Millionaire Mastery & Mind Hacks Review w/ Wesley Virgin

I always respect when a person acts like themselves when in the public eye, and that’s Wesley Virgin. He’s an Instagram phenom and from all his accounts he pulls in at least $100k daily.

I love motivators and that’s exactly what Wesley is. I really enjoy listening to people speak and getting the feeling that I would go to war (business war of course) with them. That’s how I connect with people that speak in this space.

He has a handful of courses that he’s put out there to teach people what it takes to make a lot of money online and improve their lifestyles just like he did his own.

In this post we’re going to dive into what you can expect to learn from the one they call the “Billion Dollar” Virgin.

Wesley Virgin’s Initial Success Was Initiated By Clickbank

Clickbank is basically heaven for people who do affiliate marketing. It’s a place where marketers can go to find digital products that can be sold on their own sites for commissions.

If you ever visit the site and scroll through the different categories you can see that they have almost every niche you can imagine.

Let’s take this example, if you had a blog that was about dancing then you could come over to Clickbank and monetize your blog.

You could take a digital product about dancing and place it on your blog and you would get a commission for every time one of your visitors bought the product.

It’s a beautiful thing because you already know that all of your readers are really interested in dancing so you’re bound to get some sales.

Back to Wesley, he realized that he couldn’t reach his financial goals as just a personal trainer because there were only so many clients he could train in a given day.

He ended up taking an online course about how to generate income creating his own courses.

The first course he created was called Fat Diminisher. He put the product on Clickbank and it took off!

It’s important to remember that he has something going for him and it’s him. He has great energy and he is a really charismatic guy. So his personality had a lot to do with the product selling.

Wesley was a very experienced and passionate trainer at the time, but the digital product allowed him to share his training with so many more people at one time.

He was able to scale his personal training at an infinite level.

And then something else happened which compounded his success with Fat Diminisher.

There were a couple of guys out there that took notice to how well Wesley’s products converted. Their names were Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer.

They developed a training to teach people how to promote Clickbank products and they actually decided to choose Wesley’s Fat Diminisher in their training.

Their students started to do the same, and in the process thousands upon thousands of dollars started to be spent on Fat Diminisher advertisements on the FB platform.

At this time, Wesley’s finances really started to blow up.

I know all of these things because I was there. I was one of the students in Jones’ and Cramer’s program.

The varying performance in Facebook ads makes it difficult to generate consistent income as an affiliate here, though I did make some money doing it.

Also, Facebook hates affiliate marketing and we were constantly dealing with accounts getting shut down.

Wesley needs to be given credit for what he was able to do. I respect his ability to create videos people loved and successful email marketing for his products. They seem to convert a hell of a lot better than other weight loss products out there.

And this is the secret. The conversion rate. When you’re dealing with an information product you want your conversions to be sky high because it’ll make affiliate marketers want to promote your products.

So let’s discuss what it takes to succeed like Wesley did and if you can do the same by using Clickbank.

It’s actually a hard question to answer and I’ll tell you why. There are so many different factors that can play into how well your product converts.

If you can’t figure out how to make the product convert then affiliates won’t waste their time promoting your stuff. Period.

You must find a way to present and deliver a lot of value to your customers.

Wesley had his experience as a fitness trainer so he knew what people needed to hear before he even built his digital information product.

If you think you can handle creating a new information product that can bring a ton of value to the marketplace then I would say go for it. Take Wesley’s course and run with it.

It might bring you a few thousand dollars a month in additional income.

But if you’ve got your eye on Wesley’s $100k/mo income level…

Well, that’s another level entirely my friend. Let’s consider that there was some luck involved in Wesley’s case. He only started to blow up when a host of students from a training course decided to spend their own money on advertisements for his product.

The odds of something like this happening to you are almost zero. I don’t think it’s a realistic goal to shoot for.

The best products on Clickbank do an excellent job of marketing, creating videos to help with conversions and have upsells intertwined in there.

But when you look at it they don’t have a ton of affiliates associated with their product.

Almost makes a person wonder if his “luck” was actual a back end result of his mind hacks.

Let’s actually look into his mind hacks and see what that’s all about.

Reviewing 7 Millionaire Mind Hacks

One of my favorite sayings of all time is, “for things to change, you must change.” I first heard this from Jim Rohn when I was 18 and it opened my eyes.

Wesley has definitely taken personal development from teachings of other coaches that I’ve followed in the past.

He covers several different topics:

  • law of attraction
  • subconscious mind programming
  • visualization
  • affirmations
  • meditation

He titled this program, The Overnight Millionaire Mind-Hacks.

He charged a measly $7 for this program. He’s clearly begging people to start their own personal development journey.

While changing your mindset is very important to success, it simply wasn’t enough for me. And I think it’s important to point that out.

In the program he has you listen to tapes that will “alter your subconscious mind.” Visualization is also a huge part of it.

I said changing my mindset wasn’t enough for me and I realized it was because I didn’t have skill sets that could get me to the income level I desired.

But Wesley has them. No doubt about that. It’s not all luck.

He’s got a high energy level and is charismatic which makes people want to listen to him. That’s a skill that has extreme value.

He’s also implemented plenty of upsells over the years. Which can obviously increase sales dramatically if done right.

Over the years he has aligned himself with business models such as the one used by Russel Brunson, among other funnelers.

The idea behind sales funnels is to attack all three levels of buyers that you come across in sales:

Low ticket buyers. Medium-tier buyers. High-ticket buyers.

The idea of a sales funnel is to first get people into the funnel. You create a low ticket entry point below $10. Then you slowly present them products that rise in price and suddenly you’re covering all the bases.

From people with little money all the way up to selling to the rich.

Listen, I’m a big believer in mindset. I still spend a lot of my free time continuing to develop my mindset. But high income skills are equally as important.

I think people may find more value in Wesley’s other course..

The Online Millionaire Mastery

The Online Millionaire Mastery shows students how Wesley created success for himself with Fat Diminisher.

The course will go over things like:

  • writing great copy
  • creating the product
  • how he built his case study website which made him over six figures
  • how he got traffic (affiliates)

Challenges with Selling on Clickbank

Let’s talk about about some of the obstacles and hurdles one will come across with this business model and why I felt like this lead generation coaching program was a lot better for someone like me.

I had no marketing experience and yet I’ve still been able to produce a reliable stream of income and quit my job after only three months.

A few challenges with Wesley’s approach:

  • you don’t have a special background to create a product (Wesley’s fitness training background)
  • you do have a special background but it’s in too small of a niche (weight loss and fitness is one of the biggest niches in the world)
  • you aren’t good in front of a camera

Honestly, if your information product just sucks and doesn’t bring desirable results to customers then you’re in trouble.

So you might be thinking, “I don’t have any real value to bring to the marketplace.”

You have to realize that you will only see success selling an information digital product if you can specialize and bring value to people in one area of their life and solve a massive problem for them.

If your product doesn’t solve a problem and set itself a part from other products then it won’t see the level of success that Wesley’s did.

The Lead Generation Business – Why I’m All In On It

Let me say this. I’m all about changing your mindset. I do believe that it’s the first step in realizing financial goals and dreams.

But I think acting like that alone will change your life is a mistake. You can visualize all you want but until you have a skill that brings value to the market, you’ll be stuck where you’re at.

I’ve experienced it firsthand, I first heard about the law of attraction back in 2012 when I got into network marketing.

It was my first entrepreneurial experience and I became heavily focused on changing my mindset. But nothing happened.

I made very little money. Why?

A few years later I realized it was because I wasn’t bringing value to the marketplace. I had no skills. I wasn’t even a good salesman at the time.

It wasn’t until I found the lead gen coaching program that I actually developed a high income skill set and began making money rather quickly.

It took me only three months to quit my 9 to 5 and regain my freedom. I had the mindset for years. But it wasn’t until I put a skill set to use that people wanted to pay me.

That allowed me to finally go into business for myself.

I developed the skills to assist small business owners grow their business.

There are so many small business owners out there that are old school, they’re focused on running their business (as they should be) and they don’t spend enough time dominating their internet presence.

There is so much business to be earned on the internet these days. People are always using their phones to locate businesses who have what they want.

The real problem is even if they want to increase their presence online they don’t know how. Most of them didn’t grow up in the age of the internet.

And then someone like me comes in. I set up a website and generate leads for these businesses on auto-pilot. Just like the pool site below that’s been earning me $650/mo since I quit my job.

If this sounds like something you’d be into then check out the coaching program here.

This is absolutely my favorite online business model out there and I’ve tried most of them to diversify my income. And yet I always come back to this!

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