – with money in hand, just waiting for your offer to meet them face-to-face?

With the platform of Product List Genie – you can do that with exactness. 

What is Product List Genie Anyway?

Designed specifically for the benefit of those in the E-Commerce and physical products selling space, Product List Genie is a software of sorts. 

What it does is allow you to have your digital-based, online E-Commerce store virtually auto-populated with products that you can find from around the world wide web.

It opens to help you begin to identify what are those ideal products that you may have a chance to market for a profit – especially with the evaluation that the software makes for assessing the interest and market demand trends for each item.

Concerned that this product list produced by the software may not be a good fit for what you need? 

Not to worry!

There are regular updates to the product list provided in Product List Genie! 

As a matter of fact, the content within it – meaning the list of products – is updated every 24 hours (at a minimum). 

In addition, it doesn’t necessarily auto-update your store but it can give you the opportunity to select which products you are more interested in than the others.

While the recommendations are made, you still have full control over your online presence and can choose whichever products you’d like to place in your online store for dropshipping purposes. 

I was worried about that too, once. 

I haven’t seen the software hijack a store so I think your concern can be put to rest. 

The Product List Genie is simply present to help you along in your journey with E-commerce and is simply designed for assistance with product selection so you can increase your chances of selling what you list to those that are actually interested in purchasing them. 

The most serious of today’s dropshipping marketers could be accused of being out of their mind for not acquiring access to the Product List Genie.

It’s even perfect for those who’ve expressed an interest in starting their own physical products marketing store online but aren’t certain of just where to start; the software is as beginner friendly as anything could be in 2019. 

Giancarlo Barraza – The Man Behind Product List Genie

Sometimes this can be the fun part of the blog.

The majority of products, coaching programs, mentor opportunities, online business or work from home opportunities that I have had the distinct privilege of blogging about seem to have some rather interesting people – with an incredible entrepreneurial history – behind the establishment of whatever product or service is being discussed. 

Today, we get to learn a little more about the gentleman who is better known around the water coolers at offices and karaoke microphone of the popular crowds at parties as “Coach Giani.” 

Product List Genie’s successful Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder, Giancarlo Barraza has also been featured for another coaching and mentoring program – where he also has leadership positions, including President of the mastermind and Founder – it’s called the Millionaire Mastermind.

Hailing from the city and streets of the Disney capital of the world, Orlando, Florida, Coach Giani – as Wikipedia identifies – has been genuinely committed to the success of internet entrepreneurs around the globe for the better part of 10 years, delivering resources, tools, and mentorship for those serious enough to take advantage of his resources and turn a profit from home. 

Interested in the ever-captivating secret behind the continuously expansive net worth of coach, mentor, software developer, consultant and serial entrepreneur, Mr. Barraza? 

After all, he’s been generous enough to fabricate solutions to common problems that digital entrepreneurs face as they seek to achieve the coveted dream of making money from home (and in a perfect world, without having to do a whole lot of work to earn that money, too). 

His claim to success – in his own credits – are specifically to his winter mindset and desire for massive success:

  • The mindset to always win, and never give up
  • The desire for more success, and refusing to give in – from establishing the entrepreneurial goal all the way to landing a victorious defeat over the personal demons and self-talk that doubted him

If anyone were to be an example for me, it might be Coach Giani as he’s always gone after what he wanted and never gave in to problems when they arose and stood between him and his aspirations.

A Quick Overview of the Product List Genie

Intended to be an automated software system in and of itself, the Product List Genie was founded for the purpose of helping an aspiring entrepreneur in the physical products marketing space to connect with their Shopify store, identify popular products (which the software highly recommends), and then populate them into the online store –

The intent seems to be in the expedited positioning of the solo entrepreneur to focus less on product selection or technological hindrances in posting to their Shopify platform, and increase their focus on where it matters most – generating web traffic to their Shopify store’s products so buyers can convert (meaning, buy the products) into documented, successful sales. 

It’s as if you have a team of in-house specialists to help you find the trending products that have demonstrated their ability to be bought and sold online. 

The managing team of the software maintains regular and close watch of the products in the market and the important aspects of data that matter to an entrepreneur in dropshipping. 

It’s only when the changes are necessary that new products are added to the list with appropriate and corresponding information so that the marketer can make the best, most educated decisions about what to select…

That’s a lot like what this blog is about – keeping you informed. 

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I wasn’t keeping you informed of the opportunity you had to learn more about various coaching programs and products.

Further, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t demonstrate to you that it was because of local lead generation for small businesses with free organic traffic from search results that have put into position to continue writing blog posts like this for you – not thru dropshipping, e-Commerce, affiliate marketing, or any other kind of program. 

That includes the Product List Genie, which has a reputation of populating a list of products every single day that have been known to bring the quickest rates of sales delivery if placed in your Shopify store with the best kind of buyer traffic for those specific products – sourced directly from American suppliers. 

The pricing might be a concern – or at least it has been when this product first came out. 

The trend with Shopify stores has been to use an overseas supplier for the products marketing online so that profit margins can be slightly or greatly higher. 

The quality of products hasn’t seemed to suffer and the numbers from the Product List Genie seem to suggest that sales potential continue to be high so fact that suppliers are from America appear to not be any sort of hindrance on sales performance. 

What can Product List Genie Do for Me?

On one hand, as a consumer of a product, this seems to be a very sensible question to ask. 

On the other hand, as an entrepreneur, looking at things in terms of expenses may not be as effective as recognizing what you’re spending money on (especially when it’s for your business) as an investment. 

I hope that the following information can help you to better recognize the benefits and features that are afforded to those that leverage the Product List Genie software in their Shopify store and dropshipping business:

  • Perfect Automation

Realize the power that comes from not having to set-up your own Shopify store. 

Instead, appreciate that the software can deliver you the products that are ready, and primed, for buyers to acquire. 

Delivery is also managed by the software – I’d say that’s a huge burden off of our shoulders as Shopify store owners. 

  • Top of the Line Products

Looking for information on what trends are coming about?

Concerned over what it’s going to take to get these products sold? 

From the trendiest of trends in product selection to counsel and recommendations on how to go about getting traffic (which will hopefully convert into customers) to see your products and/or visit your Shopify store online. 

Let’s see other products give both data and tips for selling online.

  • Support from an Entire Group

A mastermind program in nature, Product List Genie is more than just software for you to use and throw away. 

With intrinsic value, you’ll have access to fellow marketers in the space of dropshipping and the actual leadership team of Product List Genie that you can talk to, connect with, ask questions, and receive guidance when you feel you need it. 

Be fearless when it comes to maximizing your value out of

  • the training you’re receiving
  • the product you’re using
  • implementing your needed systems or recommended tips for sales funnels

After all, what is a team, a mastermind, a coaching program, a product, or a service for if there’s no assistance in implementing those very things to acquire profits from the internet – the whole reason you’ve entered into this program in the first place (or at least, that’s what the company hopes you did it for)? 

  • Advertising Strategies and Advice Simplified and Streamlined

Need to find the fastest way to get buyers to see your store?

Facebook Ads are nothing to be concerned about. 

Intended to be simple, your paid traffic recommendations can be powerful if implemented smartly and reviewed both closely and regularly. 

Want attention to your store immediately? 

Pay attention to what is in store with this product and program, and you can learn more about the solutions to challenges you might face, as well as insights from top executing and successful entrepreneurs who’ve already become success stories thanks to the resources provided in the Product List Genie program. 

  • Current Product Recommendations

If you’re concerned about being recommended products that are so out of date that your grandparents would have bought them, then you can put your emotions and entrepreneurial heart at-ease. 

Product List Genie can track marketing trends from as early as today and yesterday to be sure that you’re getting fed the most accurate information available anywhere that addresses the most optimal information in dropshipping wisdom.

As stated, their daily updates provide accurate information so you know what products are current and of interest to your store audiences today – not last week or yesterday’s top picks.

Stay up-to-date with the most accurate information around, straight from the experts at Product List Genie. 

Why Product List Genie?

If you’re going to market physical products online, one of the best pieces of advice Coach Giani always gave was to know what people are interested in today, not yesterday. 

He was able to build a routine out of his regular habits of finding the best-performing goods that he could advertise online, and Giancarlo went to work by selling those products in an affiliate marketing fashion. 

Fast forward the timeline of the story to today, Mr. Barraza identifies with a variety of software and programs that are directed toward the success of the online entrepreneur. 

Product List Genie is one of those resources that aggregates his knowledge over the years and combines his trending experience and success with the marketing of products online so you can be successful today. 

Before you miss your chance, Product List Genie has been designed for those in the dropshipping industry to acquire a one-stop shop of a solution for all of their most challenging of dropshipping chores. 

It’s important to remember that sales are the lifeblood of a business; the best way to keep on getting more sales is to do more activity that enables more attention to be brought to the physical products that you’re listing online. 

The Product List Genie software could be for you if you’re open to…

  • Less product research
  • More automation
  • Data on dropshipping’s latest trends and what’s hot for your Shopify store today

Bottom line: if you are looking to make your dropshipping business a success online, meaning you want the best chances available to achieve profits with your physical products selling business venture, then Product List Genie is your go-to resource for everything you could need in an asset while you’re on the grind. 

Why Local Lead Generation is the Right Business Online in 2019

It’s no surprise that many people talk about dropshipping like it’s the best thing since someone figured out how to slice the loaf of bread and package it for others to enjoy in a mass reproducible product form. 

The benefits seem to precede the industry and social circles assume that this is the best way to turn profits online – especially with all the resources available to gather data and automate your work. 

Even dropshipping – despite its great qualities discussed above and in other communities – still has drawbacks and unfortunate lulls in its performance. 

What if, however, your supplier (of the good your marketing) runs out of supply in their stock room? 

You still have orders with timetables that need to be met and you’ve been an exclusive marketer on behalf of one supplier for quite some time. 

You’ve already collected payments from the consumers, sent the sales list to your supplier and they’ve just notified you that they cannot fulfill the product requests. 

Do you refund the money to the customers?

Do you try and find an alternative supplier that can deliver in the same time frame?

What do you do? 

I’ll confess, that’s not a pretty picture and I’m not excited to be discussing this topic. 

However, it’s an important detail to assess – especially if you’re considering entering the dropshipping business for yourself from home. 

While it’s a simple business model and doesn’t take long to put its structure in place, you could easily be ready to drive web traffic to your products in no time flat.  (That’s an exaggeration; it takes some time and learning, but with the automation discussed above, it can take even less time these days.)

Now, what about a price hike that your supplier never told you about, and now you still can’t fulfill the shipment manifest because your supplier is refusing to deliver on the promises you’ve made to your buyers. 

If you don’t control the assets, then any problem can blow your windmill off course and have you heading down a trajectory that is different from the reason you signed up in business – which, as I suspect, was to start an entrepreneurial endeavor that can have you turning profits

  • quickly
  • steadily
  • without adding a second job to your day

If you’re working from the internet and not in control of things physically, then it would be nice to have maximum control of your resources digitally. 

If you were in control of what you were trying to move on the internet, then you’d be able to…

  • choose who you would spend your time with (like prospective clientele who pose a serious interest in what you have to offer, meaning you don’t have to waste your time with tire kickers)
  • identify your price, negotiate your price with a potential buyer, and even drive discounts or promotions if you really wanted to because you are in control and get to make all the decisions about what you own

When you’re using free traffic for local lead generation, you’re in the driver seat! 

I was able to control the digital properties of what I was working within Lansing, Michigan about 5 years ago, right when I was getting started with this business model. 

I was able to superglue these pieces of virtual real estate to the top of Google and have them generate leads that a local small business was able to buy from me for a monthly rent rate of $750. 

Take a look at just where I thought would be the best place to put them online – the top of Google search results, where they acquire free traffic and turn them into cold hard cash for me (see below). 

As a result, this business model has paid me so well that I no longer have a 9 to 5, I get to write a blog like this (which I love doing and wake up every morning to do at least one blog each day), and I get to wear what I want – which means no more dress code for a corporate job in the blizzard-like winters covering the urban streets of the downtown Detroit, Michigan (where I worked). 

I get to control my time and do what I want, where I want, when I want, and still have passive income from lead gen sites like you saw in the map listing and search results above using free traffic to bring me cash on demand.

After a few years and 45+ lead gen sites spitting off a grand total of no less than $50,000 in monthly, passive income cash flow, I also get to enjoy the luxuries that come from the local lead generation business, including (though certainly not limited to):

  • Leveraging an extremely simple business model that requires I only generate leads with free traffic and send them to a business so they can pay me monthly
  • This is the same business model Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb have used for years
  • Enormous Profit Margins and Passive Income let me make money when I’m not working – and this money continues to come in around the clock, 24/7/365
  • I get to make a living helping business owners to expand their bottom line and do so while making a difference in their community as they simply help more customers that I’m bringing them
  • This business model gives to business owners what they’re already looking for and have a marketing budget pre-determined monthly and annually in their business budget: customer acquisition strategies
  • I could work in my underwear if I really wanted because my laptop and an internet connection are all that stands between me and the ability to run my business

Now that I’m making well over multiple 6 figures in a given year, I’ll say that a handful of years was all I needed to be financially stable and free to live life on my terms. 

If that’s why you’re looking at the dropshipping industry initially, which is my guess in how you ended up finding this blog post, then I can honestly say you remind of my 2014 self who hunted for something better on the internet than what I was experiencing in life at the time as well. 

By the way – that limo lead gen site that you saw in the map listing picture up above, here’s what it looks like; this is what has been paying me ever (since I started this business in 2014) a passive income of $750 every single month. 

I’ve never gone back to touch it up or help it and it pays me like clockwork. 

Take a look below for yourself:

Is this as exciting as it sounds?

I’m pretty chill of a guy, but even I get excited when I’m writing to you about this. 

So yeah, I’d say it is.

In fact, we’re happy to show you how to make your first $10k per month from your laptop at home just as I did in my first year to quit my job. 

We don’t guarantee results, but I’m living proof that it’s a real business opportunity with real results; if I’m not enough proof, then our coaching program of over 3,000 motivated, home-based entrepreneurs could be. 

You’ll learn in our local lead generation coaching program how to leverage free traffic around the clock to build your first 6 figure income, internet-based revenue stream in 2019. 

I look forward to speaking with you more about what you’re looking to achieve in 2019 with a side hustle like this.

Wholesale Ted – Amazon FBA Course – Unbiased Review

Many Amazon FBA (meaning Fulfillment by Amazon) coaching and mentoring programs have seemed to be popping up all over the place.  

While it makes a lot of sense to have a coach or guide – along with a training platform – to help you through your online business endeavor, one can’t help but wonder whether there is a credible source that you can trust.

After all, each coach that is out there seems to claim to have the edge over the competition and that’s why you should join their platform as a member – because they said it’s a good idea.

How about a third-party piece that identifies whether or not the program is credible, well-researched, and understood as something that someone could actually enter into and make money from. 

Unfortunately, that’s not always how the internet works. 

Lucky for you, I’m a successful entrepreneur.  I’m not exactly saying that to brag, but rather to demonstrate that I have the time and financial resources on my hands to check out a lot of these coaches first-hand. 

Thanks to the local lead generation coaching program that I got started with only a few short years ago, I’ve been able to…

  • Fire my Boss by leaving my 9 to 5
  • Leave the corporate life to wear what I want when I go into work
  • Run my business wherever I want, whenever I want
  • Outsource the work so I can do less and earn more
  • Spend my time writing a blog like this so you can make a well-informed decision about your considerations for starting a business from home

For those of you reading this that actually have made it in your life – as in, you’re already raking in a hefty $10,000 in a month on average, it’s a smart play to go ahead and diversify your income. 

So, thanks one and all for reading my blog and checking out whether this course would be a good fit to add to your streams of income.

Above all, never stop learning. 

That’s partly why I’m doing this blog here…

I’m sort of a business connoisseur that likes to see what’s in the marketplace and explore whether there’s something in each of these programs that I could personally take away.

That said, local lead generation may or may not be for you, but it’s worth taking a crack it. 

All I’m saying is it has served me well and I can now afford to spare the time – and investment required – to give each of these courses a try… and I can do that because of the passive income I’ve been able to generate through the internet. 

Meanwhile, we this young face popping up all over the world wide web and ask ourselves who that girl is that is now the face and representative of the brand Wholesale Ted. 

Running an extremely informative YouTube channel revolving around the work of the Amazon FBA program, Wholesale Ted seems to direct people on the best practices for selling physical products on Amazon. 

What’s in the Name: Wholesale Ted?

There appears to be a dynamic duo at play here in this coaching program.

Especially when it comes to the branding and audience recognition of the name Wholesale Ted, Sarah seems to be going at the marketing rather hard in videos and other aspects of imagery for the course. 

Her mentor – his name is Ted – may have joint ventured with Sarah to bring this product to the marketplace.  

Here’s how I see things breaking down between them…

  • Sarah makes the videos and carries the name in all things that are recorded in an audio and visual format
  • Ted – the mentor – works all of the words, phrases, and other forms of copy that they intend to leverage and market the mentoring program for more students to buy into

Newsletter or not, the team of expert marketers are simply confident to be working together.

They’ve even spoken up in a reply to a recent comment they had received online inquiring about who Ted is when the spokeswoman’s name is obviously not Ted, but Sarah, in Wholesale Ted.

They were nice enough to be incredibly transparent about their arrangement, their coaching program, and how their respective roles contribute toward expanding the presence and awareness of Wholesale Ted on the world wide web

See what they had to say in the image below: (see below)

There’s a routine pitch that they keep making at the end of the videos that they continue to post on the internet: it’s their mastermind approach to landing a recurring revenue stream of $10,000 in a 30-day plan. 

If you’ve already seen this eBook that they’re advertising, you might still be wondering what most of us who haven’t seen it yet are curious about:

  • Is there a catch to the eBook information, or in Wholesale Ted intrinsically?
  • Also, how are these two able to constantly generate profits from the volume of attention they’re continuing to grow with their online presence?

Well, there seems to be a funnel approach to those who decide to take action on the free offers that they’re making available to the public. 

For example:

  1. You can share your email information in exchange for this $10k/month layout from our eBook – $x.xx value but can be yours if you take action right now
  2. Upsell offer 1: You could buy into this membership program for a steady agreement of $67.00 every 30 days
  3. Upsell offer 2: you could give Wholesale Ted a 7-day trial for the low price of only $1.00, and then when your 7-days of testing the training are over – if you don’t cancel within those 7-days – they’ll assume that you’re happy to continue your access to the training and will continue to ding your credit card to the tune of the monthly rate listed above. 

I’m not necessarily saying that’s what they do or don’t do, but as someone who has turned profits online for quite some time now, it might be an approach that I would take and I’m guessing this is something they’re either doing right now, have tested in the past, or may one-day implement in their marketing strategy. 

Without further delay, I’m happy to provide to you my unbiased review of the program that I’ve looked into – so that you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money testing the program out for yourself before finding out what’s really on the inside of Wholesale Ted. 

We’ll also attempt to consider whether the actual paid, upgrade aspect to this training program is also worth your time and funds as you go forward in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

If you’re not certain about the Amazon FBA Business model being a good fit for you as a whole, I’d like to try my hand at identifying some of the goods and “not-so-goods” about the physical selling of products in the Amazon marketplace – especially the things that people who sell these training courses just might not want you to know before you invest in their coaching program. 

How could I possibly qualify to discuss the Amazon FBA Business model if I’ve been so successful at Local Lead Generation for Small Business and have quit my job on the $10k that I made in my first year in that business model?

Simple, I’m always looking to diversify my income portfolio and I’m excited to be reaching out to you about my experiences that I’ve gained from having built my Amazon FBA Business from home over the past (nearly) 1 year. 

When someone is in the trenches and doing what you have been considering doing yourself, there’s probably some rationale to the thoughts they’re sharing; I know I’d give them the time of day if they’ve lived the course that I’m considering traveling down.  

That’s just me, though. 

Also, let’s explore a genuine comparison between the online business opportunities on the market today versus Amazon FBA Business.

Of course, I’ll gladly provide you with my top pick online for the #1 business model that newbies should seriously consider – and seasoned veterans in the internet marketing industry as well. 

To start, let’s explore the free eBook of Wholesale Ted…

The Downloadable Wholesale Ted Review eBook that Discusses Drop Shipping for $10k

For a completely free eBook provided by a brand that is known for pushing a training course into the marketplace, it’s not common to see a piece of literature that has this much useful tips and intelligent points about the E-commerce industry and drop shipping overall. 

From the beginning, you are captivated in a riveting, non-fiction page-turner about Amazon FBA, including:

  • Identifying products that you can sell profitably
  • The necessary to steps to finding and building a relationship with your product supplier
  • Although your product ends up getting shipped from your lower cost suppliers (which are typically stationed overseas), you’ll quickly discover why that doesn’t matter – and why the extended shipping times are also an irrelevant factor to producing an income with this business model
  • This can be scaled and expanded out, operating this entirely from the comfort of your own home – and it seems to be recommending that you have a genuine ability to make this work for you inside of a daily time investment of only 2 hours

The tips and tricks of the trade that they provide in this eBook are rather stellar, to say the least. 

Of course, the generic aspects addressed in this course aren’t sufficient to get you up and running in your own Amazon FBA business from home; the tactical and strategic steps, technology involved, and other forms of helpful wisdom to get moving are exclusively reserved for the premium members who’ve paid their monthly $67 to be the numbered among the privileged few from Wholesale Ted.

Further Exploring the Private Membership of Wholesale Ted

Upon upgrading your membership to the premium level of $67 – in recurring payments to keep your access to the training section regularly open for yourself to refer back to as you progress in your business venture from home – you’ll get Wholesale Ted’s insider approach on launching a successful Amazon business. 

Of the tons of business coaching programs that I’ve invested in, this is by far the most affordable platform of mentoring and coaching that I have come across for the Amazon FBA industry. 

Let’s think about this as an overall vantage point for making money online:

By the numbers, you can spend $67 in an entire calendar year (12 months) and spend only $804.00 for annual training access – with the prospective notion that you’ll be able to turn this wisdom into a profitable income that they claim (via their eBook) should help you land $10,000 on a recurring, monthly basis? 

For the nature of their training videos – and they’re rock-solid, I must say – sacrificing over $800 in a year for a possible trade-off of pocketing $10k is a handsome proposition.  

It must do well for their marketing of their coaching program as well. 

As someone who has indulged in the Amazon FBA Business personally, I can attest that Wholesale Ted delivers on their claims with some excellent business tips about this model in their training videos. 

One in particular that I’ve noticed Wholesale Ted delivers on is their unique advice on researching and selecting your industry/niche and product that you’d like to push out into the marketplace with your business. 

Why is this such a big deal?

Why is this point of their training something that I’m touching on and embellishing so much?

Well, first off, I’m not trying to affiliate with Wholesale Ted and I’m not going to pitch for them.

Sincerely, I’m not trying to turn a profit and build them up to some extravagant, stellar team that you have to join – and then supposedly give you a link to buy into the training from me. 

This is an unbiased review – and it wouldn’t be so unbiased if I were trying to pitch you here on the Wholesale Ted mentoring and coaching program. 

I wouldn’t blame you for holding that concern, though.  There seem to be a lot of scuzzy review websites that claim to give an unbiased review – then pitch you on the back end to buy. 

Here, that’s not going on.  It’s your business from home and your life to do with what you please; while I have had a successful local lead generation business that has allowed me to review this for you, you’re going to take this information and – hopefully – make some business decisions that can help you for the better. 

My initial is where you think you might be if you didn’t have this unbiased review accessible to you?

Besides, your ability to pick a niche and product that the marketplace not only has a demand for but hungry buyers searching for that exact product, is exactly the skill you need in the beginning in order to try and position yourself best for your initial launch and profits as you begin your Amazon FBA business. 

Since I’ve found some struggle in my early days with the Amazon business venture, I can attest to your needing to really dig in and find something that will be perfect for your business.

Failing to find the right product can result in your possibly not turning any profits in your first several years in business – or ever, as nothing is guaranteed. 

Now, there are some other training platforms that attempt to make things easier in your product research – things like…

  • Jungle Scout software
  • ASINspector software
  • Other tools that are somewhat informative and reliable

They’re information products that you can leverage to gain greater insight on the potential market and products that you’re considering pedaling on Amazon and going through the trouble of putting up a product listing to get seen by prospective buyers. 

Believe me when I say that product selecting is beyond key to this business model! 

After you’ve accomplished that feat, the next steps are rather standard for each product you end up deciding to get involved with…

  • Order samples and actual product inventory in large quantities
  • Remember: since you’re ordering up front, you need to find a way to store them safely
  • Fabricate customized business labels for your products and shipping
  • Of course, you’ve got to put up your Amazon listing for your product (that’s a given, though)
  • The hardest part of this business – in my opinion – is getting sales through optimizing your product listing to be seen by more buyers for less advertising costs

That’s a brief overview of what you’ll most likely have to face when you get started with the Wholesale Ted coaching and mentor support course about the Amazon FBA industry and the launching of a physical product selling, home-based business from your laptop.

The Pros to Getting Started with Amazon FBA

  • An expanding business model that you can leverage to carry more inventory and have more opportunities to make profits as you progress

Upon identifying that one product that you have faith in being an item you can successfully turn a profit with, now all you have to do is take the orders that come in and deliver that list of requests to the actual supplier of the product you’re advertising on Amazon with. 

This is an awesome business model because the Fulfillment by Amazon aspect of the Amazon FBA Business means that arrangements will be made between your supplier and Amazon for warehousing the goods, shipping and packaging logistical concerns will be handled without stressing you out, and this can give you the opportunity to begin researching for – and launching another product online that you could turn into profits with this same business model. 

The exciting thing about this is that the business model is scalable. 

What does that even mean?

This means that – for the very low overhead and inventory requirements that you are expected to engage within Amazon FBA – you can be afforded the chance to put another product on the marketing shelf (metaphorically speaking) which can help you to engage more buyers to get products from you. 

If anything, this is giving you more chances to make sales online and grow your bottom line. 

If you were trying to own a restaurant chain, it’d be hard to try and expand the business much in the way that you’d try and do so in the Amazon FBA. 

You’d have overhead, a lot of resources that you’d have to buy upfront, and hiring staff would just add more paperwork and more complications to the operation that you’ve got going on. 

When you’re working from home and in this online fashion of business, you aren’t required to have hired help or a variety of other traditional investments to start. 

That means – by comparison – you can exhibit some enthusiasm for what you’re doing. 

It’s like shoe stores who have multiple displays of shoes – even though it’s one place, like Amazon is one location on the internet – you still have multiple products displayed for buyers to come in, take a look at what you have available, and they might decide to buy from you instead of a competitor. 

The point is that you can have more products listed online and have more chances to be noticed by your ideal customer. 

  • Start your Amazon physical products business with nothing more than internet access and a laptop

Business investments aside – like training programs and more – you can really do this kind of a business model anywhere you can physically access the internet. 

For me, brick and mortar locations that require your constant attention are just not something I’m a fan of. 

I don’t know about you, but before my online profits came about, I was residing in downtown Detroit, Michigan. 

The winters were bad and the local business owners seemed to stress anytime there were rumors of heavy snowfall or other forms of inclement weather. 

With the online business venture that you’re exploring, you can keep things online and never have to shovel another bit of snow as long as you live just so you can hopefully turn a profit. 

Another bonus to having your business online is that you don’t have to worry about bad things happening to your location – like bomb threats, acts of terrorism, robberies, etc. 

Instead, by being online, you have less to worry about and more opportunities for turning profits that you get to focus on. 

For me, that’s a winning formula! 

  • Amazon is probably here to stay for the long haul

As one of the top three most visited websites online, just behind Google and Facebook (in that order), do you honestly believe that Amazon – one of the largest digital retailers that can be accessed in nearly every nook and cranny from the world – will be going out of business anytime in the near future?

I didn’t think so; and I don’t believe they’re going to disappear either. 

While growing exponentially – even as the current leader in all things digital E-Commerce – Amazon is attempting to reduce the time it takes to deliver goods and services to the consumers on a regular basis. 

This includes the company’s endeavors for:

  1. Deliveries by air (with a drone)
  2. Local warehouses that nearby customers can visit for their version of an “in-store” pickup
  3. Some cities are now enjoying the luxury of 1-hour delivery from goods purchased online

I’d say that Amazon is continuing to pioneer and revolutionize how goods purchased from a distance are getting sent to the customer, even as the largest growing digital retailer and the third-most visited website on the internet in 2019.

  • More everyday citizens are making purchases on the internet as time progresses

If you’re looking to initiate your Amazon FBA Business from home, you couldn’t have picked a better time to get started. 

This is awesome news! 

Ironically, only 13 percent of all purchases made for physical products actually occur online worldwide. 

Where are the remainder of goods being bought and/or sold?

The same old-fashioned way that they’ve always been acquired: physical locations, built with brick and mortar. 

The point here is that society is getting on-board with the ability to make purchases online and wait for deliver.  

Add to that the unique privilege we’re experiencing with technology; to be able to expect our wait times to reduce in the coming years is very exciting – and anyone who is getting in to the selling of physical products online could be able to have a direct profit off of such trends that we’re experiencing right now. 

  • Variety of Products to Choose from in Order to Make Listings and Sell

It’s true. 

In addition to the wealth of product research assets and methodologies available to each of us in 2019, there’s always the issue of finding a supplier.

With other places popping up – like Alibaba Express, for example – connecting with suppliers for products that you can retail has never been easier. 

Unfortunately, you still have other issues like language barriers and long distances (most suppliers that are in your ideal price ranges for products to retail with tend to still be the better partners in this business model when they’re located overseas). 

  • Establish a Personal Brand that you can Professional Sell for a Profit

Mergers and Acquisitions are a concept that has been around for years. 

The possibility that you have here is that you can open a brand online with this business model that is all your own. 

Why is that a big deal? 

Often times, Mergers and Acquisitions discussions initiate because one business finds value in something that another business has. 

If a partnership can’t be arranged, then offers could be made to buy the business from those in charge of founding and establishing the business from the ground up. 

If your brand becomes a household name or is otherwise doing so well that your competition takes notice of it, offers to buy your brand name could come down the pike and you could be in for an extremely exciting payday with the right offer and economic climate. 

Other Considerations for Amazon FBA

Since Amazon’s website and product listings receive visitors by the swarm on a daily basis – and this is definitely a recurring theme here –

You might be able to find your product on the first page, and in the first search result of products, which can then bring you a wealth of profits month after month.  

In other words, you can win in your market and with your product in your industry if you get to this coveted position on the Amazon listing of products in the marketplace. 

In order to land there, however, you need to have a ton of attention, along with quality reviews that are highly positive, top-rated, and they frequently come to your product listing by the bushel. 

Also, you can rest easy that your supplier and Amazon just might have a good working relationship to where all of the logistical concerns are taken care of. 

That means you could rest in peace and confidence with Amazon and your supplier both going to bat on your business and making sure that the heavy lifting is done – in your favor and in a timely manner. 

The catch? 

Ensure that your inventory is in sufficient supply every single month. 

That’s why discussions are had to order your product inventory in bulk – as you need it – from the supplier. 

The shipping has been a concern, but Wholesale Ted seems to think that it’s not that big of a deal. 

The Cons of Getting Started with Amazon FBA

With opposition being realized in all things these days, you can be certain that not everything is what it’s cracked up to be with the Amazon FBA Business industry. 

How bad can things actually be, though? 

Many people tend to have this perception that buyers will flock to their business listing of products if they simply post them online and make them look somewhat profession and decent – maybe even appealing. 

Appearance really can’t be the 100% most effective and influential option for buyers to want to get their needs fulfilled through your listing…

They have to be able to find you, first and foremost. 

This is a recurring problem for most business and isn’t exactly exclusive to your Amazon FBA endeavor: obscurity can be one of the top reasons that businesses close. 

Reliable sources who’ve studied the search results online have actually found that less than 30 percent of all digital product listing visitors will actually bother to explore the second page (or further, for that matter) of the marketplace. 

That means that your success or failure could largely depend on your ability to place your product listing not only at the first page of Google – but also get it found closer to the top of the first page. 

Why is that also important? 

It’s the nature of the beast. 

This is a cold, hard-to-grind industry – that’s something that people don’t tell you.

It’s frustrating to me that people who are trying to sell you their coaching course don’t advise you that this business model requires an individual dedication that suggests that you’re ready to fight for your income from home. 

With the heat and competition out there – and more people coming in to the Amazon FBA business to do exactly what you’re thinking of doing –

The coveted top 10 or 15 spots that are shown on the first page of product search results suggests that you’ll have a harder time landing in these spots as time progresses and this business model persists. 

Unless you’re ready to play the game and do the work required to be noticed – daily, and frequently – by your perfect customers, who have money to buy what you’re pitching, maybe this really isn’t going to be the best business model (or fit) for your needs or wants in starting a business online from home. 

What Factors contribute to your product listing climbing to those coveted 10 to 15 positions in Amazon product search results?

Amazon has been making changes to what they allow credit to be delivered for in their product listings algorithm. 

Product reviews.

Plain and simple; hard to get in bulk, but it’s necessary and they’re the only thing that Amazon allows in order to maintain the integrity in their marketplace.

Like it or not, that’s what they’ve decided and that’s what you’ll be subjected to if you really want to sell something within Amazon and turn a might hefty profit with it. 

Once upon a time, competition could be so fierce that people have found ways to game the system and attempt to make it seem that good reviews were coming to their listings in bulk – even though it was just the individual Amazon FBA businessperson that phoned in the reviews and made a ton of fake review postings to their product listing.  

It was a shady practice and Amazon began to quickly notice that something was awry. 

After 2016 came and went, the nature of the reviews is now called into question and Amazon has been cracking down on the inspection of your product listing reviews. 

If you’re not getting quality reviews in a very ethical and honest way, then you’re not going to last very long in this business model. 

The opportunity to get fake reviews is now over – and you have to play the game honestly just like everyone else. 

Fail to comply, and try this anyway, and you could get your Amazon FBA agreement banned – which means your investment in the Wholesale Ted coaching course will have been for naught. 

At this point, the Amazon FBA business can be won through doing these things well:

  • Select a good product that is in high demand
  • Post the product listing and get it ready to be found online
  • Optimize the listing and do everything in your power for the Amazon algorithm to read it and give you credit where and when it’s due
  • Ensure the branding of your product and business is on-point
  • Acquire natural, authentic, top-notch, quality, extremely positive and high-rated reviews for your product listing
  • Continue the above aspects for each product listing as you can – daily – to try and be the top option in Amazon search results

What’s at stake?

More buyers for less marketing costs come from being the top search result in the marketplace. 

It’s just an ideal thing to achieve! 

Even after doing all of those things in your power in order to try and be found at the top…

The one thing that Amazon looks at the most to see if you’re worth being shown as the most relevant, top search result for a product query in their marketplace is:


How many people have bought your product?

That’s what will determine where your product places.

How do you get people to buy your product if you’ve never sold anything before online? 

Therein lies the trick, my friend. 

You’ve got to get started somewhere – just like everyone else with a new product and product listing. 

If people aren’t buying your product above your competition’s product listings, then no amount of individual work that you do is going to change the fact that you’re not going to be regarded as the top option for your product’s niche and/or industry. 

Here’s another drawback: how many of your competitor’s product listings are getting the same product from the same supplier?

Now, you’ve got more in common with the other product listings that you’re trying to beat out in the marketplace. 

What do you do now?

How do you stand out?

It’s apparent that some business acumen and genuine creativity are the anomalies that others also don’t tell you are required in order to win in the Amazon Business game. 

Even if your competition isn’t selling from the same supplier, you’re probably going to see extremely close – if not, exact – replicas of your same product listing. 

In terms of performing ethical business practices online, there are still some not so professional things done online that others still engage in the practice of doing for the hope that they’ll gain a competitive edge and increase their conversions.

It’s amazing to me the great lengths that competitors in Amazon will go to in order to see more sales, as well as the opportunity to climb higher in the product listings so their product can be seen ahead of more of their competition — up to and including walking the line of getting their account banned. 

Stiff Competition: Copy Your Advertising Ideas

For example, if you’ve put a lot of time and creativity into your product listing, there are competitors that can also see your product listing (in addition to customers).

What your competition might come in and do is copy what you’ve posted and hope that they can put that into their product listing so they can be a winner in the marketplace and beat out more of the competition. 

Are you seeing how cut-throat this marketing thing online can be in the physical products arena?

Stiff Competition: Undercutting Pricing

Beyond the stealing of ideas that could have been originated by the good people in this game, you also have competitors that can swoop into the marketplace – some of them never having been in the market that you’re currently in – and underbid your pricing. 

With the constant undercutting, lower-level pricing and challenges in the marketplace to keep costs low, doing this in the marketplace by some of your competition can drastically reduce the chances you have of making a sale –

This thereby pushes you further down in the listing of products online and lessens your chances of achieving the profits that you dreamed of when you got started with Wholesale Ted.

As the prices in the marketplace drive down, your desire to compete could result in your willingness to drive your price down so that you can try and stick with the products that are converting and elevate your product listing so you can get seen by more and more customers.

This practice can hurt you because that reduces your profit margins even more – and since you’re retailing, we can all acknowledge that your current profits generated from the products that you’ve decided to sell really aren’t all that great or worth selling after all. 

Undercutting prices can be a great situation for customers because they’ll be happy to pay increasingly lower prices as time progresses. 

For you, or other buyers in the marketplace, it’s one of the worst concepts that could ever come to a digital marketplace – especially for entrepreneurs like yourself that just want to do less work and get paid more money. 

From the sound of it, all this work is turning the Amazon FBA Business industry into a full-time job. 

Is that really why you started looking at an online side hustle in the first place? 

I know this wouldn’t have been a good fit for me when I was looking at business options online in 2014.

What is Better: Local Lead Generation or Amazon FBA?

For those that have been following my blog and reading these reviews of other business ventures that are options on getting trained to begin profiting online…

They know that I also sell on Amazon with my own line of products.

However, the majority of my personal revenue made from the laptop revolves around the local lead generation business that I’ve been full-time in ever since I quit my joke of a 9 to 5 in 2015. 

At the time that I left my corporate gig in downtown Detroit, I was raking in $10k per month. 

Now, in 2019, I’m kicking the entrepreneur’s dream to the tune of $50,000 in monthly revenue – and yes, it’s completely passive income from my lead generation business. 

I can appreciate the business model of amazon FBA. 

The potential exists for people to actually turn a profit and if they have their heart set on running an online business through the leveraging of physical products and product listings inside of Amazon, then this just may be the business for you. 

For me, however, this business model doesn’t really leave much in terms of wiggle room for the entrepreneurial spirit in each of us to really play the game and try and win. 

Amazon, I think, has really stifled the businesspeople of the world that want to get production happening from their marketplace –

After all, you can really only attempt to get more product reviews than your competition and hope that more people buy from you than those ranked above you in the product listing search results (a very unlikely possibility considering that you may not even start your product listing off within the first top 10 to 15 spots). 

I like to concentrate my efforts toward the local lead generation for small businesses because I can get more creative in the approaches and strategies that I implement in order to beat out the competitors. 

The privilege of doing that is what I think divides the good from the great in business – and it’s more difficult in the internet marketing world, but I still like to hustle; it’s where I get my kicks. 

Google – the 800-pound Gorilla that all people involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has to face and work with – has an index all their own that is both often and famously referred to as Google search results…

Now, these are the things that most people wish they could work with and gain control of… as opposed to Amazon, where you really don’t have any control over your product listing. 

If you have greater skill and know-how in the SEO (search engine optimization) game than the next company, you can stand to profit significantly and with greater ease over the others. 

The level of control that you can have over where your product gets seen on Amazon is so negligible that I often get frustrated with the methodology behind it. 

You could follow every step that the Amazon FBA Coaching program (like Wholesale Ted or others) that you’ve invested in teaches, and even have everything down perfectly – including proper metrics of the product, search and buyer volume, etc. – and still not land on the places where your perfect customers are searching. 

That means that you’ll have a harder time competing in the marketplace – even when doing the things that you were trained to do and told were required for the Amazon product listing efforts to bring you an advertised $10,000 per month…

Remember, you paid for this knowledge and the opportunity to be “taught” by a “guru” (or 2) – and you can still end up with not having much to show for your time and other forms of investments into this so-called online business marketing model of Amazon FBA. 

Say the competition for your product’s industry is just far too strong; there’s less of a chance your Amazon listing will return a profit. 

Say your top 15 results that you’re trying to compete within the marketplace of Amazon each have a minimum of over 1,000 reviews that are each rated at 5 stars…

I’m not saying all product listings will have that same marketplace struggle, but ask yourself – how do you compete with something like that? 

More importantly, can you really anticipate catching up to those kinds of results or even surpass them in a reasonable enough time frame to reach that coveted $10k per month in E-Commerce and Drop shipping to make this investment in your supposedly great coaching program worth the while?

There are tons of nuances and details that go into making an awesome product listing even better – especially when it comes to trying to dominate the marketplace. 

It’s tough to dominate with your product listing if you can’t even break into the top 15 to compete in your physical product’s space. 

There’s just a ton of things that you need to overcome as a newbie in the Amazon FBA Business; even if you’re not new to digital marketing, you’re no exception to the rules that Amazon has declared every seller must follow. 

When it comes to local lead generation, your obstacles are must less to conquer and more simple to understand what it takes to win in the local marketplace. 

You have fewer competitors too, so the nature of the competition is really null (at worst). 

What’s great about knowing how to do this is that you can waltz into pretty much any city that you’d like and help out a small business owner in a variety of industries. 

Said another way, your opportunities to land deals and make profits happen are virtually limitless. 

Even better – why compete in the marketplace when you can dominate it and take the majority of the business to the one business owner that you partner with? 

When you dominate a marketplace for a partnering small business and help them win more business from free traffic, you can receive passive income that can pay you for years and years to come. 

Just take a look this tree service site that I set up back in 2014 (see below) which is continuing to pay me for the lifetime that it continues to dominate search results and garner free traffic – and I have never needed to revisit it in the last several years. 

I personally don’t mind the challenge of Amazon FBA and selling physical products in the marketplace. 

That’s why I continue to build it and learn more about the game as time goes on.

However, my survivability and reliable income are where the majority of my attention is going…

When it comes to local lead generation, I can expand my bottom line any time that I please.

It’s the closest thing you’ve got to practically printing money using the internet with a business model!


Between you and me, I really don’t believe that Wholesale Ted’s price of under $70 per month is really as bad as it seems to learn a new skill that could potentially deliver some profitable returns online.

Again, it’s not a guaranteed thing but it’s definitely a start if someone is hoping to turn something out of nothing. 

Those of you still interested in the physical products selling game online and want to break into this industry – learning how the game is really played – but definitely don’t have a lot of start-up funds in order to play the game itself, sometimes just learning the strategies is enough of an opportunity to gain further insight. 

As mentioned before, programs like this often claim to be a business model – which they don’t explicitly state but this implies that you need to have some start-up capital above and beyond the actual cost of the information you’re paying for the training program itself. 

In the local lead generation coaching program that we leverage to teach people just like you and me how to profit from the internet with near 100% profitable returns, we expect people to know what they’re getting into!

Since it’s a business model, there really are additional and ongoing investment costs — beyond the training and mentoring program that they buy into.

It’s hard work, and we’re looking for people that don’t mind working hard up front so they can have a passive income that very well could pay them for life!

If you’re so strapped for cash that you’re counting your pennies to see if you have enough for this training program, I can give some tough love and suggest that you’re probably not going to like this business venture. 

However, if you’re comfortable with dropping less than $100.00 USD in order to learn more about the selling of physical products, then maybe you could consider Wholesale Ted.  

The dynamic duo teams up to bring you some education at a reasonable price – especially when compared to other coaching courses that are rated at several thousand dollars and may not be as thorough as Wholesale Ted.

I know of a guy by the name of Phil who did something a little more in-depth than Wholesale Ted for the Amazon FBA industry – it was called the Ultimate Amazon Seller, and it was marketing as an internet-based training, mentorship, coaching program as well. 

What Phil has done was build a video-recorded set of training modules that dig deeper into concepts and recurring questions that are frequently seen in new entrepreneurs (or seasoned businesspeople) getting their fresh start in the Amazon FBA. 

The types of questions addressed can be really complex, or just some simple and face-value concepts, a few of which that are commonly asked have included:

  • Whether a business license should be acquired before, during, or after launching the Amazon business out of your own home
  • Whether a post office box, UPS box, or another form of mail delivery system is required to run something like this from the comfort of your home while still protecting your family during your business operations (and other safety concerns that could arise during the exploration of your logistics)
  • Haggling with your potential future supplier and building a good relationship once you’ve completed the negotiation stage(s)
  • His training even goes so far as to direct what you should – and shouldn’t – do along your journey if you have aspirations of building a brand that can get recognized and prepared for an exit strategy (which goes back to the idea of a Mergers and Acquisitions offer, where someone can offer to buy your brand from you for a sizeable amount of cash)

One thing that I always encourage newbies to the internet marketing space is to ask themselves a simple, but pivotal, question when it comes to wondering if they can trust a coach or mentor with their own coaching course – especially ones that charge high amounts just to have newbies as members:

Why are these self-proclaimed coaches actually hosting a course with a membership base or following when they have this know-how to supposedly continue earning their profits through what they’re teaching you?

It’s a fair question – and it stands to reason that anyone should ask this kind of thing to a mentor or coach because their members are your competitors. 

The people that are supposedly your fellow members in a program like this are also trying to turn a profit just like you –

But what about when there are only 10 to 15 spots on the first page of Amazon search results –

Most likely, there are more than 10 to 15 members in each of these coaching programs (and there are tons of mentoring programs revolving around Amazon FBA) and they might not be so forthright to give you answers that will actually help you if they are also trying to make some profits online just like you…

Especially if they’re a competitor to the same product that you’re trying to pedal on Amazon. 

It’s noble to think that coaches are here to help you, but they’re also your competition in a business model like this – just like all the student members that have bought in as you are considering doing right now. 

In the world of entrepreneurship – especially online – the profitable exchange of information seems to be the one thing that will always keep profits flowing online. 

How can that be? 

For one, it’s the most rapidly expanding and highest profit-margin producing industry that I’ve ever heard of. 

Think about what the coaches are doing – they’re marketing a product that only costs them a couple of minutes to set up a password when a customer and new member that just bought into their coaching and mentoring program is patiently waiting for their transaction to be responded to. 

What isn’t the mentor and coach having to deal with, since the information product isn’t a physical item being sold?

  • No order fulfillment (outside of setting up a user account) is required
  • The concern of goods arriving broken is unheard of since no physical item is shipped
  • Requests for refunds might as well be null and void because you can’t take knowledge away from someone – thus rendering each sale of a membership package essentially a final sale
  • Customer service nonsense really doesn’t exist because there’s no need to take questions about shipping times and order fulfillment as nothing physical – yet again – could be shipped
  • There’s really no cost of goods sold or other headaches involved with digital products like coaching programs

How awesome would it be to have a digital, recorded program that you do one time? 

Think about it…

You record the videos and examples, put them all together on one password-protected platform, and you don’t have to work on that project ever again if you really didn’t want to. 

You could continue to sell that digital asset of information repeatedly and possibly never have to do any extra work when new orders come in and more buyers come out of the woodwork. 

Additionally, there’s really no limit on the production of the product because you’ve done it one time and can have multiple students accessing the platform at any given time around the world. 

It’s infinitely scalable, genuinely hands off, and a treasure for most people that have information which others seek passionately to acquire. 

This also means that you can keep just about every bit of the money that you collect for that digital product – leading to nearly 100 percent in commissions per sale of your training platform. 

Why am I bringing this up? 

I’m making a point of this simply to bring out the fact that local lead generation requires nothing more than digital real estate that you can rent out to small businesses month after month, and have those businesses – who have a marketing budget – to continue paying you for years after you’ve done something one time for them. 

How Local Lead Generation is the #1 Option for Online Business in 2019

The fact that this lead gen business model is entirely digital is absolutely incredible, severely low-cost, and able to deliver plentiful returns that the selling of physical products could – in my eyes – never compete with. 

Whether a business model can be found as sustainable and evergreen is also an important factor for evaluating if it’s worth your time and investment of entering into. 

Ask yourself about why coaches have decided to start their coaching program if they already know how to turn profits on the internet with what they are claiming they can teach you? 

If the coach was so successful at this strategy of business online, are they still having success with it or only coaching? 

Did they really fail at this business and switch to coaching because things got too hard in the marketplace? 

If I were going to spend my hard-earned money in the trust of someone who liked to tell me that they knew what they training me how to do…

I’d want to know how they’re doing with that program on their own before they actually begin training me – especially if they’re wanting me to pay them several grand to “show me how it’s done.” 

The truth is that local small businesses have a job to do in our day and age. 

  • We have electricity, so we need an electrician
  • We have plumbing, so plumbers are on-call most of the day
  • Attorneys need to find more people that they can help
  • New dentists need to establish a base of clientele
  • Chiropractors seek to help people with pain but understand that insurance is funny sometimes

These kinds of businesses – and so many more – desperately need the help of someone who knows how to generate leads online using free traffic! 

These types of small businesses are proficient in their craft – and often times don’t have the means (or the time) to go learning about how to use the internet to their advantage and bring in customers from it. 

This means there’s an opportunity for us to come in, solve a problem, and receive a cut of the results – which also means cash in our pockets from the value that we can bring to the table. 

How does small business local lead generation work? 

Well, we have our coaching program in lead generation that we can introduce you to so you can be a part of the community that is teaching people how to succeed in the marketplace with what we do – and can do so from the comfort of their own home if they so wish. 

Here’s a brief overview of how this works:

  • Build and rank a lead gen site
  • Profit nearly 100% in passive income
  • Do it again for the same industry in a nearby city or with a different industry in the same city

There’s not that much more to the situation – and I’m not exactly oversimplifying the process because the whole deal is simple.  

Let’s get a little more specific for those that are skeptical still…

  1. Piece together a lead gen site
  2. Get it on Google search results
  3. Push it to the top of the marketplace
  4. It produces sales leads for a specific kind of product or service
  5. Send those leads to a local business
  6. Local business pays BIG BUCKS to work with you long-term

Are you prepared to have a future where the technology that nearly everyone in the world is using is leveraged and positioned to work for you and make you some money? 

In addition to giving me the time and financial freedom to build a blog like this – where I buy in, try, and review the courses that are said to give you the means to make a ton of money online – the local lead generation coaching program that I learned from (with the same coach as when I got started in 2014 – his name is Dan; he’s kind of cool) has also given me the following benefits that I enjoy daily:

  • Simply little to no competition in the marketplace: since no one else virtually knows how to do what we do, we can go in and help business in any industry and city
  • If you want to work in your pajamas, you get to decide what your company dress code is
  • No need to ask anyone for permission to take a vacation – if there’s money in the bank and your passive income is going to sustain you while you’re out on your trip, then have a great trip.  If not, then just work this business model a little more until you’ve built up the passive income streams so you can make money while you’re having your vacation (yeah, it’s possible, and it’s pretty cool too)
  • If the business owner wants to do it themselves, you could charge a consulting fee and show them what you know; if they want you to do it for them, then you have a great opportunity to provide for their business what they hear others in their community talking about – bringing in more business online – but yet they haven’t found someone who really knows how to do it.  After learning what we do in local lead generation, you can be their go-to person for their digital marketing needs for a very long time
  • The business model is exactly like what Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft have done to build their business model: generate leads and deliver them to the business owners that are looking to expand
  • Don’t want a second job?  Perfect!  We position our lead gen sites to work off of free traffic all day, every day, so you can rest easy knowing that the internet is truly doing work for your home business.  After we rank our lead gen websites, you don’t really have to do anything else with it
  • And tons of many other awesome things that I’d just be taking up space with to keep running my mouth about (well, my fingers, because I am typing this after all)
  • Financial independence – no more relying on a company that can deem you dispensable at any given time, with or without warning.  You can learn a new high-income skill in our local lead generation coaching program and ensure that you are prepared for a future where you can generate profits online for yourself (without having to “look for a job” anymore)
  • If you think Doctors and Lawyers are the only ones who have the monopoly on large volumes of income, you’d better reevaluate that line of thinking!  I’m pulling in a multiple 6 figures every single year – which translates to about $50,000 in monthly income.  I didn’t get there overnight, but with this business model – I was able to put together passive streams of income all across North America that are now continuing to pay me month after month, for little to no effort.

This is what is possible with local lead generation — you can dominate the marketplace and take all the customers to the small business you partner with (see below)

When the internet is going to bat for and on your behalf, helping you to get paid, you can make better life decisions – like:

  • Whether or not that $35k corporate career job (if it’s worthy of that title) demands that you stick with it for 30 years and hope that you get a few cents-worth of a raise every three years… or not. 
  • Whether your current vehicle your driving is safe or if you need to go and purchase a new one

When you’ve got financial independence and confidence with time on your side, you start looking at the world differently and thinking about what else you’ve wanted to do in life. 

For some, they like volunteering their time and helping where they can – just because they can.

If you want something out of life, local lead generation can be the vehicle to helping you achieve those things. 

If you’ve been looking for a skill that you can leverage repeatedly to build wealth, we know that every business is hoping to acquire more customers in some way – that’s how they continue to keep their doors open… so why not hire you in a passive, recurring manner for bringing them more buyers?

Consider building a business from home that local businesses not only need but have a budget for and can count on for years to come – because that’s when good things begin to happen in the lives of people in our coaching program

Start learning how you can be making $750 a month like what I’ve done with a company that gets tons of business in Lansing, Michigan and has been paying me for years for the 6 hours of work this took. (see below)

Hit me up already so we can talk about your future goals and business venture options!

Private Label Masters by Tim Sanders – Unbiased Review

If you’re looking for a business opportunity that you can work from home – part-time – and be successful with…

You’ve come to the ideal place to get information like that.

With all of the coaching programs, self-proclaimed mentors, and people who believe that they have the “secret sauce” to make you rich overnight, it’s kind of difficult to find someone you can trust.

Not only that, the vast majority of self-proclaimed experts and coaches that want to sell you their course either…

  • Haven’t achieved the level of success with what they’re trying to teach you, so instead of doing what they want to sell you on, they’ll just sell the coaching program to people that want to do it


  • Are so absorbed in the business model of being able to rake in near 100% profitable commissions for only the cost of collecting money digitally and sending a password to a website that they really don’t know how to generate honest profits online

If there’s a business model that I appreciate, it’s one that stems from integrity.

I know that when I got started in the local lead generation business online in 2014, I hired a mentor – who had a coaching program – because he had actually been doing what he was hoping to teach me (successfully) for years before he ever thought to fabricate a course that could teach me that same skill. 

What resulted in 1 years-time from starting this business model was being able to walk away from a 9 to 5 corporate job that…

  • didn’t do squat for me,
  • hated me for arriving late every morning because I had to walk to work during the cold winter mornings of below zero temperatures – which happen every year in Detroit, Michigan – and…
  • refused to pay me what I was worth… and it still wasn’t more than $35k annually so I really couldn’t save up to get a car any time soon!

I’m not saying that you’ll be able to have the same results with a local lead generation coaching program, but it’s great to see that so many of our students have done the same thing that I did only a handful of years prior to today. 

Now, I’m helping people to sift through the murky waters of internet marketing and digital products offered online that try to promise massive success with very little work. 

That’s why I have this blog going –

It’s so you can rescue yourself from the arduous hours of research in wading through the information about each program that’s out there.

If I haven’t reviewed a program yet, feel free to reach out and I’ll see what I can do. 

You can have a conversation with me about your future business goals online, part-time, from home, by clicking here. 

Meanwhile, we have all probably heard that generating profits online can be easy if you have something to sell and can get your product in front of the right audience. 

Knowing what to do and how to do it can help, but is it really that easy?

Is the pushing of products on the Amazon marketplace really such an ideal business model?

That’s the goal of Private Label Masters coaching course.

They seek to pave the way for you to go from zero to successful in the easiest method they could think of. 

What better way than to find a product that many people desire and simply share it with them – and get a little chunk of profits for helping them get what they were looking for way…

Of course, you and I both know that things aren’t always going to be as simple as that sounds! 

However, Private Label Masters likes to believe that they are the one-stop shop to have the keys to the kingdom that can deliver you massive profits in the long-run and short-term 

Their ideal training platform attempts to educate anyone who purchases the training (at the admission price, of course):

  • How to list products on Amazon “product listings” (yes, that’s a thing – hey, some people might know about this yet so I’m writing this for them as well)
  • Attempt to compete for the attention of your target audience and potential buyers
  • Build your brand under a private label (which has the potential to become a household name, provided you play your cards well)
  • Generate profits from digital assets that you’ve built online and ranked in the product listings

Let’s explore the Private Label Masters mentoring and coaching platform a little further here.

Tim Sanders – Private Label Masters’ Program Founder

Proficient and well-versed in the art of selling physical products on Amazon, this outstanding public speaker, E-Commerce expert trainer, and industry-proclaimed guru (which, when third-parties are crediting you with such a title, can sometimes be a good thing)…

Mr. Tim Sanders diligently explored what it takes to turn profits with E-Commerce in general.

His competency extends beyond generics, and his tactics have proven themselves time and again to yield both up front, high net profits, which has been able to translate such value into an individual (and their business’) high net worth as well. 

As Tim believes, there is a sense of flow, logic, and ease with establishing a brand through an individual, completely new, private label. 

After some dedication, concentration, and a combination of patience and time investment, someone who follows Mr. Sanders advice and works hard has the opportunity to position themselves to bring incredible capital growth into their side-hustle career. 

Bursting with enthusiasm over the things that he has uncovered for himself, he has chosen to get the word out about the possibilities involved with being a seller on Amazon and generating your private label brand individual. 

From authoring numerous books to delivering on requested speaking engagements, Tim is rather passionate about the business model to the point that he has no interest in keeping the ideas of his discoveries to himself. 

On a mission to pass the word on what’s taking off in the E-commerce marketing options, his approach to systematically building a private label through the selling of physical products on Amazon can be available for anyone that has a vested interest in entrepreneurship and seeks to grow an online business:

  • Efficiently
  • Quickly
  • In the simplest manner around

Overview of the Private Label Masters Course

When you’re looking for a program that teaches you a skill set that you can hopefully turn around and implement quickly to make some profits for yourself through the internet, one of the biggest things most people tend to look for is whether or not the training content is simple and organized.

Sometimes a quantity of videos doesn’t do the trick; detailed aspects on what you’re looking at – including some helpful explanations – are what brand new entrepreneurs need to feel confident as they progress in their online business venture that they’re excited to get started with. 

I’m happy to report that the detailed instruction that you receive as a new member of the Private Label Masters by Tim Sanders includes 20 audio-visuals, and they’re well-documented and thorough videos that train you on what it takes to be successful.

We’re not talking generics; when you invest, you’re getting more than the random nonsense that can be researched online. 

You won’t be receiving broad, overarching, theoretical concepts for the implementation of social media accounts such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others.

When you get introduced to this program, you’re being walked through a series of ideas that only operate as one machine when all components are placed – in their proper position – to work in tandem. 

If you’re prepared for the opportunity of a lifetime that stems from learning – and earning – your ideal income in the comforts of your office at home, then invest the time now to learn from these 20 videos and you can have the arsenal of resources needed to begin pitching products online for digital retail efforts.

Amazon: Features of the Private Label Digital Markets

Amazon is a different animal, though. 

There were things that I didn’t know about regarding the private label style of business ventures until I picked up the Private Label Masters mentoring program, such as –

  • Finding winning products through intensive research – you’ve gotta put the time in, first.
  • Landing the best deals through strong supplier selection from overseas markets
  • Understanding your logistical options to ship products from overseas and through the necessary customs and border inspections, tariff implications (if any), and more
  • Expanding your empire of private label retailing in your Amazon business with only top product options that can get sold for high-profit margins and with plenty of demand in the marketplace

Although the Private Label space of E-Commerce can seem daunting from initial inspection, Tim is eager to share with anyone who decides to invest in the training program that a little knowledge can really help the business launch and success therein go a very, very long way.

Mr. Sanders Digs into The Business

When Tim first got started with the E-Commerce business – as everyone does in the digital marketing word, someone always has started along their journey – he knew that he was at the lowest level of knowledge but more excited than ever to be gaining knowledge and skills required to make money online (as I’m sure he hopes you are, too). 

When he didn’t know what he needed to do in order to achieve the goals that he had set for himself in the Amazon marketing spectrum of physical products, he chose to acquire assistance in the form of an expert at their respective craft. 

By the way, let this be a quick lesson for all of us to take away from the example of Tim Sanders: when he wanted to improve on something that he didn’t understand but was smart enough to know he needed to learn and implement in his path toward success, he hired an expert in the field that he was hoping to improve in. 

It seems to have been one of the best choices that Tim had made along his journey. 

He asked the Google AdWords (meaning PPC, or Pay-Per-Click) guru to sit down and outline the exact needs that an Amazon seller had – including how the paid traffic strategy of digital ads can be best implemented for the business model he was attempting to perfect. 

The results of those sit down meetings are now available to you in this coaching and mentoring program; we know it today as the Private Label Masters digital marketing training. 

One of the most important aspects to this training is knowing how to improve your product listing’s ranking on the Amazon marketplace. 

Why would someone want to do this though?

Why isn’t it enough to simply list a product and let that be that? 

Shouldn’t the profits be rolling into someone’s bank account as soon as their product listing is live?

The reason you need to know these secrets is due to your competing with other marketers and sellers on the same platform – who could also be trying to take the same buyers that visit Amazon and search for your type of product away from you. 

It’s a cut-throat game that requires tenacity, knowledge, wisdom, skill, and confidence to win. 

The ideal buyers will most likely be found at the very top of the marketed listings. 

That being said, the closer you are finding your product listing, the less you might be required to spend in the Google Ads platform in order to achieve the same kind of result – or better. 

More attention can often bring more sales into your pockets. 

However, before one can achieve those passive sales, one needs to have their position marked in their respective industry and product type within Amazon. 

To prove all of this, Mr. Tim Sanders has provided – exclusive to members of his program – a demonstration of his process in a recording… where he proves that earning profits with Amazon and the Private Label Masters training is possible. 

That means you’ll get to see, first-hand, how the notion of instant profits can become a reality through the lightning deals that Tim finds and acquires.

Positioning is key in an industry like this. 

That all sounds good and stuff, but there are people who might be reading this – that is sick and tired of being sick and tired in the position they’ve found themselves in with their life choices and are ready to make a change – that won’t really that proficient with computers or tech-savvy overall. 

I’m happy to tell you that everything that you learn and see to implement the technical aspects of this training can be sourced, understood, and acquired through downloads made available through an option to download within the member’s area of the Private Label Masters. 

There’s nothing to be intimidated about when he’s turned this process almost into a simple paint-by-numbers concept. 

Receive an instruction – perform that task, and then move on to the next bit of instruction. 

If you can follow the instructions provided, then you can pretty much run with this system from day 1 of buying into the training course. 

The resources he provides makes the training more of a tool than strictly an educational platform or repository of videos. 

Mr. Sanders has evidently worked very hard to take out the requirements of learning curves when you get started in Private Label Masters; just copy what he has done, replicate his technical aspects, and you can position yourself to get started effectively – and right – in private label selling within Amazon.

If I remember correctly, I think there’s a private Facebook Group that is accessible for everyone who joins. 

It’s been a minute since I’ve gone to look at the resources made available for people who have questions – and just accept this: you will most likely have questions as you progress through the training. 

The important thing is to know that you’re not alone in this program and you can do it, too. 

When you have reached a level of needing more attention for your business, you can reach out to the more advanced, successful students of the program.

It’s here that your confidence level can skyrocket due to the fact that you’re in direct contact with those who’ve been able to take the same things that you’re learning and make a profit online with it. 

Looking for the tricks of the trade and advanced tips? 

Just reach out to the more experienced students for guidance and you’re well on your way to improving your knowledge and skills so you, too, can advance your business online each and every day. 

Addition pointers that the more skilled marketers can provide, if you ask them, can include things like:

  • Handling issues involving your business entity, private label brand, and trademark issues
  • Acquiring more, well-documented reviews for your product – which is kind of what you need in order to build your online reputation and expand your product’s listing to be found worthy of top position results in the Amazon marketplace
  • Tackle keyword research like a professional, and do so independently to find where you can work in the most profits for your independent business model here

If you’re serious about finding a way to sell physical products online, especially with the top retail marketplace on the internet (second only to Facebook and Google – and not in any particular order here), then you can’t possibly go wrong with the Private Label Masters course. 

Why would I claim that?

When you constantly learn more about your business model…

When you are endeavoring to improve…

You can seriously orient your systems to turn Amazon into your Automated Transaction Machine (ATM) to make it feel like you’re printing money when sales are made. 

That sounds like a winning course to me for the online marketing of physical products.

Why Local Lead Generation is the Best Fit for Online Business 2019

It’s no secret; to be successful with the internet, you need to have something to sell and an audience to get your message to (announcing that you have what they’re looking for). 

The Amazon business model can be ideal if you know what you’re doing, are comfortable with risk, and have the strengths in personal skills required to get the job done. 

With all the competition floating around the world in the same marketplace, and potentially the same industry as the product that you’re trying to market, there are going to be numerous product listings online that are all trying to do what you’re doing – improving their product listing’s ranking on Amazon. 

To maintain your competitive edge in this Amazon listings place, your stronger option is to fabricate marketing campaigns with paid traffic online. 

In other words – you need to do what I don’t like doing, and that’s to buy your web traffic and potential buyers to come and visit your product listing so they can consider becoming a buyer of what you are selling. 

What I prefer to do is leverage free web traffic – never buy it – from the organic search results online. 

When you run free traffic with search engines, I think you can’t go wrong.  

Why would I believe that though?

Well, using free traffic to help build a local lead generation business is what helped me to be debt-free, job-free and independent as a successful business owner in 2019. 

Just take a look at what I’ve been able to do with less than 6 hours of work, and it pays me for life!

Those 2 spots in the picture (above) are my lead gen sites that make me money on AutoPilot, all while I’m doing other things in life instead of running my business.

I can still step in and do more things to make more money, but the $50k a month in passive income is enough for me to not have a full-time job and make more time to write blog posts like this for you.

Without the 9 to 5, I was able to build a part-time business that pays me a ridiculously awesome, full-time income – and I started it as a side-hustle when I was still in a corporate job that mocked me annually with $35,000…

Just enough so I couldn’t quit but never sufficient for me to save, invest, or otherwise get ahead. 

With the help of Google’s search results and being able to get lead gen sites producing free traffic, I have been able to turn profits rapidly on the internet while simultaneously improving the quality of life for small business owners. 

Here’s all I really do now to continue getting paid online and expanding my revenue toward unlimited levels of passive income on the internet each and every month…

  1. Make sure a lead gen site looks appealing
  2. Rank it online so it can bank on generating leads
  3. Send those puppies over to business owners so they can pay me month after month

Some of the amazing things that this kind of business model has been able to do for me, in addition to teaching me the high-income skill of local lead generation for small businesses are:

  • Help me to realize that my time is more valuable than $35k a year
  • I now rake in a multiple 6 figures every year – better than most specialized attorneys and medical care professionals
  • I can travel and keep this business going – I don’t have to be present to let the passive income keep paying me out of the business endeavors that I’ve done already
  • I can outsource the majority of my work – so my morning routines are now writing a blog post like this and making sure my team is on top of the business priorities I’ve hired them for
  • No need for dress codes – I answer to one person: myself
  • I can expand this business to service more and more small businesses as time goes on
  • There’s hardly any competition – no one really knows what we’re doing except for us (and it’s the same business model that Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb leverage to make profits as well)
  • You can help small-to-medium businesses that serve local areas that are in any one of multiple industries and in several cities that this business model works in – and for
  • Make a living while making a lasting difference in the lives of the people that you serve – and the people that they continue to help as a direct result of staying in business and growing with your assistance.  That means you get to directly impact the small business owner, the hired help, the local market requests that come to the receptionist’s desk so they can make more sales, and the families of all that are involved in each and every transaction
  • Longevity and financial security – since local businesses and the internet are most likely here to stay for years and years, then this business model is definitely going to continue paying me (and whoever else gets into our coaching program) for years to come

Still having trouble believing that this is a thing that is current and plausible?

Here’s proof of something I did that keeps me earning revenue on the internet ever since I started this business model back in 2014… (see below)

You’re in luck, by the way.

We currently have a few more openings in our lead generation coaching program so you can learn how I was able to go from a corporate life of $35k a year to raking in over $50,000 per month and having the time to review online coaching programs (like Private Label Masters) so you can have the most education in the least amount of time and make a good business decision with good information. 

Of all the business ventures that I’ve attempted in my days, Local Lead Generation is my top pick for online business profits from home in 2019. 

Consider whether you are seriously interested in an annual 6 figures, in your spare time, from the comfort of your own home or wherever else you choose to run your business from. 

Click here to give this business a go!

Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs (FAFE) by Dan Henry – Unbiased Review

A young man when he first got his start in entrepreneurship, Mr. Dan Henry is now at the height of his career largely due to a mentor that he was able to acquire before he knew what it meant to own a business.  

The founder of Clickfunnels, Mr. Russell Brunson, was able to be acquired by Dan for the sake of having his ear – and his time – in order to learn the business ropes and what it meant to operate online as a mentor, coach, and successful businessperson while leveraging Facebook Ads to help him build his good name.

Today, his successful coaching program, Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs (FAFE), has successfully taken off. 

Hosting live events, Facebook lives in order to get his coaching done for his clients and stay in regular touch, and all the while operating a side-hustle of a Facebook Advertising business for local clients, he is the epitome of what it means to achieve great things from a young age. 

What you’ll get on today’s blog post –

  • Honest review of Dan Henry’s coaching and mentorship program
  • What you can find inside of Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs FAFE
  • The Good and Maybe Improvable Points on Facebook Ads Use

I’m happy to provide an unbiased review of Dan Henry’s coaching course because I have a unique perception on what it means to be successful online.

That sounded rather headstrong, but can you blame someone raking in $50,000 without the use of Facebook Ads?

With the leverage of free traffic, my local lead generation business is able to help small business leverage the power of search engine results and build a passive income for me online at the same time.

It’s this side hustle that has afforded me both the time and financial freedom to be able to afford exploring all the business coaching programs for work from home hustlers looking for an additional source of income without making a second job for themselves or adding to their stresses at home.

I’ll be referencing the same business model that I was able to implement and acquire absolute freedom from the corporate rat race within a year of launching my online side hustle. 

In 2019, this is the #1 top online business pick that you would be best suited for! 

A Look Inside the Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs (FAFE)

For those of you just dying to know what you can have access to upon entry into the coaching and mentoring program…

This course is primarily designed for people that are seeking a way to add a follow-on revenue stream to the income that the household is already doing. 

It’s important to note that you’ll learn how to”

  • Develop a mastery of the Facebook Ads Platform and implement the skills acquired from the training to provide beneficial results to small business owners
  • Looking to get out of your comfort zone and book appointments with prospective buyers for your services, but don’t know where to begin?  You’ll have access to the necessary plug-n-play funnels so you can be well on your way to launching your own digital marketing agency
  • You’ll be hooked up with the necessary scripts and sales training so you can be ready to close deals with business owners so you can get started with helping them
  • Seeking an example?  Mr. Henry, himself, recorded a live call where he was able to make things happen – and you’ll get to listen to it first-hand
  • Closed, Private mentoring Facebook group that is exclusive for the premium students of his program

Well-known in the marketing community for his positivity and confidence that radiates when he trains from the stage, he provides templated support to his students so they – too – can gain a sense of confidence and promote their business venture as they grow for themselves, but not by themselves. 

Is Facebook Ads a Good Idea to Implement for Businesses?

It’s astounding to think about the tons of self-proclaimed coaches and self-identified successful mentors in the “build your own Facebook Ads” lead companies niche of the online course and coaching programs industry. 

It’s literally as if countless amounts of people had woken up on the same day and said, “I’m going to coach others on how to do this.” 

The premise of a program of this nature is to enable the everyday person like you or me to generate referrals for a local small business through the implementation of Facebook Advertising Ads. 

Some industries that could be involved in something like this and compensate marketers for their assistance can include:

Healthcare providers that are rather specific in the types of patients they cater to:

  • Independent Dentists (Exclusively, the D.D.S.)
  • Independent Chiropractors
  • Plastic Surgeons that are taking on more clients at the time you get to meet them

Bar-Admitted and Court-Permitted Attorneys (that don’t work for the city)

  • Non-Prosecutorial Criminal Attorneys (Typically, they aren’t working for the local municipality)
  • Divorce Attorney
  • Personal Injury Attorney (this industry is becoming increasingly difficult to generate referrals for on any medium, by the way)
  • Immigration Attorney

Local Services and Contracting/Licensed Service Providers

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • General Contractors
  • Window Washing
  • Moving Companies
  • Paving Companies
  • Masonry Workers
  • Construction
  • Demolition

Those are just a short list of the types entities that you can reach out to and attempt to facilitate their client acquisition strategies with some ad spend and a retainer fee for your help in their local market. 

As luck would have it, the nature of the Facebook Ads platform is extremely simplistic. 

Aside from a few minor technical aspects – which are easy to learn – and some terminology that is rather specific to the platforms type of marketing campaigns that you could run, there are all ages of entrepreneurs attempting to either run Facebook Ads for their own company or as an agent for others. 

It’s also easy to give yourself a chance to test your hand at running a Facebook Ad. 

After entering your billing information (to ensure that you can actually have ad spend charged to a credit card of some nature), you can setup an ad in minutes and be ready to reach your ideal audience on the social platform. 

By the way, you can now reach people on Instagram through the Facebook Ads platform – if you wanted to push an ad to users of the mostly short video and pictures medium of the social media family of mobile-friendly applications for social engagement activities. 

In essence, you can implement Facebook for any reason that you might need to generate attention and web traffic in an expeditious manner. 

You Can Target Ideal Customers on Facebook Ads

Methods of targeting that you can implement when setting up your Facebook Ad to reach a specific audience that you desire to cater your marketing efforts toward include:

  • Location
  • Income Level
  • Relationship Status
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Hobbies
  • Online Habits
  • Facebook Pages Liked
  • Television Shows Publicly Acknowledged as Liked
  • Stars and Celebrities the Target Audience Likes

You can also specify to the platform who of their users you wish to reach that had visited a website page or had recently interacted with a previous ad that you may have ran on the same platform.

Facebook, as a company, is constantly revamping their platform. 

That means that changes in appearance and layout may progress, as can the targeting options be added to or removed. 

For example, requiring a privacy policy on a landing page or third-party website that you wish to send visitors to was not really held up to until recently – when ads could not be promoted until, and only until, a privacy policy web page was added to the platform and the ad was submitted for approval to run. 

Why People Prefer Facebook Ads Over SEO

My guess for the top 4 reasons that people – especially those in-charge of small businesses – prefer Facebook Ads over anything related with Google Search Results:

  1. The complexities of what it really takes to push a website to the top of Google isn’t completely understood
  2. The volume of calls from third-party, scuzzy agencies from around the world cold-call every business in an attempt to lock them into a contract, and those calls give Google rankings a bad reputation
  3. Facebook Ads provide an immediate result – at least, in the short-term, provided everything in the paid ads campaign is designed effectively
  4. The length of time required to be at the top of the marketplace with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies (where everyone talks about the most customers coming from) takes too long for a business owner to be satisfied with having made a good marketing investment decision to go that route

Why Facebook Ads Need to Be Avoided in Local Marketing

For starters, you don’t get free web traffic from the famous social media site, Facebook. 

If that weren’t enough, it’s a third-party platform that requires you to play by their rules or they will ban your access to your account.

How do I know?

Even the slightest misstep and they can refuse to approve your Facebook Ad that you’re attempting to publish and run.

There are actually a lot of things that you can and cannot do in order to run an ad.

Unless you’re a seasoned pro, there’s very little you’re going to be able to do — despite the numerous people that like to brag and boast that “Facebook Ads are easy.”

Give me a break!

Especially when it comes to the Facebook Advertising platform (with the use of paid ads), it’s usually a turn-off for business owners to consider at-first simply because it costs more money – and most of the business owners in the local space haven’t actually seen it work to believe that it would be a good investment.

On the other side of the coin, many business owners who’ve actually take the time to give a digital marketing agency a try – whether they were new, or simply scuzzy – failed to deliver and perform up to the promises or claims made. 

As a by-product, the companies that actually can perform and deliver results – which should always be a ringing phone with more customers – are now operating at a loss because local business owners are uncomfortable in trusting a marketing agency that isn’t referred by friends. 

Even then, unfortunately, the damage has been done by an underperformer in the past and it’s a struggle to bring a business owner like that back to the light to see how their competitors are implementing these digital strategies to close more business that they could be getting a piece of the action from if they would only get started. 

For those business owners that attempt to go at it alone and figure the Facebook Ads platform as they progress on their own probably take the same approach they did to their digital marketing needs as they do when they open something brand new that requires assembly of some kind. 

Without proper instructions, Facebook Ads won’t be put together as fast as you did that new dining room table that your spouse wanted. 

It takes more than knowing how to bolt on table legs to a chunk of wood in order to leverage the profits that are possible with the internet. 

If you’ve reserved a marketing budget for Facebook Ads, that would be an excellent approach to this platform.

Testing, testing, and more testing will be required to see what your marketplace and ideal customers respond to with the offers you attempt to pitch. 

If your first attempt doesn’t result in an outstanding response – there’s no need to sweat. 

Facebook Ads can still work for you, but the patience and willingness to spend a little money to find the offer and targeting that works for your business can eat away at a business owner – who, in this day and age, only happen to see dollars going to waste instead of bringing in more buying customers. 

Unfortunately, there’s more bad news…

Most ad campaigns that turn out to be successful – once you find one that actually hits and works well – doesn’t stay up and run perfectly forever.

There’s an industry term that is used to describe this phenomenon: Facebook Ad Fatigue. 

Here’s what something like that looks like (see below)

In this process, the once profitable ad begins to stray in either it’s reach or it’s desired result. 

At the same time, and this is often the case but not always, a Facebook Ad’s pricing for showing your ad to more people and/or the desired result taking place (like a conversion, or a sale, or even a prospective buyer becoming a lead) goes up – and can do so at a rapid pace.

When something like this happens, you could end up spending tons of money on little to no ideal results if you aren’t careful, paying attention to what you’re doing, and turn the ad campaign off in a timely manner. 

Why would this happen?

Just as if you were to be entertained with the same meal repeatedly for several days, weeks, or months, you might get sick and tired of eating the same thing. 

The same can be said for the audience that you’re trying to pitch your services or offer to.  

When the exposure to your message becomes redundant and the majority of your audience has seen it, then it may be time to begin drawing up another option for a Facebook Ad. 

Is there a drawback to all of this?

Your Facebook Ad – the one that was performing ridiculously profitably once upon a time – could, within the days that is has been profitable, fluctuate in its performance, ad spend, ad costs per action, and more details, to the point that you simply can’t predict what your marketing budget should realistically be.

Here are a few of the reasons that I’ve indulged in the use of free traffic with local lead generation:

  • It doesn’t take long to throw a lead gen site up
  • Once it’s nailed to the top of the computer screen, it has a high chance of staying at the top of Google for your ideal customers to see all the time, every time
  • In set-and-forget fashion, you can work on a project one-time and have it continue referring business to a company for years to come

It’s actually not an uncommon trend as some might think.

Have you heard of Uber?





All of these companies (and more) operate under the same exact model, which is to generate referrals and pass them over to a service provider to take care of the consumer’s needs for a cut of the action. 


Mr. Dan Henry strikes me as an upstanding guy with a big heart and great desire to see his following succeed.

I’m not convinced that he wants to execute any malice intent on the follow that he has amassed.

Competency and experience is key if you want to be in a position to train other people on how to accomplish a result. 

I’m under the impression that Mr. Henry has it. 

If you’re crazy about the idea of Facebook Ads and accomplishing an immediate result fast – provided your assumptions on your first test ad turn out effective and performs well – then maybe Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs (FAFE) is your ideal business fit. 

Although, I’m not the biggest fan of having Mr. Mark Zuckerberg stick his claws in my profits bowl by my having to spend money on Facebook Ads just to get web traffic. 

That’s why free organic traffic is my chosen lead source with local lead generation for small business.

Appreciating All the Power that Comes from Local Lead Generation in 2019

You heard that right, there’s enormous power about being able to predict a month’s financial expenditures with specific consideration given to the marketing budget. 

Wouldn’t every business owner want a little more in terms of concrete numbers?

While no business can be too certain of what goes in and what comes out for the coming months, what they can count on is someone who knows local lead generation to be helping the business to have more calls than what was coming in without the resident expert. 

I’m not going to ruffle your feathers in an obnoxious way here, I actually do still use Facebook Ads from time to time. 

When I have a dire need for a word to get out in the marketplace about a promotion or offer…

If a prospective client for my lead generation business wants to see results right away before signing with me and its time for me to impress them in the immediate future, then I’ll most definitely give it a go. 

The long-term profits for all involved, however, definitely comes from organic free traffic online. 

Without paying good old Zuck for using his minded data from all of those Facebook profiles that he has collected over the years, I can still refer business to service providers in local markets with my lead gen sites that outperform even the most tenured and seasoned companies. 

In an oversimplified model, here’s how I work my magic:

  1. Make a lead gen site
  2. Do what it takes to get it seen by the ideal buyers of the local market place for that service industry
  3. Refer the buyers over to the local business to hook the client up
  4. Keep getting a sliver to deliver.

How do I know this works?

I have been doing this gig for a little over 4 years now, and the 45 times I’ve helped local businesses to get more leads from the marketplace, they’ve continued to pay me a monthly retainer to this day. 

Hard to believe?

Yeah, but proof with a lead gen site might help you to reconsider the believability of this story. 

Check out my current lead gen site that is doing what it does… generates plenty of calls for limo rental requests, and it’s located up in Lansing Michigan. 

Here’s the map that shows where my web property is positioned – it’s strategically placed to maximize the amount of calls that can come through in any given month:

And this is the actual site that is spitting $750 my way – and has been doing so since 2014! 

The high-income skill of generating referrals with free traffic leads to long-term profits.

I’m living proof of that. 

Here are some other things that local lead generation business model makes available to me that Facebook Ads really couldn’t…

  • Passive Income from a set-and-forget system: put up the lead gen site and let work for me around the clock – even when I’m sleeping, it’s making me more money
  • I can duplicate this methodology anywhere I’d like:  if there’s a city with a local business and Google has search results for it, I can work my magic and bring leads to the company
  • Easy to little competition: I can outperform any marketplace, scoop up the leads, and drive them to my next client that will continue to pay me for years; and this can work with multiple industries in several cities
  • Biggest Method for Collecting Profits: When I’m not paying Facebook, my profits come to me entirely – and that’s something to be proud of
  • I’ll work anywhere, anytime I want.  I don’t have to punch a clock anymore at work – in fact, I don’t even have a corporate job anymore – I fired my boss a year into this business model when my side hustle was bringing in $10k every single month… that was more than my $35k salary! 
  • I now have the chance to build a bigger annual income than the doctors and lawyers of the communities I service
  • Make a living while delivering a serious, positive impact to the lives of the local business owners, their hired staff, their families, and the people of the community that they get to serve as the number one go-to service provider (and you helped to make that possible)

In fact, $50,000 in monthly income allows me to make more than them already – and I’ve only been at this business model for less than a handful of years now. 

I’m no longer required to walk into work in on a cold, wintery morning commute in downtown Detroit, Michigan.

What’s more exciting is that I don’t have to wear a suit or tie anymore when I go to work; my client meetings (if I ever have one) are just me wearing what I choose for the day. 

It’s fine, I’m at a comfortable position where I can be choosy about who I work with.  With the 45 clients I currently serve being spread out all across North America, I now have the privilege of local service providers from around the country hitting up my agency website Ippei Leads and asking for my rates.

Best of all –

  • I make more money…
  • Serving less clients…
  • And no expensive, recurring ad spend on paid strategies are eating my profits

If you’re still serious about getting started online with a business methodology that has brought me this kind of success, you can get started on a spare-time, part-time basis like myself and so many other coaching program members have – at least, until they fired their boss, too!  It’s true, we have success stories.

Come talk with me about my #1 business model for 2019 and how you, too, could be sitting pretty on a monthly recurring, passive income with the local lead generation coaching program that’s taught by the same guy who introduced me to this business model; his name is Dan, and he’s a pretty cool guy. 

If you’re ready for the kind of success that came from a Grand Rapids, MI lead gen site that collected leads for a tree service, then you, too, could be well on your way to a $2,000 monthly income from one client. (see below)

He’s actually worked this business model before helping me get started with his coaching program, so he know stuff – my handsome monthly revenue and lack of a 9 to 5 are proof. 

Come on in, the water’s fine

7 Figure Skills – The Drop Shipping Academy by AJ Jomah – Unbiased Review

From promoting passing fad products online to running web traffic to t-shirts for sale, AJ Jomah has been attempting to market products through the internet for years.

The intent, when he started anyway, was to turn a profit online and never have to work a full-time job again. 

I can appreciate his mentality, too.

It was only a few years ago that I was searching for a way to make money from home without adding a second set of working hours to my already demanding schedule of trading time for money. 

I feel lucky to have found my first win in online entrepreneurship with local lead generation from free traffic, so I could have the means to invest in the 7 Figure Skills coaching course by AJ Jomah and provide a review for you on this blog. It’s nice to know what you’re getting involved in first.

What AJ discovered through his efforts of attempting various methods and business ventures online – like eCommerce coaching programs, including Amazon FBA, Shopify and others – was that the profits per sale weren’t as ideal as he had hoped. 

With low commission structures and payouts, products of an affiliate nature weren’t paying him what he thought his hours and talent for getting buyers through web traffic were really worth. 

An additional headache that Jomah found was the lack of consistency in the volume of products sold, the time gap in which sales rolled in, and that he needed to publish and post new products online (which can take tons of time and effort to be done well) daily, weekly, and monthly. 

As all of his spare time was taken up by this notionally convenient “work from home” lifestyle, Mr. Jomah was fed up and no longer interested in having to work more for so little profit margins (if any, depending on market trends, the economy, and the waves of interest that pass by physical products which are bought and sold online). 

It wasn’t until he was exposed to the idea of selling products, programs, information, and other things online for a higher price than the physical products he’d be so accustomed to over the years that his excitement and dedication to entrepreneurship took a sharp turn for the better.

Now, Mr. AJ Jomah has taken his experience in digital marketing of products and services online and packaged that wisdom into a Shopify store-focused, eCommerce and with drop-shipping coaching program called 7 Figure Skills. 

In the coaching course, AJ invites the exclusive, premium student base to consider the value and benefits of utilizing the Facebook Advertising platform (meaning, Facebook Ads) to garner buyers and more attention to an item that is of a much higher cost than most products he’s so accustomed to having sold in the past (which equates to higher commissions when a prospective client decides to buy). 

In essence, his program teaches the students to think more around the higher level of pricing for products, information, or services that they intend to market. 

Since it generally takes around the same amount of effort (and depending on the target market and product, some could be more and some could be less), it is the hope of the program to have students that are turning higher profits from the steps and lessons provided when a newbie signs up and gets trained. 

Although, buying into the training doesn’t necessarily mean profits will start rolling in; this is an information-based training course. 

The action still has to come from the student implementing the lessons taught and doing something more than just listening to the information. 

As the famous Network Marketer of our day, Mr. Brian Carruthers has been coined with suggesting, knowledge on ice is a lot less effective than setting ablaze the ignorance of oneself through the immense excitement for what they’re bringing to the marketplace. 

When it finally clicked in my mind exactly what AJ was attempting to promote here with his 7 Figure Skills coaching program, I began wondering a little something…

Wouldn’t the paid advertising of Facebook Ads cut into one’s profits?

How would someone be able to market something with a higher than common price point for only a couple of bucks and turn profits online?

Would the interruption marketing strategy of Facebook Ads result in people –

Who might not be on a social media platform with the intent to find a product or service to purchase at the time they’re just browsing and socializing –

Still engaging with marketing tactics and exhibit a willingness to buy something that could cost over $2,000.00 in one, upfront, initial and required payment? 

Can these targeted audiences still open their wallets and pull out credit cards – going all the way through the buying process – with general brands or unrecognized third-party store built on Shopify?

I paused for quite some time and believed that it just wouldn’t be possible. 

In my line of thinking, anyone that is hungry for an item that is worth so much would not only know about the product or service but would in-turn do some diligent research and shop around for the best brands and competitive pricing. 

Not only that, my instinct suggests that such active buyers would most likely embark on the adventure of their own shopping habits that could take them extremely far from your online listings. 

By that point, you’ve lost the buyer to the world wide web and your reputable competition. 

This is my guess in buyer habits and psychology because I’ve never come close to being able to sell something at such a high price point through my experiences with marketing efforts with Facebook Ads. 

If anything, the masses and more volume in sales could come from having items in your product listings that are of a medium-level price point (at most). 

In my experience, that seems to be the way to go with marketing products through paid digital advertising strategies. 

At least, that’s what’s worked well for me when I was kicking this business model for my own benefit. 

I’m happy to share with you, in this blog – yes, the exact entry you’re reading (here) – more about:

  • The epic and “not-so-epic” aspects of the 7 Figure Skills course
  • What I gathered from the unique approach that AJ Jomah had in the online store and dropshipping business model with high ticket pricing
  • If I’d recommend this program to entrepreneurs or startups wanting to generate their own form of revenue with online marketing
  • How the 7 Figure Skills business model lines up with some other businesses – especially the local lead generation business where free traffic is leveraged from search results to generate profits and recurring, passive income online (all without buying web traffic to hopefully make a sale)

I hope you enjoy this read – and be sure to read to the end so you can see what else is in store for ya…

Lessons Learned from Experiencing 7 Figure Skills Course by AJ Jomah

What was fantastic about the 7 Figure Skills coaching course that AJ Jomah put together included:

  • Learning to focus your marketing toward the ideal customers. 

What I mean is that you need to get audiences in engaged who can find value in what you have to offer, and those same people have to be your ideal customer by being a qualified buyer –

Meaning, they can afford what you have to offer and can be willing to buy with very little (if any) coaxing, sales, negotiation, or a requirement for you to get on the phone with them to close the deal. 

This is digital marketing and we’re trying to make this process as hands-off as possible. 

Therefore, especially with this business model, the buyers that come from the higher end of middle class – and as you target upwards in those with higher income and net worth – the products sold can also:

-reduce the turnover in sales (like returns and refund requests)

-consumer service complaints

-potentially negative reviews

-bring in higher a return on investment (ROI) as fewer buyers can still mean high revenue

-beat the model of attempting to convince more people to buy a lower-priced item (which can sometimes be more difficult than selling the higher price point to higher classes of citizens)

  • The suppliers you’re going to be working with can often have a Minimum Advertising Price Point or M.A.P.

Well, what is that and how can it be a good thing for you?

Ultimately, this is good because this requires a cap to be placed on the product. 

In the realm of supply and demand, there are more economic principles and fundamentals that go into this; let’s skip the complexities and keep it simple here, shall we?

While a cap has been known to refer to higher levels of things – such as putting a cap on top of something so things won’t spill (like the top on a jug of milk from the grocery store, for example) – the same can be said for the lower end of things, such as the lower extreme of a product’s pricing.

The Minimum Advertising Price Point (as I like to call it, anyway) requires those that sell a product in the open, capitalistic market to agree to not destroy the marketplace and the competition by undercutting everyone and lowering the product’s public listing (anywhere) to this bottom threshold. 

If someone were to undercut the competition, the margin of profits would be so low that the effort put into marketing the product simply wouldn’t be worth the squeeze to those seeking to earn a commission from promotions and dropship business agreements. 

Something like this is good because it helps keep the competition fair in the others that also provide the same product. 

This means you can enter the marketplace as a newbie and still have a shot (at least, to some level) of competing with those that have been in the game a long time now –

This is because you are all playing on an even keel with the same pricing range and the same potential profit margin. 

  • Components to Discovering an Industry You Can Work In that Exudes Profitability

The following items are standards taught within the 7 Figure Skills mentoring course as you assess the viability of what you’re looking to market online and turn a profit from (in what can, hopefully, be a long-term process with long-term rewards): 

-Range in Price Requirement: $800.00 to $2,500.00

-The 5 to 10 suppliers that you have established to be premium, credible suppliers should carry a Minimum Advertising Price Point (MAP)

-Too much competition can be harmful to your potential to succeed with this business model, so it’s bed to research the marketplace well and identify whether more than 25 competitors are attempting to do what you’re hoping to do here

-Lack of Brand Loyalty

If you can check off the above requirements in finding a reliable niche to market within, then you can stand a chance to profit with the 7 Figure Skills training course and work from home (or wherever you’d like). 

  • Gain some understanding on establishing your personal brand – which can enable you to sell your own products and/or gain an advantage when another company wants to buy out your successful (and maybe one day) household brand name in what the business industry calls an exit strategy.
  • Attempt to tap into more than just the paid strategies of advertising and paying for certain objectives (like web traffic, clicks on the ads, etc.), while also trying to break into the product listing ads that are available in Google’s marketing platform for products sold online. 

While the above bullet points just seem to make a whole bunch of sense in the approach to online marketing of high ticket products – much like AJ Jomah teaches – there are some things that most coaches simply try to keep out of the limelight.

I’m not saying anything bad about 7 Figure Skills or AJ for that matter, but there are always two sides to the coin and sometimes the grass just isn’t the greenest of pastures on the other side of the hill. 

What the 7 Figure Skills coaching program has yet to be publically identified with could be: 

  • For those of you that are considering this coaching program and business model, the rumor that you are required to have money in the world of business to make money is extremely true in this case. 

Since the typical target audience for this type of business model as a higher net worth, you’re not the only one who is trying to pitch to these people. 

As the Facebook Advertising method involves a way to auction off the audiences that Facebook has compiled to people that desire to market to them, you are now competing for the attention of highly-valuable audiences, especially with their supposedly disposable income being so high. 

That means that you can get the attention of your ideal buyers for the price that Facebook tells you that you can get their attention for –

And since the pricing is out of your control, it really can be anything that the market trends and Facebook Advertising deems worthy to charge you.

Thus, you’ll need a ready and wealthy advertising budget on-hand just to throw into your ad spend.

That’s really what it takes to try and get your message in front of your ideal customers in this game.

Low on start-up costs? 

I hate to break it to you but a coaching program like this typically doesn’t have a low barrier or entry point – meaning you’ll probably shell out a good and hefty high-ticket price to learn what AJ teaches. 

It’s not his fault, it’s just the trend in the coaching industry of people who tend to value their money-making strategies and want to keep their knowledge exclusive to people who also value that information…

Plus, when you pay for something, you have a higher chance of exhibiting an immense appreciation for it. 

On that assumption, this can also mean that you’ll take better care of something that you pay more money for rather than something you’ve just casually dropped pocket change to acquire. 

Once you have the coaching and mentoring program in your hands and go through the training to acquire this new, high-income skill, you’re still at the mercy of your situation because your success (or lack thereof) is entirely on your shoulders with the actions that you choose to take (or don’t take). 

This also means that your advertising costs are going to have to come out of your own pocket – even after you’ve shelled out a good helping to acquire this coaching program. 

What this teaches you is a model that you can build a business for yourself around!

This means that it’s educating you on a way to start up your own work from home business that you can operate anywhere, at any time. 

However, the costs for advertising and getting your message seen are not covered by the coaching program that you’ve bought into. 

You’re not the only one subjected to this condition either; every other student who has heard of the course and bought into the “business opportunity” are in the same boat as you. 

If you’re not ready to commit more of your hard-earned cash to invest in your future with this business model, then maybe this course isn’t for you to begin with. 

I’m not saying anything bad about who might read this, but it’s a fact in the business world; one of the better ways to position yourself to profit is to invest in yourself and/or better your position to obtain some of the cash flow that the marketplace has going on at the present time. 

In the whole time that I’ve been exploring coaching programs online and blogging about them, there are very few times (if any that I might remember) that coaches advertise that the business process takes additional money – above and beyond the amount invested in training.

After trying them myself – and yes, I invest in myself and learn more as an entrepreneur each and every day – even after breaking into the local lead generation space and raking in a successful $50,000 in monthly, passive revenue on AutoPilot that I still generate to this day, there are very few times (if any that I might remember) that coaches advertise how the business process takes money and additional investment after you start. 

I’m disclosing the thing that not many people talk about: you will need additional funds to make this business opportunity work for you quickly after you’ve bought into the 7 Figure Skills course by AJ Jomah. 

If you have extra cash that you can use – then maybe this could be an okay option for you to undertake. 

  • Unless you’re okay with exhausting several – yes, not even a few hundred, but several – hundred dollars in expended Facebook Advertising costs just to get some attention to your product listing(s), produce cash flow, “try” the program, see if the 7 Figure Skills course is for you, and land the belief that it works, then maybe you should stick to medium-priced products. 

How do I know?

The several hundred dollars came out of my pocket when I first learned this program. 

With Facebook Ads, you need to test the marketplace with your product listing by several different experiments with actual ads that you make (from scratch) on Facebook for your target audiences to engage with. 

If they don’t engage with your ad, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the product isn’t any good or that you suck at the Facebook Ads and 7 Figure Skills method of business online. 

It does, however, suggest that you would need to spend more time – and more money – testing other approaches to find something that actually works and generates sales for you. 

Although, when you generate sales, the idea is that you produce enough in net profits (from sales commissions) that you can replace the costs of advertising and be in the green with whatever is left over. 

Unfortunately, some people who get into a program of this nature don’t always realize profits until long after multiple ads have been run and multiple tests have finally started to turn a profit.

Even then, there’s no guarantee that you’ll recoup your investment – even if sales are produced from your paid advertising strategies. 

As I have said, the advertising could dip into your profits more than they can help you to turn sales into profits from digital marketing and advertising online. 

If you’re okay with spending several bones to generate 1 sale – even if the sale is for a couple grand – the hope is that you’ll turn a profit; I’m here to tell you that this method of advertising isn’t the most reliable so the predictability of generating sales often is low, making profits inconsistent. 

  • Ads can stop producing revenue but still spend your advertising bucks.

Multiple things can occur if you start basing your entire business model on the belief that Facebook Ads should be returning numerous profits to you often. 

-What if your Facebook Ad simply pauses or gets banned by Facebook? 

-While your Facebook Advertising efforts can produce tons of desired results, it can also provide more expensive than profitable by producing zero results – meaning zero sales for your great business venture that you’ve launched from the advice of the coaching program

-Say that your ad does return a result of a sale in a single day, and then several sales the next day. 

Due to the various factors that go into Facebook advertising methodologies, and the intricacies of the platform itself, there’s really no way of identifying how or why your ad is working or what’s causing the sales to pour in one day then stop the next.  The consistently just doesn’t exist with Facebook Ads like we all would hope it would. 

-Profit Margin seems good initially since the price point for each customer is so high.  The cost to acquire that client also includes the cost of advertising, however. 

So, if you spent a good $1,500 to get that 1 new customer to spend $2,000 on your product listing…

Even if you received a total value of 100% in commission (meaning, you get every dollar paid to you in net profits – something that is almost never the case in business, as you have costs in doing business), you’d still only take home $500 from that sale – then you can pay your additional costs to be in business before you can pay yourself… provided you remember to take out a little something for Uncle Sam’s tax requirements now that you’re in business for yourself. 

The point here is that you just have so much in the way of paying for advertising that it’s worth asking yourself the question of whether the cost of advertising is worth the reputation of getting sales online. 

While you’re working for yourself, you won’t know if you’re going to be profitable – or if you’ll find yourself ending up in a position to be paying a bigger price for “trying” the business model until long after you have invested tons of time and resources into experiments with product advertising online. 

What’s awesome about the industry of drop shipping products sold online?

Since I’ve been working in the local lead generation business for only a handful of years, I’ve realized that some profits from free traffic are much more enjoyable for the reasons that…

  • The income is passive: I don’t have to keep selling things in order to turn a monthly profit
  • Free Traffic from organic search results – this means Google search does the heavy lifting for me
  • No advertising fees – I’m not buying my web traffic
  • Higher buyer-intent than social media web traffic – people organically search for the product or service that they want to be; my lead gen site isn’t interrupting anyone in their social behavior there
  • Most likely, the person looking for my product may have the capacity to afford the product or service, especially since they’re finding my lead gen site on their own

That said, I have done my fair share of eCommerce and drop shipping. 

The finer points of drop shipping in E-commerce that anyone can appreciate…

  • No purchase necessary on your part – with the physical product, that is. 

In the Amazon FBA business program, the FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon.” 

What this means is when someone buys a product, you don’t have to do anything beyond a few steps total – to include the product listing and collecting the fees for them to get the product itself. 

I’d say that’s a huge plus; you don’t have to lose space in your house while items wait and hope to find a home with a satisfied customer that buys from you. 

This also eliminates the need to buy in-bulk and in-advance, so you can reduce your initial costs of starting your business. 

I think it’s fair to call an act like that – buying products in advance – a form of business overhead; which, with the drop shipping model, you can eliminate from your expenses altogether.

  • You can expand your E-commerce home business model quickly, mostly because you can wait to purchase the products that require shipping and handling on your part until after the sales transaction occurs with the buyer’s free choice and intent to acquire said product
  • In drop shipping, you can set up digital systems to constantly collect email addresses of prospective buyers and past buyers from your store, which you can then leverage for your business and constantly market to. 

This is a unique aspect of the business model intrinsically. 

If you were to list your product(s) on the Amazon FBA program, you’d be subject to Amazon’s product listings in their marketplace – including their advertising limitations and participation rules – resulting in your prospective clients checking out both yours and your competitor’s products side-by-side. 

If you were to participate in the drop shipping industry exclusively, there’s a higher chance that other products the possible buyer observes online could still stand to make you a commission if they get distracted by another offer they see on your online store or in your email. 

By the way – email can have a unique form of marketing all its own. 

It would benefit you well to explore how that works – including rules and laws now governing the email marketing practice in our modern age of technology. 

  1. Worry less about negative reviews and stay positive about your opportunity to sell products for profitable commission(s).

When it comes to the Amazon FBA Business, your limitations are so strict that you have to undercut your commissions as much as possible just so buyers will see value in your listing over others and come to yours. 

It’s about as cut throat as I’ve ever seen it in this day and age. 

With drop shipping of products, however, negative reviews wouldn’t affect you as much because you’re not listed in the Amazon marketplace and don’t have to worry about their advertising rules. 

Further, discounting your product’s costs or falsely advertising the claim of “free shipping” (when – and let’s be real – we all know it’s going to be a part of the price anyway – or required in addition to the cost of the good sold) is not only ethical, but it can be challenging to keep things both honest and consistent with what you’re doing. 

Sometimes a prospective buyer could try to reach out and ask for free shipping on one item if you forgot to list it and they see free shipping on all of your other listed products in your own store. 

Bottom line: keep it appropriate, honest, and enjoy the benefits that come from the unique business model that most others don’t get to have in selling products online. 

Unfortunately, there seems to be opposition in all things in life, and drop shipping has its drawbacks, too. 

Learn more about the drawbacks of drop shipping in E-commerce

  • When paid advertising strategies are all you’ve got going for you in the way of getting attention to what you’re trying to push into the marketplace, the maintenance requirement for your business to be steady can be upwards of 2 to 4 hours daily. 

This means that you have to be checking your Facebook Ads’ performance metrics every single day – and sometimes more than three times every single day. 

You didn’t get into this business to have a second job – so what is this business model really worth to you?

  • Physical products profit margins are less than digital products (especially if they don’t require postage to be shipped to the buyer)

If you’ve got a coaching program or a way run a strategy through free traffic to generate leads and send to business owners for a profit, then your profit margins can be much, much higher for the work that you put into marketing your product. 

Take a wild guess as to why there are tons of coaches in the marketplace that are trying to teach people like you and me how to navigate the selling of physical products online…

My guess is that the profit margins are nearly 100%. 

This is only a guess, I could be wrong — and we’ll see later how wrong I might be but this is how I envision the drop shipping gig to go…

The only costs they really have include…

-a little bit of marketing strategy online to get your attention

-some web domain addresses and hosting for videos and a website that is password protected

-your opportunity to simply have a password made, registered, and sent to you to customize

BAM!  Your product is delivered and the coach is out maybe $15.00 a month – if not, in a year’s time. 

The process is ridiculously low-cost to maintain and the revenue margin is just outstanding! 

Add to it the possibility of charging students a monthly, recurring fee to be privileged with access to the training materials…

While that business model can backfire as a student pays for a couple of months and then quits, refusing to pay the balance of what they originally agreed to…

It could also stand to profit the coach tremendously with people who stick with the program and pay an honest, recurring fee to have access to information that could turn them numerous opportunities to acquire profits for years to come. 

Add to this your new found need (developed with your investment in the training program) to buy traffic through Facebook Ads above and beyond your costs to acquire the coaching program membership. 

All that work for 1 sale online… which might not even guarantee you shifting from a startup phase to being profitable in your business venture online. 

Here’s a question for you – do you know if the coach that you’re looking to follow and learn from in this industry is actually doing what they say they’re trying to teach you how to do?

It’s just a thought for you to sit and marinade on; why are they teaching a course about this?

Are they not successful in the marketplace but still want to monetize their knowledge?

Are they credible, successful with the methods they’re wanting to sell you on, and worthy of being modeled and followed since they can advise you on your journey of how to solve problems you might face between your starting phase and your financial freedom dream coming true?

Yeah, how’s that for brutal honestly? 

As a successful entrepreneur who hit $10,000.00 in revenue within a year of starting with a coaching program that taught local lead generation for small business, I am in a unique vantage point to be asking the tough questions and criticizing what people really know when they proclaim themselves as a business coach and mentor. 

If they haven’t earned their stripes and made 6 or 7 figures with what they’re attempting to pitch me on buying into, then why would I spend money with them and ask for their help? 

I’d like a little more street credibility than what they’re giving me if they have no proof of walking their talk. 

  • Overseas agreements can drive prices down, but they skyrocket shipping time! 

There’s no doubt that we live in a society that seems to be drifting quickly to the instant gratification sector. 

That means that waiting 5 to 7 weeks for something to get across the sea and into the hands of the customer may be less than ideal. 

In fact, the consumer might even be seeking a refund before the product makes it to the country that they’re living in – let alone, arrive at their front door through whatever postal service or package carrier is leveraged for the logistical side of the business you’re running with an overseas supplier. 

Although you don’t necessarily need to stock up on products ready to be shipped from your own, local area, there really is a positive and negative aspect to most things in business and the extensive wait time for a customer in Europe or America can wreak havoc on your store’s reputation – which can hinder future purchases or repeat purchases from past “paying” customers. 

  • In the physical products industry, especially with the higher ticket items, you’re going up against heavy hitters. 

When your online store is brand new and hardly anyone has heard of you, instant credibility and trust can be hard to come by. 

It further complicates the buying process because consumers aren’t certain that you’re not just out to get their credit card information and scam them after they “buy” something from your “store.” 

It’s the age the we live in and it’s not saying anything bad about you. 

A former Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. and Subsidiaries (now known as LegalShield) would habitually train a group of independent marketing associates on three things that any given product or service goes through when it hits the marketplace… 

  1. Ridicule
  2. Opposition
  3. Serve as Self-evident with massive demand

The aim was to mention these struggles for expansion and survivability of a product or service in the eyes of the marketplace. 

It was further stated that not many people are going to be interested in making a choice to purchase the product or service within the first two stages of this list. 

The same thing can be said for businesses that are still facing obscurity due to simply being new in the marketplace. 

The business, itself, could also not be bought from until it hits the third stage and becomes self-evident as a credible marketplace that people can safely buy from. 

While no marketplace is perfect nor immune to challenges in a variety of technological and logistical glitches in the buying and acquiring process of goods or services, there are still reputable brands (like Amazon) that people will buy from continually –

Even if they aren’t always perfect in their ability to host transactions between customers and providers/sellers. 

To add insult to injury, the established brands can often undercut your pricing – even if you’re dealing with an overseas manufacturer and/or supplier of goods. 

By the way… tariffs and border-crossing customs issues arise routinely in this kind of a business model. 

It’s best that you learn the limitations and trends of various products that you’re moving internationally if you have buyers from around the world that need to have something physical shipped to them. 

Again, it’s just a part of doing business online.

However, I’ve yet to see someone talk about things like this long before a person chooses to find a high-income skill that can be taught in a training program and pay the coach tons of money in hopes they’ll own up to the supposed promises of the program and stick with the student through thick and thin as they progress and “try it out” and see if they, too, can make money online. 

I’m glad that I’m making passive income to the tune of $50,000.00 and I don’t say that to brag…

Well, okay, maybe…

I’m just kidding. 

The truth is that I’ve been wanting to start a blog like this for a while. 

I’ve always been fascinated with the abilities that people have to leverage the internet and make massive profits online while still having time freedom on their side. 

It wasn’t until I got started in 2014 with a mentor who taught me through a local lead generation coaching program how to set up assets that use free traffic (not paid traffic like Facebook Ads) to spit off recurring, passive income whether I work or not. 

A year after I scoped out the business model for the first time, I was able to walk away from my 9 to 5 corporate gig that – I’m not going to softball this in like I’ve seen other review blogs do – I hated going to work for $35,000 in annual salary. 

When I hit $10k in my first year – yes, in monthly, passive income – I chose to leave my job and I haven’t looked back since. 

As a result, I’m now living the laptop lifestyle and telling others about the coaching program that has given me so much. 

Even if I weren’t rich, I’d still refer other people to lead generation for small business because of the ability to not have to manage Facebook Ads for several hours a day and worry about them at all hours. 

How do I know someone might do that?

I know someone else would do that because that’s exactly what I did when I tried drop shipping online. 

The competition is stiff! 

The Facebook Ads – especially for high ticket offers – can be so unpredictable that you can lose a lot of money. 

If it wasn’t for my time freedom and financial, predictable income coming in from my lead generation side-hustle – which I started part-time and still do part-time – I don’t know if I would have been able to afford to give 7 Figure Skills a fair shake to give it an honest, unbiased review here. 

I really hope this is helping you to give a fair, honest understanding of 7 Figure Skills by AJ Jomah so you can make an intelligent, well thought-out decision of whether his coaching program – and/or this business model – is (or isn’t) a good fit for you. 

You’re not going to hurt my feelings whichever way you decide, but it’s important to me that you get the full story. 

I’m happy that I can lend a helping hand in the education department here, at

What is Better: Building a Business on Paid Web Traffic or Free Traffic?

Whether it’s using Google’s listing ads for physical products or leveraging Facebook Ads with the hope of landing some quick, upfront money…

Tons of coaching programs have hit the marketplace very recently to try and suggest that – if you pay them tons of money, and then work at it and spend some more money – you, too, will be able to make tons of money all by your lonesome self. 

How easy is it?

Well, instead of calling it easy – because I don’t think any kind of business is easy to run and operate successfully, especially in the long-term –

Let’s say that there’s a simple way to start advertising online. 

Here’s how to get setup to pitch a product or service online:

  • Open a Facebook Account (if you don’t have one already)
  • Open your Facebook Ads Manager account
  • Put in Credit Card Information (to cover ad spend costs)
  • Put together an actual ad that you intend to market with
  • Fun Tip: Remember to include your privacy policy on your website or landing page (Facebook really seems to be cracking down on this a lot lately)
  • Launch your Ad
  • Start getting web traffic to your offer INSTANTLY!

Seriously, anyone can do it.

Is it still hard to believe that anyone can rock this out?

Maybe there’s a catch. 

Well, let’s explore this further then…

Why We Shouldn’t Rely Entirely on Paid Traffic in 2019 to Get More Customers

Okay, so you’ve launched your Facebook Ad, you’ve put in your credit card, and you’re ready to start getting paid traffic to whatever you’re trying to promote online. 

Things seem to be registering well for a little while and you’re getting some attention – maybe. 

Nothing is perfect or predictable about this business model for newbies so the best way to learn is just to get out there and try your hand at this. 

Seriously, experiencing business marketing through Facebook Advertising is a huge plus if you want to get started in digital marketing; period! 

As time goes on, however…

It doesn’t matter if you’re running something on Google Ads or with your Facebook Advertising account…

They will spend your money for as long as your ad is turned on and it doesn’t matter to anyone else if you’re not getting customers.

I’m not sorry to be harsh here with the truth – Facebook and Google will keep spending your money, until you turn off your ad, despite how many sales you are making…

Or, as the situation might be, how many sales you aren’t making with your efforts and ad spend on these paid platforms. 

Since everything is your fault – including making digital sales or not – it’s up to you to spend the time regularly in this business model to monitor your ad performance and evaluate your sales numbers multiple times in every waking day of your career with the drop shipping business model. 

Let’s say you’ve designed a well-performing Facebook ad that’s bringing in sales today.

That sounds like a success.

That must be a victory and a time to celebrate, right? 

Not so fast.

My mentor in the lead generation for local small business coaching program – his name is Dan (he’s a nice guy; I like Dan) – always advises members of the mentorship to avoid taking profits in your business and regarding them as net profit right away. 

This is a huge mistake that newcomers to online entrepreneurship make. 

In addition to taxes and business expenditures that are necessary to operate a business daily, including the costs associated with your efforts in customer acquisition (like marketing, for example), your business could have a bad day –

Especially if you’re putting all your eggs into the Facebook Ads basket for web traffic and seeking out buyers –

And you don’t want to have zero dollars on reserve to help your business survive bad days. 

What to do when your Facebook Ad (or Google Ad, if you’re running them – or both) refuses to continue delivering customers the way it was doing for one day, or several days in a row for a hefty, profitable run?

First off, congratulations on all of your success! 

Generating income online – for yourself – is HUGE! 

It’s something to be excited about because you don’t have to give that to an employer or share it with a business partner or employees –

It’s all yours to distribute and disburse how you see fit (within reason, of course; you want to be in business for a long, long time so business compliance should be at the top of your expenses list). 

Next, however, I highly recommend that your non-performing ads be recreated in a brand new fashion – meaning a new campaign and from scratch. 

Just like highly-authoritative, unique, high-quality content is key to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process of pushing a website to the top of Google Search Results for your ideal search term…

Starting a brand new ad on one of these paid advertising platforms will give you the chance to experiment with minor tweaks or a large overhaul of the previous campaign – so you can track what works from one marketing test to another. 

Remember: on these paid platforms, all we’re trying to do – at first, anyway – it test the marketplace and see if we can find a winning ad to keep running with.

Once it dies off and stops performing, it’s recommended to start a new one. 

By the way, comparing that new paid Facebook ad — when the old one is copied and adjusted or created to resemble the last campaign and its respective ad — to the old one could help you keep better track of the minor changes so that you know what’s improving (or not helping) your online marketing to grow in terms of getting your customers and sales. 

When it comes to any platform of paid advertising, your biggest challenge is to maintain a high return on investment (ROI); this translates to simply getting more customers with as low expenditure as is necessary. 

As we’ve been talking about minor changes and starting new campaigns over, then revisiting the idea of monitoring your campaigns at several points throughout the day…

This is a rather taxing activity – in terms of time, financing, and emotion. 

It’s always good to look at things objectively in business and attempt to keep emotion out of it, but we’re humans and things don’t always work the way we want them to – including our ability to observe things strictly from a business mindset and nothing more. 

As someone who has spent tons of money and time on paid platforms to turn a profit for my own business endeavors – especially as a student of multiple coaching programs like 7 Figure Skills by AJ Jomah – Facebook Ads aren’t things you can set and forget, and expect them to make you millions. 

Likewise, it’s also not a strong business practice to set up a Facebook Ad, and then return to the scene of the Facebook Ads Manager and check up on it because you felt like it. 

That’s an exaggerated and snarky statement for a blog, but I’m hoping it’s getting the point across that close monitoring is required – especially in 7 Figure Skills –

Where you’re dealing with high ticket sales and pricing, which can translate into losing a lot of your investment in advertising costs if you’re not carefully paying attention to what is going on with your marketing campaigns often and regularly. 

Now, if you’re attempting to build your income through free traffic methods, like in Google search results, then there’s less for you to worry about.


Once you get the free traffic coming to a website – and that results in profits coming to you – it’s a little difficult to try and turn off the flow of buyers. 

That means you stand a really good chance of profiting from prospective buyers seeing your offer. 

When you throw up a website that’s ranked at the top of search results, and it’s turning a profit, as long as it stays there, you can continue getting paid. 

Does it require a lot of maintenance? 

Not really. 

For example, I had a limo site that was pasted to the top of Google search in the year 2014.  

Check out where I super glued it to on the internet (see below)

Now, see how much I’m getting from it every month – and it’s been paying me since 2014:

$750 every month – and all it does is bring more limo service requests to a local business (see below):

That’s what I call REAL, passive income. 

I guess this local lead generation business works if it’s been raking in $50k monthly – not annually – for me after only a handful of years in doing this business model. 

What else is awesome is when you decide that you want to expand your empire – like I did – and post more content online daily.

All you need to do is…

  1. find a local city and service industry that can take the calls
  2. put up your own lead gen site to capture some calls
  3. redirect them to a local business
  4. let that business pay you tons of money to keep bring buyers to their phones and front doors 

Why Would Businesses Pay You to Bring Them Customers?

When you bring someone customers, you have a high-income skill that you can duplicate to keep getting more passive income directed your way each and every month. 

It’s a skill that helps you to attract customers for the sake of passing them off — with the fair exchange, of course, of getting a cut of the action from that business owner for the customers that are spending money with them. 

See, when you can bring more customers to a business, that’s a skill you can get paid very well for. 

Some of the bigger, more successful names in the digital marketing industry are well-known for their ability to generate resources and assets (which the industry labels as “content”) that feeds web traffic – and, ultimately, more buyers – to their company at all hours of the day. 

We’re referring to multi-millionaires and tycoons that have published books and mentored others in business…

These are the reputable entrepreneurs that most have heard about, like Grant Cardone, Dan Lok, Gary Vaynerchuk – all savvy businesspeople that engage in paid advertising strategies when they have a message or product launch that they’re serious about getting a massive response with. 

They know how to utilize paid ads online when the time is right and necessary. 

This means they also know that the sustainable, long-term option is not to build your entire business model exclusively on paid advertising methods. 

Even when these aforementioned, tech-savvy and motivated individuals in business launch a paid campaign social media (meaning Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), they know that it’s a temporary push and they’re not staking their entire business model on the success or failure of that paid strategy. 

Instead, their free, internet-accessible content is the lifeblood of their business and allows them to be discovered with a reputable, researchable, and sustainable online presence. 

These guys know that free traffic is the preferred method – it’s something you don’t have to pay for, and that means that your profit margin isn’t dipped into. 

In the paid advertising strategy, you must spend time daily – we’re talking hours, at a minimum – to evaluate your campaign and ensure that you’re producing the volume at the same price and in the same capacity (with the same audience) as you were in previous months. 

The awesome thing about delivering free traffic anywhere on the world wide web – to include local businesses, who don’t mind paying someone that can refer customers “in bulk” to their company – is that it can produce more website visitors hourly, weekly, monthly, and even annually. 

The cool thing is that more time invested in your lead gen site or other web property that organically ranks online can bring exponential increases in web traffic if you do this right – and well! 

Does it make sense now why YouTubers and E-Commerce experts step up their game and make at least one post daily to places like Social Media, YouTube, etc.? 

Since I’m running a highly successful lead gen business, meaning that I don’t have to work a 9 to 5 and still, I have income flowing in predictably, passively, and recurring in each month that comes and goes…

I have time to design my day how I please, so here’s what I’m doing now with a website like the one you’re reading here – yes, this blog: 

  • Write at least 1 post online to keep up my pattern of daily habits and improve my skills
  • Ensure the hired help for my business is expanding through the continuous building of local lead gen sites

The two things I do every day, now, build my online presence and help me to continue reaching or of the web traffic that comes through search engines with targeted keyword searches. 

These are the things that bring me the most income online – so, of course, I’m going to work on improving my skill at getting them up and running or outsource them to people that are proficient at this skill. 

The 80/20 statement is popular among business owners, solo-preneurs, and digital marketing entrepreneurs – ironically, I’m all of those. 

If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s basic premise is that you can see 80 percent of the results you desire trace back to what 20 percent of activity you commit to building that desired result. 

High-quality, unique, and authoritative content has the capacity to bring me more attention online – and more customers – provided I keep putting digital properties online to capture that kind of web traffic. 

Since consistency is key – not only for Google search indexing to keep coming back to my website and seeing what new updates I’m giving to it – but to ensure that I’m making progress toward my goals of improving my skills at content writing and improving my presence on the internet. 

Can it be as simple as turning on a Facebook Ad and getting attention to my offer quickly?

Well, there is a lag time because your web property has to gain trust, authority, and relevancy for the search term you’re trying to be found first for…

However, the long-term effects outperform a Facebook Ad all the time. 

With a Facebook Ad, you can win attention quickly – and you can even try to target people that are close to the profile of your ideal customer. 

In the end, you’re still spending money on paid traffic for the lifetime of that ad campaign; whereas with search engine properties, all you’re paying for is low-cost maintenance so those web properties can stay online, continue to be found by your ideal customers, and Google can continue to make you the best option for those search terms – meaning you get found first for every keyword you rank to the top for! 

The difference is in attraction- (pull-through) marketing versus interruption- (push-through) marketing. 

If someone finds your online presence – then it could be industry awareness or brand awareness that helps prospective buyers find you. 

They know that something related to what you have is out there, so they search for that specific thing on a search engine; and if you play your cards right, you can be the first thing that prospective buyer sees online – and that’s what I do with my lead gen sites and this blog. 

I make it so I’m the first choice online for the people that find my digital real estate (that’s what I like to call my lead gen sites often; I rent them out to people who want to take the leads from me; it’s a pretty sweet gig). 

That’s attraction marketing; you’re pulling the attention out of the marketplace. 

In the world of push-through marketing, like the interruption patterns found with Facebook Advertising, you’re either not familiar to the marketplace or they just don’t know you have a product, service, or promotion that you might want. 

For example, everyone knows that a massage parlor could be close to their home or in a town nearby. 

What prospective customers for that massage place might not know is that a mobile massage service provider has a coupon offer that they’re running as a promotion, allowing customers to not have to leave their home and still save a few bucks on their in-home massage service. 

This would be a perfect time to push an advertisement into the marketplace where their prospective client and/or ideal customers might be so they can learn about the promotion and consider hiring that company or service provider instead of going to any parlor in town for their body massage

Can this be a bad form of advertising? 

Well, let’s say that there are good and bad things to all forms of advertising – not that one is better or more perfect than another. 

Of course, if a form of advertising weren’t bringing in more business for a company, then they wouldn’t be advertising on that medium first. 

So, I’m sure that all forms of advertising may work to some extent. 

The next question, though, is to what capacity are you inconveniencing the ideal customer? 

Think about it…

If I had a promotional going on, I wouldn’t walk into a nightclub where people are dressed to impress and ready to party and start talking to them about how I can bring them more customers using free traffic online. 

It’s out of place and they may be my ideal customer, but they’re focused on socializing and not buying something. 

That’s kind of the same thing that’s going on when it comes to social media’s paid traffic ads strategies. 

What you’re doing is attempting to interrupt people mindlessly scrolling on their newsfeeds for entertainment and interaction with people that they’re familiar with. 

I’m not saying that this doesn’t work – or that it can’t work – but you’re trying to distract these people, in a way that you’re disrupting their social patterns to:

  • capture their attention long enough to read more about your offer
  • take your desired action and click on the ad to be taken to the next step in your funnel

By the way…

You have to orchestrate your Facebook Ads funnel to ensure that you deliver the maximum amount of information to your target audience, so they know what they’re getting and the value that they are receiving when they take your desired action. 

This funnel requires optimal designing and crafting. 

If it’s not primed and carefully designed, your attempt to acquire customers can be a huge struggle! 

Take it from me… someone who has run tons of Facebook Ads with the guidance of mentors that I’ve paid tens of thousands for 1-on-1 time with… this method of advertising takes work!)

  • be clear about the benefits and value so much that they buy or sign-up for what you’re offering

At the end of the day, free traffic is more affordable than the expensive, rigorous, attention-hogging method of interruption marketing through paid traffic advertising online. 

With free traffic, you can expand your empire – like with local lead generation – where you can have your virtual real estate rented out by small businesses to take the free traffic that it’s getting 24/7/365. 

There’s a tree service website that was set up in Grand Rapids, Michigan that’s still paying me $2,000 every single month – and I’m not doing anything to maintain it.  (see below)

In fact, I don’t remember the last time I spoke with that business owner. 

It’s okay, he’s far too busy to take my call, what with all free traffic and paying customers I’m sending his way…

I don’t mind – he’s been paying for nearly 5 years, and I won’t get mad at my passive income. 


AJ Jomah has some good ideas in his coaching program, 7 Figure Skills.

He’s got a strong point to make; avoid the E-Commerce mistake of marketing low-cost products. 

It might be okay for you to work in tandem with a partner that is completely okay with watching over the Facebook Ad 24/7 so you can have a life…

However, my concern is that your partner may quickly grow to despite the fact that they have to keep an eye on the paid campaign – checking in on it at multiple times in any given day. 

This adds to the stress of running a business because it might also be put on that partner of yours to adjust things accordingly – especially for those high ticket offers that require constant tweaking and adjusting. 

Why would your partner want to do all the work and split everything with you right down the middle? 

I can appreciate that entrepreneurship online can start as a solo gig.

Whether you partner with someone or not, especially in the E-commerce space, I would highly recommend shifting your business model to higher-priced items so you can have a better chance at raking in higher profits when you land a sale. 

There’s a catch to this, however. 

If this is your plan, then be prepared to market with a higher ad spend budget than with lower-cost products. 

Since there is a premium – and vast – interest on the members of society that have a higher annual income than most, they’re probably bombarded with offers that can seem like a drop in the bucket to these people…

Naturally, more people want to get in front of them and invite them to spend money on this or that and the other. 

With the coaching model of the 7 Figure Skills, the higher priced products can require higher Facebook Ad spending… and there are no 2 ways about that. 

If you’re brand new to the Facebook Ads platform, I’m not going to tell you what to do – but I have no problem recommending not starting with higher ticket products because the learning curve that you will experience can most likely be a path that is littered with mistakes –

And the higher the cost of pricing and ad spend requirements, the costliest of your mistakes might be felt most in your pockets. 

I can appreciate the whole more risk can land more reward cliché, but what I’m not a fan of is going broke because someone wanted to “try” internet marketing in their spare time and didn’t know which mentoring or coaching program would have been a good fit…

Most people only hear that higher-priced products lead to high commission. 

By reading a blog post like this and getting the full story of what all can entail the entrepreneurial endeavor, you can better equip yourself to make smart business decisions about what you want to try as you move forward in your unique situation and business choices. 

Thinking back to the discussion (see above) about the people who are on social media and are constantly getting interrupted by marketers and other businesses pushing paid traffic Facebook Ads into their faces, people just don’t seem ready to drop a couple grand (or more) on something that they weren’t actively searching for already. 

Just because they see your ad – as compelling as everything about it might be – doesn’t mean that they’re going to instantly become a buyer. 

It’s nothing more than another marketing channel, and it can be an expense or revenue-generating resource. 

All marketing can, and we all know that.

Unfortunately, the rumors of simply turning on a Facebook Ad and making tons of money is a perception that is often sold by coaches who just want you to buy a course – and I fear that some coaches or mentors that proclaim proficiency probably haven’t had the kind of success that they’re claiming they want to, or can, help you achieve. 

If your Facebook Ad design, content, and targeting aren’t rock-solid, then there’s always the question of whether or not the ad will bring any value into your business.

Even if everything is on point, you can still run the risk of not interrupting people in a soft-ball, safe, welcoming, or appropriate way to where they not only minded the interruption but took your desired action and went all the way to making a buying decision with your product or service. 

That means, you can do everything “right” or “well” according to the “gurus” that are trying to teach you to market online, and still, you could face the possibility of not turning a profit. 

Could this work, though?


In fact, anything can work if you work on it long enough. 

What would a Facebook Ad take to perfect it and make it begin turning a profit for you? 

  • Spend daily – and use your money wisely so you can get enough ad spend to produce useful datasets that can work to your advantage as you progress in your entrepreneurial journey
  • Exhibit patience – this is a business, and business often requires a long-term vision
  • Construct multiple ads for each ad set, and test multiple ad sets to find the most responsive ad and target audience that your offer can resonate the most with. 
  • Launching multiple ads and product campaigns can also lead to productive results – but you’ve gotta stay consistent and check it often enough to limit your losses and maximize your profits

At the time that I began exploring the drop shipping and E-commerce world of business, I had a handsome cushion of funds that I was able to expel in experimenting with 7 Figure Skills by AJ Jomah. 

I’m actually generating a multiple 6 figures through my online business venture of local lead generation

It’s actually thanks to this that I’m working part-time on my business and have both the time and resources to invest in other business opportunity coaching programs (like the 7 Figure Skills coaching course) so I can deliver an honest review here for you.  

That includes being able to drop a hefty amount on Facebook Ads and give this business the quality try that it deserves. 

Why would you shake the tree to see what falls if I’ve already done it for you? 

After that analogy, I’m glad that you’re here and reading this so you didn’t have to toss your funds in a highly expensive, high-risk coaching program that is harder to return a profit with if you’re brand new to entrepreneurship. 

Even the veterans from others business models have a hard time with this. 

We know what it’s like to toss money away by the thousands just in “trying something.” 

It’s not fun, but it’s business; you have try something for yourself and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Was this a strong fit for me?

While I’ve earned my few sales on some eCommerce products, I really returned back to my local lead gen business quickly – especially since it, and this blog, were generating free traffic on search results.

If it’s true that it’s not how much money you can generate, but instead, how much you can retain as you progress through business and life, then I’m glad that I’ve found a business model that actually doesn’t require that I spend any money on Facebook Ads or Google Ads (Pay Per Click, or “PPC”). 

If you’re comfortable with running Facebook Ads to the degree necessary to make a business model like this work for your benefit, then AJ Jomah’s 7 Figure Skills could be for you if you’re open to:

  • Working with your Facebook Ads Account Management like it’s your full-time job daily
  • Appreciating 10 percent to 15 percent return on your investment with low-profit margins (regardless of if the product you decide to market online is high priced or on the lower end)
  • Inconsistency with results – meaning inconsistent sales, inconsistent Facebook Ads performances, inconsistent market response to the products you push out and advertise with/for

Wow; no wonder people that claim to have gotten their big start in the E-commerce and drop shipping space decide to open up a coaching program and sell a recorded video educational course for this kind of digital marketing – like for Amazon FBA, Shopify, eCom, etc. 

Although the big venues for E-Commerce are with Amazon FBA Business and Shopify stores, I can attest to there being massive amounts of competition in both business types. 

What this means is:

  • Online shoppers have more choices in retailers and stores to choose from
  • As they compare prices, they could or could not stay on your store long enough to buy from you
  • The volume of competition can drive prices for your products (and similar products) lower and lower
  • Your profit margins can be reduced as time progresses – maybe even to an uncomfortable amount that has you changing your mind about whether this was a good investment to make
  • The volume of work required to turn a profit with this business model fluctuates daily (and sometimes, even within the same business day – and when your business operates online, every day is a business day; 7 days a week) despite the profit margins available with the lowering prices in the marketplace overall
  • I’ve known others who’ve tried this business model – meaning E-commerce – and they just got exhausted and burnt out super quick!

Why I Love the 2019 Online Business of Local Lead Generation

To prove that I’m successful, I’m including my company website so you can see evidence of my successes – and yes, I post some results, from time to time, on my website: Ippei Leads

The Local Lead Generation Business has allowed me to part ways with my 9 to 5 gig in downtown Detroit, Michigan after only a year of kickin’ it with this mentoring program

I learned everything I needed to in that course and it’s allowed me to expand my business in the simplest way, whenever I feel like it:

  1. Toss together a lead gen site
  2. Grab some rubber cement and stick that puppy to the top of search results
  3. Rake in the dough like it’s my birthday – every month

How does this business model really work?

Free traffic comes to my lead gen sites.

They’re inexpensive to maintain, and I hardly do anything to them after they’re ranking and banking for me. 

How’s the profit margins?

Near 100%. 

I’d say that’s a lot better than working my tail off and buying the attention of “maybe buyers” on social media when I could get in front of the ideal customers with free traffic to keep them coming day-in, day-out.

This is how I’ve been able to achieve stable and reliable, passive income over the last several years. 

When these lead gen sites bringing referrals, I send them over to a local small business who pays me ridiculously well. 

How would you feel if a business owner gave you anywhere from $750 to $3,000 to retain your services and keep the lead flow coming their way –

I wouldn’t say no to $750 every month for 6 hours of work like what I did with this limo site that still pays me monthly to this day…

Especially if it’s from a virtual real estate property you’re renting out them that you’ve only worked on for 6 hours (or less, even)…

And I’ve hardly done anything to fix or maintain these websites. 

I haven’t needed to touch them because the business owners are happy to be getting more business from me every single month. 

Things are good. 

Here’s the other things that are also working well for my lifestyle now that I’ve got sick, passive income that I never imagined possible when I started this gig in 2014…

  • Ever thought of owning your own international business?  We have some people in our coaching program that actually service clients all over the globe
  • Expand your reach and scale your business to include more and more small businesses that will continue to pay you month after month, year after year
  • Build a passive income that rivals that of most specialists in the medical field or well-compensated attorneys in the nation
  • When you’re ready, feel free to tell your boss to take a hike and leave your job just as I had after reaching $10k per month

We’re not saying you’re going to land this kind of success in a year like I did, as there are never any guarantees in business. 

That said…

We’ve had multiple members in our local lead generation coaching program quit their job to do this kind of business model full-time…

And a lot of them still only work this in a part-time capacity because they love having more control of their time to spend the passive income they make in the side-hustle they started in what feels like only months ago!

  • Work this business from home, rent an office, or travel and keep doing what you do from a laptop and a reliable source of an internet connection on the go
  • Forget about attending to a punch clock – you decide when you go to sleep and wake up, it’s your business now
  • NEVER feel obligated to use paid traffic strategies – I don’t, and I’m doing just fine
  • Leverage the same business model that Lyft, Uber, Airbnb, and others like them have established themselves on – perform local lead generation with free traffic and send them to service providers who pay you ridiculously well
  • Help business owners who are great with their craft, or even great with managing a business, but could use a hand in expanding their bottom line by your helping them to get customers from the internet
  • Secure your financial future and self-confidence of what you’re doing by learning a new, high-income skill that you can implement to turn profits for yourself in as early as the first week of being in our coaching program if you really want to
  • MASSIVE PROFIT MARGINS – you’re not selling products, you don’t have to handle obnoxious fees for permission to market on a third parties’ platform, and you definitely don’t have let the cost of goods sold dip into your profits here
  • Enjoy what you do when you know that you’re helping a small business serve their communities, grow their business, and make a living that can give back to their families who sacrifice so much while the business owner slaves away at their business
  • With the profits you can bring to a company, you could even help that business owner to hire managerial help so they can start buying back some of their time and live the American dream of being a business owner the way it was always intended to be – where they can afford to take the time out of their business and take their family on a well-deserved vacation out of country

Even though I’ve built my online lead generation business to a specific height of achievement, all it has done is really solidified my resolve in exploring more opportunities to find business owners that are a right fit for what I do. 

That means that there is very low competition for what we do; there are tons of small businesses serving their local neighbors, friends and/or families, and we can run this business model for any industry in any city. 

My 45 lead generation sites span all across North America, and in the last week alone, 4 businesses have reached out requesting a quote for the things that they’ve heard I can do – who are also scattered throughout the country. 

My blog is getting noticed.

The business owners I’m helping are bragging about the ways in which I explode their bottom line monthly. Remember this Tree Service lead gen site?

I’m to the point in my entrepreneurial career that I’m now extremely picky on who gets to work with me. 

By all means, I’m still expanding my business, but I’m the one who brings the buyers – I’m the small business’ bill to help pay their other bills – and that makes me the important person in the dialogue.

That’s not arrogance, but it’s a fact; when I can bring that kind of value, and the business owner knows it, they’re willing to have a serious conversation about a long-term business relationship. 

Are you ready to earn that kind of reputation online without spending money on Facebook Ads or getting a second job?

If another person were to explore the field of what we do, like come into our coaching program (for example) –

It’s the same one that was started by a gentleman, named Dan, who worked this business model long before he even considered throwing together a coaching program for it.

It’s here that you can learn from the guy who taught me how to build my business to where it is today…

I’d like to hear from you in the next few minutes so we can connect and help you get your questions answered about my #1 pick among the best online businesses available for you to invest in this year, in 2019. 

If you haven’t clicked it already, then remember – you’ve read all the way to the bottom of this page! 

Click here to learn more about local lead generation and how it can change your life!

Clients on Demand by Russ Ruffino – Unbiased Review

Business services?

Coaching programs? 

Selling Products? 

In-person or online?

When I was getting started in the internet marketing industry with my local lead generation business model, I hired a mentor through this coaching program to teach me what he knows.  

I wanted to have a skill that genuinely turned massive profits for me without giving me more work to do, like — ya know — a second job would. 

Then I got started, quit my full-time job a year into the adventure, and I’m now making over $45,000 in monthly, passive income in 2019. 

It’s truly been a remarkable journey. 

So we’ve all had our big start when we looked into making money online. 

Sounds ridiculous, but just read to the end and you’ll see just how legit this is. 

Anyway, there I am getting my great start. 

I thought that it was so impressive that I was going to be an awesome life coach to someone in the future. 

You know, like those people who hit it big and have all this success then charge reasonable prices to make themselves available and share their wisdom of how they made their successes happen. 

I thought it was going to be awesome. 

And it was… kind of. 

See, every single person I took on (as a client) always changed my outlook on life. 

I was excited to see their joy when they transformed into something better than either of us thought would have been possible from their courageous work. 

Recommendations were made, referrals were sent my way, more clients due to the raving reviews provided by current customers – it was the life! 

In fact, people loved me so much that I was broke! 

Yeah… true story. 

I guess it turns out that life coaching really doesn’t make that much money – despite how rewarding the work is. 

I could be passionate and excited for changes made that make people around me happier than they ever thought they could be. 

Unfortunately, the bills just weren’t getting paid.  

I explored options on how to get more money in a day so I could live and eat:

  • Lower my rates?
  • Put more money into marketing (that I didn’t have)?
  • Ask past customers to buy from me again?

If I was so good, then why couldn’t I produce more funds in my so-called successful career?

At the end of the day, coaching is a business. 

Yes, I know.  It’s hard to look at it like this, but when you’re out of peanut butter and jelly then it’s time to take some drastic actions. 

If I was going to continue going forward in the self-employed track of life, then it was time for me to figure out how I was going to earn my living. 

Even though I was an epic coach for the clients that came to me asking for some support, I decided that I needed some mentoring of my own to guide me toward where I felt I needed to go. 

Whenever you’re reaching out for someone to help you like this, it’s always best to look at it from the perspective of asking someone to look your way for a period of time. 

When you hire a mentor, you’re inviting them into your personal space to watch you briefly and recommend changes that you could make to get to where you want to go. 

Unfortunately, any coach that I had explored seemed to seriously miss the point of what I was looking for; their promises were beyond extraordinary!   

What I mean is that I just couldn’t believe the words they were saying or the claims they were making. 

None of them seemed to be in the market to help someone like me – in the position I was in. 

I couldn’t find a coach of my own that would be a good fit until I met someone at a local meet-up that dropped the name: Mr. Russ Ruffino. 

There’s a name I didn’t think about looking into. 

Who was this guy?

Would he be the person I was looking for?

Can he guide me to where I want to go?

Is this the top coach in 2019 for an entrepreneurial-minded, success-oriented individual such as myself? 

Read on to learn more! 

By the way…

If you haven’t yet started something for yourself to turn some profits through the internet, feel free to consider our coaching program; we’ve got a few spots open to educate people the ropes of local lead generation and how this can work for you from home, in your spare time.

Why did I just drop a shameless plug? 

I’ll tell ya later – and oh the reason is very good! 

For now, more on the myth, the man, the future mentor: Russ Ruffino’s Clients on Demand.

Russ Ruffino: Who is This Guy?

If you’ve never been to California – especially the southern portions of it – then let me give a quick description of it, because that’s how Mr. Ruffino likes his environment (or, so I think). 

The rumors are true; starlets and famous people head out to the West Coast for more than just the business opportunities. 

The place is as beautiful as it is fast-moving and quick-paced. 

If you ever head out that way, be sure to wear your go-fast kicks because you’ll be hauling some serious tail just to get up to speed on how the local layout works. 

A humble man, no doubt, Russ is no stranger to taking responsibility for the important things in his life and carrying through on commitment. 

He demonstrates that with waking up to work on his family, what with his marriage and child and all. 

The gentleman that I’ve heard about who likes to make a living by changing lives with his business career, Ruffino established the Clients on Demand coaching program in the year 2011. 

How does he reach other people and pass his overarching message along to the masses? 

He’s no stranger to implementing technology in order to get his job done. 

By the way, he does it well! 

You can catch Russ Ruffino in the following mediums:

  • Podcast
  • Facebook
  • Customized YouTube Channel
  • Instagram
  • Running webinars to educate and connect
  • Twitter
  • And a variety of other social platforms and media

Understanding the Program: Clients on Demand

If you’re looking to become a coach, then Russ probably isn’t going to be a good mentor for you. 

His heavy hitter material is better geared toward those already working in the trenches and changing lives as we speak. 

If you still want to get into this space, then you could probably find his education and content more applicable to you when you’ve helped a handful of clients achieve some things. 

I’m not saying you can’t get started with Ruffino, but he’s got some high-level things to share and it’ll just make more sense when you’ve been through the gauntlet of getting satisfied customers under your belt first. 

This is a review blog, after all.  I’m happy to provide some insight. 

Also, if you’re looking to get started with making money online, the cost of his program (alone) would make any newcomer balk at first. 

I know I did when I heard how much his program costs. 

Still, I think this guy had something to him that I might be able to capitalize on. 

So what’s it all about – that Clients on Demand thing that Russ is doing? 

Well, you get to dig in with Russ from the very beginning of starting his mentorship programs. 

He helps you to find your ideal clients that:

  • Seem to be a good fit for what you’re hoping to work with them on
  • Can reach your price of entry without asking for things for free or some upfront discount
  • Believe in what you’re trying to do
  • Take what you’re saying and appreciate your time

One other thing: Russ Ruffino reminds you of your need to make money – that you’re in business – and that you need to generate more revenue to continue to afford to help people. 

Part of his content includes recommendations on how to have future clientele consider you instead of you having to go find them and pitch them to get started with your coaching experience.

How awesome would that last part be: have clients seek you out.

You’d be like a famous brand right from the get-go; no more following up with people who don’t want to talk to you or quickly hang up on you while pretending to be polite. 

No more ridiculous handshakes necessary at events you never wanted to show up at, where the business cards you pass out are as worthless as the napkins they wipe their mouths with before tossing them (along with your card) into the garbage. 

Russ’ course, just for attracting clients, is worth the price of admission – so you can have something to show for all the work that you’re trying to accomplish. 

As a new member, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Figure out how to get less face-to-face events happening so you can help more people in less time, and still have time for yourself to enjoy your career’s lifestyle
  • Figuring out other resources that you can leverage so you don’t have your phone ringing off the hook from clients to ask you about every little detail to your program’s aspects (downloadable files, recorded podcasts, and other forms of published content)
  • Learn to be the go-to expert among your competitors
  • Charge your pricing to what you really deliver, and not to undercut the competition (who probably don’t provide what you can anyway)
  • How to guide my clientele in a way that positions me to be the EXPERT in my field (to them).
  • Finding ways to perform my services in less exhausting, more automated pattern
  • Earning back my social time so I can have a life outside of my business
  • 2-day closing structure for selling clients quickly and getting them off of my prospecting actions
  • Getting authentic with both my sales and marketing and in the coaching services itself

I like that: Authentic! 

When I achieved some changes from Mr. Ruffino’s mentoring, I had a new found appreciation for the things I was doing in the field of coaching and life mentoring. 

I received the privileges of…

  • Less content marketing headaches
  • More satisfaction in my clients
  • More buyers for my coaching services
  • Landing the type of people that will passionately work with my guidance to make a profound change in their life – ultimately leading to some amazing testimonials I was able to leverage for the marketing… so I could change more lives for the better

I know that I’ve made some changes.

I also know that Russ Ruffino provided guidance during the same time that those changes were made and the results were realized.

There’s no telling who ultimately takes the credit for these rewards of hard work and joys that came from implementing his wisdom…

I’ll simply say that I’m grateful for my mentor’s guidance and I’ll happily run with what results were delivered from enduring the rigors of changing for the better with the help of Mr. Ruffino’s Clients on Demand program. 

How 6 Figures Were Acquired with Local Lead Generation in 2019

If you possess clientele by the volume equivalent to a laundry list (yeah, that’s a pretty old school term), then you might be able to get something out of Russ Ruffino’s coaching and mentoring with his Clients on Demand program. 

For the newbies reading this kind of review, I want to make sure that you get started off in your entrepreneurial adventures online with an opportunity to land some wins in a relatively short amount of time. 

The coaching industry can be brutal – and you also have to have testimonials, which are often hard to acquire if you’ve never had clients before in a coaching program that you want to get started with. 

By all means, go ahead and start a coaching program if that’s really what you want to do.

I’m not putting together this blog to tell people what they can or can’t do with their time and business ideas. 

However, having raked in a hefty 6 figures of annual income with having been in business only less than 5 years, I have a unique perspective on the situation and think I can communicate what I believe is the most effective approach to getting started with a side-hustle online. 

When I got started, it was 2014 and I was struggling to generate a profit online while I was sick and tired of my 9 to 5 and the freezing cold commutes that came from the joyous benefit of living in downtown Detroit (especially in the winter mornings that carried freezing gusts of wind). 

It was a miserable lifestyle and I was more than ready for a change.

That’s why I started looking for an opportunity to gain a side-hustle that would profit me long-term without messing with what little time I could afford to spare in life each and every day

It wasn’t until I had found this coaching program for local lead generation that helped me to figure out how to use free traffic (which meant no paid ads) to generate web traffic and leads that I could send to a local business for a hefty profit. 

This type of passive income is awesome and is what helped me to turn what was a simple side hustle into a now 6 figure business. 

This is what the results of my efforts look like…

A business owner sending me $750 every month – and they’ve continued doing that for the last 4 years, without missing a single month.

Now I have about 45 of these deals all paying me every month whether I work or not. 

What else this has afforded me to do is…

  • Work anywhere I want now – I don’t have a 9 to 5 anymore and don’t have to punch a clock that requires me to be somewhere before work actually starts
  • I can generate as much income as I want – and I never thought I’d say when I started a few years ago, but now I make more money than medical physicians and attorneys in a calendar year
  • I can choose my work hours – and the money will still come in if I take time off for being sick, vacationing, or anything else
  • My business will be around for quite some time – the internet isn’t going anywhere and businesses want to make more money
  • So I use free traffic on search engines to send them more leads, and they pay me monthly to keep sending them business (just like Uber and Airbnb)

When you’re using Google search results to rake in the bucks, you might as well dominate the marketplace and get the maximum results to send to a company to keep paying you for years.

Just like what I did for limo rentals in Lansing, MI.  Check it out below:

If you’re ready for these kinds of results in your future, then consider joining our coaching program so you can learn how to generate leads in a side business (just like I started doing in 2014) and make your year of 2019 (and beyond) the days that you never have to worry about your financial security again. 

I look forward to hearing from you!