Marketing Ideas for Chiropractic Clinics in 2019

You’ve got your chiropractic clinic set up.

You’ve got your degree.

You’ve got the skills to heal people’s discomfort and pain.

Now only one thing remains:

Getting patients!!!

In the business sense, that means that you need paying customers to stay in practice!

Unfortunately, marketing is something that you don’t really learn about while you’re acquiring your chiropractic skills.

But the truth is pretty simple:

If you can’t market yourself as a chiropractor, you’re not going to get very far.

The good news is that you’re actually selling a service that helps people.

You’re not some snake oil salesman.

You actually know your stuff, and you have the power to heal people’s spines.

This can virtually change their entire lives.

However, they won’t know about the wonderful service you can provide them with unless you market yourself properly.

This is where local lead generation comes in because you can position your practice to generate local customers from the internet using Free Traffic in digital formats…

The trick is to get your organization online and in front of those ideal customers.

I guess that’s the magic question: how does one actually go about doing that?

We can all respect the accomplishments that chiropractors have achieved to get their credentials and enter a noble profession of making a living while helping people. 

As a business owner, I can confirm that I have seen chiropractors actually have to close up shop simply because of having encountered the misfortune in our technological era that can be summed up in one label:


When any business – and yes, your practice is providing a service in exchange for money, so you are running a business – is not well-known, they’ll have trouble staying afloat.

I hate to break it to you, but your field of healthcare is genuinely no different. 

While you’re still working hard to make people’s lives – and livelihood – experience significant improvements, the only way to continue doing this is to book your calendar with customers that are simply throwing money at you and asking for your help.

Unless that’s currently happening – and you’re booked solid for literally months out, with steady show up rates and significantly low numbers in no-shows – then local lead generation is something that you need!

Our lead gen coaching program can help you to experience massive growth by positioning yourself in front of high-intent buyers who are searching for exactly what you’re offering…

To illustrate, this tree care site – which is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan (over on the western side of the state) – is actually a lead gen site that’s positioned for prime attention on search results…


While we teach a unique approach to leveraging Free Traffic (which means not having to buy web visitors to see digital properties that you own) on the world wide web, these same principles could also work for your own company web site.

For example, I’m noticing approximately $2,000 in monthly revenue from that tree service site above – just imagine how much business you could be bringing in if you were to do something like that for people searching for chiropractors online.

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In fact, there are business owners and entrepreneurs – some of which are actual chiropractors – who learn the techniques in our coaching program and implement them to not only get more business but to DOMINATE THE MARKETPLACE!

If you want to help more people and/or generate more profits, look at our coaching program right now.

This article will share some amazing marketing ideas for chiropractors out there who are trying their best to find new clients.

It might bring greater ease than you think, so listen up.

Who knows, one (or two) of these ideas could radically change your business.

You could end up being the most successful healthcare provider in town.

One: It’s All About Branding

Branding is everything.

If your chiropractic practice doesn’t stand out from the crowd, then why would patients come to you?

If your whole image and brand seem like every other chiropractor out there, then don’t expect to get too many clients.

On the other hand, you’d be amazed at how a simple brand makeover can drastically change your market appeal.

A good brand says a lot about your company and practice.

People see it, and they think, “This guy is the real deal.”

Or “This place seems super professional.”

When you get people thinking like that, patients will be lining up outside of your door.

The first thing you might want to begin considering is your logo.

Every good company needs a stellar logo, and a chiropractic practice is no different.

Logos are easy to design with many different online services.

But whatever logo you choose, it should say something about your unique personality and service.

There’s simply no need to be afraid to stand out from the crowd!

The most important thing about choosing a logo is putting it everywhere.

We’re talking towels, doors, pens, shirts…

Anything you can think of.

The logo has to be a persistent thing that is constantly in the patient’s face.

Once people begin to recognize your logo, they begin to trust you.

It’s a great way to build a positive connection in your local neighborhood.

Two: Get Your Website Firing On All Cylinders

Creating a website is easy.

Creating a good website is a real challenge.

When it comes to running a chiropractic practice, a good website is definitely essential.

In this day and age, most of your patients are going to research you online before ever stepping foot in your practice.

With a good website, you can make sure that they have a positive feeling about you and your service – before you even meet them for the first time.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds.

A good website needs to be updated at least every 5 years.

So make sure that your site doesn’t look outdated and out of style.

Remember, people usually search online for a Chiropractor nearby.

With some SEO optimization, you can make sure that your website is at the top of the search results when you do this.

But what about when your patients actually view your website?

What should they be seeing?

Your website should show how different you are from other chiropractors, first and foremost.

Make sure you mention any specializations and experience dealing with specific issues.

This might just land you the perfect patient who genuinely needs your help.

Always, always make sure that your website is compatible on mobile devices.

It’s 2019, after all.

Behind the scenes and between the lines, your website should be convincing people to actually show up at your practice.

This can seem like quite an undertaking or overwhelming challenge.

Consider hiring someone who can write professionally.

Remember, content is king.

Are your photos high resolution?

Or do they appear as if they were taken with an outdated smartphone camera?

Every little detail counts.

Last but not least, your site should have some kind of system in place to directly book an appointment.

If signing up for the first appointment is just a few clicks away, patients are much more likely to make that first jump.

You can add forms and contact submissions to get in contact with potential new clients right away.

Or, you could simply make your contact information and address very easy to find on the site.

Three: Reviews Are So Important

How do people tell whether a chiropractor is worth the money and time?

That’s right, they go online and search for reviews of that chiropractor.

Be honest – you would do exactly the same thing in their shoes, right?

It’s just the smart decision.

When you read other people’s reviews, you get real, genuine information about the service they received.

Reviews can either be your worst enemy or your best-selling tool.

But honestly, the worst thing is not having any reviews.

A few negative reviews here and there aren’t a huge deal. If anything, they show that you’re not trying to hide anything.

On the other hand, people get a little freaked out if they can’t find a single review of your services anywhere on the internet.

You can easily change that by setting up a profile with Yelp and other review sites.

And definitely encourage your existing patients to write a review.

If you do have a negative review, you can actually reply to it directly.

This shows that you actually care about the customer, and you want to change their experience into a positive one.

Other patients will see this, and they’ll be impressed.

It’s definitely better than just trying to ignore a negative review.

Four: Social Media Is Mandatory

We don’t care how un-trendy you are.

You need to be on social media.

At the end of your day, it’s just free marketing.

And you’d be crazy not to take advantage of that.

On social media, you’re instantly visible to an entire crowd of people who would otherwise be completely hidden from you.

It also makes available to you the opportunity to interact with your patients, and get them interested in whatever you’re doing.

Post some educational content about chiropractic information.

Show off your funny side.

Tell everyone about the results you’ve been achieving for your clients.

Every little bit of exposure helps.

Just like your website, high-quality images are very important here.

You can link to your website on social media, which is a great way to drive more traffic towards the site.

It might even give you a boost with Google’s ranking algorithm.

Five: Blog It Up

That’s right, another crucial part of this jigsaw puzzle is to create a blog.

Just like social media, there’s really no downside to creating a blog.

A blog is a prime piece of internet real estate that has the potential to deliver insane amounts of new patients.

You might even find that your blog gets way more visitors than your actual site.

This is because Google’s Algorithm is geared towards blogs – or at least sites which are regularly updated with new articles and posts.

You’re in a fine position to start an interesting blog as a Chiropractor.

People are very interested in self-help and improving their health.

There are numerous amounts of people out there who would love to hear all about your opinions.

You might even feel the need to create blog posts which specifically answer patients’ questions.

You might hear these questions all the time, and feel the need to clear up certain things.

Who knows, your blog might end up going viral.

At this point, it won’t be hard to get new clients.

In fact, you might need to turn some people away!

Six: Be An Awesome Member Of Your Community


People feel really good about supporting professionals they know.

It’s like helping out a friend.

Communities naturally come together and do business with each other, rather than spending their money elsewhere on random people.

So in order to win the trust and the friendship of your community, you need to get out there and actually participate.

When people get to know you and recognize your face, they’re much more likely to try out your practice for the first time.

Become involved in a local charity.

Sponsor a kids’ soccer team.

Do whatever you can to show people that you actually care.

You can even add a section to your website that details all the special events that you’re involved with.

If you’re just starting out, a great idea is to host an open house.

Patients can come by, get interested in your services, and perhaps enjoy a free snack or two!

In fact, one of the strongest ways that you can turn your entity – and your own name – into a contributing member of the community is simply to help more people.

What better way than to dominate the search results in your local area and be found at the top of the marketplace…

If perception is the reality, then you could experience massive growth in your local area if you were to begin local lead gen for your own small business.

Some believe that something like this would be an expensive project, but if you’re thinking like a business owner and take the idea of investing in your business seriously, then just envision the potential rewards that could be found by simply taking a leap of faith:

  • More local citizens come to you for help first.
  • Satisfied customers deliver a quality review from the outstanding service.
  • Your digital footprint grows.
  • More customers get referred over to you, and your phone then begins ringing off the hook.
  • The next thing that is realized by you and your office is how your calendar is booked solid for stretches of weeks at any given time…
  • You could hire more help and becoming a distant partner to the practice, which could, in turn, help you to generate passive income when you’re taking more vacations because you’ve put the work in up front to set up virtual real estate that now feeds stacks of cash by the fire hose into your clinic!

If it were possible for you to get credentialed to practice in this field, then could it also be a realistic possibility that you could turn your practice into a thriving, reputable business operation that continues to grow?

…of course it is!!!

I’ve witnessed tons of healthcare providers in very similar positions to what you’re currently experiencing and can attest that getting a strong web presence can make a positive impact on your bottom line.

If you’re serious about growing and making a larger, longer lasting impact in both your community and your presence in the marketplace, then our coaching program needs to be your next and final stop for all things lead generation.

Make a choice today to begin getting more and more appointments on the books now!

Seven: Try Out A Few Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are like online reviews in many ways.

For someone who is considering booking an appointment with you, it’s really helpful to actually hear what current patients have to say.

A simple testimonial video answers a lot of questions people might have about your practice.

Your patients might explain the incredible results they’ve experienced, thanks to you.

The exciting thing about these videos is that they don’t have to be high budget.

In fact, it often looks more genuine if they’re filmed on a smartphone.

These shouldn’t be rehearsed, and they should look as natural as possible.

Just ask your clients to give their honest opinions, and you can’t go wrong.

Eight: Think About Your Office Procedure

Sometimes, a lack of patients isn’t caused by a bad marketing campaign.

Instead, the reason for slow business might be right under your nose.

Think about your office for a second.

Who’s working there?

Are these people good at converting new customers?

Are they warm, inviting and positive?

Or could they actually be driving potential customers away?

It’s a lot to think about. But it’s definitely an important thing to consider.

Sometimes, office staff simply don’t have a “customer first” mindset.

This can be corrected with the right analysis and refined approach.

Instruct your staff to be polite and extremely positive on the phone and in person.

Never put customers on hold – unless it’s really necessary.

Treat everyone with respect.

Simple things like that could end up going a very long way.

Nine: Email Marketing Is Key

Ask any marketing veteran, and they’ll tell you that the most useful tool under your belt is an email list.

It’s nothing fancy, but it converts like nothing else.

Once you’ve established a pretty solid email list, you have an audience which you can constantly sell services to.

Do it right, and you’re guaranteed to book more appointments with more patients.

Developing your email list is a great way to communicate with your patients, first and foremost.

You shouldn’t be constantly trying to sell them things with spammy emails.

Simply keeping in touch is a great selling tool.

Educate them about chiropractic issues. Wish them a happy new year or a Merry Christmas.

And once in a while, you can remind them of specific services, or tell them about deals.

A monthly newsletter is always a safe bet.

If you can nail down the art of an email list, then you can expect great results.

Not only will your existing patients be more active with you, but you’ll also enjoy many more referrals.

Ten: Online Advertising Might Be A Great Option

The internet is always a great place to advertise.

And for a pretty reasonable price, you can take full advantage of Google’s AdWords system.

This is known as PPC, or Pay Per Click.

You’ll pay a fee every time someone clicks on your advertisement.

This system can even target people in your specific geographic area.

It can also focus on people who are searching on Google for chiropractic services.

It really is a solid tactic for anyone who needs more customers.

If you’ve just started a website for the first time, then dabbling in PPC might be a great plan.

The best part about PPC is that it improves traffic to your website.

This has a handsome side effect of boosting your ranking on Google.

There are tons of reasons to try PPC internet advertising.

But it’s easy to spend way more than you need to (without getting any results).

That’s why it’s always a good plan to hire a professional.

Your money will go further.

Final Thoughts

Running a chiropractic practice is the same as any other business when you really boil it down.

Every business needs customers, and it’s one of the biggest challenges business owners face.

With these simple tactics, you can expect new patients to knock on your door pretty soon.

It’s definitely a lot better than sitting around waiting for people to come to you!

And don’t be satisfied with just one of these tactics.

Why not try all ten?

Remember, the success of your chiropractic practice will be a direct result of how much effort you put into it!

So go wild!

Methods of Local Lead Generation Deliver Massive Expansion to Chiropractic Clinics in 2019

So we’ve established that you’re a healthcare provider, of sorts…

You have a practice and/or are getting into practice.

Some of my readers are simply entrepreneurs and don’t own any sort of chiropractor credential whatsoever…

In all of these cases, the one thing that we can agree on is the pivotal need to generate attention online.

Especially in our day and age of the internet, your ability to get seen by the hungriest of buyers (for the services that you offer) is the key ingredient to making or breaking your business. 

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That’s the whole premise of local lead generation for small businesses.

When you can capitalize on the opportunity to make more money from attracting more buyers with minimal time or resources taken out of your own pocket – aside from the actual hard costs associated with getting into position to profit massively…

Wouldn’t you call that a huge win for your practice?

After all, it’s your clinic that you’d rather have revered as the top service provider in your area.

The larger the area that you service – which, I realize, some entities in larger, more rural environments need to cover a larger market – the more important it is to be seen first among the competition.

I get that you’re looking to help people and some chiropractors may simply not be interested in competing with anything other than the discomfort of their fellow human beings.

If you want to stay afloat and eat every day, you’re going to need to get competitive in your local area, and that’s where our coaching program comes in!

When you can set your digital properties online to be seen at the top of the marketplace, much like this limo lead gen site has been able to, you can slowly begin to see how results can abound for your bottom line as your schedule fills up with requests for help:


See, limo rentals are probably more entertainment driven than healthcare related ideas, but the bottom line is the same here…

People are looking for services and are willing to make themselves become a lead in order to have the top service provider give them the help that they’ve been looking for. 

If they find you and contact you first, then there’s a great opportunity to leverage our principles in our lead gen coaching program to help your company grow as well.

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In other words, these strategies I’m recommending to you – to get seen at the top of search results – have led to my ability to Automate my income and sleep soundly with predictable revenue coming in whether I work or not.  

Imagine if you were helping a customer with a chiropractic-related need at your clinic – an adjustment, for example – and they continued to pay you month after month for the thing you’ve done one time…

That’s essentially what I’ve been doing since 2014, but not in a clinic – it’s all based around the virtual real estate that I’ve developed to help local companies to service the needs of their communities. 

Envision yourself taking a day off of work – call it…

  • a personal day…
  • a sick day, or…
  • any other reason that you feel the need (or want) to not go into work that day…

If you’re serious about expanding your bottom line to get started down this path – toward financial and time freedom, then our coaching program can advise you accordingly.

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•    Extra profits to invest into your favorite charity or children’s not-for-profit

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•    Stay home to run your marketing in your pajamas instead of going “into the office”

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Look, you can take the information in our coaching program and use it to expand your clinic’s presence online – with the intent of bringing in more customers so you can help more people…

There’s nothing wrong with that!

If, however, you’d also like to add another revenue stream to your already successful practice, then I’d like to invite you further to explore the results of entering into the space of local lead generation on your spare time.

I worked a corporate 9 to 5 and was still able to reach $10k within my first year of starting with this local lead gen.

That means even the busiest of the busy, hard-working professionals can do this, too. 

To give you an idea of what kind of profits are available through our instructions…

•    Positioning key lead gen sites in strategic positions online

•    Capitalizing off free traffic from search results

•    Sending them to [your office or another service provider’s for a sliver to deliver]

That limo lead gen site has been going for 5 years strong, paying upwards to $750.00 in passive, automated income for every month that the local company is partnering with me and taking the call requests…

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