Private Label Masters by Tim Sanders – Unbiased Review

If you’re looking for a business opportunity that you can work from home – part-time – and be successful with…

You’ve come to the ideal place to get information like that.

With all of the coaching programs, self-proclaimed mentors, and people who believe that they have the “secret sauce” to make you rich overnight, it’s kind of difficult to find someone you can trust.

Not only that, the vast majority of self-proclaimed experts and coaches that want to sell you their course either…

  • Haven’t achieved the level of success with what they’re trying to teach you, so instead of doing what they want to sell you on, they’ll just sell the coaching program to people that want to do it


  • Are so absorbed in the business model of being able to rake in near 100% profitable commissions for only the cost of collecting money digitally and sending a password to a website that they really don’t know how to generate honest profits online

If there’s a business model that I appreciate, it’s one that stems from integrity.

I know that when I got started in the local lead generation business online in 2014, I hired a mentor – who had a coaching program – because he had actually been doing what he was hoping to teach me (successfully) for years before he ever thought to fabricate a course that could teach me that same skill. 

What resulted in 1 years-time from starting this business model was being able to walk away from a 9 to 5 corporate job that…

  • didn’t do squat for me,
  • hated me for arriving late every morning because I had to walk to work during the cold winter mornings of below zero temperatures – which happen every year in Detroit, Michigan – and…
  • refused to pay me what I was worth… and it still wasn’t more than $35k annually so I really couldn’t save up to get a car any time soon!

I’m not saying that you’ll be able to have the same results with a local lead generation coaching program, but it’s great to see that so many of our students have done the same thing that I did only a handful of years prior to today. 

Now, I’m helping people to sift through the murky waters of internet marketing and digital products offered online that try to promise massive success with very little work. 

That’s why I have this blog going –

It’s so you can rescue yourself from the arduous hours of research in wading through the information about each program that’s out there.

If I haven’t reviewed a program yet, feel free to reach out and I’ll see what I can do. 

You can have a conversation with me about your future business goals online, part-time, from home, by clicking here. 

Meanwhile, we have all probably heard that generating profits online can be easy if you have something to sell and can get your product in front of the right audience. 

Knowing what to do and how to do it can help, but is it really that easy?

Is the pushing of products on the Amazon marketplace really such an ideal business model?

That’s the goal of Private Label Masters coaching course.

They seek to pave the way for you to go from zero to successful in the easiest method they could think of. 

What better way than to find a product that many people desire and simply share it with them – and get a little chunk of profits for helping them get what they were looking for way…

Of course, you and I both know that things aren’t always going to be as simple as that sounds! 

However, Private Label Masters likes to believe that they are the one-stop shop to have the keys to the kingdom that can deliver you massive profits in the long-run and short-term 

Their ideal training platform attempts to educate anyone who purchases the training (at the admission price, of course):

  • How to list products on Amazon “product listings” (yes, that’s a thing – hey, some people might know about this yet so I’m writing this for them as well)
  • Attempt to compete for the attention of your target audience and potential buyers
  • Build your brand under a private label (which has the potential to become a household name, provided you play your cards well)
  • Generate profits from digital assets that you’ve built online and ranked in the product listings

Let’s explore the Private Label Masters mentoring and coaching platform a little further here.

Tim Sanders – Private Label Masters’ Program Founder

Proficient and well-versed in the art of selling physical products on Amazon, this outstanding public speaker, E-Commerce expert trainer, and industry-proclaimed guru (which, when third-parties are crediting you with such a title, can sometimes be a good thing)…

Mr. Tim Sanders diligently explored what it takes to turn profits with E-Commerce in general.

His competency extends beyond generics, and his tactics have proven themselves time and again to yield both up front, high net profits, which has been able to translate such value into an individual (and their business’) high net worth as well. 

As Tim believes, there is a sense of flow, logic, and ease with establishing a brand through an individual, completely new, private label. 

After some dedication, concentration, and a combination of patience and time investment, someone who follows Mr. Sanders advice and works hard has the opportunity to position themselves to bring incredible capital growth into their side-hustle career. 

Bursting with enthusiasm over the things that he has uncovered for himself, he has chosen to get the word out about the possibilities involved with being a seller on Amazon and generating your private label brand individual. 

From authoring numerous books to delivering on requested speaking engagements, Tim is rather passionate about the business model to the point that he has no interest in keeping the ideas of his discoveries to himself. 

On a mission to pass the word on what’s taking off in the E-commerce marketing options, his approach to systematically building a private label through the selling of physical products on Amazon can be available for anyone that has a vested interest in entrepreneurship and seeks to grow an online business:

  • Efficiently
  • Quickly
  • In the simplest manner around

Overview of the Private Label Masters Course

When you’re looking for a program that teaches you a skill set that you can hopefully turn around and implement quickly to make some profits for yourself through the internet, one of the biggest things most people tend to look for is whether or not the training content is simple and organized.

Sometimes a quantity of videos doesn’t do the trick; detailed aspects on what you’re looking at – including some helpful explanations – are what brand new entrepreneurs need to feel confident as they progress in their online business venture that they’re excited to get started with. 

I’m happy to report that the detailed instruction that you receive as a new member of the Private Label Masters by Tim Sanders includes 20 audio-visuals, and they’re well-documented and thorough videos that train you on what it takes to be successful.

We’re not talking generics; when you invest, you’re getting more than the random nonsense that can be researched online. 

You won’t be receiving broad, overarching, theoretical concepts for the implementation of social media accounts such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others.

When you get introduced to this program, you’re being walked through a series of ideas that only operate as one machine when all components are placed – in their proper position – to work in tandem. 

If you’re prepared for the opportunity of a lifetime that stems from learning – and earning – your ideal income in the comforts of your office at home, then invest the time now to learn from these 20 videos and you can have the arsenal of resources needed to begin pitching products online for digital retail efforts.

Amazon: Features of the Private Label Digital Markets

Amazon is a different animal, though. 

There were things that I didn’t know about regarding the private label style of business ventures until I picked up the Private Label Masters mentoring program, such as –

  • Finding winning products through intensive research – you’ve gotta put the time in, first.
  • Landing the best deals through strong supplier selection from overseas markets
  • Understanding your logistical options to ship products from overseas and through the necessary customs and border inspections, tariff implications (if any), and more
  • Expanding your empire of private label retailing in your Amazon business with only top product options that can get sold for high-profit margins and with plenty of demand in the marketplace

Although the Private Label space of E-Commerce can seem daunting from initial inspection, Tim is eager to share with anyone who decides to invest in the training program that a little knowledge can really help the business launch and success therein go a very, very long way.

Mr. Sanders Digs into The Business

When Tim first got started with the E-Commerce business – as everyone does in the digital marketing word, someone always has started along their journey – he knew that he was at the lowest level of knowledge but more excited than ever to be gaining knowledge and skills required to make money online (as I’m sure he hopes you are, too). 

When he didn’t know what he needed to do in order to achieve the goals that he had set for himself in the Amazon marketing spectrum of physical products, he chose to acquire assistance in the form of an expert at their respective craft. 

By the way, let this be a quick lesson for all of us to take away from the example of Tim Sanders: when he wanted to improve on something that he didn’t understand but was smart enough to know he needed to learn and implement in his path toward success, he hired an expert in the field that he was hoping to improve in. 

It seems to have been one of the best choices that Tim had made along his journey. 

He asked the Google AdWords (meaning PPC, or Pay-Per-Click) guru to sit down and outline the exact needs that an Amazon seller had – including how the paid traffic strategy of digital ads can be best implemented for the business model he was attempting to perfect. 

The results of those sit down meetings are now available to you in this coaching and mentoring program; we know it today as the Private Label Masters digital marketing training. 

One of the most important aspects to this training is knowing how to improve your product listing’s ranking on the Amazon marketplace. 

Why would someone want to do this though?

Why isn’t it enough to simply list a product and let that be that? 

Shouldn’t the profits be rolling into someone’s bank account as soon as their product listing is live?

The reason you need to know these secrets is due to your competing with other marketers and sellers on the same platform – who could also be trying to take the same buyers that visit Amazon and search for your type of product away from you. 

It’s a cut-throat game that requires tenacity, knowledge, wisdom, skill, and confidence to win. 

The ideal buyers will most likely be found at the very top of the marketed listings. 

That being said, the closer you are finding your product listing, the less you might be required to spend in the Google Ads platform in order to achieve the same kind of result – or better. 

More attention can often bring more sales into your pockets. 

However, before one can achieve those passive sales, one needs to have their position marked in their respective industry and product type within Amazon. 

To prove all of this, Mr. Tim Sanders has provided – exclusive to members of his program – a demonstration of his process in a recording… where he proves that earning profits with Amazon and the Private Label Masters training is possible. 

That means you’ll get to see, first-hand, how the notion of instant profits can become a reality through the lightning deals that Tim finds and acquires.

Positioning is key in an industry like this. 

That all sounds good and stuff, but there are people who might be reading this – that is sick and tired of being sick and tired in the position they’ve found themselves in with their life choices and are ready to make a change – that won’t really that proficient with computers or tech-savvy overall. 

I’m happy to tell you that everything that you learn and see to implement the technical aspects of this training can be sourced, understood, and acquired through downloads made available through an option to download within the member’s area of the Private Label Masters. 

There’s nothing to be intimidated about when he’s turned this process almost into a simple paint-by-numbers concept. 

Receive an instruction – perform that task, and then move on to the next bit of instruction. 

If you can follow the instructions provided, then you can pretty much run with this system from day 1 of buying into the training course. 

The resources he provides makes the training more of a tool than strictly an educational platform or repository of videos. 

Mr. Sanders has evidently worked very hard to take out the requirements of learning curves when you get started in Private Label Masters; just copy what he has done, replicate his technical aspects, and you can position yourself to get started effectively – and right – in private label selling within Amazon.

If I remember correctly, I think there’s a private Facebook Group that is accessible for everyone who joins. 

It’s been a minute since I’ve gone to look at the resources made available for people who have questions – and just accept this: you will most likely have questions as you progress through the training. 

The important thing is to know that you’re not alone in this program and you can do it, too. 

When you have reached a level of needing more attention for your business, you can reach out to the more advanced, successful students of the program.

It’s here that your confidence level can skyrocket due to the fact that you’re in direct contact with those who’ve been able to take the same things that you’re learning and make a profit online with it. 

Looking for the tricks of the trade and advanced tips? 

Just reach out to the more experienced students for guidance and you’re well on your way to improving your knowledge and skills so you, too, can advance your business online each and every day. 

Addition pointers that the more skilled marketers can provide, if you ask them, can include things like:

  • Handling issues involving your business entity, private label brand, and trademark issues
  • Acquiring more, well-documented reviews for your product – which is kind of what you need in order to build your online reputation and expand your product’s listing to be found worthy of top position results in the Amazon marketplace
  • Tackle keyword research like a professional, and do so independently to find where you can work in the most profits for your independent business model here

If you’re serious about finding a way to sell physical products online, especially with the top retail marketplace on the internet (second only to Facebook and Google – and not in any particular order here), then you can’t possibly go wrong with the Private Label Masters course. 

Why would I claim that?

When you constantly learn more about your business model…

When you are endeavoring to improve…

You can seriously orient your systems to turn Amazon into your Automated Transaction Machine (ATM) to make it feel like you’re printing money when sales are made. 

That sounds like a winning course to me for the online marketing of physical products.

Why Local Lead Generation is the Best Fit for Online Business 2019

It’s no secret; to be successful with the internet, you need to have something to sell and an audience to get your message to (announcing that you have what they’re looking for). 

The Amazon business model can be ideal if you know what you’re doing, are comfortable with risk, and have the strengths in personal skills required to get the job done. 

With all the competition floating around the world in the same marketplace, and potentially the same industry as the product that you’re trying to market, there are going to be numerous product listings online that are all trying to do what you’re doing – improving their product listing’s ranking on Amazon. 

To maintain your competitive edge in this Amazon listings place, your stronger option is to fabricate marketing campaigns with paid traffic online. 

In other words – you need to do what I don’t like doing, and that’s to buy your web traffic and potential buyers to come and visit your product listing so they can consider becoming a buyer of what you are selling. 

What I prefer to do is leverage free web traffic – never buy it – from the organic search results online. 

When you run free traffic with search engines, I think you can’t go wrong.  

Why would I believe that though?

Well, using free traffic to help build a local lead generation business is what helped me to be debt-free, job-free and independent as a successful business owner in 2019. 

Just take a look at what I’ve been able to do with less than 6 hours of work, and it pays me for life!

Those 2 spots in the picture (above) are my lead gen sites that make me money on AutoPilot, all while I’m doing other things in life instead of running my business.

I can still step in and do more things to make more money, but the $50k a month in passive income is enough for me to not have a full-time job and make more time to write blog posts like this for you.

Without the 9 to 5, I was able to build a part-time business that pays me a ridiculously awesome, full-time income – and I started it as a side-hustle when I was still in a corporate job that mocked me annually with $35,000…

Just enough so I couldn’t quit but never sufficient for me to save, invest, or otherwise get ahead. 

With the help of Google’s search results and being able to get lead gen sites producing free traffic, I have been able to turn profits rapidly on the internet while simultaneously improving the quality of life for small business owners. 

Here’s all I really do now to continue getting paid online and expanding my revenue toward unlimited levels of passive income on the internet each and every month…

  1. Make sure a lead gen site looks appealing
  2. Rank it online so it can bank on generating leads
  3. Send those puppies over to business owners so they can pay me month after month

Some of the amazing things that this kind of business model has been able to do for me, in addition to teaching me the high-income skill of local lead generation for small businesses are:

  • Help me to realize that my time is more valuable than $35k a year
  • I now rake in a multiple 6 figures every year – better than most specialized attorneys and medical care professionals
  • I can travel and keep this business going – I don’t have to be present to let the passive income keep paying me out of the business endeavors that I’ve done already
  • I can outsource the majority of my work – so my morning routines are now writing a blog post like this and making sure my team is on top of the business priorities I’ve hired them for
  • No need for dress codes – I answer to one person: myself
  • I can expand this business to service more and more small businesses as time goes on
  • There’s hardly any competition – no one really knows what we’re doing except for us (and it’s the same business model that Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb leverage to make profits as well)
  • You can help small-to-medium businesses that serve local areas that are in any one of multiple industries and in several cities that this business model works in – and for
  • Make a living while making a lasting difference in the lives of the people that you serve – and the people that they continue to help as a direct result of staying in business and growing with your assistance.  That means you get to directly impact the small business owner, the hired help, the local market requests that come to the receptionist’s desk so they can make more sales, and the families of all that are involved in each and every transaction
  • Longevity and financial security – since local businesses and the internet are most likely here to stay for years and years, then this business model is definitely going to continue paying me (and whoever else gets into our coaching program) for years to come

Still having trouble believing that this is a thing that is current and plausible?

Here’s proof of something I did that keeps me earning revenue on the internet ever since I started this business model back in 2014… (see below)

You’re in luck, by the way.

We currently have a few more openings in our lead generation coaching program so you can learn how I was able to go from a corporate life of $35k a year to raking in over $50,000 per month and having the time to review online coaching programs (like Private Label Masters) so you can have the most education in the least amount of time and make a good business decision with good information. 

Of all the business ventures that I’ve attempted in my days, Local Lead Generation is my top pick for online business profits from home in 2019. 

Consider whether you are seriously interested in an annual 6 figures, in your spare time, from the comfort of your own home or wherever else you choose to run your business from. 

Click here to give this business a go!