AWOL Academy Affiliate Marketing by Keala Kanae – Unbiased Review

Established by a gentleman who enjoys inspiring his students to begin an affiliate marketing business, Mr. Kaela Kanae launched a training program known as the AWOL Academy. 

Despite the interesting name, he preaches a variety of strategies to turn profits online:

  • Paid advertising methods to drive web traffic (loaded with potential buyers) through
  • Facebook Ads & PPC (Pay Per Click, also known as Google Ads)
  • Guiding those prospective buyers to landing pages to offer them something to buy
  • Collecting consumer email addresses as a way to keep in touch
  • Then, leveraging email marketing to stay in front of those people and offer them more opportunities to buy something from you

I am rather sure it was Grant Cardone – a master of sales and a real estate mogul – who I had first heard suggest that the best way to get sales is to stay in front of your prospective buyers and continuously follow-up more than anyone else ever has. 

If I remember correctly, Mr. Cardone went on to openly claim that most sales aren’t acquired because the individual attempting to land the sale refuses to do what is necessary to follow-up sufficiently in order to:

  • educate the prospective buyer,
  • put their mind at ease with any questions they might have,
  • and close the deal. 

Most accomplished salespeople, then, perhaps seem to know that the majority of deals actually happen between the 6th and 12th follow-up attempt where they can actually connect with the soon-to-be new customer and actually engage in such meaningful dialogue that a relationship is finally built…

From there, trust can be exchanged, and buying decisions can comfortably occur. 

If it happens in-person with business-to-business sales associates, then there’s no doubt that the same can be possible with buyers on the world wide web. 

Stay in front of someone long enough, and they just may get worn down to where they can comfortable discontinue resisting what you have to say and give in long enough for your message to finally get through to their thoughts – thereby allowing your product to get a fair shake of consideration for purchase.

Through all of these paid advertising methods and landing pages, then gather email addresses for email marketing, to promote to an audience with more offers – this all translates into staying in front of potential customers long enough to try and inspire more and more to make a buying decision. 

Now, I had heard of Grant long before I’d ever heard of Kaela Kanae and the AWOL Academy. 

It may, then, be fair to assume that either this guy has heard of Grant, or Grant has heard of Kaela. 

Either way, these people are both well-accomplished if they know enough about marketing to make the effort – and put systems in place – to stay in front of people that they want to buy from them. 

What else is cool about the AWOL Academy is that Kanae offers those in his program the ability to spread the word about the coaching program in the manner of being an affiliate marketer.  

In all honesty, this is something I get a little bothered emotionally by –

If I’m going to be interested in participating in a coaching program, I would much prefer to learn about it based on its own merits. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with someone getting referred into the program, but I seem to question the motives of the program overall if the current student body is promoting the business opportunity and receiving compensation for it; does that make this program more of a multi-level marketing compensation system (MLM) or matching that of a Network Marketing model? 

I can’t help but ask myself if the founder is open to taking the cash of these people that get referred over in a work from home type of advertisement because he’s cool with people selling the system in a business opportunity lens instead of getting branded as the best work from home course on the world wide web. 

With the cycle of having new students push the program to prospective students, then where is money really being produced by the students of the program? 

Can the training within AWOL Academy by Kaela Kanae stand on its own?

Is the training within this program so authentic that, point by point, members can generate profits exclusively from operating under the information contained in its training modules within the member’s area? 

Maybe the founder of this program is only making money by teaching others how to market affiliate offers with the AWOL Academy itself but may not know how to promote offers as an affiliate marketer for himself to turn a profit. 

I didn’t know the guy before getting involved in this course to write a blog post about the AWOL Academy, and I am not jumping to conclusions here or making accusations. 

If anything, I’m just proposing a question – kind of like an investigative journalist might inquire. 

I’m not above asking the hard questions, but I’m also big enough to know that there are always more than individual sides to any story. 

I can honestly say that the review you’re going to read through today does not contain any sort of promotion for the AWOL Academy. 

I am not an affiliate so I am not going to promote the program. 

Instead, I invested because I wanted to know things were like so I can deliver an unbiased review here. 

You could say that I’m fascinated with the work from home methods around the neighborhood here. 

I also intend to give you my general opinion about the nature of affiliate marketing overall, especially when compared with an online business opportunity.

Can affiliate marketing be compared to what I have found to be the #1 internet marketing based business choice for work from home folks:

Local Lead Generation

I’m more than happy to also provide you with insight into generating money online. 

Read on to find the golden nuggets I’ve acquired in my labors of online entrepreneurship. 

What kind of adventure could I have possibly been on, though? 

Since I’m telling the story here, I’ll share it with ya…

You’ll learn from my unique perspective what my views are about this business model above and how it might correlate (or not combine with) the lead gen model of getting leads through free organic search traffic and sending them to small business owners for a cut off the side in profits. 

It’s this business model here that has allowed me the awesome privilege of walking away from my 9 to 5 that I loathed passionately by the age of 25…

All from doing things like this with lead gen sites online:

That means I never had to deal with a $35,000 annual salary every again, especially since my side-hustle income in local lead generation here was yielding well over 6-figures. 

I can be willing to acknowledge that some people only seek the simple, easy, and quick path to what is afforded to them by someone else.  I didn’t accept the cards I was dealt in with though; I wanted more. 

Read on to learn more about the AWOL Academy, Local Lead Gen (the best business around, I think), and how others are allowing various factors to prevent them from achieving breakthroughs in life.

Brief Overview of the AWOL Academy & What You’ll See Inside

Let’s first talk about the various levels of the AWOL Academy membership entry levels.  You can find different aspects of the training and follow-on privileges accessible to you depending on the level you buy in to:

  • $99 for the Pro Academy (P.A.)
  • $49 for the Income on the Internet Explained Level (IIE)
  • $447 for the Inbox of the Academy (I.A.)
  • $1,797 for the Academy Conversion Training (C.A.)
  • $2,997 for the Academy Approach to Generating Traffic Training (T.A.)
  • $5,497 for the Academy Master Program (M.A.)

Next, let’s further identify what is going on behind the iron curtain of the paid, premium membership requirement before you get to access all the magic of the coaching program. 

AWOL Academy is fundamentally catered toward your learning to leverage paid methods of online, digital advertising to market products as an affiliate.

If that wasn’t straightforward enough, what in the world is affiliate marketing?

This is a type of promotional strategy that leads you toward generating profits online without owning a product or service that you sell; instead, you get to make money by affiliating yourself with another person’s product. 

That means that whenever you help someone else to make a sale, you get to receive a commission for being directly involved in the money exchange for whatever it is that the customer made a purchase for. 

How is this tracked?

Typically, you will have a hyperlink that you get in front of a lot of prospective buyers; the more people that visit the information page for that service or product, and take the specific, guided steps on the website (that should hopefully make it easy to buy), then you get paid.

This probably isn’t the bread and butter that everyone got into digital marketing for…

  • Commissions bring you only 10 percent on the low end and 40 percent on the high end when compared to the sale price
  • The rate of web traffic visitors who convert to making a sale (which leads to your getting paid a commission) is just ridiculously low
  • This means: To generate a reasonable income with affiliate marketing, your volume of web traffic (and hopefully, potential buyers and your ideal target audience are among those website visitors) needs to be super-duper high

The good news that AWOL Academy instructs you on the steps required to leverage the Facebook Advertising platform and buy traffic for your affiliate offer. 

Makes sense; so what’s the problem then?

Did you factor into your profit margin the actual cost of the traffic you’re purchasing through Facebook Ads? 

The profit margin you’re currently making is already low and the near $100 to $300 in daily ad spending – just to get a reasonable amount of attention online – will heartily dig into what you were hoping to pocket. 

Ever heard of ROI (a return on investment)? 

With the need to purchase more and more web traffic daily – and no guarantee of any percentage of that web traffic actually converting into a sale – this means that you can hope to get a return on investment (ROI) from affiliate marketing with this traffic source, but I’ve tried it and can recommend a way to react: don’t hold your breath. 

The Facebook Advertising platform is always open to spending your hard-earned marketing dollars despite if you generate results with your ad strategy or not. 

Still want to give Facebook Ads a shot with your business?  I assure you, they’ll have no problem stepping up to the plate of using your cash for ya. 

Let’s shift gears to the use of emails for a moment…

One of the appeals to the marketplace of AWOL Academy prospective students includes the acquisition of prospective buyer’s email addresses –

Why is that? 

You get to stay in constant contact with these people and pitch them upgrade offers, upsells, and new products – to the same people, especially if they were your customers before.

Does this ring some of the bells in your noggin?

I’m fairly confident we’ve all been through the cycle of a funnel at some point…

  • A Facebook Ad captures your attention
  • You take the desired action (meaning you click on the ad)
  • Upon arriving on a landing page, you feel compelled to give your email address
  • The next thing you know, you’re bombarded with emails and clicking of links inside of each of them

This is the core strategy of email marketing… and it works!

How do I know?

I’m doing this with the very blog you’re reading on. 

It’s effective, and I’m continuing to build my email list regularly. 

However, just like my local lead generation business model – where I’m profiting off the generation of free organic traffic in the search engine – AWOL requires the approach of paid traffic use. 

Therefore, if you don’t land enough buyers in a given day, you’re at a loss with your marketing budget and could stay in the red if you don’t make up your losses in profits on the following day. 

It’s the cat-and-mouse conundrum of using paid digital advertising options to attempt to turn a profit quickly online. 

If you want something to happen faster, then that comes at a premium cost – unfortunately, that higher cost doesn’t always change the margin of risk for the better.

I want to share some insider knowledge with you regarding the use of Facebook Ads.

The costs, performance metrics, and the overall platform fluctuates in its performance more often than I care to think about. 

There’s no real opportunity to set an ad up and simply forget about it; it’ll always be on your mind because you can flip-flop in profit and loss often in the same day, or in successive days, or even week to week. 

How do I know?

I’ve personally tested this strategy. 

In fact, I’ve done a lot with the Facebook Ads platform to attempt to turn a profit with affiliate marketing. 

Think about this in a worst case scenario – and this is just at the lower numbers to keep the example digestible.

  • Spend $35.00 USD just to acquire a sale from a buyer
  • Profits only reach $20.00 USD in any given sale made
  • You’ve paid for the advertising already, so you are already operating at a loss.

So, in the end, affiliate marketing could work in the sense that you’re generating sales. 

What’s the business opportunity really worth to you if you don’t turn a profit because you’re so focused on achieving a sale?

Why I’m Not Sticking with AWOL Academy

If you’re looking for a coaching program that gets really nitty-gritty with specific tactics and caters to the newbies – keep looking… 

The AWOL Academy might be good at what they do in terms of being a profit-making company inherently. 

When it comes to delivering training to students, however, my perception is that the delivery, overview, and subjects are far too broad on occasion. 

You get the mechanics of some of the major aspects of their skill set to take advantage of the profitable opportunities that the internet provides…

  • Brief Overview of Affiliate Marketing
  • Options for Paid Digital Advertising
  • Fundamentals of Email Marketing

Here’s what I don’t think that the new students are getting with the program they invest in at AWOL Academy…

  • Specificity
  • Identifying what industry to target or get oriented toward
  • Determining what’s actually turning a profit in specific niches with advertising strategy
  • How to ensure that you’re only getting seen by highly qualified buyers

If they especially included that last point, then I think there would be more success stories than what is currently presented because this seems to be where most people end up deciding to quit. 

When you’re not in front of the majority of highly qualified buyers, but still buying traffic, then the only remaining insinuation is that you are being seen by people who neither have the capacity nor desire to purchase what you are offering them. 

The broadness of the training course doesn’t end there, unfortunately. 

In my opinion, you’ll get an overview of what it takes to achieve success online by implementing their process with any affiliate offer or product you’d like.

For newbies that aren’t sure about the technicalities and experienced judgments that seasoned professionals make – which just comes with knowing the territory and putting the time in to learn the industry through spending money and making mistakes – I simply can’t advocate for this program. 

I’ll tell ya why I think this way, too. 

Each and every product or offer is catering to a specific industry, which means there are different audience profiles and details that you have to know very well in order to craft an offer that can later turn into profitable results from your digital marketing efforts. 

If you don’t get these details right – which, for a newbie, they often have no idea where to look for these details – you can risk wasting more money than was invested and still suffer by not making a sale. 

I’ll provide you with an example, too. 

It was about a year ago that I paid someone a whole bunch of money (in the range of a sum of 5 figures – on the left side of the decimal) to edify me on what all it took to generate profits like he did as a super affiliate marketer. 

This guy knew his stuff, all the way down to the very detail of how to tweak a Facebook Ad to make it more profitable; he was a pro! 

During this quality 1-on-1 experience of a highly-compensated mentorship, he told me…

  • Why the offer I wanted to make was good or bad
  • The type of ad objective to incorporate in Facebook Advertising
  • The appropriate ad layout that was ideal for that product or offer

This guy just went on and on for what felt like days, pouring all this knowledge and experience into me on what it really took to make something profitable with affiliate promotions. 

Best case scenario: this guy helped me to realize a net profit of $5,000.00. 

What did it take to achieve that?

  • Tons of hard work
  • Constant evaluation of my Facebook Ad performance
  • Building more Facebook Ads and Ad Sets
  • Dealing with account banning or getting shut down, and having to build new ones

It was a project requiring so much attention that I decided not to pursue it; it was more like a second job to me and I didn’t wanna hustle twice as hard in a day when I got done with a full-time job – so why would I suggest to someone that’s considering starting an online business venture to try this?

Take a quick look at a sample ad that resembles what we used for weight loss offer…

A number of details were required for this ad to turn profits for me. 

As an example, if you want to elevate your click through rate (CTR), then the ad has to have an ideal image that’s easy to understand, helps the audience to be distracted long enough to assess the worth of their time in clicking through your advertisement, and tons of other things. 

Consider these factors to escalate your click-through rate if you’re running Facebook Ads (and these are coming from the mouth of a professional that spends more time on this platform than anyone else I know in the internet marketing industry)…

  • If there’s humor or a sexual undertone with the image
  • Dissonance-causing images that carry a sense of ambiguity; if your audience sees your ad and can’t quite tell what’s taking place, that could increase their willingness to take the desired action with your ad
  • If you’re teaching something or the picture looks like it requires some smarts to get it, often times an audience will see value in learning something – and if you can teach them something, or seem like you can, then you could have some increase in your success here
  • If you’ve got a green background, that could be a win in the clickthrough increase
  • If your image shares a clear story arc, or only a portion of your story, curiosity can ensue and arouse an eager want to get some resolve by finding out the rest of the details to the story

The above factors are at work with my above image.  Proof positive; it yielded a 9 percent clickthrough rate on the low end to a good day of a high 12 percent.  In this industry, that’s considered a stellar performance. 

Then, consider that performance in a more specific niche like weight loss; that means the above ad was outstanding since it had this kind of turn out.

If you want to be successful with the AWOL Academy coaching program, I am of the school of thought that you’ll need greater proficiency in the understanding, and skill, to readily assess the performance of a Facebook Ad and know when to take what type of action to make the marketing campaign work in your favor (if there’s a chance of it working at all). 

You’ll need to know more than what this program gives to you in its training platform – at least, that’s how I view things. 

Who am I that thinks I have an opinion about this? 

I’ve operated with paid traffic strategies through having sold physical products and affiliate offers, and free organic methods have been my forte with local lead generation for small business.

I’ve seen how both can deliver great results, but I’ve never actually seen a bad day with free traffic from organic search.

In the end, I have made the decision to walk away from affiliate offers and pedaling those products that I’ve never personally used, mostly because I know I can turn a higher, more reliable profit through lead gen with completely free traffic than I could ever see in the affiliate region with paid traffic online. 

The AWOL Affiliate Option?

You’re going to get to a point in this coaching course where they not only advocate, but teach you, how to tell others about the AWOL Academy via promoting it as an affiliate marketer. 

Can anyone, then, make reasonable income with the training provided exclusively on affiliate marketing if the very company is taking time out of their coaching course to directly strategize – thereby, monetize – with each and every student that comes into their program what it takes to get affiliate commissions with the program? 

Are more students coming to the academy simply because more students promote it, or can it stand on its own as a highly valuable, heavy hitting content course that teaches people how to truly turn a profit online in the best way possible over the internet?

If you’re coaching program is explicitly doubling as an affiliate marketing option, I’d say you’ve just lost face in my eyes. 

Why foster an environment where students can’t tell if what you’re teaching them will work for other products, but you’ll still ask them to personally testify that it’s king above other coaching programs and recommend others to consider trying their hand at entrepreneurship by being your affiliate?

It seems to be a vicious, endless cycle of recruiting affiliates when no one is actually using the training to turn a profit on anything other than promoting the program. 

I’m not saying that’s what happens, but I’m asking the question – and I don’t mind asking the tough questions! 

In terms of finding credibility with a coaching program…

I’d recommend discovering someone that has actually build a business on the side of their efforts to promote a coaching program that you might evaluate getting involved in for yourself. 

I am upfront about promoting the local lead generation coaching program on the very blog you’re reading… and I clearly identify it as the #1 business to start online as a solopreneur. 

The difference, in my eyes, is that I’ve actually established myself as a credible testimonial for the coaching program because my company can be found by a quick Google search of

I have worked hard over the last few years to earn a reputable, respectable income of $50,000.00 in any given month – and this comes in on a passive income method.  That means whether I work on my business or not, I’m still raking in that level of income whether I want it to or not. 

When you get started with the lead gen coaching, you’re going to learn from the same guy that taught me – and he has also generated high figures in this same industry long before ever considering creating a coaching program for people like you and me to look into learning from. 

In it, you don’t exactly get the option to promote the coaching program; what you’re taught is…

  • How to build a lead gen site
  • How to Paste it to the Top of Google Search Results
  • How to Get Paid

Students come here to learn how to make money, and that’s what is taught in the same way that everyone else who comes into the program learns. 

One question I often get includes wondering if this coaching process creates more competition for me and the other students. 

If everyone were to enter the same industry and try to work with the same small business owner(s), then maybe. 

However, you can do this type of business model in any city and in countless industries, meaning an endless supply of local small business owners for you to work with. 

How come not just anyone can promote this program? 

The founder of the coaching program, Dan (that’s his name), this is the guy who you’ll get mentored by – and he’s been teaching the program from the very beginning. 

There are only 3 people that he has given permission to begin advertising about the opportunity. 

We were hand-selected by him since he’s familiar with us, we’re successful with the business model, and he knows our character, authenticity, and that we’re going to tell it like it is. 

We don’t want the integrity of the coaching program violated; this is valuable information and we’re not going to just let anyone pitch the program out there to the masses. 

If you didn’t achieve success with this training, there’s no reason to tell other people they can; we’re not open to having the blind lead the blind here. 

While more profits could be made if more people were permitted to introduce new prospective students to the coaching course, money isn’t everything and that’s not what we’re about here. 

If I were to have any long-standing issue with affiliate marketing, it would be this very concept. 

People who pedal products as affiliates may have (and more often than not) never tried – never considered trying – and probably never will try the product that they’re attempting to turn a profit with. 

As a result, their advertising probably isn’t up to the par that it could be, there’s no heart in their advertising, and it hardly convinces anyone to see the true value behind the product (especially if it’s something so valuable that the target market can’t be without it). 

The non-genuine conduct of other affiliate marketing efforts suggests low-quality in:

  • Video production
  • Content copywriting
  • Poor testimonials (if any of them are actually true)

All they want is a sale!  End of story. 

I hate to say it, but that seems to be the type of affiliate marketing that is taught in the AWOL Academy when it comes to promoting the coaching program intrinsically. 

Think there’s a reason, now, that a simple search for the AWOL Academy online can yield some poor experiences, not-so-handsome reviews, and not-so-inspiring videos through YouTube and other platform?

I’m willing to associate this type of business model more to the multi-level-marketing experience (MLM) or the network marketing model – especially if the newbies in the business haven’t even experienced the potential value that can come from the training. 

They’re still offered the opportunity to promote it – and that irks me to no end. 

I’m all for the hype man at sporting events, live television broadcasts, and so on.  Enthusiasm can be great when it’s in its proper place and implemented effectively. 

Sometimes, testimonials aren’t the most ideal situation for an extreme bombardment of excitement and hype.  If you don’t have anything of value to share, then why are you talking? 

Add to that, if there’s nothing of value that is being delivered to the marketplace, then I think it’s safe to assume that there isn’t anything of value in what you’re representing or trying to pitch either. 

Such is the reputation, in my eyes, with the AWOL Academy. 

They may have some awesome training in what they are delivering content-wise. 

To all the boys and girls of the world, children of all ages, I plead with you not to fall victim to the promises of quick riches. 

If there are zero simple explanations or clear answers to methods, approaches, facts, results, or other details to help you make an educated decision of whether or not to buy into the coaching program, just do your future self a favor and walk away. 

Ask Your Future Mentor This 1 Question

Another gentleman I look up to is a very successful, well-accomplished businessperson that specializes in educating others on developing personal skills and become valuable in the marketplace. 

Here’s his attempt to illustrate this question that you need to consider asking someone that you’re looking to invest in the guidance of. 

As a serial entrepreneur and multiple million-dollar income earner, I’d recommend following Dan Lok for some simple things that he can teach you. 

What was the takeaway from the video above? 

One simple question to ask: Hey potential future coach of mine, are you practicing what you preach to generate money for yourself that you’re claiming I can do too in order to change my current circumstances?

If transparency is key, then here’s my lead generation business website as proof I’m in business:

The vast majority of what I do is generate leads for small businesses.  All 5 of my teammates labor diligently to expand this company’s reach to help more and more business owners, while also delivering on the quality that is provided to current clients. 

While I’m comfortable where I am in this business model, I’m expanding my horizons and building this blog to explore a new avenue of business. 

I have perfect confidence in our coaching program on lead generation because I live this business model, and the results that come from massive success in it, each and every day. 

Can Mr. Kanae claim the same for his business model in AWOL Academy?

I just can’t know for certain if he’s actually producing results with affiliate marketing beyond what referrals he’s advocating his students to bring in for him. 

From engaging with the AWOL Academy content, I’m finding more and more evidence to support that the training program is extremely basic…

I have a hunch that the major income from the leader of this mentoring program could best be attributed to the marketing of this coaching program. 

You Can Have a Simple Way to Make Money Online

The laptop lifestyle can confuse a number of people that have either never heard of it or just have trouble grasping the concept. 

It’s not uncommon, don’t worry.  There’s nothing wrong, it’s just an unusual business model. 

We hear rumors of people making outlandish claims that they can travel the world, own expensive cars, live and vacation in some expensive places, but the reality is that riches aren’t all about money. 

There’s more to life than just money; for example, how about some time freedom to enjoy the profits you make from the work you’re doing…

Surgeons are some of the more gifted and well-compensated medical professionals in the healthcare industry; there’s no arguing that point. 

They’ve worked hard, earned their stripes, and carry lives in their hands every single day. 

They bring a high-income skill to the marketplace and delivers something that people are willing to pay top-dollar for. 

However, we can also agree that people in this profession are on-call so often that they really pay a much bigger price for the work that they do. 

Attached to an old-school kind of pager, people leave important meetings at church, leave sporting events or concerts that their children worked hard to prepare for, and even walk out on anniversaries with their significant other because they are caring for the lives of others. 

Unfortunately, that sacrifice comes at a cost that their family, friends, neighbors, and loved ones. 

There are large sums of compensation being provided in gratuity for the skilled trade that surgeons give. 

I think I’ve proved my point: money isn’t everything! 

Further, if money were easy, everyone would be having it by doing these high-income skills. 

To capitalize on the example above, everyone would be a surgeon.

However, there are…

  • tons of expensive schooling sessions
  • limited residency training openings
  • licensing requirements
  • pre-requisites for school admissions acceptance considerations
  • and tons of other things to consider. 

It’s simple to go to work every day and do what you’ve been trained to do; that’s simple and it’s another day at the office for a surgeon. 

Is their work ever easy?  I can assure you that it’s not. 

Shifting back to the world of online entrepreneurship, there are at least a few dozen newbies on the internet claiming that they’ve got: 

  • the next best thing that you can implement to turn yourself into an overnight success,
  • with a secret tip,
  • secret formula, or
  • the exclusive strategy that only you can get your hands on if you take this action right now for a limited time. 

Let’s get real; they’re sending that out to more people than you. 

There’s nothing secretive or exclusive about what they’re trying to pitch; they just want your money. 

You’re darn right I’m debunking this in a blog post – it pisses me off that people like to exploit the emotions of people for their financial gain. 

I don’t have the number, but I invite you to think to yourself just how many of these ads were received daily – almost in a volume to be regarded as bombardment?

The method to turning a profit online is simple, but it’s not easy; if it were, you wouldn’t be reading this blog post and further exploring what I mean by making money through the internet is simple. 

Check this out…

If you really want to turn a profit online, just consider the level of value you’re bringing to someone. 

How much value can you genuinely bring to the marketplace with the skills you currently have? 

I think it was Jeff Olson, the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Neurium International who, in a past position of employment, was noted for saying that you can determine the size of a person by the size of a problem that gets them down; further, you can determine of one’s compensation in direct correlation to the size of the challenge they’re able to provide a solution for. 

If people are reading self-help books, yet their bank account hasn’t seen a profitable deposit in months, could there be a reason? 

Getting your mind right to hustle in business is only a portion of the money-making game. 

Once your head is where it needs to be, the next step is landing a skill you can bring to the marketplace. 

Yet another reason AWOL Academy isn’t for me; anyone can:

  • fabricate landing pages from scratch
  • buy traffic (regardless of the nature or caliber of the type of audience you’re getting attention from)
  • tell other people about something they either have dabbled in or simply haven’t turned any sort of profitable success story with

In 2019, I wouldn’t call the above anything spectacular in the category of high-income skills. 

Maybe in years recent, you could have stepped up your game and looked like the hot tomalley of the marketplace but not in the current layout of the capitalistic society, Jack! 

There are systems and software that have oversimplified a number of the above tasks – so it’s not really a high-value item anymore if a business owner can pay a monthly fee to get a simple landing page program (ever hear of Clickfunnels) to do the work for them with nothing more than a few simple clicks. 

You wanna know the more challenging thing to do that not many know about or can do well? 

Here’s your tip: drive free traffic to businesses that want the attention from targeted, ideal customers! 

That’s it: you can land tons of success if you figured out how to do this one, unique skill. 

Sure, there are tons of people and companies in the marketplace that “claim” than achieve results with something like this, but I know their game and their business model. 

When an SEO (search engine optimization) firm lands a new client, they wanna build things as slow as possible to keep the cash flowing. 

It’s from a standpoint of fear; they’re afraid that once the business owner sees their business name reaching the top of the marketplace online, then they’ll think that the job is done and tell that company to take a hike. 

The reason that company was hired in the first place, however, was to get that company an expanded web presence.  So where’s the problem here? 

The problem is in the poor quality of workmanship and service delivered by those so-called expert firms that claim they can deliver the result for a couple hundred bucks a month. 

By the way, in this industry, you get what you pay for; and the quality might not be worth the squeeze, if you get what I’m saying. 

Local lead generation can be regarded as a definite, high-level, lucrative skill because you can bring clients in for a business owner to help, thereby giving them more profit share and market share over the competition. 

How is it so profitable over affiliate marketing? 

Simple answer: You’re no longer paying for traffic with paid ads; the free, organic, targeted traffic is all you need.

Prior to Starting your Online Business, Find Your High-Income Skill

Ever hear of people in the entrepreneurship space like:

  • Dan Lok?
  • Gary Vaynerchuk?
  • Grant Cardone?

Are any of these proficient experts, and well-compensated digital marketing and sales officionados pedaling someone else’s products that they’ve never tried before? 

Of course not!

They’ve taken the time to develop their own nature of services and products that deliver profit margins close to the tune 80 percent (or something else equally high). 

What have they done to get to where they are today?

They’ve put in the time, earned their lickings in the business world, and perfected their craft to where they can deliver high levels of value to their intended audiences. 

They’ve even gone through the process that they themselves preach:

  • Hustle and grind
  • Learn valuable skills that can pay you for life
  • Become valuable to those you wish to serve
  • Hire a mentor that can guide you in the way you need

This is how they’ve become so successful – but they weren’t a success overnight. 

I’m bringing up Mr. Lok in this blog post again because he does a great job explaining how one high-income skill can be the ultimate key to your defining success in your investment in which coaching program you decide to go with. 

I invite you to listen to what Dan Lok as to say on the matter of a high-income skill:

What I have done for the last few years – local lead generation – is my high-level skill. 

  • It’s predictable in the level of income you can generate
  • The results can be measured and repeated
  • Others are willing to pay a high price for you to do this kind of work

Most people in the affiliate marketing game can’t stomach $10,000 in a single month for a positive, net return of their investment (ROI) because a lot of them haven’t even landed a profit of $1,000 or $2,000 in a given month. 

If someone in the affiliate marketing space then transitions to implementing paid marketing strategies in hopes of accelerating their success rates, all I really see them doing (especially from personal experience –

Remember, I ran paid ads for affiliate promotions prior to exploring AWOL Academy and under exclusive guidance from a super affiliate marketer I hired for 1-on-1 direction) is digging into their profits instead of making some. 

When you include paid traffic strategies into the affiliate world of entrepreneurship, you’re just adding a layer of unpredictability between your hopeful profits online and your own bank account. 

Let’s say you actually land $10k in your first month of sales…

There’s nothing stopping the marketplace from only returning less than $1,000 the next month – even if you’ve worked just as hard as you did for the first month’s large return. 

There’s nothing to say that you can only make enough money to break even, or even operate at a loss that month. 

When it comes to affiliate marketing and leveraging Facebook Ads to help your promotions along:

  • Your business model is officially outside of your control
  • Facebook is in control of who it sends your ad to (regardless of if you turn a profit, or not)
  • Can you really rely on this business model and label this a high-income skill?


Since being in the affiliate promotions industry for as recent as a handful of months ago, I’m rather clear on what does – and doesn’t – work well in 2019 to turn a side-hustle type of profit online. 

What I mean is: for it to work for any of us, we’d want the profit to come in abundance without the added stress, costs, or expenditure of valuable resources (including time). 

With the AWOL Academy, I just couldn’t find anything in there that I could simply take a quick glance at, and say to myself “I can turn a profit with just that one detail right there.” 

I don’t remember what the cost of this program was when I actually paid for my entrance into the coaching course, but I can say that if you’re still interested in this program then it’s probably best for you to set aside some additional marketing dollars in your start-up budget. 

This mentoring program admonishes the use of paid traffic strategies in order to get attention for your affiliate offer. 

Even then, there’s no guarantee that your Facebook Ads are honestly going to return any amount of profit for your time and expenses. 

Without the refinement down to perfection, there’s a very good chance that you can easily kiss your advertising budget goodbye and never see a return; even then, experts still get it wrong sometimes – such is the nature of the affiliate marketing industry, I guess. 

If you want to take on this challenge, I highly recommend exploring another coaching program or training course that helps you know the intricacies of the Facebook Advertising platform long before you pick up the AWOL Academy. 

Even then, I still would have a struggle recommending this program to anyone. 

In the end, perhaps, using paid traffic to generate results online isn’t the best option for a newbie. 

Add to this distaste the fact that even the freshest face in the Academy gets to promote the program right away. 

There are no filter processes to enter into, no qualifications to achieve, and no demonstration of proficiency before pitching the program to another. 

It’s hard for me to bite on a program, that welcomes people who have no testimony of the capacity or depth of this program to produce results for a new member, that asks every member (from the top downward) to spread the news of the coaching program as fast as possible. 

This presents even more murky waters to try and look through for clear details and assessments on whether those people are speaking good things about the coaching program due to their own positive results or just to make a buck off ya. 

Such an incentive – affiliate marketing of a coaching course – moves students to try and earn a high commission off of something they personally haven’t achieved any sort of result with:

I’ve seen this, personally, in my friends, family, and neighbors attempting to pitch Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Network Marketing products and business opportunities onto me. 

I’m having trouble finding the AWOL Academy to possess high integrity – and the coach. 

It’s clear that the head honcho of the program, Mr. Kaela Kanae, knows what he’s doing when it comes to trying to turn a profit through the promotion of a coaching course. 

When it comes to being an affiliate marketer, I’ve yet to see evidence that he’s confident in his abilities to deliver a result with a digital promotion of a product or service (save his own coaching course; let’s get down to brass tax here). 

If you’re a skilled marketer and have some tricks up your sleeve – like implementing psychological triggers in a video to move someone into a decision to buy – then I say use what you’ve got. 

You’ve gotta make a living too, and maybe selling coaching programs is how you get to eat. 

For a charismatic person with a portrayal of self-confidence in his promotional videos, it’s no wonder that people make purchases off of his marketing efforts. 

  • Ideal mansion of a home in the background
  • Introducing tripwires (what I call low-value products to get people in a buying mood and in the door)
  • Some smiles and good stories

Then, he’ll do everything he can to introduce you to some upsell opportunities. 

The above are all very well done, and refined, in the marketing industry as proven tactics to sell like the best. 

In seeing a lack of high-level strategies within the AWOL Academy, but still inviting students to promote it, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Mr. Kanae has greater strengths in selling –

This could especially mean his digital, high-ticket valued mentoring programs.

Does he do better at selling his coaching program more than what he’s attempting to claim he can teach; I’m specifically referring to affiliate marketing. 

The affiliate marketing scheme has changed over the years; the landscape is completely different now. 

In the digital era we live in, the marketplace can change rapidly – and continues to evolve. 

That means this guy (who founded AWOL Academy) could very well have been an outstanding promoter of affiliate products and services, at a time when the internet was allowing this game to be so easily taken into profit-mode. 

My guess is that, at some point, the landscape may have shifted so much that he chose to get out of it but wanted to bank on what knowledge he used way back when; this could be what led to him establishing the AWOL Academy in the first place. 

I will gladly urge anyone who is seriously considering starting an online business…

Consider the long-term option of the closest thing the marketplace has to set-and-forget, profitable strategies in digital marketing from free organic traffic results:

Local Lead Generation

The awesome thing about this business model is that it’ll quickly weed out those impatient folks in the industry; then again, they probably won’t stick with anything in their lifetime; long enough to turn a profit anyway. 

Yes, it can take some time to build up your base of successful income with your side-hustle. 

It took me around 1 year of daily grinding and solid work to step away from a $35,000, unforgiving 9 to 5 that had me freezing in the winter months at the depths of the downtown spaces in Detroit, Michigan. 

I wasn’t an overnight success; and I remember most of those days, the emotions of frustration, confusion, hesitation, wondering if I was going to make this work. 

The alternative was to quit and go back to a laughable salary at a job that didn’t like me much anyway; I wasn’t having that. 

I refused to let that be my only option – there had to be something better to this life, and worked at this business venture until I achieved what I was looking for! 

You can turn a quick sale in affiliate marketing with the launch of a Facebook ad, but that platform is going to dip into your profit margin and leave you working more but turning less of a profit. 

The business model isn’t worth the sacrifice… believe me! 

In addition to not having a clue about the product you’re being recommended to promote (if any) in the AWOL Academy, you still haven’t tried it for yourself (most of the time) and there’s not much to say other than talking about the facts of what it is and what you’ve been told the results could be for a buyer. 

Add to that – you haven’t made your own product or service, or even a high-income skill (as a brand new entrepreneur online) to bring to the marketplace and share with someone so you can be compensated for producing a desired result. 

When you don’t have your own high-level skill to generate free web traffic, most people choose to pay for some quick action and getting leads flowing right away. 

All that proves is that you’re also becoming just like the people that wanna turn a quick buck instead of adjusting based on a new high-level skill that you’d like to develop. 

At the end of the day, Affiliate Marketing makes Facebook and the people you’re promoting the products for tons of cash while you pony up to the risks involved – all without any form of a guarantee!

Maybe you’ll make some money, and there’s definitely no base salary provided; you get a 100% commission experience you can talk about when you’re old and in a rocking chair with elderly peers.

Here’s an alternative option to affiliate marketing…

Establish your own high-income skill, or join us in our lead gen coaching program to develop one that can make you a very valued member of your marketplace; then money can come to you. 

From this previous week alone, a handful of business owners from all over North America have asked me what my pricing model is for providing them with lead generation.

This is proof that there are people out there looking for you to help them – just as they’re flocking to me to get some assistance with that they’re looking for.

And what are they looking for? 

At the surface level, they’re hoping to acquire more customers. 

But why? 

Maybe they need more revenue to keep their doors open or catch up on some back rent for their office space. 

Maybe they need to fix a service truck or improve some processes within their operational practices, and some purchases with added revenue can make all of that magic happen for them. 

But why? 

Does the owner have something to prove to someone that they can hack it in the business world? 

Will they be seeking to be recognized as the top dog in the marketplace? 

Are they hoping that natural growth and helping more customers will increase word-of-mouth advertising? 

But why? 

Does the business owner wanna move the company into a larger space to help more people in their marketplace? 

Are they on a mission to make sure all customers in the area that have a specific need get heard form and helped with ease? 

Do they want to generate enough revenue to hire an office manager and step away from running the business day after day?

Are they looking to take their family on the vacation that they’ve always wanted but couldn’t for the last 10 years because they’ve been slaving away at their business and trying to make it a success with old marketing strategies in our digital era? 

Any number of reasons, or a combination of them, could be the reasons that these business owners have found me online and reached out to me for a price quote. 

They’re not reaching out to me because they want to throw money away casually. 

There are business owners that see the value in implementing digital marketing strategies online – and I’ve delivered proof, including how I walk, talk, act, and present things, that I know what I’m talking about. 

It’s that confidence that I can deliver on the value I am claiming I can deliver that might inspire these people to trust me enough to reach out to me and ask me to help them with their services. 

Maybe an old or current client referred these business owners over to me because I’ve done such a good job in the past. 

Maybe I’m the newest face they’ve seen in their neck of the woods and have no idea what this marketing business online is about, but they’re interested and must have discovered something good about it in order to reach out to me.

When you have the high-value skill of driving sales through free, high-quality traffic with the internet, you’re no longer some guy that a person hires. 

If you’re “that guy,” then remember that people fire “that guy.” 

You’re not “that guy,” you’re someone important because you’re the bill that helps businesses like theirs to pay all of their other bills. 

It’s easy and quick to launch a Facebook Ad. 

It’s easy to train, easy to explain, and easy to implement. 

Perhaps that’s the reason behind countless people seeking to launch their advertising agency; it’s easy to start. 

That could also be why there are more and more self-proclaimed experts coming out with Facebook advertising agency coaching programs. 

These people are even proclaiming that they are the expert in the industry that should be trusted and can teach you – yes you – how to develop massive profits knowing nothing more than how to turn on a Facebook Ad for a local business. 

As far as I’m considered, those overnight wannabes can stuff it. 

Anyone who is worth their weight in the world of business will own up and tell you that this industry is hard work. 

My mentor in the local lead generation coaching program once ran a marketing campaign that openly stated a deliberate call to action to tell people to go away. 

It’s true!  He told people in his marketing campaign all of the reasons why this program:

  • Is hard work!
  • Requires a high business investment!
  • Involves a lot of time dedicated to learning a new high-income skill!

The list went on and on of reasons why people shouldn’t get started in this business model. 

It was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard of; why would someone actually want to push prospective buyers away from a high-ticket coaching program that can yield a few grand on someone’s pocket for a telephone conversation that can last anywhere from 15 minutes to a half-hour? 

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling or trying to bring to the marketplace to help people with. 

If you haven’t tried the product or believe in it, then there’s no reason to be pedaling it. 

If you haven’t had success with affiliate marketing; there’s no reason to pretend to others that they can have success with a coaching program that you’ve conjured up just to make money off of them with. 

If you haven’t had success with Facebook Ads, why would you open up a mentoring course that advocates you can teach people how to achieve the level of success that you’ve never seen personally. 

That’s like leading soldiers into battle when you’ve never been in one fight in your life – not even on the school playground in elementary school. 

You don’t know what to do when stress hits you.

If a curveball that you didn’t see comes out of left field, do you know what steps to take to win over the sudden adversity that comes your way in business?  

As a coach, you also need to be available to direct people on how to solve the problems they may encounter in their business venture; and if you’ve never been in the trenches, then how can you direct them to overcome those challenges. 

Bottom line: Make sure you know who your coach is before you buy into their philosophies of how to turn a profit with a side hustle that you want to start online. 

Why I Love Local Lead Generation for Making Money Online in 2019

Down and dirty – here’s how awesome this local lead generation business really is. 

Yeah, I’m making $50k every single month on a passive income. 

Yeah, I don’t have a 9 to 5 anymore. 

Yeah, I don’t live in the bone-chilling cold of a low-rent apartment complex in Michigan that has the downtown smells and no heat, with window cracks letting the gusts through to make me rethink my life choices underneath a stack of blankets that aren’t doing anything for me at the moment. 

Yeah, I don’t have to wade my happy tail with low-cut dress shoes through 2 feet of snow for an entire mile in Detroit just to get to work – and have it snow more during the workday just to go back to a cold apartment with wet feet and hope the gas is working still so I can turn on the stove and get some heat in the living space. 

Now, if I wanna make more money, here’s how simple it really is:

  1. Make a lead gen site real quick
  2. Superglue it above all the non-competitors in the marketplace
  3. Get Leads
  4. Send to business owners
  5. Rake in the cash every month for years to come

In fact, this awesome $750 per month lead gen site has been paying me since 2014! 

Take a look at it right here (see below):

That was posted up in Lansing, Michigan and sends buyers to someone I rent that website out to. 

As long as they keep renting it, I keep profiting off of it. 

It’s bringing them more customers – do you honestly think they’re going to stop paying me? 

Not even slightly; they are okay with having more people calling them regularly and asking for limo and party bus rentals. 

This is what lead gen has been able to do for me. 

Additionally, here are some generic hot points that I get to wake up to every day and enjoy:

  • Hardly any competition: tons of niche industries and local cities across the country to choose from
  • Outside of the United States?  No problem!  Some of our students are hitting amazing levels of success in performing this same business model in countries all across the globe
  • Work where and when you want – you’re the boss of your own business; it’s all your call
  • Wanna quit your job?  Start this on a part-time basis, build up a side income and then enjoy having more options when you’re ready to decide how you wish to spend your time
  • Simple business model: send leads, get paid, repeat
  • Wanna make more income part-time than most doctors and lawyers get to see during their full-time job in annual income?  Do the work and you can make that a reality
  • Duplicate the business model of Airbnb and Uber: refer business and take a sliver for your delivery

At the end of the day, there are countless small business owners who really don’t know what to do with the internet, but they hear the stories almost daily of how the top person on Google is making all the money. 

They also know that the top guy on Google is their competitor and also making more money than them. 

They want more business, they just don’t know who to trust in this murky world of coaches, mentors, so-called experts, and other people that really can’t deliver the kinds of results that people in our coaching program are providing regularly to small business owners that really want our help. 

Not everyone is going to get what we’re offering.

Not everyone wants to leverage a web presence to bring in more business. 

That’s fine; we’re not looking to help everyone. 

However, there are some businesses that are hoping to find someone, just like you and I, in short order –  

Someone who knows how to deliver results like we do, with a call-tracking number so we can show our worth at the end of every month based on the number of calls we brought in through our lead gen sites. 

Instead of allowing a small business owner to close, give them a chance to keep their dream of owning a business alive! 

Flood a local business owner with tons of buyers so you can start raking in recurring, passive income like this, too!

Most people simply don’t know how to use free traffic to their advantage, and that lack of knowledge in the marketplace puts students in our lead generation coaching program at a strategic advantage. 

You’ll learn the skill that not many know but tons of people want in your marketplace. 

Specialize in what we’re teaching and you can be the go-to expert and competent specialist everyone appreciates and raves about.

Oh yeah, and get paid handsomely for what you bring to the table! 

Pretty awesome, huh?

I’m ready to hear from ya and get your questions answered! Let’s Go!