Ultimate Amazon Seller Course by Philip Covington – Unbiased Review

A highly successful Amazon seller, raking in a routine annual income of high six (6) figures, has pieced together one the finest Amazon FBA Course that I have ever seen – and I’ve been through several of them out there already.

Ask yourself these questions, just as I did when I first got started in the online marketing space:

  • Wanna know the good and the bad of Ultimate Amazon Seller?
  • Where can I find the most ideal, internet-based business to launch my side hustle?
  • Is Amazon FBA Business the perfect fit for me?

Just as I’ve encountered and you’re probably experiencing now, the volume of possibilities in where to find guidance on getting started working online – from home – can be a daunting title wave of information…

And worse… everyone claims to be “the go to expert” and we just don’t know who to trust to show us what it takes to bring home the bacon.

Unfortunately, I find that there’s only a handful of serious possibilities in coaching programs that can actually yield your wildest dreams that begin with establishing yourself online and collecting what you would find to be a solid, sustainable, real and reliable income without adding a second job to your day.

If this kind of income means allowing you to be able to leave your 9 to 5 and never look back, then maybe it’s worth reading a little more about.

Selling physical products in the business model of Amazon FBA can be one option…

Then, there’s my recommendation of what helped me to leave my 9 to 5 only a few short years ago…

Local Lead Generation

Not sure what that is?  No worries, read on and you’ll see exactly how it can do wonders for your life just as it has mine.

For now, let me bring you my perception on Philip Covington’s Ulitmate Amazon Seller coaching program, the Amazon FBA business model in and of itself, and hopefully present you with the opportunity to choose where to spend the next couple of years learning how to generate an income online that you can be proud of. 

What exactly is the Amazon FBA?  Its real title is Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon makes themselves available for people are looking to launch their own business online, and it can be from the comfort of their own home if they so choose. 

In essence, they just made life easier for you by making Amazon the handler of your order fulfillment so you can rest easy when customers buy from you.

This means, outside of your marketing and product listing, you can rest easy while Amazon does all of the…

  • The Storing of Products on hand
  • The Packaging of the items that have been bought and sold
  • Postage costs to get products to your door and then to your customers
  • Learning to be a business owner and solve problems as they arise (which can span anywhere from handling returns, attempting to work with difficult customers, or other situations involving the otherwise redress over customer service calls)

Basically, you get to focus on researching new products to list, market, and rake in the revenue from your efforts.

This is an awesome trend thanks to our modern-day technology here.  With the internet, now you can…

  • Partner with reputable companies (like Amazon)
  • Run a real business
  • A chance to focus on bringing in buyers (meaning less overhead costs)
  • The opportunity to turn a profit from selling physical products from the comfort of your own home

As we bring about new technology, it seems, you can establish your own company with progressively less and less costs to get your start.

The Invaluable Skill Needed to Turn a Profit Online

There could be several important aspects to running a business that we can discuss here, like researching to select your (hopefully) ideal or perfect product that you wish to list online and hope someone will see it.

In fact, we could tailor this whole conversation to the industry of selling physical products on Amazon. 

Ultimately, however, you can generate an actual living from the internet with one high-income skill and that’s generating attention online…

Getting Traffic!

If money loves attention (and it does), then it would benefit anyone to greatly increase their ability to put themselves and/or their product(s) or service(s) in front of ideal customers on a grand scale – and this principle applies to everything, whether you’re selling basket weaving instructions for underwater do it yourself’ers or attempting to deliver a well-needed service in your marketplace…

If you can get in front of people who are seeking what you’re looking for, you now have a chance to really make some cold hard cash. 

There are multiple ways to acquire traffic (meaning getting buyers to come and see what you have put out there online), such as…

  • Buying the traffic thru paid strategies (such as Facebook Ads, or Google Ads – also referred to as PPC, or “Pay Per Click)

Or you can use the method that I’ve used to make a living online and quit a widely underpaid full-time job:

  • FREE TRAFFIC (Where you put a product listing or website to the top of the natural, organic search results for a search term that people are actively seeking online)

To come full circle here, there are pros and cons to each of these strategies of getting attention.

  • With paid traffic options, you can bring in immediate buyer attention – BUT – your margin of profit for each and every sale can be reduced because you’ve just created an extra expense for your business model… you’re buying the attention you wanted. 

Additionally, any form of paid advertising is going to require constant attention, tweaking, adjusting, analyzing, and reporting. 

  • In the realm of FREE TRAFFIC – which is awesome, by the way – it is not fair that tons of people claim that Search Engine Optimization (referring to the ever-popular but suddenly, notionally taboo acronym: SEO ) and ranking methods don’t work; they do!
  • I’m living proof that they do.

How do I know that Free Organic Traffic and ranking websites on search results works and generates buyer traffic?

Simple… I see well over $50,000.00 reasons every single month when I get to wake up every day whenever I want and I don’t have to answer to a boss anymore for $35,000.00 in an annual salary anymore.

I get to kiss ramen noodles goodbye while living in a studio apartment, and instead, I get to travel where I want, work with who I want, and take a vacation without asking someone if it’s okay to do so and still have a job when I get back in town.

Unfortunately, patience is involved and that tends to be one of the drawbacks in society here; it’s not a strategy that delivers instant gratification. 

It takes time to build your web property, establish your presence online, then get it indexed in wherever you’re looking to get found as a search result so you can begin competing in the marketplace for your opportunity to be found at the top. 

Since seeing results doesn’t always occur overnight, we need to keep in mind that you’re fabricating something that never existed before and telling the Google algorithm (or product listing, as it were) that you are fully qualified to be found as the most relevant, first choice for what people are searching for. 

A long-term play in the world of business — patience is required to see the fruits of these labors… something not many are able to handle gutting it out for. That’s okay though, I am and I am comfortable with seeing and living the returns month after month, year after year, now.

Besides that, you almost always get to see a higher quality of the referrals that come through this method since you’re now putting yourself (meaning your web property or product listing) in front of those that have high buyer intent; they’re looking, almost exactly, for what you’re putting out there.

This can be in lieu of social media strategies you have to pay for.  Naturally, you want to get attention and hopefully position yourself in front of ideal buyers with money in-hand, but Facebook Ads (for example) doesn’t always work like that. 

With Facebook Ads methods, you’re getting in front of people who simply travel through their day – and you’re trying to give them a pattern interrupt to convince them that you have something they both need and could benefit from; and both of those things could be correct, but they aren’t exactly looking for what you are offering… so is this really the ideal customer you’re trying to get in front of?

Free Traffic can offer significant profit margins as you’re gathering ideal, ready to buy folks without the costs of ad spend. 

Free Traffic = Free of Charge = No Ad Spend out of your pocket to get a sale!

It can take a while to get where you wanna be (meaning at the top of the first page of search results), but it can be worth the efforts as you could see the result of being there for a very long time.  It’s that long-term play here that is giving you the profits – so it’s worth the patient, diligent efforts to land your business model on top of the marketplace.

I love the local lead generation business model for this very reason!  Simply put, here’s why you might like it too…

  1. I have a web property on the 1st spot of Search Results (it’s been there for a while, and I haven’t spent a dime since I super glued it to the first position)
  2. I’ve got time freedom on my side because this virtual real estate is working for me, instead of my working on it every day to keep it at the #1 spot (which I’m not)
  3. It STILL Collects FREE ORGANIC TRAFFIC day in and day out, weeks, months, and even years later
  4. I get a PASSIVE INCOME, without additional costs like ad spend, making the passive income nearly all profit

How Does a Product Get Listed on Amazon’s 1st Page Results?

As we’ve just discussed, this is the key to your future financial success in the endeavor to live an online, internet, laptop lifestyle of business luxury.

These Amazon coaching gurus (a lot of them, at least) attempt to claim that they have the secret sauce that can get you to the first position of Amazon search results on product listings in less than a month…

Or something equally, and ridiculously, outstanding of a questionable claim here. 

Amazon’s computer programming has been designed within the platform to secure it from supposed gimmicks and tricks; you can see one brand of the same product there one day and then the next day it’ll be nowhere near the first page, let alone found anywhere near the coveted first position. 

Basically, these tricks probably won’t stick, much like we all hoped they would when we first got started in digital marketing here.

Words from a Successful Entrepreneur: Hard work is the way to build long-term success. 

Said another way, to hopefully further illustrate this concept: stay away from the open claims of having the awesome trick, secret hack, or other, cleverly-disguised schemes to building wealth. 

These words are coming from my personal inspection and exploration of having met, talked with, and further explored what those top folks in the Amazon product listings are really doing out there. 

If you want to stick with this physical products business model in Amazon FBA Business, then remember this…

The Top Factor in Determining your Amazon Product Listing’s Organic Ranking is How Well It’s Converting.  Broken down, it’s nothing more than…

  • How many prospective buyers actually see your product listing’s page (yes, a page and a listing could be 2 different things)
  • How many visitors “convert”, meaning “buy”, from your product listing on Amazon

See, Amazon is running a business themselves, so they’re business people that know what suggests that a product is of sound quality and worthwhile to the audiences it services – and that’s whether it actually is bought and sold in the real marketplace. 

This is why your research in product selection is so critical to your Amazon FBA Business and entrepreneurial success. 

This is why countless people come into this Amazon business model and get frustrated that they haven’t turned a profit right away. 

So those who’ve rocked out their first few wins and continue to be wildly successful in the Amazon FBA Business model thoroughly understand, and know how to implement, the requirements involved in this first step…

  • Select the ideal Product
  • Come up with an epic and unique twist on the product’s concept

This further helps to outline the reasons for Philip Convington’s coaching program having no less than 3 Product Research modules – all separate, mind you – catered to helping his students understand exactly what it takes to land a winning product concept. 

Of course, there are other things you can do – nay, need to do – in order to land a stellar rate of conversions on your product, like 5-star reviews in abundance on your product listing.

It’s traditional psychology of following the group; if you see a bakery with a line extending a mile down the road and every single person in that line are all patiently waiting in hazardous weather for a chance to make a purchase at this place, and nearby is a bakery with not a soul in sight actively making the effort to get inside and request some service…

Which one are you going to want to get in on?

Which one do you think has something better to offer?

I guess it goes without saying then: Stark Raving Reviews about YOUR product listing is vital to your success in the Amazon physical products selling business model.

The game has changed, though.  Before, you could just falsify reviews and do them yourself so you could profit massively.  Unfortunately, now, you can’t exactly game the system anymore in providing fake proof to Amazon that your product listing deserves to be the top, Number 1 search result. 

Sorry, Charlie!  They’ve gotten smarter about looking at your listing to make sure that real people are talking really good about your really good product – so be sure to do your homework and select the right product from the beginning (if you can). 

Still, the winners in this business model all began with an outstanding product concept.

If you’ve ever heard the name Liz Herrera, she has a small team of 3 employees that work in her big time Amazon FBA business and they do nothing for her except design new concepts for new products. 

Does this require you to be a genius in creativity and product design?  Not necessarily…

Instead of going through all this hub-bub like her team does, you could – instead – just research and study what others have done successfully and attempt to duplicate exactly what they’ve done to try and achieve what they’ve accomplished as well. 

You can collect some ideas from a few similar, and very popular, product listings in the industry you’re focused on, combine some of the finer points on each of those products, and aggregate those ideas into your single product listing…

…and BOOM!  There is your killer product listing.

You think I thought all of this up?  Thank Mr. Covington!  Philip is the one who presents these concepts – especially in a more direct and easy to follow, step by step approach – in his Ultimate Amazon Seller Coaching Course.

However, despite this large claims above, nothing is guaranteed.  That said…

It’s a lot easier to turn a profit in a relatively short time in the local lead generation space.  You toss up a simple website, get it stuck to the top of Google, rake in the traffic and the profits are soon to follow.  Heck, I don’t even do much work on these digital billboards that are already paying money handsomely!

I worked on them once, and they continue to pay me month after month, year after year, so I can continue doing what I love to do with both financial and time freedoms.  If you want to know more about how you can do this too, check out our coaching program on local lead generation.

Brief Overview of Ultimate Amazon Seller Course by Philip Covington

Here’s a brief glimpse into what it might be like inside the Ultimate Amazon Seller Course.  Philip Covington put some work into this, so his lectures are easy to follow and worth looking into…

Module 1: Setting Your Business Model Up for Success

  1. Lecture: Business Structure (7:13)
  2. Lecture: Finding a good name for your Business (5:46)
  3. Lecture: Is an LLC for me? (3:09)
  4. Lecture: Organizing your Limited Liability Company (LLC) (14:23)
  5. Lecture: Understanding the US Marketplace with International Sellers in it (6:05)
  6. Lecture: If you’re international, here’s how to organize your LLC within the confines of the United States (USA)
  7. Lecture: A Head’s Up on Scams Aimed Newly Formed LLCs
  8. Lecture: International Sellers and options for non-approved countries to list products on Amazon
  9. Lecture: Quick Discussion on Taxes for Canadian Citizens Selling in the US Marketplace with Amazon
  10. Supplemental Information: Which Countries Does Amazon Work With?
  11. Supplemental Information: The Currency Converter for Disbursement from Amazon (ACCD)
  12. Resources: Module W1
  13. Task Sheet: (Module W1
  14. Quiz: Module W1

Module 2: Understanding Bookkeeping, Taxes, and Insurance Requirements

  1. Lecture: Your EIN – and other forms of your Tax Identification Number (4:07)
  2. Lecture: Taxes involved in doing Business (8:18)
  3. Lecture: Vital Knowledge for Bookkeeping (2:50)
  4. Lecture: Liability Insurance on your Products (5:09)
  5. Lecture: Sample Application for a Tax ID Number (11:47)
  6. Supplemental Information: Tax ID Numbers for Non-US Citizens
  7. Supplemental Information: Local State Taxation for Physical Product Income Information
  8. Resources: Module W2
  9. Task Sheet: Module W2

Module 3: Accounts for your Business

  1. Lecture: Checking Accounts for Businesses (3:57)
  2. Lecture: DBA – Who are you doing business as? (5:58)
  3. Lecture: Revisiting what Sales Tax Is (5:18)
  4. Lecture: Profit and Loss Sheets (2:42)
  5. Lecture: What is a Balance Sheet? (3:56)
  6. Sales Tax News (The Latest information is usually given here – as of this writing, the information was updated from August 2017)
  7. Resources: Module W3
  8. Task Sheet: Module W3

Module 4: Your Business on Amazon – and How to Set It Up

  1. Lecture 1: Figuring out your Store Name (3:26)
  2. Supplemental Information: BEFORE YOU SET UP YOUR AMAZON SELLER ACCOUNT, here are 7 things you should really get familiar with first (and foremost) (14:13)
  3. Lecture 2: Establishing your Amazon Seller Account (8:53)
  4. Lecture 3: Costs and Fees in Doing Business on Amazon with Physical Products (9:44)
  5. Lecture 4: Introducing what is called Seller Central (3:06)
  6. Lecture 5: Ungating Amazon
  7. Lecture 6: Fees associated with the Fourth (4) Quarter regarding Amazon Storage Costs (3:44)
  8. Lecture 7: What you CANNOT do as an Amazon Seller – Activities and Actions (This is Important!) (15:34)
  9. Amazon Seller Account Note: Yes, Another Fee
  10. Resources: Module W4
  11. Task Sheet: Module W4
  12. Motivation Intermission (You Definitely Need to See This!)
  13. A Helpful Case Study: How to Bootstrap What You’re Doing for Maximum, and Near Immediate, Success! (8:51)

Module 5: Phase 1 on Researching Your Product

  1. Lecture: Overview of Products, Things to Look For & Where “the Gurus” Go Wrong (11:19)
  2. Lecture: To Bundle, or Not to Bundle? (5:29)
  3. Lecture: Landing Best Sellers (Randall’s Method) (3:28)
  4. Lecture: Why You Need to Embrace the Competition (4:47)
  5. Lecture: Common Sense in Amazon FBA Business (2:13)
  6. Lecture: Strong Product Research & Finding Trends
  7. Supplemental Information: Notes on Ranking Best Sellers
  8. Resources: Module W5
  9. Task Sheet: Module W5

Module 6: Phase 2 on Researching Your Product

  1. Lecture: Product Research using Alibaba (4:22)
  2. Lecture: Product Research “1688”
  3. Lecture: Product Research: Props to the Competition
  4. Lecture: Product Research on Facebook
  5. Lecture: Can the CamelCamelCamel Tool Really Help You?
  6. Lecture: Newest Product Research Tool – Amazon Services & The Top Selling ASINs
  7. Lecture: Product Research: The Unconventional Approach in 2019 (4:32)
  8. Supplemental Information: Search Filters for Research on Products in Alibaba
  9. Resources: Module W6
  10. Task Sheet: Module W6

Module 7: Phase 3 on Researching Your Product

  1. Lecture: Jungle Scout – An Introduction & A Quick Word of Caution
  2. Lecture: Is Jungle Scout An Accurate Tool?
  3. Lecture: Product Tracking – An Introduction
  4. Lecture: Jungle Scout Product Research Alternatives
  5. Lecture: Criteria – and When to Deviate
  6. Lecture: Using Something Called “Amzpecty”
  7. Lecture: The 2019 Methods of Product Research (9:49)

How are you keeping up with this? 

Yes, that’s right, 3 different modules for researching your product. 

Whew!  This is a time investment; Philip Covington knows this and he doesn’t mess around with this Ultimate Amazon Seller Course – he’s trying to cover every detail and get you prepared to go out there and make intelligent decisions about which products you end up selecting.

Module 8: Phase 1 on Sourcing Your Product

  1. Lecture: Considering Patented Products & How to Check for a Patent
  2. Lecture: Product Selection – Your Choice on How Much of a Risk to Really Take When Compared to the potential reward you could earn at the end of the tunnel here
  3. Lecture: Domestic Products versus International Imports (especially from China) (14:04)
  4. Lecture: Importing Products from India
  5. Lecture: Connecting a Seller thru Alibaba
  6. Lecture: Is Selling Patented Products Even an Option?

Module 9: Phase 2 on Sourcing Your Products

  1. Lecture: Assessing Risk on Level of Quantity Ordered
  2. Lecture: Finding Quotes
  3. Lecture: How to Negotiate
  4. Lecture: Landing the Strong Deal
  5. Lecture: Acquiring Samples
  6. Resources: Module W9

Module 10: Phase 3 on Sourcing Your Products

  1. Lecture: Designing Your Logo
  2. Lecture: Designing Your Package
  3. Lecture: Photographing Your Product
  4. Lecture: The Amazon FNSKU and UPC Coding
  5. Lecture: Finding Your Initial Product List
  6. Supplemental Information: Discussing Bar Codes
  7. Supplemental Information: More about the Amazon FNSKU and UPC Codes
  8. Resources: Module W10
  9. Task Sheet: Module W10

Module 11: Phase 4 on Sourcing Your Products

  1. Lecture: Shipping via Air Internationally
  2. Lecture: Shipping via Sea Internationally
  3. Lecture: Establishing a Shipping Plan
  4. Lecture: Product Ordering
  5. Lecture: Assuring Quality of Product(s)
  6. Lecture: Costly Mistakes on Importing (and how to avoid them) (12:27)
  7. Supplemental Information: Estimates on Freight Costs when Shipping By Sea
  8. Supplemental Information: Delivering Products to an Amazon Fulfillment Center (4:44)
  9. Resources: Module W11
  10. Task Sheet: Module W11

Module 12: Listing Your Product(s)

  1. Lecture: Product Variation Creation
  2. Lecture: Bundling Products
  3. Lecture: Keywords
  4. Lecture: Keywords in a Foreign Language
  5. Lecture: Amazon is Capping your Limits on Keywords Used – Updated!
  6. Lecture: Finding the Best Price to Set for your Product(s)
  7. Lecture: Guidelines from Amazon on Product Keywords for Listing Purposes (5:16)
  8. Lecture: 6 Hacks You Can Use when posting a Product Listing on Amazon (9:13)
  9. Lecture: Detail Page Policies for your Amazon Product Listing (6:00)
  10. Supplemental Information: 2 Vital Factors in your Product Listing
  11. Resources: Module W12

Module 13: Collecting Sales

  1. Lecture: Product Title Optimization
  2. Lecture: Product’s Bullet Points and Optimization
  3. Lecture: Product Images and Optimization
  4. Lecture: Product Description and Optimization
  5. Lecture: Back End Keywords on Your Amazon Product Listings and Optimization
  6. Lecture: The Importance of your Product Listing Reviews
  7. Lecture: Should I Follow Up?  If So – How?  By Email?  With Whom?
  8. Resources: Module W13
  9. Task Sheet: Module W13

Module 14: Sales Optimization

  1. Lecture: Amazon Sponsored Products and Optimizing Your Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign(s)
  2. Lecture: Launching Your Very First PPC Campaign for your Amazon Product Listing!
  3. Lecture: Running Promotions for your Product Listing – Reducing Pricing
  4. Lecture: Running Promotions for your Product Listing – Free Shipping Thru Amazon
  5. Lecture: Running Promotions for your Product Listing – BOGO Options (Buy One, Get One)
  6. Lecture: Advertising Thru Facebook – First Phase
  7. Lecture: Advertising Thru Facebook – Second Phase
  8. Lecture: Advertising Thru Facebook – Third Phase
  9. Supplemental Information: Display Ad Campaigns and Advertising Your Amazon Product Listing(s)
  10. Resources: Module W14
  11. Task Sheet: Module W14

Module 15: Handling Problems in the Amazon FBA Business

  1. Lecture: Who and What are Hijackers – and How to Deal with Them
  2. Lecture: Having an Amazon Seller Account Suspended (and what to do about it)
  3. Lecture: Exhausting Product Inventory
  4. Lecture: Paying Close Attention to Coupon Use
  5. Lecture: Reviewing Poor Product Choices Made by an Amazon FBA Business Entrepreneur
  6. Resources: Module W15

Module 16: How to See, Acknowledge, and Address More Problems (with Solutions)

  1. Lecture: What Are The Prying Eyes?  And how to protect yourself and your products from them
  2. Lecture: The Nature of Competition – especially when you’re competing directly with Amazon
  3. Lecture: Noticing and Handling Fake Reviews and Negative Product Reviews
  4. Lecture: Infringement Claims – What are they, how to see if they are or aren’t fake, and how to deal with them
  5. Resources: Module W16

Module 17: Beyond the Amazon FBA Business: FBM on Amazon & Shopify

  1. Lecture: What is FBM and how to work with it (FBM stands for “Fulfillment by Merchant”)
  2. Lecture: Why the leading industry experts claim that you need to stay away from these type of partnerships
  3. Lecture: Should I hire a part-time support team? Should they be in person? What about Virtual Assistants (VAs) that handle the administrative things while I handle the larger, more tangible aspects of the business model?
  4. Lecture: How to List Amazon FBM Products – and recommended strategies
  5. Lecture: Marketing your listed Amazon Products over in Shopify Stores (3:09)
  6. Resources: Module W17

Module 18: Scaling and Expanding Your Amazon FBA Business – Part 1

  1. Lecture: Is External Financing to Expand my Business Model Needed?
  2. Lecture: The benefits (and drawbacks) to Hiring Virtual Assistants for your Amazon FBA Business
  3. Lecture: Business Investments and Re-Investments
  4. Lecture: How to Ensure your Amazon FBA Business is a Success!
  5. Lecture: Tracking your Amazon Business thru These Key Metrics
  6. Resources: Module W18

Module 19: Scaling and Expanding Your Amazon FBA Business – Part 2

  1. Lecture: Expanding Your Business with Email Marketing
  2. Lecture: Optimizing Your Business to Sell
  3. Lecture: All About Amazon Wholesaling
  4. Lecture: Building Your Own Website to Sell Your Own Products
  5. Lecture: Is your Amazon Business Prepared for the Fourth (4) Quarter of the Year?
  6. Resources: Module W19

Module W20

The Pros and Cons of the Amazon FBA Business Model

Now it’s easy to see how, and why, people speak so highly of this extremely thorough course, Ultimate Amazon Seller by Philip Covington.  It’s got everything you could hope for – and more – to guide you toward earning a life-changing income thru the Amazon physical products selling industry.

Have a quick look at Amazon’s net sales over the last fourteen (14) years – by Billions (measured in United States Dollars)

When compared to the two largest entities on the internet today, meaning Facebook and Google, Amazon.com is the most visited retail and digital purchasing of physical products store across the globe. 

The sheer fact that they’re third in the world on the internet makes it that much more incredible.

There’s something to be said about its steady rise in fame and fortune, as the reputation of the company has skyrocketed since its inception.  Naturally, consumers just may transition to making online purchases for all of their wants and household needs. 

The Free and Fast Amazon 2-Day Shipping program for all of its Amazon Prime members are leading the company toward incredible heights – who knows where their next big step will be, but the extraordinary things they’ve already done have set the tone for everyone business in the physical products realm on an international shipping scale. 

Under the guidance of Philip Covington, the Amazon FBA Business coaching he provides can help anyone who is tenacious enough to enter the business world bring in a chunk of the capital from this enormous tidal wave of profits that are about to follow the Amazon takeover of the world’s online ordering practices.

It all boils down to whether you can get what you have put online in front of people who have the money and interest to partake in what you’re putting out there.

There are ways to make money online, but your most ideal circumstances are to ride the wave of the big three companies that have already become renown for garnering traffic at all corners of the world: In order, they are Google in the first place, with Facebook and Amazon in respective conciliar positions. 

It would be ideal if someone could center their business model and traffic generating strategies through all three platforms, however.

Hence the reason the Amazon FBA business model works if you attack it and work it to your advantage.  If you can take the time to select the ideal product, handle partnerships with manufacturers and Amazon directly, and introduce the product to lots of people that just might be interested in what you have, then there’s a chance you could be in a position to succeed! 

The Pros to the Amazon FBA Business

  • Capitalize on a trend that’s taking place with one of the most reputable companies in the tech era of our society
  • Amazon does everything for you in the Amazon FBA Business program; no more having to stock products in your home and address all the headaches of inventory, overhead, postage, and more
  • Easy and quick to start
  • Seemingly endless product selection – you can pick any one of them and toss up a listing (if you know what you’re doing and you’re fast at it)
  • Repeatable, duplicable process: expand your operation to multiple products if you can handle it
  • Build several avenues of income through various products posted online and listed in Amazon.  Mr. Covington has instructions in the Ultimate Amazon Seller coaching program on how to gather virtual assistants to assist you in the expansion of your business so you can outsource this work and make more time to enjoy your profits
  • Potential to land huge wins.  When you find the ideal product and match it with awesome branding, not only with your product listing get noticed by more and more ideal customers, you’ll also have the opportunity to receive exit offers from investors, retail companies, and more, that seek to either merge with or acquire your operation and branding.  That can be a ridiculously lucrative situation if you play your cards right

The Cons to the Amazon FBA Online Business Venture

I have personally made some profitable income from the Amazon FBA style of an online business, so I know that it works … to a degree.  In speaking from experience and the opinions of those I’ve met who have been in this business model for quite some time, here are some rationales on why the Amazon FBA business just might not be a good fit for everyone…

  • Amazon Position 1 Rankings to garner that coveted free traffic and profit massively (with little to no ad spend by this time) can benefit you very much, but it just doesn’t bring a lasting solution to your needs as an entrepreneur that wants lasting income from your invested time, energy, and resources into the work online. 
  • Very stiff competition; tough to beat out those who have thousands of positive product reviews already on a product or brand that is very close to what you’re attempting to push into the marketplace to earn a so-called side-hustle income living.
  • The cycle is ridiculously long from starting product research to generating profits.  Simply put, the volume of steps in place before you can actually acquire a sale for your product listing is unheard of anywhere else in the world.
  • You’re not able to control your assets; your product listings are subject to what Amazon is telling you that you can – and can’t – do to produce a sale on the Amazon physical products listings. 
  • One negative review can hurt your possibility of climbing the ranks of Google quickly.
  • If you aren’t primed with a hot commodity selected from the very beginning, tons of issues can influence how your profitability turns out.
  • You need to launch multiple products if you want to find a winner – and none of these products are guaranteed to give you even $1.00 of profit.
  • Limitations from partners – like out-of-stock issues or manufacturer defects – can adversely influence your profit margin.
  • There’s nothing stopping competitors from stealing your original ideas and copying your efforts to try and outperform your product listing (and it’s happened before, too).
  • Competition is getting more and more stiff in the physical products selling industry under Amazon FBA.  Remember, it’s a global business so everyone in countries across the world could be competing for the same top position and the free traffic of buyers that you are trying to get to as well. 

There’s just no opportunity be an overnight success or even a guarantee of acquiring your first sale with 24 hours of starting this kind of a business model.  If I can’t make a profit right away, then maybe if I were just starting out then I’d pass on this to start.


Bottom line is that Philip did an awesome thing throwing his clear-cut modules together in the Ultimate Amazon Seller coaching course.  Its intent is to give you all the information you need to make educated decisions and get you moving forward to your coveted dreams of landing an income for yourself through your efforts on the internet.

Your entry into this coaching program allows you access to guidance on selecting products that could be an Amazon selling winner, acquiring traffic (like running Facebook Ads to acquire more attention), to how to invite others to become your employees (virtual assistants) so you can manage your efforts and time better as you go through the Amazon FBA Business model.

The course, itself, is rock solid.  If you’re beginning to see a future in handling physical products, then this is the course for you.

Not to mention the priceless value of having a guidance coach to help you along the way; if you ever wanted to get somewhere fast, usually someone else has paved the way for you and it’s only a matter of time before you can have matching success stories since you followed their trail and learned where not to step because they’ve shown you how you can progress faster than they ever did.

In the end, having a coach can save you tons of time, lots of heart-ache, and maybe even lots of cash that you might have spent doing things wrong – and we all know that money is scarce when you’re launching your great and exciting business venture in the unknown results world of the internet.

Philip compiled his years of experience for your benefit into digestible sized lessons that are easy to understand, simple to follow along with, and organized in a fashion to get you closer and closer to the day that you actually launch your product listing and get it up on Amazon to be positioned to turn an actual profit online. 

This isn’t for the weak; not trying to sound macho here but it’s true.  If you’re sick of being in the rut of the 9 to 5 then it’s time to do something different, and Philip Covington gives his students exactly that; a rubric to follow and get into a position to profit.  He even gives you solutions to stumbling blocks that he, himself, has gone through so you don’t have to.

If you’re at your breaking point and don’t wanna wake up another Monday to have to go to a job that you know they’re not going to give you a raise for the work you’re doing this entire year, but maybe next year (we hope), then it’s time to get off the corporate elevator and step into the world of online entrepreneurship. 

Unfortunately, business isn’t for everyone.  People, for reasons I can’t identify, seem to not be that great at taking steady, massive action to get to where they want to go – discomfort often times gets the better of them when they’re reaching for their goals. 

Why Local Lead Generation is the ideal, online business model in 2019

I was once in that same destructive pattern before – working for “the man” and knowing that there was something better out there but I just couldn’t find it. 

I grew desperate for the opportunity to escape the rat race, tell my boss to take a hike at my 9 to 5, and more.

So I decided to search for something that gave me the blueprint to change my life.  But it was nowhere to be found conveniently…

Until I came across this coaching program that educated me about the possibilities of this high-income skill called Local Lead Generation

With it, you can DOMINATE your competition by taking all the web traffic from page 1, position 1 rankings and profit from the power of Free Organic Web Traffic!

This business model has helped me to make a living while making a difference in the lives of local small business owners across America – and in return, it’s helped me to change my life as well.

FREE, Organic Web Traffic Changes Lives!!! – Remember that; I wake up every day to that reality, and if you come into the coaching program where we teach you how to do exactly what I’ve done to change my life like this, you can too.

Haha… FREE, ORGANIC WEB TRAFFIC CHANGES LIVES – I should start a new hashtag with that one-liner.

With every website that I built, and pasted to the top of Google, I can increase my monthly income and have it stay with me month after month, year after year. 

It’s a long-term solution to escaping the rat race.

Like Real Estate, these virtual properties can get shown to prospective customers that then get sent over to small businesses – and they pay ridiculously well in gratitude for your helping them to grow their bottom line and help more customers in the community. 

They profit, they get their name out there, and you are the middle man – sittin’ back and collecting checks for building a web property one time and getting paid for the lifetime of it being at the top of the marketplace!

The awesome thing is that it doesn’t have the same costs as one might experience in the physical (commercial or residential) world of actual real estate, like property management and maintenance, office overhead, or other fees.

The process is simple…

  1. Build a website and stick it to the top of Google search results
  2. When buyers come through, you profit
  3. Repeat!!!

There’s not much more to it. Further, we see to it that you have everything you need inside of our coaching program to educate you on the industry, walk you through your first project, and help you to accomplish what we present to you — all inside of our coaching program (and so much more)! 

The blessings have been phenomenal for me as I now collect $50,000.00 every month from only 45 clients in North America!  Some of the things I’ve been able to enjoy include…

  • Easy Competition – with tons of cities and several industries to choose from where I want to work in
  • PASSIVE INCOME – I work on the website for only a short time and profit for the lifetime of that work I did once; some of these simple websites I haven’t even seen for years, because I don’t need to and the check still comes every month
  • Business Owners Need Your Help – they’re great at what they do. And, what they do is, provide a product or service. They’re not entirely sure of themselves on how to be the expert at generating referrals and new or repeat clientele for their own company though.   That’s why there’s such a great opportunity for you here!
  • Make Your Own Hours
  • Work wherever, and whenever, you want
  • Develop a bigger income than doctors and lawyers annually (and some I’ve met are doing it monthly now, too)

In my sole opinion, lead generation marketing is the fastest, smartest ways to make simple, cold hard cash with the internet in 2019.

It’s a business model that has it all:

  • Evergreen – I don’t think businesses or the internet are going anywhere anytime soon
  • Leverage for massive profits
  • Long term solution for both you and your clients
  • Ethical – you can really make a living while making a positive impact in the lives of business owners, their employees, and their loved ones
  • A proven system that you can easily follow along with

To view more testimonials of actual, successful students, and learn more about how you can be a part of the movement of local lead generation, go here now.

Amazon Fast Track by Ben Cummings – Unbiased Review

Known to be a straight up expert and leader in the eCommerce arena, it’s an understatement to claim that Mr. Ben Cummings is proficient in the space of Amazon.  If you’re looking to sell physical products through the world wide web, you can get every bit of information from A to Z to seriously launch your first product listing and be in a position to begin profiting through his Amazon Fast Track course. 

I’m talking about this course because I’ve actually experimented with the Amazon FBA Business model – and I’ve even raked in an okay return on investment (ROI).  Knowing that it works, I feel very comfortable sharing with you my personal experiences on how this has worked out.

Prior to starting with the physical products space and Amazon Fast Track by Ben Cummings, I began a side hustle called Local Lead Generation which allowed me to quit my 9 to 5, literally rake in $50,000 per month – on AutoPilot – from Free Google Search traffic, and not spending a dime on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Google Ads or Facebook Ads to try and turn a profit. 

Thanks to the lucrative income from that side hustle, I’ve been able to affordably – and comfortably – invest in the physical products space and attempting to compete in getting sales with Amazon… so I think I have an idea of what the space was like, especially since I had make some money from Amazon too. 

In fact, while I was doing this, I’ve met a vast number of other side hustle seeking entrepreneurs that became wildly successful through the Amazon physical products line of business by ending up selecting products that turned out to be a HUGE hit to market and sell on the product listings in Amazon.  Knowing what I know now, they’ve earned every penny for their hard work, too.

Although I’ve enjoyed investing my time, resources, and energy in understanding this space, I am going to offer you a quick overview about Amazon Fast Track by Ben Cummings and the nature of Amazon in general, in hopes that I’ll be able to share some insight and help you to choose whether this is an opportunity for you (or not).

Required Behaviors to Become a Success in Amazon by Ben Cummings

One of Mr. Cummings’ key points to both his and his students’ success stories he credits back to knowing – and implementing – certain kind of entrepreneurial behaviors… After all, this is a business venture!

These behaviors can include such things as…

  • Not just learning, but stepping up to activity on a massive scale immediately
  • Participating in his recommended challenge he calls the 90-day Fast Track
  • Giving monetary, hourly dollar values to certain business behaviors, he encourages others to dedicate their time to $1,000 to $10,0000 activity (in other words, what are they doing during this time they are claiming to be working on their business)
  • Acquire a Mentor or business coach

This last point – coaches and mentors – is a pivotal ingredient toward success because one of the more ideal concepts in business is to follow success; there’s a notion that success leaves clues and what better way to fast track your success than to follow proven steps to arrive at the goals and aspirations that inspired you to explore further into the world of entrepreneurship in the first place. 

Another reason to acquire a coach and mentor is to aggregate your resources into a direct path toward success, thereby saving you from losing out on your valuable assets in light of dire, costly mistakes as you try to “figure things out” in this new, online business venture of yours.

Take Ben, for example, who has outlined a creative way to identify physical products that you can leverage to rake in a bare minimum of $10,000.00 every single month if you set it up according to his training principles… and this is prior to selecting your Amazon listing product personally.

In other words, you need to identify what those $10,000.00 per hour best business practices are.  They can include mundane, yet vital behaviors, such as:

  • Improving personal keyword research skills
  • Identifying ideal products
  • Measuring the amount of time the aforementioned activities can take you

In addition to the precious time that you have to invest in this business venture (so you can better plan your days), if identifying the most profitable products leads you toward his claim of a minimum of $10,000 in base, monthly income, then we can identify that one (1) hour of diligent research on physical products could notionally bring you an additional $10,000 this year alone!

This is also valid when you’re not paying for ads and buying web traffic visitors to see what you’ve posted online for them to buy, but also when you’re kickin’ an affordable, sweet business online leveraging nothing other than Free, Organic web traffic. 

It’s so exciting that I can even recollect the moment I realized I had amassed my first $100,000.00+ in local lead generation.  It’s all about 1 thing…

  • Finding the local business market that you can get a web property, like virtual real estate, pasted to the top of Google like a digital billboard and spittin’ cash back at you with all the buyers coming your way!

Let’s get real here for a moment (not like we haven’t been already)…

Why would I be talking about an Amazon FBA Business and/or selling physical products online if I have done so well for myself in the local lead gen business model of owning an online marketing income?

It’s a really easy answer…

I like to “not” keep all of my eggs in one basket, but instead –

Diversify by income portfolio.

Yeah, I’m talking like that even having only started an online business and left my 9 to 5 full-time job as an employee a short few years ago…

…and you could be, too, if you were interested in exploring our coaching program that taught how to do exactly what I did, step by step, to generate your own wealth by simply sending buyers to local small businesses.

When it comes down to it, I believe in the principle of investing in my own education.

More specifically, gaining and perfecting the high-income skill that you can leverage…

In other words, find a skill that pays the bills.

Seriously, that’s not just a clever phrase; put your skill to work for you.

Since I’ve generated over $50,000.00 per month, every month, on AutoPilot now, local marketing and lead generation is my primary business venture still…

However, I’ve hired a full-time team of experts in their respective fields who build my business daily while I’m spending my days understanding the coaches that pitch online business ventures to people like you and I. We really want to know what’s out there and debunk any myths about whether something would be a good fit for either of us.

After all… Amazon, the digital retailer of physical products, is the third most visited domain and website on the world wide web in this day and age, second only to Google (which is a search engine) and Facebook (which is a social media platform). 

To partner with something like that could scream credibility; the third most popular business entity in the world, and you’re working with them online to generate a side income for yourself.  That’s kinda awesome, don’t you think…

Since my online business of lead gen lets me capitalize with HUGE profit margins on the Free Traffic from Facebook and Google, my next step was to explore whether I could get in on the Number 3 option of the largest powers in business: finding a way to get a piece of the action from Amazon! 

Summarizing the Amazon Fast Track Coaching Course

Mr. Cummings knocked out an epic job on delivering on his coaching program.  In addition to his thoroughness on the business option, here are some of my entrepreneurial takeaways from Ben’s lessons on Amazon:

  • It’s key to find a product that can deliver upwards of $10,000.00 in minimum, monthly income
  • Ben demystifies and identifies exactly what Amazon requires in order to have your product listing get found at the very first spot of search results (you know… where all the free buyers come to your website and make a purchase, and you didn’t have to do anything like start a Google Ad and Pay Per Click (PPC) to get your product listing some buyers taking action)
  • Quick Hint: Amazon’s #1 decision-making item on whether you’re the most relevant result for your ideal customers to see you on the digital, physical products’ purchasing website is your product conversion rate – that’s right, whether your product sells.  Let’s see other courses identify that for ya…
  • In addition to all the other aspects of getting your product listing just right for marketing (like an intelligent product angle, your title and its clear and concise description, how to market the product listing effectively, and any other non-gimmick efforts that can lead you to earn the highest conversion rates of your competition… and that means long-term, highest rankings and maximum conversions for maximum profits), he also advises sound methods for gathering positive product reviews in large quantities
  • Further, Ben’s teachings liberally apply to more than simply selling effectively on Amazon physical products listings – you can sell virtually anything with the strategies touched on in Mr. Cummings’ course

One of the larger attractions to Amazon Fast Track is the actual 90-Day Fast Track plan that he introduces for newbies in the physical products space to follow along with.  He opens the doors on his story and educates his exclusive student body on…

  • What were the key ingredients behind HIS success in selling on Amazon
  • Listen in as students also ask him questions for clarification and specific solutions to hurdles they run into as they’re starting up their own Amazon business
  • Step by step guide to ensure you are highly effective in your streamline path to becoming a success story from his training

This guy’s training is so effective that he’s literally been able to introduce new ideas to the veterans of selling physical products on Amazon – that’s how seasoned Ben Cummings Amazon Fast Track really is.

And I can see why that is – I, being a successful, online entrepreneur myself and having had my own level of success in selling products on Amazon, can testify that Ben is an outstanding trainer when it comes to the Amazon FBA business model.

As a student, you’ll get everything you need to not only launch your first product in an effort to achieve massive success, but he does more than just set you up with video recorded training and wish you the best of luck – which I’ve actually seen some do. 

Here’s what you get as a student in the Amazon Fast Track coaching course:

  • New webinars regularly, which are live and available for you to interact with
  • Inspiration so you can get motivated and charge forward (even when your chips are down)
  • Recorded – and new – Question and Answer interviews with his coaching program students
  • Ben Cummings adds to his training in an on-going basis – Amazon changes so it only makes sense that a coach that is worth their weight would adjust with the times as he intends to give you, the new student of Amazon Fast Track, the best of chances in succeeding with Amazon

Local Lead Generation Versus Physical Products Marketing on Amazon

I’ll be straight with you, it’s a lengthy process toward making money on Amazon…

To go from starting to research the product you want to advertise on the physical products listings and compete in the Amazon digital marketplace, to turning a profit of any kind – it’s gonna be a hot minute (or several)…

The volume of steps you need to tackle carefully to ensure your product listing is just right – especially the product you’ve selected needs to be ripe for the marketplace to demand high enough that you can see sales come in for ya…

Then there’s the managing aspects of your listing (and the relationship you have with the seller you’ve partnered with) from all directions, like:

  • Ensuring the inventory of your product is still in stock and available
  • Handling reviews and responding to them as soon as you see them (or deleting them, if it’s even possible to get rid of such fraudulent activity, which sometimes happens in the marketplace)
  • Recognizing that the profit margins may not be so hot, and how to deal with that whole separate issue after products are actually bought and sold
  • Addressing the financial side of this business, such as the famous phrase: Cost of Goods Sold
  • Recognizing the 15% that Amazon FBA Business charges you in fees
  • Organizing your own form of packaging and branding for your unique Amazon styled business
  • Postage and shipping fees

In Local Lead Generation (sometimes referred to as Local Marketing), you can negotiate large profit margins right from the get and they can return to you HUGE paydays right away.

In fact, my inventory of lead generation web properties give me a regular return darn near 100% of profits once they’re actually sitting pretty at the top of Google search results.

Then there’s the control factor with your web properties…

When it comes to Amazon physical products and the digital marketplace, you’re actually competing with a larger base of competition – such as, for example, the entire globe filled with people trying to do exactly what you’re doing, and a good portion of them just might be trying to compete for the top spot with the same time of product you’re attempting to sell.

However, you’re in greater control of what you own – and when you piece together these simple websites and place them into Google search results, the local marketing space has a lot less competition as you’re only competing with people that service the citizens of the local city…

And that means your competition is just the local business companies and service providers, ya know, people that prefer to keep their business close to base.

In that instance, it’s easier to see your web property climb to the top of Google in a reasonable time frame, as opposed to the headaches you’ve heard other people experience from not understanding why their physical products listings on Amazon aren’t first already when they’ve worked so hard – for so long – to earn what little profit they’ve turned so far.

Besides, things are more clear-cut in the local search results of Google.  With Amazon – not so much…

Even though Amazon has been adjusting things to try and deliver a much better, more fair marketplace, people can still circumvent the algorithm and cheat the system to see their products climb to the top faster than you.

What’s awesome about local marketing is that you can balance 10 or more different clients with an additional 10 or more projects in the works, with relative ease.  In the Amazon marketplace, it’s ill-advised to spend your time investing in anything more than 1-2 physical products… at least to start with.

When it comes to local marketing, you can set your website to the top of Google search one time, and then essentially forget about the work you’ve done for a long time. 

Why is that?

Simple… it’s a challenge to knock someone off the top competitor’s spot for search results when they’re the authority in the marketplace; and with our coaching program, we teach you how to make a simple website go from nothing to the authority and dominating the marketplace right away! 

To prove this, I can testify that I currently possess websites that are…

  • Over 5 years in age
  • Worked on the websites 1 time to make them stick to the top of Google search
  • I don’t touch them, and haven’t touched them in years
  • I get PASSIVE INCOME from them to this very day!!!

When it comes to the Amazon FBA business, there’s no question that you’re going to need to diligently, and frequently, labor – like a full-time job almost – to keep your involvement in your product listing current and your search results as close to the top as possible…

Remember, you’re competing with the world of Amazon FBA Business entrepreneurs who are trying to do what you are trying to do, too.

Of course, when you play the game and actually land that coveted first position with a hot commodity that yields over $10,000.00 in the monthly income that Amazon Fast Track by Ben Cummings claims, then it may seem to be worth the squeeze.


There’s no doubt Ben Cummings has earned his stripes to be regarded as a credible, superb coach in the Amazon FBA Business model.

With the copious amounts of self proclaimed mentors in the coaching business these days – all of them trying to claim that their course is superior and you need to buy theirs if you want to see a huge return on investment (ROI), it’s important to envision what makes each of them stand out on their own and what credible, unique contribution can each of them bring to the marketplace (if any)…

Ben knows his craft, his high-income skill, and has been teaching this skill regarding Amazon FBA for a long time. 

His students have been able to reproduce his kind of success in the Amazon FBA business repeatedly – of course, there is some luck involved as no one can 100% predict what the market trend and demand is going to be for any kind of physical product.

In fact, Ben, himself, also labors in the Amazon FBA business model personally, and he produces an income to this day on Amazon – perhaps that’s why he’s so qualified to be doing what he’s doing and teaching people, just like you and I, how to make this work for us.

His coaching style has zero gimmicks, which means facts and clarity for us on how to achieve our desired results – which, of course, is turning a profit – in the quickest methods currently available with how Amazon has changed things in their marketplace.

As with anything, the ideal fit involves long-term success… and the same desire exists for those entering the Amazon physical products selling space.

From fabricating outstanding product listings and ensuring your advertising of that listing is on point, to competing for quality – and quantity – of reviews and building a strong first (1) position ranking, it is the hope of this style of online entrepreneuring that you can have a comfortable income for years and years.

I personally question whether that’s even possible considering the volume of work you have to put in with only 1 to 2 products at a time (at maximum) in order to see a profit, but Ben Cummings works hard to demystify the process and give you precise insights and guidance to “Fast Track” your success on Amazon.

If selling physical products has been an interest of yours for some time now, then investing in the Amazon Fast Track coaching course with Ben Cummings just might be an okay fit for ya.

I personally know that the Amazon FBA business model has been an adventure of a side project to learn some things about how people move tangible products and use the internet to get the word out about what they’re marketing.

How Local Lead Generation Trumps The Online Business Options in 2019

If, however, you’re still hyped about turning to the internet to generate your first profits earned as a solopreneur in online marketing, then here’s my view on the matter…

Local lead generation is your best option here, what with all the…

  • HUGE PROFIT MARGINS that aren’t subjected to the marketplace or seller costs; you own the digital real estate and you can rent out the buyers coming thru your website to local business owners
  • Profit off Free Organic Traffic – no need to buy ads or surrender your profits to silly marketplace fees like Cost of Goods Sold
  • Work anywhere in the world – just grab your laptop, make sure you have internet access wherever you’re going, and enjoy your vacation spot, or a staycation and work from home
  • LOW TO NO COMPETITION – you’re really competing against nearly 10 to 20 business owners (sometimes more) for your place on the world wide web, and you can do this in an industry and with any city (that uses Google search results, of course)
  • LONG TERM PROFITS – let’s be real again, the internet and local small business service providers probably aren’t going anywhere for a really long time (if ever)

As a newbie, if I had to do it all over again, I would place all of my start up capital in local lead generation. 

Of course I’m biased, it’s treated me well.  Where else could I have generated over $50,000.00 per month in a part-time income that allowed me to walk away from a full-time job of a laughable $35,000.00 in an annual salary only a few short years ago…

I’m no longer living on ramen noodles and hoping for that 25 cent raise at the end of the year.

I get to live and travel where I want, when I want, and choose who I partner within the local marketing arena and which business owners I make rich from the local lead generation efforts I provide for them with my virtual real estate that keeps spitting cash flow my direction like clockwork. 

It’s just a simple business model that’s easy to follow and super friendly to newbies in online entrepreneurship:

  1. Build a website
  2. Stick it to the top of Google
  3. Profit
  4. REPEAT!!!

If you’re ready to get started generating a full-time income on an extremely part-time basis, with some sick profit margins and no marketplace company (*cough Amazon cough*) telling you what you can or cannot do to turn a profit…

Then here’s your chance to learn exactly how I did and you can too with our coaching program in local lead generation.  It’s our proven system that works time and again, and I get to be living proof of it. 

I’m excited to see you be our next success story – all on a part-time basis and from the comfort of your own home (if you so choose).

Amazon FBA Heroes Coaching Program by Derrick Struggle – Unbiased Review

So you’ve heard about the Amazon FBA and are looking to start a business opportunity.  Thanks for stopping in to get a quick review of this deal – and a training program that advocates teaching you how to be successful with the Amazon FBA Business model before you invest your arms and legs into it.

This article is attempting to give an unbiased review on the entrepreneur named Derrick Struggle, who established his own coaching program on selling physical products digitally through the platform of Amazon; his coaching program is called Amazon FBA Heroes.

When you decide to purchase in this program, you’ll be gaining access to the following resources:

  • Over four (4) hours-worth of audiovisual training, in the form of a digital video content stream
  • Learn, from start to finish, how to launch your very first digital business from home in the Amazon FBA Business
  • Receive permissions to access and interact with the members of the Private Facebook Group that’s specific to the coaching program of Amazon FBA Heroes

So, here’s a brief overview of his whole course.  I’ll also share what I think about Amazon FBA in general and the challenges associated with the business model.  Further…

You’ll get my take on the quality of the video training in the coaching program and some of my personal key takeaways.

Lastly, I’ll share with you how the Amazon FBA Heroes coaching program compares to what I have had massive success with and regard as the #1 online coaching program, which is a work from home business model popularly referred to as Local Lead Generation. 

Summarizing the Coaching Program: Amazon FBA Heroes by Derrick Struggle

I have been exposed to – and even tried my hand at – the Amazon FBA Business and selling physical products online, so going into this coaching program there were some things that I was already well aware of.  In that sense, there weren’t that many new basics when every Amazon FBA Coaching course needs to help newcomers understand what the layout and fundamentals of this business model really are.

In my opinion, though, Mr. Struggle performed an excellent service with the manner in which he composed his course design.  In fact, he even went out on a limb and gave some interesting techniques regarding product research… and I’ve been giving these tactics a go myself, with some pretty okay results, if I do say so.

His videos are brief, but thorough, and succinct for the most post.  As some videos are only a handful of minutes in length, this allows even the busiest of solopreneurs to return to the training when they have a few minutes and are serious about positioning themselves to turn a profit in the internet marketing arena. 

Here’s a quick overview on what modules are presented in Derrick’s Amazon FBA Heroes course:

  1. Module: This is just an introduction, but an excellent one for the newcomers as it covers what you need to know about theAmazon FBA Business model, some recommendations for tax implications and also a comprehensive lesson on what fees are associated with running a business like this
  2. Module: A step-by-step walkthrough of your Account Setup so you can become a reseller on Amazon in no-time flat
  3. Module: Researching the Product you want to bring to the Market – This is perhaps the key of keys in the whole business model as you need to spend a little time investing your due diligence in product selection, since you’ll be choosing something you wish to sell.  He even introduces you to online tools to facilitate your research efforts like something called Jungle Scout; it provides key performance indicators so you’ll know whether a product is worth pursuing
  4. Module: Reaching out to Suppliers – You’ll need to find someone that has the product you’re looking to sell, reach them to open dialogue, then fabricate packing slips, request discounts with the supplier, get samples from that same supplier, and so much more…
  5. Module: Designing and Posting your ProductListing – It’s imperative that you design your product listing with pictures, details, and other compelling tidbits so you can get your listing seen and have it do the heavy lifting of selling for you on the internet
  6. Module: Actually Launching your Very FirstProduct Listing on Amazon – this information-packed module can lead you to understanding how product rankings work, what you can do to get your product seen first in the search results, acquiring customer reviews, whether coupon codes are your best friend or even a secret weapon with this business model, offering product giveaways, and implementing Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click, also known as PPC) in order to garner more attention toward your product listing(s)
  7. Module: Establishing your Brand and Growing your Business Operation
  8. Module: This covers when using Facebook Ads (another PPC type of platform) would be a good idea
  9. Module: BONUS CONTENT! – Derrick opens up his bag of tricks to introduce you to items that may be seldom discussed elsewhere, like how to handle product listing hijackers, knowing when it’s time to restock your inventory, and incorporating thank you cards regularly for your buyers

It might seem like a lot, but it’s well orchestrated and ready for anyone looking to enter the physical products industry of turning profits online to invest, digest, and get started.

When I got started with the Amazon FBA Heroes course, I was already victorious in another business model online called Local Lead Generation.  It’s a lot less of an involved set-up process to be in profit mode.  Check out how simple it really is…

  1. Launch an easy to set up website
  2. Pin it to the top of google
  3. Rake in the profits from all the customers that come in
  4. REPEAT!!! 

This business model gave me such a lucrative set up that I was raking in $50,000 monthly, walked away from my 9 to 5 and quit my full-time job to work online as a side hustle — and I had money to spend to try and figure this Amazon FBA business out.  

So I’m happy to share my wisdom with ya on what’s up with the Amazon FBA industry and whether there’s benefits or drawbacks to the things here.

What I Honestly Think of Derrick Struggle’s Amazon FBA Heroes Course

I said I’d give an unbiased review here, so I have to be upfront in my perception that there are more comprehensive courses to the Amazon FBA Business than Amazon FBA Heroes – I’m just being honest here.

Here’s something to help me illustrate what I’m talking about…

In this course, you’ll receive advisement on evaluating products while leveraging a software.  Without getting involved in the program, you’ll already know that investment costs are involved in any business, but how much does this software really cost you right out the gate – and in addition to all the other expenses you had to shell out for just to get set up. 

Product research can be accomplished with some more, and in some cases, free strategies at an online marketplace called Alibaba – meaning you’re not confined or restricted to having your research efforts narrowed down to just what one online software would have you believe and base all of your decision on the data it feeds to you.

Since you’re in competition with everyone else whose bought into the Amazon FBA Heroes coaching program, it’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t the only coaching course for this business model floating around.  In other words, you’re also going to be competing with everyone that’s also trying to market similar products to what you’re looking to pedal on the Amazon physical products listings as well. 

That said, this competition might suggest that you’ll need to develop your own approach to product research. Think about this… if you had an awesome, lucrative strategy to decide what product was going to be a bestseller and win the top search results position on Amazon in short order, would you really, honestly, share it with other people?!

It simply wouldn’t surprise me to assume, or even discover, that other students in the same Facebook group developed their own method of researching what they want to run within their Amazon FBA. 

This business model boils down to 2 things:

  • Can you make the best product research happen in a timely manner?
  • Can you take immediate, massive action as soon as you’ve discovered a possible winning product?

Beyond that, the rest of the process is pretty standard and goes to getting your product listing set up and launched for customers to view, review, and buy.

If there’s a key ingredient that makes the investment in the Amazon FBAHeroes course worthwhile, it’s that you get to gain access to a wealth of like-minded business owners who now work from home, and in entrepreneurial fashion, openly communicate with one another when they hit a snag and try to find a way to conquer the hurdle they’ve run into. 

It’s been said that birds of the same feather tend to flock together –and this could also imply that they profit together when masterminding on theAmazon FBA strategies.  I personally tapped into this Facebook group when I got started and had some basic questions on things that just weren’t clear to me, and the immediate responses were as thorough as they were astounding to have come so quickly.

Overarching Challenges in the Amazon FBA Business

I’m not going to lie, I’m not entirely certain where to start here, but I’ll give it the ol’ college try here:

  • Tons of steps just to get your product listing launched

In reviewing the outline of the course (see above), I gave those stepson purpose here; you need to know what you’re getting into, and it’s imperative that you realize the volume of steps involved in simply taking a product from selection to launch (meaning a listing visitors can go find and make a purchase thru). 

With the copious amounts of steps involved just to get to a point of predicting whether the product is going to be a success…

And then having an additional time and financial investment in discovering if the product actually is (or, in a costly turn of events – isn’t) a profitable winner…

  • Weeks, months, or even years could go by before you see returns on your investment (ROI)

Some newbies worry about how long it’ll be until they see the type of ROI that they’ve been dreaming of when launching this business venture online so many weeks/months/years ago.  I was a newbie once, as well, so I’ve been there and had the same concern(s)…

It’s true that one great selection of a product, hitting the marketplace like it’s in-style to turn you a handsome profit of $10,000.00 can deliver you some excellent confidence for having landed a fantastic product find! 

However, not all selections from your product research are going to have the market respond in the same way; your research could have been spot on and, instead, you’re waiting even longer for a payout and questioning whether you’ve made a sound investment.

  • Stiffening Competition

Remember, this isn’t the only coaching course, and Amazon isn’t restricting the amount of resellers they’re welcoming to try their hand at marketing products online. 

Even at the individual product entry point, there are somewhere the competition is so ridiculous that it wouldn’t be worth your time to even try to post a listing as a brand new Amazon FBA Business entrepreneur.  I’m not being coy here either; look at it like this…

In order to climb the search results for products, you need to have acquired more positive reviews – yes, both quality and quantity – than your competition in order to be found as the very first option that buyers get to take a look at for product listings.  As a beginner, or even as an experienced Amazon FBA person, I would shy away from physical products like that and deem it a bad choice to try and compete in the marketplace with.  

  • Research techniques aren’t exactly endless

When it all comes down to it, Amazon owns the listings and limits what everyone gets to know about product listings, competition, pricing changes, etc.  Since the Amazon FBA entrepreneurs are, by this point, sharing in some form of similar product research methods, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Amazon game becomes more of a struggle to reach the top position than businesses who want to be found at the top of Google search results over their competition. 

  • One way to climb product listing results: More Reviews

See, one of the reasons that I adore Local Lead Generation as a business model over the Amazon FBA Business is that you’re able to climb the ranks of Google search results a lot faster, with more ease, and in more creative ways than what Amazon has the resellers struggling to all do at the same time. 

Since it’s becoming more and more of a sincere struggle to fabricate positive reviews in mass quantities, and even the veterans of the trade are innovating ways to acquire more reviews to push their product listing to the top, the newcomer just may find more trouble than it’s worth trying to paste something to the top of search results and land a handsome payout.

See, the SEO techniques available to web properties on Google search results are so widely exploratory that you can gain the upper hand against any competition for a search term with a little creativity and good work ethic. 

You can collect the results of Free Organic visitors to websites that are pasted at the top of Google, and when you have the first position that people searching for your product or service sees, you get just about all the traffic your website can handle, which means the customers don’t go to your competition…

You get all the customers, from Free, Organic, and affordable (did I mention Free) web traffic – which means virtually little to no competition — and all the profits when you get paid, all without having to shell out tons of money in research costs or PPC / Google Ads – which is why I totally dig the local lead generation business model! 

Leveraging Free Traffic to Build an Online Business

So the prospect of using Google Ads / PPC for gaining immediate traffic is exciting for most people because it means you can pay a little bit of money,get instant gratification in terms of visitors actually looking at what you have online, and maybe even get a buyer or 2… or more…

However, the costs of buying traffic are increasing regularly, especially in some industries where the competition is so fierce since the price tag that a customer is willing to pay is equally thru the roof; so many people want the same massive profits from so little work required, that’s how the cost per click drives up – because tons of competitors are trying to bid on the same search term at the same time.

In the Amazon FBA business model, when your product listing reaches the coveted first position, you begin collecting free buyer traffic from Amazon –and usually without having to continue paying for ad spend in either PPC orFacebook Ads.

In the end, you’re shelling out more and more in buying your visitor traffic to your Amazon listing that it’s no longer worth the squeeze; you’ll eventually lose out on the product listing you’ve spent so much time and resources into researching, setting up, and then competing with the same entrepreneurs – who are trying to do the same things you’re doing – to get to that top spot in Amazon.

You’ll just make less money for the work you do when fulfilling the orders your customers have placed through you.

With the local lead generation business model, you don’t have to buy web traffic; you can get it all for free.

Without getting stuck with competitors bidding and fighting for the same attention and reviews from the marketplace, you get to make consistent upward mobility in the Google search results until you’re the top choice in the marketplace…

Then you get to sit back and watch all the buyers come to your website. 

Think about it like this: when you see upward progress, you get excited.  When was the last time you’ve seen or heard about an Amazon listing actually, successfully, reaching the top search result in Amazon in a relatively short amount of time – let alone delivering massive payouts to the person who set up that listing?

One of the biggest things that has helped me succeed here is that I do the little things that make my websites climb the rankings in Google rapidly! 

I can throw together lead gen sites or write blog posts like the one you’re reading right now.

This can even be found online, now that it’s published, and that means it, too, can be pushed to the top of Google for a search term that people are actively searching – and that means I can have them come to my website instead of someone else’s. 

…and that’s all free traffic; didn’t have to pay a cent for anyone to click on something, let alone hundreds of thousands of visitors that might have clicked on the same ad and cost me a fortune just to get people to see what I’ve put up.

Pretty cool, huh!?


Coaches in the Amazon FBA Coaching industry have been promising top listings with their training programs before Amazon FBA changed their policies on whether someone can make up fake reviews on their Amazon product listings. 

A few years ago, it was simply easier of a game…

  • Less people were doing this
  • You could fill up reviews for your product listing on your own
  • You could compete in the marketplace just on sheer tenacity and patience
  • You had a shot at being the first listing – even if it only took a couple of weeks to get there

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that Amazon is growing rapidly…

And partnering with that awesome reputation can be fantastic for ya.

Unfortunately, with the volume of competition that is now in the Amazon FBA business…

  • Product prices are driven down
  • Profit margins are becoming more scarce
  • It’s harder to get your listing seen now
  • Costs of buying traffic through Google Ads are enormous now

So with people entering the same coaching programs and using the same strategies for product research and achieving those coveted spots in the top listings, I think that it’ll be a bigger struggle to actually compete in Amazon FBA Business than the investment is worth.

Of course, with any challenge that you face, you can find ways to conquer them if you have a stick-to-it mentality and a great mentor with an awesome community (like a Facebook group) of entrepreneurs ready to help.

My Vote is for Local Lead Generation in 2019

So I’ve done my fair share of Amazon FBA product endeavors to try and turn a profit with this business model, and I won’t lie I’ve made an okay return on my investment…

But competing with everyone in the world that’s trying to join Amazon and get one of those top search results for physical product listings is an incredible feat.

This is a significant departure from the local lead generation business model, where you only really need to compete against about 10 or 20 companies that service your local area in the same industry. 

With many cities and several industries that you can choose to work with just in the USA (not including Australia, Europe and more), your possibilities of turning a profit are significantly higher than Amazon FBA.

Also, you’ll have a lot more control over your website, as it’s only a matter of time before you land on page 1, then keep climbing to one of the top3 coveted spots where the majority of buyers on the internet are finding your competition. 

Essentially you’re a middle person and refer local leads generated from search results to small businesses who will happily pay you to keep sending them more business referrals day in and day out. 

Imagine being the most valuable person in your marketplace for delivering buyers to the business owners that have been hoping to grow their business and are waiting to meet someone just like you!

Check out the other many benefits of Local Lead Generation in 2019:

  • You can quickly scale and expand your operation beyond your local city – work in any city you want and service any business owner you please, as long as you have access to the internet and a handy-dandy laptop
  • Little to No Competition: it’s a lot easier to beat out 10 to 20 other companies and sweep all the Free Traffic into your money making machine
  • Once your websites are ranked on Google, your Passive Income opportunity is endless
  • HUGE PROFIT MARGINS – unlike Amazon FBA, you don’t have to pay anyone for the physical products and costs of goods sold, and certainly aren’t required to pay for ads anymore – what, with all that free traffic and all
  • Feel proud to be making a living while making a difference and helping customers to get the services they need from business owners you are partnered with

Naturally, there are some opportunities still with the Amazon FBA business – heck, I’ve done it and I’m certain there are people who are still hitting it big in the industry right now.

However, I’ve been able to walk away from a full-time job, leave my 9to 5 and amass over $50,000 in recurring, residual monthly income after only a few short years of working for myself in the business of local lead generation for small businesses.

It’s my #1 pick for selecting an online business opportunity that you can work from the comfort of your own home. Learn more about our coaching program here.

Jordan Belfort’s Sales Coaching Program – Straight Line Persuasion – Unbiased Review

A talented salesman made famous by the box office hit, feature film, Wolf of Wall Street, Mr. Jordan Belfort (in the movie, played by Leonardo DiCaprio) actually holds a natural, unparalleled skill in motivating sales agents and coaching entrepreneurs.

Prior to his firm launching to the reputation of the greatest WallStreet brokerage, Stratton Oakmont was stifled by Mr. Belfort’s limited understanding on how to connect with his sales team in helping them to close more deals on the telephone.

At the time, the only two people working at the firm that were successfully landing deals regularly were The Wolf himself, Jordan Belfort, and his best friend Donnie Azoff (who was represented in the feature film by the famous Jonah Hill).

Regarded as a natural born sales and deals closer, he was once quoted with shouting the phrase to his team in a fit of extreme frustration, “Every Sale Is The Same!” 

Right then, the idea of Straight Line Persuasion was found.  With that, Mr. Belfort went to work on developing every sales transaction into a duplicate-able, trainable model for all of his staff to learn from.  His claim: Every sale is the straight line.

Jordan coins his years of quick-rising success to this Straight LinePersuasion system since, virtually overnight, his team was now able to land more and more deals just like Donnie and Jordan. 

After countless life lessons learned, and his brokerage firm reaching record-shattering numbers in no time, he now has this system that he markets to train sales teams but limits who gains access to what he advises; they must agree to use the information with highly ethical restraint and take massive action after learning the sales strategies that he developed from literally scratch and personal experience.

When I personally shifted from working as someone’s employee for a laughable $35,000.00 in annual income to developing a successful side hustle of an online marketing agency that refers customers to small businesses, I was extremely hungry to learn how closing more business over the telephone actually worked. 

I tapped into Jordan’s coaching course, entitled Straight Line Persuasion, as if it was the golden goose that led me to the promised land.  Following the training religiously, I was able to steadily improve with my sales skill – and I had never sold a thing in my life before 2015. Dedicated and committed, I reviewed the videos and kept the mp3 audio recordings conveniently accessible for easy listening any time I had a moment to get some “training” in. 

Fast Forward to Now – my internet based, work from home business is collecting a steady $50,000.00 monthly, AND we’re now making our coaching program accessible for people like yourself to learn how to duplicate my success in the same business of local lead generation.  Click Here to Learn More Now!

You could say I’m a huge fan of Belfort since he was one of my founding sales mentors…

And since learning from the guy, I’ve definitely explored other training material on learning and improving the art of selling; there are tons of mentors to choose from, actually.

So, I’d like to deliver on some common questions I’ve heard around the marketplaces on Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Persuasion coaching program.

Is Straight Light Persuasion (SLP) by Jordan Belfort really a good coaching program?

What separates this from other sales curricula?

Are there downfalls to this education platform?

Is the investment worth the supposed reward available from learning Jordan’s strategies?

How’s this measuring up against famous high ticket trainers like Dan Lok, Grant Cardone, and others?

Let’s get started here, and I’ll even throw in my own experience so you can evaluate whether this is a good fit for you as well.

Outline, Key Takeaways, and Summary of The Straight Line Persuasion (SLP) System

  1. Module: The Straight Line Persuasion Tenets
  2. Module: The Science, and Art, to Prospecting
  3. Module: Tonality: It’s an Art; Master It
  4. Module: Stepping into a Leader’s Vision
  5. Module: The Inside Game of Making a Sale
  6. Module: Straight Line Persuasion’s Five (5) Key Elements
  7. Module: Qualifying the Prospective Buyer – It’s an Art and a Science
  8. Module: Close Anyone That Could Buy with This Kind of Presentation
  9. Module: Looping: The Methods to Turning Buyer Objections During the Close
  10. Module: Making a Customer for Life and Gaining Tons of Referrals

One of my biggest takeaways from this program was the lesson on tonality being important and this being a key ingredient to working a deal out when you’re on the phone.

To illustrate, you could…

  • Fabricate a Sense of Scarcity by Lowering your Voice’s Tone
  • Inspire Emotional Enthusiasm by Finishing your Sentences with an Up Beat

In order to get to those opportunities, however, Jordan Belfort explains that 3 things need to be perceived by the buyer immediately with your tonality in the phone:

  1. YOU are the Expert
  2. YOU are the Sharpest Tool in the Shed
  3. YOU are Beyond Enthusiastic about what you’re offering

With Mr. Belfort’s guidance, I am now very aware of my tonality when speaking with prospective buyers, and I can confidently say that lessons from The Wolf have made a HUGE, Positive Difference in my bottom line!

Next, he trains on why being a visionary is monumental to entrepreneurship.

Simply put: People Invest in the Vision that you Share with Them.

The award-winning director of the film Avatar, James Cameron, was in a position where he needed to convince numerous people that his film would be worth their investment.  With his huge vision and tenacity to achieve his vision, he was able to communicate that enthusiasm for what the end result might look like and raise the capital necessary to launch the film project.

When you’re going into the business world, do your best to illustrate things for your prospective clients where they can see few downsides to buying, along with HUGE upsides for getting started with you Today!

Also, this guy is amazing when it comes to inspiring others to get motivated; his inner game training is off the chain!!!

Here’s one of his quotes that are my favorite; in fact, I read it daily to get jacked in my motivation for the grind being worth the effort, then move into action immediately every day!

Jordan Belfort said, “You’re not your past, you’re the resources and capabilities you gleam from it.” 

One of the things he does that helps with this is conditioning others on being absolutely certain about things – and goes further to identify this state (meaning, the state of being absolutely certain) as a prerequisite to selling and a non-negotiable feature to winning in your sales game.

Basically, when you’re so confident about your service or product that others resonate with what you’re so certain about, your body language, tone, and other non-verbal messages can translate to the buyer and get them to buy in long before you ask for the sale. 

In the end, it’s not always about what you say, but the magic can be more in how you deliver your message – with a state of certainty, and this could make all the difference for your future business model.

But what exactly is this notion of the Straight Line?

Designed with the goal in mind of you having complete control over your sales conversations, your prospective buyer may derail the conversation from the topic you’re discussing – perhaps even to a deviation that no longer relates to what you’re trying to share with the buyer.  The Wolf makes this next statement extremely clear…

Your Job, especially as a sales representative, is to help the buyer get what they need to solve a problem (which is your product) and that involves your talent to gently, but competently, steer the conversation – and the client’s mindset – back to what you are talking about. 

After this, your next responsibility is conquering the objections (well, as many as you can) to land the close when you ask for the sale.

The Art of Looping: Squashing Objections

If you don’t know what your prospect has in mind to object to your asking for the sale when it comes time – and I’m willing to believe you, like most salespersons, can’t read your prospect’s mind – then it’s your responsibility to surface these objections in the conversation(s) you have. 

One of the more popular phrases I hear with business owners is: “I think I’ll need to get back with you after I speak to my wife about this.” 

The misfortune here is that when the buyer dishes out something like this to resist buying from you, they just don’t want to share with you what’s truly at the core of their not choosing to buy from you.

  • Your price might be too high
  • They just might not believe that the service or product presented can be a good fit for them
  • They might not trust you
  • They may have heard bad stories about the industry and object vicariously, which is translating into their not buying from you – and it could have had nothing to do with anything that was said in your conversations thus far

The aforementioned are quite common claims made so prospective clients simply don’t need to make a buying decision – which, depending on what’s going on in their business or their life, could simply be an uncomfortable thing for them to do at the time you’re asking them to.

Your role here is to directly inquire about them; just call the soon-to-be-buyer on the carpet with what they’ve just told you…

“Mr./Ms. (about to be our) newest satisfied long-term client of our firm, is your wife really someone you need to run this choice by, or do you simply not believe that this product or service can work for you?”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few years of no longer having a 9 to 5, raking in $50k every month with a local lead generation business to help business owners around the United States from nothing more than a laptop and internet access, it’s that the response above is probably the worst way you could handle that objection. 

Remember, the magic is in how you say what you’re wanting to communicate.  So, instead, here’s a suggested adjustment to what you’re hoping to share with the buyer…

“Okay, I hear what you’re saying – you need to speak to your wife about this – but I need to share with you that we’ve helped several clients who were in your position with our service or product, and we’ve gotta ask what’s the worst that can happen here? 

If you can allow us the opportunity to deliver even half of the results that I am confident we can, there’s no doubt you’ll be very impressed.”

Ask yourself what’s really taking place with this language in statements like “what’s the worst that could happen”… what you’re doing is surfacing the objection the client might have to your price.  What’s going on with this conversation at this point is that the options are:

  • The deal ends up not working out and the business owner’s company loses money
  • If the deal brings massive results, however, problems get resolved and the client gets in a position of massive profits. 

This is what Jordan refers to as the Art of Looping to Handle Objections.

In essence, when you ask for the sale and the buyer tosses an objection in between them and the deal happening, bring it back to a positive aspect of helping the deal go forward. 

What this does is address the reason they’re finding to prevent them from doing business with you and/or your company, so you keep circling back to positive values of going forward until all objections are ironed out and asking for the sale is a sinch.

Here’s one I really like implementing with the people I’m sharing the opportunity to do business with me:

“Tell me something… do you like the idea of this product or service?”

ALWAYS be certain that they’re on-board with what you’re presenting; usually, I hear them respond with something like “Oh yes, it sounds fantastic.”

By getting them into a pattern of affirmative responses like saying yes habitually, then get them to another yes in the pattern with a follow up like:

“Okay, great.  Now let me ask you another question… if you believe this service or product can work for you, then is it worth the price tag?”

Think through what’s happening here – you’re confirming whether the irresistance to making a deal happen with you today is due to the price or some other issue, such as whether they truly believe in the product or service delivering as was presented or perceived originally. 

The above are just a couple of the many rebuttals and awesome followups with your soon-to-be buyers in the Straight Line Persuasion (SLP) coaching program, available exclusively to the students he lets in.

What you read above is a small sample of what I use all the time when attempting to close a deal.

Straight Line Persuasion Complaints – the Common Ones

There’s been some mainstream claims that the content in Straight Line Persuasion is actually outdated.

My response to that claim is this…

With a primary focus on the tactics of a successful sales call or sales presentation / meeting, Jordan Belfort places a big emphasis on clear and direct communication – this is what can lead you to having a new customer that you can serve at the highest level your company is able to.

Devised in the 1990s, the SLP system to leveraging tonality and handling objections magnify your credibility – and this style of closing business has been tried numerous times, and continues to be effective to this day. 

As of 2019, we can all agree the landscape for making deals as adjusted thanks to the implementation of sales funnels and computers, so the internet allows people to do more in the way of positioning someone as the go-to marketplace expert for what you have to offer; often times, this positioning (thanks to the internet, websites, and social media) can perform most of the sales cycle for you. 

A high ticket closing sales technician and instructor, Dan Lok, teaches something like this in what he calls Attraction Marketing – it’s pull-through marketing with a fancy name, because when buyers seek you out instead of you coming to them, who really has the power in the marketplace then?

It’s because of Jordan’s coaching course that I’ve significantly improved my closing rate and landed a lot more deals than I would have without his guidance. 

Through comprehending the value of positioning yourself in the marketplace, you, too, can skyrocket your bottom line and ability to close more deals. 


Jordan Belfort earned his reputation through hard work and a desire to succeed, so he knows sales really well and has developed an awesome system to train others in the skill, too. 

Against some of the big names in the industry like Grant Cardone, DanKennedy, Dan Lok and Gary Vaynerchuk, Mr. Belfort’s sales and marketing coaching program definitely ranks up there with the popular names. 

Thanks to his willingness to package lessons learned and wisdom for his sales team into an education platform, I’ve garnered a lot from The Wolf of Wall Street and experienced an ROI in my own business efforts. 

The big takeaways for me were:

  • Addressing objections through the idea of looping
  • Remaining conscious of your tonality when attempting to bring a prospective client to a buying decision. 

It’s easy to tell that Tony Robbins had an influence on Jordan Belfort’s mindset, but the inner game of motivation is a unique brand that is all Mr. Belfort’s own… and that’s nothing shy of being a BAD@$$ when it comes to getting motivated!

His capacity to influence others, as a motivational speaker and a good motivator, explains how this guy is a great educator in sales and, indeed, a natural closer. 

From selling door-to-door meat products to breaking records at Wall Street, some probably criticize his past far too much to give him credit in the things that he’s capable of doing at a very high level; just listening to him for a few minutes can give you the inkling that he some natural gifts in the art of communication. 

You might even be a stellar closer already, but I can assure you that Jordan has some content you can still gain some valuable thoughts from.  He had a huge impact on me from the get and his tactics are now a part of my sales game forever and henceforth. 

I don’t think the feature films did this guy justice!  It’s a lot better in motivation, coaching, and sales training than theatrics give Mr. Belfort credit for.

Why Local Lead Generation is the Top Sales Opportunity of 2019 

So, no doubt, I highly recommend learning your ability to sell through The Wolf’s coaching program, since it’s worked wonders for my local lead generation side hustle.  Under this coaching program, I’ve been able to skyrocket my closing skills with people I’ve never met nor talked to before.  The results are surreal!

I’ve enhanced my abilities to…

  • Control the topic of conversation
  • Handle the prospective buyer’s objections
  • Close the deal on the same day

NOW… I’m running a multi-six figure income business with 45 clients all across North America, with my only office comprising of a single laptop and the high-income skill of being able to sell to people that can benefit from what I have to offer.

In addition to sales, digital marketing online was the missing component to generate my own bottom line of Profitable, Predictable Income on AutoPilot. 

In fact, my $50,000 in profits on a monthly basis developed from learning this local lead generation for small business skill through a coaching program we now offer to people that wanna duplicate these results for themselves. 

It’s a real simple business model too…  Here’s all I do…

  1. Set up a simple website and Paste it to the Top of Google search results
  2. Let buyers come to me
  3. Profit Ridiculously well in sending those buyers to local small businesses

The cost of setting up these web properties to be profitable, virtual real estate is the most laughably affordable investment I have ever seen in the online business opportunity industry EVER!!!

Imagine value you can bring to business owners with buyers that they can get on the phone with and close a deal with – and you helped them expand their bottom line month after month, year after year… it’s amazing how handsomely they’ll pay you for years to come! 

With such a simple business model, look at what you can get from such a small investment:

  • Little to no competition: You’re able to work in many industries with countless cities to choose from
  • Small business owners are experts at their business product or service – they need your help with the online marketing and lead generation
  • HUGE PROFIT MARGINS since you don’t have to pay for ads
  • You make your earnings from Free, Organic web traffic visitors that are ready to pay someone to take care of their problem
  • Work from anywhere in the world that you can take your laptop and have internet access
  • Make more money than Lawyers and Doctors on aPart-Time Side Hustle

Imagine the value you’re bringing to your marketplace; and, you can determine the size of your paycheck by the size of the problems you can solve. 

Sales and Marketing = an unstoppable skillset to bring you all of those benefits and more in an online business venture with such a low start-up investment. 

Straight Line Persuasion is perfect for learning to sell.

Our Coaching Program on local lead generation is the final piece of the puzzle to send buyers to small businesses anywhere there are local search results on the internet. You’ll be happy you scoped it out, trust me!

iMarketsLive 2019 – The FOREX Trading System – Unbiased Review

A financial trading software company that was established back in 2013,iMarketsLive intended to be the go-to Foreign Exchange (FOREX) leading education platform that can help even the most unknowing person from an introductory student to expert status (as if they had over 20 years trading in the industry).  They take you by the hand and head inside the software so you can follow along with every move the trainers make! 

And… in addition to watching these experts make their professional trades and sale on FOREX, you also get to witness their software making the same caliber trades – except on autopilot! 

One of the things that caught my eye with this is that they have a network marketing model of a business opportunity connected to the software –the same software that they already advertise having a value in the thousands of dollars due to its ability to bring you significant profits.  That means…

In addition to using the software personally, you could also profit on any commissions landed by introducing the software product to friends, family, neighbors, and anyone else you may happen to meet along the way.  So I won’t cheap out on ya here…

If you’re exploring the world wide web late at night (yeah, I was there once, too) hoping to stumble upon the next best thing, then I must admit that you’ve found something special here.

However, I’m also very familiar with lots of people who’ve started with this software platform – and especially people who’ve been tinkering with it since its inception – that still haven’t arrived at the coveted crowning achievements that all of us have dreamt of at one point and the whole reason we got into business in the first place.

For me, I started my first business in 2015, and now I live free of a 9to 5 and pull in $50k monthly.  How could I do that and afford to sample this software to write a review on it?  Let me tell ya…

I leveraged the power of the internet and the algorithm of Google search results. I checked out this no-nonsense, straightforward, easy to follow coaching program that taught me the high-income skill of lead generation for small businesses that were local to me.

In short order, I was pasting websites to the top of Google; they became highly valuable, virtual real estate that brings in customers regularly and now pay me $50,000 every month, predictably and reliably. 

Thanks to my mentor that I’d like to introduce you to, honestly, his coaching program has allowed me to be free of a full-time job for over 3 years now and living life on my terms!  I haven’t seen a FOREX software confidently give those kinds of results for me or anyone else I’ve known who triediMarketsLive.

So, while – in theory – this software can supposedly deliver on the goods of time and financial freedom in great abundance, I can’t personally say whether this software can provide the lifestyle you anticipate it yielding after x amount of days, months or even years of being involved with it.

Further, let’s say you only wanted to pursue the network marketing side of the system and simply promote the product to people who might be into putting their money to work in the trading software with automated investments in FOREX…

As an experienced digital marketing entrepreneur that carefully evaluates what I might get involved with, I would also caution you to ask yourself if this type of product even has a sizeable audience to market the product toward… said another way, Are there enough buyers in the marketplace to profitably share this software with others and expect a reasonable return?

Supposedly there is, as Google.com/trends advises.  The brand awareness of iMarketsLive seems to be steadily rising; one tends to wonder if the name could reach the threshold of becoming a household name even…

Take a look at this for yourself…

That’s quite a sharp rise in market awareness of the brand in such a short time frame!

…so, I have to admit, this company has got to be doing something right if third-party credibility is suggesting things like this!

What is the Software Product of iMarketsLive, Exactly?

First off, let’s make sure that we acknowledge whether the company is legitimate or not. 

For a number of years now, there’s been a perception (or a stigma) of network marketing type companies that contract independent marketing associates to pedal their product into the marketplace. They’ve been accused of being “pyramid schemes”, and that could largely be due to an initial inspection of their compensation plan for those that successfully sell their product to more and more of the target market. 

Therefore, we would need to make sure that the profits of those independent marketing associates aren’t coming exclusively from recruiting other marketing associates; I won’t go into specifics on the grand scheme of Ponzi, but I’ll leave that point at clearly suggesting that the company is legitimate if these salespeople profit from the sale of the product or service that’s getting “pedaled,” per se. 

Also, it would be nice to know if the marketplace is actually buying the product so you can know if there’s an opportunity for you to try and get in on the ground floor with. 

The iMarketsLive software product exists as stated above – it’s the financial software for trading funds on the FOREX market.  The desired goal is that the predictions in the market are so accurate that the user can make better trades under theiMarketsLive Trading Room assistance. 

That assistance is hosted 5 days a week, Monday thru Friday, by the way.

Here’s what you get when you purchase this product…

  • iMarketsLive actual traders showing you things they do in real time
  • Demonstrations on what they’re doing to capitalize on the market changes
  • What you should look for
  • Where the majority of the opportunities to profit really are
  • What’s making those good opportunities sound decisions (as compared to the not-so-good options)
  • All of the above “in real time” with actual traders

In fact, the Chris Terry, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company – famously nicknamed “the Master Trader” is present regularly and happy to share his wisdom with those that purchase the software product as well.

Additional benefits of iMarketsLive include…

  • Receiving FOREX buy and sell recommendation signals that the experts make daily
  • Automation selection options = “Set it and Forget it settings” so you can walk away from the software and still have it follow the same decisions as the experts who trade live make
  • iMarketsLive training platform = You Get pre-recorded and (sometimes) live webinars, educational articles about the software and the industry, and even coaching videos to learn more about what you’re doing in the FOREX world of trading

Does this cost a fortune to get involved?

That depends on your financial situation, but I can introduce you to the costs that are advertised by the company…

If you want to get involved as a client – paying for the software product exclusively – it’s a one time, investment cost of $195.00 to get started with their platinum level package, and an additional $145.00 in a monthly, recurring investment so you can have privileges of continued access and service in an ongoing manner.

They also have the independent business owner (IBO) option for those that want to capitalize on sharing the trading software product with others.  They also have an initial investment of $15.00 for entry purchase and an additional $15.00 every month for continued permissions to receive a commission any time you end up capturing a sale from sharing the product with others. 

The exciting news about these two types of investments is that once you’re an IBO and maintain your $145.00 monthly investment in the product, you can gain access to the multiple levels of possible earnings in their multi-level marketing (or “network marketing”) commission structure. 

Of course, your customers will need to maintain their access to the product in addition to your investment in order to ensure recurring profits.  So, if you’re looking at this software product in terms of a business opportunity, then it’s essential to grab the platinum package they offer to newbies.

How do you receive compensation for your efforts?

I’m glad you asked… this is my favorite subject to share about…

This can get a little hairy here, so I’ll break down in a way that’s easy to follow along with; hang with me here…

As someone who is just starting out with their IBO status and launching their work from home business opportunity, you can get paid up to four (4)levels deep in a differential (or “multi-level”) compensation plan.

  1. Level gives you 30% of profits from the monthly recurring fee that people you’ve personally marketed the product to makes an agreement to make recurring purchases of the software costs
  2. Level gives you 10% from the revenue generated from the customers that your direct customers share the service with.  If those same people (whom you’ve probably never met before, in some cases) decide to also get started with the IBO option, then they can market the product to people that can generate a 3rdlevel of IBO entrepreneurs in this business opportunity.
  3. Level gives YOU 5% profits from the monthly payments of people you most likely have never met before.  Further, you had no control over how many people were brought in from the mass amount of people you’ve sold and recruited who’ve shared the product and business opportunity with and helped them to get started with this new-found side-hustle. 
  4. Level also gives you 5% of profits from yet another collection of people who get started with this software as well.

Beyond those four levels, you’ll get renewal income on a monthly basis in what is advertised as a 3 by 8 matrix. What this means is:

  • At level 1, you have marketed the product to 3people AND brought them in on their IBO option.
  • Starting at level 2 and continuing all the way to level 8, each person in this “matrix” also has sold the product to 3 people(per IBO) and brought those customers into the fold of IBO entrepreneurs. 
  • Unfortunately, you don’t get all of these 8levels directly profiting you instantly… you also need to –
  • Recruit 12 people on your own who both enter into the monthly software purchase AND become IBO investors as well.  This can give you…
  • 9,840 positions in your multi-level matrix that people in your organization can help fill so you can afford the maximum profits available in this compensation plan.

In addition to the company giving YOU about 8% of profit share in commission payouts for every one of those 9,840 people that get started, there are also BONUSES!!!

  • $5.00 to $35.00 for all Platinum Packages that you successfully market on your own


  • $1,000 to $4,000 in what they call a Chairman Infinity Bonus. 

Unfortunately, to qualify for maximum payouts, you’ve gotta have a large organization structure and be “really high in those rankings” to even be considered eligible for the big money bonuses here.

This is a significant departure from an internet based, online marketing business called local lead generation.  In this, you don’t have to wait for the opportunity to be deemed worthy of maximum profits.  As an entrepreneur with our own digital properties, you get to dictate how much you make.

In the lead generation for small businesses model, you essentially build virtual real estate and put them at the top of search results so they get buyers coming to you through Free, Organic traffic strategies (no need to buy ads) then rent that virtual restate to business owners.

In fact, the cost to maintain these properties are so much less than the monthly cost of the iMarketsLive software that the profit margins are insanely HUGE! 

More importantly, there’s little guesswork in determining what you’re going to have for monthly income — it’s not based on a market’s trend… but on how many of your virtual real estate you have renters for — who are small business owners with a marketing budget — ready to pay you for customers.

If the internet FOREX method of income either isn’t totally your thing, or you want another high-income skill that you can leverage as an online business model you can do anywhere, check out this coaching program that helped me to quit my 9 to 5 and generate $50k in monthly income. 

But Isn’t This a Pyramid Scheme (Ponzi Scheme)

As stated before, the way a company is assessed as a “scheme” of sorts is whether or not the profits the company and/or the independent marketing associates – in this case, the people that got their start in the business opportunity, the IBO – came mostly, if not entirely, from recruiting instead of exchanging value for the profits gained.

See, in a multi-level marketing compensation structure, it’s really an opportunity to someone who is only getting started in a work from home type of business to get into a position to profit massively in a short time frame.  That is to say, as long as the profits are made legitimately; in this case, a product or service has to be marketed and sold, leading to the majority of products for the IBO.

Unfortunately, some companies might not be so fortunate to separate product sales from recruiting income. See, some people spend their hard earned money in exchange for the business opportunity attached to a product, then they get all excited and ready to turn a profit. 

When in the case of a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme, if the new recruit wants to make a profit, they would have to sell others on the idea of making profits by recruiting other people and invite them to get started so the new recruit can turn a profit in the “scheme;” then the vicious cycle of recruiting for money continues. 

To demystify this further, the network marketing compensation structure can appear like a pyramid-shaped plan for compensating the IBO investors and the truth is that anyone can get started and see profits virtually overnight if they really wanted to. 

Additionally, the entire focus is on selling the software product and that’s the initial large push.  Therefore, if you want to “pedal” this product, you’ll have to be a paying customer of the product or service first – in this case, the FOREX software iMarketsLive – or else you won’t be in a position to profit from sharing the software product with others. 

Bluntly assessed here, Chris Terry is a CEO and FOREX master expert when it comes to trading cash in a profitable manner; he brought iMarketsLiveto the public as a FOREX education platform and education software – a proprietary item that can turn a profit when bought or sold as a stand-alone product.  Since it can exist on its own in the marketplace and could be bought and sold without the assistance of IBO investors…

iMarketsLive is NOT a scam, pyramid or ponzi scheme, but instead is a real product that serves as a desirable solution to a problem the marketplace has. 

As it were, their affiliate offering of commissions to people who purchase their product, approve if it, and are excited to talk about it with people they know, just happens to be designed in a multi-level, differential compensation structure so reasonable gratuity (in the form of money) can be provided to those in an organization that choose to continue sharing the good news of the product. 

It’s nothing more than a person-to-person type of infomercial that one might see on television late at night, while their laptop is in front of them as they surf the internet or read an article like this. 

It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone…  Pinky-promise! 

A lot of companies throughout the years have chosen to bring their product into the marketplace through this same type of strategy; allowing customers to try it first, then introduce it to their friends, family, and neighbors and receive a little piece of the action when those they introduce the software product to decide that it’s for them and want to get in on what’s taking off as well. 

It can be a smart play too. Prospective buyers that satisfied users of the product know, like, and trust, might causally speak into innocent conversations about how well this platform is treating them; next thing you know, more and more buyers are coming out of the woodwork with money in-hand, asking for a copy of whatever it is that’s treating their friend, family member or neighbor so well.  The distribution can spread virally – we’re talking aggressive and rapid distribution of a product into the marketplace.

Yeah… That Fast!  And even more exciting… the company is willing to pay out the faster the word spreads about their product and those people take action to get started just like the people they knew and heard about the product and/or opportunity from. 

My Thoughts on Multi-Level Marketing

If a product is something of quality and worth my hard earned cash, why can’t people just be interested in the product intrinsically and decide to purchase it?  I’m not necessarily going to talk bad about the marketing plan, per se, of network marketing, but it leaves me asking a question about the company and product when I otherwise wouldn’t…

If someone introduces a product to me, regardless of how close we are,I just can’t help but ask myself if this person is providing more and more details about the product because it’s truly that good of something and I could greatly benefit from it –


Am I being approached by someone about this product because they’re an affiliate of a company with a kick butt compensation plan and the person is ridiculously interested in helping me to make a buying decision so they can put some quick cash in their pocket?

It’s no surprise that multi-level marketing has been introduced as early as the beginning of the 1900s and provides a unique approach to rapid distribution and scale of a company profiting initially. 

If anything, I’d simply recommend that anyone looking at a product or service – again, in this case, a software product – that they commit enough personal research and thorough due diligence if the product can deliver on the benefits, promises, or even guarantees blatantly made by the marketing associate (or the company, in tandem). 


If you’re anything like me, you’re still reading and seeking that ideal business opportunity to work from home and collect some additional income without making more work for yourself in the form of a second job.  You may be looking for…

  • More Income
  • More Time Freedom and Less Hours Spent Working (without reducing your income amount)
  • Saving more money for birthdays or holidays
  • Vacation opportunities
  • Travel funds
  • More options to give you the opportunity to find a profession you can wake up and look forward to doing every day

Having experienced Network Marketing types of businesses personally, I can testify that business opportunities like iMarketsLive can be a challenging way to generate additional income. 

Ask yourself –

“Where am I going to find the people seriously interested in the foreign exchange (FOREX) market, lucrative enough to invest several hundred dollars in this profit generating software, yet hungry enough for a change that they’re willing to part with $145.00 in a monthly expense to TRY the software out – including enough spare time to actually give this a go?”

It may be self-evident that there are limitations for something like this in the marketplace.

Although I know some people that do it, I wouldn’t suggest day trading as the go-to home business method of getting started in entrepreneurship.  Besides, the people I personally know who are still “trying” this out, several years later, still don’t live the way that I personally want to achieve.

Local Lead Generation is the Ideal Business Model in 2019

Only a few short years ago, starting in 2015, I was able to establish my first stream of income that achieved over $100,000.00 in annual profits; AND, it was all from online efforts that allowed me the time and financial freedom to quit my full-time job and go all in with the business opportunity. 

To this day, I get to live how I want – answering to NO ONE – as a self-employed entrepreneur. 

The profitability that came from my first stream of income was designed by a mentor I was introduced to – who showed me just what local lead generation was. 

He showed me how I could …

  • Throw a simple website together
  • Paste it to the top of Google search results, like a digital billboard always advertising – even when I’m sleeping
  • Once it’s generating referrals, turn them into cold hard cash
  • REPEAT! 

Does it sound simple?  Good, because it is!!!

But how much opportunity is in this if I already made 6 figures a few years ago? 

Can you follow in my footsteps and still do something like what I did? 

Well, I’ll be honest, your work ethic is entirely your own and I don’t know if you can handle that level of rigorous time and energy investment in making the same results. 

However, here’s a list of reasons why lead gen for local small businesses is so ridiculously profitable these days…

  • Passive Income with FREE Traffic once we Rank our Lead Gen Websites
  • Rent this Virtual Real Estate for Monthly Revenue on something you did Briefly, One Time
  • The Opportunity to Rake in More Money than Doctors and Lawyers
  • Set your Own Hours
  • Work from home – even in your pajamas, if you really want…
  • BIGGEST PROFIT MARGINS – no need to pay for ads when you’ve got FREE Google Search visitors coming to your websites
  • Predictable, Passive Income – you make money just like Uber and AirBnB (take a sliver to deliver the customers to local small businesses)

Yeah… I just did a lot of it in a short amount of time and that’s how I was able to walk away from my 9 to 5 nearly 3 years ago… and I’ve met people who’ve done something very similar in varying amounts of time just like me.

It wasn’t until recently that this guy Dan Lok became my mentor.  I decided I wanted to follow him steadily when I first heard him talk about the high-income skill; developing one and getting more and more proficient so you can fish for profits as an entrepreneur instead of asking others to pay you for your time for 30+ years with barely enough to retire in your golden years. 

Check him out here…

This guy also talks about investing and generating passive income where and when you can.  However, you should only invest, according to him, when you’re so ridiculously wealthy that you are at a point where you don’t know what to do with the excess funds you are in possession of. 

Look, if you’re struggling right now, then I get it; I was there only a few short years ago as well.  However, one thing Dan and I seem to clearly agree on is the need to invest in yourself…from personal development videos, books, and training to refining your mindset on what success really translates into. 

However, failing to have a profitable skill is not going to help you along in the world of entrepreneurship. At this point, entrepreneurship can relate to being a professional athlete; the condition of your mind can only reach so far in your business endeavors…

You could very quickly find yourself in a position where you need to step up your game, get dirty, work hard to breaking a sweat and refining your high-income skill.

At the end of the day, your level of skill in solving a problem can determine how profitable you can be; this can bring stability to your income and help you to establish a reliable, steady income that you generate for yourself when you become a solopreneur (at least, to start). 

It’s this same skill – lead gen for small businesses – that I acquired back in 2015 to go from broker than a joke to raking in $50,000.00 every month…And sharing a blog like this with people like you so you can not only get the full story about other coaching programs, but to also promote what has been my saving grace, which is the coaching program that I believe so much in. 

Are you ready to get your high income skill developed? 

Then, stop tossing money away on “schemes” that people are pedaling your way. 

Learn more about lead generation by Clicking Here Now!

Real Estate Agent Academy with Graham Stephan – Unbiased Review

From top to bottom, the real estate industry is – to many – an elusive unicorn that carries tons of experts in coaching programs. 

But with countless coaches, who is the go-to expert? 

Further, which program can someone actually go to and truly become an entrepreneurial success story with? 

I’ll seek to answer these questions and more as I share my insights on the Real Estate Agent Academy coaching program by Graham Stephan. 

I’ve often wondered, though, that if knowledge is power and there are tons of resources available to learn about this industry, then why do so many authentically struggle to progress in this field and land the dream lifestyle that is envisioned upon investing in this type of entrepreneurial endeavor?

Real Estate Training Lacks Passive Income Flow

The Real Estate Agent coaching program of Graham Stephan differs greatly from the lead gen coaching program I’ve learned from – and this is the program that has led me to do what I do now: generate a passive $50,000.00 in profits through virtual real estate every single month, and predictably! 

When you reach the end of reading this blog post, you’ll gain a stronger understanding of how financial freedom and a lucrative, secure future really are possible to have.  In fact, you can begin making that a reality today – and I can show you how.  Read on to learn more…

Who is Graham Stephan

Not necessarily a rags to riches story, but definitely a hustler in the making, Graham Stephan started from the table scraps of what others simply decided to step over and disregard as “playing small ball.” 

Starting as a Real Estate Agent by the age of 16, he truly had zero connections to reach out to and announce that he had finally launched his new gig; imagine having zero people to announce that you’ve started a business or amass of fiscally responsible friends so you couldn’t send a mass email, mass text, or social media post to say “Hey, is anyone that I know looking to buy /sell your home?”

However, those small jobs turned out to be an excellent starting point for this young buck that was hungry for his first few wins in the entrepreneurship game.  Launching his game from such a young age, he treated each person – and each deal – like it was going to bring a return that would make him rich. 

Technically he was right because those so-called “table scraps” turned out to be connection points and a database of contacts that Mr. Stephan was able to build relationships with.  He’s living proof that hustle beats any other form of business work ethic because those connection points turned into people looking to this “kid” to handle their selling of an old property and purchasing a new home in place of it. 

It’s been said that landing large deals is something that newly beginning business owners should be weary of. After all – those only come once in a lifetime, right?  For Graham, this was a sign that the commission-based lifestyle of a real estate agent is exactly where he wanted –nay, need – to be. 

Landing a multi-million, commission-based deal on a home for a wealthy couple at the ripe age of only 18, this lucky buck confirmed for himself that college wasn’t for him; he was less interested in a degree and more interested in the exciting world of entrepreneurship and turning a profit from hard work. 

Nearly eight years later, Graham Stephan decided to put together a course that documented his successful efforts – from A to Z!  After landing millions in commission from the world of real estate, he demonstrates the tricks up his sleeves for achieving the level of success that he has. 

That’s something not many tend to do these days; many entrepreneurs have a tendency to keep their “trade secrets” to themselves instead of both documenting and sharing how they’ve achieved their unique level of success.  Graham continues to grow – and with that, he also updates his Real Estate Agent Academy coaching program. 

Some of the things that he brings to the masses in his Real Estate Agency coaching program are:

  • Relationship Building Strategies
  • How to negotiate to win big
  • Acquiring the close of a deal
  • Prospecting
  • And countless more of his many tips and tricks…

Acquiring a subscriber base of more than 160,000 people on YouTube, you could credit some of his success toward delivering outstanding content that can be shared to, and by, his audience. 

Having been in the real estate game for (now) the better part of a decade – or longer – he’s essentially diversified his individual portfolio of revenue, from his humble beginnings in landing multiple real estate deals every month to monetizing his loyal following on YouTube “and” selling a coaching program that stems from his personal real estate journey. 

Proof that success is earned – and you could do the same!

In the real estate space, commissions are generated only when a home is bought or sold; that’s how money is exchanged and someone who is helping buyers and sellers can stand to gain a piece of the action that is taking place…hence, a commission for a real estate agent’s time and effort. 

For Graham, however, he’s drifting toward exploring more passive streams of profits so he doesn’t have to work as hard as he did in the first decade of his professional life.  The reality of it beast (being the real estate agent career, that is) is that the profession demands trading time to earn cold hard cash.  I mean… that’s how someone lands those fat commissions that everyone hears stories about.

It’s still a game of entrepreneurship in the sense that you are working for yourself by serving buyers and sellers directly.  However…

Even the hardest working, commission-only careerists are smart enough to acknowledge that they’d rather be building a side hustle that delivers money into their bank account while they’re working, and continues to do this even when they aren’t on the clock. 

In fact, wouldn’t it be nice to have a web property doing the hard work for you while you’re on a boat, enjoying a warm vacation, or even racking out in bed for the night, and still turning a profit without your attention?

That’s why local lead generation is so powerful, and in my eyes, the preferred method of operating a business. Sure, real estate can give you a fat commission once in a great while, but why step over dollars to pick up hundred dollar bills when those smaller singles can still add up to a big profit?

The sweet thing about local lead generation is that the web properties function like a rental home.  You can rent them to business owners, which requires little to no maintenance on a monthly basis, and you can set these websites up quickly to generate profits from FREE Organic Web Traffic – which means sending buyers to business owners while you still own the web property and turn a profit while you sleep. 

Pretty cool, huh?

Overview of the Real Estate Agent Academy Coaching Course

I’ve personally bought a ton of courses that involved some pre-recorded, online training modules.  I know for a fact that one of the most exhausting things involves watching hours –upon hours – of information until I’m overloaded to where I have no idea which way is up. 

And by that point, I still haven’t found anything practical in the training that I can turn around and utilize to reach into the marketplace and start grabbing some profits right away. 

The great thing about these parts of Graham’s training ensures that bombardment or overload of information is nothing to worry about.  The videos are – on average – less than 10minutes each.

Take a quick peek here…

Part 1: Why Become a Real Estate Agent?

  • Reasons to Choose Real Estate (5:28)
  • Reasons that Real Estate Sales might not be for you (6:41)
  • A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Agent (5:05)
  • How you might qualify to work as a Real EstateAgent? (5:27)
  • Challenges and Risks of laboring as a Real Estate Agent (4:47)
  • Is it necessary to relocate to become successful in Real Estate? (2:15)
  • The benefits of a sound Mindset in landing success with Real Estate (5:44)

Part 2: Acquiring Your Real Estate License

  • Requirements for your licensure (2:03)
  • In-Person Training vs. Online Training (1:47)
  • Picking the right real estate agent academy (or school) (1:57)
  • Prepping for the real estate exam (and what it takes to actually pass) (3:14)
  • Can I do Real Estate as a side hustle (the part-time approach to success) (6:24)
  • Do Real Estate Agents need a college degree? (2:44)
  • Advantages to having no experience, and being young, in the Real Estate Agent Profession (3:42)
  • Reasons many might attempt to persuade you to avoid a profession in Real Estate (4:43)

Part 3: The Approach to Partnering with a Real Estate Brokerage

  • Tip: Finding a Mentor (4:17)
  • Reasons for a Real Estate Brokerage (1:38)
  • What’s the difference between a Real EstateBroker vs a Real Estate Agent? (1:02)
  • Selecting a Real Estate Brokerage that may be a good fit for you (and them) (3:05)
  • The Interview with the Real Estate Brokerage(7:13)
  • Costs Associated with Partnering with the RealEstate Brokerage (3:17)
  • Finding a Fair Commission Split for your efforts(3:06)

Part 4: Starting Your Real Estate Career Right

  • Should You Start as an Assistant? (And How to land this Gig) (2:52)
  • Options: Working Solo vs. Teaming Up (5:06)
  • Preparing for the launch of your Commission-Based Career (1:49)
  • Essentials to Begin your Real Estate AgentCareer (5:53)
  • Whether the type of car you’re driving actually matters (3:01)
  • The type of dress that’s appropriate for a real estate agent (2:52)
  • Reaching into the Luxury Real Estate Market(2:25)
  • Whether Expensive Homes are Easier to Sell(6:27)
  • Arranging Finances to Enter the Career Field(1:54)

Part 5: Acquiring Leads (People to Talk To / Market To) and Landing Business

  • Intro. To Getting Your Leads and Making BusinessTransactions Happen (2:51)
  • Whether working with buyers and/or sellers can be good or bad (1:07)
  • 90-Day Strategy Guide to Jumpstarting Your RealEstate Career (4:48)
  • Think there’s nothing you could be doing?  Watch this video weekly (3:16)
  • Checklist for Newbies (2:33)
  • Getting Leads in the Real Estate Market (9:33)
  • Setting up an Open House (4:14)
  • Prepping the Open House You’re Hosting (3:14)
  • Your Ultimate Guide to Holding Your Open House(9:16)
  • Words to the Wise: What to Say During Your OpenHouse (8:34)
  • Cold Calling 101: What to Say (2:37)
  • Door Knocking 101: How to do it Right (5:02)
  • Floor Calls 101: Working the Leads (2:59)

Part 6: Working with the Seller Leads (People who want to sell their home)

  • Your Introduction to what Home Listings Are(2:51)
  • Starting the Listing Appointment (6:40)
  • How to Price Your Listing (7:47)
  • Seller upgrades made prior to listing the home (3:30)
  • How to Market for Sellers (6:33)
  • Objections from Sellers: The Top 7 Things (and what to say) (9:48)
  • Getting a Listing Launched (11:29)
  • The Top Ways to Show your Listing (8:06)
  • Fielding the Offers to Acquire the Highest Price(4:15)
  • Tactics to Negotiations (The One’s GrahamPersonally Uses) (6:00)
  • No Offers? No Actions on the Listing?  Here’s what you can do (5:52)
  • A dual agency: the Pitfalls to handling both types of business (Buyer & Seller) (2:10)
  • What to do about Home Inspections (5:08)
  • Pocket Listings 101: What they are and how to use them (3:07)
  • Zestimates and Automated Values: What are they?  Why use them? (1:14)

Part 7: Working with the Home Buyers (People who want to buy a home)

  • Working with Buyers 101: What and Who they are(7:21)
  • Selecting homes to show and how to schedule appointments effectively (3:16)
  • Negotiation Tactics for Buyer Leads – Part 1(11:06)
  • Negotiation Tactics for Buyer Leads – Part 2(5:51)
  • The Negotiation Approaches Graham personally uses to Win Multiple Counter Offers for/on behalf of The Buyer (6:00)
  • What are Contingencies, Titles, and Escrow? (8:16)
  • The Loan Process for Home Buyers (7:39)
  • Red Flags and Buyer Objections – Part 1 (7:56)
  • Red Flats and Buyer Objections – Part 2 (5:58)
  • Identifying a “Fake” Buyer (and how to not waste your time) (5:54)

Part 8: Lease Clients and How to Work with Them

  • Tenants and Leases: Why Work with Them? (2:51)
  • How to Acquire Lease Clients (2:08)
  • Negotiating Your Commission and Who You Should Work With (3:43)
  • The Fortune is in the Follow Up – Especially in the Leases Game (1:21)
  • Options for when your client is running late(5:13)
  • Negotiation Tactics for Leasing when you’re representing a Tenant (7:18)
  • Negotiation Tactics for Leasing when you’re representing a Landlord (6:43)

Part 9: Planning for Taxes and Final Thoughts

  • A few thoughts on Tax Planning (3:05)
  • Can you take a vacation as a Real Estate Agent? (2:09)
  • Forecasting the Future of the Real Estate Agent’sCareer (2:16)
  • Fundamental Reasons a Real Estate Agent needs to start saving some cash (1:45)
  • Final Thoughts (3:25)
  • Thanks for Being a Member of this Coaching Program (1:28)

My Thoughts on Being a Real Estate Agent

There are definitely some sweet pros to being a Real Estate Agent!

  • Decide your own schedule and when you “need to go to work”…
  • Earn more when you grind your work ethic against the grain more…
  • The Prospect of earning WAY MORE than most jobs…

…if you do this Real Estate Agent Academy thing right!

There are tons of books available on becoming a real estate agent – and even more for when someone is actually a real estate agent or broker… and I’ve read tons of them long before entering into the online space of local lead generation

Unfortunately, some of the bigger challenges that you’ll run into with the Real Estate Agent profession could be:

  • The market fluctuations in price can help (or hurt) your margin of profit
  • The level of competition can be ridiculous depending on where you’re working – this could be due to the number of agents /brokerages nearby, or simply the market trend (all things you have no control over)
  • The only way you get paid is when you go out there, prospect, and move a home – whether buying or selling – and you’re always chasing the next deal

The leader and founder of this coaching program, Real Estate Agent Academy, himself confidently mentions how cold calling your way to success and going out to knock on strangers’ doors are how you’re going to get your money coming in with the real estate game…

After all, you’ve got to acquire attention and let people know you’rein business so they can know to come to you if or when they “might” want to buy or sell a piece of vacant property or a home. So, according to the expert, Graham Stephan, you’ve got to get uncomfortable in telling others what you do – especially people who’ve never heard of you. 

So, naturally, since I’ve gotten this course, I tried his recommended strategies of getting out there with some hustle and bustle, and telling people that I’m ready to do business if they know anyone that’s looking to make a deal in either buying something or selling what they have in real estate. 

…And I got pretty burnt out in very short order!!!

So there I was, after trying this for quite some time, back on the internet and scrounging the cyberspace for a better way to make money.  I just knew there had to be a better way than not having people answer the door in the cold, winter months that I’m trying to get out there and “gain some attention” so I could buy groceries that week. 

Then, one night, I was surfing the web and came across the concept of local lead generation.  You get to use free traffic through being able to learn the skill necessary to rank websites online and get buyers coming to you instead of you’re needing to knock on doors, turn over stones, and find those hiding, money-giving customers. 

So what’s the major difference between laboring 60 to 80 hours weekly versus local lead generation?

Attraction Marketing as compared to Interruption Marketing… THAT’S WHAT!

With an incredible mentor who taught me business principles that I never knew existed, I was able to gain – and quickly perfect – the skill of lead gen through our coaching program (this is my #1 online business recommendation), and that’s when my success took off!

I was able to start building a successful, profitable business model very, VERY, QUICKLY, and essentially begin writing my own checks on a side hustle, even while I was working my full-time job… to start, anyway.


If you hire mentors like Mr. Graham Stephan, someone who pours all his big deal landing strategies, and personally acquired tips and tricks in the real estate space, you’re no doubt setting yourself up for a worthwhile career and positioning yourself for an unprecedented opportunity to have some success in your Real Estate Agent career.

At the same time, it’s still a job…

It’s still a commissioned based lifestyle, where you’re trading your time for dollars…

And in the first 3 years, you can only be an agent before you can step into the luxurious world of owning your own Real Estate Brokerage and truly going at it on your own.

Of course there’s plenty of opportunities for profiting big deals, but just like Graham, you have to start with building relationships with people that are around the marketplace… which is a great thing to do, but wealth comes from passive income streams instead of trying to save your way to wealth.

I’m talking about setting yourself up to make money while you sleep! 

Think about it… what will happen to your income if you, the new real estate agent…

  • Ends up sick?
  • Family Emergency?
  • Wanna take an extended vacation?
  • Natural disaster occurs in your market?

Look, your income is limited to what you do for work, and in real estate, it’s about how hard you work; again, the market conditions can also play a role in your ability to succeed in the game as well.

Think you have to invest in apartment buildings that house multiple families at any given time in order to generate a sizeable, passive income stream?  That’s a daunting task to think about, especially since those kinds of investments can set you back nearly$200,000 just to own the property and apartment development.

Thanks to the internet, this game is completely revolutionized and your opportunity to generate wealth just got a whole lot cheaper! 

Why I Like the Lead Generation Business Model Best in 2019

Here’s how easy it is to profit with the internet… this is exactly what I have done for the last few years…

  1. Build lead gen websites (and it doesn’t take long to build multiple ones either)
  2. Turn these into Valuable Digital Real Estate by ranking them in the Top Results of search engines (like Google) so they produce sales leads FOR FREE, using Free Traffic, on AutoPilot
  3. Rent it out to a small business owner for a nice chunk of change
  4. REPEAT!!! 

I guess you could same in an alternative style of real estate…


Seriously, it doesn’t cost me much to set these web properties into position to turn a profit…

And the Return on Investment (ROI) is RIDICULOUSLY PROFITABLE!!!

Depending on the industry, any of my multiple properties can give a return of $750 per month to as much as $3,000 Every Month…

Predictable, Reliable Income that can pay me for days, weeks, months, even years, after hooking a business owner up one time and having them pay me LIKE CLOCK WORK!

That’s not all…

Check out what this could mean for you when you get started in the local lead gen business…

  • The Competition is Basically Non-Existent
  • Tons of cities to work with, and countless industries just filled with business owners I could help
  • Resistant to Natural Disasters; this is all done online
  • Market Fluctations Are a Joke to Me; It doesn’t matter how much a house costs for me, because customers will still be searching the internet for a service provider, and my Virtual Real Estate will get found by those hungry buyers who are ready to throw money into someone’s pocket
  • Set the web property up one time and get paid for the LIFETIME of that web property

So where am I now?

After starting this line of work only a few short years ago, I’ve been able to walk away from my full-time career after starting this only as a side hustle. 

I’m making about $50,000 in Passive, Residual Income every single month with all the websites that I’ve put out there, helping me in generating leads for small business owners. 

This is the business model I’ve been dreaming of, as it gives me the ability to generate more income with so little work, leaving me with tons of time and financial freedom!  Check this coaching program out here

Oh yeah, and even Mr. Graham Stephan himself gets what it means to set up passive income streams – the same guy who is teaching Real Estate “experts” how to work this business to their advantage. 

However, you’ve got to remember that Graham has been working in the real estate agent profession for about a decade, amassing a whopping $6,475 in monthly passive income…

In my honest opinion, success needs to start from the very first day! 

To me, that amount of passive income should be higher if someone has been in an entrepreneurial endeavor for about 10 years! 

I think that’s one of the many reasons that he has opened up a YouTube channel and established his Real Estate Agent Academy coaching program, is because he wants more revenue coming in from passive streams of income. 

In other words, Graham Stephan just proved my point as he turned to the internet to find another stream of income that he could achieve with a little bit of effort.  See…

It’s the internet and one’s digital marketing skills that can deliver the keys toward unlocking the secrets toward passive income.  If you agree, check out this lead generation for small business coaching program – if I had to start all over, this would be where I would want to begin! 

Amazon Freedom Course with Dan Vas – Unbiased Review

Back in 2017, I was able to have some success in the online physical products selling business thanks to Dan Vas, with his Amazon FBA Business course that he has.

Before this, though, there was a different coaching program that helped me learn to build a local lead generation side-hustle and, as of 2015, I literally murdered my job (meaning, I walked away from it). 

The lead gen business is really simple:

  1. Paste a digital billboard at the top of Google
  2. Generate consumer leads – or calls – for the local business
  3. Pass these customers off to the business owner
  4. Collect a check for making the business owner rich
  5. REPEAT! 🙂

Currently at $50,000 per month in net profit, local lead generation is the majority of my income.

Unlike lead gen, Amazon FBA is quite the different beast in the entrepreneurial space, so let’s get into how this is different from local lead generation. 

You’ll also get a good look as to why someone jumping into working from home gigs would fare better to invest in Dan Vas courses these days.

Amazon Freedom: The Amazon FBA Course People Enjoy

There’s very little that is left to be desired in Dan Vas’ Amazon Business Course.  Check this out…

  • Find a product within key metrics
  • Connect with a supplier and order samples (vet them)
  • Acquire a bulk shipment
  • Establish branding (logo design, etc.)
  • List the product online
  • Boost the Amazon Listing using paid traffic(like Facebook Ads) and follow-up with visitors/customers via email
  • Continue multiple paid traffic sources to get more visitors and buyers
  • Get stark-raving reviews to raise your product listing so you can get more buyers with less ad spend

Vas also hooks you up with a private Facebook group to network and get more information once you’re a student of his program.  The step-by-step, actionable training with follow-along videos ensures there are zero games, upsells, or gimmicks – you just get the course and grind entrepreneurial style!

The Challenges of the Amazon FBA Lifestyle

You know what they say in the Amazon FBA business industry? 

4th product launch is a charm!  No joke, that’s what it took for me!  Here’s why:

  • Depending on who you are actually partnered with as your supplier, the shipping times (for your samples, for your bulk order, or anything else) can take ridiculous amounts of time… Months even.
  • With no guarantee of success, your investment of both time and financing lead to an unanticipated dead-end if your first selection isn’t a hit!  You might be able to get away with testing out the marketplace with the whole dropshipping model in a Shopify store you could build (including web hosting, domain names, connecting the two, and then building the store with all that coding you need to figure out – or hire someone else to do it for you), but that’s not the case with the Amazon FBA gig.
  • In addition to getting some attention, visitors, and maybe even buyers (eventually) to your product listing on Amazon, the ads you buy – in Pay-Per-Click fashion – can really begin to dig into your pockets if you’re not in profit mode right away.
  • Those negative reviews, man – ‘nuff said.
  • Competition is fierce: if they undercut your price, or bring in a comparable product that severely undercuts your price, you might as well just tie up the loose ends, toss your project overboard, and start over.

Considering that Amazon is an E-Commerce store, it’s one of the most visited websites next to Google and Facebook and it gets tons of action on there with all the products being sold to buyers by sellers…

Look, everyday folks like you and I would be very appreciative of there being an easy way to start a home-based business, especially in the physical products line of business.

However, at the end of the day, you’re completely vulnerable to everything that Amazon says you’re able to do – including everything they’re not allowing you to do – as to “how” you can sell your physical product and turn a profit.

You’ve got multiple challengers for your targeted buyer’s attention surrounding your product listing.  Assuming you’re actually in a prime placement for a visitor to see you(without paying for the visitor, of course), you still have:

-the “customers who viewed this also viewed” section,
-the Sponsored (or paid for) advertisement of a similar or completely different product which will distract your buyer, and…
-the recommendations that Amazon makes to your visitor that other “Customers who bought this item also bought”!

You’ll be lucky if your listed physical product cuts through all the noise to get its fair shake in the eyes of the one person who matters in this equation: the person with your money in-hand – the Buyer.

We can all agree how wonderful this layout is because it allows visitors to compare products, including price, description, whether or not being a prime member is benefit to the buyer, and when we use it as consumers, it’s probably one of the more helpful features.

What does this have to do with Competition? 

I’m sure glad you asked… let me tell ya…

Think back to the last time you had arrived at a product website page and ended up buying something that was slightly different – maybe even from a different brand altogether – because of price, the volume or nature of reviews, or other reasons (up to and/or including no reason at all)…

Well, that’s what the prospective buyer of your product is doing, too!

As the Amazon FBA Business game of sellers continues to expand, the staggering volume of competition mandates that you get to designing your cool new product, source an epic product from another seller with awesome reviews, or find another way to promote a sustainable business here.

From your business partners in this space to the other sellers – also known as your competition – you’re pretty much limited on not only the kind/type of physical product you get to sell, but also the price at which you end up getting to promote your product(s) at. 

At the end of the day, your profit margins are going to be minimal – if existent – depending on what you’ve ended up selecting as your product to market on Amazon.

There’s a Ton of Amazon FBA Coaching Programs – How Come?!

One of the biggest hiccups in the Amazon FBA Business – or E-commerce in general – is how the ever-increasing competition leads to sending the pricing of products to the ground, inherently also cutting profit margins for anyone wanting to get into this space.

Further, the length of time to actually get a physical product both listed and launched is tremendously taxing. The constant computer-based communication – to include the sitting around and waiting for replies – from suppliers and/or dropshippers can literally take months to finalize your product and marketing strategy.  Certainly, six figures are possible, but unless your first selection is a slam dunk, there’s little to celebrate in terms of profits.

Some experts in the Amazon FBA Business have garnered a team who launches multiple products at one time, knowing that not every physical product is going to land her business into a massive profit margin. 

For those just starting, however, the inventory needs and promoting costs (such as Pay-Per-Click online advertising) can really cut into the pockets of someone who isn’t quite into profit mode yet.

These coaches are sitting comfortably – creating their coaching course for you to learn from – because it’s a lot less overhead to maintain a coaching business than it is a physical products business. 

The coaching space can often have less competition for your product, the margins are nearly 100% in gross and net profits, and the coach only has to hand over a password and username to the information – no shipping required!

As the barrier of entry for entering the Amazon FBA Business through a coaching course is significantly low, the marketplace gets overwhelmingly saturated as wannabe entrepreneurs enter in with the ambition and vision of hitting it big! 

Often times, the counterpart is true and the marketplace is filled with similar people competing for the same positions with similar types of products in the Amazon rankings, and on and on and on…

If it were easy to get started, everyone would do it.  It sounds easy to list a physical product, so naturally, everyone is doing it; so yeah, this is a little overrated of a business for my personal tastes.

What’s Better – Amazon FBA or Local Lead Generation?

From this notorious coaching program in local lead generation, I was able to quit my job in 2015 and endeavor into the mythical world of working from a laptop. 

And it’s real!  I learned how to paste websites to the top of local search rankings, drive buyers to local small businesses, and garner a sliver to deliver those new clients over to them. 

I was able to rank a web property into a space like you see above (you may have seen something like it before), and it continues to pay me $750 every month, and I’ve only dealt with it once. 

PASSIVE INCOME is why I like this business model, even though the barrier to entry is high. 

The reality of the matter is that most marketers in the local space, especially so-called “SEO Experts” truly have no idea what they’re doing…

That means the barrier to entry in the local lead generation space is high, as you need some baller skills to yield results that can pay you like this.

Jeff Olson, former Chief Marketing Officer of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. once said, “You can determine the size of your paycheck by the size of the problems that you’re able to solve.” 

If you can build a business around your high-income skill, you could have a very lucrative future in-store for you. However, you need to have a lucrative, high-income skill to start with…or go out and learn it.

Another high income skilled expert that I’m going to reference has been a successful businessman and high ticket training coach for a number of years now.  In fact, he was one of my inspirations for wanting to turn from a full-time career to making profits on the internet. 

An accomplished entrepreneur who speaks from the heart, take a few moments out of your day to listen to this industry renown mogul as he details, defines, and identifies with the treasure of developing a high-income skill…

Watch this quick video:

Yo, the major difference from Amazon FBA and local lead gen is that when you decide to own these web properties that you intend to leverage for marketing and revenue purposes — and with how easy it is to throw together one of these wealth generating websites —

You can succeed completely independent of some Amazon rules telling you what you can and can’t do to turn a profit. You can shift gears into Local Lead Generation, become your very own boss, and negotiate your monthly retainer with the small business owners you are literally feeding customers to on Auto Pilot!

I find too many variables involved with the Amazon FBA model; you’re selecting a product, waiting for months for negotiation/samples/figuring things out, ensuring you’re not violating rules and agreements, and hoping that you’ve landed on something that enough people will seek out and buy, that doesn’t have crippling competition or crippling profit margins.

Unlike the notion of a high-income skill, there’s really no way for me to develop a personal skill to become better than my competition; it’s all about whether I have enough money to buy more traffic to my listing long enough to become the top performer with a physical product listing –

Until my luck with that listing has run out and it’s time to move on to a new product…

Which means I have to start all over with the product selection and the whole 4-5 month process of getting a new product listing in place with a partner product provider.

Do you honestly expect to waltz into a well-established website likeAmazon and hope to have a secret edge that veterans in the process of doing exactly what you’re hoping to hit it big with probably hasn’t already found? 

It’s not my cup of tea. 

If I can’t dominate it, I don’t want to be in business for it. 

If you want a stable financial future as an entrepreneur, then strengthening a personal skill your competitors simply haven’t discovered or developed themselves can secure your financial comfort for years to come. 

You can do more with your skills that others only wish they could, and that strategic advantage is what you can bring to the marketplace which will make you a rare and valuable commodity.


At only $497, Dan Vas has everything you need to launch your very own Amazon FBA business; and his program is just one of many coaching courses out there.

Just as was discussed earlier in this article, more coaches marketing to more new entrepreneurs means more competition in the marketplace, especially in the Amazon FBA Business model.  The competition rises, the profit margins drop, and the volume of work required to turn a profit continues to skyrocket. 

Someone who makes YouTube videos and markets their coaching program can be successful simply because not many people do this kind of activity every single day.  They neither have the time or inclination to do this, or they don’t know how to create the video content and market to a desired audience strategically. 

Dan Vas must then be successful because he’s willing to tackle the challenges that others simply don’t want to, don’t know how to and don’t want to know how to, or aren’t willing to.

In essence, being willing to do – and actually doing – what most aren’t willing to do, THAT is what can turn someone into a massive success story.

Local Lead Generation is no different; you’ve gotta have patience to learn the skill of exactly how to paste a money-generating billboard to the top of Google search results, and then actually implement this skillset!  It’s hard to believe that a cookie-cutter course can be the secret to success if countless other people are also trying to put up the exact same Facebook Ad to produce the same desired result at or around the exact same time.

Coaching may not be for everyone though, and that’s okay.

Whatever you decide to have as your high-income skill, be willing to develop your skill and separate yourself from the pack; then you won’t have any competition when you’re actually dominating!

Why I Like Local Lead Generation Business Better in 2019

Local Lead Generation is awesome like this because there are more tactics to diversify not only your portfolio of the desired accomplishments, but how you get those results is also as exciting as it is an unrestricted territory = NO AMAZON TELLING YOU WHAT YOU CAN AND CANNOT DO TO GET BUYERS!

  • No parent company
  • No rules and regulations agreements
  • No risk of losing your investment if you step outside of said rules (since there are none in local lead generation 🙂 )
  • No arduous product listings
  • No bulk orders
  • No struggling to collect reviews
  • No adverse reactions by unhappy customers leaving negative reviews that can hurt your future profit margins

When you have the skills to generate leads with free, organic traffic(meaning NO Pay-Per-Click required), your dreams of a passive income just took a sharp turn from the imagination toward becoming a possibility!

I’m in full control of my virtual real estate that I can improve upon to deliver unparalleled value to the marketplace with – and no one else is really competing with me on what I can truly deliver.

At $50,000.00 per month in passive income – mostly all profit – from just consistently generating leads online, I have been able to exponentially increase my income over the past 3 years.

It’s wonderful having a meeting with a business owner and reminding them that “I’m the only one in your marketplace that can actually deliver this result for you, and this result can go to you or your competition – what’ll it be?”

Meanwhile, the Most Common Amazon FBA Complaints I’ve heard are:

  • High Fees by Amazon
  • Dealing with foreign suppliers, and poor quality products
  • The constant hassle & ongoing work required when dealing with physical products (inventory, supplier, tying up cash flow, low profit margins)
  • -dealing with negative reviews and how that affects your success drastically
  • Many issues are outside your control (dealing with customs, incompetent suppliers)
  • Amazon can ban accounts, causing your business to be taken from you without your control
  • It is getting saturated fast, unlike local lead generation (since we can go into so many different cities & niches)
  • Other sellers can come in and duplicate your success (and there’s nothing you can do about it)
  • It can take up to 5 months before your product listing can go live (finding supplier, sourcing product, etc)

Why I Adore the Lead Generation Business in 2019:

  • more scalable than Amazon FBA because you’re not dealing with physical products so there’s hardly any ongoing work required to maintain our lead gen income
  • with a surreal amount of industries to choose from and cities to help, the competition is virtually nonexistent
  • With free, organic traffic coming to the websites we rank, passive income is almost certain
  • Local, Small business owners need help to be the top competitor and dominate their marketplace, and they simply could benefit from online marketing help
  • With no costs for good sold attached to the lead gen industry (like physical products), we have the BIGGEST PROFIT MARGINS to boot.

Instead of keeping this to myself though, there are far too many opportunities for me to get to than what I can actually handle in the marketplace. 

So, instead of being stingy and trying to take all of the business for myself, I’m sharing what I’ve been able to amass a huge, life-changing income and time freedom lifestyle shift with –and that’s how this blog came to be. 

In fact, I’m showing others the exact, step-by-step local lead generation methods that I’ve used to be where I am today. See it for yourself by CLICKING HERE.

Amazing Selling Machine – Scam or Actual Home Business?

So you’ve heard about the Amazing Selling Machine program that educates its students on building their own Amazon-based physical products business…

You know, the Amazon FBA course with Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark who were the creators of it.

Now, I was doing rather well for myself when I had heard about this at an online marketing conference.  In fact, my local lead gen business helped me to rake in $50k per month on Auto Pilot just by leveraging FREE Organic Web Traffic to get business owners to pay me like clockwork!  

Still, I found it important to invest in myself and develop new ideas, new connections, and even new revenue streams…

So I met this guy there who actually worked up his own Amazon business with having marketed only kitchen glassware from scratch to six figures. 

After meeting him and hearing him speak highly of this course (of all the ones he had explored, this was his favorite), I figured that this could have something of value to it.

So I gave Amazing Selling Machine a shot and explore building a physical products revenue stream.

Before sharing with you whether this is a wise venture, check out why others are entering the world of entrepreneurship…

Is Selling on Amazon a Good Business Model?

If you’ve heard anything in the news lately, there’s no doubt you’d have heard about the tremendous growth that Amazon has experienced recently…

Amazon is pioneering the extravagance of their e-commerce stores online through…

-Establishing Local Stores (that you can even go and physically pick up your package at)

-Drone Shipping (they fly the package over to your neck of the woods)

-Keeping It Traditional (they’ve now got their own shipping company to get your package mailed)

With all of the amazing things that Amazon has going on for themselves, becoming a business person who is associated with such a rising company means high-credibility and the opportunity to hop on-board with a rising trend… which could mean MASSIVE $$$!

What you get out of the Amazing Selling Machine Course

Of course, any successful entrepreneurial endeavor requires:

  • A Product or Service
  • A way to market to buyers
  • Collecting Money for the product/service
  • Providing the requested service or product to the buyer
  • EXCELLENT customer service in the process.

In the space of marketing physical products, it takes a little more focus and dedication than what the aforementioned might make it out to be…

Great product order fulfillment and continued, Superior customer service skills are paramount!

Check out just a few of the things you’d need in your Amazon FBA style of a business:

  • Evaluating product competition through personally invested research (time and effort)
  • Requesting samples
  • Waiting for samples to arrive
  • Accepting that the product is getting outsourced
  • Testing out the product personally
  • Designing any sort of packaging and logos
  • Figuring out how to submit bulk orders
  • Making liaison with the Amazon FBA center
  • Receiving, and responding, to negative reviews
  • Paying “frequent attention” to Amazon metrics in your own business account
  • Figuring out how to build out a web site
  • Now you’re actually in business – what if you wanted to sell it?  What then?  What now?

Basically, this requires time, patience, tons of effort, and careful selection of products with professional suppliers that you’d need to partner with (and, ultimately, rely on). 

When asked what the most challenging part of this business might be, I said the partnership. 

Basically, your success in the hands of another person – the supplier. 

Seriously, what if they delay shipping, run out of stock and don’t tell you, or some other unforeseen inconvenience? 

Before that even, finding a good product or industry to step into is another issue.

With countless products to choose from, even the arduous task of requesting product samples required

-shipping time
-making time to check out the product
-evaluate it personally; ya know, see if I could get behind it
-consider whether someone was going to ask for a refund if they didn’t like what they received (after buying directly from me)

Beyond all of that, there’s still no verifying if your endeavor is about to become a profitable one until you make it… or don’t make it, as the case just might be.

That’s why, with the local lead generation business model, you don’t have to worry about physical products and the rules of Amazon! You can own your own, simple websites, rank them until they’re stuck at the top of Google…

From there, you get to sit back, relax, and let the website do the heavy lifting for you: siphoning Free Organic acquired buyers from Search Engines and get paid residually to do nothing more than automatically send said customers (repeat buyers and new ones) over to the small business owners to close!

Back to the Amazing Selling Machine discussion…

What else is piled on top of (and adding to) the stress of selling physical products – or anything for that matter – it all is the anomaly of Amazon’s product ranking system; and if you’re selling on Amazon, you’re subject to it just like everyone else in the ball game…

You still need to give enough concerted effort to have your product listing (yes, you have to take the time to get it listed first) to a ripe and ready position so it is seen, and evaluated, by actual buyers.

Naturally, Amazing Selling Machine provides plenty of do’s and don’ts, with tons of wisdom gems to save you from the pitfalls of treacherous AmazonFBA mistakes.

How does my Amazon product listing Actually Climb the Amazon search results?

Back in the day, before Amazon wised up and cracked down on their marketplace, anyone could just climb the listings through fake views and review submissions about your product listing.

NOW… the Amazing Selling Machine students might have a more difficult time achieving those coveted first-week student success stories, since those old-school tips and tricks don’t really apply anymore.

At this point, it’s really all about the volume of visitors and buyers you’re achieving now.

As a result, your first go-around needs to be spot on, from product selection or design to logo, packaging, a honed in listing, and more.

If you’ve ever heard of Google AdsTM (formerly, GoogleAdWordsTM), one recommendation that could be beneficial is to run a Google search advertisement (from the pay-per-click platform), and drive more visitors to your actual listing.

With more and more entrepreneurial players in the game than only a few years ago, the competition is fierce in the Amazon FBA gig. 

Amazon FBA sellers recognize that the sales cycle (just to land a buyer) takes longer than before, as does launching a product that could be very popular and getting those precious, stark-raving reviews from those real buyers. 

The updates on the platform have simply overcomplicated this method of business, thus making little value or interest in these so-called Amazon FBA courses that once helped people to start a business from home. 

However, Amazing Selling Machine is one of the few training courses, if any, to provide annual updates to their program to ensure that their students are getting the most current instructions on how to make the best of their Amazon FBA business venture.

My Opinion of the Amazon FBA Business Venture

Here’s the down and dirty between selling on Amazon and different online businesses in 2019:

The Good

  • Amazon is gaining positive traction and is here to stay
  • With Amazon FBA, you don’t need a stock of inventory at your home. 
  • Heck, you don’t even need a place to do business, except a place to go that has a laptop, internet and some comfortable space with electricity
  • You could have an entrepreneurial exit and sell the business you build from nothing.
  • Other than actual orders and the costs of those orders, there’s not really much else in the way of expenses.

The “Wiggle Room to Improve”

  • There’s not much in the way of guaranteeing success. 
  • Some products won’t be a hit, and you’ve gotta be okay with making the hard decisions to let a project go sometimes.
  • Less control, as you are partnered with business entities that actually have processes and are subjected to natural disasters and unusual circumstances – all of which influence how your customers view“you”.
  • Unlike a dental practice or law office, the negative reviews on you actually make it harder for you to market in the future(successfully).

Even with the counterpart of Amazon – Shopify stores – you still need to rely on paying for advertising, and those pay-per-click ads actually working in your favor, whether on Google Ads or Facebook Ads.  Without them, you can kiss those traffic and sales goodbye.

Back to Amazon, you could pick a slam dunk on your very first pick, that ends up being a hot product, pastes you at the top of Amazon search results, and you get tons of sales – for years to come – without the required paid advertising that you had to start with for that product.

Organic Traffic is Sweet!!!

If it were up to me to do it all over again, I’d stick with Amazon FBA instead of having to rely on Facebook Ads connected to one’s Shopify stores.

Rest assured, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with engaging in both ventures; just find a great product and go-to-town!


I was in a different spot than most when I started with Amazing Selling Machine. 

And when you have a successful local lead generation business that is spitting off nearly 100% of your revenue straight into your pocket — Yeah, SICK profit margins here — I’ll bet you’d be just as comfortable branching out and trying another business model.  

Of course, while any business venture could work out for you if you were to invest some personal work and time (and funding) into it, entrepreneurship requires the skillful art of carefully evaluating miscalculations.

Something like this allows a business owner appropriately adjust their focus toward what they’re missing in their sales, marketing, services, etc., and to figure out how to make all spokes on the business components metaphorical wheel interlink and (ultimately) end up working for you as an asset instead of a liability. 

That’s exactly what I did with my SEO business online, and which is why I had plenty of marketing funds to be able to start driving internet paid traffic (what is called PPC, or Pay-Per-Click) to my Amazon FBA business and the specific, physical products I was working with.

My physical products business was kicking back a profit of $4,500.00+ per year, which wasn’t that bad of a start! 

I’d have to say that it could continue to work out for me, and if selling physical products is an exciting sounding idea then you may benefit from investing in the Amazing Selling Machine.

Honestly, the repetitive activity of the Amazon FBA Business venture was just not my style, so I chose to focus the majority of my efforts back on the business I fell in love with, and that’s the lifestyle that comes with an SEO business.

Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier with the local lead gen model.  Check this out…

You paste a website that you threw together at the top of Google search results, like a set it and forget it kind of thing.  Then, the website can do the heavy lifting for you, thereby spiting out predictable cash for you month after month, year after year, for as long as the business owner is buying the highly targeted, Free Organic Traffic — meaning, buyers — off of you.

…and who doesn’t want more customers, am I right???

For most business owners, especially those wanting more time freedom, setting and forgetting processes may be a little bit of a stretch, but it’s definitely an ideal situation so they can keep the profits of the company high while working less. 

The same is true for any online venture. Just like with Amazon FBA, you still have to keep watch over your business from end to end in the local lead generation market; that’s just good business management though!

Unfortunately, I always hear the common complaint that it just takes way too long to generate net profits from Amazon FBA.  From scrapping projects to starting over with no profit or results to show for it… yeah, it can be taxing!

This just shows that any newcomer can have trouble starting an AmazonFBA business; even the veterans of the program are struggling, so there’s a lesson for all of us.  It’s not easy.

From multiple product failures in the Amazon FBA gig (at no fault to the Amazing Selling Machine program), the local lead generation business is the idea method to killing your job and living the laptop lifestyle of working from home.

This is why I like Lead Generation over Amazon FBA in 2019

Think about it…

  • More opportunities
  • Less Competition
  • More Control
  • Success Rate is THRU THE ROOF!
  • Low Start-Up Costs in each project
  • Begin multiple projects at the same time
  • Rapid Results!!!

I don’t see anything bad, per se, about the Amazon FBA business.  It could work for you or it could be a bust; welcome to the wonderful world of owning a business, ya know? 

Your Amazing Selling Machine, however, very well could be enjoyable for someone who likes to work with physical projects, addressing the needs of people who depend on someone like you to deliver what they ordered on a discount, and are willing to routinely manage global business connections to foster positive relationships should any disaster hit your business model.

I still have to lean toward local lead generation since multiple projects can be kicked off immediately. 

Additionally, sales can be abundant, recurring, and predictable in short-order from starting this business venture. 

You also get to feel rewarded — which not many other business models can lead someone toward.  While some industries are experiencing burn out, you get to make a living while making a difference. 

Basically, you’ll be helping real business owners in the local marketplace to generate more revenue by helping more people; it’s an enormous thrill and can scale infinitely — and quickly, if you so choose!

Lead gen has made the most profits for me thus far, and I am comfortable with how simple this business model really is!

Local lead generation was my first business venture, and the massive profits from this type of operation was how I was able to kill my job –literally QUIT MY FULL-TIME JOB – and land my first six figures of profit online… which allowed me to begin exploring other business ventures on the side.

If you want to focus on one project – one product – at any given time and hope that it is a home run, then Amazing Selling Machine might just be a great fit for ya.  With Jason and Matt as your guiding beacons in the Amazon FBA business, you can’t go wrong.

If you’d like to learn how you can help local business owners by starting a local lead generation business, through pasting billboards at the top of Google, then click here to be introduced to the coaching program that ushered me into the laptop lifestyle just a few short years ago.

Email Income Experts by Jason Capital – Unbiased Review

If you’re like me, then you’re probably reading a blog post like this because you’re looking for a way to make some additional income, part-time, from home, without the stresses of getting a second job. 

A side hustle, if you will – something you can do in your spare time…

I know, I was there not too long ago. Remembering back to the days when I was trolling the internet and searching for something — just like you — that could give me the edge to turn a profit and just make some things a little easier.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t entirely certain of what I was looking for.  All I knew was that I wanted a change, I needed more money, and I wanted more time to enjoy that more money after my life stabilized from the influx of business profits after launching an online business — and making it successful.

You know what I‘m talking about, the one business model that everyone is talking about — the laptop luxury lifestyle, where you can work from anywhere in the world if you only have a laptop and internet access.  

Then I stumbled upon the Jason Capital Course – Email Income Experts! 

Like many coaching programs, this one teaches you how to begin taking on clients and serving them like a professional.  After all…

The fortune is in the follow-up! Yeah, we’ve all heard that phrase before, but it’s actually true. 

In fact, I tried this course only after I had a foundation of reliable income through capturing FREE ORGANIC Google Traffic and sending buyers to business owners for a sliver to deliver.  It’s called Local Lead Gen and you can check it out by CLICKING HERE.

And in the digital marketing era, what better way to follow up with someone than where they’re already looking on a daily basis: their email. 

Now, you’re probably thinking exactly what I had thought when I first took at this program — who would want to turn into that guy that’s sending all those spammy emails and end up being the hated guy (or gal) in all the internet world.


I’m no one, and no one is gonna want to talk to me, interact with me, or buy my stuff when I’m doing the mass email thing that does nothing more than clutter up emails instead of help others.

Look, if you’re serious about stepping up your game and turning a profit online, it’s all about staying in direct contact with the leads you have (you know, the real people you’re reaching out to that can potentially buy what you’re pitching). 

On top of that, you get to build your lists of genuinely interested people — who have money to spend and are interested in following your engaging emails — into more leads, and then moving those people from responding to emails to entering your sales pipeline.

From there, it’s a matter of shifting them from simply someone you email regularly to a conversion — the slang term for making them into a paying customer. 

This guy Jason might just have a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to dialing in the methods of email marketing.  Let’s have a look at what else Mr. Jason Capital has to offer us in 2019 with his Email Income Experts coaching course.

A Little About Jason Capital

Think about anyone you might know that can boast of having arrived at the coveted title of millionaire by the age of 24.  After being recognized by the President of the United States (President Barrack Obama, specifically)…

His digital marketing coaching success didn’t end there. 

Jason’s best-selling book and audiobook also gave way to consulting forFortune 500s, and even operating at higher status among industry CEOs as he has even coached United States Marines and professional athletes.

Feel free to look him up on places like Wikipedia, whatnetworth, and other places that collaborate with other data aggregators to learn more aboutCapital’s real name, net worth, biography, etc.

Quick Overview on Email Income Experts

At only 7 weeks’ worth of content, to start, this complete email marketing system coaching program revolutionized how I viewed email marketing as a whole.  More than just an asset, I now viewed email as an asset that could build sales in and of itself.

Of course, you’ll have to put in some quality work time and make your labors worth the reward you want, but you won’t be looking anywhere else once you discover the insight within Jason Capital’s course on email marketing. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of some hot strategies you can discover as a student of Email Income Experts:

  • How to establish solid clients – and prospective clientele – into email lists
  • Inspiring lukewarm sales leads to become your next, burning hot prospective buyers
  • Learn to leverage email marketing to generate insane conversions
  • Earn a credential as a Certified Email Expert
  • …and how you can accomplish all of this without being a proclaimed marketing guru or writer!!!

Picture this: you send emails and end up making profits through sending more emails.  Of course, not everyone that comes to this coaching program is an expert in doing exactly that; and Jason gets that!  He really does…

That’s why he’s made this coaching program, so anyone can get started and developed their email game into an email marketing empire!  Provided you’re willing to work hard for what you want, this course is virtually easy to understand.

Step-by-step, the Email Income Experts training program sinks your teeth into subject lines, calling your readership to action, and everything else direct response-related. 

You’ll learn where to hunt for your ideal audience, the ones ready to buy, so your emails can do the heavy lifting and land the sales on your behalf.

Once you’ve got all that down, and learn how to design your schedule of email marketing (to the “T”), you’ll never waste any more time or cash on“penny accounts,” because – like me – you can actually learn which clients are more valuable and worth your time.

From the comfort of your home office, you can group clients together in such a way that these high-priced, built email marketing strategies can turn your labors into cash through converting your lists into paying customers…

All with just the push of a button.

Or, you can try your hand at a proven business model that has helped me to garner over $50,000 every month in a side-hustle manner; no second job, just results.  It’s called Local Lead Generation and you can learn how to do it too with the same coaches that taught me.

What I think of Email Income Experts by Jason Capital

This guy is the real deal of coaches; I was blown away when he responded to my questions personally.

After all, the best coaches and teachers refuse to allow their students to linger with questions.  And that’s exactly where the Email Income Expert coach comes in – he helps you to see how to use results of your first campaign and leverage them to gain increased momentum in turning profits! 

Well, sure, first you need to land some success.  Jason personally helps you through your first email campaigns, too.  From coaching sessions and Question and Answer times to actually connecting with students individually, he invests time where it matters most – on helping students of his coaching program to succeed.

We’re all concerned about the rumors that occur with starting another program after one has failed; weary of just buying bits of information that really do us no good, and so we scourge the internet fiercely yearning for the next “secret sauce” that will lead us to the promised land.

Really, there’s no secret sauce (per se) that can get you to where you want to go outside of diligent labor and hard work. 

With the right coaching, though, you can definitely have your motivation and energy directed to the promised land and you can begin making progress that you’ll earn on your own, but not by yourself.

That’s why we have a coach like Jason Capital – he developed Email IncomeExperts so you, too, can become an expert while also allowing you to discover a way to have more than just a fat bank account.

Capital starting coaching because he personally needed a coach.  That probably sounds counterintuitive, but after a little bit of success, he was able to figure out the ins and outs of email marketing and package a program to share what he has discovered about these massively profitable strategies. 

If you’re looking to make some immediate, fast cash, in the easiest way, this may be just the thing for you. In addition to the money, though, you’ll have a renewed sense of personal confidence that you can print money when you see fit; and all it takes is some effort in following the system and clicking buttons.

Thinking of getting a new, profitable skill in 2019?  While you’re at it, get a certification in the digital marketing world as an expert email marketer while you appreciate what you’ve just stumbled upon… a new, potential avenue toward a prosperous career opportunity!

Why I Like Lead Generation over Email Marketing in 2019

Some people may appreciate this course, so I am happy to lend a helping hand in sharing my experience with the program. It teaches a skill, carries mentoring, and allows for someone to break out of the routine of corporate America so they can achieve great things, both professionally and personally.

One thing that is highly needed in order to be successful in a field like this is to develop one’s unique contribution to the marketplace; what I like to call your high-income skills. Sure, it could be as simple as sending emails, generating web properties(like websites, landing pages, etc.) or delivering leads to local service providers…

Whatever excites you, you’ll need to invest your time and resources to work at it and BE GREAT at your high-income skill(s).  It’s what can give you the unique experience of financial confidence in the global economy we live in during 2019. 

My high-income skill is basically sending referrals to local small business owners; it’s called Local Lead Generation.  In my honest opinion, this online business model is the perfect option for a home-based business in 2019…

With the prospect of raking in a predictable, passive 6-7 figure annual salary, Lead Generation makes use of FREE TRAFFIC to turn those profits online that you’ve heard so much about.

Your opportunity to collect an unlimited, passive stream of income through the internet starts by simply having a bunch of local lead gen sites posted across the internet like digital billboards, siphoning leads from the marketplace for you to do with what you wish…

It’s a stable income that can continue to grow as you learn new strategies and expand on your already well-established business – which can happen in a relatively short time.

In fact… here’s one of my very first lead gen sites to illustrate how real this gets.  To this day, it’s still earning $750 per month – cold, hard cash in my pocket…

This is, by far, the best investment in a business model you can make…

AND we’re teaching others to do the same here.

Why would we do that, though?

Why I am Sharing What Has Made Me $50,000.00 in Monthly Income Online?

 It’s all quite simple, really.  Here’s a brief list of why I want to share with you how this is going down…

  • You can make a living while making a difference; feeling rewarded to help local business owners grow their bottom line and help more people with their products and services
  • Feel proud of what you do because you’re helping others in a HUGE way, and bettering their livelihood (for their employees, customers, AND loved ones)
  • HUGE PROFIT MARGINS – forget about buying ads or dealing with physical products
  • PASSIVE INCOME with Free Traffic once we rank the websites to the ideal locations online
  • Enjoy the freedom that comes from working this business model in a very part-time basis, along with the financial freedom that you are now making money for yourself!

I’m happy to show you how we do it! Click here to learn about our coaching program and learn everything necessary to earn well over 6-7 figures in passive income online using Lead Gen Websites and FREE TRAFFIC to produce the income online so many dream of, yet so few realize is actually possible to achieve.

ECom Success Academy with Adrian Morrison — Is It For You?

You wanna start a business online, you say?

Not sure where to start, you say?

Sounds like massive exposure to selling products digitally is the gold mine?

That may be true – it being a gold mine, that is – but first, we have to find and strike the gold mine.  

So, is the eCommerce – the literal selling of products through online stores – the 100% best way “hit it big???”

eCom Success Academy was given its very first general release in May of 2016, and at the time, Adrian Morrison was peeling back the curtain on –

+a business model valued at over $1,000,000.00


+several walk-through, step-by-step marketing campaigns (complete, end-to-end) each valued at over $100,000.00 worth of PURE PROFIT!!!

After scaling up – using only eCommerce strategies and some handy-dandy Facebook Advertising, we provide a more in-depth peek at what is really here!

For me, I have tried Facebook Ads advertising and eCommerce.  Even with a little success, Local Lead Generation has produced a recurring, predictable income of over $50,000 every single month; those profits are what I used to try this program with.  To check out our coaching program to learn how you can do the same, CLICK HERE for more details.

Who is this guy, Adrian Morrison?

A man of many talents, Mr. Morrison has dedicated his life to teaching thousands of incoming, digital entrepreneurs how to leverage the internet to begin a profitable, online business, while discovering real success and educating toward financial freedom.

Having generated millions for his affiliate partners and his very own eCommerce store, he carries the reputation of being among the elite Facebook Advertising experts globally.

Having consulted for top influencers in the social media spectrum…

– AND –

Having critiqued and guided Fortune-ranked companies (with multi-millions in revenue annually) in the social media advertising space…

Adrian Morrison simplifies Facebook Advertising for the sake of turning a profit quickly and effectively.

Introducing Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy

Imagine if you had a mentor that took you by-the-hand and ushered you to the promised land where you never had to worry about financial woes again…

Now imagine that same mentor having had massive success and street cred…

Countless people have struck it rich with eCom Success Academy and it is worth taking a moment to read through this article and discover just what is available in this program…

From eCommerce and Search Engine Optimization discussions to local marketing and leveraging the platform of Facebook Ads, this course is somewhat wide in the educational side of internet marketing.  

What is the absolute best route to go for striking a gold mine and achieving the kind of massive success that many dream about and few reach?

Read on… 🙂

What I like about the eCom Success Academy Coaching

It’s no secret: everyone wants to hit it big time, and they want guidance toward the promised land.

The outstanding work of Adrian Morrison here is that he has pieced together a video training solution that you can access at any time of day.

So if you’re working late at night or simply want to fit in some training on your lunch break, you can login at your convenience, on your personal devices, and start to grind at your leisure.

Perfect for those single mothers that would rather get something in quick before bed, or those tireless husbands and fathers that just want to add some bottom line to their income for

  • Family vacations
  • Chrismas gifts
  • Anniversary commemorations
  • Birthday surprises

For many in America, these kinds of hopeful luxuries simply are not in the budget.  

And so we go out, do some free Google Searches and seek for that one golden ticket to financial freedom.  

Could it be eCom Success Academy?  

The 7-Part course that introduces Shopify store setup and a linking to Facebook Advertising for dropshipping products?

You see, dropshipping is nothing more than marketing someone else’s products, and then being the middle man when a consumer makes a purchase through your store.

As luck would have it, there is a little bit of work involved, like:

  • Setting up partnerships
  • Designing a website
  • Increasing web traffic – meaning REAL BUYERS – to your products
  • Incentivizing the purchase
  • And more…

It’s not much work, though.  Adrian Morrison guides you on things to look for in retail sellers and who to trust.

He also guides you in the aspects of linearizing your model and accomplishing business in bulk – that way, you don’t have to follow-up on every… single… order… that… takes… place…

Then, of course, there are other automations to keeping in touch with your audiences, like:

  • Tracking of people with key ingredients in the Facebook Ads Platform
  • Linking an ad campaign to a website’s page (easily)
  • Email follow-ups that fire off instantly when an event occurs (like a purchase, or someone contacting the seller – or maybe yourself)
  • Reminders about shipments or that there are still items in the cart of a previous visitor to your store

Indeed, you can grow your business model to add thousands of products!

Then, all you need to do is put those products in front of buyers and watch the magic of the efforts you’ve put in upfront FLOURISH!

The Facebook Ads training involved in eCom Success Academy is golden!

From writing Facebook Ads to actually committing some advanced targeting into your campaign and really dialing in who is being reached with your marketing tactics…

Reaching the ideal customer is only a matter of time and a little effort in testing what works best in order to land that next big score of product purchases… which means…


More profits in your pockets for helping others get what they want!

After all, help enough people to get what they want and you can have everything that you want.  

Welcome to the exciting world of business online!

Can Literally Anyone Do eCom Success Academy?

The word “thorough” doesn’t even begin to describe the nature of this complete training.  This is some high-class stuff and worth exploring!

While, naturally, we can’t say it’s for everyone, I would venture to suggest that anything is worth a try… and here’s why…

This course can be taken advantage of by people with nada – zero – zilch – zip experience in the online space – with either Facebook Ads skills and/or setting up to sell something online.

In fact, if you’re sold on selling something online and have never done something like this before, the recorded training will literally say to do step 1, then do step 2, and so on!

With 100% of all of the sources of traffic being Facebook Advertising in this training, one needs to develop a couple of skills to achieve success:

First, understand that physical products matter!  You need someone to fulfill orders, so partnerships are important.

Second, you would need to be willing to invest some money in your personal education – yes, in addition to the course – testing marketing strategies.  

As you may earn a lot, a little, or no money at all – YEAH, STANDARD DISCLAIMER… this program has it too…

Developing good habits in marketing are essential for any business, and the internet marketing platform of eCommerce is truly no different!  Good habits in my business began with local lead generation, which could be a more viable busines option if you’re low on start-up captial…

However… this isn’t for everyone… If you’re ready for massive profits off FREE Organic Web Traffic from Google search results, check out this local lead generation coaching program that I learned from to amass a $50k/month income on AutoPilot.

Why Someone Might Not Want eCom Success Academy

In a nutshell, this training course is just that… a training course.

Recorded videos that can be accessed at any time.  

But here’s where the questions start to come in…

  1. Is there regular training/coaching sessions?

At the top of the training area, there’s a place where you can request support…

But how far does that support really go?

Is there a Facebook group one can regularly visit for counseling, advisement, and support from peers who are navigating the same course content?

Are there coaching calls by the expert so you can get questions answered from the founding father of this training program?

       2. Can you spend the time necessary to get far as fast as you want?

These videos can be quite lengthy…

In fact, I remember one video being as long as 45 minutes.

Now, that’s not a lot of time.  Some college classes have been known to last as long as 3 to 4 hours.

However, if you are a busy, working, single mother of several children, maybe even holding down 2 or more jobs just to feed kids and keep a roof over your head…

Do you STILL have 45 minutes available to sit and watch one video?

       3. Can  a video a day keep success at bay?

Now, this could mean that your bay is right where you want your ship to be.

Instead of rising with the tide, maybe you’re working on your ship to improve it.

In this case, your ship is the end product that you have never had before.

You’re starting as a newbie and want this flourishing, profitable business.

While, yes, there are growing pains, do you really want to take so long with this course that you can only engage in 1 to 2 videos in a day…

1 to 2 videos a day…


Until you’re done with the training and know what you need to know in order to start acquiring profits?

While this video training can definitely roll as an over-the-shoulder, do as I do model…

The time investment with long videos may actually turn off some people who had originally invested in the course.

       4. Brief refund/guarantee period.

If you’re taking so long to get through the program, then can you really “try it” if your schedule doesn’t permit?

Can you still be considered if this “doesn’t work” for a refund because you simply aren’t a traditional person who had evenings available to invest long hours into training?

While the training may be the best in the world, is it really the best FOR YOU?

       5. Can you afford the upsells or additional little gadgets and tools to make things EASIER?

When I started, I like the idea that I could pinch pennies and reinvest profits from my early successes with this program into growing an empire.

Unfortunately, I had invested every penny I had into eCom Success Academy.

I didn’t have the extra liquid cash to purchase operating costs – like a Shopify store, etc.

So the learning curve for me was that – when starting any business, even an online business –

I need to have funds set aside to market and build assets that I own.

So there are things like… SHOPIFY DISCOUNTS…

And while it seems like every effort is being made to make you a success…

And there’s a very good chance that this could work out…

Many might not see the need to have some extra cash available in order to make the necessary investments to…

  • Open a Shopify store
  • Test Facebook Advertising Ads (to find a winning one… or 3)
  • Afford payment processing fees
  • And much, much more…

Take it from a successful entrepreneur…

You’ll want the extra investment available upfront to keep funding your business while you learn the ropes and progress toward making a profit!

If you still want to give this a try but would like to generate revenue in a more affordable way, check out this local lead gen coaching program that helped me to walk away from a full-time job only a few short years ago.

The Bad Aspects of Starting eCom Success Academy

Now, this isn’t a ragging session on Adrian Morrison.  

With eCommerce in general, there are inherent risks.

The intrinsic nature of this activity is that you could make a lot, a little, or no money at all.  

And even though the idea of leverage includes taking profits from the efforts of other people… if they’re someone that you can’t contact directly for open dialogue, then why would you partner with them at all?

Just as with any business venture, there are good and bad aspects…

As an experienced marketer, let’s take you on a journey to the 9 reasons that something like eCom Success Academy may not be a good idea:

  1. Order fulfillment is out of your hands.

Quite honestly, once you find a partner, it is up to them to turn things around as fast as possible.  

Once you have submitted the customer orders from your website over to your overseas shipping company, if they don’t deliver then you could be on the hook for refunding the customer’s money.

       2. The customer changed their mind and doesn’t want to go through with their purchase.

Say a parent called up and told you that their child had made a purchase online with their credit card… Do you know how to handle this?  

As a newbie, can you AFFORD to handle a problem like this?

In the spirit of full disclosure, did you FORESEE a problem like this?  

I didn’t see a warning about this in the eCom Success Academy so I am glad you are reading this and can become fully aware of what you’re getting into.

       3. Websites cost money.

Duh and/or hello, as Sterling Archer might way, right!?  

As you’re setting up a business, there’ll be investment costs and this is no different.  

While the digital marketing space allows for a lot less in startup costs, did you know about things like domain vs. hosting, how they’re different, and that it requires two different accounts with two different companies in order to tie those together and have a web property online that people can visit?

I’m just trying to help here…

       4. Sellers come and go.

Sellers are people just like you and me.  When you partner with someone, and then attempt to contact them, will they be very responsive to your needs?

What if a customer cancels their order with you and/or demands a refund?  

What if the shipment comes to them broken?  

Do you know exactly what to do in these instances?

As an entrepreneur, I personally am all about finding a way to fix problems and make good things happen in business.

But there’s a line to be drawn between good business versus being on the hook for an offense that you personally didn’t commit.

       5. Shipping can take longer than anticipated.

When was the last time you made a purchase online?

Was that purchase a retail product?

Did that retail product come from an overseas location?

Assuming it didn’t, here’s the reality of purchasing something from overseas…

It could arrive at the buyers door anywhere from 3-weeks to 3-months.

You heard that right!

In the world we live in – where immediate, instant gratification is a real thing – we all want the product we sought RIGHT NOW!

So one of the best ways to over deliver for a new customer…


Is to increase the efficiency of shipping.

With your overseas partners shipping goods at a reduced price, here’s the trade-off…


That’s just a fact!

I am not sure how long I would be in business if I were required to wait these long shipping times and have to deal with angry emails of customers demanding to know where their product is because “they’re just checking on it.”

       6. Is the item out of stock — and you weren’t told?

Is your partner no longer carrying the item you are advertising?

Are specific types of your product out of stock with no intention of fulfilling future orders of this nature?

Is the manufacturer not making the toy / jewelry / business resource anymore?

In addition to constant follow-up with those you are dropshipping for (there’s that word again)…

Ask yourself:

Are you really getting into an online business to create a second job?

       7. Competition is escalating.

With technology making life easier for your family, friends, and neighbors, and those of others, to make purchases online, we have entered the digital age where everyone seems to be tied to a computer – which is now a necessity.

As such, more people are jumping on-board with purchasing products online.

That can be a great opportunity for someone just like you, right!?


As competition increases, and people hop into this eCom Success Academy recording training videos, more people are going to attempt to pedal similar products that you are attempting to sell.

The new question becomes… are they going to buy from you, or from someone else?

More importantly, are they going to buy due to price, shipping times, or both?

       8. Amazon: the 800-pound Gorilla of eCommerce.

At the end of the day, this is a reality that we all need to face!

The eCommerce giant that everyone (and their grandmother) has heard about, is Amazon!

Amazon is HUGE!  Amazon is Everywhere!  

Your store is just getting started and no one has ever heard of it!

With the rumors of getting scammed and identity theft occurring from online purchases, wouldn’t people simply go and make a purchase with a more reputable company than your founding store?

Sure, there are some loyal people who purchase from mom-and-pop stores, but those are people in the local community – with tangible, brick-and-mortar businesses.  

And, those people may have an online presence but there’s a good chance that they aren’t doing every bit of their customer sales online.

As an exclusively digital business, eCommerce lives and dies on whether you get seen and people are incentivized to buy.

If you’re ready to stand up to Amazon, then by all means… good luck!

       9. Burn Out!

We’ve all heard the stories of people in high stress jobs…

  • Firefighters
  • Nurses
  • Laywers
  • Doctors
  • Physical Therapists
  • eCommerce Online Sellers!?!?

Yes, you’ve read that right!  

The issues that arise in a business are real need to be dealt with.

As any good business owner will say, solving problems are what separate surviving entrepreneurs from the great!

How often are you going to keep putting out the same fires though?

The repetitive tasks of keeping the business maintained, ongoing, day after day, month after month, year after year…

And with no certainty of whether you’ll be getting another customer with all of your marketing efforts!?  

How to Succeed in eCommerce

See, this wasn’t all bad!  I’m a nice guy!

Seriously though… there has to be a certain approach to this business model.

  • Get creative!
  • Be proactive!
  • Seek to help others!
  • Stay in constant communication with your partners – from manufacturers to dropshipping partners, and more!
  • Above all, this can be hard to scale when there are multiple projects getting balanced; they’re all requiring a time investment and one can’t help but wonder if they’ll have enough assets “in-play” to make it worth their while.

Why I Stopped Pursuing eCommerce

Let’s be real here…

It’s great to be able to put a product in front of a massive audience with the ease of a Facebook Ad…

Garner some attention and excitement around a product that may be of interest to a certain demographic…

Hope they buy the product…

And keep at it until it begins to fizzle and profits begin to drift in margins…

Then we can change up the products listings and move a new item into play to keep the profits high…


I personally would rather see the higher profit margins and have to deal with less volume.

Think about it…

Wouldn’t you want a handful of people paying you for…

  • A service they will continuously want
  • Not fizzle away and stop paying you because they purchased a product once
  • Bringing them what they want over and over
  • Stay with you longer than any eCommerce store could ever hope to keep the attention of your clients

Local Lead Generation is Where I’m At for THE Profitable Business Option in 2019

Think about this business model for a moment…

You are the go-to person for bringing a company more business.

You set up some assets online that bring service requests to a plumber, electrician, heating and cooling company, or others…

The business owner cuts you in on the profits of every deal you bring them…

And you never have to touch the assets again.


I built a website nearly three years ago that I haven’t touched… and it’s still bringing in profits.

No more…

  • Late nights of getting order requests submitted.
  • Customers giving me financial woes and burdens.
  • Angry emails of people who’ve “changed their mind.”
  • High costs just to maintain business properties.
  • Contacting partners just to make sure your product line is current.

And best of all…


When a local business owner wants more customers, you can deliver!


Who do you know in your local area that you could reach out and offer to help?

Who have you or your family and friends worked with recently?

  • Doctors
  • Chiropractors
  • Personal Injury Attorneys
  • Dentists

Think about this short list – just for starters…

The profit margins on the specialized work they service their clients in…

And if you brought them 30 new customers a month…

Do you think they would pay you upwards of $3000 per month to stay with them for the lifetime of their business?


Just for being the middleman and getting a sliver to deliver, you want what’s ideal here…

Time and financial freedom for a business model that requires little time investment and high returns!

There’s a time investment upfront of getting your digital assets generating referrals.  

After that, just a quick check-in on the website to make sure it’s doing what it should be doing…


So basically…

Local Marketing is My Business Choice for Entrepreneurship

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