Valentus Review, Legit Business or Pyramid Scheme?

In this post we will cover a ton of facts revolving around Valentus. The goal is to answer the key question.

Is Valentus a pyramid scam or is it actually a legit network marketing business that you can run from home?

Background of the Company

Valentus is another network marketing company that’s been built around the health and wellness industry which is very common if you aren’t familiar with the MLM world.

It was launched by Dave Jordan in 2014. He’s got a ton of experience in the space and has spearheaded the huge growth of the company while “debt free.”

Many will ask why the company’s named Valentus. Well, in Latin it means “prevail.”

It’s easy to presume that this is meant for product consumers to “prevail” from challenges they see and eventually achieve all of their health and diet goals.

Products From Valentus

SlimROAST – these are Italian, Brazilian, Cocoa and Optimum. The flagship products of Valentus are caffeine based and designed to reduce cravings, increase energy and better mood and focus level

Prevail ENERGY – gives the consumer an energy spike to get through slumps in the early PM. All natural ingredients like Maca Root powder, Gotu Kola powder among others

Immune BOOST – you guessed it, this one improves your immune system using a combo of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants including Aloe Vera and grape skin extra

Prevail TRIM – designed to naturally increase the metabolism and detoxify the body. Ingredients included are pineapple powder, orange powder and rice bran powder among others

SlimROAST Cocoa – this one’s for people who don’t like coffee. It’s designed to increase the metabolism and help weight management with less than 10mg of caffeine as well as lactose and gluten-free

Breakthrough AM/PM – probiotic filled drink designed to reduce lactose intolerance, stimulate gut flora and treat digestive issues

Prevail SlimROAST – appetite suppressant, uses multiple detoxing ingredients to help consumer shed weight

Prevail MAX – increases focus and energy levels; natural combo of electrolytes and oxygen that “recharges your cells, re-inflates them, and spaces them apart evenly so they freely roam throughout the body”

Prevail K9 – this one is very interesting, it’s the same as Prevail MAX but it was designed for dogs

Becoming a Distributor, Consultant & Associate for Valentus

In order to join the business model as a distributor, you have to buy one of the five product packages available. Any product package in addition to a $20 distributor fee are:

Basic Pack ($59.95)

Starter Pack ($129.95)

Advanced Pack ($199.95)

Lifestyle Pack ($499.95)

Business Builder Pack ($499.95)

Compensation Plan – Valentus

Valentus says they have one of the best payout systems among all network marketing companies. They pay out 25% of the company’s profits on a weekly basis to the distributors.

A start up bonus can end up being as high as $100 as well as their legacy bonuses maxing out at $100 in the higher rankings.

Their team commission may end up as high as $100k weekly and matching bonuses of 20% beginning at rank 7.

The company offers vehicles payment bonuses between $400-$3000/mo and it’s based on your performance as a distributor.

One percent of Valentus’ global volume is split throughout the enrollment pool.

There are a total of 7 rankings of commission:

Silver. Gold. Platinum. Ruby. Emerald. Diamond. Double Diamond. Triple Diamond. Blue Diamond. Royal Diamond. Black Diamond. Crown Diamond. Crown Ambassador.

Your income will naturally increase as your ranking increases.

Is Valentus A Pyramid Scheme?

The common issue with network marketing companies that promote health and wellness products is their inability to live up to their over exaggerated claims of their products and not the quality of the products themselves.

If you see Valentus product results/claims out there you may see something like this, “our ‘x’ product is the sole reason why ‘x person’ has lost ‘x pounds.”

There isn’t a coffee in the world that will by itself cause someone to lose weight. That’s a scientific fact.

Almost any nutrition or fitness professional out there will tell you that it takes a combination of a good diet or nutrition plan, coupled with a workout plan.

Everyone out there is always looking for the next best shortcut and they don’t want to hear the level of work that it actually takes to see weight loss results that they desire.

Everything you put in your body comes with a consequence. Whether that’s good or bad.

If you want to eat brownies, that’s okay, but you’re eating that understanding how it will affect your body.

Understand that there’s much more to weight loss than simply consuming a few high-end caffeinated products.

If you use Valentus products in addition to a healthy diet and consistent fitness routine then there’s no doubt in my mind that you would see results.

You need to be realistic about the results you’ll see and take into consideration your commitment level.

Valentus doesn’t do a good job of pushing the reality, instead they push the fantasy side. It doesn’t do anything to help support product claims.

But none of this makes them a scam. It’s just a hit on their marketing plan IMO. And it’s very careless. I don’t like the idea of over exaggerating product results to draw more people into the business.

Especially because I think it’s a solid business opportunity and very good products otherwise.

Lawsuits With Valentus

There was one lawsuit back in 2016 involving Valentus and a company called Advanced Laboratories International LLC. They filed a lawsuit against Valentus for $3.18 million for an issue with a coffee shipment.

Upon doing extended research, it wasn’t involving the FDA or product safety laws. Simply an issue with a supplier contract.

However, we did discover something rather interesting. Valentus’ wholesale cost for a box of SlimROAST coffee is about $6/box.

They retail to distributors and consumers for about $60/box. You and your distributors/customers are paying ten times what Valentus is paying.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wave the red flag. Consider that the iPhone has a major mark up as well.

It takes Apple close to $50 per unit and they sell it to the consumer for roughly $1000.

Every business out there marks up their products because without doing so they wouldn’t be in business.

They take into consideration things like salaries, profit margins, marketing cost, overhead and distribution costs.

I think it’s an interesting piece of information though and I thought I’d share it. It was actually included with the lawsuit statement.

Another important thing to note is the company’s “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau. While the BBB doesn’t always have the ability to display a company’s true integrity, this fact may raise some questions for people.

Another odd thing is the various addresses that the company has listed for it’s headquarters. There are separate addresses listed on their website, return address as well as on the BBB site.

Valentus, Legit Network Marketing Opportunity?

I’ve been a part of network marketing companies and I know what people think when they get involved in this business.

They automatically think they have to get salesy with their closest friends and family. That doesn’t have to be the case though and IMO you should avoid it.

Having been through it, I know there are much more effective avenues to bringing people onto your team as a distributor.

Think about things like home events, passing out business cards, flyers and maybe the most effective in this situation would be attending coffee shops where people are already interested in coffee.

The legitimacy of this company shouldn’t be in question. It’s legit.

Yes it is a company that’s on the newer side but if you’re an avid coffee drinker then you could easily use this opportunity to fund your love for coffee.

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