Ultimate Amazon Seller Course by Philip Covington – Unbiased Review

A highly successful Amazon seller, raking in a routine annual income of high six (6) figures, has pieced together one the finest Amazon FBA Course that I have ever seen – and I’ve been through several of them out there already.

Ask yourself these questions, just as I did when I first got started in the online marketing space:

  • Wanna know the good and the bad of Ultimate Amazon Seller?
  • Where can I find the most ideal, internet-based business to launch my side hustle?
  • Is Amazon FBA Business the perfect fit for me?

Just as I’ve encountered and you’re probably experiencing now, the volume of possibilities in where to find guidance on getting started working online – from home – can be a daunting title wave of information…

And worse… everyone claims to be “the go to expert” and we just don’t know who to trust to show us what it takes to bring home the bacon.

Unfortunately, I find that there’s only a handful of serious possibilities in coaching programs that can actually yield your wildest dreams that begin with establishing yourself online and collecting what you would find to be a solid, sustainable, real and reliable income without adding a second job to your day.

If this kind of income means allowing you to be able to leave your 9 to 5 and never look back, then maybe it’s worth reading a little more about.

Selling physical products in the business model of Amazon FBA can be one option…

Then, there’s my recommendation of what helped me to leave my 9 to 5 only a few short years ago…

Local Lead Generation

Not sure what that is?  No worries, read on and you’ll see exactly how it can do wonders for your life just as it has mine.

For now, let me bring you my perception on Philip Covington’s Ulitmate Amazon Seller coaching program, the Amazon FBA business model in and of itself, and hopefully present you with the opportunity to choose where to spend the next couple of years learning how to generate an income online that you can be proud of. 

What exactly is the Amazon FBA?  Its real title is Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon makes themselves available for people are looking to launch their own business online, and it can be from the comfort of their own home if they so choose. 

In essence, they just made life easier for you by making Amazon the handler of your order fulfillment so you can rest easy when customers buy from you.

This means, outside of your marketing and product listing, you can rest easy while Amazon does all of the…

  • The Storing of Products on hand
  • The Packaging of the items that have been bought and sold
  • Postage costs to get products to your door and then to your customers
  • Learning to be a business owner and solve problems as they arise (which can span anywhere from handling returns, attempting to work with difficult customers, or other situations involving the otherwise redress over customer service calls)

Basically, you get to focus on researching new products to list, market, and rake in the revenue from your efforts.

This is an awesome trend thanks to our modern-day technology here.  With the internet, now you can…

  • Partner with reputable companies (like Amazon)
  • Run a real business
  • A chance to focus on bringing in buyers (meaning less overhead costs)
  • The opportunity to turn a profit from selling physical products from the comfort of your own home

As we bring about new technology, it seems, you can establish your own company with progressively less and less costs to get your start.

The Invaluable Skill Needed to Turn a Profit Online

There could be several important aspects to running a business that we can discuss here, like researching to select your (hopefully) ideal or perfect product that you wish to list online and hope someone will see it.

In fact, we could tailor this whole conversation to the industry of selling physical products on Amazon. 

Ultimately, however, you can generate an actual living from the internet with one high-income skill and that’s generating attention online…

Getting Traffic!

If money loves attention (and it does), then it would benefit anyone to greatly increase their ability to put themselves and/or their product(s) or service(s) in front of ideal customers on a grand scale – and this principle applies to everything, whether you’re selling basket weaving instructions for underwater do it yourself’ers or attempting to deliver a well-needed service in your marketplace…

If you can get in front of people who are seeking what you’re looking for, you now have a chance to really make some cold hard cash. 

There are multiple ways to acquire traffic (meaning getting buyers to come and see what you have put out there online), such as…

  • Buying the traffic thru paid strategies (such as Facebook Ads, or Google Ads – also referred to as PPC, or “Pay Per Click)

Or you can use the method that I’ve used to make a living online and quit a widely underpaid full-time job:

  • FREE TRAFFIC (Where you put a product listing or website to the top of the natural, organic search results for a search term that people are actively seeking online)

To come full circle here, there are pros and cons to each of these strategies of getting attention.

  • With paid traffic options, you can bring in immediate buyer attention – BUT – your margin of profit for each and every sale can be reduced because you’ve just created an extra expense for your business model… you’re buying the attention you wanted. 

Additionally, any form of paid advertising is going to require constant attention, tweaking, adjusting, analyzing, and reporting. 

  • In the realm of FREE TRAFFIC – which is awesome, by the way – it is not fair that tons of people claim that Search Engine Optimization (referring to the ever-popular but suddenly, notionally taboo acronym: SEO ) and ranking methods don’t work; they do!
  • I’m living proof that they do.

How do I know that Free Organic Traffic and ranking websites on search results works and generates buyer traffic?

Simple… I see well over $50,000.00 reasons every single month when I get to wake up every day whenever I want and I don’t have to answer to a boss anymore for $35,000.00 in an annual salary anymore.

I get to kiss ramen noodles goodbye while living in a studio apartment, and instead, I get to travel where I want, work with who I want, and take a vacation without asking someone if it’s okay to do so and still have a job when I get back in town.

Unfortunately, patience is involved and that tends to be one of the drawbacks in society here; it’s not a strategy that delivers instant gratification. 

It takes time to build your web property, establish your presence online, then get it indexed in wherever you’re looking to get found as a search result so you can begin competing in the marketplace for your opportunity to be found at the top. 

Since seeing results doesn’t always occur overnight, we need to keep in mind that you’re fabricating something that never existed before and telling the Google algorithm (or product listing, as it were) that you are fully qualified to be found as the most relevant, first choice for what people are searching for. 

A long-term play in the world of business — patience is required to see the fruits of these labors… something not many are able to handle gutting it out for. That’s okay though, I am and I am comfortable with seeing and living the returns month after month, year after year, now.

Besides that, you almost always get to see a higher quality of the referrals that come through this method since you’re now putting yourself (meaning your web property or product listing) in front of those that have high buyer intent; they’re looking, almost exactly, for what you’re putting out there.

This can be in lieu of social media strategies you have to pay for.  Naturally, you want to get attention and hopefully position yourself in front of ideal buyers with money in-hand, but Facebook Ads (for example) doesn’t always work like that. 

With Facebook Ads methods, you’re getting in front of people who simply travel through their day – and you’re trying to give them a pattern interrupt to convince them that you have something they both need and could benefit from; and both of those things could be correct, but they aren’t exactly looking for what you are offering… so is this really the ideal customer you’re trying to get in front of?

Free Traffic can offer significant profit margins as you’re gathering ideal, ready to buy folks without the costs of ad spend. 

Free Traffic = Free of Charge = No Ad Spend out of your pocket to get a sale!

It can take a while to get where you wanna be (meaning at the top of the first page of search results), but it can be worth the efforts as you could see the result of being there for a very long time.  It’s that long-term play here that is giving you the profits – so it’s worth the patient, diligent efforts to land your business model on top of the marketplace.

I love the local lead generation business model for this very reason!  Simply put, here’s why you might like it too…

  1. I have a web property on the 1st spot of Search Results (it’s been there for a while, and I haven’t spent a dime since I super glued it to the first position)
  2. I’ve got time freedom on my side because this virtual real estate is working for me, instead of my working on it every day to keep it at the #1 spot (which I’m not)
  3. It STILL Collects FREE ORGANIC TRAFFIC day in and day out, weeks, months, and even years later
  4. I get a PASSIVE INCOME, without additional costs like ad spend, making the passive income nearly all profit

How Does a Product Get Listed on Amazon’s 1st Page Results?

As we’ve just discussed, this is the key to your future financial success in the endeavor to live an online, internet, laptop lifestyle of business luxury.

These Amazon coaching gurus (a lot of them, at least) attempt to claim that they have the secret sauce that can get you to the first position of Amazon search results on product listings in less than a month…

Or something equally, and ridiculously, outstanding of a questionable claim here. 

Amazon’s computer programming has been designed within the platform to secure it from supposed gimmicks and tricks; you can see one brand of the same product there one day and then the next day it’ll be nowhere near the first page, let alone found anywhere near the coveted first position. 

Basically, these tricks probably won’t stick, much like we all hoped they would when we first got started in digital marketing here.

Words from a Successful Entrepreneur: Hard work is the way to build long-term success. 

Said another way, to hopefully further illustrate this concept: stay away from the open claims of having the awesome trick, secret hack, or other, cleverly-disguised schemes to building wealth. 

These words are coming from my personal inspection and exploration of having met, talked with, and further explored what those top folks in the Amazon product listings are really doing out there. 

If you want to stick with this physical products business model in Amazon FBA Business, then remember this…

The Top Factor in Determining your Amazon Product Listing’s Organic Ranking is How Well It’s Converting.  Broken down, it’s nothing more than…

  • How many prospective buyers actually see your product listing’s page (yes, a page and a listing could be 2 different things)
  • How many visitors “convert”, meaning “buy”, from your product listing on Amazon

See, Amazon is running a business themselves, so they’re business people that know what suggests that a product is of sound quality and worthwhile to the audiences it services – and that’s whether it actually is bought and sold in the real marketplace. 

This is why your research in product selection is so critical to your Amazon FBA Business and entrepreneurial success. 

This is why countless people come into this Amazon business model and get frustrated that they haven’t turned a profit right away. 

So those who’ve rocked out their first few wins and continue to be wildly successful in the Amazon FBA Business model thoroughly understand, and know how to implement, the requirements involved in this first step…

  • Select the ideal Product
  • Come up with an epic and unique twist on the product’s concept

This further helps to outline the reasons for Philip Convington’s coaching program having no less than 3 Product Research modules – all separate, mind you – catered to helping his students understand exactly what it takes to land a winning product concept. 

Of course, there are other things you can do – nay, need to do – in order to land a stellar rate of conversions on your product, like 5-star reviews in abundance on your product listing.

It’s traditional psychology of following the group; if you see a bakery with a line extending a mile down the road and every single person in that line are all patiently waiting in hazardous weather for a chance to make a purchase at this place, and nearby is a bakery with not a soul in sight actively making the effort to get inside and request some service…

Which one are you going to want to get in on?

Which one do you think has something better to offer?

I guess it goes without saying then: Stark Raving Reviews about YOUR product listing is vital to your success in the Amazon physical products selling business model.

The game has changed, though.  Before, you could just falsify reviews and do them yourself so you could profit massively.  Unfortunately, now, you can’t exactly game the system anymore in providing fake proof to Amazon that your product listing deserves to be the top, Number 1 search result. 

Sorry, Charlie!  They’ve gotten smarter about looking at your listing to make sure that real people are talking really good about your really good product – so be sure to do your homework and select the right product from the beginning (if you can). 

Still, the winners in this business model all began with an outstanding product concept.

If you’ve ever heard the name Liz Herrera, she has a small team of 3 employees that work in her big time Amazon FBA business and they do nothing for her except design new concepts for new products. 

Does this require you to be a genius in creativity and product design?  Not necessarily…

Instead of going through all this hub-bub like her team does, you could – instead – just research and study what others have done successfully and attempt to duplicate exactly what they’ve done to try and achieve what they’ve accomplished as well. 

You can collect some ideas from a few similar, and very popular, product listings in the industry you’re focused on, combine some of the finer points on each of those products, and aggregate those ideas into your single product listing…

…and BOOM!  There is your killer product listing.

You think I thought all of this up?  Thank Mr. Covington!  Philip is the one who presents these concepts – especially in a more direct and easy to follow, step by step approach – in his Ultimate Amazon Seller Coaching Course.

However, despite this large claims above, nothing is guaranteed.  That said…

It’s a lot easier to turn a profit in a relatively short time in the local lead generation space.  You toss up a simple website, get it stuck to the top of Google, rake in the traffic and the profits are soon to follow.  Heck, I don’t even do much work on these digital billboards that are already paying money handsomely!

I worked on them once, and they continue to pay me month after month, year after year, so I can continue doing what I love to do with both financial and time freedoms.  If you want to know more about how you can do this too, check out our coaching program on local lead generation.

Brief Overview of Ultimate Amazon Seller Course by Philip Covington

Here’s a brief glimpse into what it might be like inside the Ultimate Amazon Seller Course.  Philip Covington put some work into this, so his lectures are easy to follow and worth looking into…

Module 1: Setting Your Business Model Up for Success

  1. Lecture: Business Structure (7:13)
  2. Lecture: Finding a good name for your Business (5:46)
  3. Lecture: Is an LLC for me? (3:09)
  4. Lecture: Organizing your Limited Liability Company (LLC) (14:23)
  5. Lecture: Understanding the US Marketplace with International Sellers in it (6:05)
  6. Lecture: If you’re international, here’s how to organize your LLC within the confines of the United States (USA)
  7. Lecture: A Head’s Up on Scams Aimed Newly Formed LLCs
  8. Lecture: International Sellers and options for non-approved countries to list products on Amazon
  9. Lecture: Quick Discussion on Taxes for Canadian Citizens Selling in the US Marketplace with Amazon
  10. Supplemental Information: Which Countries Does Amazon Work With?
  11. Supplemental Information: The Currency Converter for Disbursement from Amazon (ACCD)
  12. Resources: Module W1
  13. Task Sheet: (Module W1
  14. Quiz: Module W1

Module 2: Understanding Bookkeeping, Taxes, and Insurance Requirements

  1. Lecture: Your EIN – and other forms of your Tax Identification Number (4:07)
  2. Lecture: Taxes involved in doing Business (8:18)
  3. Lecture: Vital Knowledge for Bookkeeping (2:50)
  4. Lecture: Liability Insurance on your Products (5:09)
  5. Lecture: Sample Application for a Tax ID Number (11:47)
  6. Supplemental Information: Tax ID Numbers for Non-US Citizens
  7. Supplemental Information: Local State Taxation for Physical Product Income Information
  8. Resources: Module W2
  9. Task Sheet: Module W2

Module 3: Accounts for your Business

  1. Lecture: Checking Accounts for Businesses (3:57)
  2. Lecture: DBA – Who are you doing business as? (5:58)
  3. Lecture: Revisiting what Sales Tax Is (5:18)
  4. Lecture: Profit and Loss Sheets (2:42)
  5. Lecture: What is a Balance Sheet? (3:56)
  6. Sales Tax News (The Latest information is usually given here – as of this writing, the information was updated from August 2017)
  7. Resources: Module W3
  8. Task Sheet: Module W3

Module 4: Your Business on Amazon – and How to Set It Up

  1. Lecture 1: Figuring out your Store Name (3:26)
  2. Supplemental Information: BEFORE YOU SET UP YOUR AMAZON SELLER ACCOUNT, here are 7 things you should really get familiar with first (and foremost) (14:13)
  3. Lecture 2: Establishing your Amazon Seller Account (8:53)
  4. Lecture 3: Costs and Fees in Doing Business on Amazon with Physical Products (9:44)
  5. Lecture 4: Introducing what is called Seller Central (3:06)
  6. Lecture 5: Ungating Amazon
  7. Lecture 6: Fees associated with the Fourth (4) Quarter regarding Amazon Storage Costs (3:44)
  8. Lecture 7: What you CANNOT do as an Amazon Seller – Activities and Actions (This is Important!) (15:34)
  9. Amazon Seller Account Note: Yes, Another Fee
  10. Resources: Module W4
  11. Task Sheet: Module W4
  12. Motivation Intermission (You Definitely Need to See This!)
  13. A Helpful Case Study: How to Bootstrap What You’re Doing for Maximum, and Near Immediate, Success! (8:51)

Module 5: Phase 1 on Researching Your Product

  1. Lecture: Overview of Products, Things to Look For & Where “the Gurus” Go Wrong (11:19)
  2. Lecture: To Bundle, or Not to Bundle? (5:29)
  3. Lecture: Landing Best Sellers (Randall’s Method) (3:28)
  4. Lecture: Why You Need to Embrace the Competition (4:47)
  5. Lecture: Common Sense in Amazon FBA Business (2:13)
  6. Lecture: Strong Product Research & Finding Trends
  7. Supplemental Information: Notes on Ranking Best Sellers
  8. Resources: Module W5
  9. Task Sheet: Module W5

Module 6: Phase 2 on Researching Your Product

  1. Lecture: Product Research using Alibaba (4:22)
  2. Lecture: Product Research “1688”
  3. Lecture: Product Research: Props to the Competition
  4. Lecture: Product Research on Facebook
  5. Lecture: Can the CamelCamelCamel Tool Really Help You?
  6. Lecture: Newest Product Research Tool – Amazon Services & The Top Selling ASINs
  7. Lecture: Product Research: The Unconventional Approach in 2019 (4:32)
  8. Supplemental Information: Search Filters for Research on Products in Alibaba
  9. Resources: Module W6
  10. Task Sheet: Module W6

Module 7: Phase 3 on Researching Your Product

  1. Lecture: Jungle Scout – An Introduction & A Quick Word of Caution
  2. Lecture: Is Jungle Scout An Accurate Tool?
  3. Lecture: Product Tracking – An Introduction
  4. Lecture: Jungle Scout Product Research Alternatives
  5. Lecture: Criteria – and When to Deviate
  6. Lecture: Using Something Called “Amzpecty”
  7. Lecture: The 2019 Methods of Product Research (9:49)

How are you keeping up with this? 

Yes, that’s right, 3 different modules for researching your product. 

Whew!  This is a time investment; Philip Covington knows this and he doesn’t mess around with this Ultimate Amazon Seller Course – he’s trying to cover every detail and get you prepared to go out there and make intelligent decisions about which products you end up selecting.

Module 8: Phase 1 on Sourcing Your Product

  1. Lecture: Considering Patented Products & How to Check for a Patent
  2. Lecture: Product Selection – Your Choice on How Much of a Risk to Really Take When Compared to the potential reward you could earn at the end of the tunnel here
  3. Lecture: Domestic Products versus International Imports (especially from China) (14:04)
  4. Lecture: Importing Products from India
  5. Lecture: Connecting a Seller thru Alibaba
  6. Lecture: Is Selling Patented Products Even an Option?

Module 9: Phase 2 on Sourcing Your Products

  1. Lecture: Assessing Risk on Level of Quantity Ordered
  2. Lecture: Finding Quotes
  3. Lecture: How to Negotiate
  4. Lecture: Landing the Strong Deal
  5. Lecture: Acquiring Samples
  6. Resources: Module W9

Module 10: Phase 3 on Sourcing Your Products

  1. Lecture: Designing Your Logo
  2. Lecture: Designing Your Package
  3. Lecture: Photographing Your Product
  4. Lecture: The Amazon FNSKU and UPC Coding
  5. Lecture: Finding Your Initial Product List
  6. Supplemental Information: Discussing Bar Codes
  7. Supplemental Information: More about the Amazon FNSKU and UPC Codes
  8. Resources: Module W10
  9. Task Sheet: Module W10

Module 11: Phase 4 on Sourcing Your Products

  1. Lecture: Shipping via Air Internationally
  2. Lecture: Shipping via Sea Internationally
  3. Lecture: Establishing a Shipping Plan
  4. Lecture: Product Ordering
  5. Lecture: Assuring Quality of Product(s)
  6. Lecture: Costly Mistakes on Importing (and how to avoid them) (12:27)
  7. Supplemental Information: Estimates on Freight Costs when Shipping By Sea
  8. Supplemental Information: Delivering Products to an Amazon Fulfillment Center (4:44)
  9. Resources: Module W11
  10. Task Sheet: Module W11

Module 12: Listing Your Product(s)

  1. Lecture: Product Variation Creation
  2. Lecture: Bundling Products
  3. Lecture: Keywords
  4. Lecture: Keywords in a Foreign Language
  5. Lecture: Amazon is Capping your Limits on Keywords Used – Updated!
  6. Lecture: Finding the Best Price to Set for your Product(s)
  7. Lecture: Guidelines from Amazon on Product Keywords for Listing Purposes (5:16)
  8. Lecture: 6 Hacks You Can Use when posting a Product Listing on Amazon (9:13)
  9. Lecture: Detail Page Policies for your Amazon Product Listing (6:00)
  10. Supplemental Information: 2 Vital Factors in your Product Listing
  11. Resources: Module W12

Module 13: Collecting Sales

  1. Lecture: Product Title Optimization
  2. Lecture: Product’s Bullet Points and Optimization
  3. Lecture: Product Images and Optimization
  4. Lecture: Product Description and Optimization
  5. Lecture: Back End Keywords on Your Amazon Product Listings and Optimization
  6. Lecture: The Importance of your Product Listing Reviews
  7. Lecture: Should I Follow Up?  If So – How?  By Email?  With Whom?
  8. Resources: Module W13
  9. Task Sheet: Module W13

Module 14: Sales Optimization

  1. Lecture: Amazon Sponsored Products and Optimizing Your Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign(s)
  2. Lecture: Launching Your Very First PPC Campaign for your Amazon Product Listing!
  3. Lecture: Running Promotions for your Product Listing – Reducing Pricing
  4. Lecture: Running Promotions for your Product Listing – Free Shipping Thru Amazon
  5. Lecture: Running Promotions for your Product Listing – BOGO Options (Buy One, Get One)
  6. Lecture: Advertising Thru Facebook – First Phase
  7. Lecture: Advertising Thru Facebook – Second Phase
  8. Lecture: Advertising Thru Facebook – Third Phase
  9. Supplemental Information: Display Ad Campaigns and Advertising Your Amazon Product Listing(s)
  10. Resources: Module W14
  11. Task Sheet: Module W14

Module 15: Handling Problems in the Amazon FBA Business

  1. Lecture: Who and What are Hijackers – and How to Deal with Them
  2. Lecture: Having an Amazon Seller Account Suspended (and what to do about it)
  3. Lecture: Exhausting Product Inventory
  4. Lecture: Paying Close Attention to Coupon Use
  5. Lecture: Reviewing Poor Product Choices Made by an Amazon FBA Business Entrepreneur
  6. Resources: Module W15

Module 16: How to See, Acknowledge, and Address More Problems (with Solutions)

  1. Lecture: What Are The Prying Eyes?  And how to protect yourself and your products from them
  2. Lecture: The Nature of Competition – especially when you’re competing directly with Amazon
  3. Lecture: Noticing and Handling Fake Reviews and Negative Product Reviews
  4. Lecture: Infringement Claims – What are they, how to see if they are or aren’t fake, and how to deal with them
  5. Resources: Module W16

Module 17: Beyond the Amazon FBA Business: FBM on Amazon & Shopify

  1. Lecture: What is FBM and how to work with it (FBM stands for “Fulfillment by Merchant”)
  2. Lecture: Why the leading industry experts claim that you need to stay away from these type of partnerships
  3. Lecture: Should I hire a part-time support team? Should they be in person? What about Virtual Assistants (VAs) that handle the administrative things while I handle the larger, more tangible aspects of the business model?
  4. Lecture: How to List Amazon FBM Products – and recommended strategies
  5. Lecture: Marketing your listed Amazon Products over in Shopify Stores (3:09)
  6. Resources: Module W17

Module 18: Scaling and Expanding Your Amazon FBA Business – Part 1

  1. Lecture: Is External Financing to Expand my Business Model Needed?
  2. Lecture: The benefits (and drawbacks) to Hiring Virtual Assistants for your Amazon FBA Business
  3. Lecture: Business Investments and Re-Investments
  4. Lecture: How to Ensure your Amazon FBA Business is a Success!
  5. Lecture: Tracking your Amazon Business thru These Key Metrics
  6. Resources: Module W18

Module 19: Scaling and Expanding Your Amazon FBA Business – Part 2

  1. Lecture: Expanding Your Business with Email Marketing
  2. Lecture: Optimizing Your Business to Sell
  3. Lecture: All About Amazon Wholesaling
  4. Lecture: Building Your Own Website to Sell Your Own Products
  5. Lecture: Is your Amazon Business Prepared for the Fourth (4) Quarter of the Year?
  6. Resources: Module W19

Module W20

The Pros and Cons of the Amazon FBA Business Model

Now it’s easy to see how, and why, people speak so highly of this extremely thorough course, Ultimate Amazon Seller by Philip Covington.  It’s got everything you could hope for – and more – to guide you toward earning a life-changing income thru the Amazon physical products selling industry.

Have a quick look at Amazon’s net sales over the last fourteen (14) years – by Billions (measured in United States Dollars)

When compared to the two largest entities on the internet today, meaning Facebook and Google, Amazon.com is the most visited retail and digital purchasing of physical products store across the globe. 

The sheer fact that they’re third in the world on the internet makes it that much more incredible.

There’s something to be said about its steady rise in fame and fortune, as the reputation of the company has skyrocketed since its inception.  Naturally, consumers just may transition to making online purchases for all of their wants and household needs. 

The Free and Fast Amazon 2-Day Shipping program for all of its Amazon Prime members are leading the company toward incredible heights – who knows where their next big step will be, but the extraordinary things they’ve already done have set the tone for everyone business in the physical products realm on an international shipping scale. 

Under the guidance of Philip Covington, the Amazon FBA Business coaching he provides can help anyone who is tenacious enough to enter the business world bring in a chunk of the capital from this enormous tidal wave of profits that are about to follow the Amazon takeover of the world’s online ordering practices.

It all boils down to whether you can get what you have put online in front of people who have the money and interest to partake in what you’re putting out there.

There are ways to make money online, but your most ideal circumstances are to ride the wave of the big three companies that have already become renown for garnering traffic at all corners of the world: In order, they are Google in the first place, with Facebook and Amazon in respective conciliar positions. 

It would be ideal if someone could center their business model and traffic generating strategies through all three platforms, however.

Hence the reason the Amazon FBA business model works if you attack it and work it to your advantage.  If you can take the time to select the ideal product, handle partnerships with manufacturers and Amazon directly, and introduce the product to lots of people that just might be interested in what you have, then there’s a chance you could be in a position to succeed! 

The Pros to the Amazon FBA Business

  • Capitalize on a trend that’s taking place with one of the most reputable companies in the tech era of our society
  • Amazon does everything for you in the Amazon FBA Business program; no more having to stock products in your home and address all the headaches of inventory, overhead, postage, and more
  • Easy and quick to start
  • Seemingly endless product selection – you can pick any one of them and toss up a listing (if you know what you’re doing and you’re fast at it)
  • Repeatable, duplicable process: expand your operation to multiple products if you can handle it
  • Build several avenues of income through various products posted online and listed in Amazon.  Mr. Covington has instructions in the Ultimate Amazon Seller coaching program on how to gather virtual assistants to assist you in the expansion of your business so you can outsource this work and make more time to enjoy your profits
  • Potential to land huge wins.  When you find the ideal product and match it with awesome branding, not only with your product listing get noticed by more and more ideal customers, you’ll also have the opportunity to receive exit offers from investors, retail companies, and more, that seek to either merge with or acquire your operation and branding.  That can be a ridiculously lucrative situation if you play your cards right

The Cons to the Amazon FBA Online Business Venture

I have personally made some profitable income from the Amazon FBA style of an online business, so I know that it works … to a degree.  In speaking from experience and the opinions of those I’ve met who have been in this business model for quite some time, here are some rationales on why the Amazon FBA business just might not be a good fit for everyone…

  • Amazon Position 1 Rankings to garner that coveted free traffic and profit massively (with little to no ad spend by this time) can benefit you very much, but it just doesn’t bring a lasting solution to your needs as an entrepreneur that wants lasting income from your invested time, energy, and resources into the work online. 
  • Very stiff competition; tough to beat out those who have thousands of positive product reviews already on a product or brand that is very close to what you’re attempting to push into the marketplace to earn a so-called side-hustle income living.
  • The cycle is ridiculously long from starting product research to generating profits.  Simply put, the volume of steps in place before you can actually acquire a sale for your product listing is unheard of anywhere else in the world.
  • You’re not able to control your assets; your product listings are subject to what Amazon is telling you that you can – and can’t – do to produce a sale on the Amazon physical products listings. 
  • One negative review can hurt your possibility of climbing the ranks of Google quickly.
  • If you aren’t primed with a hot commodity selected from the very beginning, tons of issues can influence how your profitability turns out.
  • You need to launch multiple products if you want to find a winner – and none of these products are guaranteed to give you even $1.00 of profit.
  • Limitations from partners – like out-of-stock issues or manufacturer defects – can adversely influence your profit margin.
  • There’s nothing stopping competitors from stealing your original ideas and copying your efforts to try and outperform your product listing (and it’s happened before, too).
  • Competition is getting more and more stiff in the physical products selling industry under Amazon FBA.  Remember, it’s a global business so everyone in countries across the world could be competing for the same top position and the free traffic of buyers that you are trying to get to as well. 

There’s just no opportunity be an overnight success or even a guarantee of acquiring your first sale with 24 hours of starting this kind of a business model.  If I can’t make a profit right away, then maybe if I were just starting out then I’d pass on this to start.


Bottom line is that Philip did an awesome thing throwing his clear-cut modules together in the Ultimate Amazon Seller coaching course.  Its intent is to give you all the information you need to make educated decisions and get you moving forward to your coveted dreams of landing an income for yourself through your efforts on the internet.

Your entry into this coaching program allows you access to guidance on selecting products that could be an Amazon selling winner, acquiring traffic (like running Facebook Ads to acquire more attention), to how to invite others to become your employees (virtual assistants) so you can manage your efforts and time better as you go through the Amazon FBA Business model.

The course, itself, is rock solid.  If you’re beginning to see a future in handling physical products, then this is the course for you.

Not to mention the priceless value of having a guidance coach to help you along the way; if you ever wanted to get somewhere fast, usually someone else has paved the way for you and it’s only a matter of time before you can have matching success stories since you followed their trail and learned where not to step because they’ve shown you how you can progress faster than they ever did.

In the end, having a coach can save you tons of time, lots of heart-ache, and maybe even lots of cash that you might have spent doing things wrong – and we all know that money is scarce when you’re launching your great and exciting business venture in the unknown results world of the internet.

Philip compiled his years of experience for your benefit into digestible sized lessons that are easy to understand, simple to follow along with, and organized in a fashion to get you closer and closer to the day that you actually launch your product listing and get it up on Amazon to be positioned to turn an actual profit online. 

This isn’t for the weak; not trying to sound macho here but it’s true.  If you’re sick of being in the rut of the 9 to 5 then it’s time to do something different, and Philip Covington gives his students exactly that; a rubric to follow and get into a position to profit.  He even gives you solutions to stumbling blocks that he, himself, has gone through so you don’t have to.

If you’re at your breaking point and don’t wanna wake up another Monday to have to go to a job that you know they’re not going to give you a raise for the work you’re doing this entire year, but maybe next year (we hope), then it’s time to get off the corporate elevator and step into the world of online entrepreneurship. 

Unfortunately, business isn’t for everyone.  People, for reasons I can’t identify, seem to not be that great at taking steady, massive action to get to where they want to go – discomfort often times gets the better of them when they’re reaching for their goals. 

Why Local Lead Generation is the ideal, online business model in 2019

I was once in that same destructive pattern before – working for “the man” and knowing that there was something better out there but I just couldn’t find it. 

I grew desperate for the opportunity to escape the rat race, tell my boss to take a hike at my 9 to 5, and more.

So I decided to search for something that gave me the blueprint to change my life.  But it was nowhere to be found conveniently…

Until I came across this coaching program that educated me about the possibilities of this high-income skill called Local Lead Generation

With it, you can DOMINATE your competition by taking all the web traffic from page 1, position 1 rankings and profit from the power of Free Organic Web Traffic!

This business model has helped me to make a living while making a difference in the lives of local small business owners across America – and in return, it’s helped me to change my life as well.

FREE, Organic Web Traffic Changes Lives!!! – Remember that; I wake up every day to that reality, and if you come into the coaching program where we teach you how to do exactly what I’ve done to change my life like this, you can too.

Haha… FREE, ORGANIC WEB TRAFFIC CHANGES LIVES – I should start a new hashtag with that one-liner.

With every website that I built, and pasted to the top of Google, I can increase my monthly income and have it stay with me month after month, year after year. 

It’s a long-term solution to escaping the rat race.

Like Real Estate, these virtual properties can get shown to prospective customers that then get sent over to small businesses – and they pay ridiculously well in gratitude for your helping them to grow their bottom line and help more customers in the community. 

They profit, they get their name out there, and you are the middle man – sittin’ back and collecting checks for building a web property one time and getting paid for the lifetime of it being at the top of the marketplace!

The awesome thing is that it doesn’t have the same costs as one might experience in the physical (commercial or residential) world of actual real estate, like property management and maintenance, office overhead, or other fees.

The process is simple…

  1. Build a website and stick it to the top of Google search results
  2. When buyers come through, you profit
  3. Repeat!!!

There’s not much more to it. Further, we see to it that you have everything you need inside of our coaching program to educate you on the industry, walk you through your first project, and help you to accomplish what we present to you — all inside of our coaching program (and so much more)! 

The blessings have been phenomenal for me as I now collect $50,000.00 every month from only 45 clients in North America!  Some of the things I’ve been able to enjoy include…

  • Easy Competition – with tons of cities and several industries to choose from where I want to work in
  • PASSIVE INCOME – I work on the website for only a short time and profit for the lifetime of that work I did once; some of these simple websites I haven’t even seen for years, because I don’t need to and the check still comes every month
  • Business Owners Need Your Help – they’re great at what they do. And, what they do is, provide a product or service. They’re not entirely sure of themselves on how to be the expert at generating referrals and new or repeat clientele for their own company though.   That’s why there’s such a great opportunity for you here!
  • Make Your Own Hours
  • Work wherever, and whenever, you want
  • Develop a bigger income than doctors and lawyers annually (and some I’ve met are doing it monthly now, too)

In my sole opinion, lead generation marketing is the fastest, smartest ways to make simple, cold hard cash with the internet in 2019.

It’s a business model that has it all:

  • Evergreen – I don’t think businesses or the internet are going anywhere anytime soon
  • Leverage for massive profits
  • Long term solution for both you and your clients
  • Ethical – you can really make a living while making a positive impact in the lives of business owners, their employees, and their loved ones
  • A proven system that you can easily follow along with

To view more testimonials of actual, successful students, and learn more about how you can be a part of the movement of local lead generation, go here now.