Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr – MentorBox – Unbiased Review


It’s been rumored that some of the most well-compensated and/or famous Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in business claim that they consume more and more knowledge on a weekly basis – through reading multiple books every single week. 

Assuming that this is not only true but valid, then it makes sense to have a product like what Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez have brought to the marketplace. 

MentorBox is a program by which you can have the similar effect to a concierge service and allow these two entrepreneurial gentlemen to bring you resources so that you can attempt to duplicate this CEO mentality of increasing your personal knowledge through this monthly service. 

It’s no surprise that some of the people that rise up in society happen to do so because they took action on the knowledge that they’ve already garnered. 

For example, long before I had ever heard of the MentorBox I was already productive in my local lead generation business and had been successfully leveraging free traffic to generate a passive income by sending referrals to small businesses.

Even though I was doing well financially — after all, I had already left my 9 to 5 by the time the word of MentorBox came my way — I still grew intrigued and wanted to know more about why someone would automatically ship books in the mail to members in a digital era.

By this point, I had also hear of Tai Lopez, but Alex Mehr with the MentorBox subscription program was a new person (and product) altogether for me.

I know that I have heard how one of the best ways to acquire more knowledge – and, hopefully, retain it – was through reading books. 

While we’ve learned in elementary school that reading can be key to unlocking the vivid depths of the imagination, this could also be applicable to the world of business and overall entrepreneurial goals for sure. 

To that end, Mr. Mehr and Mr. Lopez – both serial entrepreneurs in their own respective rites – stand convinced that time is of the essence and it’s important to take the most important lessons from published authors and attempt to digest them exclusive versus attempting to read 50 full books annually (page after page). 

For those that enjoy the experience of cracking a good book that is intended to help develop their mind and keen senses for business, maybe this isn’t for you. 

Or, maybe it is…

If you’re anything like Tai, perhaps you’re a skimmer and speed reader of textbooks. 

Among the few across the globe (which, arguably, that number could be growing) who can speed read, maybe you are also able to pull out only the most vital content and big picture takeaways from good books that you can find applicable to your daily life and/or professional endeavors. 

It’s no doubt that improvements will inevitably be achieved if you continue to habitually put the effort in to invest in yourself through your own actions – like reading stellar books that were intended to help develop yourself (if appropriately, or even effectively, consumed). 

If you’re anything like me, on the other hand, I’m so lazy that I could fall asleep reading a book – and I often have. 

Why limit yourself to 12 to 20 books per year (ranging from 1 to 2 books actually read each month) when you could invest in a program like MentorBox which is intended to deliver digital resources like:

  • Audiovisual content – in the form of videos
  • Worksheets so you can progress through the book’s content and follow along
  • Reduce the time it takes you to consume book content to approximately 60 or 90 minutes (depending on what the topics and books are at the time)

In this method of delivery (from the MentorBox), you should theoretically be able to…

  • Reduce your time spent reading or learning from book-bound paper with words
  • Expand your retention with interactive content about the themes of the books included
  • Increase your annual reach of book consumption from the rumored average of 20 books and 20 lessons to a yearly personal achievement of 50 books (sometimes as much as 60, time permitting)

In reality, while personal development is widely advocated in the field of business – how many wannabes and initially beginning entrepreneurs actually get past the range of three to six books in a calendar year? 

Since it’s not always regarded as a money-making activity (as in, you’re not pitching people and asking for money at the end of the conversation when you sit and read a book), this is one activity that often competes for our time and falls to the wayside. 

So, it sounds like the MentorBox is a very fitting idea for entrepreneurs to invest in themselves and their development through a paid subscription to resources that are habitually sent for the betterment of those with the monthly membership. 

One can’t help but wonder – and ask – if increasing the rate of book knowledge consumption to the level that Tai Lopez has been able to achieve will legendarily lead a person (like you and me) toward increasing our financial well-being. 

In case that thought got you to pause or hesitate, I’ve gotta say that you’re not alone. 

This point seems to be a severe struggle for people in the space of business – or those who want to begin a business venture – because it just doesn’t seem to be a required or productive activity (like making money might be, in contrast). 

To be successful, however, the following features of successful entrepreneurs end up being only one aspect of the equation for hitting it big in your side hustle (which is where a lot of us begin, anyway):

  • Read Personal / Self-Help / Development Textbooks
  • Gain (and hopefully, retain) the knowledge within
  • Improve one’s mindset and outlook in their business endeavors

One of my favorite mentors (who happens to counsel tons of millionaires, by the way) and business tycoon, Mr. Dan Lok, had this to say on how come developing one’s mind and building character just isn’t sufficient to achieve your desired level of success from within…

What he was pointing acknowledged a truth that I have seen over and over with people who confidently step up to the plate of entrepreneurship and believe that the first step is to spend money and buy the fixings of a business. 

In reality, what you need is a high-level, high-income skill that you can leverage to turn profits in the marketplace. 

If you’re already in a business venture, as well as for those considering one, please consider this question in your own mind for a hot minute:

What can you bring to the marketplace with the skills that you currently possess?

Let’s take it a step further:

What are you currently able to deliver, or what do you think you can deliver, to the marketplace that can solve a recurring problem that you can then ask for payment in exchange for?

If you can deliver a result, nay, promise a result, then you can find yourself in a lucrative opportunity. 

There was a time in life where I found myself hopelessly addicted to the notion of consuming more and more stuff that fell along the lines of personal development. 

Somehow, somewhere along the line, I was thoroughly convinced that if I was able to digest more information through these self-help books than my notional competition and counterparts in the marketplace that I was going to be successful beyond my wildest imagination! 

Guess who had 2 thumbs and his priorities mixed up. 

Fast forward from those old days to 2015…

I was given the opportunity to invest – and actually had invested – in a coaching program that provided training on a unique skill set which ultimately allowed for the side hustle profit generation of amassing nearly $10,000.00 in passive monthly revenue. 

It’s not the kind of riches that allow me to go and buy a house with one big cash payment to the desk of a realtor, but it was able to let me give some serious thought to why I was spending so much time slaving away at a 9 to 5 that only gave me $35,000 every year but always turned me down for an annual raise. 

What did this experience do for me? 

It essentially jumpstarted everything that I had packed into my mind regarding all of those self-help books. 

What I was missing was high-income skill and massive action to grab the money that I felt I deserved to be making from the marketplace. 

I now live an awesome laptop lifestyle, where I…

  • work from home – or anywhere I can take my laptop
  • run a local marketing agency whenever and wherever I want
  • and I look forward to waking up every day to continue this lifestyle

Look, if you’ve already established yourself with a business model that’s kickin’ back to ya the recurring income to the tune of at least $10,000 in monthly pocket change, then something like this monthly subscription package from Lopez and Mehr can really set your business ablaze in the best way. 

Let’s dig deeper on the personal development investment of the MentorBox and discover if this is something that you can see true value within…

How Much is MentorBox and What Do You Get with Your Monthly Membership?

As we’ve discussed, this is a service that costs you money in the upfront tune of investing in your future, your business, and so much more. 

If you’re not familiar with the various methods of retaining information, then I highly advise first doing a Google search on each of these learning styles – and maybe even take a quick, free, online quiz to find out what your best method(s) for learning is/are. 

Meanwhile, the MentorBox membership subscription brings you 2 options to acquire the regularly delivered educational materials which encompass your ability to retain the book content in the each of the following modalities:

  • Kinesthetic (Action/Touch)
  • Visual (Perception/Observation)
  • Audio (Where you can listen to the information)
  • Reading (Just as good as if it were the book itself)

Pricing for the program’s membership levels entail:

  1. This option is $7.00 for the monthly content (charged every month) and you receive all digital aspects of the information
  2. Choosing this level will be an upgrade, which requires an additional fee, bringing the total monthly subscription costs to $89.00 (every month) – and this is regarded as the ever-popular “upgraded physical version”

With your membership, you’ll be able to receive the following:

  • Uninhibited access to the membership site where you have complete access to your delivered content.  You get access to the books within the program along with the core content pulled out by the people running the subscription service itself
  • Video lessons which are accessible to the tune of over 500 Hours of recorded content
  • Book summaries are provided in an audio format
  • Workbooks (for the digital version of the subscription, which is the more popular and lower priced option) which you can download and print if you so wish
  • Cheat sheets to better facilitate and train your ability to augment memory retention of book content and personal reading speed
  • Additional, relevant, and (intended to be) helpful materials for your personal investment of time studying
  • Complete access to the mastermind group that is exclusive, and private, to MentorBox members only
  • You always have the option to expand your order to include the physical shipment of the monthly provisions

If you choose to – and pay the upgrade fee – you can receive:

MentorBox Review
  • Physical copies of the 2 to 3 books covered for that month’s MentorBox
  • 1 USB Key/thumb drive, loaded with book summary content
  • Physical workbooks for the self-help books that were shipped out
  • Your cheat sheet for the month (delivered at no additional charge) to expand your memory retention and reading speed
  • MentorBox bookmark(s)
  • A magnet (that is also branded with MentorBox)

If you were ever seeking to establish yourself as a reputable individual and draw closer to achieving the level of results that is talked about regarding Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and other C-Suite officials, this could be a starting point for you with help on improving –

  • The speed that you can read books (if you work at it)
  • Memory retention through photographic memorization methods
  • Consistent, monthly reminders (that you’ve invested in) to work at these both regularly and often

I don’t know if I’m the only one who has heard about this, but it’s also been rumored that CEOs and reputable businesspersons have been known to hire individuals for the very purpose of reading a book for that individual. 


The individual doing the hiring appreciates the value of the book’s content and also their time. 

In a push-pull situation between two things that are of great value, but you still want to get them both done, then this could be a great business principle to learn because what they’re doing is outsourcing the work of reading the entire book to someone else that they’ll gladly pay a premium to. 

The goal, then, is for the hired help to digest the book into note-form so the businessperson can absorb more content in less time – at least, that’s the goal here. 

Everyone is different.  

What works for some may not work for others, so it’s not going to hurt anything to give the MentorBox a try, but I’d also encourage people who explore this option to really take a pause and evaluate whether this method of consuming information is really for them. 

If you’re the type of person that can see a project through, stick with a regimented program, and garner a lot out of your commitments and the things you say you’ll do, then the MentorBox could – in fact – be something of value for the individual that grinds things out with good work ethic and sweat equity. 

The added benefits of this monthly membership are that you can…

  • Save time
  • Gain more knowledge through having access to various modalities of learning with the same content
  • (if you’re diligent with your labors) reduce the amount of time-consuming the books’ highlighted points which the founds of MentorBox have taken the time to identify for, and on your, behalf

The Goods and Not-So-Goods to the Monthly MentorBox Program

Positive aspects of the MentorBox presented to people who buy into the membership can include:

  • Acquisition of pivotal lessons that correlate to the investment of time that would have been originally spent reading the same books
  • Discover books from the market that you might not have otherwise discovered or heard of if it weren’t for the MentorBox’s recommendations
  • Highlights of key lessons from commentators and contributing experts that may not be within the actual books themselves (which means you get some bonus content and helpful tidbits)
  • The selected books for the MentorBox subscription can end up being handpicked famous authors found on the favorited lists of other people
  • The MentorBox is a very mobile application that you can take with you and learn on the go – no more needing to have to sit in a classroom or at a home office desk and wait until you get home; when you’re waiting in line or sitting and waiting your turn at some professional or corporate setting, you can be learning and absorbing valuable content to improve yourself
  • Dig deep into the subject matter and lessons provided with the cheatsheets, worksheets, and other bonuses included (at no extra charge)
  • The key points delivered in this package could inspire you to further explore the book itself
  • You could develop the beneficial habit of gaining an unquenchable thirst for wisdom and the constant seeking of knowledge

Things that I think could have been missing or a drawback to a program like MentorBox may include:

  • If you’re more of a do-it-yourself type of person, or if you see greater value in selecting different applications of the information for cheaper options of access on your own (like the convenience of an audiobook, for example), then maybe this could be something you can pass on
  • The subscription does continue to pitch other offers while they’re supposedly “helping” you to learn more things (and I personally would rather not be constantly pitched and asked to buy more stuff)
  • The advertising and sales pitching online could have overstepped their bounds in the sense of honestly delivering the benefits to this MentorBox program
  • You’re subjected to whatever books they select for the month; you don’t get to pick what books you want to learn important points from each month

What It Takes to Develop Good Learning Habits and Maintain the Value of the Material in your MentorBox Subscription so it’s Not Collecting Dust

Just under a decade ago, I found myself digging through more and more information in the self-help and personal development section of bookstores – and this phase also included anything I could virtually get my hands on to expedite the volume I absorbed in this niche of information. 

Call it a phase of obsession, or even deep passion, for more and more personal development. 

I dug in deep and tried to retain many business-applicable principles regarding…

  • Thinking positively
  • Feeding the subconscious mind
  • Self-talk and positive psychology
  • Aspects of good things in spirituality
  • Hypnosis (for business and goal achievements)
  • Affirming oneself for the future
  • The (ever-famous) Law of Attraction

I was rolling big in the personal development – like no one I had ever met or heard of, actually. 

In fact, I found myself jumping down the rabbit hole of devotion toward practicing self-help and personal development concepts and principles for many, many years.

It’s often nice to look back at the journal I had kept and the notes I had taken with what I had just learned and how it shaped my daily habits, outlooks, and actions for that time in my life. 

However, it just wasn’t enough.

My life, income, and lifestyle weren’t revolutionized by any ground-breaking idea in personal development. 

The big changes, for me, came when I met a mentor by the name of Dan in 2014 who had introduced business principles and high-income skills to me that, only a year later, after massive activity and testing these skills was I able to see the product of personal development when combined with talent and hard work. 

In fact, I became the testimonial and success story of such combined, aggregated efforts. 

See, by 2015 (less than a year later), I was able to shift my lifestyle from a daily, exhaustive 9 to 5 corporate office gig in a downtown building in Detroit (with a commute and low compensation, just like everyone else) – all of which I hated, by the way…

Never having done a side hustle in business online before, never having made a single dollar online on my own…

To generating a passive income of around $10,000 in monthly, recurring income from the online business venture that didn’t exist until I met Dan – my mentor, the guy who introduced me to local lead generation for small business

In retrospect, I often ask myself what was the actual shift that made a difference for me to be able to live a better quality of life and have more options than to work in the corporate life for 30 years. 

The change was that I was able to find, obtain, develop, establish a presence of, and habitually use a high-income skill every single day to have a better quality of life. 

Dan Lok, the guy who talked in the video above about having your head screwed on right, has been a mentor that I appreciate and actively seek to learn from rather often. 

In this next video, he emphasizes the critical importance of obtaining your high-income skill long before ever setting foot into launching a business with financial commitments and problems. 

It was 2015 when I managed to entirely understand the magnitude and power of the high-income skill I was learning through this coaching program – which gave me the ability to quickly use free organic web traffic to execute the business model of local lead generation for small businesses

This changed my entire life – for the better, too. 

Here’s all I did for the business model of the high-income skill:

  • Piece together a website
  • Superglue it to Google’s top search results position
  • Sends leads to business
  • Business pays me to keep sending them more customers

It’s awesome! 

How awesome is it? 

About $2,000 per month awesome for the lead gen site I made to help out a tree service company.

Check it out…

tree service

From multiple instances of situations like this, I’ve been able to amass a successful business that now pays me to the tune of $50,000 in passive income, every month, predictably, and I still only work part-time right now (if that). 

That’s how awesome it’s been to experience the change that occurred for me.

See, I already had the big mindset from masterminding with all the great minds over the years – thanks to their willingness to publish books that discussed their important takeaways in business. 

I was able to finally begin applying my knowledge, tips or tricks from self-help and personal development books to something that was authentically mine and of value you…

Those guys were always talking about applying their wisdom and concepts to business…

I now had a business…

A lucrative business! 

The thing that was missing for me to finally turn a profit was the possession of a high-income skill that I could then figure out how to leverage to solves problems for others and bring enormous value to the business arena locally. 

When you have the skills that deliver results to pay the bills, there’s a ton within that skill set with you can deliver to others in exchange for a fairly sizeable chunk of change. 

It’s your skill that allows value to be brought to those who can benefit from what you have to offer…

And when you can help to deliver on – or move someone closer to – your desired result, you can be given compensation for your services and efforts on their behalf. 

The drawback to the self-help books that are currently on the market – at least the bigger names and titles – are that they are about as liberally applicable as telling someone to go to college and leaving that solution to that generic of a detail. 

Where should one go to college? 

What classes should they take?

What degree should they earn? 

Instead of answering those questions – at that level of thinking and problem-solving – the personal development books I know and have reviewed (along with the titles I see on the shelves of the business section of popular bookstores) simply attempt to solve specific problems with generic, grandiose ideas. 

I can appreciate that people suggest masterminding with great minds thr reading the books that have been published with those people’s names on them. 

One question I have is whether those books were actually ghost-written versus by the hand of the author who is receiving credit for the title. 

After all, these people are accredited with being very successful in complex business models that often consume large amounts of their time and attention. 

Between the business, family time, hobbies, food, sleep, there isn’t much time left in the day for anything else…

And then they wrote a book with what little time they don’t have? 

Just some food for thought here. 

When it comes to the MentorBox subscription program with Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr, the contents of these boxes are simply that – contents within a box. 

I didn’t learn my high-income skill or how to produce recurring revenue – passive income of high-value – from a book or a box. 

Digging your head into pages – while intelligent in the grander sense of obtaining knowledge – is not the same activity as sitting with a mentor and analyzing what you’re doing that’s good (and not so good) to adjust and calibrate your skills so you can hit home runs of landing deals that deliver profits into your bank account(s). 

Instead of the criticism and advice of a mentor telling you things that you should and should not do in order to yield a desired, and extremely specific result, the MentorBox just gives you books to read – at the core of it all. 

A real, live mentor finds out what your goals and ambitions are, then…

  • Encourages you to continue your progress,
  • Pushes you out of your comfort zone in healthy ways, and…
  • Challenges you to the very core of your beliefs to make healthy changes to become the person who deserves great things through your actions took and unshakeable beliefs that what you desire is possible and worth earning though constant, unwavering, diligent efforts!

Much like a Master’s degree student finds a mentor who is in possession of a doctorate-level education credential, a student of business hires a mentor that holds the kind of skills and abilities that the mentee is hoping to acquire – with similar end-goals and accomplishments that the mentee hopes to also achieve. 

Instead of picking a random skill to go after, Mr. Dan Lok has further advised students and mentees to achieve something of greater value so you can increase your personal value…

And the way to do that, he continues, is with the ascertaining of a high-income skill. 

This kind of high-level skill is something that you can seriously consider making 6 figures annually with. 

That means, for all intents and purposes, being capable of generating upwards of $120,000 every 12 months, or – for a smaller, more digestible number for some people that could be reading this — $10,000.00 in a given month. 

This kind of skill also needs to be translatable into a business model that can be expanded (or scaled out) so you can have more resources working for you while you’re still doing the same amount of work – if not, less work. 

Yes, you can position yourself to make more income while doing less work. 

How do I know? 

There’s a lead gen site that brings in calls for the renting of limos and party busses. 

I had built this and launched it back when I first got started in local lead generation – less than only a handful of years prior to now. 

To the amazement of some, that virtual real estate is rented out to a tenant who is consistently paying me $750 every single month to continue bringing him value – this time, in the form of more customers each and every month. 

Take a look for yourself here…


Is it really that hard to believe? 

These are where the web properties are listed online and consistently bringing value from the marketplace (meaning more buyers) to the company’s ringing phone each and every day – whether I go to work on my business or not. 

How is this possible? 

This local marketing skill allows me to generate leads using free traffic from search engines. 

This means I can duplicate this business model time and again, by putting more lead gen sites out in the marketplace and producing more phone calls for a small business – and for other industries that service call requests for assistance from the local marketplace. 

Unlike paid marketing strategies like Facebook Ads or Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), when you leverage free organic traffic online, there’s really no way to turn off the flow of calls. 

That means you can repeatedly grow and expand your ability to generate income and continue to do so in a passive manner. 

That means – even if you’re a beginner –

As I was several years ago, you, too, can get started and achieve progress (even on a part-time, basis, if you need to). 

The passive income is rather swell, too. 

You can do any of the following activities and still have money rolling in steadily, thanks to the privilege and power of passive income:

  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Take a vacation
  • Chill on the Xbox or Turn on a Playstation Game
  • Take a dump and read something

I’m not kidding – this works! 

Welcome the world of local lead generation, and our coaching program where we teach others to build up their own business in this kind of work from home, side hustle business model. 

With the passive income assets that you can set up online to consistently bring you profits while you’re not actively working on your projects…

This means that you now have the groundwork by which to actually expand your empire and start earning your way toward a passive 1 million dollars in annual salary – yes, ANNUAL SALARY! 

Can the MentorBox program actually set you up for financial gain?

Well, it could condition you to be ready to take action in a very steady manner once you have that high-income skill and know how to apply it to the marketplace. 

However, and this is a BIG however…

At its best in delivering value, it’s nothing more than a glorified situation of asking people to pay money to learn information from bound stacks of paper that we popularly refer to as books. 

Why the Local Lead Generation is my Top Business Pick in 2019

What I appreciate from the stories and research accomplished about C-suite executives, namely profitable and popular Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) includes the opportunity to try and reverse engineer how they become so successful and apply it to the assumption that doing what they do can yield profitable returns. 

There is no doubt that knowledge is key when it comes to figuring out solutions to problems – especially if that problem is how to have someone reading this from the comfort of their home on a laptop or desktop – or maybe even a smartphone or tablet/iPad and still asking themselves how they’re going to find a reliable, credible way to make more money without getting a second job (part-time or full-time, the point is it’s a second job and no one wants to spend more time working than is absolutely necessary)! 

The other thing I appreciate about this analysis of C-suite executives includes the famous business owners and CEOs adding this little gem…

They often mention that there were key points in their careers when they were able to notice that larger strides in profits were achieved in the positive direction – progressing toward their goals if you will – when they, themselves, hired a mentor. 

What was it? 

It wasn’t in the time that they had spent reading soft-cover, famous, overly-worded essays that are now packaged into smaller pages with binding on them. 

Yes, learning things are important – especially when it comes to learning the high-income skill that you (no doubt) will have every intention of putting to good use when you actually acquire one (assuming you, the one who is reading this, doesn’t quite have one figured out yet) that you will put it to massive use. 

However, the hiring of a mentor means that you’re asking someone to whoop your tail to the degree that you get into action mode and adhere to the commitments that you had made when you signed up to study under them. 

That means you are willing to –

  1. Follow their leadership and guidance
  2. Pay close attention to the precedents and examples that they display through their advice and actions (that you’ve paid them to be privileged to)
  3. Conversely, they are privileged to open access to provide well-meaning advice on necessary changes as they see fit

You asked for the mentorship; what’s amazing is how some people don’t like the results when they had paid good money to be coached accordingly. 

When you hire a coach, you are asking to be moved out of the learning phase and into the action phase. 

That means you are off the bench, and put into the game of business. 

This also means if you ever sit out of the game for a second, your coach has full permission from the get-go of your business relationship to ensure that you are aware of the need to get back up – and then get you to get back up and keep playing ball. 

Securing a mentor for yourself is not a classroom session type of activity; it’s an activity that requires action on both persons involved. 

That means it’s up to you to get moving on the goals that you said you were going to go after and take it upon yourself to make sure that you’ve done everything you could to learn – and comprehend – the high-income school you are acquiring and then getting that skill into the marketplace as fast and abundant as possible! 

I can’t find the exact quote, but Mr. Dan Lok – millionaire mentor and high ticket closing expert in business transactions and sales coaching – said something to the effect of acknowledging how all things that you can do to improve are good. 


He said that reading books and listening to audio recordings, training videos, seminars, and improving your skill through habitual training is not only good but necessary for your craft. 

Even he, as highly successful and positioned as he is to be an educator, supporter, mentor, and business coach, knows that his biggest strides toward success came from the times that he had hired mentors to help move him along. 

It wasn’t in their act of reading books, end of discussion! 

There were actions required in order for C-Suite executives to improve their current situation. 

That high-income skill could be local lead generation

Of course I’m promoting what has helped me to become so successful. 

Even if I weren’t successful with this business model, it makes so much sense that there’s no reason not to tell a newly interested person in the world of turning a profit online through their laptop that this business model can make you a fortune in passive income. 

While money isn’t everything, we can all agree that money can help solve a lot of problems that we seem to be experiencing every now and then. 

In addition to passive income, local lead generation can also provide you with…

  • The opportunity to make more cash than a doctor or an attorney (remember, it didn’t take me any further than a handful of years to reach $50k in monthly income)
  • I get to work where I want, and you could take your laptop to your favorite destination to run your business from there, too
  • Leverage the simple business model of generating referrals from free traffic in search results and send them to a business so they can pay you incredibly well to keep doing what you’re doing
  • Get financially secure with your future and never have to worry about someone telling you that you’re not good enough at your job – worse, that you might not have a job to come back to one day.  You can get free of that worry by generating a side hustle income
  • Maintain that financial security with the comfort that you can do this gig in any industry and within any city
  • Take confidence in your financial future with the belief that small businesses and the internet are here to stay in society – so you could have a very long and prosperous future in the field of local lead generation.
  • Decide if waking up early for your job is still something you wish to keep doing in the long-term or if you’d rather wake up some day and know that you could fire your boss instead of having your boss fire you. 

Don’t get me wrong, we have people in our coaching program that absolutely enjoy what they do and wouldn’t want to leave their job for any amount of money, time freedom or other privileges that come from this business model. 

However, it’s always a great relief to know that …

  • If the company ever goes out of business
  • If they are ever laid off from work
  • If a costly family emergency comes around
  • If a natural disaster were to hit their neck of the woods
  • If the economy were to collapse or drastically shift and influence their compensation
  • If they were depending on the next raise due to inflation but the company told them no at the annual review
  • If you’ve never received a raise in the last few years (which is what happened to me before I left my 9 to 5)

You can position yourself with your lead gen sites to never have to worry about the above concerns wiping you out and putting you in a position to fear change ever again.

Make the choice to get started with this coaching program and learn how you can ensure…

  • Food will always be on the table
  • Heat will always be on in the winter time
  • Gas will always be in the tank of a reliable vehicle that you own
  • The electricity will always be paid so your lights can stay on
  • You can always have the option of going on a vacation and not worry about checking your bank account to see if it’s really an option for you and/or your loved ones
  • Update your wardrobe so clothes that you own don’t have holes in them anymore (from being at least 10 years old)

Bottom line: You could be making $10,000 every month for yourself.  If you’re not, grab yourself a mentor to show you how a special, high-income skill can change your life for the better – just as it has theirs and mine. 


Make sure that the skill you seek is something that can make a positive impact in your local marketplace so others can instantly see – and appreciate – what you’re trying to do for them (like bring them more customers).

I’ll never change my opinion that leveraging free traffic through local lead generation is the top business model and #1 skill that you can develop to make more money online in 2019! 

  • It’s better than Social Media Marketing
  • It’s better than eCommerce with Amazon
  • It’s better than drop-shipping products with Shopify
  • It’s better than affiliate marketing

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