Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) – Unbiased Review

In 2015, the launch of Global Affiliate Zone occurred under the hands of two gentlemen who were coaches in another network marketing style of an affiliate program, what was known as the AWOL Academy; this was a business opportunity designed to have student members delivering sales to Mathieu Jang and Julian Sherman by simply promoting the AWOL Academy program. 

This key resource – GAZ – has become a resource for students to learn how affiliate marketing (along with automation) can yield serious profits…

Actual money in your pockets…

…so revenue can roll in by doing only a tenth of the work (once everything is in place). 

Although, some questions have been raised recently about Global Affiliate Zone…

Things like:

  • How legitimate is GAZ?
  • Is this a Pyramid Scheme? (After all, the only way to really tell something is like that is if the affiliated salespeople get paid exclusively through recruiting others instead of being able to profit directly from selling a product/service.)
  • Do Julian Sherman and Mathieu Lang really generate their own income via affiliate marketing, or is 100% of both of these guys’ income directly from selling their course about profiting from it?

Until saturation of this type of business model hit the internet –we’re talking massive flooding of people who are trying to rake in a hefty income from doing the exact same things –

Affiliate Marketing once had its place in the entrepreneurial space… Really! 

I figured this was worth looking into. However, a brief GoogleTM search query of Mathieu and Sherman’s names yielded not a single website – not one – that they directly, personally owned; talk about a red flag in my book. 

Having built a $50,000.00 per month business through local lead generation, I hold my head high-in-pride that I was able to walk away from a full-time career and produce a generous online income prior to ever recommending the coaching programs of others in an affiliated manner. 

In fact, the majority of my income stems from the monthly revenue of the lead gen business model – which I still casually operate to this day.

The Price of the Marketing System of Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ)

Upsell after upsell, it’s a struggle to find clarity for a newbie to simply enter the program and start a side-hustle to add to their current income. 

Check out the business statement of their company:

In reality, here are your tiered pitches you’ll receive when you“sign-up” to learn how to make a profit online with GAZ…

  • Join for as little as $99 – Here’s what you’ll receive:

…they say you’ll merit the privilege of having hired “a coach,” but for this price tag, all you’re getting hooked up with is the private Facebook group of Global Affiliate Zone.

  • Upsell 1: $495 – Here’s what you’ll receive:

…the 6-figure, online/digital marketing strategy that you’ve heard so much about, and it’ll be delivered in a step-by-step fashion for half of a grand beyond the price to “join.”

  • Upsell 2: $2,475 – Here’s what you’ll receive:

…it’s pitched as a done-for-you (D4U) service, where they advocate being willing to do the work for you so you don’t have to grind as much. 

Back in February of 2016, someone was willing to vocalize their displeasure with the scheme of upselling immediately after someone clicks on submit for their payment information to “join” GAZ.  I’m under the impression that she was more interested in having one higher ticket price and getting everything altogether in a well-informed purchase.

I know that when I make a large purchase or choose to invest in something of this magnitude, I expect nothing less than top-notch information and quality service; keeping things all in one place doesn’t hurt either.

Just remember… if you advertise everything for a certain price, it may be a good idea to stick behind what was said – like join for only $99…

There’s a method behind this marketing strategy and incentivizing a new student as they run through the funnel of joining an online program.  Different audiences reviewing this program and joining just may be at different price points due to their personal circumstances or individual, financial well-being…

However, it could take a little more than $99 for someone who is serious in establishing a well-to-do, online business venture –

It’s probably a better idea to acquire a job before buying into an online opportunity because starting an entrepreneurial endeavor online for less than the average high-speed internet cable bill can be a steal but all businesses require an investment and start-up capital… and only carrying $99 before going broke could suggest that starting a business online isn’t a good fit for you.

Everyone starts somewhere in the entrepreneurial spectrum; for some that aren’t in a lucrative position to launch a new business – regardless of whether it’s online or not – requires a level of hustle, like an employer mindset. 

It’s been said that in order to lead, you must learn how to follow.  If you’re not in a financial state to be capable of making the necessary investments to acquire the recommended resources to make a business model work for you, then working as an employee (even on a temporary basis) might be a good solution to cover your bills and feed your business while you get started.

Can this work for you?

So you know what this program is: it’s affiliate marketing.

You know that there are multiple price points at which you can enter –and additional privileges you can purchase from Sherman and Jang to get started or sharpen your curve toward success.

But does this really work?

Here’s something to demystify for you – yes you, reading this review –that might not always be clear when someone is selling an idea, service, or product…

In this case, when they suggest that they can do the work for and/or on your behalf… you know, for the higher ticket price upsell?

What these gentlemen are really claiming is that they can…

  • Select the industry you might find to be a good fit to get started in
  • Provide access to templated websites you can leverage
  • Claim that they’ve positioned you to start doing what you bought this course to learn to do… and that was Affiliate Marketing in the industry they’ve recommended

Unfortunately, this upsell doesn’t necessarily put you a prime position for success because you, the student, made all of this upfront investment and still haven’t learned the actual skill(s) necessary for conquering and landing profits in the world of affiliate marketing.

If your income is determined by your skills, and your profitability existing on the size of the problems that you’re able to solve for the marketplace, then it’s true that your skillset determines your value and worth as a business owner. 

If you want that value to reflect your ability to deliver in your unique way, with a unique image, then maybe low quality, resold, duplicate content websites from a third party isn’t the most ideal method toward separating yourself from your peers who are also in this coaching program and getting the same resources that you are paying top dollar for (just like them). 

This limitation – owning a website that your fellow students are also acquiring – refers to a lack of originality, and as a new fish in this big pond, I can suggest that you’ll probably struggle due to the competition against those who’ve invested hours/days and other resources in learning their craft to be top dogs in the online affiliate arena. 

To become the top player in your market, in my opinion, you’ll need to establish, and build upon, a high-income skill that you can build a sustainable business model around.

When I got started in the online business space, I stumbled upon a local lead generation mentorship program that helped me to walk away from my 9 to 5 with a new, high-value skillset, and I was able to establish a multi-6 figure income from the simplest internet business model through providing tremendous value to local business owners and service providers. 

If another business opportunity begins preaching the notion that you can become wealthy without work…

I invite you to give a brief pause to your day and question it! 

Ask yourself if these creators, these coaches in Global Affiliate Zone, truly worked their tail off to not only fabricate this program from scratch but also labored diligently in marketing to get the attention of consumers just like you and I so they could massively expand their clientele?

There’s no doubt about it; yes, they did that and more! 

From content creation and education materials to assessing the ideal customer to market to…

From crafting an appealing offer to getting that message in front of the right type of buyer…

People in the coaching programs space labor to establish a level of value they can deliver, so they definitely work for their keep…

And if that’s what they’re doing with their coaching program, do you believe that you could match or exceed their level of success with little to no effort upon investment?

So as an entrepreneur, I get what they’re attempting to accomplish herewith GAZ; the jist is to automate, prioritize and systematically develop their affiliate marketing strategy.  Likewise, this product can operate as a stand-alone, sellable course so their students can be attracted from a broad scope of the marketplace. 

They’re attempting to claim delivery on the hot buttons of why most people are already seeking out business opportunities online…

  • A deep desire for instant gratification and immediate success in business
  • Appealing to our senses that their program is the ideal place to make you successful

The reality is this…

I find that promises of extraordinary results for little work from people who’ve invested extraordinary volumes of preparation and resources to make their own project a success may just be a tad misguided…

Okay… seriously misguiding an audience…

As a successful entrepreneur, I can personally – and honestly – speak from the heart in sharing that when you head down the road of online business ventures, it’s quickly discovered that generating wealth online is more about you – the individual person – than it is any other factor (program, coach, resources, etc.).

How Local Lead Generation Is The Strongest Business Model for 2019

I have tried just about all there is to attempt in the internet marketing space to turn a buck or two with my expensive laptop and some overpriced internet costs in the comfort of my own home. 

  • Affiliate Marketing to get a new customer with some online marketing strategies that I’d just as soon forget about exploring to begin with
  • eCommerce dropshipping – where I don’t actually have to request samples, place bulk orders, wait for the shipment to arrive at my home, customize and inventory shipping boxes with packaging equipment / labels / postage, and ensure the costs of goods sold are addressed while hopefully ensuring that the end user likes their product so much that they won’t ask me – the middle person – for a refund
  • Amazon FBA – a strategy involving everything from inventorying products in my home to sending them to the end user in my customized packaging, and requiring Google AdsTM to draw attention to my product listings – in hopes that more desirable buyers will see exactly what I’m listing and not only place a stark-raving review on it, they’ll also place an order for one or several items of what I’m listing on Amazon
  • Shopify – a similar physical products business,also on the dropshipping model, but the overseas shipping times can be brutal for the end buyers, and the time differences in communicating with sellers overseas can end up more taxing on a person than the profits might be worth

Bluntly put, being able to develop a business skill set that you can leverage to generate a high income through the internet is the ideal circumstance for becoming successful in an online side-hustle in 2019!


If you can harness the power of Google search results, being found at the top position for a well-searched keyword, you can garner FREE TRAFFIC to take care of you for years to come.

Being able to put something at the top of Google to generate leads fora local business owner is a skillset that can pay you for life, and in countless ways. 

For one, and truth be told, the internet isn’t going anywhere and neither are local small businesses; both will probably be around in our entire lifetimes here… we might as well get in on what’s present and develop a high income skillset that can create not only individual wealth but generational wealth (if that’s something you’re looking for).

To get that high-income skill, though, if you don’t already have it, then mentoring is definitely something worth looking into and investing in. 

While affiliate marketing might still have a place somewhere in thisinternet money-making world, the struggle with Global Affiliate Zone is that they have one focus – preach that they can take away upwards of 90% of your labors for a high ticket price of only $2,475.00. 

Oh and, after they’ve handed you a few words and cookie-cutter examples of how to go forward, you’re still back at square one with wondering how you’re going to take these resources and bits of information (that you’ve literally just paid an arm and a leg for) and transition them into a meaningful profit with the internet at your fingertips and zero orientation after shelling out a couple grand. 

As most other students will be in your same or similar position, once they’ve bought the same program and resources as you, you’re now in competition with your peers to make some magic happen with duplicated assets. 

At this point, it’s safe to say that a future of frustration and struggle is in store for you; and it could be true, since your level of success in online entrepreneurship correlates with your high-income skillset. 

How Local Lead Generation is the Ideal business Model in 2019

With the business model of local lead generation, it’s a no brainer. I get to live the lifestyle of my dreams, and more, thanks to making the once fictional laptop lifestyle a reality after only a few short years of exposure to it.

From not having to call in sick to never having to go out into inclement weather (unless I really want to play in the snow), this new level of time and financial freedom is one of the reasons that I started this blog; in addition to writing about other coaching programs in the online marketing space, I want to spread the word that you, too, can experience the joy that comes from living financially secure.

In building this business for only a few years now, my whole-hearted labors have reached upwards of $50,000.00 per month in revenue; the costs of doing business for me right now (which, there always will be) is a menial 1/5thof that.  In comparison, it’s only$10,000.00 to help me run my business model…

And those costs of doing business are funded with what is coming in every month on a predictable basis. 

There’s also no cap on when I get to generate more income or expand my bottom line; I just go to the computer, whip up another lead generation website, past it to the top of Google and enjoy the fruits of my labors. 

I set up some simple websites, index them into Google’s search results, paste them at the top and collect paychecks. There are a couple more steps in there, but not much.  But referring more business over to a local business owner for a fraction of what they profit from could make for a very lucrative model – especially if the price per customer/service is ridiculously high in value and demand. 

This business model is exactly why a rhinoplasty (plastic) surgeon generates significantly more revenue than a doctor of medicine in a general outpatient clinic. 

With local lead generation, you don’t focus on a wealth of affiliate products to push to the marketplace; instead, you focus on one skillset…generating leads for businesses to service.

It makes sense too: a specialist has a rarer skill, and therefore can command a higher income. 

Think of all the reasons that we began looking into generating an income online…

Then, look at the benefits of Local Lead Generation in 2019 and think about how they align so well:

  • Make your own hours in your days/weeks/months/years, including deciding what day to sleep in and when to take a vacation
  • Largest Profit Margins – we’re talking extremely high, higher than any affiliate offer you could deliver sales for in mass quantities
  • You get to make a living while making a difference; and making a positive difference in the lives of business owners, customers, and the loved ones of all those who are benefitting as a direct result of lead gen
  • Most business owners need a specialist in generating leads for their business; they’re specialists in owning a business and delivering on what they do best… they need you to help them
  • LOW, LOW COMPETITION – with countless businesses and cities to select from

I really enjoy that our coaching program contains everything you could need for one ticket price to get you from absolute beginner to proficient expert, and conditions you to learn the high-income skill that can position you to make a significant impact in your marketplace.

Aside from getting to make a real difference for local business owners anywhere there’s internet (which, might as well be, oh I don’t know… EVERYWHERE NOW), you’ll have a play-by-play on how to hit a home run with sizing up a lead generation business after you’ve hit a certain income level. 

And the benefits of learning to fish, reading and writing, and developing a high-income skill are that they’re yours to keep – forever!  No one can take away your knowledge and/or skills, no matter how valuable they may be. 

Want the financial confidence that comes with being able to send leads to local business owners with a local lead gen business in 2019? 

Want to start an online business and develop a skill that you can immediately take to the marketplace and make a difference with? 

With the #1 online business model, you’re in the right place at the right time.  Click here to learn more.

Brian Dean’s SEO That Works 3.0 – Unbiased Review

One of the biggest keys I have found to running a multi-6 figure local lead generation SEO agency for 5 years now is to simply…

Always keep learning!

Said another way…

Constantly improve your high-income skill(s)!

Having done this awhile personally, I stumbled upon Brian Dean’s SEO That Works 3.0 coaching program and decided to look into the material that he delivers.

Let’s briefly discuss the head-to-toe of Brian Dean’s operation in SEO That Works…

The current version…

The pros and cons…

Whether this is the best SEO educational endeavor you could pursue with your hard-earned time and money…

And how leveraging a different approach, what I call local lead generation, could make you the online entrepreneur you had envisioned becoming with your work-from-home (or anywhere you can take your laptop with internet access) and pajama income lifestyle.  Check out the coaching program by clicking here now!

Brief Overview of Brian Dean’s SEO That Works 3.0

One of the key ingredients to SEO That Works – according to Mr. Dean – is in the idea of encouraging others to share your content…

Brian is teaching a concept that ultimately boils down to one simple aspect of SEO: content marketing.

While the whole world (and their grandmother) are attempting to enter the space of SEO and inspire others to hire them to “get you to the top of Google”…

One primary thing that everyone in the SEO industry can agree on is that backlinks are the name of the game. And one of the ways to achieve those coveted backlinks is to promote your individual web page – what Brian Dean calls your Power Page – to influencers and bloggers that also write about topics in your space….

By having these people, who post to their blogs constantly, read over your material, find it valuable and relevant to what they are doing in their industry, they might find enough value copying your content and syndicating it through their medium (or “website”, in this instance) through the act of what is called a guest post. 

That means the information you had taken the time to research and writeup is getting promoted by someone else on your behalf, and they’re even using their platform to do just that – and they’re happy to do it because it serves their readership well to consume your content.

Another option these people also have is, instead of copying or duplicating your content and re-posting it on their blog, they can simply create a link to your content.  That means their readers can come across a bit of information and see a referring link to take that readership over to your posted content… on your website. 

Why would someone create a link to your content, though?

Look at it like this: the bloggers and influencers are seeking out information to provide for their followers. As such, they are interested in connecting with very authoritative information (what Brian Dean calls “content”) because that connection increases the credibility of the blogger. 

This connection – to your authoritative content, as Brian teaches –helps the blogger or influencer (or both) to appear more credible/smarter if your page and their web presence look good. 

To think of it another way: third-party credibility is challenging to beat.  If someone else is substantially supporting their stance, claim, position, or even general information that edifies what they’re trying to do in serving their audience, it’s bound to be a win in their book and they’d be happy to connect with you. 

Now that we have a mutual understanding of what the options are for connecting with another Blogger or Influencer, let’s make something real clear about what Brian Dean does NOT do…

SEO That Works is not educating on guest posting; it’s not even taught in the course. 

What he introduces is all about the power pages that you write, build to direct specifications, and a key ingredient sprinkled in; Brian Dean’s SEO That Works calls them “share triggers.” 

In the simplest sense, what share triggers are the pieces of content people consume that also move them to want to share it with others.

From identifying the most beneficial content frameworks and various share triggers, these articles can be found on other places in the world wide web…

More than usual, no doubt…

More on that later.  Ready for a sneak peek at what’s involved with SEO That Works?

Base Module: Current Trends and Effective Strategies in Today’s SEO Market

It’s been said: Knowledge is Power!  It’s no different in the SEO space…

Dean knows that; so in order to know where it is you’re probably going in learning and implementing SEO, it’s important to understand where SEO was 5+years or so ago, and what SEO practices are outdated and not worth exploring anymore.

Think of it as having one of two ingredients required to make your favorite dish; and then believing that the one is good enough on its known.

Likewise, you could write an awesome bit of content that measures up to every specification you could find on what experts say is most appropriate for your web page to read like!

However, Brian knows that the top factor in ranking any web property on the internet – currently – is the idea of getting backlinks from credible sources! 

At this stage of the game, you pretty much HAVE TO establish a strategy for link building that is systematic in nature. 

Link Creators: The 1st Module

In order to establish some sort of network of backlinks to your content, first you have to have a website or other kind of web property that has your content in it. 

Once there, this section of the training educates you on doing some effective, time invested research to discover…

  • Discover who the head honchos are – the influencers of the bloggers – in your industry
  • Who is writing blogs about topics relative to your niche/industry
  • Evaluating just what kind of topics they enjoy linking out to
  • Assessing whether someone would even be interested in the content you’re considering creating

One of the major pitfalls most newbies make is to take some initiative and invest the copious amounts of time it takes to draft up an enormous piece of content, long before they consider researching to discover whether any of the influencers would even be interested in linking to your subject. 

Dean leverages a common SEO online platform as a tool for his research, it’s called 

What this tool does for Brian is it allows him to rapidly discover similar – or competitor – articles happen to be collecting their backlink portfolio from…

Think of it as a ninja-style way to spy on the competition and consider going after those same places to acquire a referring backlink. 

Yeah, it’s a great way to establish what Brian Dean calls your “Linkreator,” but it’s also a sweet trick I use in my local lead generation business – where I rank websites like they’re digital billboards and get a chunk of change for doing just that… over and over…

The Infamous Power Page: Module 2

In this section, trainees receive precious, key guidance on how to write that soon-to-be viral content piece that can get filled with lots and lots of share triggers.

In fact, here’s a few of those share triggers that are really more common than some might think:

  • According to a study discussed by BuzzSumo, the consensus is that longer quality pieces of content seem to bring a sense of“awe” to the reader – much like they’re standing personally in view of the enormous Grand Canyon.  In this study of nearly 100 million online-published articles, those over 3,000 words in length received more shares and social syndication. If you’re looking for the edge and to do something that not many others do – keep your quality high as you draw out the length and value of your article for the reader to appreciate and indulge in.

  • If it’s useful, it’ll get used up by everybody!– if it’s a practical piece or otherwise insanely useful content, then other readers may seek to hop on that and tell others about it.  A case in point might be an article that outlines a recipe for some sort of edible delight… and that possibly extremely simple recipe getting shared time and time again.

  • Something people can remember easily.  – One key to this could be in the title of your article.  You can leverage it as your thesis for your article and tie most everything back to this idea.  This is actually one of the trademark solutions since it elicits imagery and strong otherwise strong visuals which captivate a reader.  When Brian Dean first began mentioning this skyscraper mentality of writing articles for internet publishing purposes, especially in the SEO space, this imagery (that you’re thinking about, of a skyscraper) can further illustrate the point of writing more content – while keeping it authoritative, unique, valuable and memorable – and beating out the person in the first position, on the first page of Google search results, can really place you at an advantage!

  • Invoke Positive Emotions with your Article!  — for years, studies have demonstrated how,despite the wealth of bad news we have in society these days (and we all know how quickly bad news has a tendency to travel), the articles that end up getting more attention, more appreciation, and ultimately more shares, are not the sad and depressing stories, but the ones whom yield positive emotional responses about things like inspiration, motivation, success, or surprises. 

  • A famous network marketer once said that facts tell and stories sell.  Keeping all of the above ingredients in mind, packaging your article into a story arc could bring a winning formula to your approach toward the content writing learned in SEO That Works.  Keep it memorable and bring more emotion into your writing so others can connect with your words.

When I’m building out my money generating websites, these hot points are definitely worth retaining and implementing at all times. 

…and that’s just a taste of what’s to come with Brian Dean’s coaching program about SEO.

Link Building with Content Promotion: Module 3

While you could write the most stellar article, the reality is that you want your network, your Linkreators, to acknowledge your content to where they find it worth their promoting your power page for you (whether you want them to or not).  You do want them to, but having them appreciate your content definitely helps to grease the wheels here.

While Dean has composed a list of pitches you can send via email to the above influencers and bloggers, he definitely recommends sending out these emails much in the way that you write…

Quality over quantity is the name of the game here and it will take you far in SEO. 

Just like any other business transaction, it takes some relationship building and bringing some goodwill to the person you’re attempting to reach out to.  Once you get noticed by sharing their content while reaching out on-the-side, they just may hear you out when you ask for a direct connection.

UX Signals in Module 4: Content Optimization

While I’ve never had any issue in pasting my websites to the top ofGoogle without Brian’s strategies taught in this section, there’s no doubt that even the slightest edge can help you squeeze into the top slots to get attention by the marketplace. 

However, it gets rather technical and possibly complex here, but he does a great job of explaining some things to facilitate your implementing what he introduces in SEO That Works 3.0.

Summarizing Brian Dean’s Course

I had some fun exploring SEO That Works 3.0.  While Brian’s approach with content marketing can be powerful and yield large volumes of backlinks that can serve you well…

I’m still iffy on these techniques of his because they do take longer than other, less complex SEO techniques. 

That said, his approach is entirely above ground, legit, white hat style, and some of the safest methods to implement on your website to keep it climbing toward the top over time. 

In fact, you can take some time to check out 

It’s a website that Brian Dean personally utilizes to share results he has been able to achieve, along with statistics that came directly from his strategies taught in the coaching program.


  • I like to indulge in things that are simple to understand, easy to digest information and Brian is an excellent instructor with his communication skills on-point!
  • You can get the best of both worlds; be great at writing copy (also referred to as web content) and learning to build a network of backlinks.
  • At this point, his approach to SEO – through content marketing – has stood the test of time and, for the foreseeable future, it may continue that way.
  • Whatever approaches you’re currently leveraging in the world of SEO, this training can end up complementing what you’ve got in your current operation(s).


  • If you were hoping to explore other approaches to high-quality SEO, there’s only 1 type here in this course.  There’s virtually nothing in here regarding a variety of other approaches toward turning a profit with websites online; for example, how to generate an income online with this skillset, or even approaching and acquiring a client.
  • The notion of a personal backlinking network (aPBN) isn’t mentioned in the program, though it is an excellent alternative to pushing websites to the top of search engine results with minimal effort. 
  • Unless your industry has endless swarms of bloggers and influencers stepping up to write about topics when it’s so convenient now to capture images and videos with mobile devices, this approach to viral content and backlinking could get difficult to expand, both quickly or long term.

How Local Lead Generation Has Served Me Well in 2019

Content marketing can be an excellent approach to one’s labors online, but a few key individual talents are needed in order to make ends meet on this coaching program…

  • Time to learn
  • THEN, time to actually invest in research
  • A talent for typing fast and writing thoughts in an organized, emotion-provoking, memorable fashion

Brian assures us that anyone can figure out how to write those power pages if they leverage his share triggers in their conceptual frame work designed skyscraper content.

Granted, some SEO experts, while they know it’s important, aren’t even interested in writing the content that SEO That Works brings into discussion with his students.

In fact, some of Brian’s examples in the sales materials, his personal website, and more, actually appear to be chapters published online – perhaps even enough content to write a book! 

Some readers out there may end up struggling with this course due to the fact that they need to write; it’s not everyone’s gift, but everyone can get better and the training course attempts to help with just that. 

Let’s take a look at one of Mr. Dean’s actual web pages – and check out the number of websites (domains) that he’s got linking back to this one webpage…

With nearly 1,000 different links pointing back to his website here, it undoubtedly is a strategy that others can benefit from. 

However, it relies heavily on one’s ability to write well. 

While some have considered outsourcing the writing portion of this gig, this could be more of a person-dependent style of SEO because Brian is just awesome at writing content.

Until it’s sorted out and profits begin turning, you’re probably best to wrangle the content copywriting on your own accord. 

Also, if you’re running this approach for 1 to 2 projects that you’re balancing then this could be a good fit in the long-term.  However…

Say you’ve got about 50 to 100 clients that you’re trying to rank a website to the top of search results for and they want it done in record time(each of them)…

If one approach in SEO can’t seem to work on that level of scaling, then maybe it’s just not for me.

Instead, figuring out a way to build your own network of backlinks through building a proper grouping of blogs with domains from auction connected to them can help you to progress faster and help more clients in the process…

This is a swift, and relatively inexpensive strategy taught in our coaching program.

To gain both time and financial freedom, SEO should be about one thing: doing enough to deliver results!

My 2 Virtual Assistants go to bat on working for my company – and all they do for their work day is build high-quality backlinks.  This is what helps my local lead generation business to flourish.  This means that new websites can rank higher, in record times, and generate new streams of income for me.

So Brian Dean is getting seen on the search results for some heavy-hitter key terms now, like “Back Linking” and other SEO-specific phrases/terms.  At this point, a power page would be needed to attract tons upon tons of consumers.

His techniques work and are handy; I’m using some of them to keep this blog going (and it helps that I also enjoy writing about entrepreneurs in the digital marketing space…)

But I’m here to Make Money!  If you’re reading this… you probably wanna make some money too! 

Why Local Lead Generation Delivers Higher Returns in 2019

Of course, it’s not always about the money! 

It helps, but here are some other reasons why lead gen can deliver more…

  • Long-term business; face facts, small businesses and the internet aren’t going anywhere
  • Passive Income with FREE TRAFFIC once Web Sites are Pasted to the Top of Google Search
  • Scalable to the point where you can do less work in the same amount of time and still grow your business – and your Passive Income
  • Easy Competition – tons of industries and cities to select clients from
  • Biggest Profit Margins!  No paying for Ads or physical products (which means no cost of goods sold to deal with)

If you’re a complete beginner, I think it’s better for someone to learn how to generate leads through ranking for local search terms to help small businesses get more customers.

Why go after ridiculously competitive search terms that require tons of in-depth content articles – especially if someone isn’t even interested in writing!?!?

Ranking websites can be easier than you think, and you don’t need to have stellar novel-writing skills to collect some buku bucks with this style of SEO!

Remember, you don’t need to write skyscraper-type web pages…

You can definitely outsource a good portion of this business (or maybe even all of it, someday)…

And it’s so lucrative that I was able to walk away from a job only a few short years ago and have now amassed a book of business generating revenue upwards of $50,000 a month…

And YES, it’s growing!!!

We’ll even show you exactly how to do it, too: Click here to learn more.

We’ll teach you how to leverage the skills and knowledge of SEO to your benefit, and use those tidbits of wisdom you acquire through this coaching program to establish a long-term, ethical side-hustle you can be proud of making a living while making a difference with.

The Amazon FBA Ninja Course by Kevin David – Unbiased Review

This guy must be pretty good at what he does – I was minding my own business and checking out Amazon FBA Business model videos when Kevin David popped up.  I thought… this guy must really know what he’s doing if he has so many videos published. 

Truth be told, while he addresses both Shopify and Amazon FBA business models through his wealth of training material (that you can easily look up), it seems that Mr. David regularly uploads content regarding Amazon FBA and Shopify physical products sales methods.

The first purchase I made was in this guy’s Amazon FBA Ninja course.  This is in addition to the local lead generation business I had started only a few years ago.  After great success in that, the next business trend I explored was through Kevin David, and it’s thanks to his content that I also became successful in this other online business model: Amazon FBA. 

Sure, I’m a unique breed in that running multiple businesses and challenging myself to learn new things totally beats working on the same single activity over and over.   Maybe you’re not the same way, and that’s okay.  The awesome thing about business is that there’s a little something for everyone out there.

Besides, once you’ve achieved a certain caliber of success in the entrepreneurial world, you can then begin outsourcing to a hired time any of the work you don’t feel like doing, don’t enjoy doing, or simply don’t know nor have an interest in figuring out how to do. 

This method of leveraging other people’s time definitely frees you up to rock out at other ventures in the field of business… and that’s what I’ve done with my local lead gen business, so I was able to explore another income stream with Amazon FBA. 

Simply put, this blog – yes, the one you’re reading here – is something I launched because of my passion for communicating about internet marketing,business models online, and entrepreneurship like the #1online business recommendation that I am was able to profit in and walk away from my full-time job just a few short years ago.

So I pick up Kevin David’s course about the Amazon FBA business model, specifically titled Amazon FBA Ninja, only after picking up a good couple handfuls of Amazon FBA coaching programs as well.  When you make an investment in a business venture, it’s a sound idea to be well-informed of what you’re getting involved in.

Besides, self-education, developing your high-income skills, and knowing the terrain you’re ushering your deep pockets into is exactly what separates the good business folks from the great entrepreneurs – even if you’re not there yet, self-education is one of the great investments you’ll ever make!

Certainly, if so many people had an Amazon FBA course out, someone must be doing things at least a little differently from the others. 

It was up to me to ensure I had all the best key takeaways, strategies, tips and tricks on the FBA by not leaving a single stone unturned.  What better way to know what’s right than to have more than 1 mentor… instead, having several mentors who are all experts at Amazon FBA!

Are they blowing smoke at ya?  Is Amazon FBA Business really the route to go? Here’s your insider scoop… Read on for my experienced take on this…

What Separates the Amazon FBA Ninja Course from Others Like Kevin David

Some of the best things I’ve discovered about Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Ninja Course right out of the gate are:

  • Access to the private Facebook Group – where all the successful students mastermind with Mr. David
  • Stay inspired through the success stories of others going through the program just like you
  • Clarify how to be successful with any hiccups or snags you individually face along the way
  • Plenty of opportunities to become successful for the tenacious and committed students

So the Facebook group is nothing more than that – a Facebook Group for the program… or is it?

Where else do we learn about other experts actually stepping into their own Facebook group aside from attempting to pitch or upsell more products and services to their following?  While it could be a good business lesson to never be afraid to ask for more sales from your customers, there’s more than that going on in this Facebook Group.

Kevin thinks enough of his program to back it up by being present almost daily in the Facebook group.  In fact, once you’re a student, go ahead and tag him in a post that you make with a question you have about anything in the program.  You might be surprised who answers you…

With the end result always being the student who is now a success story for the program, the camaraderie among the membership continues to inspire and uplift others just like you to stay focused, even when the entrepreneurial cycle knocks you off your path for a brief second.  They’re around to remind you that there’s no problem you can’t conquer as long as you stick with it.

It’s no secret that the Amazon FBA Business Model has been around for a long time; and in that long time, people have come and gone from the concept in producing actual revenue that they’ve been able to spend on daily living expenses, vacations, and more.  Stick with it, and anything is possible.

The old saying, birds of a feather, makes a lot of sense and that’s why these coaching programs exist.  If you truly are the combined average of the top 5 people you hang out with the most, then associating with the like-minded people of whom you aspire to have a similar lifestyle with can skyrocket your chances of success.

Hire a mentor and you can see the opportunity sharpen your road toward success. 

Since I’ve reviewed several Amazon FBA coaching programs already, the essentials are similar –

Ya know… here’s your ABCs to how to get a product listed and sold, and this is how you make money.

Here are two fundamentals I am more attentive to when I seek a quality Amazon FBA Business coach:

  • Have they got strong insight on products, or any product research that I can capitalize on?
  • Any advice on skyrocketing my product listings to the top rankings in Amazon?

It’s a safe bet that these hard-chargers have perused educational courses similar to their own, and there’s definitely an overlap in similarity because the basics will always be the basics anywhere you go.

Where I thought Kevin David knocked it out of the park was through his delivery of new Product Research ideas and escalating the product listing through the repurposing of digital assets like Google Ads and Facebook strategies.

His tips and tricks on increasing reviews on Amazon and, ultimately, sales derive from David’s ability to communicate strong landing pages, and email marketing approaches – including collecting those coveted emails of people who might just be the next buyer for ya.

These fresh approaches are definitely what separate Kevin David from the rest of the coaches in the Amazon FBA Business model space.

One of the most refreshing points to understand is that paidadvertising (meaning Pay-Per-Click or “PPC” and/or Facebook Ads) doesn’t haveto be your go to strategies forever; just enough to beat out the competitors issufficient to become profitable.

The Common, and Very Real, Struggles in Amazon FBA Business

Since there’s really no good way to rapidly, massively, or individual expand your presence online, nor the volume of listings which can be placed to“test the marketplace rankings” – at least not without the preparatory labors involved in supplier networking, sample ordering, bulk/mass orders, branding, labeling, etc., a lot of people complain about how easy it is to end up stuck in the process toward success.

If your inventory isn’t in stock, or you can’t collect genuine reviews and conversions to boost your listing, there’s really no alternative to establishing a great online presence with new product listings.

Another pitfall can be in the product research – spinning one’s tires tirelessly (pun intended) in attempting to identify that one perfect best-selling product to post up, list and bank on. 

The truth of the matter is… you could end up waiting for several months before discovering whether your selected product will be the one item that takes you to the promised land – or has you back at square one with your entrepreneurial endeavor.

If you operate like a retail shoe store, for example, and list more products more often, you’ll have a greater amount of opportunities to land a winning product and succeed in the Amazon FBA Business.

Once you’ve mastered the art of landing the coveted page 1 results onAmazon products searching, especially with that one special product that garners stellar, genuine, positive buyer reviews, then you’ve finally arrived at a winning formula that can ensure your business model has longevity and produces excellent, profitable numbers for you.

Think about it… the thousands, if not millions, of people that purchase from Amazon on the daily, monthly, and/or yearly, and you’re landing in the ideal spots – at the top of search results, Consistently – that’s a good thing!  Go ahead and celebrate because you can look forward to some great income!

How Local Lead Generation Wins Over the Amazon FBA Business Model

I still believe that ranking a website into local search results yields a greater level of control and more simplicity to the business model than struggling to hop over red tape and rank a product listing in Amazon. That’s local lead generation for ya… a way to capitalize on FREE, Organic Search Traffic.

Whether leveraging the Google Ads strategy, paying per visitor with every click, ranking a product to the top of Amazon search results is reliant(almost exclusively) on the volume, and quality, of POSITIVE, Genuine reviews that you can acquire for your that specific listing.  That means I can’t control the speed at which the listing climbs to the top of Amazon.

Instead, I can implement my well-honed Search Engine Optimization (SEO)skills to climb any web property to the top of any city in the United States from virtually anywhere I might happen to be with my laptop and some convenient internet access. 

I can add more content and backlinks to a web page and see it shoot to the top of Google search results in a relatively brief time…

Amazon product listings don’t let me deliver backlinks to a product in hopes that it can soar to the top in similar fashion, which means I have to play their game of quality reviews instead of grunt out some simple work to turn a profit.

If you’re looking for a much simpler option to acquire success in operating a business online, then instead of exploring Amazon FBA Business strategies, look more into local lead generation.

Why Local Lead Generation Has Served Me Well in 2019

Simply put, lead generation allows me to get paid for sending sales leads to local businesses with simple websites that target Free Traffic by the swarms of buyers interested in the service or product.

Lead generation with Google Search Results is more scalable than AmazonFBA because you’re simply not dealing with physical products here – it’s all digital real estate that takes up space that competitors wish they knew how to grab to get their phone ringing with referrals.

As a result, there’s not really any ongoing work in order to maintain our lead gen web properties, which makes our income both stable and predictable… as well as Lucrative!!!

Here are some top reasons I believe lead generation is the perfect business model for 2019:

  • Make your own hours
  • Make money just like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and just get paid by getting a sliver to deliver those referrals over to business owners
  • Simple business model – send leads, get paid, repeat
  • You’re helping business owners who are excellent at the service they provide but not so certain on how to generate the business in this digital era we live in
  • EASY COMPETITION – there are tons of industries and cities to select from and work with

This was the fastest way I had found to quit my job and enter into the laptop luxury lifestyle only a few short years ago…

And it was worked for literally thousands of people so far, so I know it can work for you, too.

The business model is simple, really…

I know that more content that is both written and published on a website like this – and more lead gen sites getting set up to send off more cash flow to me – is exactly what will ensure that my sales develop, and my business grows, and consistent progress is ensured without the hesitation of other business models, like notionally getting stuck somewhere along the line.

This is a lot like what Kevin David has been planning, and accomplishing, this whole time with his coaching program(s). While I write content for websites, he fabricates YouTube videos and more video content as time progresses. 

As a result, his bottom line is expanding massively – albeit, a little at a time, but he’s expanding nonetheless. 

If you can learn how to generate free, organic traffic with websites, that is among the top important skills you can leverage to be successful in the space of operating a business – from home – online. 

Case in point, I have been successful with not only the local lead generation business model, but also with a blog like this: I’m using this article (and many others like it) to promote the lead generation business model coaching program. 

Simply put, it works!  It has worked, and continues to work; the only question left is whether you’re going to check it out and learn more about how exactly this works – and what’s in it for you.


My top recommendation for starting an online business is, hands-down, the local lead generation business model!

Since I’ve made money with both local lead generation and the AmazonFBA style of operating a business with physical products, my runner up option is Amazon FBA Business.

As countless other Amazon FBA courses have begun turning up around the marketplace, there’s no doubt it’ll take more time, effort, resources, and patience to get your product listing to the top of Amazon… especially now that more people are going to be in competition with you for those coveted #1rankings (or even 1st page rankings)…

Instead, Local Lead Generation seems to have more longevity and sustainability in 2019 business opportunities. 

The reality is that opportunities in the Amazon FBA just aren’t what they once were a year go

  • Reviews saturate the listings on page 1 already
  • The competition is already abundant (and growing)
  • The ability for a newbie to compete can get rather costly in start-up capital

As a newbie in Amazon product listings, attempting to catch up at this point would be daunting. 

The more time I spend exploring the Amazon FBA Business model, the more I just happen to lean on the local lead generation type of online business operations.

Perhaps that’s why people who’ve had success in Amazon product listings are now developing educational courses of their own on how to duplicate their success – because the product listing competition is so fierce now, even for the veterans of the physical products and e-commerce space.

This forces entry-level beginners to opt for lower priced, lower searched, lower desired products that yield minute margins of profits and not even large pay days at that. 

As the course for Amazon FBA continue to roll out, there’s less competition to market a product like this because there aren’t that many people willing to piecemeal a pre-recorded training module of several hours to detail every nuance of how to be successful in digital marketing – in particular, e-commerce, physical product listings…

As more people join the movement of Amazon FBA, the price of products sold can drop dramatically or gradually, but either way, it means great things for consumers and little to be desired by the entrepreneur’s spirited hopes of hitting it big.

While Amazon FBA Ninja is teaching a concept that could still have fantastic opportunities going forward, I can see the Amazon physical products game getting increasingly difficult and significantly less rewarding as time progresses.

Further, those selling coaching courses on the e-commerce strategy can increase their typical profit margins from physical products (10%-20% profit)to virtually all profit (nearly 100%) on their coaching program for teaching others to sell on Amazon.

BOTTOM LINE: I’ve built a huge monthly income from a very simple business model in only a few short years. 

I always envisioned getting to enjoy the lifestyle of generating$50,000.00 every month, predictably, passively, but I never thought I would have been able to do it while also having the time freedom to live it up and enjoy all the fruits that came from very little labor. 

The opportunities to get involved in the local lead generation space are WIDE OPEN! 

Think about the ideal business model, with time and financial freedom that everyone brags about.  With local lead generation, you get that and more…

  • Passive Income through Free Traffic that business owners will pay you handsomely to keep helping them with
  • Very Little Competition – tons of industries to help in countless cities
  • Long-Term Security – This business model, the internet, and small businesses are going to be a part of our society for years to come
  • Make your own hours – no one telling you when to punch in anymore
  • Work anywhere in the world – even in your pajamas in a hotel room on vacation with what little time might be required to“check on everything” before heading to the beach
  • Biggest Profit Margins since you don’t have to pay anyone for a physical product or cost of goods sold, and there’s no ad spend required for gathering this Free Traffic that business owners will pay you for

In fact, you can learn from the same coaching program that I learned todo lead generation with, and learn everything that I now know about getting paid to rank websites on Google and get paid to generate and pass off leads toa business owner. 

Click Here to learn more!

Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer Course – Can It Deliver on Wealth and Massive Profits?

Interested in generating money online?

That is exactly where I was, too, when I came across Dan Lok and his program called the High Ticket Closer (HTC). 

For a sales training course, this is definitely one of the best out there!

For me, sales really isn’t my thing and I was looking for an easier way to land a sale; what’s awesome about local lead generation is that generating leads from FREE Traffic and handing them off to the business owner is more lucrative than I had ever imagined.

Feel free to read more about Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer coaching program and educate yourself on the details that I have provided, including some personal insight about whether it’s a sound program.

Who is this guy Dan Lok?

This gentleman owns countless businesses, practices one of his passions – martial arts – and has a desire to help others land where he has: deep into the joys of massive success!

A down-to-earth gentleman with family (just like you and I), he gets to enjoy the fruits of his labors, and hopes to show you how to do it too.

After all, High Ticket Closer is intended for just one type of person: YOU! 

What is in High Ticket Closer?

I’m sure glad you asked…

Let me share some key takeaways from this guy, Dan Lok…

  • Know your value
  • Speak with confidence
  • Be personable and relatable by not using sales gimmicks or tricks
  • Allow others to sort themselves out instead of attempting to “chase” buyers, per se.

In essence, he teaches people how NOT to be the embodiment of a salesy-type that people will ask to leave instantly.

Being different is exactly what he teaches. 

And one of the many ways he chooses to teach being different is to remind people how those that they’re introducing to a product would rather buy than be sold.

You’ve probably heard something like that from other sales people – and its true!

Working with High Ticket Closer modules will give you the advantage that most desire.

In fact, what I have been able to do was:

  • Control my tone

This can trouble a lot of newcomers to the industry of sales. 

In other disciplines like psychology, communication studies, even social work — critique from many fronts has led modern, popular perception to believe that how you say something is much more important (thus, influential) in how you say what you’re attempting to communicate to the listening party. 

One real life example is attorneys.  They sell ideas and understanding to audiences in nearly all litigation platforms.  When they argue a point, they are artists with their language so they craft their phrasing in a way to where they achieve the goal of being understand as they intended.

Try doing that some time — it’s a different feeling altogether.

Dan Lok advises most of his students with this key tip:

Speaking in a calm tone, expressing concern and interest without overindulging in enthusiasm; this is exactly what it means to give more value to having something to [personally] say versus having to say something.

  • Stay in control with questions

It’s been said that he who answers the questions isn’t in control.  This phrase has actually been stated for a number of years, and by countless people whom are regarded as professionals, even experts, in the sales training and marketing industry. 

Here’s one of the tricks of the trade that some newbies probably haven’t heard before…

What you can do is actually control a conversation — especially one where you’re trying to inspire an audience to buy (whether it’s one person or an entire audience that fills up a large room) — by responding to questions with questions of your own.

Sounds extravagant, right?  I thought so too… at first…

What this strategy ensures is that answers are given only when it is both appropriate -and necessary – for your benefit. 

Indeed, it truly is a different feeling when you’re in control of the conversation so you can guide the potential buyer toward envisioning how much better their life will be with your product or service.

  • Sell more through speaking less

From discovery questions to guiding and inspiring, your voice should be heard least in conversation.

  • Learn that timing is everything

Getting to use those key questioning skills in the most appropriate of times will escalate your effectiveness and could increase your desired result.

  • Identify the prospective buyer’s level of interest

While some may view this as determining whether or not to invest or waste your time on the phone with someone that could or could render you a profitable result, perhaps there are ways to guide very little interest into a buying mood…

Why I like High Ticket Closer

Dan lays things out simply and directly. 

With Dan Lok’s approach, everything can be understood, and I now know how to implement the techniques going forward.

Naturally, we all like to know a lot of things, but what I was looking for was a training that will guide me to the promised land…

Even if High Ticket Closer introduced sales theory – which it kind of does – I want to use these tips to begin landing clients in my own way.

Instead of simply going through videos, taking notes, and feeling edified, now I can say that I am a High Ticket Closer because I was able to use the strategies in my own life.

What is High Ticket Closer Missing?

Of course, video training and helpful instruction are ideal when someone invests in a coaching program.

We all want to get better, and the intent of this program is simply that – let’s get better!

Unfortunately, this sales training isn’t a one-size fits all.

Yes, High Ticket Closer can be delivered to anyone who has a product or service that they wish to take to the masses…


If you’re just getting started online, however, then is it really worth the cost of the course if you don’t have a product or service to market?

Further, do you have anyone you can talk to in order to deliver a product or service in exchange for money?

Would you know who to call?

Would you know your very first starting point in this process in order to have something to exchange to an intended audience that solves a problem and can be lucrative for you at the same time?

As for those of you (yeah you, the one reading this) who already have a product or service to sell…

Are you the owner of the company or do you work for someone and serve both the clients and a manager (meaning, you answer to a boss instead of yourself)?

If you work for someone else, are you limited on how you can change up your sales script? 

Do you have specific things that you can and cannot do…

You must take care in how you walk, talk, and otherwise act at all times since you are carrying the brand of someone else’s company that you work for…

AND… Your language can be severely restricted (in some cases, both on and off the clock); there may be some (even well) established policies of phrases you simply can, must, or should say (or, as it were, cannot say).

The company reputation becomes something you are now expected to embrace and focus on not offending. 

This translates into worrying more about your self-presentation than whether or not this product is a good fit for the individual in front of you. 

Now, this is just my two sense here…

If you had a local lead generation business where you owned all the assets, and the company was yourself, and only you, that means you can be your own boss, collect 100% of the profits (which is nearly 100% of the revenue you generate in this business model) with Free Traffic to deliver to a business owner for a piece of the action.

Getting a Reliable Business Model

Now this isn’t to say that becoming a High Ticket Closer (HTC) isn’t worthy of its place in business…

Especially when it comes to working from home and seeking that time and financial freedom…

And yes, people like Dan Lok have achieved just that…

The High Ticket Closer is a training –

Any purchases through High Ticket Closer are not granting you a commission.

So if we don’t have a product to put this training to, then we need to find a product or service we can share with people whom it will absolutely benefit!

We could continue searching the world wide web for business opportunities and work from home options…

We could indulge in the High Ticket Closer and hope something comes along during – or after – the training…

Or… you can get into business for yourself (but not by yourself) and start a business model that is sure to whoop the profit margins tail off any product or service in existence today…

Local Lead Generation is The Top Business Model Around

Now, I am a little biased since I have been doing this business model for a while.

However, everyone in this industry has started at some point…

That means, I was once just like you – searching for a plausible option in which to generate business profits from home without having to get a second job.

Think about it…

You get to be:

  • Putting up web properties online
  • Placing them at the top of search engines
  • Generating referrals for local service providers
  • Sending the referrals over to a business owner
  • And profiting MASSIVELY!!!

…all from the comfort of your own home (provided you have access to the internet at home).

If you don’t have internet at home – coffee shops work wonders for this type of business! 

Why I Like Local Lead Generation Best in 2019

If you think about it, isn’t everyone looking to have more money AND more time to spend?

With local lead generation, you get to do this business virtually anywhere!

With a simple laptop and a cell phone, the digital era has been able to let people like me:

  • Visit Las Vegas for a convention – and WRITE IT OFF at Tax Time
  • Mastermind with people across the country that I flew in to visit for lunch
  • Go on vacation with the family and CHECK IN to simply see that everything is good

While no business model could guarantee the imaginable4-Hour Work Week (thanks, Roger!), this is definitely the closest thing yet!

From visiting Florida to see friends, to Ohio and Europe to see family…

Local Lead Generation yields significant profit margins for relatively little work.


You’re giving more than just a product someone purchases one time…

You can deliver a meaningful service that businesses have been trying to figure out how to master ever since the dawn of the internet…

How to produce leads and more product/service requests with the internet.

Here, with just some simple training, you get to be the go-to expert for your local community – and further!

  • Generate business contacts in Europe and send them to a local service provider while you’re on vacation in Australia.
  • Sip tea in London while a business owner in America is sending you an email LITERALLY BEGGING to get in touch with you and pay you to stay with them long-term.
  • Step into the large cities of America and consult for all kinds of businesses on how to make their online presence more visible to the right audiences… and, ultimately, MORE PROFITABLE!

Imagine combining the High Ticket Closer skills to the profitability and time freedom luxuries of Local Lead Generation…

The Perfect Combination of Knowledge And Skills…

Of course, Local Lead Gen also provides for the opportunity for retainers and passive income.

You heard that right! 

Land a client one time, and have that same business owner continue to pay you on AutoPilot…

2 months later…

3 months later…

6 months later…

12 months later…

2 years later…

5 years later…

10 years later…

15 years later…

…all thanks to the web properties you put online one-time that is bringing the business owner so much business that they’ll want to stay with you and have you keep feeding their company for years!!!

With Local Lead Generation, you are truly making a living while making a difference…

And waking up every day to think about who you can help improve the lives of, by helping them to improve the lives of the people that you bring into their place of business…

There’s no feeling quite like it!

IF you’re ready for getting a piece of the action with the new wave that’s coming on, you can check out our coaching program here.

Jeff and Jessica Samis’ Profit League – Pyramid Scheme or Legit Course?

This husband and wife “dynamic duo” – life partners in business and pleasure – established both a course and a community that guides their students in the field of helping small business owners leverage the power of FacebookTM Ads to profit from lead generation. 

The Profit League by Jessica Samis, and her husband, Jeff Samis, will be reviewed today for pros, cons, whether it’s still applicable in 2019 as a viable home-based business model, and perhaps even a few other things.

At the end of the day, you want a profitable, lucrative method of generating revenue in a coveted “side-hustle” manner; ya know, where you end up working only part-time while building a full-time, passive and predictable monthly income without adding the stresses of a second job.

However, with any program, you’re going to need to invest a lot of time, energy, and effort to produce a worthwhile result — and that’s with anything!

Lastly, I’ll share with you how this program – the profit league – can differ from what I do, which involves leveraging 100% Free, Organic Traffic methods in what a way that produces leads for local business owners – it’s called Local Lead Generation and doesn’t require paying for the ad spend (unlike Profit League). 

What is Involved in The Profit League Course?

Pyramid schemes are illegal and exist exclusively when a company recruits marketing associates directly for compensation (and are not compensated exclusively when a product or service is bought and sold). 

Since the Profit League is more of a coaching program, I can safely say that they aren’t a pyramid scheme.

Sometimes they might illustrate a notional “pyramid scheme” as the network marketing model of running a home-based business and that this could be one of those “things.”  The truth is that not one of the students in the program are being incentivized to bring three friends on-board for a special bonus. 

This could raise some questions, so here’s what is really taught in the Profit League with Jeff and Jessica Simas – and it’s good information, really.

From the very beginning, there are tons of new internet marketing words and phrases that the students are tossed into, including software requirements, layout designs and concepts with web properties, and more.

For example, ad copy is what someone writes in a FacebookTMAd (nothing more than text/words in the ad) that, when combined with a photographic image, is intended to encourage viewers (meaning the target audience) to click on the ad and progress through the FacebookTM funnel (to another website… the landing page).

The software recommended for this landing page is called ClickfunnelsTM which has a base cost of $97.00 in a monthly recurring membership, even just for a landing page for the small business you’re working on helping get referrals for…

So, you have a FacebookTM Ad that you’re running and attempting to get web traffic (meaning “visitors”) to click through the FacebookTMAd and hit the landing page…

This is called a Clickthrough…

And if this Clickthrough Rate (meaning visitors who decide to go to your landing page by clicking on your FacebookTM Ad) just isn’t at a high enough volume of people taking action on your FacebookTM Ad, this could mean a lot of money spent for nothing – remember, you’re typically paying for each of those clickthroughs on that FacebookTM Ad.

Unless you’ve got some extra spending cash just sitting around as a brand new entrepreneur, trying to launch your home-based business, it’s probably best to acquire a paying customer – a local business owner – prior to launching these FacebookTM Ad campaigns.

What Attracts Entrepreneurs to The Profit League?

Well, for one, you get to find buyers where they’re already at – in the lands of Social Media.

Next, it’s not a pyramid scheme at all. Unlike the network marketing model where they have a product/service and recruit marketing team members like an insurance or real estate agency, the focus is in building a business… not recruiting people into your Facebook Ads agency to trade Ad Spend for leads.

Additionally, provided your customer/client/business owner has provided their ad spend resource in the form of a credit card of some kind, you don’t need to come out of pocket for the ad spend and could have traffic to this marketing funnel set-up and generating leads maybe even within the calendar day. 

Some pros to joining The Profit League

  • Semi-weekly calls where you can receive coaching
  • Scores of examples of FacebookTM Ads that you can simply copy and implement
  • The words you’d need to say to connect with and close a deal with a business owner as your newest clientele
  • How to set-up e-mail automation software to nurture leads that are brought in
  • Guidance on leveraging ClickfunnelsTM to organize your landing pages and/or website(s)
  • Instruction on getting your FacebookTMAd seen by real people and having real visitors check out what you’re posting in the ad

So what could be the reason that not everyone is massively benefitting from being a student of The Profit League if all of this is provided???

At the end of the day, you’re gonna need to be an awesome salesperson.  The gift of gab and ability to get the attention of, converse with, educate, inspire, pitch, close, gather payment information, and nurture the relationship of business owners (with yourself) long after the initial transaction has taken place means you’ll need to be out and about in the marketplace. 

Speaking with business owners is only half the battle; you’ve gotta on-board these same business owners with a trusting chance to run FacebookTM Ads for them (and their company). 

That’s why I prefer local lead generation and slapping billboards to the top of Google for a home-based business model.  We set something up real fast, have it bring in leads, and we send them off to the business owner in exchange for a chunk of change.  No “selling” is really necessary when you’re handing over results in advance.

Your ability to sell the business owner / board of directors / business partners on your being privileged to partner with them and run a marketing campaign on their behalf just may take some convincing, hence the “X-Factor” of being able to perform in the skill of sales.


Freedom is a precious gift that only few in the world are able to testify to the sweet taste of.

I’m talking about time freedom, financial freedom, and getting to wake up at any time I want to have the day to myself and do whatever I want, because of a thriving business I’ve orchestrated.

To turn a profit from leveraging the internet, instead of working the typical 8-hour, daily shifts, can truly feel like a life-changing privilege…even a whole new world of possibilities one might step into. 

The enormous value brought to the world by Jeff and Jessica Samis is far from any sort of scam or pyramid scheme. Instead, they are truly showing people a whole new way of life.  I think they’re fantastic people for introducing this luxurious lifestyle to people that either never knew this existed nor thought this were even possible. 

Since I’ve also ran tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars on the FacebookTM Ads platform, I would like to chime in here with my opinion…

Generating FREE TRAFFIC in my online business of Local Lead Generation in 2019 is where I’m not only going to place my focus going forward…

I’m looking to re-dedicate my energy to figuring out a way to run this gig on Auto-Pilot!

For me, it’s no longer about how much money I am making in net profits with Local Lead Generation, but more of how I am “makin’ dat money.”

Whether by this blog, or through any combination of literally 100s of local lead generation sites I have as assets working for me and spitting off cash flow regularly…

Acquire Free Traffic Online with Simple, Profitable Websites

Free traffic can be a lot less of a headache and a more enjoyable business model because it can be a lot less burdensome and give more time freedom to enjoy the profits you make from posting these easy-to-build billboards online.

Some of the challenges with Profit League Facebook Ads include…

  • Figure out the components to FacebookTMAds and their Ads platform as a whole
  • Check the landing pages of my websites
  • Monitor Ad Spend (and avoid risking going over budget)
  • Ensure the email follow-up system is functioning as expected
  • Verify that the ad is converting readers into website visitors – and website visitors into referrals / leads for the business owner
  • That the business owner is taking the leads and working them to make a profit so s/he can keep paying for the – what should hopefully be – a wildly profitable service being provided

Occasionally, I would need to take a step back and decide if this is profitable for myself at key stages in the process, as well as whether it’s worth my time/financial investments as an individual, as well as a business owner; remember — I’m working from home now… 🙂

Some of the struggles with Facebook Advertising involve:

  • The ad performance fluctuating from day-to-day
  • Whether enough people are being reached daily to get some action on the ad
  • If the Clickthrough rate plummets and I need to create a new ad on-the-fly
  • The company I’m working with feels the need to pause the ad – or maybe it’s not performing well so I need to pause the ad,stop the ad spend, and spend some time troubleshooting

At the end of the day, great months can be had on FacebookTM.  However, reacting appropriately when exhausting a FacebookTM Ad to a target audience can mean the difference between raking in consistent profits and having a challenging time of convincing the business owner you’re still competent in your skillset. 

In fact, the Profit League coaching program is presumably doing very well, even up through today maybe, those seeking a home-based business opportunity – even an online, mobile-friendly one – is undoubtedly a very large pool of potential applicants that seek to learn this exact business model.

In my opinion, that’s just far too much work in the off-chance that the FacebookTM Ad simply stops performing the way I had hoped it would – and how the business owner that hired me had also hoped for.

How the Local Lead Generation Business is a Better Choice in 2019

I prefer the FREE TRAFFIC Lead Generation methodology when it comes to serving clients in 2019. 

I can appreciate how the primary set-up of all the resources and components needed are necessary, but with only minimal maintenance upon ranking those digital billboards to the top of Google, their performance of 100%passive income can be rather steady from that point forward!

The Local Lead Generation method of Free Traffic is perfect because…

  • Making your own hours is Flat Out Awesome!!!
  • Numerous business owners are actively seeking Online Marketing assistance.
  • I quit my Job over 3 years ago, thanks to this business model.
  • Profit margins are the biggest beyond any industry since there’s no need to pay for Ad Spend, and definitely no physical products requiring expense from the cost of goods sold (this is all digital).
  • Work anywhere in the world!  Just grab your laptop and head over to the nearest internet connection.

WITHOUT SPENDING CASH ON FACEBOOKTM ADS or even fiddling with that platform, my Lead Generation business garnered free traffic for a profitable $44,000.00+ in just this past month. That means I get to enjoy time freedom, without having to monitor social media…

And I’ll make the same amount in this coming month – and maybe more in future months since those websites are still spitting off cash flow without a daily, financial investment (meaning, no ad spend required). 

Bottom line: It’s free traffic and zilch in ad spend, so you really can make substantially more money with comparably less clients of your own.

Get the same Hands-Free System to generate Free Traffic online, and avoid ad spend altogether, by checking out this coaching program here.

How to Start a SEO Business? Why You Should Do Lead Generation Instead

I started my SEO based digital marketing business in 2014, I’ve been self-employed ever since. I got 50 clients paying me monthly, making $50Kper month with my expenses at around $5K so I’m netting $45K per month.

In this article, I’d like to talk about the best way I’ve found to leverage your SEO skills to build a long-term online business.

I’ll discuss why just doing SEO as a service for another person’s website is a bad idea.

What challenges you’ll face trying to build a SEO business?

Why transitioning your SEO business into a lead generation business is the better way to go.

I’ll make my case as to why investing in your SEO skills to make sure you can beat other SEO companies in the rankings is your #1 priority before you even think about starting a SEO business.

For me, it was this course that taught me not only how to have high-level SEO skills but to also do lead generation with that skill. I stand behind this course.

It helped me make money online with digital properties like these…

Anyway let’s get into it.

Can You Learn SEO Skills On Your Own?

Here’s what I’ve found about SEO.

Before I actually invested in a course that taught me SEO, I was trying to do it all on my own.

Big mistake!

My sites would jump up couple pages and then move back a page, eventually it would get stuck on a page and never make it to page 1.

I realized that just learning how to do SEO for free online and implementing those strategies wasn’t going to be enough because everyone else was doing those same things.

It wasn’t till I was introduced to higher-level SEO training, did I fully realize that there’s level to this game. 

No different in martial arts, there’s a big difference between a black belt and a purple belt.

I’ve come to understand the importance of creating a process in which you can create high-quality backlinks to a site that’s got niche relevance in the link structures.

We’re not talking about guest posts or begging other people to give you links, which can be such a time consuming, frustrating process.

But how about building an entire network of other powerful domains that you own where you can create your own backlinks at will?

And then automating this process with a team that can go out and handle all the intricacies of fabricating real authority to your site that Google loves?

We all automatically assume someone as an influence if they have tons of followers on social media right?

What if you were looking for the best attorney in town and this one attorney had thousands of other attorneys following him/her?

You would automatically regard this person as the authority.

Well what if I told you, Google’s algorithm worked in a very similar fashion?

What if you were trying to rank a plumbing site and you could fabricate backlinks (votes) from other plumbing site back to your site.

What if I told you inside our seo lead generation coaching program, we leverage the power of having over 3000 students to our advantage and get these kinds of links from other students with their own plumbing sites.

This is just 1 of the other 5 key strategies we utilize to consistently dominate the local rankings in Google. 

These strategies are continually evolving as well because with 3000 students we are able to aggregate so much data on a daily basis on what’s the latest & greatest strategies that allows us to leapfrog over other competition.

Now are you beginning to see how detrimental the line of thinking that you can try to learn and do SEO on your own can be?

Without having any confidence in your abilities to rank a site, then you have no business trying to start a SEO business.

The Biggest Challenge When Starting a SEO Business is Building Your Credibility!

So let’s you went out there and trained your skills in SEO and now have some level of confidence in being able to rank websites.

Now the real challenge to actually build a profitable SEO business is how would any business owner trust their money to someone they’ve never met?

How can they trust you to produce leads for them?

The best way to solve this dilemma is to actually forget about trying to land SEO clients altogether.

Instead do lead generation is instead!

Why Lead Generation Is The Best Way To Monetize Your SEO Skills 

With a lead generation business we’re still using elite level SEO skills to rank websites but instead of trying to rank other people’s sites, we rank our own websites at the top of Google.

Put a tracking phone number on it and simply sell the leads (phone calls or email quote requests) to a local business owner.

This is what one of my lead generation website looks like that’s been making me $2000 per month since 2015.

Why is this substantially better than trying to land SEO clients?

  • Because we own the website and phone number, we have full control. Our clients cannot leave us. They have to keep paying us monthly if they want to keep getting the leads from us. (This creates long-term passive income)
  • Because we put in the upfront work required to rank the site and get the leads first, we can send free leads to businesses to earn their trust before we even speak to them. So by the time we reach out to them, they’re already eager to speak to us. (This means you can land clients with no case studies, results speak louder than anything else you can say)
  • If a client goes sideways on us, we have the ability to replace that client. Its just as simple as going into our tracking phone number software and changing who we’re redirecting the calls to.
  • Leads are easily understood by every business owner as a majorly important thing for their business, SEO often times isn’t. Some biz owners don’t even know what SEO stands for.
  • Far less ongoing work required to keep your clients, no more monthly reports or constantly re-selling yourself to your client so they don’t cancel your SEO contract. My clients keep paying me month after month and I haven’t talked to some of ’em in like 2-3 years. Because every lead is tracked, they can clearly see every month exactly how much more money they’re making because of my leads. My leads do all the talking for me.

Oh did I mention, how awesome it is to keep getting paid month after month from a website that I built 4 years ago, because my clients know that if they don’t then I can easily send the leads to their competitors?


The question you gotta ask yourself is why do you want to start a SEO business?

My goal with an internet business was to create something that was going to give me tons of freedom: location independence and time freedom.

Not create a business that was going to turn into another job for myself.

I’ve noticed that with SEO clients, it required a lot of ongoing work to keep them happy. Schmoozing them and constantly be at their beckon call.

And you are always fearing the day that they might pull the plug and cancel the contract.

In my experience, most SEO clients at most stick around till around 6 months mark.

They might then cancel your contract because they get impatient with the results or worse yet, you’ve got them rankings and now they feel like they no longer need you.

Then you have to bust your butt to find a new client. 

It’s a very churn & burn kind of business.

There is a way better way.

I discovered it by going through this coaching program.

Instead of ranking other people’s sites, you simply rank your own and simply sell the leads that your site generates.

Now there are some key components to this business that most SEOs don’t know such as importance of call tracking software, ability to create multiple Google Map listings, dominating local directories, etc

But at the end of the day because we are able to send free leads to someone for however long as we want, we can virtually convince any business owner to want to do business with us.

Because we can deliver customers and help them make money without asking for any money upfront.

And once they’re getting the leads from us, they cannot afford to lose those leads to their competitor, so they have to keep paying us because we own the site.

We call this the golden handcuff method.

It’s all about being able to deliver value first though.

And watch as your clientele begins to blow up, not only that but be able to garner serious respect from your clients which means they’ll begin referring you to all their business friends.

Are we still using SEO in our lead generation business?

Sure we are.

Actually we have very high-level SEO skills. (that’s how we get most of our leads anyway)

But we took it to a whole nother level by making sure that our SEO efforts was going to pay us over and over again long-term.

We have the upperhand in the relationship with our clients.

It wasn’t easy to stitch together this business model but we have now mastered it to the point where we are able to teach everyday regular people just like you how to truly build a successful online business with lead generation.

Almost without exception, my SEO clients eventually left me.

But my lead generation clients? They’ve never left. Still paying me to this day for leads that’s being generated by sites that I made back in 2014. (Back when I started)

I now have over 88 lead generation sites out there, all across the US, making me money everyday.

It’s almost like I’m the landlord and my clients are the tenants that are paying me monthly rent to occupy my sites to get the additional business.

This is why we call this business virtual real estate.

If you wanna learn more about how we build simple lead generation websites like these

that generates passive income on auto-pilot once they’re ranked organically in Google.

And even create multiple Google Map listing for one company and seriously begin dominating your marketplace.

Then you def want to check out this lead generation coaching program.

We’re talking about putting in 10 hours of work initially into a lead generation website and having it produce $1000 per month passively, that’s $12,000 per year from 10 hours or so worth of work.

That kind of stable income simply was not possible with just doing SEO for other people or even doing SEO for affiliate marketing (saturated!).

Stable increase in income gives your business scalability.

This is how I’ve been able to steadily increase my monthly income to $50K per month using this lead generation business model.

More freedom. More vacations. More fun. More confidence.

My life has gotten so much better when I have full control over the success of my business.

Looking to start a SEO business in 2019?

For sure, shift your focus and do lead generatoin instead.

This coaching program will show you how.

Detroit SEO – Lead Generation Coaching, Learn To Do It Yourself

A small business owner looking for SEO service in Detroit, MI?

Instead of trying to hire some SEO company that’s going to lock you down on some long-term 1 year contract with no guarantees of results, why not take the time to master the single most important aspect of any business today in 2019?

And that’s mastering the skill of SEO and online lead generation.

You see in 2014, we created a program of lead generation that allows everyday people to quit their jobs and work from home by learning how to generate leads for small businesses. Now we have over 3000 students inside our program and our students continually overtake the top spots in the local search engines, generate leads on autopilot, and make money from home.

We have come to realize that there’s so many business owners out there that need help that even with our students we can’t possibly come to close helping all the small business owners out there that needs help with lead generation.

This is why, we are beginning to coach business owners directly, how they can do this for themselves. Find out more info here.

Read on to find out why learning how to do SEO lead generation for your own business can lead you to your ultimate success in your market.

You can also use this skill to create additional income streams for yourself. BTW the income we generate is passive & residual.

Fallacy of Hiring a SEO Company, instead of doing SEO & Lead Generation On Your Own

  • You don’t really know who you end up working with, many SEO companies ultimately fail to produce results
  • SEO companies have overhead, staff, building, etc & so they have to take big profit margins from what you’re paying them monthly, therefore they only part of your investment actually gets utilized for their SEO efforts
  • Many SEO companies fall behind on the latest tactics because they’re not connected to a network of other high-level SEO (in our program you’re going to be connected to over 3000 other SEO students ranking sites daily on Google)
  • You end up saving so much more money longterm, if you do your own SEO & Lead Generation
  • You’re able to get better results because you’re going to put 100% effort into it

I’m not tech savvy, Can anyone learn to do this?

Yes we have students in their 60’s and up that never had any internet background going through our program and getting killer results. How you get results with SEO is not very technical, you are not going to be messing with coding or anything like that. It’s more strategic. Its knowing what to do and when to do it.
Also the fact that we made it into an easy to follow process allows anyone to get results. Its just a matter of repeating a simple proven process.

What if I don’t have any time?

Look we get it, small business owners are busy with the day to day operation of the business.

But you have to realize in 2019, to run any successful business you need a strong web presence.

Because that’s what your customer is using to search for local businesses now. Not the phone book. As more and more people get smart phones, the trend is that its becoming even more digital as time goes on.

Now lead generation is the lifeline of every business.

You might have the best product or service in the market but if customers don’t know about you, there is no success.

The question you have to ask yourself is this, are you willing to just continue to let someone else be responsible for the #1 most important aspect of your business?

Or would you rather take full control over this one area (marketing) that can solve all other areas of your business?

No business has ever gone out of business when it has more customers than they can handle.

That’s the kind of problem you want. Not the other way around (no customers).

Our students are producing double, triple, quadruple & beyond percentage increase for their own business or client’s business that they/ decide to do lead generation for.

So when you realize just how important this skill of online lead generation really is, I promise you, you’ll figure out a way to MAKE the time. Or have one of your staff go through our training and do the online marketing for you.

The key is to finally figure out how SEO & digital marketing works so that you’re not giving away control over the most important aspect of your business.

In our program, we also have a lot of outsourcing capabilities, meaning once you go through the training (4-5 weeks) and learn these skills, then we have trained a team that you can utilize. They can do 90% of the entire work for you. This is exclusive to just our students only.

For those that say they don’t have time to do markting, what they’re saying is they have a time allocation problem and/or failure to understand that lead generation needs to be near the top of the list of priorities to be handled for any business asap.

What if I already have a SEO company?

How long have you been with them? And are you getting the results you’re seeking?

I assume no, otherwise you wouldn’t have been searching “SEO” in Google.

Even if you have a SEO company that you believe is doing a fine job, it’s never too late to learn these skills yourself because you’ll better understand if your SEO guy/gal is doing a good job and if they’re worth what you’re paying them every month.

Besides, we teach an incredible model of lead generation where you own the sites and place them in other locations (multi-location) so even if you are doing SEO on your own site already, you can go through our program and begin creating more digital lead generation properties out there in other location (surrounding cities near you) to go get even more customers.

We show you how exactly you can do this.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Not just #1 Rankings like you see below.

But the ability to create multiple lead generation sites in other cities that you can service. Think of these sites as virtual billboards, the more you have out there the more leads you’ll get each month.

Having this kind of dominant online presence means ability to scale your business to the next level. We’re not talking about marginal increase in revenues.

More like doubling your business or beyond that.

Can I use this program to make extra side residual, passive income?

Absolutely, in fact this program is originally intended for just everyday folks working a 9 to 5 job prison that they want to get out of.

Our model allows students to create lead generation properties on a part-time basis that generate passive income around the clock.

Since once these sites are ranked high in Google, they generally stay ranked for a very long time to come. So all we’re doing is setting up these lead-gen assets in various areas and different niches, that generate leads, connecting customer to a local service provider and we simply earn commission on the leads or customers we deliver.

This is an example of what one of my lead gen site looks like. This sites been making me $2000 per month since 2014 and I haven’t touched this site since then.

Imagine having bunch of these lead gen sites out there for your own business generating new customers to you on a daily basis.

Or you can create these sites for other businesses across US and start making money just as a lead generator.

Click here to get more info on this lead generation coaching program.

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency from Home to 6-7 Figures

Looking to start a digital marketing agency??

Let me tell you how I went from virtually no marketing experience to building a 6 figure digital marketing agency in less than 1 year and now how I’m making $50K per month, serving 50 clients across the US.

First of all let me explain some of the common pitfalls that people fall into when trying to get into this field.

Continue reading “How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency from Home to 6-7 Figures”