Marketing Ideas for Chiropractic Clinics in 2019

You’ve got your chiropractic clinic set up. You’ve got your degree. You’ve got the skills to heal people’s discomfort and pain. Now only one thing remains: Getting patients!!! In the business sense, that means that you need paying customers to stay in practice! Unfortunately, marketing is something that you don’t really learn about while you’re […]

Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses in 2019

We all know that starting a small business can be extremely challenging. It seems like every little detail is a major struggle, and each one demands your full attention. Although, one of the most important parts of starting a small business is marketing. The reasons for this are simple. The biggest problem you’ll face as […]

Duke Digital Marketing Certificate Review

Obtaining an education in Digital Marketing has never been easier in 2019. One of the most popular choices in this day and age is to obtain a certificate in Digital Marketing. Thanks to the internet and digital learning platforms, you can obtain these certificates with minimal investment in both time and money. And make no […]

Harvard Digital Marketing Certificate Review

Getting a certificate in Digital Marketing is certainly a very popular option in 2019. The real question is simple: Which school should you choose? There are tons of different institutions out there which offer certificates in Digital Marketing. For me, the choice was clear back in 2014 of where I should invest my time and […]

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency from Home to 6-7 Figures

Looking to start a digital marketing agency?? Let me tell you how I went from virtually no marketing experience to building a 6 figure digital marketing agency in less than 1 year and now how I’m making $50K per month, serving 50 clients across the US. First of all let me explain some of the […]