Client Acquisition & Inner Circle by Frank Kern – Unbiased Review

If you’re looking for a mentor that is beyond talented with his internet marketing skills, then you should be like Mr. Frank Kern when you grow up.

Hey, we have to have a little fun when we’re blogging, right?

I’ve been looking online for mentors for quite some time in order to find strategies and methods in which to increase my game in the digital marketing sphere. 

Since there are so many coaches out there claiming that they know how to make it happen for you and all you have to do is pay them tons of money to make it happen, what they don’t tell you is that they’re selling you information in exchange for the boat-load of cash that they’re trying to get out of you. 

That’s not all of the mentors and coaches out there, to say the least.

There are some really good ones.

When I quit my job in 2015, it was because a mentor named Dan was able to help me learn the high-income skill of local lead generation with free traffic to be able to make $10k in passive, monthly income within a year of starting the coaching program

I did it from the same lead gen site that’s still paying me $750 to this day, and it’s real passive income that’s still on the internet using free traffic (see below):

To this day, I’m still using that information to rake in a habitual $45k+ each and every month. 

Why am I putting this out there?

For a few reasons, actually:

  1. To let you know that making money on the internet is real, and it doesn’t have to be as hard as others make it out to be
  2. That said, you still need to invest some diligent effort, time, and resources in order to get good at something that can help you bring value to the marketplace and get paid for giving of yourself
  3. I’m speaking from experience on this blog, and to remind you that you can do this too!

Part of being successful online means being able to have access to the eyes and ears of someone who has paved the way before you. 

For some, they need to learn a high-income skill in addition to learning how to run a business from a laptop by someone who has done that very thing.

For others, especially those that are already successful in their respective entrepreneurial endeavor, they are just looking for someone that can advise and help take their efforts to the next level. 

What does the next level mean?

It can mean anything the individual wants it to mean.

You got into business to be independent and live life on your terms.

Now that you’re here, you get to create the life of your dreams with the vehicle of business taking you to your destination – provided you commit to doing everything you need to do in order get the vehicle in motion. 

Mr. Frank Kern has been known by many as a resource to guide people toward getting their vehicle going when they don’t know how to start or progress at a certain hurdle in their business.

If you’re brand new, then getting started could be your biggest hiccup.

If you’re a seasoned businessperson, there are obviously different hurdles that you’re facing right now and could still use an experienced third-party’s vantage point on what you’re doing in order to progress.

Am I saying that any of this is a requirement? 


As stated before, it’s your business and your life to do with as you please. 

What I am saying is that it’s probably a good idea to get moving forward with a little bit of assistance. 

Since the majority of people get involved with the laptop lifestyle bit of hope for a brighter future that stems from some form of marketing online, what better person for a mentor than the man that has committed to helping you progress in your internet marketing career.

Let’s take a closer look at whether this guy can be a great fit for what you’re needing in your business venture right now. 

Inner Circle by Frank Kern – Review

For a while, Mr. Kern has helped numerous people in digital marketing to figure out a way to achieve what they’ve been hoping to accomplish for quite some time.

And, in that quite some time, he’s actually produced a number of programs with one purpose in mind – to help the marketplace of entrepreneurs. 

It’s not every day that you find someone as genuinely good-hearted as Frank to see problems and find a solution to the problem. 

There’s nothing wrong with charging for the solution – after all, he needs to eat, too. 

However, if that solution can help get someone unstuck in their business and moving in the direction of generating revenue, then their investment in Frank’s solution can actually possess a numerical value that can be best described as a return on investment (ROI). 

In fact, Mr. Kern provides sales principles (among other forms of counseling and advising in marketing online) that may seem old school when you hear about them, but you’ll quickly learn that he’s able to craft them into a sensible and real-life application for our current era. 

I’d like to propose the following key points for your consideration regarding the Inner Circle by Frank Kern:

  1. Close-Stacking

If you have an offer, chances are that it could use a little more kick when you’re pitching it to a prospective buyer. 

If you’re an avid follower of Mr. Frank Kern, you might recognize what this actually is that he is referring to. 

In essence, his revelation at the end of the conversation about important points that stir up emotion in the recipient can actually turn the sales conversation from a casual pitch to one that spins the offer into something that the prospective client simply cannot resist but to buy and get involved in what you’re sharing with them.  The Formula for the Ultimate Offer

2. This is definitely a higher level concept.  

In fact, it’s often used or referenced in programs or companies that are trying to close higher-ticket priced deals. 

Another name for this sequence of events is the Pitch Anything – to Anyone. 

While pitching can have a negative connotation to it, let’s take a step back and better understand what role salespeople play in the world of business.

Mr. Brian Carruthers, a person who has been in the Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) distribution plan of compensation structures for as long as I’ve known him, has consistently pointed out to his marketing team (or any audiences that he’s been invited to speak in front of, for that matter) that when you’re in the world of working for a business – which is everyone, since businesses employ people –

You’re either working to make a sale, or you’re in support of someone who is out there every single day and trying to land a sale. 

They are the gatekeepers of cash flow and the people that keep a business thriving.

As digital marketers, you’re not necessarily the salesperson for a business that you’re partnering with, but you are definitely an instrumental role of responsibility in getting those conversations occurring. 

In order to make more money, you have to prove that you are more valuable than the wage that someone else thinks you are worth. 

By learning to pitch, you are increasing your personal skills to produce more income – for both yourself and the business that you could be lined up to help expand and grow. 

3. Going Big: How to Grow with the Internet’s Help in 6 Easy Steps (what
Frank likes to refer to as the magic steps of business development)

4. Positioning Yourself with Authority

This is something that I don’t think enough people really take the time to think about or realize. 

When you carry…

  • Public trust
  • Community credibility
  • Industry mainstream branding
  • The title of published author, or better – bestseller

…there’s a very good chance that the audience you’re targeting will begin to pay a little more attention to you – and may even help to make landing sales appointments even easier (if you do them). 

Those four keys (mentioned above) are what you can acquire within the Inner Circle by Frank Kern.

That’s just one of many things that this guy can offer you to help you improve your business and work ethic. 

In bonus content to the Inner Circle, I think I remember seeing something about mindset training; if you’re new to business it’s very important to get your mind right. 

I think it was the P90X program published by Beach Body that had a fitness trainer named Tony Horton that would always advocate that, during challenging and lengthy fitness training regimens, you really need to take a moment to “get your mind right.” 

In order to persevere in the world of entrepreneurship, nothing could be more spot on than this very claim. 

Even though the information is generally the same, I’m confident that there are several reason for Mr. Frank Kern delivering his Inner Circle Program for a few different barriers of entry:

  • $1,000 every month for the biggest package and maximum access to resources you would need
  • $750 for the middle-class entrepreneur that is either launched or could use some help but just doesn’t quite have the financing to get the greater package
  • $500 in monthly membership fees which caters to those that are seeking just the bare bones of information to get started and move quickly into profit mode

That’s not to say that everyone should only get the $500.00 level membership and call it a day.

Remember, this guy has been around awhile and witnessed a lot of changes in how business operates. 

If anything, we should be knocking on the guy’s door and handing him our bank accounts so we can learn what he did to hit it big – and how he’s helped so many others that are trying to do what we’re doing so we can see the patterns and follow the path of least resistance. 

Okay, so the bank account statement might have been a little overkill, but it’s not too far off from the metaphorical truth to the value that Kern tries to bring to people that are seeking advice and need that extra nudge to move forward. 

When quality is of utmost importance in your efforts to get things going in business, you really can do right by investing in the resources made available through Frank. 

Where was a gentleman named Karl who hosted an interview with Frank Kern; he was actually one of Frank’s clients that was able to move his business from only four or five figures a month (on the left side of the decimal, for anyone who is reading this and thinking of criticizing the conversation here) to well over $5 million in gross revenue for the coaching industry that Karl was serving. 

How did Karl do this?

Simple; he invested in the wisdom and knowledge that Mr. Kern made available in the Inner Circle mentor and mastermind program. 

I’m convinced that Mr. Kern really knows what he’s talking about, demonstrating, and encouraging others in the internet marketing community (which is an all-encompassing umbrella that spans a large volume of sectors in the digital marketing community). 

Those involved in his programs, or have even been exposed to the email messages or marketing videos that Frank has published online, can also attest to the wisdom this gentleman has.

Why would I say that?

Frank has taken his digital resources and web properties from start-up and brand new pieces of virtual real estate – and turned them into the massively influential points of magnetic attraction for his brand that we’ve come to know today, and many of his followers only hope to one-day duplicate. 

Frank claims that it really isn’t that hard, but work is involved and it has to well thought-out, strategic efforts that encompass the 4 keys we discussed just above. 

Here are a few mastery aspects that Frank has utilized:

  • Incorporating a pre-recorded webinar in a marketing funnel so he can simply be looked at by the targeted traffic as an authority with significant credible for what he does
  • Mastering copywriting on the internet in order to craft an appealing, irresistible message that inspires people to take action on his paid traffic strategies

A student of what the digital marketing animal truly is, he tries to find unique approaches to achieve different and unheard of angles for psychological weapons that pierce through resistance or objections to land deals – over and over again. 

In case you’re wondering about whether Frank’s ideologies can work for you and in your specific industry, I can assure that they are very applicable to a wide variety of digital marketing industries and even the most obscure of sales needs. 

There are other sales mentors across the nation, and Frank just so happened to be ranked among the best. 

In no particular order, even though I’m writing a blog, here’s who I try to take pointers from:

  • Jordan Belfort
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Jordan Knight
  • Grant Cardone
  • Frank Kern

Those are some notorious names in the internet marketing and sales world, and Frank deserves every bit of street credibility because he’s been in the trenches and earned his stripes just like every other name on that short list here. 

He may play the old-school card upon initial approach, but this clever son-of-a-gun has got the goods on appropriating old information to work to anyone’s advantage if they take action on the advice given. 

What else does he offer?

There’s a lot, but I’ll share with you a few more things:

  • Email Marketing Recommendations
  • Modern Day Sales Funnels
  • Sales Strategy, Techniques and Standard Procedures that Frank Personally Uses (to this day)

When you’re looking to be in the know with digital marketing’s top dogs, people pay attention when Frank talks (notice I’ve often referred to him as Mr. Kern) and people respect him as the marketing giant that he is. 

Just like everyone in business though, he didn’t start out that way; he earned his way. 

Frank Kern’s Client Acquisition System in Review

I had to include another course that Frank offers because it’s just that good.

We’ve discussed that Mr. Kern has multiple courses out, countless resources for you to look into, learn from, and improve yourself upon, but nothing beats the ability to keep a business endeavor alive like learning exactly what it takes to rake more customers by the bushel. 

Here’s a brief look into what you could receive when you join the Client Acquisition System by Frank Kern:

  • Backwards Planning – what some call Reverse Engineering

We’re not all engineers that get involved in the world of network marketing. 

From science to art, blue collar to white collar, and everything in between, the digital marketing world is filled with people who are mutually related on one simple thing: they want things better than they currently have it. 

Part of being able to get from point a to point b in the game of life and business is that you need to be able to have a clear understanding of where you want to arrive: business schools call that a vision. 

In a business communication class, I learned how this actually lines up: companies declare their values and mission because they support and drive their business operation to achieve the vision that they wish to see in this world. 

While businesses piece these things together from the early days of launching the company, we need to be able to establish a vision (at the very least) so that we can have a clear and direct line of sight of where to go. 

Once we have that vision in our sights, we need to now recognize where we currently are and begin to map out the exact steps required in order for us to arrive at our destination.

I get it, this is business and not a family road trip. 

However, there’s going to be a lot of deviation and distraction opportunities along your path; by reverse engineering your steps to get to where you want to be (which is also known as “backward planning” your road to success), you can then steer yourself back on to course with achieving your goal when something in the way of life events or unexpected turmoil knocks you off the beaten path. 

It’s more than just a singular achievement, however.

Most of us got into entrepreneurship and business because we wanted a better lifestyle in addition to simply building a business to have more money.  

I remember hearing Mr. Grant Cardone talk about how money shouldn’t be the end result, but what it can enable you to achieve once you have that resource – that’s what should drive our endeavors daily.

  • Figure out what your prices are – and set them
  • Locate your high-income skill and put it to work to bring in revenue so you can call yourself an entrepreneur with predictable cash flow. 

When I got started in local lead generation, I didn’t make it to $10k and quit my 9 to 5 with a nice passive monthly income at that size by writing down the mission, vision, and values of a company or even registering a company, to begin with. 

If you want to say that you have a business, then you need to have cash flow from customers that you’re providing value for. 

Once you have customers, then every other piece of the puzzle can fall into place because you’re now funding your business with cash flow from clients that you’ve acquired and continue to serve in an ongoing manner. 

What’s cool about my lead gen business model is that I only had to set up a lead gen site one time – like this tree service site in Grand Rapids, MI.  I only worked on that thing for a grand total of 6 hours and it’s been paying me $2,000 every single month since 2014. 

See it for yourself (see below):

The high-level skill that I put to work each and every day is bringing more customers to small businesses so they can pay me for life. 

If you don’t have a high-income skill yet, I’d like to highly encourage that you figure out what you love to do, or you can check out our coaching program where you can see the exact steps I took to not only quit my job inside of a year’s time…

You’ll get to see the same things that I did in that 1 year that I still do (to this day) to maintain my $50,000 per month side hustle – which gives me the time freedom to write a blog post like this for you each and every day. 

  • Become the Most Valuable Business Person (MVP) in your marketplace with your high-income skill and you can be sure that you’ll always have people that need what you have to offer – and can afford to pay you handsomely for serving them
  • Identify ways that you can connect – and have a conversation – with the people that can afford to buy from you in the method that causes the least amount of resistance for you two to get some quality conversation time and learn more about each other
  • Figuring out what it takes – and then actually committing – to shift everyone that is in the marketplace that could buy from you out of the obscure space of not knowing about you or never having heard of you into becoming genuinely interested in your offer, product, or service
  • Closing methods to land deals more consistently and some collaborate strategies that have never been seen before

The Client Acquisition System definitely has some meat and potatoes to what it’s dishing out. 

The good things about the Client Acquisition System

When there are good and bad things about everything, it’s worth taking the time to analyze whether the program is actually going to be a good fit for you. 

  • With the interview-takeaway approach that you can learn more about in the Client Acquisition System, I really like that and a few other tips to close deals through the telephone (which means fewer problems in actually getting in-person face time – imagine making money from a distance)
  • Sound coaching that is rather applicable to most industries – including that of service providers for local markets
  • Sometimes it takes a while to work on warming up the people that either won’t be ready to buy from you or just acknowledge that things aren’t a good fit – at first.  Learn the tips and tricks that Frank – himself – uses to get people into a buying mood, slowly but steadily.  

What I didn’t like about the Frank Kern’s Client Acquisition System

  • I like the grind as much as the next hustling businessperson.  However, the content seems rather broad to where I’m not sure where to start in trying to take the information and make it applicable to an industry that I would want to use the information for. 
  • Maybe a plethora of case studies and more specificity in the illustrations of how this information can work would be a better asset to position this program as the end all, be all of the business development efforts
  • Just like Mr. Grant Cardone talks about, the notion of omnipresence – being seen everywhere – is a stellar idea and I hope that most businesses can achieve becoming a name that someone else you didn’t know personally would utter on their blog (see what I did there). 

Since this is an internet marketing course, however, I just think that the ideal clients of this program would be better served if they were given higher-level techniques that they could learn and use immediately.

This included the idea of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and other things that aren’t just theory but can be used for the long-term when they’re done learning from Frank’s lessons and prepared to implement things into their own business

  • Prospecting and lead generation skills could be further expounded upon.

Remember, I was running my own, successful digital marketing company when I stumbled upon Frank Kern’s program and decided to scope it out so I could learn from him and write a blog about the programs that he offers. 

At a base of $50,000 in profits every single month from free traffic in local lead generation for small businesses, you can be certain that I’ve got the time and resources to give Frank Kern’s programs a solid test. 

I just wanted to find out if the content with the course was going to be worth the squeeze and let you know if I would recommend to you to get started with your membership to his mindset mentoring platforms.    

It’s important to me, from a business owner standpoint, to know more than one method to generate traffic online and test them all out for myself. 

I can’t really do that if I were exclusively taking Frank Kern’s advice through his mindset training programs. 

That’s not to insult the guy; he’s done great things and really knows what he’s doing when it comes to working the industry’s techniques to his company’s and coaching program’s needs. 

As for the instructional side of what he provides for his following, I wish there were more. 

It’s that simple. 

You, as a business owner – especially a brand new entrepreneur in the online community, trying to start something from home with only a laptop, an internet connection, and an ambition for something better in your future – need to know what to try in order to get more attention for your business venture on the internet. 

That means being able to learn search engine optimization (SEO), paid traffic advertising in the digital arena (like Facebook Ads, Google Ads – formerly Google AdWords and known to many as PPC or Pay Per Click)…

That way, you can do what it takes to try and get more people into the spectrum of being a lead – or someone that leads to a potential sale for services or products through you and your business.

If you can’t fill up your pipeline, that means you’re not landing meetings or sales appointments; that’s step one for opening a business – you’ve got to be able to make a deal, land a sale, and serve someone to the highest level. 

In that way, you can now develop testimonials and leverage those success stories in order to acquire more customers because you’re not building trust and a good, solid reputation in the community. 

It all begins with one – and that one customer is acquired through digital advertising strategies online, which I wish were taught more in-depth in the Client Acquisition System by Frank Kern. 

Why Local Lead Generation Helps New Entrepreneurs Profit Quickly in 2019

I won’t take anything away from the guy; Frank Kern is a force to be reckoned with and noticed in the world of internet marketing. 

There are tons of things that he publishes and provides to those on the internet – especially in the internet marketing community – that can merit tons of positive value out of the coaching made available from him through digital recordings and online training access to in-person masterminds and other forms of coaching sessions with Frank. 

That said, the majority of his following already has a product or service that they can give value to the local community with – and they have thriving businesses that help to afford the expensive opportunities that Frank Kern makes available to anyone that can afford them – let’s recognize it for what it is; it’s a business. 

If you’re among the people reading this blog that actually don’t have a business quite yet, or you’re sitting on a couch reading this on your laptop and considering options to start a business, then Mr. Kern’s programs may not be the most awesome fit for you.

You’re going to do what you want, and I welcome you to make your own choices in life. 

From an experienced business owner that started from nothing, living in downtown Detroit, Michigan and working a corporate 9 to 5 that expected me to walk in deep snow during blistering cold, heavily laden snowy, northern winter months –

There was a time that I wanted my day job to pay me just a little bit more or advance me some cash so I could drive to work instead… Frank Kern’s programs can wait.

After being told no and being challenged to keep my mouth shut or I can kiss the measly $35k annual salary goodbye for talking out of turn to the owner of the company (all I wanted was to have a better, warmer commute twice a day)…

I wanted something better and started looking online for a way to make more money in a side hustle that wouldn’t interfere with what I already had going on in my work day. 

If you can relate to anything that I’ve just described, and you either want to quit your job, have more money coming into the household, or simply want more time freedom and less stress from how you’re going to afford to turn the heat on during the winter or put food in your cupboards…

Then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere than a program that only seems to work on mindset. 

If you don’t have a skill that you can bring to the marketplace, then you’re probably not going to go very far in the internet marketing world nor generating an income online from home on a part-time basis. 

If you want to learn a high-income skill that you can use to make money from home and try to do what I did – quit my full-time 9 to 5 corporate gig within the time span of a year since starting this lead gen coaching program, then click on those highlighted words and let’s talk about what you’re looking to accomplish. 

What I did to quit my job with this business model was ridiculously simple:

  • Found a city and industry that could benefit from having more buyers
  • Fixed up a lead gen site really quick and ranked it on search results
  • Got free traffic on the web to help me make a ton of passive income
  • Rinse and Repeat

This map listing is the byproduct of this method — this is what pays me the passive income I love living with so much, and you could do it to (see below):

This is my #1 online work from home pick to launch your side hustle business on the internet. 

When you’re dominating search results, as you could be (like in the picture above), you can essentially be paid handsomely because you’re doing what business owners already want to do with the internet: use it to bring in more customers!

That’s not just because the business model has been good to me, but because I’ve seen it work wonders for other people just like me – the average, everyday person that simply wanted something more. 

You’ll get to learn from the same guy that taught me everything I needed to know to now be job free and collect over $45k+ every month. 

Money isn’t everything, though.  Here’s what else this business model can give you that masterminds and mindset training – although good content that I wouldn’t shy away from –

It won’t help a brand new business owner to enjoy massive profits and the following added benefits to lead gen for small business:

  • A rapidly expandable business model that you can continue to serve more and more clients in any city and any local business industry
  • Follow a proven business model to make profits online since it’s exactly what Airbnb and Uber do: use the free traffic from search results (never paid traffic through digital ads) to consistently bring more buyers to local business owners – who pay loads of money and good tidings as their way of begging you to keep bringing them more customers
  • PASSIVE INCOME and HIGH-PROFIT MARGINS so you can work less, make more money, and have the time freedom to enjoy the financial freedom (yes, this business model really can do that if you work on it the way we train in the coaching program)
  • Mastermind with people who’ve been doing this business model for years with our Private Facebook Group so you’re in business for yourself but luckily never by yourself
  • Work in Jammies and skip working for that day if you don’t want to – you’re in charge now
  • Work while on vacation or let the passive income go to work in getting you more money while you’re on vacation; with free traffic, you can sleep while you get paid from the internet now
  • Rake in more money than physicians or specialized, high-end attorneys in a year’s time – you’ll build up to it like I did if you want, but the juice is worth the squeeze – I’m telling you!

If you want to fire your boss or quit your 9 to 5 job (as I had), Frank’s course may not be the immediate fix to your situation or give you the strategies that you’re looking to put to work for you to make instant cash from the internet.

I’m not saying that the local lead gen business model is going to help you print money from opening your laptop – there’s work involved and the training is rigorous – but it’s still the easiest thing on the internet, and my blog posts have reviewed a lot of mentoring and coaching programs online thus far. 

You can read them if you want, or you can have a conversation with me about what you’re wanting out of your business ventures in the future – and how ranking something like this on Google can help you make more passive income than you’ve been able to in your whole life up to this point (see below)

That was proof of what this coaching program for lead generation has taught me to be able to accomplish.  While no one really cares where something is ranked on Google…

The business who is paying me $750 for limo rental service requests in Lansing, Michigan cares because they’re getting buying customers from that every month out of the year – and that’s why they pay me for my lead gen site that looks like this (see below):

Frank Kern really knows what it takes to break down marketing concepts and theories into digestible bits of information that we can appreciate and gain confidence in business with.  He’s a well-spoken gentleman and with outstanding demeanor, a wealth of knowledge, and guy that I think anyone would be lucky to have as a coach – when they’re successful in reach a good $20,000 in monthly revenue first.

If you’re looking to start a business online in tandem with his training, I think it could be a great compliment to a future entrepreneur; however, if you’ve only got the start-up capital to launch one business model from scratch, my advice is to go with lead gen sites for passive income that you can build upon every single month to expand your passive income on a part-time basis. 

With his tactics, you could probably land yourself some $20k in a monthly deal at some point in your career, but you’ve got to begin somewhere – and that’s what I did only a handful of years ago that helped me to quit the full-time, corporate 9 to 5: I got started with the local lead generation coaching program. 

We’re looking for someone who wants to get started with making money online.  If that’s you, contact me here and let’s chat it up.