Start & Scale eCommerce Coaching Course by Gretta Rose Van Riel – Unbiased Review

Start & Scale is a coaching course created by a woman who launched her business venture in the eCommerce space and – in only 6 months time, starting from nothing, generated over $600,000.00 United States Dollars (for those of you not in the United States and reading this) in physical product sales revenue when marketing online. 

Having accomplished all of this by the ripe young age of 21, she has set the pace for entrepreneurs everywhere. 

Further, Gretta has demonstrated what a little dedication and hard work can yield for someone hungry enough to achieve success.

Did she really have a secret?  Or were Gretta’s efforts purely her own?

Let’s not get carried away by the fact that business takes hard work no matter who you are, where you are, or what you’re doing.

For Gretta, however, she did land a little bit of luck in a unique industry with her selected product called the TeaTox. 

It’s thanks to both the product and her dedication to business that she was able to outperform – heck, even win – a contest through Shopify called the 2013 Build a Business Contest (an annual competition which, quite literally, thousands of entrepreneurs in the eCommerce space participate in). 

While it’s not specialized to the local lead generation business — where you work part-time and rake in a full-time income that competes with doctors and lawyers…

Her branding skills precede her in this day and age, now.  In fact, she has continued to decorate her already stellar resume with successive, multi-million dollar brands…

A Global Watch Brand called The 5th

Cool Looking, Cleverly-Designed Drop Bottles (Essentially, Water Bottles)

Gretta Rose Van Riel, now serial entrepreneur in the online, digital marketing of physical products, has been identified with a networking location of brands and influencers collaborating and better learning about the industry; it’s called Nichify.

The aforementioned achievements all took place within 5 years of establishing herself as a business woman.

I can respect the grind and hustle too; I’ve marketed some physical products myself on the world wide web – and it’s no cake walk.  She definitely has a few tricks up her sleeve if she can pull off amazing feats like these. 

One of the things that she noticed about her achievements were that patterns existed in her processes. 

In fact, she’s been able to launch more than one (nay, several) eCommerce stores and build them to a successful reputation – and even with all that success individually, she’s volunteered to have her processes become packaged in a marketable coaching program that solopreneurs just like you can buy into and learn her methods for yourself.

If you’ve got a proven system, a working blueprint of sorts, to accelerate you along on your path toward your ideal rendition of success (whatever it may look like for ya), then you can be confident that success is only a matter of time – provided you step up your game and work your tail off… at least in the beginning. 

In fact, that’s exactly what I did with my local lead generation business model.  After producing enough results to walk away from my 9 to 5 only a few short years ago, I’m now in a position to where I can review coaching programs like this one for you and help you gain some better insight to decide if this is for you (or not). 

Brief Outline of Start and Scale Coaching Course

Right out of the gate, I’ve gotta share with you some things about Gretta’s coaching course that I find worthwhile and wish to point out to ya…

  • You get real action steps that you can implement to begin seeing results.  The organization is superior to other programs, and delivers zero theoretical or conceptual ideologies to spin your tires while you try to make sense of the industry – you can just buy in, learn as a student, and grind your way to the entrepreneurial dream
  • Unlike other coaching programs which were produced by supposed “experts” whom really haven’t done what they are teaching you to do, Gretta has never accepted an offer from a single investor and has successfully developed 4 brands in the physical products space that each of raked in over 7 figures in eCommerce sales.  Yeah, no fluff; she’s got the goods to share.
  • Their private Facebook group is legitimate so you can harness the power of peers going through the coaching course with constant support so you’re empowered to make the best of your investment

Summarizing What You’ll Be Getting

  • Step by Step Videos

Gretta and her teammates have really dug in to crank out 30 videos, spread over 6 modules, to guide you in brief, clear lessons with action taking points to propel you forward

  • Action Plans to Get YOU Started Right

Most – if not all – lessons in the coaching program are delivered with printable worksheets so you can follow along, fill in the blanks, and get to where you want to go in a timely manner

  • Encouragement and Accountability

The High-Level Facebook Group makes a support team as far as a couple of mouse clicks away.  You’ll find timely advice, a vast amount of resources and experiences available in the search bar on the side, and experienced veterans of the program to answer your questions if you ever find yourself in a rut.  Who knows, you might even make a few friends while you’re going along

  • Templates You Have Permission to Copy and Paste

Instead of starting from scratch, you now have the opportunity to duplicate an experienced successful person’s methods through simple copy and paste activities; do what she did with a couple of minor customizations to match her conduct and increase your potential to turn profits

  • Convenient Access to the Training – even on the Go

The program is mobile friendly – accessible on desktop computers, portable laptop devices, tabelts/iPads and mobile smartphones.  Think you’ll be going somewhere that doesn’t make the internet available?  No problem.  Download the program’s videos and make them accessible for yourself when you think it’ll be most convenient for you and with where you’re traveling to

  • One-Time Payment, and Lifetime Access

In addition to avoiding the concern of time sensitivity or limitations on your access to the training course’s information, you will have lifetime access to return to the training as you see fit and freshen up on important points you’re working on at any given time.  Disregard any sense of pressure or feeling overwhelmed, because you can go back and watch trainings as often as you need to. 

Pros and Cons to the eCommerce Entrepreneurial Endeavor

I’ve done my share of selling physical products online so I know it can be a challenge.  Regardless of the business model though, there’s usually going to be a few good points and not so good points.

Why Ecommerce could be a Good Investment

  • By the year 2020, physical products sales on the internet will have surpassed a revenue stream of an estimated $4,000,000,000,000.00 United States Dollars (that’s $4 Trillion, by the way)
  • The industry is growing – both in products and in buyers
  • You can increase your profit margins by taking the traditional idea of storefront and making your digital version of it; it saves on overhead costs and rent and utilities.  In essence, you’ve skyrockets profits and reduced risk since you no longer have to commute to a brick and mortar location early to open or stay late to lock up in the winter months
  • You can get excited if it’s a product you’ve selected to put into the marketplace that you’re rather passionate about and believe it can improve the quality of life of your customers
  • You can generate power and a following behind your brand, especially if you amass a ridiculous-sized following that gets excited anytime you post or advertise anything
  • Even with just 1 product, you can expand your market share to increase your profits
  • You can take an idea from inception to famous and become a household name
  • Thanks to industry leading strategies like buying Facebook Ads web traffic and putting your product in front of would be buyers, you can reach your desired audience with more ease and efficacy than ever before.  Your speed is your friend and you feel confident that you are progressing in your business model in short order

Things eCommerce Could Improve On in the Industry

  • This is a very keen concept that requires someone to have products resonate with both the buyer and the seller.  You’ve gotta be able to not only get in front of your audience, but you have to speak their language, know what makes them take action, and engage with them so they, too, can see the value in what you’re offering.  Some might call this aspect of the business its X factor – of sorts.  In addition to crafting an effective appearance and functionality of your own web site, you still need to ensure you are presenting products and advertising and marketing them in the most effective means possible (and, hopefully, without breaking open your piggy bank as you do it)
  • The saturation among selling physical products can be staggering.  As anyone in the world can get in on this action, and many people from all corners of the world actually are, the competition is steadily increasing and your opportunity to get in front of your ideal buyers is stiffening… since so many people are trying to do the exact same things you do
  • We need to think about how we’re going to generate attention for our products and get people to see our product listings.  Buying traffic can make sense, but Facebook Ads can land you in a slippery slope if you don’t know what you’re doing with them.  As ad spend costs fluctuate due to several factors (pretty much all of which are out of our control), and your competition is attempting to push their Facebook Ads to nearly (if not exactly) the same target markets as you, the cost of ads can skyrocket virtually overnight and there’s nothing you can do about it.  For an eCommerce business person, being able to have your brand new store discovered for any product you start with virtually overnight is unheard of and darn near impossible.  While everyone would want to be found as the top search result in Google so they can get the most buyers for the least amount of advertising costs, it’s rather difficult to do in this space
  • The ongoing labor required to constantly fill orders from your buyers comes with its own slew of challenges.  As you’re handling physical products, someone has to package those up and ship them out to the buyer.  Even if you didn’t handle the products all on your own and partnered with a seller, what if the seller went out of stock on the product you had several orders for?  What would you do then?  How about when products break either due to manufacturer defects or during the shipping process?  What if a client isn’t satisfied and wishes to return the product?  What will happen if they demand a refund instead of a replacement? 
  • Profit margins are tanking rapidly – the economy, the competition, and other factors drive prices down which, in turn, reduce your profit margins and there’s really nothing either of us can do about it
  • Handling your relationships and keeping them in good standing with manufacturers and sellers can be time consuming and even downright frustrating at times
  • You shouldn’t expect to be a raving success your first time out of the gate.  Even so, when you’re not a launch manifesto or headline worthy success story at your first try, be prepared to have the whole process cost you in your time and money investments as you’ve taken the time and effort to research products, build storefronts online, and more.  While some of these facets can be mitigated thru proper planning ahead, effective research techniques in product selection and marketplace viability, and other aspects of jumping into the market with a product you want to push, nothing is 100% guaranteed to win and that means you have to be prepared to take a hit and fail your way to success one product trial at a time

Conclusion on eCommerce and Gretta’s Start and Scale Coaching Program

Of all the eCommerce coaches, mentors, and experienced digital marketers that I’ve had the privilege of getting to know in my time of selling physical products online – which is exactly what Gretta does –

She’s one of the most successful people in the trade; dare I say, one of the best out there.

In addition to the high quality of content in her program, Start and Scale, it’s important to remember that her strategies are now verging on eclipsing even the most bragidasio of self-proclaimed eCommerce gurus and coaches in the marketplace. 

She holds nothing back when she’s going after a business goal – and is sure to intoxicate even the most tame of business owners or entrepreneurs with motivation and drive to go after their goals full force.

So, it’s been said that you can evaluate your future based on the combined average of the top five people that you associate yourself with, or spend the most time with…

Another saying I like is…

If you’re serious about becoming a millionaire, then based on the above concept, it’s in your best interest to make friends with people whom are millionaires and do everything you can to figure out a way to become the sixth millionaire in the community of friends.

What’s absolutely incredible about the technological era we reside in today is that you can find these people with great ease online if you seriously seek them out – or even if you don’t know any of them to begin with. 

Seriously, never in the history of the world have you been able to simply look these people up online and reach out to them to let them know that you’re interested in earning your way to their level. 

Of course, it’s the most ideal of circumstances if you’re looking to rub shoulders with these wildly successful individuals which you idolize so you can map out exactly how they’ve reached to where you want to be. 

I can testify that you’re going to get a lot more than simply action steps to follow in the footsteps of.

It will do more than change your mindset, change your game, or change or work ethic.

It’ll change how you look at things in this world; it’ll adjust how you view things and take responsibility for the world that you’re living in…

The world around you…

See, your outward look on things is a choice that you get to make, and it’s a choice that you can make to adjust it accordingly if you simply had the appropriate influence to introduce you to new ways of seeing.

If your perspectives can change, then that also means that you can change; your character, your behavior, the way you thing, the way you act, and so much more.

This also means that your demeanor in business can adjust for the better if it’s something you want to occur and are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to go forth and strive to achieve.

Indeed, perspective can change your whole self instantaneously – and permanently.

For one, you start looking at the once seemingly impossible and tell yourself, “I can do this.”

It’s this very same notion that occurred to me one day when I was launching my local lead generation business.

See, I had set up my very first project for local lead generation for a limousine and party bus company that was nearby in town. 

It’s a really simple process; here’s what I did…

  1. Threw together a quick lead generation website
  2. Stuck it to the very top of Google
  3. Let the buyers come in so I could GET HUGE PROFIT MARGINS on the business model!

It wasn’t until I had my first business project – the limousine rental company, that is – shelling out money for the business I was sending them…

And that’s when it hit me; as Mr. Smee from Captain Hook once said, “Lightning has just struck my brain.” 

The huge light bulb in my mind turned on and was shining bright.

I was leveraging Google’s Free Organic web traffic of buyers that were coming out of the woodwork, ready to throw money in the pockets of the top service provider in their neck of the woods…

I just happened to be there first and refer the buyers over to a local small business who was happy to pay me a nice chunk of change to give them what they’ve been wanting all along, and that’s…


That’s when things all changed for the better in my life.

I thought, for a change, that I can do this business model and I can succeed in this online venture with only a tiny investment to get started –

$50,000.00 per month, quitting my 9 to 5, and having the time freedom to enjoy my profits later, I was right!  And it’s a nice lifestyle to be living…

I’m not here to brag though; the point is that it all changed because my mindset had been changed. 

No doubt other successful entrepreneurs – like Gretta, the founder of the Start and Scale eCommerce Coaching Course – had that moment of truth in their lives where they got started in the entrepreneurial world, had that shift in their mindset to seeing that success is not a doubt but an inevitability, and now they’re climbing their way to the very top of the industry.

I’m sure Gretta noticed this when she saw the first 4 buyers of TeaTox SkinnyMe on the first day of her product launch – it was just a dawning day for her business IQ, as there was nothing stopping her from landing deals and turning a profit in the selling of physical products online anymore.

Isn’t entrepreneurship just awesome!?

There’s really never been a greater time to step up your game and try your hand at entrepreneurship, especially now that the internet gives you the option to do something like this right from the comfort of your very own home (if that’s where you wish to go to work regularly at your business venture). 

Thanks to the internet, you can even massively and rapidly expand your efforts to land clientele and even reach out to hire contractors as virtual assistants to help you with the administrative side of your business. 

Whether you’re looking to hire someone on a contracting position or as an employee – either in a full-time or part-time capacity – really makes no difference.  The fact of the matter is that your access to the internet has significantly reduced the time it takes for you to connect with an expert that can help you do what you need to do in your business.

Further, you outsource any work that you’re either not feeling confident in doing yourself, or simply want to pay someone else to do it because you either don’t have time or the inclination to do that task in your business. 

If you think eCommerce is a calling for you to try your entrepreneurial skills with, then by all means, step up to the plate and get started.

However, I’d recommend that you get a coach or mentor in your business venture first so you can see what pitfalls they’ve not only fell into but successfully navigated around so you can streamline your success with the least amount of costly mistakes and the most bang for your buck. 

You Deserve to Launch Your Very Own Local Lead Generation Business in 2019

What a crazy claim to make, right? 

Well… I certainly don’t think so!

Not only am I raking in a hefty lump sum from the work I’ve done only once…

The ongoing, PASSIVE INCOME from the local lead generation business model has afforded me as much time freedom as I want to enjoy the income I’m making without committing to backbreaking work here.

As a refresher, here’s what I do in order to make this kind of success for myself – and I’ve been doing this for the last few years now…

It’s so little work for such a big buck that I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about it…

  1. Throw together a lead gen site
  2. Super glue it to Google’s #1 Search Results
  3. Make nearly 100% profit margins (let’s see someone in the physical products space even attempt to claim something like THAT!)
  4. REPEAT to expand my bottom line and get more passive income

The costs to maintain these lead gen properties – which act like virtual real estate, actually – are laughable. 

They don’t even come close to the costs that a real house or multi-family apartment complex would cost me to keep up with. 

But… they get rented out to small businesses that get to service the buyers that come through my web properties…

And that rent is what’s got me sittin’ pretty on a plane as I type this – happy to tell you all about my lead generation business model so you can decide for yourself if you’d rather invest all that time and effort in physical products and hope something sells, or…

If you think working less hours and making more money is more your style and you’d like to learn more about what this can do for you.

As a result, here’s the benefits of this business model that even people starting out are able to realize…

  • BIGGEST PROFIT MARGINS – no need to deal with the headache of physical products, cost of goods sold, or any online fees for doing what you do
  • FREE ORGANIC TRAFFIC means that you get to avoid spending money on ads to get buyers to see what you’ve got; they find your digital billboards on their own and you just collect the checks
  • Passive Income – I’ll be honest, I don’t remember the last time I had even glanced at the lead gen sites I’ve sold years ago; but I know they’re working because the small business who is servicing the leads continues sending checks to me on AutoPilot
  • Work Anywhere You Want – as long as you have a laptop and internet access, you’re golden
  • Work Whenever You Want – even in your pajamas if you really want to
  • Fastest way to quit your job – I walked away from my underpaying 9 to 5 only a few short years ago, and I’m happy to say I’ve never looked back
  • Easy Competition – virtually no one else is competing with you for the business you’re trying to generate… maybe 10 to 20 service providers in your neck of the woods, but nothing to worry about
  • Make a Living While Making a Difference – small business owners are good at their service and maybe even managing their business, but they’re not usually experts in leveraging the internet to bring in more customers, so there’s a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY for you to profit here
  • Simple Business Model – You send referrals and you get paid money; easy peezy

In addition to the above benefits (and oh so many more that we have yet to discuss), I’m just happy to be able to travel and see my friends and family across North America – and on occasion, I’ll travel internationally too if I really want. 

I don’t have to ask someone for permission to take a vacation and worry about whether I’ll have a job when I return home from the adventure – which means I can stay as long as I want and change my travel arrangements to stay longer if I want to…

Because it’s what I want to do, not because I have a boss telling me what I can and cannot do!

If you’re ready for these kinds of results and have an interest in learning how to do exactly what I did to achieve these levels of success, then click here to check out our coaching program on local lead generation. 

You’ll learn from the same guy I did who taught me what it takes to make money in my spare time until I could live life on my own terms.

Looking forward to talking with you soon!