How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency from Home to 6-7 Figures

Looking to start a digital marketing agency??

Let me tell you how I went from virtually no marketing experience to building a 6 figure digital marketing agency in less than 1 year and now how I’m making $50K per month, serving 50 clients across the US.

First of all let me explain some of the common pitfalls that people fall into when trying to get into this field.

I’ll explain how this lead generation marketing coaching program made all the difference because it taught me how to structure my digital marketing agency in such a way that my clients could no longer leave me.

Why not all digital marketing business models were created equal.

Which one I think is the best one and why. (for very good reasons, if you like freedom)

Will I do anything different?

Why I’m a firm believer that coaching is so critical when starting a business.

Why You Should Get Into Digital Marketing


Small businesses aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Neither is the internet.

As long as we have a civilization we will always need plumbers, roofers, electricians, etc

And all those people now need a lot of help for internet marketing.

Business owners in their 40’s, 50’s and up didn’t grow up with the internet.

Many of them still rely on antiquated forms of marketing like word of mouth, handing out flyers, print ads

They still work but each year these forms of marketing becomes less and less effective.

Because more people are ending up on the internet each year, especially as older generation begin to get smartphones.

Its just facts.

Customer behavior is changing.

Instead of opening up a yellow book, its so much easier to whip out your smart phone and do a search for a local service.

Why do you think Uber & AirBnb got so big in so little time?

Small business owners are increasingly becoming aware of this fact.

But they have no idea how, let alone even have the time to learn online marketing because most are too busy running the day to day operations of the business.

So Digital Marketing is a growing field, with so much opportunities right now because virtual every business out there needs some form of online presence.

Digital Marketing can also be very lucrative because you’re essentially solving a BIG problem in the marketplace.

Lack of customers for a business is the death of that business.

So if you can solve this problem, companies are willing to pay a lot for that.

Why People Fail? Why Lead Generation is the Best Digital Marketing Model

You see one of the main reasons people fail with digital marketing is because they’re not able to consistently produce life changing results for their clients.

I can’t tell you how often I come across business owners that’s been burned in the past by marketing agencies that promised them the world, asked for a lot of money upfront but didn’t deliver hardly any results.

And you wonder why marketers get such a bad rep.

Guys/Gals if you’re trying to start a digital marketing agency by DIY, self-taught skills, looking up free articles & youtube videos you’re setting yourself up to to cause tons of disservice to your clients & to yourself.

“Digital marketing” comes in all different levels of skills.

The higher-level skill-set usually produces the best results for clients.

  • Low-tier: Social Media Page Management (Manage people’s Facebook or Instagram Page)
  • Mid-tier: Facebook Ads / Google Ads (Getting paid management fees)
  • Top-tier: SEO service (ranking other companies sites organically in Google)
  • Highest-tier: Lead Generation (rank your own sites & rent out the leads for on-going monthly fees)

I’ve tried all the different tiers.

SEO is Attraction Marketing, Paid Ad is Interruption Marketing

SEO definitely produces better results than Facebook ads because its the different of interruption marketing vs. attraction marketing. If you’re using ads to get in front of someone, you’re interrupting someone’s attention in an effort to make them buy something they weren’t even think of.

It requires a lot of convincing, you may have to give away discounts or do some incredible offers to get that person to click on your ad.

SEO is attraction marketing because you’re ranking a website for certain buyer intent keywords such as “roofers near me” or “roofers in San Diego”, if someone’s typing those words into search then its very clear that they are definitely looking to hire a roofer, with SEO you can get in front of these types of people with immediate needs, which is why generating organic traffic by ranking websites produces far better results in the long-run.

Being Able to Generate Your Own Organic Traffic Means Higher Profit Margins, Less Client to Manage

Not to mention organic traffic is free versus paid ads, you’re paying for every click (or the client is). So profit margins are much more slim, most people that run Facebook Ads are only making measily 10-20% management fees.

When you’re making less money per client, that means you need to deal with a lot more client to make decent income. You’ll also be required to do a lot of on-going work to keep that client happy, such as providing weekly or monthly reports.

Providing monthly reports for 1-5 clients might seem like piece of cake, but what happens when you begin scaling? Trying doing reports for 15+ clients per month?

Why Lead Generation is Superior to SEO Marketing

By far the greatest business model in digital marketing is lead generation because it solves one major flaw with the SEO model.

With SEO, you can work your tail off to rank your client’s site but…

They can decide to fire you anytime they please.

Not good.

You can lose months worth of work.

Here’s what I learned from this lead generation coaching program.

Own your digital assets.

Instead of ranking other people’s sites. What we do is rank our own sites like below.

And we simply get paid on the leads we send using a tracking phone number (we have our own proprietary software that records each call & sends email notification for every call we generate for our clients)

Here’s what I’ve found after 4 years of running this business model.

Lead generation has the highest return on time invested & longest client retention.

Let me explain again.

With social media management, Facebook Ads or providing SEO service. Your still at the risk of your client being able to drop you anytime. Any month they could decide to stop paying you, it doesn’t even matter if you have a contract or not. If they decide they’re done with you, there’s really not much you can do.

With our model, because we own the website & phone number.

Our clients cannot leave us.

We call it that golden handcuff method.

We’ll even send a brand new client free leads so that they see the results before we even speak to them.

Every time we make their phones ring. Our call tracking software has a quick little message right before the customer begins speaking.

“This lead was sent to you by…‘Insert Name Here’

After sending leads for free like this after a few days, they most likely already closed some of those leads.

Well you just made them money without asking for anything.

This means when we finally reach out to them, they’re already SOLD.

They’re like: “lppei, whatever you did the last 3 days to get us those customers, how can we keep that going.”

They’re the ones super eager to speaking with me.

And once they start getting those leads from us.

They’re hooked.

No different than a drug dealer that gives out free samples.

Because they know that once they got you addicted, they can charge whatever & they still have a customer for life.

Sorry for the crass analogy.

Hey with what we do though, its a win-win for both us & our clients.

Because they’re now making more money than they’ve ever have, thanks to our leads.

I have clients all across the US (don’t worry this works worldwide) that I’m generating leads to everyday.

And I’ve been able to transform their businesses in a MAJOR way over the years.

My Tree Service Client

For example, my tree service client in Michigan that only had a pickup truck and 1 other helper before I met him.

Today, he’s running multiple crews 10 or so people, and now owns 3 new heavy equipment, a bucket truck, a chipper & a grapple truck.

All paid for.

Its safe to say that I have a client for life, not only that but I’ve really enjoyed building that relationship and the business together over the years. He regards me very very highly.

I was able to come in and solve that number 1 problem facing most small business owners. Online obscurity.

Now I have lead generation sites that’s ranked in 15 different suburbs all across Metro Detroit.

Generating roughly 300 phone calls per month.

Pays me $2000 every month. Consistently, without fail.

Because I’m truly worth it. Its clear as day. Because he can look through all the call logs every month to see that exactly how much money I’m making him, black & white.

Why The Winning Move is to Invest in a Coaching Program

So in this article, we’ve identified few different ways of digital marketing (social media, SEO, lead generation), and I’ve made a pretty airtight case on why being able to generate organic traffic for a business is vital & most important (in most cases).

So the skill of being able to consistently rank a site to the #1 position in search engine (most Google) is VITAL.

RANK & BANK. (as we like to say…)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. So the skill of ranking sites fa

Sure you can try to figure out SEO on your own…

There’s even tons of SEO companies out there.

However our lead generation business model only works because we can routinely outrank current companies already ranked in the top 3 of the map listings.

This is only possible because my skill in SEO is higher than other 95% of other SEO’s out there.

People make the major mistake of thinking SEO is the same thing across the board.

On page, Off page, Quality Optimized Content, Backlinking, etc

Most people that researched SEO are familiar with these concepts.

But the devil really is in the details.

Also there’s also a lot of things you can do wrong that can cause your site to get stuck or sandboxed by Google.

Its a lot like martial arts.

Someone with a yellow belt doesn’t even remotely compare to a black belt in jujitsu.

This coaching program, taught me everything I need to know about how to be that elite level SEO that can confidently go into any market across US and take over the top positions.

The training I got from it was worth its weight in gold.

The tuition was a drop in the bucket compared to what this skill set has allowed me to make. Not to mention a completely different lifestyle of freedom.

Because its not just about how much money you make. But how you make it.

If you’re still required to trade in significant amount of your time for dollars, then you really need to begin thinking in terms of how can I acquire assets that make money for me.

For me, my lead generation assets generate majority of my income. It cover my living expenses so that I really could live that 4 hour work week lifestyle but I choose to work because I enjoy it now, I am ambitious and I’ve got big goals.

Another cool thing about this particular coaching program is its private Facebook group where I’m able to connect with other high-level digital marketers on the daily and continue to see on-going success from other students which is highly motivating.

Most people fail in business because they jump into it with no experience or skills, no mentors that can teach them the right skills and failing to surrounding themselves with the right kind of people that can give them the valuable advice / guidance they need.

In hindsight I can say with absolute certainty that I attribute most of my success to getting a mentor that taught exactly how to build this digital marketing lead generation business A through Z.

Why Pay For Coaching?

I can hear the naysayers saying already “But how come you can’t just share with us to do this?”

“Maybe I can find out on my own for free”

Listen, would you walk up to a millionaire business owner and ask him/her if they’ll give you all their secrets & everything about how they build their business to you for free?

Of course not.

You’d assume that you need to provide some value in return.

If you’re asking those questions, you gotta take a look at the fact that maybe success isn’t that important for you after all.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.

Its easy to dream & talk like you want success.

Its another thing to actually put some skin in the game and go do it.

According to The 50 Billion Dollar Man, Dan Pena, regarded as one of the greatest high performance coach of our time, what holds most people back is their inability to pull the trigger.

He was asked, “If you had a Pena magic wand and you could give the younger generation 5 skills that would allow them to impact the world in a majorly positive way like you have, what would they be?”

Dan’s answer is profound.

He says “Well, we don’t need 5, it would just be 1 thing”

“Just F***king Do It”

“The truth is, if you would’ve just done it 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 1 year ago, you wouldn’t be coming to me right now”

Guess what Dan Pena had mentors.

One of the thing that made Michael Jordan great was that he remained coachable by Phil Jackson because Michael went through the strict University of North California coaching system that taught him the value of team play.

In comparison, that’s one of the reasons why Lebron James has struggled in his career because he went into the NBA straight out of high school so he only knows how to play one system & that’s the Lebron system of play where he dominates the basketball and his teammates are not able to shine.

Michael Jordan was actually able to adapt his style of play during his career to bring up his teammates proficiency, while LeBron James has been unable to, he has to ball hog, so his teammates proficiency actually goes down when they start playing with LeBron.

Team play always beats out singular ball play, ie Golden State Warriors, but I digress.

Even the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan needed Phil.

So to think that you’re going to jump into a business without a coach, to me, just sounds ridiculous and irresponsible.

Especially now because hindsight is 20/20 and I know just how much this lead generation coaching program has given me over the years.


So to conclude not all digital marketing business models were created equal.

The lead generation model has provided the most ROI for me over the years, not even close to other models.


Because I own my sites, & simply “renting” it out to business owners that pay me commission or rent every month, if they go sideways on me, I can simply send the leads to their competitor. So I always have the control.

Whereas the problem with other digital marketing models like social media marketing & SEO is that your client can decide to fire you anytime they please.

From my experience, those clients only stick around for around 6 months.

With lead generation, I have clients that’s been paying me since 2014 (when I started)

My mentor has clients that’s been paying him consistently every month for 10 years now.

Because we are generating pretty much the majority of our client’s leads now, they cannot afford to lose us.

Again this limo lead gen site I built in 2014

I probably spent 6 hours total on it.

Making me $750 per month since 2014 so that’s $9000 per year, so in 4 years its made me $36,000

If we divide that by 6 hours, that was a $6000 per hour activity to set this lead gen site up.

I’ve yet to come across any online business model with this good of returns on your time.

If you’re serious about starting a digital marketing agency, then you want to learn how to avoid costly mistakes.

Investing in this coaching program is highly recommended. Not only will you avoid mistakes but we give you the exact blueprint that we’ve refined over the years.

Remember that you found this article because you searched in Google, & I had skills to get my site to appear in front of you. That must tell you that I may know a thing or two. & I could’ve promoted bunch of other programs out there to monetize this traffic, yet I’m promoting this one and this one only, that should be a pretty good indicator that there’s some substance to this.

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