Profits Unlimited by Paul Mampilly Newsletter – Unbiased Review

The investment newsletter, which revolves around the publishing of Banyan Hill, is a membership program that was intended to identify sound financial investments in the technology sector of the economy and selected by Paul Mampilly personally.   

See, Paul is hoping to direct people into the next revolution of correct investment options by helping everyday people, like you and I, to see what in the technology and science fields are up and coming. From products and companies to technological advances, we could stand profit off the possibility of those people and/or things revolutionizing our economy, how society operates or views things, and ultimately make its mark in history as it impacts all corners of the world . 

The fundamentals behind all of this seems rather person-dependent as you’re putting your trust into Mr. Mampilly’s key stock investments experience and profit generating knowledge, and the membership to his program identifies that you now have the privilege of tapping into what he has available for you to follow through on when he publishes his next predictions.

No doubt, then, that I get asked rather often, “Bro, can you really make money with a membership program like this?” 

It’s a funny question since I write a blog that revolves around evaluating coaching courses and online entrepreneurial investment options that people can learn from and generate a real income through leveraging the internet these days. 

In fact, it’s because of my abilities to operate a local lead generation business and rake in a hearty $50,000.00 every month in PASSIVE INCOME that I can afford to invest in these other programs and write this blog to tell you about my experiences with these coaching or membership courses.

So, I’m happy to share with you some of my insights from the first-hand experience, like whether investing in this membership program can turn a profit, and when it’s a good idea – and not so good of an idea – to invest your hard earned money into stock options like what Mr. Paul Mampilly might recommend in Profits Unlimited.

Just a quick heads up, by the way…

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Paul Mampilly: The Man Behind The Membership Newsletter of Profits Unlimited

Mr. Mampilly was a 20-year veteran of the Wall Street and stocks trading-related world for the New York scene. 

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the vibrant city that is known for the large sums of money that passes through business hands like water thru fish gills, he has personally managed upwards of billions of dollars in trading stocks.

In fact, his reputation can be found behind some of the larger transactions in worldwide names like the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Swiss Investment Banks, and many more. 

His recent decision to seek more time freedom led him to retire from the grind of the New York-like grind made famous by Wall Street’s reputation; he wants to enjoy his time with his children and wife.

Side Note: Money isn’t everything – even though some have said that it is when you don’t have any.  I get it, because I was there once too… and not that long ago, either.  What I’m getting at is that financial freedom is just as important, though maybe not more important, than the time freedom to do what you want when you want – like spending time with the people that matter most to you. 

Shortly after retiring from the stocks and trading industry, Bayan Hill Publishing was privileged to on-board him for his expertise.  They had Paul writing columns involving tips for investments and recommended best practices – or strategies, as some like to call them – on where people can place their money to see a return on investment (ROI) that they can feel pleased with.

However, it wasn’t until approximately 2016 that Mr. Mampilly opted to publish a coaching program called Profits Unlimited.  It was here that he was able to control the message that he wanted to convey to an exclusive membership base of people that were serious about sending their cash to work for them in an investment style – where the money receives interest, dividends, and other forms of compounding value instead of simply sticking it in a simple savings account or placing it under a mattress at home. 

It’s in this course of his that Paul goes into the specifics and deep secrets articulated to only those on the inside of the day trading experiences.  His 80k+ subscription base of an audience and members who are his case studies of success from selecting stock options he’s recommended lead people to believe that his wisdom is magical when it comes to telling people where to put their cash.

Other things he goes into with this course are rather simple and straightforward in nature…

  • Why investing in stocks can benefit you
  • When and Where to Place Your Money
  • How to do it in the most economical way
  • When NOT to send your cash into an investment and what to watch out for while you’re invested in something
  • And much, MUCH more…

His members seem to be pleased with the lucrative choices that he publishes, but again, it’s exclusively for his students that he pulls back the curtain and reveals what he believes to be the next big trends.  It’s funny to me because I see it as a mastermind of people sharing dirty little secrets of where to place their investment money together – kind of like Berkshire Hathaway.

Then again, success is only identified by the individual putting the money where their investment interests rest.  I am not a tax advisor or trader and I’m personally not here, writing this blog, to either give (or pretend to give) financial investment advice.  Please consult an expert; Paul might be a start.

What is Profits Unlimited, How Much, and How Things Work With The Membership

A subscription service by nature, Profits Unlimited begins as a monthly subscription for digital access to a newsletter for $47.00 per month (as an ongoing option exclusively). 

There’s another level to exclusivity and privileges in the Profits Unlimited tiered membership program, which allows you to receive a printed and digital copy of the very newsletter in an upsell of $129.00 per month.

In addition to Paul’s picks of stocks – which are, in essence, places he recommends you invest your personal earnings into in hopes of seeing a return, and a profitable one at that – you also receive training, strategy, and understanding of projects behind each and every recommendation that Paul Mampilly makes. 

One of the tips he provides is a stop loss concept mandating that you sell your stock to avoid losing any more if your stock option plummets approximately 8-12% in the time that you’ve actually owned shares.  This systematic, automation set up helps to ensure you are protected from losing out to major, unforeseen circumstances in the marketplace like economic shifts, inflation, insider knowledge that leads to stock changes that the public might not hear about until later, etc. 

In taking Paul’s recommendations and setting your stock purchases up in the way that he advises in his Profits Unlimited course, emotion can easily be removed from the financial dividends equation, allowing you to maintain the possibility of retaining your stock option if the price were to ever so suddenly skyrocket and deliver a return in your favor.

As with all financial choices and advice, Paul openly states that he cannot, will not, and does not, make any sort of guarantees, express, implied or otherwise, that you can turn a profit with Paul Mampilly’s newsletter recommendations. 

However, this very same gentleman declares the claim that you can position yourself to increase chances in your favor of seeing a return on your investments in stock and trades if you were to invest in this type of advice and follow what training and guidance he delivers in reliance to his expertise and historical confidence in his abilities to read the markets.

As such, the information in the newsletter is constantly updated (just so we’re crystal clear here, since this is a monthly subscription you’d be investing into, the updates come monthly as well). 

Is Profits Unlimited a Scam?

Not really.  If it were a scam, then unreliable claims might actually be stated or untrusted guarantees made – and even if they were made, we all know better if we’re looking into entrepreneurial endeavors.

What Paul is making available to those that seek to invest in his advice is simply that – his expertise, some understanding about the marketplace, and his professional opinion.  As an expert and veteran of reading the marketplace, I’m confident that he likes to believe he’s earned his place in the financial markets and capabilities of training others on getting involved in them. 

Naturally, there aren’t any form of guarantees toward turning any profit when you make an investment…

I’ve yet to meet anyone who knows the future so well (or at all, for that matter) that they can stand to assure investors that their returns will come at a certain percentage in a certain amount of time and allow time to reveal such a truth – it just doesn’t exist in this world. 

Sufficed to say, this isn’t advertised as a get rich quick scheme either; which is good news, because it’ll ensure that prospective future clients of Paul’s will appreciate exactly what they’re buying into – an expert’s opinion. 

Even with the programming and counsel that Paul provides thru his training platform, newsletter, and other resources for his members, inherent risks still exist no matter how many precautions one takes.

Results of the Advice in Profits Unlimited

Exploring Profits Unlimited deeper and further, I’ve gotta admit that hindsight is always 20/20 – and in this case, Mr. Mampilly’s recommendations have trended toward performing rather well. 

In fact, if you were to have invested in each and every one of Paul’s recommendations since the inception of Profits Unlimited and seen some handsome returns on the investment…

You could have seen returns from stock selections rise by 56% in one place, 64% in another, 73% for one or two stocks, and even some recommendations go as high as a 235% return on investment (ROI).

Following in his footsteps religiously would still not have been a guarantee of anything. 

Yet again, though, in hindsight, you could have followed each recommendation Paul has made from the start and still outperformed the market with handsome returns.

With the way the market works, I’m sorry to say that a number of members lost money on 5 particular stock recommendations that Paul has made since starting Profits Unlimited. 

They were secured by the stop loss recommendation (advised in Profits Unlimited training under how to invest and what to prepare for), the detriment came at a loss of about 11% (remember the stop loss being at 8-12%).  I’m sure not every set the margin to 8% dips and not everyone set their stop-loss quota at 12%, but still; there were some members that felt the change in price dramatically. 

In the end, the trend is all about coming out on top and turning a profit; and if you followed Profits Unlimited Newsletter recommendations monthly since the program started, the averages came out to a positive level and/or gain, so you would have still turned a profit (again, if you followed everything Paul said). 

Is Investing in Stocks and Trade for Me?

Where you’re at in life – especially in terms of your financial health and well-being, can determine whether you’re in a certain level of personal and fiscal fitness to part with some of your money on higher risk and whimsical considerations of nothing outside of slight chance and luck.

This is just my opinion, of course, and this is not advice for our financial future endeavors (so please don’t construe it as such).

A mentor of mine breaks down the idea of when investing in large purchases like stock options would be healthy.  Of course, he’s a business coach, entrepreneur, mentor to people in the space of business, a fan of martial arts, and a multi-millionaire. 

However, just like you and I, he started somewhere before entering the space of business and investments with wealth that he downright earned his way to.  That said, he knows what it’s like to begin from humble beginnings. 

According to Dan Lok, the multi-millionaire critic of financial choices, he recommends first developing a high-income skill that has allowed you the opportunity to amass a steady, reliable, solid side hustle of six (6) figures in profitable income – preferably net income – and this is in addition to your entrepreneurial endeavor that you’re attempting to expand and grow in its business model…

Combined, having profits kick back to you like PASSIVE INCOME, which is readily noticed in short order through local lead generation

Which is what I did to get in a position to consider investing in stocks, and which is why I’m writing this blog to help you get the best information possible to make sound decisions in your entrepreneurial considerations – in large quantities to the point of not knowing where to spend your income…

That’s when he recommends taking a portion of your finances – since you now have some that you can spare, take risks with, and even lose out on if the stock picks don’t work out – and you’ll still be able to eat and keep a roof over your own head. 

Remember – as Dan Lok put it – your choices of investing in stocks, or anywhere else for that matter, should never be misconstrued with turning a profit and generating a steady, reliable income. 

The only reason Dan Lok invests his finances is to escalate his personal net worth, and not to pay his electricity bill.  These are funds that he is okay with not seeing for a long-term with the hope that his options of investing will see a return on his investment.  He also knows it’s a gamble and he’s sitting comfortabl to where he can be okay with the economy not trending in his favor… as it won’t take food off his table.

The bottom line on this topic is that your everyday considerations and expenses for surviving and thriving should derive from your non-disposable income.  You should have your priorities in order and take care of your needs… and the needs of your loved ones, especially if you have people depending on you. 

Your living expenses should ultimately come from your high income skill that you’re hopefully putting to work to generate you a massive 6 figure annual salary (and if it’s not, it’s probably time to start doing that) and take those profits and find a way to expand your operation to amass more Passive Income with it. 

You know… a passive income….

Where you don’t have to continuously work on something for it to keep sending you cash…

I really don’t believe that’s how the stock markets should be perceived – as a reliable income source.  My opinion is that counting on stocks to pay for your needs is too far of a risk and too long of a term to consider being able to cash out if you needed the cash for something dire tomorrow. 

The very essence of stock investing is that it’s a volatile system, which could yield poor results if you’re not careful; but, that high risk can also deliver high reward, but you won’t know that until after you’ve either profited majorly or lost out big time (maybe).

If you’re hurting to make ends meet, let’s just agree – here and now – that maybe exploring stocks simply isn’t a thing that you can take seriously at the moment…

But you can explore business venture options if you have a little start-up capital handy so you can leverage the internet, and Google’s Free Organic Traffic like I have with our coaching program that trains on local lead generation, to amass a comfortable side hustle income and walk away from your 9 to 5 (if you want to).   

I credit that business model toward much of my success in positioning myself only a few short years ago to decide whether a $35,000.00 annual salary on a full-time job I was working was worth staying at when my side hustle was making more on a monthly basis then I was making all year long. 

I made these same hard choices only a few short years ago, and I’ve done the exact same things as you’re considering doing right now to lead me to the promised land by making the choices I’m inviting you to consider now, only a few short years ago.

Fundamentally, unless you’re comfortable with losing money you want to invest, or simply don’t foresee needing it in the near or distant future (or ever again – hey, welcome to the volatile marketplace of stock trading), maybe stocks should be pushed back on your list of things you’re seriously focused on right now. 

Instead, consider investing your time and hard earned resources into developing what Dan Lok calls your high-income skill.  It’s these skills that can help you to arrive at $10,000.00 per month in residual, passive income and that’s perhaps one of the more stable ways I’ve found to make a living.

It’s all based around your skills and your abilities to solve problems in your marketplace that you can then charge people or companies a fair, yet large, profitable wage to resolve for them. 

Your skills, knowledge, education, and wisdom are all things that you have full control over; no one can take those away from you. 

Check out more about his wisdom on high-income skills with this video here.

Dan Lok talks about several other concepts in his abundance of video content online, like a Wealth Triangle, when, where, and what of money, identifying a science being the art of getting and staying wealthy and rich financially, and so much more. 

No wonder I sought him out as a mentor when I got started; he talked a lot about things that I really wanted to have in my life.


If you’re looking to invest in stocks, and have the means to do so, then Profits Unlimited could be a viable option for you.

I’ve tried multiple investment strategies online…

  • Bitcoin
  • Currency trading
  • Binary options
  • International stocks (as opposed to domestic and things on the major national exchanges)

…unfortunately, those aforementioned, so-called “modern investments” were nothing more than something I could have called a passing fad of a hobby.  Honestly, they never blossomed and were far too hyped up for me to take seriously; plus, I won’t stake my livelihood on them. 

When I began developing my high-income skills, however, that’s when I got serious about my business venture and becoming someone who was in very high demand locally, nationally, even internationally. 

I became the dangerous one because the world was my oyster – my play ground, if you will – and I became capable of improving people’s lives across the world for the better (Hey, I still am, too). 

What is my high income skill?

Online Marketing for small businesses

That’s what…

Since most local small business owners are just getting their start or have been playing the game for so long that they either don’t know what’s possible with the internet, or don’t have the time to learn, or don’t know who to trust as the expert in the marketplace to help them implement internet-based strategies to rake in more market share. 

I say this with a humble heart that most of them are severely clueless when it comes to leveraging the internet to make a positive impact in their bottom line; and it’s not entirely their fault, because running a business is hard work, time-consuming, and requires a lot of personal, professional, financial, time, and even family sacrifice(s). 

The phrase “day to day” operations may not have you bat an eyelid if you’re not an entrepreneur yet, but sometimes they just spin their tires in their business day with the conviction that the old school marketing methods are the absolutely only way to bring in new clients; and it may be true or even work to some extent, but we’re in a digital era now and it’s time to get with the times.

The business is their baby, and they’ve placed down a ginormous investment to get started – so they wanna take care of it, make it profitable, and only do what’s best for “their baby.” 

However, if they don’t know what other options are available, then the business owners really just don’t know that they have a problem that can be resolved – which makes a huge opportunity for people, like you and I, to start our very own local lead generation business model. 

Why I Recommend The Local Lead Generation Business in 2019

The high-income skill of being able to bring a local small business owner more referrals can be very lucrative. 

If Free Organic Buyers are acquired through Google search results, that cuts down on your expenses to generate some action that you can then turn around and sell to a business owner at a premium and profit the difference with.

And since this method of local lead generation means gathering high-quality web traffic – literally packed with target market customers, with cash in hand – you can now sit and operate your own home-based business with confidence because you’ll have the most sought-after skill on the internet.

Consider high-income skills as high level, valuable traits that you earn and develop as you learn more about the craft. 

It’s with these high-level skills that are rare, uncommon to even the possibility of most people in the marketplace, and not many know where to go to learn about it either. 

When you develop this skill, you simultaneously develop another asset of yours: financial confidence!

Basically, you’re so confident that you can turn a profit with your high-income skill that – especially with local lead generation – you’re now someone who can make a living while making a difference in the marketplace.  You can make money for the people you serve, as well as yourself. 

Pretty cool, huh?

So you’re probably wondering what local lead generation encompasses and how much it might cost to get started?

Since you’re putting up virtual real estate on Google search engine results, and renting them out, I can tell you that the digital version of an asset is way cheaper than owning actual real estate and having to maintain that.

Here’s a succinct framework of what I do if I want to expand my bottom line…

  • Set up a lead gen site and paste it to the top of Google search results
  • Profit from the buyers that come thru the web property
  • Repeat!!!

Sound simple enough? 


Because it is!!!

In fact, it’s so good that I’m including a list of other goodies that come with this business model inherently…

  • PASSIVE INCOME with Free Organic Traffic once the lead generation sites are ranked in Google
  • BIGGEST PROFIT MARGINS – some stock options or financial banking institutions charge so many fees that you’ll lucky to see anything over 40% ROI; with the lead gen business, my profit margins are darn close to 100% — NOT KIDDING, HERE!
  • Simple business model – as illustrated above, just send leads to a local small business and collect a check (or several)
  • Work Anywhere You Want To – no territorial restrictions
  • Whenever you want to work is cool, too – no one’s going to set your schedule for you

When you really turn up the heat on this thing, your financial confidence skyrockets because you’ll know that you’ve got something special here and can generate more money pretty much whenever you want!

Remember when I said I was working for only $35,000.00 per year? 

NOW – in 2019, I’m raking in nearly $50,000.00 every single month…

In PASSIVE INCOME… meaning whether I work or not, I still get paid…

And have been nearly three years without a full-time job; I left the $35k per year salary and 9 to 5 requirements attached to the cash back in 2015.

This coaching program right here guided me to learn this high-income skill and how to build out my resources so I can increase my bottom line without adding a second job to my life – which is how I was able to walk away from my 9 to 5 just a few short years ago. 

Ready to finally take control of your time, your finances, your destiny, your life and your happiness?  Then click above to learn more about exactly what I’ve done to make those dreams of control over my life a reality…

I’ve seen tons of other people do it and I know you can do it too!