Affiliate Marketing Champ by ODi – Unbiased Review

When I was indulging in the whacky and unusual world of affiliate marketing, I stumbled across some videos from ODi on his YouTube Channel, popularly known around the water cooler as “ODi Productions”. 

Modeling himself and his brand after some of the best which came from the top coaches in selling courses and making digital products available for entrepreneurs to find the best version of themselves in their endeavors, his diligence in delivering high-quality content through his channel is rivaled by none.

Why did I choose to invest in Affiliate Marketing Champ by ODi Productions and explore what is available through this mentoring program? 

Less than a handful of years ago, I was just getting started with my local lead generation business.  I was working a 9 to 5 at the time so I didn’t have the means to try anything else. 

All I did was throw together a lead gen site, paste it to the top of Google, and let the rankings do the heavy lifting for me as I profit more than I ever have before with affiliate marketing.

Take a look that the little work I did and how generating calls for limo and party bus in Lansing, MI returns back to me a whopping $750 monthly in passive income; that’s the power of lead gen for local business.

Slowly, however, the side hustle turned into annual revenue that greatly surpassed what I was collecting on my full-time gig; so, I chose to walk away and spend my days exploring all that the fascinating world of digital entrepreneurship has to offer. 

In fact, that’s kind of how this blog came about in the first place. 

Fast forward to a not too long ago, I’m raking in 6 figures several times over in annual, and passive, income, and I’ve decided that it’s time to begin diversifying my income streams. 

That’s when I specifically began exploring the opportunity of connecting with products or services that others owned and trying my hand at marketing them on the world wide web for others to buy. 

That’s the simple industry of affiliate marketing.  Nothing to it, right? 

Yeah, that’s what I thought. 

I knew from investing in a coaching program previously – the same one that helped me to get started with what is now a wildly successful lead gen business online – that success can be modeled after someone else who also has displayed success with their approach to a way to work online. 

I mean, to reinvent the wheel when someone like ODi seems credible and has his stuff together in affiliate marketing; they could know what they’re talking about so there’s no need to start something new if there’s a way to accelerate your success by following another successful person did.

ODi might have a couple of tricks up his sleeve that I haven’t heard of yet…

Things that could turn into a strange, yet excellently profitable new revenue stream for my bottom line. 

In addition, the previous courses I had invested in, which attempted to teach me the best marketing strategies in selling affiliate offers, I chose to give Affiliate Marketing Champ a shot. 

It was time to go big or go home, and I wasn’t going home so it was all about going big here. 

This isn’t my first time writing reviews on products and coaching programs.  I’ve given something like this a good, fair shake for a number of tries. 

For those of you that haven’t launched your first business venture, thank you for checking things out here; you’re in for a real treat. 

Since I became a successful entrepreneur long before exploring affiliate marketing, I guess you could say that I have a unique perspective on what it takes to make money online; I could afford to invest in this program and not have to worry about it not turning out well. 

Profits would still be coming in on a monthly basis – especially to the tune of $50k, passively (thank you, lead gen business model) – so even if this risk didn’t pan out, then no harm and no foul. 

Food would still be on my table and in the fridge so I really have nothing to worry about except giving this affiliate coaching program a try. 

Today, I’m happy to report you what all I’ve found in my experiment with this – whether it’s something that I would recommend newbies or seasoned entrepreneurs have a go at. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for my considerations regarding the other online business opportunities in comparison to the affiliate business model. 

The landscape has changed over the years, and new challenges face affiliate marketers in 2019; I hope to touch on that here as well. 

Lastly, we get to consider what being a successful affiliate marketer looks like, and what it takes today to earn a title like that, and whether it can compete with the local lead generation business in 2019.

Affiliate Marketing Champ Overview: What You Get Upon Joining

Think you know everything there is to know about affiliate marketing? 

When I got started, I thought I did. 

Guess what? 

I was dead wrong! 

There are tons of aspects to this business model – so much that I’m not sure if I’ll ever comprehend this industry entirely. 

Check how what all you have to do (and this is from an extremely high, bird’s-eye view):

  1. Select an Industry that You Intend to Market Within.  If you can look forward to reading about it, writing articles about it, and don’t mind thinking about it often, then that might be a good industry to start with. 
  2. Get a web domain.  For those not familiar with computer talk, that’s the website address, like 
  3. Set up website hosting.  This is where you would actually have your domain set-up at.  You can build it here, design it however you’d like, and then the address (like would be what people would type in the address bar of a web browser in order to visit the location of your website (meaning, where it’s hosted). 
  4. Install a type of website builder on your hosting platform; the most popular type that I’ve seen, and used, is called WordPress – you may have heard of it.  Once that step is done, and it doesn’t take long to actually do, then it’s time to actually go to work building it out.  To get an idea of what a sample product might look like, take a quick browse around this blog.  It’s a whole website designed from a WordPress that was installed within the platform of a hosting company.  It costs a few bucks, generally speaking, but it could be worth the effort. 
  5. Register as an affiliate for a product’s program or a network that hosts multiple offers you can get connected with and begin promoting.  FYI, ODI is very accomplished in having worked with a vast number of associates. 
  6. If you’re not that strong of a writer, you could get some Dragon software (at least, I think that’s what it’s called) where your voice can be recognized by your software and it will actually type what it is you’re speaking into the microphone.  If you don’t want to put some of your own content on your website, or you’re not a fan of drafting and proofreading your own work, I’d like to recommend something called outsourcing.  This is where you can either ask someone to write the content for your website on your behalf (for a price), or an affiliate offer might have some information that they expect all affiliates to have and you can simply copy and paste what they’ve provided for you.  It could be as little as a few emblems or pictures, or it could be as vast as words, phrases, paragraphs describing the product that you want to promote and you could fill entire pages on a website with it.  The choice is yours – there are pros and cons to each option. 
  7. Engage in effective SEO (search engine optimization) strategies.  At this point, you’re starting to fine-tune your work and get it ready to compete for positions in search engines.  Why is this important?  If you get free buyers from search traffic, often times they are high intent buyers because they’re searching for what you are offering, then you could get a lot of sales from the work you’re doing right now.  It could be worth its weight in gold someday.  There are places to learn about Search Engine Optimization best practices for a WordPress website.  My top recommendation would be to start by installing a plugin called Yoast SEO.  It’s a great way to at least get you off on the right foot.  (Hint: once it’s installed, please remember to turn it on; plugins aren’t helpful if they aren’t flipped to the on position.)
  8. Promoting Your Affiliate Offer Through Social Media.  This is where you engage buyer traffic quickly by spending your own money to get attention for your offer.  There are pros and cons to this step as well.  However, the important thing to remember is that no attention means no sales.  The loudest person in the marketplace that gets the most attention might just have the most sales.  Although, the internet is a finicky place, so choose wisely how you wish to proceed.

Yeah, that’s about it.  Just 8 aspects to affiliate marketing. 

Does it sound overwhelming? 

Does it sound like a piece of cake?

In evaluating what ODi teaches in his training program…

  1. Building affiliate marketing websites in this nature, especially with ranking in Google search engines, you may be able to generate as much as a few hundred dollars in commissions to upwards of nearly 2 grand in profits… and if you do this right, that could be entirely from free traffic acquired from being found at the top of search results. 
  2. With the way the marketplace is right now, you’d be lucky to get that top position of ranking your website within the approximate time of 1 year.  2019 has brought a lot of changes, some of which are now making it increasingly difficult to compete with people who’ve been giving search engine optimization love to their website for years now. 

If you’re looking to escalate your website to new heights – we’re talking upwards of $10,000 in profitable revenue, it’d be best to consider finding a coaching program elsewhere that gives you the high-level skills in search engine optimization… it’s safe to assume that you’re gonna need them in order to achieve a farfetched goal like this. 

There’s just something you know about being able to see through the glossy shine, smoke and mirrors, dog and pony show charades that pitch artists and hype people might give if there isn’t much substance to what they have to train with. 

There could be some merit to the content inside of Affiliate Marketing Champ coaching program.  

For now, all I see are marketing and promotional materials for his mentoring course that reflect the idea of being rich and successful through material possessions, shiny and flashy cars, and other awe-striking content packed into his YouTube videos. 

This guy, however, goes above and beyond what most are willing to do; he exercises skills that competitors in the affiliate coaching game either don’t have or aren’t willing to make the effort to achieve when it comes to pitching his program. 

On that note, I’d have to give this guy props and say well done for putting up a good show to inspire others to buy into what you’re attempting to deliver. 

With consistent YouTube video generation and posting habits, ODi has been known for being the type that is…

  • Entertaining
  • Informative
  • Charismatic

…and he’s fully aware of how to tap into the psychological triggers required to sell a dream that you have for your future self in real life. 

He doesn’t stop there, though. 

His videos are packed with nice cars, epic homes, and he crafts all of his content with the effort to influence buying decisions within viewers; oh yes, the value is delivered in high quantities on YouTube to build his affiliate coaching program. 

How well is the YouTube Channel, ODi Productions, really doing these days?

From initial inspection, some videos are achieving views upwards of 1 million when they’ve been published and viewable for under 6 months. 

Can ODi attempt to turn this high volume of traffic into profits? 


  • Pitch the affiliate mentoring and coaching platform that he’s built
  • Collect emails so he can market products that can turn profits for ODi specifically – although, it helps if what he’s marketing is directly correlated to the industry and audience he’s targeting
  • Depending on how much YouTube values his channel, he could very well be receiving compensation for the volume of views and the ads that are seen when people visit his videos under the Free YouTube Platform. 

(FYI – for those that don’t know, YouTube is attempting to market their commercial-free, premium YouTube program; I haven’t personally looked into it but a way to get rid of the commercials you’re seeing is to consider investing some cash into that.)

There’s a common saying in the field of entrepreneurship, and that is that you get to consider the nature of your sizeable income based almost entirely on the level of value which you choose to deliver to your marketplace. 

When you’re able to generate massive volumes of web traffic (like this guy), since he knows how to generate content that drives people to respond, that’s also a high-level skill that can pay someone well. 

What you happen to see in this program, however, involves slapping up some cheap content from a $5 gig for your review of a product – that you’re hoping will turn you tens of thousands in profits. 

That’s not exactly the way to go with this. 

How do I know? 

I’ve tried it! 

I’ve followed the training as it was designed and attempted to acquire the results that I was told I should be able to reasonably anticipate. 

Less than a handful succeeded and the majority of these types of marketing efforts ended up failing miserably. 

Even the ones that were managing to rank high enough to acquire search traffic (meaning, getting close to the coveted ideal of getting free buyers to come through my web page to take action) still didn’t deliver the type of return on investment (ROI) that I was hoping for – especially considering how much work I had invested in this type of a project. 

I’m sorry to say – I just might not be the only one with this kind of experience after investing in Affiliate Marketing Champ. 

Sniper websites were the name of the game back in 2016, where less than appealing quality websites could abundantly target one keyword search phrase in an ugly manner and still achieve ideal results; Google’s update with something called the Panda algorithm put a stop to that rather quickly.  

Now, your posted review site is expected to develop trust and carry authority in its reputation – or it doesn’t get seen. 

Knowing all of this – and having experienced a lot of it in very recent months – the tactics and training provided in this coaching program either aren’t up-to-date or simply won’t work well for a newbie (sorry, Charlie). 

If you’re proficient in search engine optimization (SEO) to an unusually high degree, and know how to borderline instantly acquire gobs of targeted traffic due to consistent high value that your following appreciates through YouTube videos or blog posts, then you might have a shot at capturing the attention of your viewers long enough to pitch a product you affiliate with. 

This volume of traffic, along with the trust of your web page, just might be enough to get you to the top of the search results – but then you still have to work at this for a lengthy period of time. 

And time in search engine optimization (SEO) is something you simply cannot fake. 

If you’re new to the game or unclear about how challenging or what kind of a fight you might be in for attempting affiliate marketing in 2019, the investment in this course will probably only give you a rude awakening to your business endeavor – I would hope you get to turn a profit, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. 

My Personal Take on Affiliate Marketing

At this point in the game, and with this approach (meaning, not through paid advertising strategies), your ability to succeed in this game is all about your ability to rank web pages quickly and in great abundance for the appropriate keywords. 

Especially for affiliate marketing purposes, ranking on the top of any page 1 search result is brutal in Google. 

If we were to rewind back to the era of 2012, strange terms for product names attached to the word “review” could have been all that was required to get in front of some buyer traffic, provided you had the capacity to write a well-versed review article on the product in question. 

Fast forward to today, the 2019 rigmarole mandates tons of votes back to your web page (what I call “backlinks”) just to reach the bottom of page 1 (which only has 10 organic search results anyway). 

From there, you can anticipate another year’s worth of labor just to compete for the ideal volume of traffic for any search term’s results.  

In my #1 top pick for online business models to start in 2019, I chose local lead generation due to the extremely low volume of competition and the opportunity to superglue a lead gen site to the top of search results in very little time, and with low costs and effort required. 

You’re still capitalizing on the free traffic available from the high-intent, buyer-rich traffic that some from those ideal search terms you’re capitalizing on, while the local markets allow you to have an advantage with as few as 10 to 20 companies competing for the internet audience’s attention – and the vast majority of those businesses really don’t have a clue of what it takes to acquire all of those clients online. 

That’s not to make fun of the entrepreneurs that are slaving away for 80 hours in a week, trying to find the key to make their business flourish; I’m simply identifying that there’s an opportunity for you to learn a high-income skill like lead generation and step in to profit while helping those small businesses to become better contributors to their community by helping more customers and expanding their bottom line in the process. 

This is in severe contrast to affiliate marketing, where the competition is so steep that you’re virtually competing with people who know what they’re really doing well and comparing your knowledge with that of people who’ve been doing this for years, and from across the globe. 

As a newbie, affiliate marketing and attempting to garner free traffic from Google search results could be more daunting than the potential profits it is worth.

Take the SEO-informative downloadable toolbar for your web browser from a company called Moz, and see if you can figure out what the Domain Authority (DA) numerical value is for that individual website. 

Here’s a hint to evaluate what it means for you: if the value is above the number 25, you might as well stay away from it as a newbie – it’s gonna quite some time, with lots of extra effort, and not to mention your learning curve in order to figure out what you can do to beat that person out of the top spot. 

I can appreciate ODi’s insights on SEO – he seems to know what he’s talking about. 

However, I’ve gotta stick with my conscience and be in full disclosure with you; the algorithm that Google has adapted to meet the changing needs of the market (and their profit goals) for 2019 suggests that Affiliate Marketing Champ could be teaching tactics that simply won’t be effective for you to implement and confidently look forward to turning a profit with these days. 

Face it: using SEO to generate profits with affiliate marketing might as well be an ancient strategy that is far too costly to pursue these days. 

The free traffic for a product is ideally, and ultimately, found at the top of page 1 search results; beat that website out and you might have a shot… that is to say that if the demand for that product (by the time you get into that position) is still hot enough for consumers to still carry enough desire to buy it from your review site. 

Remember the Moz toolbar that we had mentioned only moments ago? 

Feel free to explore with that asset for a bit to see that I’m not pulling your leg. 

You can figure out for yourself rather quickly that product-relevant search terms will most like find a heavy hitter of a powerful, authoritative website duct taped to the top of search results. 

To compete with a monster like that would require something that takes more seasoned, professional knowledge and experience to attempt to compete with. 

That’s not an insult to newbies; we all start somewhere and there’s no reason to say that you can’t get in the ring with Mike Tyson to try and survive 10 rounds to hold your own. 

I’m not interested in battling it out with such an authoritative site when I can find easier, faster, and higher profit-margin wins in local lead generation for small businesses

When affiliate marketing really hits and turns a profit for you, it’s one of the most exciting feelings for a newbie. 

You’ve put in the work to rank a web property to the top of Google search results and you can be confident that the work has paid off. 

To add to that excitement, unlike the Amazon FBA Business model or the dropshipping model of physical products selling in places like a personal Shopify store, you really don’t have to handle any customer service conversations, complaints, or do anything to move the products or provide services to the consumer. 

The consumer makes a purchase, and it’s only a matter of time before your commission is deposited directly to your checking account. 

Long after the 2012 to 2014 year-group – which preceded the Google updates for search results – search terms related to common products in affiliate marketing are just exponentially greater in difficulty and competition now. 

That’s why I’m saying this isn’t a wheelhouse for an entrepreneur that’s just starting out.  The expenses required to get into a fight with someone for that top spot is going to be through the roof…

Even then, you’d still be learning the ropes and practicing your art long before you ever got your web property to the top of Google search results to begin winning profits (which, I’m sorry to say, real buyers don’t always buy overnight the very instant you reach the top of page 1). 

As coaches and mentors in the affiliate products marketing arena started coming out of the woodwork (and I can only imagine that they’ve started becoming coaches because of the increased difficulty of seriously turning a profit in the affiliate marketing skill set now), Google has focused on making it more difficult for web properties to be found for long phrases of keyword search terms. 

Namely, the name of the game back in the day was just to have the most backlinks and you won the top spot.  That’s just not the case anymore! 

Now, you need to connect not only a solid and authoritative backlink to any web property you are trying to help climb the search results of Google, but that website that’s linking back to it must have high relevance to the topic being discussed as well. 

When you attempt to get buyers from free organic traffic in search for digital camera products, what you’re getting referring credit (in the form of backlinks) from really ought to be topically relevant for digital camera products or the industry of digital cameras in subject matter and in nature. 

You could go it the long route and attempt to ask, beg, borrow, and buy those backlinks from people who’ve spent years talking about the topic at-hand – with whatever kind of affiliate product you’re attempting to prove authoritative about on your website you’ve just started up as a new product affiliate…


You could build your own group of high-quality, highly relevant backlinks, much to like what I have done lately, and it’s working awesome for winning over the competition – and the customers – in 2019 digital marketing concepts. 

Want to know more about something like this? 

Check out our local marketing coaching program which goes into greater detail about this kind of advantage that you, too, can have when you get started with your own local lead gen business online. 

Affiliate Marketing or Local Lead Generation: Time to Compare

As a brand new entrepreneur that wants to launch a side hustle, I’m confident you’re getting started for the same reason that I have – at least in the beginning…

You want more money with having a second job. 

I get it; the idea of a side hustle that allows for both passive income, with profitable margins of revenue to make it worth your time and energy, and the ability to work this business in your spare time. 

That’s exactly what I was looking for! 

Of all the business opportunities to work from home that I had found, and of all the programs I have reviewed on this website thus far (yes, the very one you’re reading from right now)…

Local marketing is able to deliver on those very things – and oh so much more. 

When you rank an affiliate website that you’ve started from scratch, it’s a baby; it’s brand new and has zero trust, credit, or authority in the marketplace. 

You’ve gotta start it off slow or it’s not going to turn profits for you in volume or longevity if you’re not careful. 

Moving an affiliate site up the rankings – take it from someone who ranks websites for a living now – will require more than just time; for the affiliate model you’re considering competing in, the costs will simply be thru the roof. 

Let me give you a side-by-side comparison here between an affiliate product and a lead gen site. 

One of my affiliate websites I was able to put at the top and begin competing for attention over an indoor grill cooker netted me a monthly return of nearly $400.00. 

The catch: it took at least a year – and plenty of additional costs – to compete for top rankings, but the free traffic is kind of nice. 

Now, my Grand Rapids, Michigan tree service lead gen site was pasted to the top of Google probably within days or weeks (maybe even less, but I don’t remember because it’s been so long since I’ve touched the thing), requiring a lot less resources and costs to get the website producing results. 

The catch: there really isn’t one, as I’m raking in a passive income of $2,000.00 every single month, all for that little investment of time in the lead gen site. 

If you were to find as many SEO-specific web tools as possible to throw at the indoor grill website and evaluate, you’d find that searches for indoor grills occur much more frequently – and in greater numbers – than searches for help with trees in the large city on the west side of the state here. 

In fact, from what I’ve found, there aren’t any searches according to the standard SEO tools’ metrics. 

Not many SEO agencies either know this or are willing to admit it, but those industry tools are just that; machines with computer-generated assessments.  

Those tools were made by human beings, which also means that they, too, are imperfect. 

Since no SEO tool is perfect, then, we can agree that no search results volume for tree service in a city surrounded by densely wooded suburbs doesn’t necessarily mean that businesses offering tree care are dying. 

I have a call-tracking phone number that counts how many calls come through that lead gen site, and I have empirical data to prove that the SEO tools say “0” for the actual search volume, but if that were the case then I wouldn’t be able to forward sales leads to a tree service company that now pays me a couple grand every month – and has been doing so for years (like clockwork)! 

At the end of the day, just about everyone that happens to be laboring in a local service industry probably doesn’t have the foggiest idea of how to monetize internet/web properties nor how to gain 100% of potential control over lead tracking. 

Inside of the coaching program where we teach how to generate leads for local service providers and small businesses, you’ll get the exact method I’ve used for the last several years to generate a whopping $50k per month while working on this part-time. 

The reason we keep it in our coaching program is due to its valuable knowledge and wisdom; we don’t let just anyone into our coaching program either. 

Further, the strategies we simply aren’t so obvious as getting a referral link to post online when you sign up to be an affiliate with a product and acquire a measly little commission when an ideal customer actually buys through your referral link. 

Most internet marketers simply can’t hang with the hustlers in our coaching program – and that’s okay because we’re only looking for those that have a willingness to do whatever it takes to win in business. 

We don’t want to bring into our coaching program someone that is just a toe dipper. 

You can look at several other coaching programs that I may have (or may not have) reviewed and toss your hard-earned money away elsewhere, or you can invest it and get your tail in gear with the top internet business model around in 2019: local lead generation

Let’s not get things confused here, now…

While I promote this coaching program openly and shamelessly, I do so because I can back up my claims with the lead gen business I have personally built part-time since 2014. 

If you’re concerned about our students having too much competition as we continue to look for hungry people that are sick and tired of their situations and ready to launch their own online business, rest assured that you can work this business model in just about any city and there are multitudes of business industries you can personally choose to work with. 

The possibility of competing with another person from the coaching program for leads exists, but it’s slim, at best. 

After having put my best foot forward to give the affiliate marketing the old college try, I’ve come to a decision:

Local lead generation is – without a doubt – the fastest way to generate an annual 6 figure passive income online. 

If it were up to me, I’d place business opportunities online in 2019 as follows:

  1. Local Lead Generation for Small Businesses using free organic search traffic
  2. Amazon FBA or Shopify (the selling of physical products online through a personal product listing)
  3. Affiliate Marketing

If you’re reading this and you’re considering getting started with your very first business venture from home, you have just seen what my rankings are for quality entrepreneurial endeavors — all provided by someone who has tried them all…

And the only one who has continued to prove itself time and again for passive income from part-time work and high-profit margins is the lead gen business model. 

In fact, I’m still in a number of these programs right now – and seeing a positive return with each of the revenue streams. 

So not only have I dabbled in training programs that teach these principles and business models, but I’m using them actively! 

With my first-person know-how in each business model, I don’t think anyone will be able to convince me otherwise. 

Here’s a brief, visual breakdown of where the majority of my online business profits are generated…

The reason the majority of my income is Lead Generation is that the only thing which provided me with the recurring, stable, and predictable income – along with the time freedom – to explore these training programs, review them, and leave information about them on this blog site so you can be informed.

Of course, I began my online business venture with local lead gen. 

Some might accuse me of being bias, but when I’ve tried and continue to successfully perform other business models, I can attest that lead gen is the most profitable with the least amount of work. 

I know I’m simultaneously promoting a coaching program, but if I liked any of the other programs better then I’d refer you over to those because then they might make more sense. 

However, only a few students that were hand-selected by the founding mentor (his name is Dan – he’s cool, and he’s done lead gen for years before putting together this coaching program) are permitted to promote the coaching program. 

Of the few that have permission to do something like this, I’m also happy to say that I was one of his first students in the mentoring program and have achieved great success to testify of the validity of the program. 


As I’ve ranked the business models discussed in this article earlier, eCommerce is still challenging for a newbie because of all the research and follow-on steps necessary in order to actually get your online listing of a physical product into position for a buyer to actually buy from you –

It’s all preliminary work prior to actually getting some attention to your product and then hoping that the attention you’ve acquired in web traffic equates to targeted buyers seeing your offer and bringing them to a buying decision (or, at the very least, a percentage of them so you can gain the belief that there is an opportunity to make money – and profits – for yourself with the internet). 

If you’re still considering affiliate marketing after the above discussion points, let me remind you that the volume of marketers all trying to promote similar affiliate offers has saturated the industry to the point that the level of competition compares to that of getting enough positive, high-rating reviews to get your product listing to the top of the Amazon marketplace search results. 

By the way, that’s competitive across the globe. 

The same is true for wanting to get a review site ranked to the top of Google search results for an affiliate product that you’ve got your heart set on. 

Although, I would question why you have your heart set on affiliate marketing only because local lead generation can give you higher profit margins, with less work, and probably even help you find your first belief check (meaning your first paycheck) for your own business profits in a lot less time than affiliate marketing probably ever could (at least, without buying paid traffic with every other aspect of your marketing funnel being absolutely perfect and well thought-out). 

Take it from someone who has been in business for a few years and knows what it takes to generate a multiple 6 figures annually from a laptop. 

I’ve done it. 

I’ve started in a similar position to where you are, too. 

I’ve started with a $35,000 salaried 9 to 5 that I had to walk to in the outskirts of downtown Detroit, Michigan all year round – which included the cold-breezing winter’s windy days of zero-degrees and a wind chill factor added to it. 

I’m glad I don’t have to do that again, especially since I was able to walk away from my job after reaching nearly $10k per month in part-time income from this side hustle of local lead generation. 

I’m not the only success story from the coaching program, but I don’t mind sharing if it helps you to better see for yourself the difference between the headaches of affiliate marketing and the challenging, but forever rewarding passive income that you could be making in the lead gen business model. 

If you’re gonna play in the affiliate marketing program, you’ll have to be prepared to play your hardest in that game for the table scraps from the big dogs that have been playing the game long before you’ve ever heard of it. 

If you’re still hung up on getting started, I say do what you want. 

My recommendation would be:

Establish your business and get successful online in another endeavor first, please. 

You can go into eCommerce, or local lead generation for small businesses, you know, the local marketing thing we’ve been discussing here. 

Find your passive income and financial security of at least $10,000 per month so you won’t be struggling anymore…

THEN, when you’re feeling up to it, set your affiliate marketing budget into another account and allow your ability to wait out the time and patience factors as you passively work to rank your affiliate review website to the top of the search engines be padded by the passive income that’s helping you to enjoy life as you try affiliate marketing for yourself. 

Those of you looking for…

  • a quick win and a belief check
  • to start a side hustle that can deliver profits fast
  • a coaching program that has successfully driven into the process that you can trust
  • zero guesswork and just a proven system you can follow
  • a place you can invest low start-up capital to position yourself to have the opportunity to see profitable returns (nothing is guaranteed in business, but you’ll laugh when you realize just how simple this is to expand your business online with so little effort)
  • a business you can start right away

Affiliate marketing doesn’t give you any of those things, and it’s simply going to take way too long to build. 

If I had the resources to passively work my know-how and skills of ranking web properties online, with the assets necessary to put into the process, and it still took me at least a year to see a return on my investment (ROI), then I’d invite you to reconsider the affiliate marketing platform of an online business.  

I’m not saying to forget about it permanently; I’m only recommending that you get a good, solid base of success before delving into something else so that your financial health and future are secure. 

The last thing you’d want to do is wait for another economic bubble to pop (similar to what was experienced in the American economy in 2008), that ended up placing a lot of people in such bad shape that they couldn’t afford to invest in coaching like what we’re offering you now. 

No coaching program on the market (and I’ve experienced darn close to most of the credible ones) that focuses entirely on affiliate marketing is going to yield the very things that our coaching program can deliver on. 

Why I Adore the 2019 Business Model of Local Lead Generation

If you’ve made it this far in the blog – and since you’re reading this, I know you have – then I applaud you for investing the time and due diligence in researching the content in the marketplace that reviews various programs that you could be investing your sweat and blood of working for the man into. 

It’s really your life, and it’s ultimately your decision. 

One of the most freeing things I have had the distinct privilege of experiencing was when the local lead generation business I had built allowed me to wake up one day and decide that my time was better spent not going to a 9 to 5 that always threatened to fire me and take away my measly $35,000 a year income. 

When I could decide how I wanted to spend my day, and that I no longer needed to hold on to this security blanket of what is now chump change for me in a year of cash flow, I could really wake up the next morning and hit the snooze button 10 times just for the satisfaction of being able to. 

No need to get up and get dressed while half asleep and crust in your eyes as you drag your lifeless carcass around the apartment and into the shower that never has cold water in the morning. 

Instead, I can go to sleep and wake up whenever I want. 

The joys of freedom really are priceless, and it all came about because I made a decision one-time to launch a business online that revolved around local lead generation instead of any other business model that had too long of a cycle to position me to “maybe” see a return on investment (ROI). 

Convinced yet? 

Take a look at this limo site from Lansing, Michigan that continues to spit of a whopping $750 monthly.

Time invested in the project: Less than 6 hours

Time the lead gen site has been paying me for: over 4 years now. 

You can do the math – nor not – and just accept that it doesn’t take much to get yourself into a position to profit massively from this business model.

Here’s proof of that limo and party bus rental site I told ya about…

When you’re ready to enjoy the fruits of this business model, just take a few more moments and think of what else you get to gain in this line of business – and very few opportunities have these…

  • The opportunity to produce more income in an annual salary than lawyers and doctors (and I know some people who are making 6 figures in their monthly revenue – but that’s another conversation for another day)
  • Where whenever you’d like and as often as you want.  When I’m ready to bring in more revenue, all I do is throw up another lead gen site and send leads to a business owner so they can cut me a check as my sliver for delivery
  • Take your laptop wherever the internet access is good and work from wherever you wish.  Wanna get some work done really fast from a remote location that you’re enjoying an exotic vacation at?  No problem.  Feel like staying at home and making it a pajama day?  It’s your day to enjoy from home while you sip a cuppa’ joe and enjoy the home life of entrepreneurship
  • Like, no competition, bro: with countless cities and various industries to elect to work with, you can more than likely find a small business you can help out
  • Biggest Profit Margins: no need to pay fees or surrender a portion of your profits to someone who owns the affiliate offer or physical product you’re selling.  Also, no taxes or costs of goods sold because you’re not handling any of the products or dealing with the origination of the buyer’s funds
  • Ready to quit your job?  Kill it with local lead generation, if that’s really what you want to do and you’re ready to invest the time, resources, and energy necessary to get to $10k per month FAST

It’s safe to say, at this point, you’re better off with opportunities within the local marketing space, especially when it comes to considerations with search engine optimization (SEO) and local lead generation. 

I had killed my job in under a year… think you can beat my record timing for victory and freedom? 

Local lead gen is a quick turnaround opportunity to acquire 6 figures as you work from home and use the internet as your place of business.  With the best coaching program around, you’re in good hands and the opportunity is ready for you right here

Please, seriously applicants only.