Wholesale Ted – Amazon FBA Course – Unbiased Review

Many Amazon FBA (meaning Fulfillment by Amazon) coaching and mentoring programs have seemed to be popping up all over the place.  

While it makes a lot of sense to have a coach or guide – along with a training platform – to help you through your online business endeavor, one can’t help but wonder whether there is a credible source that you can trust.

After all, each coach that is out there seems to claim to have the edge over the competition and that’s why you should join their platform as a member – because they said it’s a good idea.

How about a third-party piece that identifies whether or not the program is credible, well-researched, and understood as something that someone could actually enter into and make money from. 

Unfortunately, that’s not always how the internet works. 

Lucky for you, I’m a successful entrepreneur.  I’m not exactly saying that to brag, but rather to demonstrate that I have the time and financial resources on my hands to check out a lot of these coaches first-hand. 

Thanks to the local lead generation coaching program that I got started with only a few short years ago, I’ve been able to…

  • Fire my Boss by leaving my 9 to 5
  • Leave the corporate life to wear what I want when I go into work
  • Run my business wherever I want, whenever I want
  • Outsource the work so I can do less and earn more
  • Spend my time writing a blog like this so you can make a well-informed decision about your considerations for starting a business from home

For those of you reading this that actually have made it in your life – as in, you’re already raking in a hefty $10,000 in a month on average, it’s a smart play to go ahead and diversify your income. 

So, thanks one and all for reading my blog and checking out whether this course would be a good fit to add to your streams of income.

Above all, never stop learning. 

That’s partly why I’m doing this blog here…

I’m sort of a business connoisseur that likes to see what’s in the marketplace and explore whether there’s something in each of these programs that I could personally take away.

That said, local lead generation may or may not be for you, but it’s worth taking a crack it. 

All I’m saying is it has served me well and I can now afford to spare the time – and investment required – to give each of these courses a try… and I can do that because of the passive income I’ve been able to generate through the internet. 

Meanwhile, we this young face popping up all over the world wide web and ask ourselves who that girl is that is now the face and representative of the brand Wholesale Ted. 

Running an extremely informative YouTube channel revolving around the work of the Amazon FBA program, Wholesale Ted seems to direct people on the best practices for selling physical products on Amazon. 

What’s in the Name: Wholesale Ted?

There appears to be a dynamic duo at play here in this coaching program.

Especially when it comes to the branding and audience recognition of the name Wholesale Ted, Sarah seems to be going at the marketing rather hard in videos and other aspects of imagery for the course. 

Her mentor – his name is Ted – may have joint ventured with Sarah to bring this product to the marketplace.  

Here’s how I see things breaking down between them…

  • Sarah makes the videos and carries the name in all things that are recorded in an audio and visual format
  • Ted – the mentor – works all of the words, phrases, and other forms of copy that they intend to leverage and market the mentoring program for more students to buy into

Newsletter or not, the team of expert marketers are simply confident to be working together.

They’ve even spoken up in a reply to a recent comment they had received online inquiring about who Ted is when the spokeswoman’s name is obviously not Ted, but Sarah, in Wholesale Ted.

They were nice enough to be incredibly transparent about their arrangement, their coaching program, and how their respective roles contribute toward expanding the presence and awareness of Wholesale Ted on the world wide web

See what they had to say in the image below: (see below)

There’s a routine pitch that they keep making at the end of the videos that they continue to post on the internet: it’s their mastermind approach to landing a recurring revenue stream of $10,000 in a 30-day plan. 

If you’ve already seen this eBook that they’re advertising, you might still be wondering what most of us who haven’t seen it yet are curious about:

  • Is there a catch to the eBook information, or in Wholesale Ted intrinsically?
  • Also, how are these two able to constantly generate profits from the volume of attention they’re continuing to grow with their online presence?

Well, there seems to be a funnel approach to those who decide to take action on the free offers that they’re making available to the public. 

For example:

  1. You can share your email information in exchange for this $10k/month layout from our eBook – $x.xx value but can be yours if you take action right now
  2. Upsell offer 1: You could buy into this membership program for a steady agreement of $67.00 every 30 days
  3. Upsell offer 2: you could give Wholesale Ted a 7-day trial for the low price of only $1.00, and then when your 7-days of testing the training are over – if you don’t cancel within those 7-days – they’ll assume that you’re happy to continue your access to the training and will continue to ding your credit card to the tune of the monthly rate listed above. 

I’m not necessarily saying that’s what they do or don’t do, but as someone who has turned profits online for quite some time now, it might be an approach that I would take and I’m guessing this is something they’re either doing right now, have tested in the past, or may one-day implement in their marketing strategy. 

Without further delay, I’m happy to provide to you my unbiased review of the program that I’ve looked into – so that you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money testing the program out for yourself before finding out what’s really on the inside of Wholesale Ted. 

We’ll also attempt to consider whether the actual paid, upgrade aspect to this training program is also worth your time and funds as you go forward in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

If you’re not certain about the Amazon FBA Business model being a good fit for you as a whole, I’d like to try my hand at identifying some of the goods and “not-so-goods” about the physical selling of products in the Amazon marketplace – especially the things that people who sell these training courses just might not want you to know before you invest in their coaching program. 

How could I possibly qualify to discuss the Amazon FBA Business model if I’ve been so successful at Local Lead Generation for Small Business and have quit my job on the $10k that I made in my first year in that business model?

Simple, I’m always looking to diversify my income portfolio and I’m excited to be reaching out to you about my experiences that I’ve gained from having built my Amazon FBA Business from home over the past (nearly) 1 year. 

When someone is in the trenches and doing what you have been considering doing yourself, there’s probably some rationale to the thoughts they’re sharing; I know I’d give them the time of day if they’ve lived the course that I’m considering traveling down.  

That’s just me, though. 

Also, let’s explore a genuine comparison between the online business opportunities on the market today versus Amazon FBA Business.

Of course, I’ll gladly provide you with my top pick online for the #1 business model that newbies should seriously consider – and seasoned veterans in the internet marketing industry as well. 

To start, let’s explore the free eBook of Wholesale Ted…

The Downloadable Wholesale Ted Review eBook that Discusses Drop Shipping for $10k

For a completely free eBook provided by a brand that is known for pushing a training course into the marketplace, it’s not common to see a piece of literature that has this much useful tips and intelligent points about the E-commerce industry and drop shipping overall. 

From the beginning, you are captivated in a riveting, non-fiction page-turner about Amazon FBA, including:

  • Identifying products that you can sell profitably
  • The necessary to steps to finding and building a relationship with your product supplier
  • Although your product ends up getting shipped from your lower cost suppliers (which are typically stationed overseas), you’ll quickly discover why that doesn’t matter – and why the extended shipping times are also an irrelevant factor to producing an income with this business model
  • This can be scaled and expanded out, operating this entirely from the comfort of your own home – and it seems to be recommending that you have a genuine ability to make this work for you inside of a daily time investment of only 2 hours

The tips and tricks of the trade that they provide in this eBook are rather stellar, to say the least. 

Of course, the generic aspects addressed in this course aren’t sufficient to get you up and running in your own Amazon FBA business from home; the tactical and strategic steps, technology involved, and other forms of helpful wisdom to get moving are exclusively reserved for the premium members who’ve paid their monthly $67 to be the numbered among the privileged few from Wholesale Ted.

Further Exploring the Private Membership of Wholesale Ted

Upon upgrading your membership to the premium level of $67 – in recurring payments to keep your access to the training section regularly open for yourself to refer back to as you progress in your business venture from home – you’ll get Wholesale Ted’s insider approach on launching a successful Amazon business. 

Of the tons of business coaching programs that I’ve invested in, this is by far the most affordable platform of mentoring and coaching that I have come across for the Amazon FBA industry. 

Let’s think about this as an overall vantage point for making money online:

By the numbers, you can spend $67 in an entire calendar year (12 months) and spend only $804.00 for annual training access – with the prospective notion that you’ll be able to turn this wisdom into a profitable income that they claim (via their eBook) should help you land $10,000 on a recurring, monthly basis? 

For the nature of their training videos – and they’re rock-solid, I must say – sacrificing over $800 in a year for a possible trade-off of pocketing $10k is a handsome proposition.  

It must do well for their marketing of their coaching program as well. 

As someone who has indulged in the Amazon FBA Business personally, I can attest that Wholesale Ted delivers on their claims with some excellent business tips about this model in their training videos. 

One in particular that I’ve noticed Wholesale Ted delivers on is their unique advice on researching and selecting your industry/niche and product that you’d like to push out into the marketplace with your business. 

Why is this such a big deal?

Why is this point of their training something that I’m touching on and embellishing so much?

Well, first off, I’m not trying to affiliate with Wholesale Ted and I’m not going to pitch for them.

Sincerely, I’m not trying to turn a profit and build them up to some extravagant, stellar team that you have to join – and then supposedly give you a link to buy into the training from me. 

This is an unbiased review – and it wouldn’t be so unbiased if I were trying to pitch you here on the Wholesale Ted mentoring and coaching program. 

I wouldn’t blame you for holding that concern, though.  There seem to be a lot of scuzzy review websites that claim to give an unbiased review – then pitch you on the back end to buy. 

Here, that’s not going on.  It’s your business from home and your life to do with what you please; while I have had a successful local lead generation business that has allowed me to review this for you, you’re going to take this information and – hopefully – make some business decisions that can help you for the better. 

My initial is where you think you might be if you didn’t have this unbiased review accessible to you?

Besides, your ability to pick a niche and product that the marketplace not only has a demand for but hungry buyers searching for that exact product, is exactly the skill you need in the beginning in order to try and position yourself best for your initial launch and profits as you begin your Amazon FBA business. 

Since I’ve found some struggle in my early days with the Amazon business venture, I can attest to your needing to really dig in and find something that will be perfect for your business.

Failing to find the right product can result in your possibly not turning any profits in your first several years in business – or ever, as nothing is guaranteed. 

Now, there are some other training platforms that attempt to make things easier in your product research – things like…

  • Jungle Scout software
  • ASINspector software
  • Other tools that are somewhat informative and reliable

They’re information products that you can leverage to gain greater insight on the potential market and products that you’re considering pedaling on Amazon and going through the trouble of putting up a product listing to get seen by prospective buyers. 

Believe me when I say that product selecting is beyond key to this business model! 

After you’ve accomplished that feat, the next steps are rather standard for each product you end up deciding to get involved with…

  • Order samples and actual product inventory in large quantities
  • Remember: since you’re ordering up front, you need to find a way to store them safely
  • Fabricate customized business labels for your products and shipping
  • Of course, you’ve got to put up your Amazon listing for your product (that’s a given, though)
  • The hardest part of this business – in my opinion – is getting sales through optimizing your product listing to be seen by more buyers for less advertising costs

That’s a brief overview of what you’ll most likely have to face when you get started with the Wholesale Ted coaching and mentor support course about the Amazon FBA industry and the launching of a physical product selling, home-based business from your laptop.

The Pros to Getting Started with Amazon FBA

  • An expanding business model that you can leverage to carry more inventory and have more opportunities to make profits as you progress

Upon identifying that one product that you have faith in being an item you can successfully turn a profit with, now all you have to do is take the orders that come in and deliver that list of requests to the actual supplier of the product you’re advertising on Amazon with. 

This is an awesome business model because the Fulfillment by Amazon aspect of the Amazon FBA Business means that arrangements will be made between your supplier and Amazon for warehousing the goods, shipping and packaging logistical concerns will be handled without stressing you out, and this can give you the opportunity to begin researching for – and launching another product online that you could turn into profits with this same business model. 

The exciting thing about this is that the business model is scalable. 

What does that even mean?

This means that – for the very low overhead and inventory requirements that you are expected to engage within Amazon FBA – you can be afforded the chance to put another product on the marketing shelf (metaphorically speaking) which can help you to engage more buyers to get products from you. 

If anything, this is giving you more chances to make sales online and grow your bottom line. 

If you were trying to own a restaurant chain, it’d be hard to try and expand the business much in the way that you’d try and do so in the Amazon FBA. 

You’d have overhead, a lot of resources that you’d have to buy upfront, and hiring staff would just add more paperwork and more complications to the operation that you’ve got going on. 

When you’re working from home and in this online fashion of business, you aren’t required to have hired help or a variety of other traditional investments to start. 

That means – by comparison – you can exhibit some enthusiasm for what you’re doing. 

It’s like shoe stores who have multiple displays of shoes – even though it’s one place, like Amazon is one location on the internet – you still have multiple products displayed for buyers to come in, take a look at what you have available, and they might decide to buy from you instead of a competitor. 

The point is that you can have more products listed online and have more chances to be noticed by your ideal customer. 

  • Start your Amazon physical products business with nothing more than internet access and a laptop

Business investments aside – like training programs and more – you can really do this kind of a business model anywhere you can physically access the internet. 

For me, brick and mortar locations that require your constant attention are just not something I’m a fan of. 

I don’t know about you, but before my online profits came about, I was residing in downtown Detroit, Michigan. 

The winters were bad and the local business owners seemed to stress anytime there were rumors of heavy snowfall or other forms of inclement weather. 

With the online business venture that you’re exploring, you can keep things online and never have to shovel another bit of snow as long as you live just so you can hopefully turn a profit. 

Another bonus to having your business online is that you don’t have to worry about bad things happening to your location – like bomb threats, acts of terrorism, robberies, etc. 

Instead, by being online, you have less to worry about and more opportunities for turning profits that you get to focus on. 

For me, that’s a winning formula! 

  • Amazon is probably here to stay for the long haul

As one of the top three most visited websites online, just behind Google and Facebook (in that order), do you honestly believe that Amazon – one of the largest digital retailers that can be accessed in nearly every nook and cranny from the world – will be going out of business anytime in the near future?

I didn’t think so; and I don’t believe they’re going to disappear either. 

While growing exponentially – even as the current leader in all things digital E-Commerce – Amazon is attempting to reduce the time it takes to deliver goods and services to the consumers on a regular basis. 

This includes the company’s endeavors for:

  1. Deliveries by air (with a drone)
  2. Local warehouses that nearby customers can visit for their version of an “in-store” pickup
  3. Some cities are now enjoying the luxury of 1-hour delivery from goods purchased online

I’d say that Amazon is continuing to pioneer and revolutionize how goods purchased from a distance are getting sent to the customer, even as the largest growing digital retailer and the third-most visited website on the internet in 2019.

  • More everyday citizens are making purchases on the internet as time progresses

If you’re looking to initiate your Amazon FBA Business from home, you couldn’t have picked a better time to get started. 

This is awesome news! 

Ironically, only 13 percent of all purchases made for physical products actually occur online worldwide. 

Where are the remainder of goods being bought and/or sold?

The same old-fashioned way that they’ve always been acquired: physical locations, built with brick and mortar. 

The point here is that society is getting on-board with the ability to make purchases online and wait for deliver.  

Add to that the unique privilege we’re experiencing with technology; to be able to expect our wait times to reduce in the coming years is very exciting – and anyone who is getting in to the selling of physical products online could be able to have a direct profit off of such trends that we’re experiencing right now. 

  • Variety of Products to Choose from in Order to Make Listings and Sell

It’s true. 

In addition to the wealth of product research assets and methodologies available to each of us in 2019, there’s always the issue of finding a supplier.

With other places popping up – like Alibaba Express, for example – connecting with suppliers for products that you can retail has never been easier. 

Unfortunately, you still have other issues like language barriers and long distances (most suppliers that are in your ideal price ranges for products to retail with tend to still be the better partners in this business model when they’re located overseas). 

  • Establish a Personal Brand that you can Professional Sell for a Profit

Mergers and Acquisitions are a concept that has been around for years. 

The possibility that you have here is that you can open a brand online with this business model that is all your own. 

Why is that a big deal? 

Often times, Mergers and Acquisitions discussions initiate because one business finds value in something that another business has. 

If a partnership can’t be arranged, then offers could be made to buy the business from those in charge of founding and establishing the business from the ground up. 

If your brand becomes a household name or is otherwise doing so well that your competition takes notice of it, offers to buy your brand name could come down the pike and you could be in for an extremely exciting payday with the right offer and economic climate. 

Other Considerations for Amazon FBA

Since Amazon’s website and product listings receive visitors by the swarm on a daily basis – and this is definitely a recurring theme here –

You might be able to find your product on the first page, and in the first search result of products, which can then bring you a wealth of profits month after month.  

In other words, you can win in your market and with your product in your industry if you get to this coveted position on the Amazon listing of products in the marketplace. 

In order to land there, however, you need to have a ton of attention, along with quality reviews that are highly positive, top-rated, and they frequently come to your product listing by the bushel. 

Also, you can rest easy that your supplier and Amazon just might have a good working relationship to where all of the logistical concerns are taken care of. 

That means you could rest in peace and confidence with Amazon and your supplier both going to bat on your business and making sure that the heavy lifting is done – in your favor and in a timely manner. 

The catch? 

Ensure that your inventory is in sufficient supply every single month. 

That’s why discussions are had to order your product inventory in bulk – as you need it – from the supplier. 

The shipping has been a concern, but Wholesale Ted seems to think that it’s not that big of a deal. 

The Cons of Getting Started with Amazon FBA

With opposition being realized in all things these days, you can be certain that not everything is what it’s cracked up to be with the Amazon FBA Business industry. 

How bad can things actually be, though? 

Many people tend to have this perception that buyers will flock to their business listing of products if they simply post them online and make them look somewhat profession and decent – maybe even appealing. 

Appearance really can’t be the 100% most effective and influential option for buyers to want to get their needs fulfilled through your listing…

They have to be able to find you, first and foremost. 

This is a recurring problem for most business and isn’t exactly exclusive to your Amazon FBA endeavor: obscurity can be one of the top reasons that businesses close. 

Reliable sources who’ve studied the search results online have actually found that less than 30 percent of all digital product listing visitors will actually bother to explore the second page (or further, for that matter) of the marketplace. 

That means that your success or failure could largely depend on your ability to place your product listing not only at the first page of Google – but also get it found closer to the top of the first page. 

Why is that also important? 

It’s the nature of the beast. 

This is a cold, hard-to-grind industry – that’s something that people don’t tell you.

It’s frustrating to me that people who are trying to sell you their coaching course don’t advise you that this business model requires an individual dedication that suggests that you’re ready to fight for your income from home. 

With the heat and competition out there – and more people coming in to the Amazon FBA business to do exactly what you’re thinking of doing –

The coveted top 10 or 15 spots that are shown on the first page of product search results suggests that you’ll have a harder time landing in these spots as time progresses and this business model persists. 

Unless you’re ready to play the game and do the work required to be noticed – daily, and frequently – by your perfect customers, who have money to buy what you’re pitching, maybe this really isn’t going to be the best business model (or fit) for your needs or wants in starting a business online from home. 

What Factors contribute to your product listing climbing to those coveted 10 to 15 positions in Amazon product search results?

Amazon has been making changes to what they allow credit to be delivered for in their product listings algorithm. 

Product reviews.

Plain and simple; hard to get in bulk, but it’s necessary and they’re the only thing that Amazon allows in order to maintain the integrity in their marketplace.

Like it or not, that’s what they’ve decided and that’s what you’ll be subjected to if you really want to sell something within Amazon and turn a might hefty profit with it. 

Once upon a time, competition could be so fierce that people have found ways to game the system and attempt to make it seem that good reviews were coming to their listings in bulk – even though it was just the individual Amazon FBA businessperson that phoned in the reviews and made a ton of fake review postings to their product listing.  

It was a shady practice and Amazon began to quickly notice that something was awry. 

After 2016 came and went, the nature of the reviews is now called into question and Amazon has been cracking down on the inspection of your product listing reviews. 

If you’re not getting quality reviews in a very ethical and honest way, then you’re not going to last very long in this business model. 

The opportunity to get fake reviews is now over – and you have to play the game honestly just like everyone else. 

Fail to comply, and try this anyway, and you could get your Amazon FBA agreement banned – which means your investment in the Wholesale Ted coaching course will have been for naught. 

At this point, the Amazon FBA business can be won through doing these things well:

  • Select a good product that is in high demand
  • Post the product listing and get it ready to be found online
  • Optimize the listing and do everything in your power for the Amazon algorithm to read it and give you credit where and when it’s due
  • Ensure the branding of your product and business is on-point
  • Acquire natural, authentic, top-notch, quality, extremely positive and high-rated reviews for your product listing
  • Continue the above aspects for each product listing as you can – daily – to try and be the top option in Amazon search results

What’s at stake?

More buyers for less marketing costs come from being the top search result in the marketplace. 

It’s just an ideal thing to achieve! 

Even after doing all of those things in your power in order to try and be found at the top…

The one thing that Amazon looks at the most to see if you’re worth being shown as the most relevant, top search result for a product query in their marketplace is:


How many people have bought your product?

That’s what will determine where your product places.

How do you get people to buy your product if you’ve never sold anything before online? 

Therein lies the trick, my friend. 

You’ve got to get started somewhere – just like everyone else with a new product and product listing. 

If people aren’t buying your product above your competition’s product listings, then no amount of individual work that you do is going to change the fact that you’re not going to be regarded as the top option for your product’s niche and/or industry. 

Here’s another drawback: how many of your competitor’s product listings are getting the same product from the same supplier?

Now, you’ve got more in common with the other product listings that you’re trying to beat out in the marketplace. 

What do you do now?

How do you stand out?

It’s apparent that some business acumen and genuine creativity are the anomalies that others also don’t tell you are required in order to win in the Amazon Business game. 

Even if your competition isn’t selling from the same supplier, you’re probably going to see extremely close – if not, exact – replicas of your same product listing. 

In terms of performing ethical business practices online, there are still some not so professional things done online that others still engage in the practice of doing for the hope that they’ll gain a competitive edge and increase their conversions.

It’s amazing to me the great lengths that competitors in Amazon will go to in order to see more sales, as well as the opportunity to climb higher in the product listings so their product can be seen ahead of more of their competition — up to and including walking the line of getting their account banned. 

Stiff Competition: Copy Your Advertising Ideas

For example, if you’ve put a lot of time and creativity into your product listing, there are competitors that can also see your product listing (in addition to customers).

What your competition might come in and do is copy what you’ve posted and hope that they can put that into their product listing so they can be a winner in the marketplace and beat out more of the competition. 

Are you seeing how cut-throat this marketing thing online can be in the physical products arena?

Stiff Competition: Undercutting Pricing

Beyond the stealing of ideas that could have been originated by the good people in this game, you also have competitors that can swoop into the marketplace – some of them never having been in the market that you’re currently in – and underbid your pricing. 

With the constant undercutting, lower-level pricing and challenges in the marketplace to keep costs low, doing this in the marketplace by some of your competition can drastically reduce the chances you have of making a sale –

This thereby pushes you further down in the listing of products online and lessens your chances of achieving the profits that you dreamed of when you got started with Wholesale Ted.

As the prices in the marketplace drive down, your desire to compete could result in your willingness to drive your price down so that you can try and stick with the products that are converting and elevate your product listing so you can get seen by more and more customers.

This practice can hurt you because that reduces your profit margins even more – and since you’re retailing, we can all acknowledge that your current profits generated from the products that you’ve decided to sell really aren’t all that great or worth selling after all. 

Undercutting prices can be a great situation for customers because they’ll be happy to pay increasingly lower prices as time progresses. 

For you, or other buyers in the marketplace, it’s one of the worst concepts that could ever come to a digital marketplace – especially for entrepreneurs like yourself that just want to do less work and get paid more money. 

From the sound of it, all this work is turning the Amazon FBA Business industry into a full-time job. 

Is that really why you started looking at an online side hustle in the first place? 

I know this wouldn’t have been a good fit for me when I was looking at business options online in 2014.

What is Better: Local Lead Generation or Amazon FBA?

For those that have been following my blog and reading these reviews of other business ventures that are options on getting trained to begin profiting online…

They know that I also sell on Amazon with my own line of products.

However, the majority of my personal revenue made from the laptop revolves around the local lead generation business that I’ve been full-time in ever since I quit my joke of a 9 to 5 in 2015. 

At the time that I left my corporate gig in downtown Detroit, I was raking in $10k per month. 

Now, in 2019, I’m kicking the entrepreneur’s dream to the tune of $50,000 in monthly revenue – and yes, it’s completely passive income from my lead generation business. 

I can appreciate the business model of amazon FBA. 

The potential exists for people to actually turn a profit and if they have their heart set on running an online business through the leveraging of physical products and product listings inside of Amazon, then this just may be the business for you. 

For me, however, this business model doesn’t really leave much in terms of wiggle room for the entrepreneurial spirit in each of us to really play the game and try and win. 

Amazon, I think, has really stifled the businesspeople of the world that want to get production happening from their marketplace –

After all, you can really only attempt to get more product reviews than your competition and hope that more people buy from you than those ranked above you in the product listing search results (a very unlikely possibility considering that you may not even start your product listing off within the first top 10 to 15 spots). 

I like to concentrate my efforts toward the local lead generation for small businesses because I can get more creative in the approaches and strategies that I implement in order to beat out the competitors. 

The privilege of doing that is what I think divides the good from the great in business – and it’s more difficult in the internet marketing world, but I still like to hustle; it’s where I get my kicks. 

Google – the 800-pound Gorilla that all people involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has to face and work with – has an index all their own that is both often and famously referred to as Google search results…

Now, these are the things that most people wish they could work with and gain control of… as opposed to Amazon, where you really don’t have any control over your product listing. 

If you have greater skill and know-how in the SEO (search engine optimization) game than the next company, you can stand to profit significantly and with greater ease over the others. 

The level of control that you can have over where your product gets seen on Amazon is so negligible that I often get frustrated with the methodology behind it. 

You could follow every step that the Amazon FBA Coaching program (like Wholesale Ted or others) that you’ve invested in teaches, and even have everything down perfectly – including proper metrics of the product, search and buyer volume, etc. – and still not land on the places where your perfect customers are searching. 

That means that you’ll have a harder time competing in the marketplace – even when doing the things that you were trained to do and told were required for the Amazon product listing efforts to bring you an advertised $10,000 per month…

Remember, you paid for this knowledge and the opportunity to be “taught” by a “guru” (or 2) – and you can still end up with not having much to show for your time and other forms of investments into this so-called online business marketing model of Amazon FBA. 

Say the competition for your product’s industry is just far too strong; there’s less of a chance your Amazon listing will return a profit. 

Say your top 15 results that you’re trying to compete within the marketplace of Amazon each have a minimum of over 1,000 reviews that are each rated at 5 stars…

I’m not saying all product listings will have that same marketplace struggle, but ask yourself – how do you compete with something like that? 

More importantly, can you really anticipate catching up to those kinds of results or even surpass them in a reasonable enough time frame to reach that coveted $10k per month in E-Commerce and Drop shipping to make this investment in your supposedly great coaching program worth the while?

There are tons of nuances and details that go into making an awesome product listing even better – especially when it comes to trying to dominate the marketplace. 

It’s tough to dominate with your product listing if you can’t even break into the top 15 to compete in your physical product’s space. 

There’s just a ton of things that you need to overcome as a newbie in the Amazon FBA Business; even if you’re not new to digital marketing, you’re no exception to the rules that Amazon has declared every seller must follow. 

When it comes to local lead generation, your obstacles are must less to conquer and more simple to understand what it takes to win in the local marketplace. 

You have fewer competitors too, so the nature of the competition is really null (at worst). 

What’s great about knowing how to do this is that you can waltz into pretty much any city that you’d like and help out a small business owner in a variety of industries. 

Said another way, your opportunities to land deals and make profits happen are virtually limitless. 

Even better – why compete in the marketplace when you can dominate it and take the majority of the business to the one business owner that you partner with? 

When you dominate a marketplace for a partnering small business and help them win more business from free traffic, you can receive passive income that can pay you for years and years to come. 

Just take a look this tree service site that I set up back in 2014 (see below) which is continuing to pay me for the lifetime that it continues to dominate search results and garner free traffic – and I have never needed to revisit it in the last several years. 

I personally don’t mind the challenge of Amazon FBA and selling physical products in the marketplace. 

That’s why I continue to build it and learn more about the game as time goes on.

However, my survivability and reliable income are where the majority of my attention is going…

When it comes to local lead generation, I can expand my bottom line any time that I please.

It’s the closest thing you’ve got to practically printing money using the internet with a business model!


Between you and me, I really don’t believe that Wholesale Ted’s price of under $70 per month is really as bad as it seems to learn a new skill that could potentially deliver some profitable returns online.

Again, it’s not a guaranteed thing but it’s definitely a start if someone is hoping to turn something out of nothing. 

Those of you still interested in the physical products selling game online and want to break into this industry – learning how the game is really played – but definitely don’t have a lot of start-up funds in order to play the game itself, sometimes just learning the strategies is enough of an opportunity to gain further insight. 

As mentioned before, programs like this often claim to be a business model – which they don’t explicitly state but this implies that you need to have some start-up capital above and beyond the actual cost of the information you’re paying for the training program itself. 

In the local lead generation coaching program that we leverage to teach people just like you and me how to profit from the internet with near 100% profitable returns, we expect people to know what they’re getting into!

Since it’s a business model, there really are additional and ongoing investment costs — beyond the training and mentoring program that they buy into.

It’s hard work, and we’re looking for people that don’t mind working hard up front so they can have a passive income that very well could pay them for life!

If you’re so strapped for cash that you’re counting your pennies to see if you have enough for this training program, I can give some tough love and suggest that you’re probably not going to like this business venture. 

However, if you’re comfortable with dropping less than $100.00 USD in order to learn more about the selling of physical products, then maybe you could consider Wholesale Ted.  

The dynamic duo teams up to bring you some education at a reasonable price – especially when compared to other coaching courses that are rated at several thousand dollars and may not be as thorough as Wholesale Ted.

I know of a guy by the name of Phil who did something a little more in-depth than Wholesale Ted for the Amazon FBA industry – it was called the Ultimate Amazon Seller, and it was marketing as an internet-based training, mentorship, coaching program as well. 

What Phil has done was build a video-recorded set of training modules that dig deeper into concepts and recurring questions that are frequently seen in new entrepreneurs (or seasoned businesspeople) getting their fresh start in the Amazon FBA. 

The types of questions addressed can be really complex, or just some simple and face-value concepts, a few of which that are commonly asked have included:

  • Whether a business license should be acquired before, during, or after launching the Amazon business out of your own home
  • Whether a post office box, UPS box, or another form of mail delivery system is required to run something like this from the comfort of your home while still protecting your family during your business operations (and other safety concerns that could arise during the exploration of your logistics)
  • Haggling with your potential future supplier and building a good relationship once you’ve completed the negotiation stage(s)
  • His training even goes so far as to direct what you should – and shouldn’t – do along your journey if you have aspirations of building a brand that can get recognized and prepared for an exit strategy (which goes back to the idea of a Mergers and Acquisitions offer, where someone can offer to buy your brand from you for a sizeable amount of cash)

One thing that I always encourage newbies to the internet marketing space is to ask themselves a simple, but pivotal, question when it comes to wondering if they can trust a coach or mentor with their own coaching course – especially ones that charge high amounts just to have newbies as members:

Why are these self-proclaimed coaches actually hosting a course with a membership base or following when they have this know-how to supposedly continue earning their profits through what they’re teaching you?

It’s a fair question – and it stands to reason that anyone should ask this kind of thing to a mentor or coach because their members are your competitors. 

The people that are supposedly your fellow members in a program like this are also trying to turn a profit just like you –

But what about when there are only 10 to 15 spots on the first page of Amazon search results –

Most likely, there are more than 10 to 15 members in each of these coaching programs (and there are tons of mentoring programs revolving around Amazon FBA) and they might not be so forthright to give you answers that will actually help you if they are also trying to make some profits online just like you…

Especially if they’re a competitor to the same product that you’re trying to pedal on Amazon. 

It’s noble to think that coaches are here to help you, but they’re also your competition in a business model like this – just like all the student members that have bought in as you are considering doing right now. 

In the world of entrepreneurship – especially online – the profitable exchange of information seems to be the one thing that will always keep profits flowing online. 

How can that be? 

For one, it’s the most rapidly expanding and highest profit-margin producing industry that I’ve ever heard of. 

Think about what the coaches are doing – they’re marketing a product that only costs them a couple of minutes to set up a password when a customer and new member that just bought into their coaching and mentoring program is patiently waiting for their transaction to be responded to. 

What isn’t the mentor and coach having to deal with, since the information product isn’t a physical item being sold?

  • No order fulfillment (outside of setting up a user account) is required
  • The concern of goods arriving broken is unheard of since no physical item is shipped
  • Requests for refunds might as well be null and void because you can’t take knowledge away from someone – thus rendering each sale of a membership package essentially a final sale
  • Customer service nonsense really doesn’t exist because there’s no need to take questions about shipping times and order fulfillment as nothing physical – yet again – could be shipped
  • There’s really no cost of goods sold or other headaches involved with digital products like coaching programs

How awesome would it be to have a digital, recorded program that you do one time? 

Think about it…

You record the videos and examples, put them all together on one password-protected platform, and you don’t have to work on that project ever again if you really didn’t want to. 

You could continue to sell that digital asset of information repeatedly and possibly never have to do any extra work when new orders come in and more buyers come out of the woodwork. 

Additionally, there’s really no limit on the production of the product because you’ve done it one time and can have multiple students accessing the platform at any given time around the world. 

It’s infinitely scalable, genuinely hands off, and a treasure for most people that have information which others seek passionately to acquire. 

This also means that you can keep just about every bit of the money that you collect for that digital product – leading to nearly 100 percent in commissions per sale of your training platform. 

Why am I bringing this up? 

I’m making a point of this simply to bring out the fact that local lead generation requires nothing more than digital real estate that you can rent out to small businesses month after month, and have those businesses – who have a marketing budget – to continue paying you for years after you’ve done something one time for them. 

How Local Lead Generation is the #1 Option for Online Business in 2019

The fact that this lead gen business model is entirely digital is absolutely incredible, severely low-cost, and able to deliver plentiful returns that the selling of physical products could – in my eyes – never compete with. 

Whether a business model can be found as sustainable and evergreen is also an important factor for evaluating if it’s worth your time and investment of entering into. 

Ask yourself about why coaches have decided to start their coaching program if they already know how to turn profits on the internet with what they are claiming they can teach you? 

If the coach was so successful at this strategy of business online, are they still having success with it or only coaching? 

Did they really fail at this business and switch to coaching because things got too hard in the marketplace? 

If I were going to spend my hard-earned money in the trust of someone who liked to tell me that they knew what they training me how to do…

I’d want to know how they’re doing with that program on their own before they actually begin training me – especially if they’re wanting me to pay them several grand to “show me how it’s done.” 

The truth is that local small businesses have a job to do in our day and age. 

  • We have electricity, so we need an electrician
  • We have plumbing, so plumbers are on-call most of the day
  • Attorneys need to find more people that they can help
  • New dentists need to establish a base of clientele
  • Chiropractors seek to help people with pain but understand that insurance is funny sometimes

These kinds of businesses – and so many more – desperately need the help of someone who knows how to generate leads online using free traffic! 

These types of small businesses are proficient in their craft – and often times don’t have the means (or the time) to go learning about how to use the internet to their advantage and bring in customers from it. 

This means there’s an opportunity for us to come in, solve a problem, and receive a cut of the results – which also means cash in our pockets from the value that we can bring to the table. 

How does small business local lead generation work? 

Well, we have our coaching program in lead generation that we can introduce you to so you can be a part of the community that is teaching people how to succeed in the marketplace with what we do – and can do so from the comfort of their own home if they so wish. 

Here’s a brief overview of how this works:

  • Build and rank a lead gen site
  • Profit nearly 100% in passive income
  • Do it again for the same industry in a nearby city or with a different industry in the same city

There’s not that much more to the situation – and I’m not exactly oversimplifying the process because the whole deal is simple.  

Let’s get a little more specific for those that are skeptical still…

  1. Piece together a lead gen site
  2. Get it on Google search results
  3. Push it to the top of the marketplace
  4. It produces sales leads for a specific kind of product or service
  5. Send those leads to a local business
  6. Local business pays BIG BUCKS to work with you long-term

Are you prepared to have a future where the technology that nearly everyone in the world is using is leveraged and positioned to work for you and make you some money? 

In addition to giving me the time and financial freedom to build a blog like this – where I buy in, try, and review the courses that are said to give you the means to make a ton of money online – the local lead generation coaching program that I learned from (with the same coach as when I got started in 2014 – his name is Dan; he’s kind of cool) has also given me the following benefits that I enjoy daily:

  • Simply little to no competition in the marketplace: since no one else virtually knows how to do what we do, we can go in and help business in any industry and city
  • If you want to work in your pajamas, you get to decide what your company dress code is
  • No need to ask anyone for permission to take a vacation – if there’s money in the bank and your passive income is going to sustain you while you’re out on your trip, then have a great trip.  If not, then just work this business model a little more until you’ve built up the passive income streams so you can make money while you’re having your vacation (yeah, it’s possible, and it’s pretty cool too)
  • If the business owner wants to do it themselves, you could charge a consulting fee and show them what you know; if they want you to do it for them, then you have a great opportunity to provide for their business what they hear others in their community talking about – bringing in more business online – but yet they haven’t found someone who really knows how to do it.  After learning what we do in local lead generation, you can be their go-to person for their digital marketing needs for a very long time
  • The business model is exactly like what Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft have done to build their business model: generate leads and deliver them to the business owners that are looking to expand
  • Don’t want a second job?  Perfect!  We position our lead gen sites to work off of free traffic all day, every day, so you can rest easy knowing that the internet is truly doing work for your home business.  After we rank our lead gen websites, you don’t really have to do anything else with it
  • And tons of many other awesome things that I’d just be taking up space with to keep running my mouth about (well, my fingers, because I am typing this after all)
  • Financial independence – no more relying on a company that can deem you dispensable at any given time, with or without warning.  You can learn a new high-income skill in our local lead generation coaching program and ensure that you are prepared for a future where you can generate profits online for yourself (without having to “look for a job” anymore)
  • If you think Doctors and Lawyers are the only ones who have the monopoly on large volumes of income, you’d better reevaluate that line of thinking!  I’m pulling in a multiple 6 figures every single year – which translates to about $50,000 in monthly income.  I didn’t get there overnight, but with this business model – I was able to put together passive streams of income all across North America that are now continuing to pay me month after month, for little to no effort.

This is what is possible with local lead generation — you can dominate the marketplace and take all the customers to the small business you partner with (see below)

When the internet is going to bat for and on your behalf, helping you to get paid, you can make better life decisions – like:

  • Whether or not that $35k corporate career job (if it’s worthy of that title) demands that you stick with it for 30 years and hope that you get a few cents-worth of a raise every three years… or not. 
  • Whether your current vehicle your driving is safe or if you need to go and purchase a new one

When you’ve got financial independence and confidence with time on your side, you start looking at the world differently and thinking about what else you’ve wanted to do in life. 

For some, they like volunteering their time and helping where they can – just because they can.

If you want something out of life, local lead generation can be the vehicle to helping you achieve those things. 

If you’ve been looking for a skill that you can leverage repeatedly to build wealth, we know that every business is hoping to acquire more customers in some way – that’s how they continue to keep their doors open… so why not hire you in a passive, recurring manner for bringing them more buyers?

Consider building a business from home that local businesses not only need but have a budget for and can count on for years to come – because that’s when good things begin to happen in the lives of people in our coaching program

Start learning how you can be making $750 a month like what I’ve done with a company that gets tons of business in Lansing, Michigan and has been paying me for years for the 6 hours of work this took. (see below)

Hit me up already so we can talk about your future goals and business venture options!